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September 2018

Issue 91

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Kempton Steam Museum Classic Car Show September 23rd

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Back to school after a nice break? No rest for us. Mr C had far too much time to improve his golf handicap so we got him working on Walton Matters which launches this month! We had a lot of feedback about our piece last month on speeding , poor signage and antisocial driving in the village so we are sharing some of your views here. We also take a look at culture, in all shapes and sizes. From a review of the marvellous Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival, a peak at the programme from the 1968 music festival which a Sunbury fan still has in his attic, to the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Wombles. Now what is the connection with Sunbury. Well, you will find out.

September 2018 If you think it was hot this summer, spare a thought for those living in London during the heatwave of 1858. Phew. That is what the Big Stink was all about!!! Lots to read. Enjoy this issue!

Photo: Here and now Photography

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Front cover - Classic Cars at Kempton

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Lower Halliford Green, Shepperton By Nick Pollard

The recent incursion by travellers onto Lower Halliford Green, circumventing the defences put around it by Spelthorne Council, prompted me to look out this photo taken in more peaceful times. It s from a postcard sent not long before the First World War erupted, and shows a perfect pastoral scene, with cows in and around one of two ponds which used to be on the green, either side of the small access trackway which bisects it. The ponds were dewponds, i.e. not fed by any watercourse, and may well have dried up in hot summers such as that we have just experienced. By the 1930s they had disappeared from maps of the area. The cows are from Duppa s Farm, the buildings of which can be seen in the background beyond Russell Road, which runs along the edge of the green. This was primarily a dairy farm, the cows being grazed in the many open fields round about, now occupied by Thamesmead School and housing developments such as Gordon Road and Lindsay Drive. The farm buildings were demolished in the 1960s, after which the site lay empty for a while as it was on the route of the projected Shepperton Eastern bypass. After the abandonment of this scheme, the Duppa s Village housing development was built here in the 1980s. The name of Duppa, which is also attached to the park behind the green, derives from its ownership by the Duppa Charities, originally founded in the 17th century by Brian Duppa, successively Bishop of Chichester, Salisbury and Winchester. He was also tutor to the sons of King Charles I, including the future King Charles II. The land he owned at Halliford was an endowment for alms houses at Richmond. The name of the green itself is explained by it originally being part of the manor of Halliford rather than Shepperton, which was centred on the Church Square. Halliford manor had two settlements, Upper and Lower, the latter being concentrated along the Thames The old Halliford Manor House stands among trees to the east of the green. The History of London Irish RFC by Nigel Scott starts off the new season of meetings of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 18 th September at Sunbury Methodist Church in Staines Road East, starting at 8pm. All welcome, admission ÂŁ2 for non-members. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts




Ashford Kitchens & Interiors 85 Church Road Ashford, Middx TW15 2PE 3QJ 01784 245964 www.ashfordinteriors.co.uk

More Memories of Sunbury Jazz and Blues Festival 1968

It was quite incredible how many of you out there contacted me to say you actually attended this festival 50 years ago! Thanks to reader Dave Dodsworth who was not only there, but who still had the programme and press cuttings up in his loft! You see, you should never throw anything away! The opening spread from the original programme (below) lists the epic acts appearing at the festival. The welcome page shows just how big the festival was The festival represents the very best in jazz, blues, pop and folk music and over the past 8 years it has become internationally famous. Thousands of people from the USA, the Continent and Britain plan their summer holidays to coincide with the National Jazz and blues Festival, and for an artist or group to be selected to play at the festival is indeed a mark of recognition much in the way as being chosen for the Royal Variety Performance . And this was all happening in Sunbury 50 years ago!! He also had press coverage of the event, including a photo of the collapsed covered way where many fans were injured (see bottom of page).

If anyone has any memorabilia about the event, including press clippings, which they would like to donate to posterity, the Sunbury & Shepperton History Society would love to have it. Get in touch via me at Sunbury Matters: monica@villagematters.co.uk. Thanks! Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts








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www.londonsquare.co.uk Computer generated images depict London Square Staines upon Thames and are indicative only. Enhanced photography depicts the two bedroom Show Apartment at London Square Staines upon Thames, with views shown from Apartment B68, and is indicative only. Travel times sourced from National Rail Enquiries. Help to Buy is subject to the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) terms and conditions and is available on new build homes up to £600,000 to customers where the property represents their only residence. You will require a minimum deposit of 5%, a Homes and Communities Agency equity loan of 20% and a mortgage of 75%. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Check that these mortgages will meet your needs if you want to move or sell your home or you want your family to inherit it. If you are in any doubt seek independent financial advice. Details and prices are correct at time of going to press. August 2018

The Enemy Within We burrow into the world of the woodworm All wood boring insects are commonly known under the generic term ‘woodworm’ with four main types that are found in the timbers of property. These are the Common Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle, Death Watch Beetle and Wood Boring Weevil. All can cause damage with the two main culprits being the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum) and the House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes Bajulus).

So how did they get there in the first place? The female of all the species will lay their eggs in moist, nutritious timber; normally recently felled trees. The larvae will then burrow their way below the surface. The

Common Furniture Beetle is also known to infest seasoned timber depending upon heat and humidity and can remain hidden for 3-5 years, pupate then emerge as an adult. The House Longhorn Beetle can take up to 8 years to pupate and due to its size, it is the most destructive. All wood boring insects survive on the nutrients within the wood, so as the timber seasons and the wood dries out the insects exit to start the breeding cycle again. The Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium Refovillosum) normally attacks hardwoods; it derived its name as it was commonly found in the oak beams of churches. Finally, the Wood Boring Weevil loves damp conditions and is usually found where the wood has started to decompose due to wood rotting fungi.

How can I tell if I have woodworm? The first time you usually find out that you had an infestation is after the insect has left. It would have eaten its way through the timber, weakening the internal structure and then emerges through a flight hole leaving ‘frass’, a powdery or course dust around the exit hole. Depending upon the type of insect these flight holes can vary between 1-10mm. An outbreak in the 1960’s of Longhorn Beetle in parts of Surrey, soon spread to the local Shepperton area which subsequently led to a change in building practices nationwide, with all construction timber thereafter being pre-treated.

What should I do if I have an infestation? It is rare for an infestation to reoccur, as the beetle would have left once there is no nutritional content remaining in the wood

and contrary to popular belief, it is unlikely that an infestation of neighbouring timbers occurs. However many specialist timber treatment companies recommend treating all exposed timber as a precautionary measure and mortgage lenders also frequently request this. If you have had a severe infestation of Common Furniture Beetle or especially Longhorn Beetle, it is worth having the integrity of any structural timbers checked, especially before you plan to move or commit yourself on a purchase. For friendly professional advice on all aspects of buying or selling, please pop in or contact Owen Miles at our Shepperton office. Owen Miles MNAEA, Partner 01932 230033 owen-miles@curchods.com www.curchods.com

Zodiac Musical Society - Zodiac are performing the much loved musical The Wizard of Oz from 10th – 13th October 2018 at Magna Carta Arts Centre, Thorpe Road, EGHAM TW18 3HJ. Based on the wonderful 1937 film starring Judy Garland, It tells the story of Dorothy who finds herself in the land of Oz but desperate to return home. Along the way she meets Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion who are looking for a brain, a heart and courage. When they all meet the Wizard they realise the answers lie within themselves and they can all have their wishes. Come and follow the friends down the Yellow Brick Road . For more information please call the box office on: 01932 220167. Ticket prices £11-£15. Further details also on our website;


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Keep Safe and Swim

Whilst a range of extra-curricular skills are important for children to develop as rounded individuals, none are quite so vital and fundamental as learning to swim. Swimming is a non-negotiable life skill that parents should look for their children to acquire as soon as possible. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury -related death amongst children aged 1 - 14. Furthermore, according to the Royal Life Saving Society UK, 2,100 people in England alone are admitted to A&E each year due to non -fatal drowning incidents, with thousands more occurring in Wales and Scotland. Water is all around us, be it the swimming pool, river, lake, sea or bath tub. Making sure your child is comfortable in and around water is essential to their safety. Developing water confidence and feeling safe in water is the platform on which learning to swim is built. Teaching water confidence and safety from a young age is critical; the earlier your child develops water confidence, the more likely they haven t yet developed a fear of water, making it easier to teach them. Apart from water safety, the benefits of swimming are many. It s the ultimate aerobic activity, strengthening the heart and muscles, and increasing blood circulation. Swimming also helps develop your child s coordination, strengthening joints and improving spinal posture. And it has mental health benefits too, improving your child s mood, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety caused by the many academic and social pressures faced by children today. And let s not forget it s social and great fun! If you are interested in swimming lessons for your child, please contact Sports Generation. 0208 940 9431 contact@sportsgeneration.co.uk


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Lost & Found?

