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Welcome to the May issue! We are now firmly into Spring. I am particularly enjoying this year the blossom appearing in our garden. Pinks, yellows, whites, purples - It really does make you feel like good things are on the way. Seeing people back out on the river also points to better times ahead. The picture on the front cover this month, features the 1st Molesey (Jaguar) Sea Scouts doing just that. In this months issue, the Molesey Local History Society informs of the Molesey Amateur Swimming Club, which was formed around 1909. We also learn about the Mount Felix Tapestry and the links to our local “stitchers”. We hear about the coronation of George VI,

May 2017 the first such occasion to be televised 80 years ago this month. Another sure sign of better weather is the reopening of Molesey Lock Café. Take time to visit Colin , Kim and the team. Also take note of the Molesey Carnival date, June 10th this year. Della continues her urban wildlife blog, and once again we are updated by Dominic Raab. Until next time.

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Front Cover: 1st Molesey (Jaguar) Sea

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Molesey Amateur Swimming Club By Jennifer Wood, Molesey Local History Society Molesey Amateur Swimming Club was established about 1909, at a time when river bathing was popular. The club initially seems to have been an all-male organisation. However, in 1911 a special meeting of the club discussed the possibility of forming a ladies’ swimming club and decided to do all that it could to encourage a ladies’ section. The photograph of the club in 1912 indicates that the ladies’ section had been established by then.

The club used the stretch of the river between Molesey Lock and Hampton Court Bridge and in its early years was very active. At its third annual smoking concert and prize distribution held at the Prince of Wales Hotel on 20th September 1911, prizes were distributed for fourteen events ranging in length from a thirty yards’ novices race to a three mile race from Sunbury Lock to Molesey Lock. There were nine starters for this three mile race which had taken place on Saturday 2nd September but, according to the Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Surrey Comet, owing to the intense heat there was only one finisher, R. Rogerson, who had also won the race the previous year. At the meeting on 20th September 1911, thanks were given to Mr Harry Tagg for lending the club his engine shop as a dressing room but, from information given by Mr Fred Payne to the Molesey Review for an article in their June 1953 edition, it seems that changing of clothes usually took place in friends’ houses near the river. Mr Payne told the Molesey Review that the club held a gala every year, including a long distance swim from Hampton Court Lock to Teddington Lock and that all those who completed this swim were presented with a gold medal. J. Martin & Sons of East Molesey supplied boats to follow the competitors. Mr Payne said that it was interesting that many competitors dropped out on reaching the Albany Hotel at Thames Ditton. By 1930, the club had been inactive for a number of years and the trustees of the club decided to wind up the club and distribute its cups and shields among local associations for competition among swimmers.

By the Molesey Local History Society

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The Mount Felix Tapestry Source Various/Paul Chard

Last month I featured an article on ANZAC Day and the Mount Felix Hospital. Since April 2015 a small army of stitchers around Elmbridge have worked in teams, and sometimes on their own, to create 44 panels for the Mount Felix Tapestry. The Riverhouse Barn, Manor Road, Walton on Thames KT12 2BF, is excited to be nearing the end of the community stitch project commemorating the centenary of the Mount Felix Hospital in Walton throughout WWI. The stitchers have identified three stories of soldiers who met and fell in love with their future wives during their time at Mount Felix. These stories, as well as those of nurses and doctors and members of the community of Walton, create a narrative. The Riverhouse will be displaying this incredible work in until mid May 2017. They then hope to be able to tour the work around the local area, and as far afield as New Zealand, where some of the tapestry has been stitched and where the descendants of some of the soldiers and nurses who passed through the doors of Mount Felix now live. The tapestry is on display until May 14th, Recently, I myself visited the work and I must say it is fantastic. I thought I would share some of the MOUSE work produced by our own community. Below are 3 of the 44 panels, one stitched by members of Elmbridge Council, another stitched by the Molesey WI, and one produced by Claremont Fan School. Do take a chance to visit.

design of the official emblem or reflect the actual plant. Stitchers: Elmbridge Borough Council – Anna Bright, Vicki Rookhard-Wheatley, Rebecca King and Jennifer Bailey (supported by Dorothy Hulatt) Panel 17. Volunteer Nurses from New Zealand. Volunteer Nurses from New Zealand are believed to have been billeted in Old Manor House on Manor Road. Stitched by Molesey WI: This panel was worked by members of the Molesey Women’s Institute, Panel 40. A Dynasty is Formed. Edith Knapman and Randal Borthwick Browne were married 2nd March 1918 in Hersham Parish Church, and set off for a new life in New Zealand. He and Edith went on to have 6 children – in order of birth Colin, Betty, Thomas, Randal, Douglas and Judy. The 4 eldest served in the Second World War. Edith was a redoubtable character and lived to her 90th year, always a strong presence in the local community. Four of their children are still alive. Stitchers: Claremont Fan Court School.

