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May 2018 Issue 20

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Create a Spa in your own Home Balancing Energising De-stressing

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Walton Bathrooms, The Hersham Centre, Molesey Road, Hersham, Surrey KT12 4HL. (Easy parking next to Waitrose) Opening Times: Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm INTERNET & CONTRACT SALES TEL: 0208 481 7970 SHOWROOM TEL: 01932 224 784

Create a Spa in your own home that can be fully automated to your personal preferences, assuring: Balancing, Energising and De-Stressing Water in the form of rain; water as a clear powerful cascade; powerful pulsing water or gently enveloping jets.


Well that was a long winter! I never thought the rain was going to stop. But here we are! Firmly into spring. They were even some hot days back in April, with the hottest April day recorded since 1946. The beautiful picture on the front cover hopefully sums up the good times ahead. Taken by Molesey Resident, Mick Rock it can t but help make you smile. In this month s issue local elections are upon us. Don t forget to vote! We have a royal wedding to look forward to, and we hear from the Hurst Park residents. We have an update

May 2018 from the Molesey Art Society following their Spring Fair and as the Carnival edges closer we learn of all the plans. The Molesey Bake Off, supported by the Miss Polly CafĂŠ on Walton Road sounds fantastic. For the diary, CARNIVAL DATE IS SAT 9th JUNE!! Della s Urban Garden continues and we hear of the Veterans' Support Association. The MRA updates us on all things Molesey and Dominic Raab shares his thoughts. See you all in June.

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Barnes Wallis and the Dambusters 75th 4 Local Elections 7 We All Love A Wedding 10 Friends of Hurst Park Share their views 14 Molesey Art Society 16 Chestnut Sunday 18 Which Golfer Are you? 21 Want Some Juicy Gossip? 22 Molesey Carnival 28/29 Friends of Fleetside Update 30 Urban Wildlife Garden 36 Recipe of The Month 28 Garden View 40 Veteran s Support Association 42 Molesey Resident s Association 44 Dominic Raab 46 Events We Like 49 Index of Advertisers 50

Cover : Great Crested Grebes Courting. Taken in Hurst Park - courtesy of Molesey Resident Mick Rock Send any photos (300dpi) for consideration to: Check us out on Facebook. @moleseymattersmagazine

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Barnes Wallis and Brooklands

16th/17th May 1943 - The Daring Dambusters Raid Engineer, designer and inventor Sir Barnes Wallis spent almost four decades working at Brooklands, during which time his vision and contribution to engineering and aviation created a legacy which continues to make an impact on the world we live in today. Between 1935 and 1945, VickersArmstrongs built the Wellesley, Wellington, Warwick and Windsor series of bombers at Brooklands using the geodetic framework system developed by Wallis. Based on his earlier work in airship design, it Barnes Wallis at Brooklands was light but incredibly strong, which significantly increased the level of punishment it could absorb in combat. The only surviving Wellington Bomber that saw military action is on display in the Brooklands Aircraft Factory exhibition at Brooklands Museum. In April 1942, whilst working in the VickersArmstrongs design office, Wallis wrote a paper Spherical Bomb — Surface Torpedo describing the potential strategic power of a bomb skipping over water. On December 4th that year a Wellington Bomber, piloted by Vickers-Armstrongs Chief Test Pilot Mutt Summers, flew over the long shingle stretch of Chesil Beach in Dorset and dropped the prototype of Upkeep. By February 5th 1943 it had proved possible to skip the bomb for over 1300 yards whilst remaining generally intact, making Operation Chastise possible and creating the legend of the Dambusters. An example of one of the concrete-filled Upkeep mines used for trials just prior to the Dams Raid is part of a unique collection on display at Brooklands Museum alongside Wallis TallTo advertise email