Imagine David Newman s surprise when he was shaken from his thinking time in his office in Thames Street last month by a rather imposing visitor, which had landed in his geraniums. I was absolutely gobsmacked he said. It s wingspan was huge. Curious about his exotic visitor he went to have a closer look. The bird is a falcon and on closer inspection had signs of leather thong and bell indicating that it belongs to someone who may be rather concerned. The bird stayed in David s garden for a while, eventually taking some meat he had found in his fridge. David was able to get close enough to touch it (brave man!) so it is clearly used to people. A bird of prey went missing during the Shepperton Fair falconry display visited, so maybe this is the culprit.

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50 Years of Wombling

-What is the Sunbury Connection? By Monica Chard, Editor Yes it was back in 1968 that Elizabeth Beresford first introduced the Wombles to the world. She had taken her young children for a walk on Wimbledon Common which her daughter mispronounced as Wombledon Common . An idea formed in her head and she went home and outlined a story which included furry characters that lived in burrows on the common. The Wombles were born and a series of books came out. The books were popular. The message was very much in keeping with today, namely recycling! Wombles collected things that other people had discarded and made them into something useful. As important a message today as it was half a century ago. The little characters were turned into a Tim Renton appearing as Uncle Bulgaria (left) television series in 1973, always reinforcing the message of reusing rubbish. The series was narrated by Bernard Cribbins (I remember it well). But it at one of the shows. These kids had the famous needed a theme tune. Mike Batt was asked to write Stevie Wonder on the show and all they wanted it and subsequently promote the song with some was to crowd around the Wombles! he says. personal appearances, dressed as a womble of The furry costumes were rather hot, as you course. He got his mum to make him a costume. It can imagine. During one of the Top of the Pops was clear how popular both the theme and this appearances Robin Le Mesurier, who was dressed furry creature were so Mike went on to write and as Wellington, fainted and fell off the back of the produce several more successful singles during the stage. No one noticed! 1970s and the collection of furry costumes grew So 50 years since the creation of the wombles, the with the popularity, as the Wombles went on tour. message of littering and recycling is more So what of the promised Sunbury connection in important than ever. The little furry creatures this story? As the musical success took off, the certainly made an impact. They are commemorated group were in demand. Mike called on two of his in Guernsey by way of a set of stamps (author Elizold school chums, Tim and Andy Renton. They abeth Beresford was based there). had a band called Reign, supporting such greats as Genesis and the Moody Blues but were happy to As for Sunbury s Tim Renton, look out for his join Mike and his Wombles. Tim Renton now lives band 3AM performing locally. You can find in Sunbury. You may even have seen him perform fixtures as well as clips of the band on the website: as part of the Chain Gang at the Sunbury Cricket www.3am.uk.com Club or with is own group, 3AM, managed by wife Sandy Renton. So for 9 months, at the peak of the Wombles success, Tim donned a womble suit and toured with the band. He appeared either as Tomsk or Uncle Bulgaria (see photo top of page). He has many happy memories and a few funny ones. The group were the interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton in 1974 and subsequently toured Europe. The Wombles were also frequently on Top of the Pops at the time. There they rubbed shoulders with the likes of Cilla Black and the band, Sweet, but Tim also recalls seeing the legendary Stevie Wonder Playing live with furry paws? No, it was all recorded Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



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Community Support Group for New Mothers By Monica Chard, Editor

Becoming a mother for the first time can be a daunting business. So much to learn so fast. New mothers can feel confused and vulnerable. So who better to help and reassure them but others in the same position as themselves. If this is you, or someone you know, Sunbury hosts a weekly drop in group that can be a lifeline. When you start a new job, you get training. When you become a mother you are expected to do a lot from instinct. Bumps and Babes was started in 2001 by three new mums - Mary, Kath and Dianne. They realised how much they needed a peer group to air their concerns to and from whom to learn. The group initially started in the little meeting room at the back of St Ignatius before moving to larger premises at the Loyola Centre opposite as members grew. Mary and Dianne are both NCT practitioners so are well versed in all things baby related. Their air of calm and professionalism puts visitors at ease. The group runs for 2 hours from 10.30am every Tuesday and is only ÂŁ2 per week. Members are either pregnant or with babies. All the facilities are geared towards babies, so once they become toddlers it is probably not the group for you any longer. But that is good news for new mothers. The hall is not full of toddlers careering around so is a safe place to be with your new arrivals. Mums sit on the floor on colourful mats and bean bags with their babies. For nursing mothers there are low supportive chairs. Talks are organised on various aspect of childcare such as breast feeding. Areas of concern are picked up from attending mothers and the Bumps and Babes team seek appropriate support. The group is run by volunteers and is self funding. Volunteers make the tea, offer a welcome or get involved in admin. They could do with some help and/or financial support. Do you have experience of applying for grants perhaps? If you could help, or if you Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


want to find out more, you can find Bumps & Babes on Facebook: Sunbury, Shepperton

& Chertsey NCT- Bumps and Babes

Or pop along to any session, or call Mary on 07933 292052



OPEN MORNINGS Saturday 29th September 2018 10.00am – 12.00pm NURSERY AND RECEPTION

Saturday 6th October 2018

s hip ars r 3 l o Sch r Yea are fo ards e l onwvailab a

10.00am – 12.00pm


Ofsted OUTSTANDING 2017 Traditional ‘home from home’ environment Breakfast, After School and Holiday Clubs Morning and afternoon minibus service with escort

Nursery & Reception: 20 First Cross Road, Twickenham, TW2 5QA A Pre-Preparatory: Nightingale House 30 Nightingale Road, Hampton, TW12 3HX Preparatory: Clarence House 165-167 High Street, Hampton Hill, TW12 1NL 020 8898 7310 www.jackandjillschool.org.uk No appointment necessary

A tradition of excellence

East Sheen

Isleworth ISLEW

us Minib s e t u o R











Stapinoens u Thames ESSTAIN UPONES THAM


Sunburyes on Tham ASHF



New Malden NEW EN MALD




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Twenty is Plenty - Your Say By Monica Chard, Editor This article certainly hit the mark last month. We had many emails and comments from readers on the subject of speeding and antisocial or plain careless driving. Firstly on the subject of speed and signage. John Williams from Stratton Road was cursing the speed of many drivers on this populated road which has a primary school at one end. John Turner laments the use of the Benwell Meadow Estate as a rat run from Green Street to Staines Road East. vehicles regularly exceed 30mph on the estate especially along Pine Wood which is a straight road allowing impatient drivers to put their foot down without any consideration for the community who live on the estate . Furthermore, signage at the one way slip road at Downside is obscured (can you spot it) or worn out. How can anyone but the most vigilant driver notice it?