Panel 5. “Your Country Needs You.” This panel is designed to reflect the campaigns to recruit men and women for the war effort in both Walton on Thames and New Zealand. The fern in the middle of the design is the New Zealand emblem and there was much discussion as to which way it should face and whether it should be silver or green. In other words, whether it should follow the


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Architectural 3D Design Modelling workshop 5 Days, 14-18 August, 10.30-4.00pm, £245. Covering a range of model making techniques that including paper, card, formboard, mouldmaking, clay relief, vacuum forming, plaster, wax casting, pigments and surface treatments

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80 years ago George VI’s Coronation George VI's coronation at Westminster Abbey took place on 12 May 1937, the date previously intended for Edward's coronation. The ceremony was attended by the King and Queen's daughters, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, as well as by the King's mother, the dowager Queen Mary, making it the first British coronation attended by an already crowned queen. The coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth as King and Queen of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth and as Emperor and Empress of India took place at Westminster Abbey, London, on 12 May 1937. King George ascended the throne upon the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII, on 10 December 1936, three days before his 41st birthday. Edward's coronation had been planned for 12 May 1937 and it was decided to continue with his brother and sister -in-law's coronation on the same date. Although the music included a range of new anthems and the ceremony underwent some alterations to include the Dominions, it remained a largely conservative affair and closely followed the ceremonial of King George V's coronation in 1911. The ceremony began with the anointing of the King, symbolising his spiritual entry into kingship, and then his crowning and enthronement, representing his assumption of temporal powers and responsibilities. The peers of the realm then paid homage to the King before a shorter and simpler ceremony was conducted for the Queen's coronation. The return


Source: Various

procession to Buckingham Palace was over six miles in length, making it the longest coronation procession up to that time; crowds of people lined the streets to watch it, over thirty-two thousand soldiers took part and twenty thousand police officers lined the route. The coronation was commemorated by the issuing of official medals, coinage, and stamps, by military parades across the Empire, and by numerous unofficial celebrations, including street parties and the production of memorabilia. The coronation cost £454,000, which was more than three times the cost of the 1911 ceremony The procession was broadcast on the BBC Television Service, which had only been operating since the previous November. Several tons of television cables, measuring 8 miles (13 km), were laid across central London, so that the images from three Emitron television cameras could be sent to the transmission centre at Alexandra Palace. Commentary was by Frederick Grisewood, who was with the cameras at Hyde Park Corner. The coverage of the procession is regarded as being the BBC's first outside broadcast. In reviewing the broadcast, The Daily Telegraph commented: "Horse and foot, the Coronation procession marched into English homes yesterday," while the Daily Mail said: "When the King and Queen appeared the picture was so vivid that one felt that this magical television is going to be one of the greatest of all modern inventions.� Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts



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Are you constantly on the go?

Struggling with getting things done? Emails, texting, tweeting, all this social media fighting for our attention, no wonder our minds can get a little overwhelmed. We are not designed to be constantly switched on. So just taking some time to pause can make you less stressed and even improve your health. Here is why; Get better sleep; Studies find that calmer people sleep better. Mindfulness reduces stress hormones like cortisol, which can interfere with your sleep. Helps you to see the world in a better light! Just taking a moment to breathe, helps you to become more aware of the world around you, more accepting of the things you can't change, less judgmental, and simply happier. A better outlook gives you a better

life. Meditation is good for the brain; MRI scans showed after only a short period of meditation the areas in the brain related to fear and anxiety shrank, whilst the part related By Monica Chard to wellbeing and happiness literally grew. Best of all, start with as little as 5 minutes each day and in a very short time you will notice a difference.

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Sudoku 1 4 8 2 4 2 6 1 9 3 8 6 4

6 2 7 8 5

4 1 8 5 9 3 8 4 6 7 2 3

Solution on Page 38

2 7 9 1 7 6 4 3 2 6 9 2 8

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How to play Sudoku It’s simple! Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition. You don’t need to be a genius. These puzzles use logic alone. Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive.

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Savings Accounts Explained By Kate Duggan Whether you’re saving for a holiday or a rainy day, there are lots of ways you can earn interest on your money, from peer-to-peer lending to fixed rate bonds. The most popular options include:

Savings accounts Savings accounts aren’t paying huge levels of interest at the moment, but they are still worth a look. Regular savings accounts, where you put a fixed sum away each month, usually pay a little more. And ones where you lock your money away for a set time pay more again. The interest rate is still pretty low in most cases though, so you might want to consider other options first. It’s not just about the AER AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It shows you the percentage of interest you’d earn if you left your money in an account for a year. While the AER is certainly an important deciding factor, it’s not the only thing you’ll want to consider. Other questions to ask yourself include:

Cash ISAs

Whether you want to be able to get to your money straight away if you need it.

How long you’re planning to save for.

Whether you want a guaranteed return or are prepared to take a risk in the hopes of making more money.

Whether you want to save regular amounts each month, or lump sums.

Bank accounts

How you want your money to be invested.

Some bank accounts are currently offering higher rates of interest than savings accounts. At the time of writing this article, Nationwide was offering 5% interest on balances up to £2,500, for the first year, for people paying in at least £1,000 every month. However, to use a bank account to save money in, you might want to open a separate account. That way your savings won’t disappear on paying the bills. Keep an eye open for offers. Lots of banks will offer you a bonus for opening an account, but you might have to pay in a minimum amount each month.