boy and Grand Slam earthquake bombs, with the set soon to be completed by the addition of Highball later this year. In 1945 Barnes Wallis was appointed head of the new Research and Development department of Vickers-Armstrong, based in the iconic motor racing Clubhouse at Brooklands. His first major project was the design and construction of the Stratosphere Chamber , a unique facility built to test aircraft and components under the environmental conditions prevailing at 70,000 feet altitude. It was in use right up until 1980, contributing to Vickers aircraft designs such as the Viscount and VC10, and in 2014 was officially re-opened to the public by Barnes daughter Mary StopesRoe following an extensive restoration. The ultimate goal of Wallis post-war work at Brooklands was the peaceful development of long range supersonic flight, which he pursued with projects such as the swing-wing aircraft designs Wild Goose and Swallow. Wallis s belief in commercial supersonic flight was finally realised with the first flight of Concorde in 1969. He died ten years later and is buried in St Lawrence s Churchyard, Effingham just 9 miles away from Brooklands. Join us at Brooklands Museum as we turn back the clock to commemorate a decade of fashion, style and celebration at our annual 1940s Relived event. May 12th 10am to 9pm, suitable for everyone. whats-on/the-1940s-relived Picture courtesy of Brooklands Or call Paul on 07946 494288




26 MAY– 2 JUNE

ADULTS £12, CHILD £7, (UNDER 5S FREE) Book now at


Local Elections On May 3rd the first local elections will take place since the dramatic General Election last year. Voting in local elections is almost more important than voting in a general election because the decisions local councillors make have a greater impact on our day-to-day lives.

post offices and newspapers. They won t do anything for me Have you asked them? Local councillors live in your community, are easily contactable and are directly answerable to you. It might be said that people get the local council they deserve . If you don t vote, those who do are making decisions which may change your life. Think about it!

Here are some frequently asked questions. What are local elections for? To elect the people who run our local services. What do they mean to me? Local councillors are consulted on everything which happens in your area and thus everything which affects you directly.

Go to the following web address for list of all the council nominations. elections-may-2018

Like what? Things like parks, footpaths, street lights, public toilets, car parks, allotments, bus shelters, community centres and the future of local schools. They also have a hand in road improvements, street signs, planning applications and deciding what sort of facilities your area has access to.

By Hannah Fenton

Yes but the Government controls 80% of the money spent by local councils so their vote doesn t count for much does it? It counts for a lot. Councillors elected now will affect your life and the life of your family and neighbours for the next four years. I don t even know who s standing in our local elections The information is generally displayed on parish notice boards and in local

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Did You Know? The influenza pandemic of 1918-20 killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people worldwide. About 228,000 died in Britain. The virus is said to have originated in China, but it emerged in different places across the globe in the spring of 1918. Soldiers on the Western Front called it la grippe . The first case in Britain appears to have been in Glasgow in May, but it was highly contagious and spread rapidly across the whole country. Death

could occur within hours of the symptoms appearing, there was no treatment – you either survived, or you didn t – and medical services were overwhelmed. It is sometimes known as the Spanish flu in Britain, allegedly because Spain was particularly badly affected with an estimated 8 million deaths. Children chanted a rhyme: I had a little bird Its name was Enza I opened the window, And in-flu-enza.

Local specialists since 1984 Let us help you find your perfect kitchen, bedroom or home office. Farnham Common Showroom 1-2 The Parade, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QJ 01753 642362 Ashford Showroom 85 Church Road, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 2PE 01784 245964

Why we Love a Royal Wedding Unless you have been living on a desert Island with no Wi-Fi for the past 12 months it cannot have escaped your notice that a wedding is scheduled for this month. Now whether you are a flag-waving Royalist or consider them to be a bunch of elitist parasites, you can t avoid the discussions over the dress, the guest list and the entertainment booked for the reception. It was when I heard a colleague (who I know is anti-Royal) gleefully speculating over the dress-designer Meghan may or may not have chosen that it occurred to me to wonder why even the least sympathetic among us somehow get sucked into the celebrations. The fairy tale: Children s stories where the handsome prince marries the beautiful princess are perennially popular, and the big white wedding is still the way many women imagine their big day. In this instance the prince in question is a real-life action hero too! A Royal wedding is the chance for us to live it vicariously, or conversely marvel at the spectacle of it all while muttering darkly about the cost to the public purse.

an excuse for a party? I have friends who throw Eurovision parties, and Strictly Come Dancing parties and X Factor parties, so why not a Royal Wedding party, complete with champagne and Union Jack cupcakes? They are not like us or are they? We feel we know the Royals. We re there for the births, the engagements, the weddings, the divorces. We know lots about them, but there s always more we don t know. It s human nature to be hungry for more information or gossip about the rich, famous and (preferably) scandalous. A Royal wedding feeds into this, from the venue – the smaller St George s Chapel rather than Westminster Abbey – to the guest list – who made the cut and who was snubbed. It s like our own family but lived large on our TV screens. And just as if they were members of our own family we wish them well.