Signage at Downside? What signage? A reader living on Riverside (by the Salvation Army building) complained to Surrey CC about excessive speeding, often reaching 50mph on this residential stretch. They responded after 28 days telling him to contact the police. But who pays for road signage? Surrey CC!. Speeding is on the agenda at the next Police Road Safety meeting so good news there, but who is going to pay for a camera? That again comes down to Surrey Highways who regularly complain they have no money. (sorry to have a gripe here but the lovely new footpath between the church and the Flower Pot which took 5 weeks with a gang of 6 working, surely could have been done more cheaply and money spent elsewhere!). Another reader on Lower Hampton Road feels equally concerned about speeding traffic coming from the Hampton direction. Speed limits on this stretch should surely be 30mph or even 20 on such To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

a narrow stretch of residential road. We saw the aftermath of a little car which had ended up smashed into the wall on this stretch. Are we waiting for a fatality before something is done to slow traffic here?

What about the East end of Manor Lane, leading into French Street? Another rat run where there have been at least two dramatic accidents in recent months. How can a car land on its roof (see above), or in someone s front garden unless the driver is completely out of control? With many children walking on these roads surely there needs to be more speed restrictions? Finally we come to some crazy driving which I am sure many of us have witnessed (I have myself). The lower end of Green Street is a one-way road, which for most of the time is obeyed, however one local resident comments it s alarming how many vehicles perform U-turns outside of our property and proceed to drive against opposing traffic. Although, thus far, there hasn t been a serious accident, there has been numerous cases of road rage and irate drivers! He goes on to say This honestly does happen on a daily basis. Several years ago I raised the issue with the Council, stating that the road required better signage, I was visited by a representative who pretty much laughed-off my concerns. Subsequently nothing was done. The signage is outdated. There s actually an obsolete one-way sign that was originally intended for vehicles exiting the Police college. So, apart from all playing our part in slowing down, we need BETTER SIGNAGE to reduce speed in the village. One bit of good news. A new sign seems to have sprung up at Dyas Road off the Avenue. It states Twenty is Plenty . Someone is listening!


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

World Talent Visits Sunbury By Monica Chard, Editor I have had the pleasure this year of attending a couple of top notch events in the village. In March I went to the Friends of St Mary s fund raiser at the church where a Steinway took pride of place at the altar, and enjoyed a recital from two very talented 19 year old students from the Royal College of Music. Recently I was at the Sunday piano recital put on as part of the Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival at the Riverside Arts Centre. 17 year old George Harliono took centre stage, entertaining the crowd with his immensely passionate performance. I had not realised until then that the common link was Professor Vanessa Latarche, Head of Keyboard at the Royal College of Music and Sunbury resident! So I thought we should find out more about piano, youngsters today and Sunbury culture, so went to visit her for a chat. Piano runs in the family. Vanessa and her brother Simon both learned piano as children. Their mother Pauline taught it and has only just retired at the tender age of 81. (Amongst others, she taught Bonnie Langford and Sophie Ellis-Bextor). Piano goes even further back in the genes as Vanessa s maternal grandfather was a piano maker. Vanessa studied piano at the Royal College of Music, and at the time of graduating felt she would be back there one day. She became an accomplished international soloist, travelling the world but had a pull towards teaching and eventually returned to teach firstly at the Royal Academy of Music and then was appointed back at her alma mater, the Royal College of Music 13 years ago , to her current position of Chair of International Keyboard Studies and Head of Keyboard. Her role includes representing the RCM around the world and attracting the very best students. Part of this role is offering masterclasses as far afield as China, Russia and New Zealand. She has been a juror on many international competitions as well as judge on the keyboard final of BBC Young Musician of the Year and is frequently broadcast on BBC3, BBC4 and the world service. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Previous students include many international piano competition winners including Sofya Gulyak who was the first woman to win the Leeds International piano competition in 2009. She has since appeared all over the world to great acclaim. A current student, Martin James Bartlett, won BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2014. When I asked about the challenges of encouraging youngsters to take up piano it is clear that cut backs in education are to blame. Funding for music has been cut so it is rare to be able to learn piano or indeed any instrument at school. With the only option to therefore have private lessons it can be seen as elitist. It is such a shame. says Vanessa Music sets you up for life. It opens your mind to appreciation of styles, creativity and the joys of listening to melody . Personally I wish I had learned an instrument when I was younger. I apparently showed no interest so my parents didn t insist. I do wish they had! So what of young George Harliono? At only 17 years old he is just a boy, but one who has an incredible future ahead of him. Vanessa speaks about her student with great pride This one is special . A normal youngster who likes riding his bike, he has an incredible talent which has seen him gain a full scholarship to the RCM. He made his first hour -long solo recital at the age of only 9 and his concert debut aged 12. He now regularly performs alongside such eminent artists as Lang Lang. Remember as I said that this is the sort of talent which you can see in little old Sunbury. The Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival has welcomed both Martin James Bartlett and George Harliono in the past two events and of course there was the event at St Mary s. Look out for future events advertised in Sunbury Matters or around the village and pinch yourself that you can see such incredible performers on your own door step.


We design kitchens for the way you live Contact us for a design consultation on 01932 918411 info@wentworthdesign.co.uk www.wentworthdesign.co.uk 13B Sunbury Cross Shopping Centre, Sunbury TW16 7AZ

Sunbury Regatta Review The Sunbury Regatta was blessed with cooler weather which was probably a relief to all. We attended on both days and enjoyed them in different ways. The racing on the Saturday was between clubs with some closely fought rivalries. Sunbury Skiff and Punting Club did extremely well during the day winning record numbers of individual and group events. Many congratulations to this vibrant group. What a shame it is that the club has had to move to Shepperton though. Having tried for many years to secure a club premises in Sunbury a perfect plot was snatched from under their noses recently. Surely someone with influence can help secure a site in Sunbury? There was a good array of eateries again this year, and the food location of the food near the members area seems popular. We were pleased to see some familiar faces! In terms of the stalls, I am not the only one

Shepperton History Society who were showing some fantastic photos of the old swimming pool which was sited on Rivermead Island until the 1990s. Many of you will remember it.

Edith Topsfield who founded the junior regatta

who felt that there were fewer than usual. It was a shame to see several empty pitches. We enjoyed browsing the bric a brac and seeing some of the stalwarts such as LOSRA and the Sunbury & Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


We also attended the Edith Topsfield Junior Regatta on the Sunday. This regatta was started 95 years ago by Riverside resident Edith Topsfield who decided to do something for all the children visiting grandparents by the river during the summer holidays. At the time it was put on just for local children and grandchildren of the backwater. With no stalls to browse, this event is all about the racing. The focus was on fun as well as achievement. With so many races to compete in, the children settled into a rhythm and concentrated on enjoying the day. It was www.villagematters.co.uk

a great atmosphere. This was not about inter club rivalry. Little ones were given a head start against older children. It was all as fair as could be. We had a good chat with Geoff Sims who ran the children s regatta with Christine Brady for over 30 years. Both are still involved in the event, but Geoff has handed over responsibility for running the club to one of his protegees, Siobhan. He was clearly proud, and she was very glad to have had the chance to learn to row when she was younger. it is a great way of giving children enjoyment of the river she said. They learn boatmanship, safety, confidence and camaraderie. Why not give your child the chance to try. Children can join the Junior Regatta if they are aged 7-15 years.

Details are on the website: www.sunburyregatta.com/junior

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Celebrating the Thames The length of the Thames presents a diverse tableau with a multitude of business old and new.There are river businesses with a long history with the Thames such as Chertsey Meads Marine boat builders, Bates Wharf, French Brothers boats who ferry passengers along the Thames, Penton Hook Yacht Club, Staines Sailing Club, Bell Weir Boats. New businesses are using the river location too, such as Thames Side Brewery producing artisan microbrew beer, and using the birds that share the River Thames as inspiration for their beer names.