Whether the organisation aligns with your values (e.g. will it invest your money in animal testing, or green energy projects)?

How good the customer service is.

Cash ISAs let you save up to £20,000 a year tax free. Fixed-rates ISAs tend to earn you more interest than easy-access ones, but you will have to pay a penalty if you withdraw money early. The new Lifetime ISA is for people under 40 who are saving for their pension, or for a first house. You can save up to £4,000 a year and the government will top it up by 25%.

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Collections About a third of people in the UK own a collection. From water colour miniatures to novelty pens, people like to collect things - but why? Well there isn't one reason. For some, like football fans who collect club memorabilia, it is a way to express their loyalty; for others, like a coin collector who is proud of a rare find, it can become an obsession. You don't even have to collect something physical: train spotters collect engine numbers and information.

By Sarah Davey

of collections are not actually worth a lot. There are a couple of interesting theories. One is a phenomenon called the endowment effect, which describes our tendency to value things more once we own them. The other is the concept of contagion, and this applies particularly to celebrity items because some collectors see such objects as being infused with the essence of the person who owned them. Collecting can be an absorbing and fun hobby, and can be a good way to make like-minded friends. There are online communities for chatting about your collection. There are also be meet-ups where you can swap or buy additions. To start a collection choose something that is meaningful to you and works with your budget. I have one friend who collects silly limericks, which cost her nothing, and another who collects aesthetically pleasing glass objects, which can set her back several hundred pounds. Both get great pleasure from their hobby. The choice of things to collect is limitless‌so what are you waiting for?

Humans are unique in the way we collect items purely for the satisfaction of seeking out and owning them. It's thought that we started to collect things as early as 12,000 years ago, when our ancestors ceased their nomadic lifestyles and settled in one location. There is much speculation about why we collect, yet little agreement between scientists. It's true some people collect items like fine art or wine as investments, but the vast majority


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Mind Care: Managing Seasonal Change By Karen Spencer

With the Spring upon us and Summer approaching, we can often feel a rush of confusing emotions – optimism, mixed with a feeling of anxiety and shifting moods. We may have abandoned our New Year’s Resolutions, berating ourselves for not being able, for example, to manage to lose the weight we had hoped to lose, and with the summer looming anxiety over summer expectations can be daunting. This is what can happen to us with anxiety – we can spend time ‘ruminating’ about the past, at the same time being anxious about the future. Often wasting positive energy worrying about things that might never happen, and believing things are far worse than they actually are. It can feel hard to stay mindfully in the present. To allow ourselves to look out on a brighter (and longer) day with optimism. Those who tell us to ‘enjoy the moment’ and ‘be positive’ seem to have little understanding of how difficult that can be. We need to take things one small step at a time. When our mind feels like a washing machine going from one spin cycle to another we need to stop and ‘Spring clean’ our mind, to try to help us manage the damaging thoughts that can take up residence and feed our anxiety. Think about how you can find yourself in a cycle (like constantly being on the ‘circle line’). Feeling bad about yourself, so you then do too much for everyone else. This then makes you feel ‘overloaded’, you get angry and then others get angry with you, which feeds into your feelings of low self-worth – like a self-professing prophesy. Another


pattern can be an ‘avoidance trap’ where rather than having a fight or flight response to events, you ‘freeze’ unable to do anything. To overcome this, work at setting yourself small achievable objectives that focus on one realistic, and meaningful task at a time. This Spring, start taking healthier ‘exits’: start thinking about what you need. Take on what you can manage, look after yourself more to allow you to create time and space to be able to enjoy more positive moments. This will in turn reduce thinking distortions which can plague us, like ‘catastrophizing’ or ‘awfulising’, by giving yourself permission to be more optimistic about the change of season and approaching summer.

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Mount Felix

Soldiers Recuperation Remembered Thanks to a couple of readers who contacted us following last months piece on the Mount Felix hospital and the thousands of soldiers from New Zealand who were treated there during the Great War. Audrey Bevington gave us a press cutting (undated) which showed photos of soldiers who were recovering at the Mount Felix hospital. As soldiers got better, they were encouraged to take part in sports, regattas and festivities adding a bit of colour to every day local life. The nearby Thames was often used for fun events. As well as boat outings, competitive sculling events were put on with mixed teams of nurses and patients. There were even competitions for blind oarsmen, guided by a cox of course! Another reader, Christine Andrews, told me

Crossword 1






Solution on Page 38 Across 1 Hand-me-down, nearly new (4) 4 Small, exclusive shop (8) 8 Balloon which carries people (3,3) 9 U.S monetary unit (6) 10 Adept, capable (4) 11 Mahogany, teak or oak (8) 13 Glenn Miller player one (5,8) 16 Pain-relief tablets (8) 19 Identical (4) 20 The 10 commandments were inscribed on a stone ______ (6) 22 Have something in mind, plan to (6) 23 Defers, puts off (8) 24 Informal name for a cat (4)



















Down 2 Escalates or proliferates rapidly (9) 3 Road to nowhere! (4,3) 4 Tree with silvery bark (5) 5 Experience, endure (7)

that her mother used to take soldiers to The Weir pub, just downstream from Mount Felix. Her mother was Grace Kirk (nee Stovell) from Weybridge and lived to the ripe old age of 96. Many thanks to both ladies for getting in touch. We love hearing your memories. It makes these articles mean so much more when we hear of connections with our readers.