Being part of something bigger: There is a strong drive among humans to want to feel part of something important or monumental. We want to weave historic events into our own personal history. It s why we bought tickets to The London Olympics, fly out to World Cup Finals, and lay flowers at the sites of tragic events. Shared History: The celebrations surrounding the Silver Jubilee, or the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana may have been part of our childhood. Maybe we attended a street party or received a commemorative coin. The desire to recreate and share these memories with our own children is strong. We love a party: Go on...who doesn t love Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


By Tracey Anderson

Open Days


Thursday 26 April, 2.30 pm: Open Day for 7+ entry Wednesday 2 May, 2.30 pm: Open Day for 10+, 11+ and 13+ entry Reserve your place:

When it comes to selling your home, there are two main types of contract under which you can employ an estate agent to sell your home. Sole Agency – one estate agent is appointed to represent the seller. Multiple Agency – two or more estate agents are instructed to sell a property. However, there are variations on these two types of contract that you should be aware of: Sole Selling Right – a variation of Sole Agency, with an extra and unnecessary restriction for private sellers. Joint Sole Agents – two estate agents are instructed to market the property together, usually sharing a percentage of the agreed fee. This simple guide explains the types of contracts available and should help when you approach an estate agent.

Molesey Matters - May 2018.indd 1

SOLE AGENCY This is the most effective method as your estate agent will be motivated to sell your home for the best possible price as they have an exclusivity period to thoroughly test the market. A fee is only paid if the estate agent introduces a purchaser during their contractual period that subsequently completes upon the purchase. The Sole Agency contract is for a specified period, but be aware of the terms and conditions – some estate agents include a further notice period of up to 4 weeks to terminate the contract. Make sure you read the small print and if it includes a notice period, either get this deleted from the contract or remember to give the specified notice in time. Should you find a purchaser privately, not through another estate agent, then there is no fee payable. However, if another estate agent introduces a purchaser during the Sole Agency period then this is a breach of contract and you will be liable to pay both agents.

20/04/2018 09:26:30

If a purchaser introduced during the agency period agrees to purchase your home within 6 months of the termination of the contract, even if they are re-introduced by a subsequent estate agent, you will be obliged to pay the first estate agent. Should you decide to change estate agent, it is important that you supply the new estate agent(s) with a list of buyers that have already been introduced by either yourself or the previous estate agent(s).

SOLE SELLING RIGHT This fundamentally works in a similar way to a Sole Agency with a few significant restrictions and potential costly differences. Like Sole Agency, Sole Selling Rights require a seller to pay the sole selling estate agent’s fee, but unlike sole agency the fee is still payable even if another estate agent finds a buyer in the timescale of the contract. Many unwitting sellers believe that they are entering into a traditional Sole Agency contract, only later to discover they have signed up to a Sole Selling Right. Sole Selling Rights are very restrictive. Should you agree to sell your home privately, even if that is to a member of your family, or to a purchaser introduced at any time in the past by a previous estate agent, you will be liable to pay the Sole Selling Right estate agent their selling fee. Many Sole Selling Right contracts include clauses that ANY purchaser introduced by that estate agent who subsequently goes onto buy the house at ANY time, will render you liable to pay a full fee. Also, some refer to a fee being payable for the introduction of a ready, willing and able buyer, even if you are unable or decide not to proceed with the sale.

Molesey Matters - May 2018.indd 2

JOINT SOLE AGENTS This is sometimes confused with a Multiple Agency contract. A Joint Sole Agency agreement is where two estate agents are instructed to market the property together, usually sharing in the fee. A Joint Sole Agency is normally appropriate when specialist skills are required, for example when selling an equestrian property or newbuild development. Again this is for a specified time period, but this time the two estate agents work together, coordinating the marketing and when the property is sold the fee is then split.