Stephen at home in the Dennett s Boatyard

There are still river people who pass on their skills to their children like Michael Dennett who has spent 60 years building boats on the River Thames and is passing on his business to his son Stephen on the 30 year anniversary of the boatyard. Michael started in boat building when he was 15 years old, as a general assistant at Horace Clarke's Boatyard in Sunbury. Then he was offered an apprenticeship at Walton Yacht works, moving on to 72ft motor torpedo boats for the Royal Navy. His apprenticeship was finally completed at George Wilsons boat yard in Sunbury. When Michael was 22 years old, he became self employed, initially working out of the back of a van. Then as his reputation grew he rented a shed, before launching his own boat yard in 1988 with son Stephen who has inherited his father's expertise working timber in to boats.

From the riverside yard at Chertsey, the Dennett family care for a wide range of vintage vessels from small crafts such as Slipper and Gibbs launches to much larger vessels, including a number of boats from the Dunkirk Little Ship fleet. The River Wey is a canal which used to enable transport between London and Guildford by barge. On the River Wey at Addlestone is Cox s Lock where water mills, were used in the production of iron in 1776, then flour in the 1830s and finally silk weaving. The mill is now homes for residents. The other tributaries include the River Bourne, which runs through Virginia Water Lake, Wentworth Lake where there are mandarin ducks, as well as indigenous wildlife. A short film has been produced by T J LaneWalker about the River Thames, and its tributaries, and the people who live, work and base their leisure activities on the waterways (please see the YouTube link: https:// youtu.be/TsPVy2RjdcY. The following events may be of interest: For more information please visit the River Celebration website: http://runnyriver.org.uk/ Saturday, 22 September – Wraysbury Skiff & Punting Club (WSPC) Regatta Monday, 24 September – River Walk for Living Well Week starts at 10am at Manor Farm Centre TW20 9HR.

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for a Spectacular Christmas Party or Festive Tribute Night for Colleagues & Friends, or a Celebratory Feast with Loved Ones We have the perfect package for you. Party Nights from ÂŁ40.95 Festive Tribute Nights from ÂŁ29.95 Contact the Events Team Today 01932 899933 / events.hishepperton@kewgreen.co.uk www.hilondonsheppertonhotel.co.uk Holiday Inn London Shepperton - Felix Lane Shepperton TW17 8NP Please quote Ref SUVM0918 when making your booking

Recognise Anyone? Class C 1954

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9 5 6 9 As we see the return to school, meeting new friends and so on, we thought we would take you back a few years. This was sent to us by local reader John Coshall. It is form 3C, Kenyngton Manor School taken in 1954. Do you recognise anyone on the photo? John has given us some: Carol Bowyer, Richard Atwood, Ramond Wyeth, Brenda Munday, Murray Gilliam and Colin Brockett. Let us know if it awakes any memories: monica@villagematters.co.uk

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Floral Corner by van Wonderen FLOWERS Tel: 01932 761071

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Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Mornings Friday 5 October and Friday 7 December 2018

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Book your place via our website: www.hamptonprep.org.uk - ‘Visit the School’ page Assessment morning for Year 3, September 2019 entry: Saturday 10 November, 2018

Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent. ISI Report 2016

020 8979 1844 admissions@hamptonprep.org.uk Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, Gloucester Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ

Academic & All-round Excellence

Visitor events throughout the year

(by appointment, see website for details)

Scholarships and bursaries available Entry at 11, 13 and 16 22 route coach service 27 acre campus

Hanworth Road, Hampton, Middlesex TW12 3HD • 020 8979 9273 www.hamptonschool.org.uk • admissions@hamptonschool.org.uk

Halliford School Congratulations Halliford School is in celebratory mood, having achieved the best A level results in 6 years. The 40 young men and women obtained a 99% pass rate with well over half of the results being graded at A* to B. Many individuals have reason to celebrate. Top performing students include Academic Scholar, Gareth Hart from Staines who gained four A* grades along with an A* in his Extended Project Qualification which will see him take up his place at Magdalen College Cambridge to read Natural Sciences. Fellow Academic Scholar Jack Davey from Shepperton gained three A* grades and a B and will be going to Warwick University to read Physics. Meanwhile, classmate Thomas Imperato gained an A* and three A grades and will be heading Imperial College, London to study Chemistry. The Headmaster James Davies said, These outstanding results are a great tribute to the hard work and dedication of our students and their teachers and families who have supported them during their time at Halliford School. Our students have kept their heads and done what was needed to give them the best chance of getting in to the universities and courses of their choice, whilst also contributing to so many other areas of school life on the sports field, stage, concert hall and charity projects both locally and internationally .I am fantastically proud of each of our students and wish them happiness and success in the next phase of their education. Over the Summer Halliford has invested just over £500k in refurbishment projects across the site, including an impressive new Sixth Form Study Centre, a new Science Laboratory and a significant investment in IT. The main open day for prospective students is on Saturday 6 th October from 10am – 12noon. However, we are happy to organise an individual tour at any time to suit busy families and look forward to welcoming people to see what our warm-hearted school community has on offer. For further information please contact: Mrs Alex Bailey, Marketing Assistant, Halliford School, Russell Road, Shepperton, Middlesex, TW17 9HX

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Enrol Now for courses in Esher,Molesey & Sunbury starting September 2018 From Arts & Crafts to Bridge, Cookery to Languages, Dance & Exercise to Photography

£20 off

dance & exercise cl asses for over 50s Ask for “Get Fit 50

+” offer

North Surrey centres: Esher Green Centre 19 Esher Green, Esher, KT10 8AA Molesey Henrietta Parker Centre Ray Road, West Molesey, KT8 2LG Sunbury Adult Learning Centre The Avenue, Sunbury, TW16 5DZ

For the full range of courses or to enrol


0300 200 1044











Across 7 Warm region (6) 8 Clothmaker (6) 9 Leave out (4) 10 Set alight again (8) 11 Butcher's chopping blade (7) 13 Following (5) 15 Punctuation mark (5) 16 Sound a fire makes (7) 18 Hidden (8) 19 Name of an object (4) 21 Scrounger (6) 22 Sheep dog (6)



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Down 1 2 3 4

Type of lily (4) Study of eyes (13) Flee (7) Alert, eyes open (5)

5 6 12 14

Gloriously (13) Recklessly hurried (4-4) Untightened (8) Foretell (7)

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17 Idolise, worship (5) 20 Group, section (4)

Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

39 Thames Street, Sunbury Village (Next to Indian Zest)





£70 £50 £90 £70





www.saulhairdesign.com w ird FULL T’S &C'S SEE WEBSITE

Halliford Road, TW16

Nettlefold Place, TW16

Arranged over three floors, this five bedroom Victorian home has two reception rooms, a large kitchen/diner, three bathrooms, a garden and off-street parking, energy rating d.

This five bedroom house is set within a gated riverside development with a garden and garage. The property is arranged over three floors and has four bathrooms, energy rating b.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Squires Bridge Road, TW17

Churchfield Place, TW17

A charming four bedroom family home with a large reception room, a dining room and an eat-in kitchen leading through to an open barn which is perfect for entertaining, energy rating f.

Set within a gated development, a four bedroom house with a garage. There are double doors leading on to the garden from both the kitchen and reception room, energy rating c.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Call 7 days a week 8am - 8pm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Hurst Road, KT8

Hogarth Way, TW12

A detached house set back from the road and close to the River Thames. This property has five bedrooms, four reception rooms and three bathrooms, energy rating c.

This four bedroom family home has stunning views overlooking the communal gardens. There is a private patio, a garage and off-street parking for two cars, energy rating c.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£3,495 pcm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£3,295 pcm

The Crescent, TW17

The Avenue, TW16

A stunning five bedroom house with three reception rooms, three bathrooms, a large heated swimming pool, off-street parking for multiple cars and a gym, energy rating d.