6 Relative by marriage (2,3) 7 ___ Stubbs, of Sherlock fame (3) 12 Salves, balms (9) 14 Cheep, chirp (7)

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15 Place to wait for public transport (3,4) 17 Eskimo house (5) 18 _____ roll, jam filled sponge. (5) 21 Assistance, relief (3)

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The Molesey Lock Café By Paul Chard Recently I had the pleasure to saunter down to Molesey Lock and meet up with the new tenant of the Molesey Lock Café. Up until August of last year, the café had remained dormant for around 18 months, a sad and forlorn memento of happier times. The previous tenant had fallen out with the owners, the Environment Agency (EA), and disappeared. Surely the second biggest lock on the Thames after Teddington, deserved better. Up stepped Colin Fitzgerald. An Estate and Financial Planner by profession, Colin has also for the last six years, volunteered and manned the lock on a part time basis. A boat owner himself, the river was a passion. He had often looked across from the lock and wondered what might be. Locals had often asked Colin what was going on in the little building across the path, and voiced how sad that the community was deprived of the lock side café. His co partners, sister Marilyn and Kim Gaster had also on occasions, mentioned during conversation, their desire one day to manage a little café by the sea. It seemed like planets were about to collide. After many meetings with the EA, Colin and his partner finally obtained the keys on August 1st last year. Since that time an army of Colin’s family and friends have invested money and many hours hard graft, to reinvigorate the building and get it up to the exacting standards required by the EA. So much so that the café has been given 5 Stars for Food Hygiene from Elmbridge Council. Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


So, from a cold start last August, to a farewell Halloween party in the October, the café has recently reopened for the 2017 season. Open from April to October, Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am until 5pm. It is a must visit. Talking through the concept with Colin was an inspiration. He talks all about community, and helping people. The simple premise of good food and good service. He also has immense pride in the Café. Walking down by the lock, you cannot help but notice the bright turquoise parasols and bunting. A beautiful pointer to the goodies that lie within. All the food is cooked to order and delivered by waitress service. Beautiful breakfasts, from the Lock Keepers Special, to Scottish creamy porridge and crumpets, to salads and pasta, couscous and pastries, the café has it all. Homemade scrummy cakes are also the order of the day. A wide selection of coffees and teas are also available. The children’s menu also ensures a family atmosphere. It also is also proving extremely popular. On the day I visited (23 degrees, that Sunday in April), the café served over 400 people! What is also special is Colin and Kim’s attitude to community and helping others. The café is staffed by locals who can benefit from the opportunity to work in such a beautiful location. The couple have also taken on a work experience helper. What is even more amazing, is that Colin and Kim donate a percentage of their profit to Cancer Research. Please do take time to visit a true Molesey gem. What could be better that sitting by the lock watching the boats go by.




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Recipe of The Month Chocolate Fondant Tart Preparation time: 45 mins (plus chilling time) Cooking time: 30 mins Serves: 6-8

then line the pastry case with a circle of greaseproof paper and fill with baking beans (these are ceramic beads, but you can use lentils or dried beans if you don't have any). Bake the pastry for 10 minutes, or until just lightly golden-brown, then remove the paper and the beans and return the tart to the oven to cook for a further 5-7 minutes, or until golden-brown and dried out.

Ingredients Pastry 100g/3½oz plain flour 50g/1¾oz icing sugar 50g/1¾oz chilled butter, diced Yolk from 1 large egg 1 tbsp water Filling 100g/3½oz butter 150g/5½oz dark chocolate (70%) 150g/5½oz golden caster sugar 75g/3oz plain flour 6 medium eggs To serve Icing sugar Strawberries or raspberries Cream

For the filling Melt the butter in a medium pan over a low heat, then add the chocolate and stir until melted, smooth and glossy. Remove from the heat and beat in the sugar and flour, then beat in the eggs, one at a time. Place the pastry case on a baking tray. Pour the chocolate mixture into the pastry case, filling it almost to the top then place in the oven. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until just set around the edges and still slightly wobbly in the centre. Remove from the oven. You can serve it warm with raspberries or strawberries, or allow it to cool and dust with icing sugar.