MULTIPLE AGENCY This is where two or more estate agents are instructed to work in competition with each other, with the estate agent that introduces the buyer getting the full fee. Multiple Agency agreements have no specified time period and the fee is usually set at a higher rate than a Sole Agency. This type of agreement is usually the least recommended option as it can frustrate a sale. Many buyers believe that if a property is listed with a number of estate agents, that it could be overpriced or difficult to sell. Buyers may also be reluctant to make offers if they fear a second buyer could be introduced by the competing agent. If you would like further advise, please pop into our Esher branch or give us a call. Joe Dewar MNAEA, Manager 01372 462000

20/04/2018 09:26:30

The Season Opens on Hurst Meadows Riverside by The Friends of Hurst Park

In last month s issue we published an article written by the 1st Molesey Sea Scouts concerning their proposals for a new boathouse. The alternative view from the Friends of Hurst Park did not arrive until after print deadline. Molesey Matters accordingly posted their view on both the East and West Molesey Group Facebook page and our own page, which has so far reached some 3,500 people. Molesey Matters in no way endorses either view. Below, and now published in the magazine, is the view from Friends of Hurst Park. Due to copyright we cannot show the building design. For this, visit the Elmbridge planning website. With spring, this Hurst Floodplain Meadow wakes up. Early butterflies come out; a local ecologist has described a wall of sound , and named 60 birds on early morning walks including a pair of kingfishers. A floodplain meadow is a rare and special thing – there are only about 1,500 ha of them remaining in all England. The idea of a building development in it runs counter to all good ecological practice, and increases flood risk for all of us living nearby within the flood risk zones. 2014 showed us all locally how essential Hurst Meadows is as undeveloped floodplain – it does the job, it took huge amounts of flood water as the Thames rose and overtopped its banks. We need it intact, and we also maintain the integrity of the floodplain ecology at the same time.

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Difficult therefore to believe development in this floodplain meadow has been championed by Molesey Residents Association, with donations out of public funds from councillors and direct funding from the MRA itself. The proposal to erect a 30 x10 x 8m boathouse and boat storage water activity centre is not essentially local, and there are numerous alternative sites identified. The objective a commercial operation, hiring to any groups anywhere, opening hours 8am to 10pm, on this quiet rural stretch of riverbank. The sea scouts group, in whose name the application is made, would still have the two regular weekly sessions, as now when they visit Sadlers Ride. The rest of the time it would be there for everyone else. To return to spring on Hurst Floodplain Meadows – there will be a delightful succession of butterflies, insects, water fowl and chicks, and botanical happenings. Walk there any day and enjoy to your heart s content. Celebrate the beauty of the Nature of Hurst Meadows, on our doorstep. Or call Paul on 07946 494288


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Monday - Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm Late night until 8.00pm every Thurs (Spring to Christmas) Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm (tills open at 10.30am)


Molesey Art Society Update By The Molesey Art Society For nearly sixty years the Molesey Art Society has been the focus for artistic endeavour in the local area – indeed, they celebrate their diamond jubilee in 2019. The Society recently held their annual spring exhibition at St Alban s Primary School in Beaulieu Road – an opportunity for visitors to see the work of many local artists. It is not just painting in a variety of media on show but also sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, textiles, woodwork and other crafts – all making a lively and engaging display of local talent. One of the original members was Terence Cuneo, the celebrated painter of steam trains whose statue adorned Waterloo Station until recently, and the Society now has a membership of about 250, amongst whom are professional artists, teachers, gifted amateurs and complete beginners – all are welcome and everyone can exhibit their work at the spring show and at the Autumn Fair in November. There is also

an open air exhibition on the towpath near Molesey Lock over the August Bank Holiday weekend which is a great opportunity for member s work to be seen by a much wider audience – all dependant on the weather of course. The Society meets about once a fortnight on Saturday afternoons at St Albans To advertise email


throughout autumn, winter and spring for tutored drawing and painting workshops and there are a couple of additional, slightly longer, events arranged for the summer this year. These sessions have included a live model in flamenco costume, an exploration of autumn harvest, cartoons and caricatures, still life with watercolour, drawing in charcoal and graphite, buildings in mixed media, flowers in watercolour, a harbour scene in any medium, the use of pastels and a captivating encounter with live birds of prey – what a challenge! Demonstrations by professional artists occur on a monthly basis on Friday evenings giving members an opportunity to see skilled practitioners at work and to pick up valuable tips and techniques. Over the past year members have been entertained by Kevin Chapman life painting with a model, Caroline Bays demonstrating portraiture in oils, Ronnie Ireland exploring what can be achieved with the humble pencil, Christine Hopkins creating an urban scene using mixed media, Kim Page painting a harbour scene in watercolour and Marie Antoniou capturing the magic of animals in nature. Anyone with an impulse to be creative in whatever medium will find a warm welcome at the Society and have an opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. The Society has a website ( and there you will find much more information and also examples of member s work. Or call Paul on 07946 494288