Located on a sought after tree-lined road in Lower Sunbury, a three bedroom house with a large rear garden. There are two reception rooms and a garage, energy rating d.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£2,995 pcm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£ 1,575 pcm

Tenants fees apply: £180 per tenancy towards administration, £60 reference fee per tenant and £144 for a professional check in (All inc of VAT).

Recipe of the Month No Bake Granola Bars Thanks to local reader Sue Munson for sharing this easy, delicious and healthy recipe

Ingredients 1 heaped cup (220g) pitted dates (deglet noor or medjool)

Put the dates in a food processor and whizz until you have a sticky mass which only takes a couple of minutes.

1/4 cup (85g) maple syrup or honey

Warm the maple syrup/honey in a pan with the nut butter then remove from the heat. You can also do this in a microwave which only takes a minute.

1/4 cup (85g) peanut or almond butter 1 cup (115g) raw almonds 1 1/2 cups (135g) oats

Now you need to mix in the date mass, the warmed honey and nut butter with the toasted ingredients and squish together until it forms a uniform mass and the dates are well distributed.

Optional extras (pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruit) Pre heat the oven to about 170C. Method Chop the almonds roughly and put in a baking tray with the oats and seeds (if you are using them. I think they add to the crunch so would recommend it). Toast in the oven for about 20 minutes, keeping an eye on them to make sure they don t burn and giving the tray a shake from time to time. Take them out and let them cool for 5 minutes or so. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Line an 8x8 baking dish or Pyrex then press mixture into it evenly with a fork. Put in the fridge for 20-30 minutes then remove from the pan and chop into bars. These will last for up to a week. They are delicious, wholesome and pretty much guilt free! Enjoy.



Fully Fitted or Refaced Kitchens | Bedrooms | Home Offices Est. 1999

SUMMER OFFER 20% off* *Book early to avoid disappointment

Senior Citizen Discount* S *T&C's Apply

why replace when you can reface? • Door swaps to full kitchens – tailored to your needs • Made to measure custom-built doors and units • Huge choice of doors, worktops, appliances, sinks and taps

Call for a Free Estimate:

01784 245 259


Visit our Showroom: Dream Doors Twickenham, 33 Church Road, Ashford, TW15 2UD

Three Fishes - No Change for Now

This little piece seemed to have created quite a stir last month. We apologise to the Three Fishes if we reported their demise prematurely. It seems that they are NOT to close. However, the landlady did confirm to us that a developer had drawn up plans for building on the CAR PARK but that this was in the early stages and nothing would happen for a year or two . The good news is that the pub itself is listed so protected from any development. Apologies for any confusion.

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By Monica Chard



Quality Styling at Reasonable Pricing We celebrate 55 years this year. Yes 55 years. Your traditional hair dressing salon.

You will find service with a smile and a listening ear:

Shampoo & Set • Blow Dry • Cut • Tint/Bleach Hi/Low Lites • Perms Senior Charges – Reductions apply on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Yes for you, we use traditional hair rollers.

Parking outside. On the Bus route, Nearest station Ashford or Sunbury.

341 Staines Road West, Ashford (Middlesex), TW15 1RP

Telephone: 01784 256 715

Opening Hours: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday:

09:00 09:00 09:00 09:00 09:00


17:00 17:00 14:00 17:00 13:00

Come in and say hello.


to new customers and to existing customers who recommend Valid for one visit only on presentation of this voucher.

Our award-winning Gallery, home to the Sunbury Millennium Embroidery, hosts a regular programme of exhibitions and workshops year-round. The Café menu boasts homemade cakes, sandwiches made to order, light lunches and cream teas all served in the tranquil setting of an 18th Century Walled Garden close to the River Thames. Selection of beers & wines also available.

September to December 2018 Programme of Exhibitions & Workshops Spirit of Place - 21 August to 30 September : Carpets by textile designer John Allen Blind Alley Art - 2 October to 12 November : Paintings by blind artist Annie Fennymore 13 Mile Studio - 20 November to 14 January : Glass and Ceramics by 4 renowned artists Beading Sale - 3 November : Hand-made Christmas gifts, cards, decorations and jewellery We are now taking bookings for our exciting programme of workshops. Places are limited so early booking is strongly recommended! Sophie Long returns with a programme of 7 workshops: - Saturday 29th September an ‘Introduction to Embroidery’ an ideal workshop for beginners £56 - Saturday 20th October ‘Canvas Stitch’ £56 - A course of 3 ‘Technical Skills’ workshops Wednesday 14th & 28th November & 12th December £135 - Saturday 17th November ‘Silk Ribbon & Gold Work’ £56 - Saturday 8th December ‘Stumpwork’ (or raised embroidery) workshop £56 - Jan Noble returns with a course of 6 workshops entitled ‘A Study of Contemporary Poetry’ consecutive Tuesday evenings (7:00 - 8:30pm) starting 9th October £90 - Saturday 13th October ‘Colour & Trends in Textiles’ with Laura Fletcher £48 - Saturday 27th October Dave Nelson returns with ‘Mixed Media & Acrylic Collage’ £56 - Saturday 24th November ‘Needlefelt Baubles’ with Sara Prebble £45 Full details for all exhibitions and workshops can be found at www.sunburygallery.org

The Sunbury Gallery & Cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Last orders in the Cafe 3:45pm The Millennium Embroidery Group is a registered charity No.1162121 The Sunbury Gallery, The Walled Garden, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6AB 01932 788101 | www.sunburygallery.org | info@sunburygallery.org

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Sunbury Nursing Homes

Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6AJ

Family run nursing home now in its 85th year Located opposite a beautiful stretch of the River Thames A home where the resident really IS the most important person “Just a word of thanks for all your kindness and care for my mother. We had almost given up hope of finding a nursing home of excellence which we felt she deserved and our experience with you was so heartening and reassuring."

    

expert 24 hour personalised nursing care for older people warm, homely and reassuring 'family' environment a home that is vibrant as well as caring and compassionate daily activities we don’t use agency staff

"I liked SNH more than other homes I looked at mainly because the residents and staff all looked so happy."

01932 785414 email: enquiries@sunburynursinghomes.co.uk


Marion Park Orphanage 1907 Thanks to Ruth Lockley who contacted me and sent this postcard of the Temperance Orphanage garden and some staff/residents dated 1907. She came across the article on the Marion Park orphanage which Nick Pollard wrote in Sunbury Matters in 2015 and was fascinated. Her family were strongly temperance, so that is probably how the card came to be in her grandmother's collection, although she herself was from Leicestershire.

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

Celebrating 20 years of Tree Planting

Imagine the borough without the glorious green and rustling sound of trees. Maybe we take it for granted. Did you know that it is a group of volunteers who are very much to thank for planting many of the trees we see daily? We are talking about the Spelthorne Tree Wardens. Sunbury Cross, (pictured) was planted in 2002. Trees have also been planted in Knowle Green, Russell Road. Shepperton, Staines Park, Eddystone Walk Stanwell, Hawke Park Sunbury and Stanwell Road Ashford. In these locations the trees and hedges are a just a few examples of the activities of the Tree Wardens. They are also happy to plant trees in the gardens of residents for a modest fee. (Sunbury Matters has one in the front garden that is flourishing, planted by the tree wardens 4 years ago). And this year local Tree Wardens are celebrating 20 years of planting and caring for the trees in our community. They are independent group of volunteers that meet for every Thursday at their tree nursery in Shepperton, in order to plant, mulch or water new trees all over Spelthorne. With the funding support of residents, business, local and county councillors, and with authorisation and help from Local and County authorities for park or highway trees much has been achieved over this period. Our tree wardens are a group that is part of a national organisation. They can be contacted via the Surrey Tree Warden website or on 01932 786806