Method For the pastry Place the flour and icing sugar in a large bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the egg yolk and water and mix quickly so that it comes together to form a firm dough. Wrap in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 200C/ Gas 6 (180C fan). Dust the work surface with flour and then roll out the pastry to form a circle about 5cm/2in larger than your flan tin. Line the tin with the pastry. Pop it into the fridge to chill for a further 15 minutes. You now need to blind-bake the pastry. To do this prick the base of the pastry with a fork Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Register today for the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games 2017 Registration is open for the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games 2017 trial sessions. The Specsavers Surrey Youth Games are open to children and young people aged between 7 and 16 years old who live or go to school in the Borough. It is the largest annual youth sports festival in the county with more than 2,000 youngsters taking part in the competition. The Games are a great opportunity for young people from Elmbridge to try out a new sport or enhance their knowledge and ability in their favourite sport by receiving coaching, tactics and skills from local qualified coaches, all for free. It will also give them the experience of a competitive, countywide sporting event. The attendees of the training sessions will then have a chance to represent Elmbridge against the ten boroughs and districts in Surrey at the competition weekend on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. There is a wide selection of badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, judo, lacrosse, netball,

netball high 5, squash, swimming, rugby, table tennis and tennis.

If you would like your child to try a new sport or develop their existing skills by participating in our free training sessions, please visit to register online. For more information, please contact the Sports Development Team on 01372 474581, email or sport.

Important Date for the Diary We have broken with 40 years of tradition and we are holding the Molesey Carnival on the second Saturday in June this year rather than the first Saturday. The Molesey Carnival will be held on:

Saturday 10th June.

The reason for the date change was due to consultation with all the participants in the Carnival, the original date clashed with school half term, and many of the clubs / organisations and schools were finding it difficult to get the parents and children's participation due to holidays


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Ashford Kitchens & Interiors held their official re-opening a couple of months ago and it certainly drew in the crowds! Following a 3 month refurbishment which saw the entire shopfront being replaced, 10 stunning new kitchen displays and 9 spectacular new bedroom and home office displays, the ribbon was officially cut by company founder and director Richard Flower. Richard first opened the doors to the showroom in November 1984. The business was originally known as Ashford Fitted Furniture and the company have since opened a second showroom in Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire. “Over the years we have firmly believed in the importance of showcasing the very latest design ideas in kitchens & bedrooms. When investing in their homes, customers want to see and touch the To advertise email


product in a stylish setting which is why our showrooms are regularly updated� says Richard. The showroom is now open as normal Monday to Saturday, 9am5.30pm. If you are considering replacing your Kitchen, Bedroom or Home Office then it is definitely worth a visit. The family run business have got a great team who are friendly and keen to help. They offer a free, no obligation design service and the new showroom is a perfect place to get some new ideas and inspiration. See ad on p5.

Or call Paul on 07946 494288

A local Company with Local Knowledge & Experience No pressure. No hassle. Just quality products and workmanship at honest prices We have been established since 1985. All of our work is guaranteed. We don't ask for a deposit... We understand that choosing your new home improvements is a huge decision that can take time to really settle on the best option for you. Our approved installers are there to help you make the best choice for your home and deliver the highest levels of value, security, style and energy efficiency to your home. We believe you deserve more than 'just another double glazing windows installer.

See what some of our satisfied customers think • 31 years established, local, independent company • Extensive range of quality products from Vevo • Great range of colours available • Windows, doors, bi-folds, casements, porches

“Installation of double glazed windows and back door. This is a local family firm which came highly recommended. All personnel were efficient, friendly and courteous and the work was finished to an excellent standard”. Sunbury “Patio window and door fitted. No hard sell. Work was accomplished very efficiently with obvious pride in their work and product.” Shepperton

We trust you will be happy with the finished job.

• Energy efficient doors and windows • Professional design and installation • People you can trust • A friendly approach to improving your home

Walton Road, East Molesey Surrey, KT8 0DT

Tel 020 8941 9925 select installer

Superfoods you should be eating for optimal health

How is your diet looking Molesey? Often the media talks about what foods are bad for us but here are five foods that local personal trainer and cardiac nurse Angela Hartley tells us we SHOULD be eating. Write them down on your fridge and try to have at least one serve of each per week to ensure you're getting a wide variety of these heart healthy foods.

an enzyme called angiotensin, which constricts blood vessels. Though the effect is modest compared with medications, garlic seems to have a significant impact on the build-up of plaque. Three randomised trials found that plaque progression slowed by more than 50% in people taking garlic extract. Add garlic to dinner tonight!


Benefits for the heart? Boosts good cholesterol, reduces blood clotting.


Benefits for the heart? Improve blood pressure, cholesterol and heart failure. The Evidence: Oranges contain soluble fibre which acts like a giant sponge, mopping up cholesterol in food and blocking its absorption. The potassium they contain helps to counterbalance salt, keeping blood pressure under control. A 2009 study showed that a diet high in fruits and vegetables decreased the risk of heart failure by 37%. Fibre is in the pulp and pith so eat your oranges whole rather than juiced. 2. Kale Benefits for the heart? Prevents atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) The Evidence: Kale has everything you want in a superfood including fibre, folate, potassium and vitamin E. It's also rich in lutein, which has been shown to protect against early atherosclerosis. Kale even contains an unusual compound, glucoraphanin that activates a protective protein that creates a Teflon-like coating in your arteries to keep plaque from sticking. 3. Garlic Benefits for the heart? Reduce blood pressure and plaque. The Evidence: Research suggests that like some blood pressure medications, garlic helps to reduce Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