Local Estate Agent Runs for Princess Alice Hospice Most of us could not even contemplate running half a marathon but for Joe Dewar of Curchods, Esher, it was his third full one. He completed the recent Paris marathon in 4 hours 15. Gosh it was hard he said. He may not have achieved the time he set out to, but he pushed through the pain of cramps to complete the run and what respect we have for him! Joe visited the Princess Alice Hospice in Esher recently and felt compelled to do something to raise much needed funds. They're an awesome local charity said Joe, once he was back in his office, getting over

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the huge effort he had put in. Based in Esher, PAH have been a lifesaver for families across Surrey and SW London in their most desperate times providing FREE care for patients and families in their times of most need. Having been to the hospice itself in Esher and seen the amazing work they're doing I had the chance to witness first-hand how necessary they are. It's a wildly expensive operation, costing nearly ÂŁ90k per week to run. That breaks down to a cost of ÂŁ25.92 (just short of the miles Joe ran!) for example for an hour of care for a social worker or ÂŁ68 for a home visit... Can you help them? You can add to Joe Dewar s fund raising on his page: Your money really will go a long way and each penny will be used to support those who need it at this difficult time.


Bushy Park and Chestnut Sunday By Molesey Matters Reader - John Taylor

At a spacious 1,100 acres in area, Bushy Park is the second largest of the London Royal Parks. For many generations it has welcomed local visitors, and those from afar. History reveals the earliest archaeological records, date back to the Bronze Age, and in the medieval period, the park was used for agricultural purposes. It became a royal park in 1529 when Cardinal Wolsey passed it to King Henry VIII. The king created deer hunting in Bushy Park. His successors added a number of features, including the Longford River, a 19km canal built on the orders of Charles 1, to provide water to Hampton Court Palace. During this period Chestnut Avenue was constructed, which leads from Park road Teddington, to Lion Gate, opposite the palace. The avenue was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The Diana Statue, (sometimes described as Arethusa) was created in 1637, and the statue and its water feature are located in Chestnut Avenue. Among those who served as Park Ranger was King William IV, and following his death, his consort Queen Adelaide was appointed ranger, but when she died the position fell into disuse. Several houses were added to the park in the 17th and 18th centuries, including Bush House, which in 1900 was given by Queen Victoria to the National Physical Laboratory. Among the many roles of the NPL is responsibility for regulating Greenwich Mean Time. During the First World War, Canadian troops were stationed in Bushy Park, and in the Second World War, a US air base, called Camp Griffiss, was established there. From the base General Dwight D Eisenhower (later US President 1953-1961) planned the D-Day landings. A memorial dedicated to the Allied troops who fell on D-Day now marks the area where the Generals tent stood, and the nearby Eisenhower House is named in the Generals honour. Within the Park are the Waterhouse Woodland Gardens created in 1925, and the Upper Lodge Water Gardens which after a major To advertise email


restoration programme opened in 2010.The Park is well known for its grasslands, and mature trees. Several trees were uprooted during the infamous Great Storm of 16th October 1987, however over a thousand new trees have since been planted. Wildlife to be seen include, rabbits, voles, mice, and hedgehogs. Over three hundred in number, the legendary red and fallow deer can be seen roaming the park. Many varieties of birds can be observed including Poster; Chestnut Sunday, Bushey Park, by Charles Sharland, 1913

kingfishers, skylarks, herons, geese, and mallards. Many visitors come to celebrate Chestnut Sunday, and to see the blossoming of the trees along the avenue. The custom is held in May each year, when there is a parade, traditional fairground, interesting stalls, live music, and many other attractions. This year the event is being held on May 6th. There is a children s adventure playground, which includes a sandpit, timber climbing frame, balance beam, and sea saw. Bushy Park is home to sport clubs including, golf, rugby, hockey, bowls, and cricket. Additional sports available are tennis, fishing, and horse riding. The park is perfect for cycling, walking, and jogging, and running events and general fitness sessions are held there. Amenities include car parks, a cafĂŠ and refreshment points. Bushy Park is an ideal place to wander, for a few hours, or a whole day, and another enticement, admission to the park is totally free. Or call Paul on 07946 494288