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Shepperton Wigs & Tranquillity By Monica Chard, Editor Hair loss is a dreadful thing. A good head of hair is our crowning glory. Something that defines our look, and thereby our personality and confidence. When you start losing it, or have lost it, you feel vulnerable, trying to make sense of this new situation. You need support, love and understanding. This you will get in bucket loads at the Shepperton Wig Company. This lovely independent local company offers a quiet, light and peaceful space where you will be made welcome and feel safe. Jo and Linda set up the business in 2002 They had previously worked on stage and film and initially the private wigs were a small percentage of the business. Although you can still see many a hairy piece of work from Jo and Linda s talented hands on stage and in many films, at least 50% of their business is now dealing with those who have suffered hair loss, whether as a result of cancer treatment of from alopecia. The Shepperton Wig Company moved to their current premises at Vicarage Farm, Sunbury, in 2015. As the business grew and one of the adjacent units became available Jo and Linda decided to take the plunge and expand their services to offer their clients more than just a wig service. They have just opened a wellbeing section, offering hair services, massage, reflexology and facial reflexology for their clients. Sessions are by appointment only and are targeted uniquely at the Shepperton Wig Company clients or anyone with hair loss. When you enter the premises you are greeted with friendly smiles of the staff and the delightful aroma of essential oils. Here you can stock up on Neil s Yard products to give you a sense of luxury and wellbeing. You can also treat yourself to perfume as well as a range of fabulously trendy turbans and silk scarves. The emphasis is on helping clients to feel good about themselves. For sale is a huge range of wigs of course and hair pieces in both real hair and acrylic (which look extremely good these days). If you can t To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

afford a new wig, you can select one of the pre-loved items and all you need is to make a donation, all of which goes to charity. There is a separate hair dressing room where clients can get some pampering as well as understanding care and maintenance of their wigs.

Jo and Linda with Mayor of Spelthorne Jean Pinkerton at the official opening

This is a tranquil space where clients can start to think about themselves. You will find advice on other services available locally which may help such as nutrition and counselling. You will be able to find your confidence and beauty again and feel strengthened at a time you need your energy to get well. There is nowhere quite like the Shepperton Wig Company unless you make your way into London. Here you can drive, park right outside and be in good hands in a peaceful environment. So many people seem not to be aware of this amazing facility on our doorstep yet so spread the word. Get 20% off treatments if

you mention Sunbury Matters

Hair & Tranquillity at SWC Shepperton Wig Company Vicarage Farm, Sunbury on Thames Tel 01932 780022 Email info@sheppertonwigs.co.uk 49

Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

Review of the Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival

bearing personality into her readings to hilarious effect in her rendering of Lady Macbeth and Lynda playing as beautifully as ever.

Most performers in our recent Arts Festival were old hands who had trodden the boards at Riverside Arts Centre before, but our new Artistic Director Val Weyland brought in several new companies including Jan Noble ( our homegrown and talented local poet) with his " My Name is Swan", Illyria with their superb production of Merchant of Venice ( you have to be fit to be a professional actor these days- not only did the small cast of six have to play all the roles with all the quick changes that that involved but having put up their wonderful but extremely heavy set on arrival, after the show they had to set to and dismantle it again in order to reach the next destination on their tour!) and a brilliant performance of Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti preceded by barbershop singing from Stage Left Project whose members are surely destined for great things. All the remaining acts had performed for us before. On July 14 Katherine Hocking started us off in great style with her talented little dancers and the Laughing Chili Comedy Club had their audience in stitches as usual! On arrival at RAC audiences were greeted by Daphne Clement's vibrant and colourful watercolours which transformed the bar area into an art gallery dancing with all the colours of the rainbow. Our two lectures given by Dr Laurence Shafe and Nick Pollard fascinated all who heard them and both lectures were accompanied by excellent photographic illustrations. The Flower Club which meets at RAC monthly contributed a delightful afternoon to the Festival with three demonstrations from Club members and attendees being allowed to reproduce what they had been shown with excellent results. A creative and pleasing afternoon. This year's Cookery demonstration was held at The Shahin in Thames Street. A select group of 8 watched various Indian dishes being prepared, had a go at preparing them themselves and then sampled the food. Great fun and highly educational! For several years now SSAA has been able to arrange a visit to Shepperton Studios. 2018 was no exception and 40 audience descended on the Studios where they were greeted with prosecco and canapes, followed by a talk given by Kathryn Donovan and then a showing of Into the Woods , Sondheim's moving and magical film which is so much more than the nursery rhymes upon which it is based. Carole Boyd (Linda Snell in the Archers) and Lynda Chang ( piano) entertained us all with their delightful La Dolce Vita programme of words and music, Carole incorporating Linda Snell's over-

Vanessa Latarche, Head of Keyboard at the Royal College of Music and a local resident, brought along one of her pupils (above), 17 year old George Harliono, winner of many international prizes in spite of his tender years, to play an amazing programme of virtuoso music ranging from Mozart and Beethoven to Liszt with all the notes in! We were all well impressed! Mood Indigo brought the Festival to a grand conclusion on July 22 with a stylish and beautifully presented Jazz concert The Beat goes On given by Trudy Kerr, Sarah Moule, Simon Wallace and Geoff Gascogne, a slick and much appreciated concert. Over the week we had over 600 people in the audiences and financially came out in the black, a tribute to the many hours of unpaid work put in by the SSAA committee and helpers without whose dedication and industry the Festival could never have taken place.

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

Forthcoming SSAA events Coffee Concerts preceded by coffee and croissant Saturday September 29th 10.15 for 11am concert. The Coburg Trio present a programme of music by Haydn and Reissiger With Gavin Jones (violin), Ingrid Attwater( piano) and Lesley Shrigley Jones (cello). Saturday November 3 at 10.15 for 11am concert Song Recital with Celia James ( mezzo soprano) and Lindsay Bridgewater (piano) Programme to be announced Tickets for Coffee Concerts this season will be ÂŁ12 to include coffee and croissant. > Box office telephone : 01932- 787390 > Online from: boxoffice@ssaa-arts.org



Do you know anyone who is lonely, isolated or just in need of a helping hand? Could they benefit from some help and companionship? In an ideal world we would all take the time to care for the older people around us. But the truth is, despite our best intentions, these people are often the first casualties of our busy lives.

Now there’s a way to ensure they no longer have to face days alone with just the TV for company. Our carefully vetted, lovely Companions will visit them, taking the time to listen, fill their days with chat and activity and help with practical needs. We help people remain independent by providing friendship and assistance at reasonable rates, which are far less than those of traditional Care companies, typically £16 per hour. ay... more tod Find out

0208 123 9044 surrey@seniorhelp.org.uk www.seniorhelp.org.uk

LOSRA Says . Planning Committee Split Over Bugle Nurseries Development A planning application to develop the site of the Bugle nurseries in Upper Halliford Road was dismissed at a recent Planning Committee despite the proposal receiving widespread support from local councillors and residents. At first glance the decision to refuse may seem perverse not least because the site had already been illegally developed and was, by universal agreement, a blemish on the local landscape. However, the inescapable fact is that the site is Green Belt. Given the general state of indiscriminate development which had already taken place at the Bugle Nurseries, the term Green Belt may seem a misnomer; but the creeping degradation of the site does not alter this designation. Green as in Green Belt does not imply a description. If it did, it wouldn t be long before unscrupulous owners of green belt land would contaminate or defile their holdings in the interests of compromising its status. In short, had the Planning Committee approved the application, the implications for the whole Borough could have been very significant indeed. It s worth saying that the two hour debate at Planning Committee was an animated affair and did credit to those councillors who were doing their best to represent the interests of local residents; but it also exposed in sharp relief the dichotomy so often confronted by our elected representatives: loyalty to their constituents versus loyalty to Planning Policy (ie the law). It was a tightly fought contest but ultimately, and quite properly, the law won.