4. Red Wine

The Evidence: Small amounts of alcohol can increase HDL, the "good" cholesterol that helps prevent plaque. Red wine also contains compounds called polyphenols that help keep blood vessels flexible and reduces clotting Note: More than one glass a day increases breast cancer risk for women and heavy drinking damages the heart and liver, so more is NOT better. Stick to a small glass 3-4 times per week. 5. Sardines Benefits for the heart? Lowers triglycerides, raises HDL ‘good’ cholesterol. The Evidence: The omega-3 ‘good fats’ found in sardines can lower harmful triglycerides, raise protective HDL, potentially reduce heart arrhythmias and help to reduce inflammation. A large study last year found a 38% reduction in ischemic heart disease among women who consumed the most Omega-3. How many of these are you eating each week? To find out more about improving your heart health, contact Angela Hartley at Clinical Exercise. Angela runs private and group exercise sessions that help you to get fitter, stronger and healthier. Editors Notes Website – Contact number – 07918 788347

Urban Wildlife Garden

You don’t need to live in the country to enjoy wildlife A blog by Molesey Resident - Della Reynolds Early April, I arrived home from a wonderfully warm holiday in Spain to find that my dwarf apple tree had blossomed in the English sunshine. In fact it felt like the Spanish heat had followed me home that first weekend. But, alas it was not to last. Colder winds arrived for the Easter break and that reminded me of the time we tried to wrap the entire apple tree in a giant fleece following a late frost warning. It was probably a crazy idea from the start. The hot summer days decided to arrive in March that year and by April the garden had gone berserk. The apple tree burst into life with fresh pink buds, each one promising to become a juicy apple in the fullness of time. It looked stunning. Then, came the warning that we were in for frost. Those icy fingers would force their way into the tight bound blooms and all would wither into a brown slurry of decay. Something had to be done. We went to the garden centre for a large, frost resistant sheet and started to wrap the precious tree from head to toe. My husband was up the ladder and I was down on the ground. We worked in total harmony which meant as I pulled one way to secure the fleece with an array of clothes pegs, he pulled the other causing them all to fly off again. After some time I stood back to assess the situation and watched him knock a fair number of tender blooms onto the ground as he tugged and heaved at the fleece. ‘Stop,’ I shouted, ‘there won’t be any left at this rate.’ So more gently we both lifted and enfolded, much like making a meringue, until every branch was tucked safely inside the ghostly spectre. The birds hated it. Unable to ricochet between the branches to get to the food, they lined up on the fence to contemplate the situation. One brave soul, usually a pigeon, would venture forth, but as soon as he got close to the feeder the fleece would flutter in an alarming manner as if it were about to enclose him in its soft white arms. None of them would go near it.


In the end there wasn’t a great deal of frost and only two days later we were gently lifting all the stuff off again. It’s difficult to know if the buds sacrificed in the great cover up died for a worthy cause, but we did have a good crop of apples that year. I wouldn’t bother now. Let nature take its course is my motto. Back from holiday I gave the garden a good long drink; just in the nick of time for one or two of the plants. I noticed that along with the apple tree, the clematis had also sprouted vigorously in my absence. It was spilling over into the garden with tendrils reaching out for any surface it could cling to. It had started to swamp the neighbouring rose bush so I pulled the tendrils back, not an easy job once they are attached, and threaded them up through the trellis. This clematis is lucky to be alive. When it was a youngster it spent half its time feigning severe illness and it was only my tardiness which saved it from being pulled up. Each spring it would look totally dead with nothing but wrinkled brown leaves for foliage. Then, when I wasn’t paying any attention, it would send out shoots from every crevice and the brown parched trellis would turn green overnight. I’m sure many a clematis will have kept up such charade for far too long and found themselves on the compost heap for playing such a prank. Last month I discovered that all the geraniums I had carefully put away in the frost proof shelter didn’t survive. However, on returning from Spain I noticed that the one I left out to fend for itself now had fine, green shoots emerging from the roots. What a result. It would appear that as far as my gardening skills are concerned, less is more. The less I do the more things grow. Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

Would you like a garden perfect for your family? •

Not sure where to start?

How do you fit it all in?

Call the experts!

Holley Designs can help you get the garden you want.

We can help you plan your new Family garden. If you want a garden that your kids will love, and that you can use for an entertaining space, and family meals, getting it all in and creating a beautiful space is possible, but it all takes careful planning,

We can help, call now!