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Which Golfer are You? By Tom Hancock Like many amateur golfers I ll be glued to The BMW PGA Golf Championship at Wentworth this month. I m a spectacularly mediocre player who

occasionally plays a good round, and the hope of repeating that is what keeps me returning to the course. Golf is addictive like that it s crack cocaine with clubs Almost as addictive is golf bingo . Never heard of it? Next time you play, tick off as many types of golfer as you can during a round. Bonus points if you re playing alongside them. Minus points if you re one of them. The Waggler - Budget speeches don t last as his pre-shot routine, and worse it makes no difference. Five full practice swings will be followed by a slice into neighbouring woodland every time. Mr. Mobile - His phone rings in the middle of your first backswing, it s an urgent call. He then puts it vibrate where it does just that repeatedly, sounding like an angry hornet trapped in his back pocket. Amusingly, MOUSE the number of phone calls is usually inversely related to the importance of his (it s nearly always a bloke) job. Seriously, if Obama could play an uninterrupted round there s no excuse!

three, but he (nearly always a bloke again sorry guys) can t laugh it off, and refuses to drink it off, so storms off instead. The Traditionalist - He dresses like he s playing in the Ryder Cup circa 1929. I secretly admire his dapper style but my daughter would kill me if I dressed like that. The Chatterbox - She (sorry ladies but this one is nearly always a woman) talks over every putt, and all the time you re setting up for a drive. And you re never sure if its accidental or whether it s part of some diabolical masterplan to mess with your game! Mr. Angry - He can throw a toddler-worthy

tantrum over a missed six-foot putt. It s both amusing and cringeworthy and you can t take your eyes off it. The Blamer - It was the sun, the wind, a passing pigeon, a buzzing bee, celebrations from the next hole, a bad back, a gippy tummy, a fight with a

The Croucher - He reads every putt from every angle then misses anyway. I may be this man! The Guru - Offering unsolicited advice on everything from your swing to the choice of caddy. It would be so much easier to take if he hadn t already lost six balls bbefore f the h third hole. The Sulker - Every golfer has a bad round or To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

spouse anything in fact except their lousy swing. Anyone call House yet? Now if you ll excuse me I m off to practice my waggle?


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Want to Hear Some Juicy Gossip? Want to Hear Some Juicy Gossip? Last year I became the target of malicious gossip. I m ordinary, in my forties with a husband, children and a small group of friends I ve known for several years, so to be a target of an unsubstantiated character assassination blindsided me. No smoke without fire the saying goes, but there was no fire I could think of. *Jen was a newcomer to our social group and was the instigator of wild allegations about me almost immediately. She s nuts, a close friend said, Ignore her. Easy to say, but when longstanding friends turned their backs on me it hurt. Usually if someone dislikes us we rationalise it: they are loud, and we are quiet; they have different core values; we represent a minority group they have a visceral reaction to. None of these applied. I had no idea what had caused this or how to react. I stopped going for drinks and left the yoga group we both belonged to. I felt sad and isolated. In desperation I emailed a friend who is a clinical psychologist. Her advice changed everything, and I want to offer it to you here. Ignore: My first friend was right about ignoring the gossip. Rumours often have a short lifespan if they are deprived of oxygen. Don t deny too hard: If anyone questions you say, That s not true, then change the subject. Laugh it off: A roll of the eyes and a smile can give the impression that only an idiot would believe the gossip. People don t want to be idiots, so this approach may make them question the rumour. Don t react: Like ignoring. Don t shout or cry. Gossips love to create drama. If you don t react, there s no drama move along, To advertise email


nothing to see here. Keep your real friends close: Gossip at least reveals who you can trust. Those who stand by you are true friends. Let them know how much you appreciate them, but never bitch about the gossiper. Keep yourself above all that. It s hard to do but worth it believe me! Don t seek revenge: It s tempting, it really is, but don t. The best revenge is to live the best life you can. Acceptance: If someone decides to go full character assassination on you there is little you can do. The best policy is to carry on being the person you are. Stay true to you and wait it out. I had to accept that because of the actions of one woman, my friendship group changed. Some friends stood by me, others turned their backs. But things settled to a new normal. I joined a new yoga group, which turned out to be better, started a ballroom dancing class and made some new friends along the way. I may never know why Jen tried to ruin my life, but I ve moved on and can honestly say it no longer matters.