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Six Reasons to Shop Local

it is likely that a decent percentage of the produce has had a short field-to-fork journey. As a bonus it means the food is likely to contain more nutrients and have less packaging You support local entrepreneurs - Head for your local artisan market. These help foster the talents of the next generation of British designers and retailers. There is a constant turnover of new products, and sellers listen to customers' demands. From food to fledgling clothing designers there will be something for everyone. You help to build your local community Bookshops, cafes and craft shops often drum You boost the local economy - For every ÂŁ1 up custom by hosting events, from reading spent with a small or medium-sized business groups to knitting clubs and children's events. 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to If local businesses are not supported, these fun 40p with a larger business. local groups tend to disappear too. You increase the value of your home - High You might get a better deal or some good advice - Local independent businesses can use streets populated with thriving independent their discretion to reward regular custom. businesses boost the prices of nearby homes. Butchers will give advice on cooking times, Discount stores and charity shops decrease and how large a joint you might need to feed a home values in the area. family get-together, with some leftovers. Get It is more ethical - When you shop at local butchers, bakers, farm shops and green grocers, to know your local traders.

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The Great Stink Sources: Wiki/Rosemary Ashton/ choleraandthethames.co.uk Think we have had a long hot summer? Be thankful for your flushing toilet and fridge!! Up until 1800 the River Thames had been relatively clean, supporting a large fishing industry, which caught and sold species including lobsters and salmon. But in June 1858, a heat wave hit London so badly that it baked the river into a fetid mess.

was developed - a significant advance, although the clear majority were of basic construction and not emptied very often. According to a website which examines the Thames and cholera, all the sewage in the Thames began to ferment in the scorching sun— centuries of waste was literally cooking in the monstrous heat. The result was a smell as offensive and disgusting as can ever be imagined. (www.choleraandthethames.co.uk/ cholera-in-london/the-great-stink ) "Gentility of speech is at an end - it stinks; and whoso once inhales the stink can never forget it and can count himself lucky if he lives to remember it," complained the City Press. Parliament moved upstream, and everyone who could afford it left town. Maybe this wasn't the hottest weather in English history, but it probably is the most spectacularly revolting weather event on record. The period is referred to as 'The Great Stink'.

You may have felt the heat recently, but historian Rosemary Ashton says it's nothing compared to what London endured in 1858. "The hottest recorded day up to that point in history was the 16th of June 1858, when the temperature reached 94.5 degrees Fahrenheit, in the shade," she says. That was the year of The Great Stink -when the Thames River, hot and filled with sewage, made life miserable for the residents of the city. Great Britain had urbanized quickly in the 19th century, with half the population living in towns by 1851. In the mid 14th century the population of London had been about 100,000, in 1800 the population was nearly one million and in 1850 more than two million. Sadly, urban planning didn't keep up. Modern toilets appeared on the scene before modern infrastructure, turning the Thames into an open sewer. The first indoor toilet - the water closet - was invented by Harington in the 1590s. This was not widely adopted because there was no supply of running water to flush it. During the 17th Century the cesspit To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

Your Illness Might Not Take a Break. But You Can! We were contacted recently by a reader who wanted to share a piece of information which may be of interest. As she herself was being treated for cancer, she found the temporary reprieve an absolute godsend. The Grove is in Bournemouth by the sea and is run on a not for profit basis by Macmillan Caring Locally. It offers a holiday retreat for cancer patients and those with life threatening illnesses. Carers, families and friends are also welcome. It is also not extortionately expensive. Their website tells me that you will pay from ÂŁ53 per night for a standard room. That includes dinner, bed and breakfast. If you are struggling financially though there is good news. You may be eligible for a grant towards the cost. You can apply for a Macmillan grant if you have cancer or if you are experiencing side effects from your illness or treatment. A social worker, district nurse or Macmillan nurse may also be able to help you apply for a grant. Contact: macmillangrants@macmillan.org.uk or call 0207 840 7871. The hotel has a qualified nurse on call 24 hours a day in case of emergency, but no hands one nursing is offered so do be aware of that. Thank you to our reader for sharing this. The prospect of a break for those affected by cancer or other life limiting illnesses must be such an important boost. If you want to contact The Grove yourself please call 01202 552233 enquiries@thegrovebournmouth.co.uk

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Forge Lane - £680,000 A charming four bedroom semi-detached cottage in the heart of Lower Sunbury where the old and new are in perfect harmony to offer the next set of loving owners a simply stunning home. Refurbished and updated sympathetically and offering in excess of 1400 sq ft this open plan home is ideal for downsizers, families with older children or those looking for potential ' annex' for older relatives.

Manor Drive - £795,000

Sunbury Court Road - £630,000

Philip Hodges is pleased to bring to the market this substantial 'Berg' style family home; having had only one careful owner since 1959 this home is seeking its next family to make the most of its 1500 sq ft. No Onward Chain

A wonderful bright and airy 3/4 bedroom family home, located on a popular and quiet street in Lower Sunbury. This house oozes style but allows lots of potential for the next owners including extending (STPP) if required.

3 Avenue Parade, Lower Sunbury TW16 5HS 01932 781911 www.philip-hodges.co.uk

Looking For Your Next Move? The Spelthorne Skills and Careers Fair 2018 is

taking place from noon to 7pm on Wednesday 19th September in the Exhibition Hall at Kempton Park Racecourse. With over 60 of Spelthorne s leading employers and skills providers involved , this will be a fantastic opportunity to look for your next role, find out about training opportunities and meet the wide range of employers located in the Borough. This year s event is sponsored by Heathrow Airport and Contract Options. You will find them at the Skills Fair alongside a broad range of local businesses including BP, Costco, Enterprise RentA-Car and Shepperton Studios. Free workshops will be running throughout the day to help you improve your CV and to increase your confidence in interviews. The event is a collaboration between Spelthorne Borough Council, Kenyngton Manor Sure Start Centre, Job Centre Plus, A2 Dominion, Surrey Chambers of Commerce and Spelthorne Business Forum. For more information and a free ticket visit www.spelthorne.gov.uk/sscf

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



www.harvestfinancial.co.uk andrew@harvestfinancial.co.uk

01932 252900/07885 959377




Su Doku Solution


4 1 5 9 3 6 8 2 7


Office: 01932 711196 Mobile: 07880 715856 franklin383@btinternet.com

8 7 6 5 4 2 9 1 3

2 9 3 8 1 7 5 6 4

7 6 8 3 9 1 4 5 2

3 2 1 6 5 4 7 8 9

9 5 4 2 7 8 6 3 1

5 4 2 1 8 9 3 7 6

1 8 7 4 6 3 2 9 5

Solution to September Sudoku

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6 3 9 7 2 5 1 4 8

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Crossword Solution A O T R O P U H O M I T H C L E A O L C O M M S O S E C L N O B E G G D Y



Solution to September Quick Crossword

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Pest Control

Member of the British Pest Control Association Full Public Liability Insurance Cover

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Tel: 020 8979 1670 Mobile: 0773 389 5213


Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection?

Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788

Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635 www.jcstamps.co.uk

We are a family run roofing business based in Sunbury. We undertake all aspects of roofing work and are fully insured. We offer free quotations and advice

www.aldridgeandsons.co.uk See what our customers say about us at

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Gardening Matters

A Host of Golden Daffodils! By Rachael Leverton The next question I get asked a lot is, What s the difference between daffodils and narcissi? This is also a good question. All daffodils are narcissi, but not all narcissi are daffodils! Daffodils is the name we give to narcissi with large trumpets. The third question I m often asked is, How far apart should I plant the bubs?