Karen Holley

m: 07767 242974 t: 0800 4585275 (free phone) e: w:




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4 8 7 3 5 6 2 1 9

5 3 9 1 4 2 6 7 8

6 2 1 7 3 8 9 5 4

8 7 4 6 9 5 1 2 3

Solution to May Sudoku

Solution to May Quick Crossword

7 6 8 5 2 9 3 4 1


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HOLISTIC & MYSTIC MIND, BODY & SOUL SHOW RETURNS TO KEMPTON PARK RACECOURSE FOR TWO DAY WELLNESS FESTIVAL Holistic & Mystic MBS Kempton Park Show, Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 May 2017 This May sees Holistic & Mystic - the creators of vibrant and enriching mind, body and soul events return to Kempton Park Racecourse. Celebrated for bringing together the best spiritual and wellbeing products, experts and experiences all in one place, the show has something for everyone. From the newbie meditator to the well-practised yogi, this fun weekend is guaranteed to leave visitors informed, equipped and inspired – and most likely with a few extra goodies! Visitors can explore, discover and shop the collection of over 70 holistic and mystic product stalls. Fuelled by the mission to provide an open, honest, trusting and fun

Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

environment that allows the world of complementary healthcare and spirituality to become accessible to people from all walks of life, the atmosphere is always encouraging and enriching. Holistic & Mystic events are special experiences not to be missed and a must-have date for the diary! Saturday 27 May 2017, 10am – 5:30pm Sunday 28 May 2017, 10am – 5pm Early Bird Ticket (Expires 10 May): £6 / Regular Adult Ticket: £8 at Kempton Park, Staines Road East, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex TW16 5AQ Buy Tickets: holistic-mystic-mind-body-soul-wellbeingfestival-at-kempton-park-tickets32476984535?aff=es2 Website: Facebook: @holisticandmystic Twitter: @holisticamystic



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I’m in two minds about bank holidays. On the one hand it’s a holiday, yay, and there are two of them in May…another yay; on the other it’s a prescribed holiday so most people are off work at the same time, so there are queues and traffic jams wherever you go. It would make more sense to me if bank holidays were rolled into an additional 8 days of compulsory leave which could be taken anytime we like. In the UK we actually fair pretty badly in the bank holiday stakes anyway. 8 public holidays is not a lot. The Italians have 12 days; the Austrians 13, while Spain and Portugal enjoy 14 public holidays per year! There has been a long-running campaign for an extra bank holiday in the UK somewhere

around October. This is favoured because the period from August Bank Holiday to Christmas is a long time to work without a break! Past Prime Ministers have on occasion indicated this might be a possibility. It occurred to me that we might get a bonus ‘Brexit’ Bank holiday if the current incumbent of No. 10 feels she needs a popularity boost. Not everyone would welcome it though. The Confederation of British Industry calculates that just one extra day could cost the nation £6.5 billion. It sounds a lot but they also calculate that the cost to the economy of workrelated stress and mental health problems is somewhere between £4-5 billion, and that sick-days cost over £12 billion per year. Given those figures it might be presumed that a couple of extra days’ holiday per year could prove beneficial over all.

The Mayor’s charity golf day

you to Surbiton Golf Club for hosting the occasion and to the players for helping to raise funds for my chosen charities, ECL and CHEER. These local charities will be delighted that over £2,200 has been raised through the enjoyment of golf.”

The Mayor, Councillor Tannia Shipley, held her Charity Golf Day on Monday 3 April which was hosted by Surbiton Golf Club. The funds raised will go towards the Mayor’s chosen charities CHEER (Concern and Help for East Elmbridge Retired) and ECL (Elmbridge Community Link). The Mayor welcomed the players for bacon rolls before they tee’d off at 9am. The competition was hotly contested by 18 teams who had a fabulous sunny day playing the lovely course. The Mayor’s team, pictured, included Richard Givan and broadcasters, Clare Balding and Alice Arnold, who were narrowly beaten by one point into second place by Weyside Construction.


By Sarah Davey

Picture : The Mayor, Richard Givan and broadcasters, Clare Balding and Alice Arnold.

After a delicious lunch at Surbiton Golf Club, the Mayor presented the prizes to the teams and congratulated them all. She said “Thank Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts



Thameside Harmony Chorus is a Ladies' a cappella group which performs at a variety of venues in the area. The Magna Carta Chorus is a Men's a cappella group which also rehearses at the White House. Price includes programme and a light supper which will be served at the interval. Bar also available.

E T 020 8979 1884 W whitehouse


Saturday 3 June Doors open at 7.15pm

Thameside Harmony Chorus presents...

Love That Song

An Anniversary Supper Concert With special guests Magna Carta


If you enjoy our concert, ladies, why not join us for our Course in A Capella Harmony starting on 27th September. Over 4 weeks we will all learn a new song together, ending with an informal performance. Hopefully you will enjoy it so much you'll decide you'd like to join our friendly chorus. No previous musical experience is required but being able to hold a tune is desirable. Tickets available from YMCA White House.