*Not her real name By Tracey Anderson Or call Paul on 07946 494288

Bushy Park

Outdoor Fitness DAYS A A WEEK WEEK 77 DAYS

YOUR YOUR Mi Mi BODY BODY SUMMER SUMMER FITNESS FITNESS STARTS STARTS WITH WITH OUR OUR NEW NEW Group sessions | Personal training | Home training SPRING SPRING TIMETABLE TIMETABLE Advanced body-fat and muscle testing Stagand andHen Henfitness fitness --Stag eventsavailable available events Partnerpackages packagesavailable available --Partner forcouples couplesor orfriends friends for

BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL SESSION Group sessions | Personal training | Home training Advanced body-fat and muscle testing All levels of ability are welcome Email :

Mob:07796 95 2277


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The Grace Dear Trust The Grace Trust is a rumour. mental health charity How to deal with being the target of a Dear malicious

we as family have started after recently losing our daughter and sister, Grace, to suicide aged just 27 in February 22017. Our aim is too help raise aawareness of mental m health, hhopefully makinng other young ppeople feel they ccan open up bbefore it beccomes too much ffor them to handdle alone. Grace hhad been sufferinng with depresssion and anxiety from the age of fr 11 bbut hhadn d t ffelt l she h could ld reach h out to anyone to help her make sense of her feelings. Not knowing why, she suffered in silence for many years. We want to be able to fund seminars in schools, where guest speakers help young people understand the importance of mental well-being. We want to fund counsellors to visit schools, giving young people the help, they need promptly and in an environment that isn t intimidating. We also want to create a local network of professionals that young adults can reach out to. Most importantly, we want to let children know that it s OK not to be OK and to help end the stigma and get people talking. Mental health affects 1 in 4 people and too many suffer without the help they need. We want to change that and let people know it s OK not to be OK . Mental health is still at a disadvantage in public funding and requires more effective approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. To raise awareness and help us raise money for the charity we have organised a music festival on Saturday 30th June. There will be bands playing alll day with children's entertainment and food vans to make sure there is something for everyone! Join us for fantastic day of music, food and an unmissable opportunity to raise awareness for a cause that effects so many loved ones! See Flyer top left of this page

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About your local dentist Dr Karen Gangotra BDS MClindent Implantology (Lon.) qualified from Guys & St Thomas Hospital, with a Certificate of Merit in 2001. She is the owner and founder of Smilessence, which opened in 2007. The focus of her team and her is to provide excellent dental care coupled with the latest technologies and the best customer service. Dr Gangotra is a Key Opinion Leader in CEREC technology and often lectures to other dentists. Dr Gangotra has also recently successfully completed a Masters in Dental Implantology. Dr Karen Gangotra and her team also welcome nervous patients, providing the very best and safest dental treatments today.

Dentistry Services • • • • • • • •

Teeth whitening Invisalign Dental implants Cosmetic dentures Crowns and veneers Dental bridges Facial rejuvenation Dental hygiene

Dr Karen Gangotra BDS MClindent Implantology (Lon.) (Lon )

Life Changing Dentistry

CEREC Technology With this technology she can restore teeth, in around just one hour, without the need for impressions. CERECÂŽ 3D uses high quality ceramic materials and Computer Aided Design technology (CAD- CAM).

Crowns made in 1 hour YEARS

Award Winning! New patients welcome

83-85 Bridge Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9HH

020 8941 6999

Molesey Carnival Update

Carnival Day fast approaches! We look forward to welcoming you all on Saturday 9th June at The West Molesey Recreation Ground. Stalls S The day bbegins before the float parade arrives fl aand the stalls open ffor their fundraising eefforts, with toombolas and games This year we will Thi ill welcome l the Molesey Business th Association to the field. We support the efforts they make, and encourage local shopping with independent businesses of Molesey Molesey. Thank you to the MBA for their support of the Carnival. MOLESEY CARNIVAL DOES BAKE OFF , with the support of the Miss Polly Café. We hope that most of you will have popped into the Miss Polly Café for a hot drink and delicious ccake! Well hot on the heels of oour local Bake Off winner Sophie, we thought we d give it S a go We would like people to collect W eentry forms/information packs ffrom us att Mi Miss P Polly l Cafe. There will be an under 16s (Children) category (6 cupcakes to be made) The 16 and over (Adult) category will call for a sponge cake There will be other guidelines and rules which will all be listed in the info pack. We would like the cakes to be delivered onto the field from 11am, and collected by 4pm. There will be 4 prizes for the children s category and 3 prizes for the adult category. The competition will be FREE to enter – and prizes for the best cakes!