Garden centres, nurseries and catalogues are full of daffodil bulbs now. I have to exercise supreme self-restraint every time I wander in! I think I get asked more questions about daffodils than any other plant, apart from roses. I think it s because they are ubiquitous in the spring and so we assume they are easy to grow. They are...and they aren t, so I ll answer the most common questions I get asked here. I think the question I get most is How do I get my daffodils to flower more than one year? It s a good question. It s tempting to think that the only thing you have to remember about planting daffodil bulbs is to set them pointy side up, but it s a bit more complicated than that if you want them to flower every year. The trick is to set them deep enough. If you plant them just below the surface, as so many of people do, they dry out, which means they lack the food and moisture to get them through until the following year. The result is an uninteresting clump of leaves rather than a host of golden daffodils.

They should be planted about 3 inches / 8cm apart in holes about 10 inches / 25cm deep. It looks deep when you are dropping them in but it s worth the effort for the repeat flowering. Choose the biggest firmest bulbs you can find for each variety. The final question I get asked is, When can I cut down the foliage after flowering? I would suggest waiting for 6 weeks. If you have a very small garden and can t bear to have untidy foliage lying around you might be better treating the bulbs as annuals (daffodil bulbs aren t generally expensive.). Or you can plant them in an aquatic basket, and after flowering you can dig the basket up, water the bulbs regularly then replant in the autumn. Alternatively, you can buy dwarf varieties of daffodil which have daintier flowers and foliage, so you can have pretty flowers without the resulting foliage posing a problem. Whatever you decide, remember plant deeper than you think and Happy gardening!

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What s Happening Locally? If you want your event listed please email 50 words to email info@villagematters.co.uk Opera Holloway return to the Riverside Arts Centre with Bellini s thrilling and passionate interpretation of the classic love story, Romeo and Juliet. Following a sell-out tour of its 1940s inspired Cosi Fan Tutte, Opera Holloway move to 1950 s Naples in a hot and steamy tale of fated lovers. 7.30pm Friday 28th September, Tickets ÂŁ22. Tickets are now on sale! Visit www.operaholloway.co.uk Lunchtime Demonstration and Taster Event at The Shahin Indian Restaurant, Sunbury, on Thursday September 27th at 12.30. Cost ÂŁ17.50 per person. Numbers Limited. Please book directly with The Shahin on 01932 785001 Dunkirk Little Ships September 2nd. From Thames Motor Yacht Club, Hampton Court. Arriving at Weybridge Mariners at around 12.30, then leaving in vintage buses and cars around 3pm. Another chance to see these wonderful craft is the St Katherine Docks Classic Boat Rally Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September, 2018. This is part of the River Thames Festival. Around 12 Little Ships are expected to attend.

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ENVIRONMENT TRUST SECRET ART SALE 2018 - An art exhibition and sale with an unexpected twist! Date: 15th & 16th September 2018. Time: 11 am to 5 pm. Venue: The Exchange, 75 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 1BE Spelthorne Natural History Society – Mary Braddock will present a talk entitled Land of the Northern Lights in the Greeno Centre, Meadow View, Greenland Gardens, Shepperton TW17 9DH on Wednesday evening September 12 th starting at 8p.m. Members free & visitors £2 each. Please note we will be renewing annual memberships this month. Please refer to our website for further details. www.snhs.org.uk Love Singing, want to learn . Join the Spelthorne Choral Society on Saturday lst Sept from 10.00-15.00 At Our Lady of the Rosary School, Park Avenue, Staines, TW18 2EF. Fun packed sessions on vocal technique and musicianship. Tea/coffee/lunch included £15 for the day. Please contact John 07921 721 477 or info@spelthornechoralsociety.com Friends of St Mary's are opening the Church for Heritage Open Day on the 15th September We are open from 10.00am. until 4.00pm. with the usual displays of archival photos and material from the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society and from the Friends of St Mary's archives, including information on the War Memorial names and Monumental inscriptions. Come and see the newly restored paintings and art work in the Apse and the Scraffito in the Chancel. Plus, explore the Churchyard and the Bell tower. Perhaps have a go on the bells! With Tea/coffee/ice cream to refresh.



8 LOCAL ARTISTS The Orangery, Squire s Garden Centre, Shepperton

5th, 6th & 7th OCTOBER 2018

Friday & Saturday 10.30-5.00pm Sunday 10.30-4pm

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More...What s Happening Locally? If you want your event listed please email 50 words to email info@villagematters.co.uk Walton Art Society at the Riverhouse Barn Tickets are still available for the Special Interest Day on 6 September with Rosalind Whyte entitled 250 years of the Royal Academy . This will be two one-hour lectures for the morning only. Please contact Alison Lornie (01932 845372). In 2018 the Royal Academy celebrates 250 years since its foundation. This lecture looks at some of the artists involved at the very beginning, including the President, Sir Joshua Reynolds and brings us right up to date to a Royal Academy that numbers contemporary artists such as Tracey Emin. Brooklands Aviation Day Touchdown at Brooklands Museum for a kerosene fuelled day of aviation antics and activities. This promises to be a day like no other at the Museum - the emphasis is towards the skies as we dedicate the whole site to Brooklands rich and varied connection with all things aviation. On site will be many aviation clubs and organisations, family activities and flying displays. Time: 10am to 5pm Price: Adult £13.50, Senior/Student £11.50, Child (5-16) £7, Family £35 Brooklands Museum Brooklands Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 0QN Sun 16 Sep 2018Contact telephone: 01932 857381 Do you know there is a weekly coffee morning held at Sunbury Open Door Church on the corner of Rooksmead Road and Green Street? We are a welcoming group of largely retired people who meet together for good company and cake. We meet from 10.30 am on a Thursday morning and would welcome newcomers. The first Thursday of every month is a purely social event and the other Thursdays include a short time of hymn singing and a talk (probably a maximum of 20 minutes to include both). There is no charge and everyone is welcome of whatever religious persuasion or none. Why not give us a try? Contact telephone number: Shirley on 07812 795733. Children s 2km free fun run - get out and get active every Saturday @10am at Hazelwood The Home of London Irish, Hazelwood Drive, Lower Sunbury. All ages welcome, free parking and breakfast refreshments available.

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Saturday 6th October 2018 9.30am –12 noon Saturday 2nd March 2019 9.30am –12 noon

SIXTH FORM OPEN EVENING Wednesday 17th October 2018 6.30pm –8.30pm Personal Visits available throughout the year. Find out more and book your visit at: www.hallifordschool.co.uk

At Halliford your child will be known and respected as an individual and encouraged, supported and inspired to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. Extensive coach service covering the surrounding area • Short walk from Shepperton Station • Shuttle service from Walton and Staines Stations registrar@halliford.net

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A local Company with Local Knowledge & Experience No pressure. No hassle. Just quality products and workmanship at honest prices We have been established since 1985. All of our work is guaranteed. We don't ask for a deposit... We understand that choosing your new home improvements is a huge decision that can take time to really settle on the best option for you. Our approved installers are there to help you make the best choice for your home and deliver the highest levels of value, security, style and energy efficiency to your home. We believe you deserve more than 'just another double glazing windows installer.

See what some of our satisfied customers think • 33 years established, local, independent company • Extensive range of quality products from Vevo • Great range of colours available • Windows, doors, bi-folds, casements, porches

“Installation of double glazed windows and back door. This is a local family firm which came highly recommended. All personnel were efficient, friendly and courteous and the work was finished to an excellent standard.” Sunbury “Patio window and door fitted. No hard sell. Work was accomplished very efficiently with obvious pride in their work and product.” Shepperton

We trust you will be happy with the finished job.

• Energy efficient doors and windows • Professional design and installation • People you can trust • A friendly approach to improving your home

209 Laleham Road, Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 0AH

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Sunbury Matters September 2018  

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Sunbury Matters September 2018  

The monthly community magazine for Sunbury on Thames