Further details will be available on our website soon;

YMCA White House, 45 The Avenue, Hampton TW12 3RN

Dominic Raab, our local MP As part of my ongoing scrutiny of the Heathrow expansion, I led a debate in Westminster in which I called on the government to provide greater assurances around the impact a third runway will have on those living in Molesey. Transport Minister Andrew Jones responded for the government. The economic case for building a third runway at Heathrow is clear. The local area will see substantial benefits, with thousands of new jobs created during the expansion, including 5,000 new apprenticeships. However, a third runway also allows for many non-economic benefits for those living in the vicinity, through less aircraft noise and a reduced impact on the environment. It is crucial that the expansion delivers these benefits, and that is what this debate focused on. It is vital that there are proper safeguards in place for the impact of the third runway, particularly for the key issues of aircraft noise, air quality and road congestion. I received assurances from the Transport secretary in February that there would be legally binding noise limits imposed on the airport, that there would be no increase in road traffic as a result of the expansion – helping to maintain air quality – and that the government was reviewing airspace policy to move away from the unfair policy of concentration. This would be particularly valuable to those living in Molesey, which suffers from these concentrated flight paths. The government has committed to set up a new, independent, body to monitor noise levels at Heathrow and ensure that local residents are being properly engaged and listened to on this important issue. These commitments are all crucial to ensuring a better standard of living for those near the

To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

airport. But now the work begins to ensure that these promises will have tangible benefits for local residents, and that we maximize the impact of the benefits. In the debate I pushed for enhanced powers for the independent noise verification body, so it can penalize the airport if they breach noise limits. The Minister also suggested that a new rail link connecting Surrey directly to the airport is under consideration, which would have a clear positive impact on traffic in the region, as well as improving transport options for residents. Both of these would be improvements on the current situation. This debate was the first step in a conversation with the government to nail down the local guarantees we need. The Minister has pledged to work with me in the months ahead, and will respond in writing on all the detailed questions I raised. That way, we can make sure we get the best deal for residents in Molesey, and the wider borough.

Dominic Raab, MP for Esher & Walton

43 Or email

Why bin it when it's easy to

bag it?

You can take your old clothes and home textiles to a recycling bank


Check your local service at

Events Coming Up Some we like...

Molesey Musical Theatre invite you to a musical caper of fun and frolics on the French Riviera in our latest production Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Come and tap your toes and laugh out loud as you discover who the glamourous Christine really is. Will the smooth Lawrence finally be outwitted by Freddy, the new man in town and do Andre and Muriel find true love? Find out at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton-on-Thames 7th-10th June at 7.30pm plus a Saturday matinee. Tickets £13-£16 available from or 020 8941 3255 Sixty years of Christian Aid Week - 14-20 May “We believe in life before death” is the motto of Christian Aid, which was founded 70 years ago by the British Council of Churches to help refugees after the Second World War. The first Christian Aid Week was held 60 years ago, in 1957, to raise awareness and collect funds. Sadly it hasn’t become obsolete: Christian Aid continues to support, and campaign on behalf of, the world’s poorest people, disaster victims, and refugees - of all faiths and none (see This May, as usual, all the Molesey churches will be working together for Christian Aid Week. We’ll be delivering and picking up red envelopes door-to-door in local roads; and holding a street collection in Walton Road. Please look out for us and take the opportunity to give your help to those who need it most! Molesey WI meets at Imber Court on the first Wednesday of every month 7.30pm for 8pm, where we have a guest speaker or activity. Visitors are welcome for a £5 fee. First visit is free with a copy of Molesey Matters. Follow us on Facebook - Molesey Women's Institute (Molesey Crafty Ladies) Hampton Court Palace Festival 2017 Hampton Court Palace Festival is a highlight of the UK summer festival calendar, running from Wednesday 7th - Saturday 24th June 2017. Molesey Photographic Club 5th - 7th June 2017 Annual Exhibition held at Molesey Methodist Church The Fountain Gallery 1 - 14 May 2017 Texture, Shape and ColourSuzy Abrahams and Julie Barham 16 - 28 May 2017 Light, Clay, Colour Nataliya Zozulya, Julia Hawkins & Bridget Macklin a joint exhibition of sensitive portraits, evocative landscapes and subtle ceramics. Ham Open Gardens Once every two years, Ham’s most exquisite private gardens open their gates to the public for an afternoon. The 2017 Ham Open Gardens event, taking place on Sunday 21 May from 1pm to 5pm, will be a wonderful opportunity to explore these hidden treasures. Ham Common Surrey TW10 7JF Heathrow Aircraft Enthusiasts’ Fair A popular long established Collectors' Fair, always attended by hundreds of Collectors, offering thousands of aircraft related collectable items, from dozens of stalls. Likely to be on offer are books, models, kits, magazines, postcards, DVDs, photos. and a vast amount of assorted memorabilia. 24th. year ! Kempton Park Racecourse, Staines Road East, Sunbury, Middlesex TW16 5AQ Sunday 7 May 2017 To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

45 Or email


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Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Morning Friday 19 May 2017

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Places can be reserved through our ‘Visit the School’ page

Our Impressive State Of The Art New Prep Building Is Now Open 020 8979 1844 Formerly Denmead Pre-Prep School & Prep School, Gloucester Road, Hampton, TW12 2UQ

Independent Day School for boys aged 11-18 years

Visitors’ afternoons Throughout the year

All begin at 2.30pm and finish at 4.30pm (by appointment - see website for details)

• Scholarships and Bursaries available • 22 route coach service • 27 acre campus

020 8979 9273 Hampton School, Hanworth Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 3HD

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