Floats Thank you to all the entries so far. As this goes to print we are hoping for a few more entries, but its looking like another well attended and colourful parade. We will assemble as per last year, in the Walton Road Car Park, setting off around 1.15pm and proceeding along Walton Road towards the Rec. Arena Events Who s ever been pig-racing?! No? Well this year arena event is sure to be a sight to behold. We will welcome Joseph s Amazing Pigs to our Carnival, and children and adults will be encouraged to get involved in cheering on their favourite. Other arena events are being confirmed, but we hope to see some dance and cheerleading groups, along with a participatory sports activity. Evveent Programme With the support of MBA we wiilll make the printed programme available in more loccaal shops in Molesey to make them easier for you to get hold of. Please support us, and future Caarrnivals by donating £1 for a programme. We d likkee to thank 4-Print Ltd in Molesey for their coonntinued support in the supply of it. Voollunteers Finally, this is a call out for some volunnteeers to help us on Carnival Day, Saturday 9th Juunne. We have lots of jobs that we need help with onn tthe day, including: Marrshalls to walk with the parade Ma Heelp lpers to run stalls Heelp lp in setting up/breaking down the arena coom mmittee tents If yyou are interested in helping with Molesey Caarrnival this year, please contact us by sending an em maail directly to Website: W Sooccial Media:

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sAturday 9th june, 2018

— west molesey recreation ground, walton road —

fundraising stalls float parade

pig racing

big molesey bake-off

novelty dog show

bouncy castles, childrens rides, zorbs

big prize draw pizza, burgers, coffee & cakes

PICK UP An event PROGRAMME FROM our local shops FOR A CHANCE TO WIN some great PRIZES

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Friends of Fleetside Update On a damp morning, Friends of Fleetside planted the last lot of daffodil bulbs which the MRA had given them. Although this is late to be planting, they were left over from all the planting which ccouncillor Ernest Mallett had done. M Even though the E bbulbs were sprouting thhrough the bags we aare sure they will add too our marvellous ddisplay. Do take time to pass Pool Road and see the spectacular show, even the postman was delighted to see them around the post box and folk have been enjoying them while waiting for the bus. The fruit trees we planted are in full bud and the blossom will look lovely. We have cleared another stretch of path so now we ccan see where the Dead River aand the Mole meet. We have thhe wood to make another seat and hope to have it in pplace soon. This will be a loovely place to watch the wildlife from. Already swans, w moorhen, coots, cormorant, m ggeese and a kingfisher have bbeen spotted.

continue to love Molesey all year round. Friends of Fleetside have be loving their area now for serval years and are happy to offer any help if you would like to know how we went about starting our group, just email us for details. We have found it great fun to get out and do something positive with like-minded people and enhance the area where you live. It also creates a good community atmosphere where we all look out for each other. We have more events planned for the next few months so if you would like to join us we meet once a month for about an hour do our good deed then have tea, coffee and cake. For more details contact

With all this heavy rain we W have had recently tthe Dead River has become very full. This has not been helped by the logs that have fallen in the river. We need help to remove them, so if there is anyone who is strong and has long wellies or waders please let us know so we can remove them to avoid flood and silting hazards. Well done to all the Molesey Churches who set up the project Love Molesey over the Easter period. We hope you enjoyed volunteering for the tasks and if this has inspired you to continue to love Molesey maybe like us you may want to set up a group near where you live to To advertise email


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OPEN HOUSE Monday 14th - Sunday 27th May 2018

Curves Hampton/Teddington is hosting a series of health & fitness open days! Curves is partnering with local lifestyle and wellbeing businesses to provide information and special offers, as well as opportunities to book free trial workouts and free group classes on the Curves circuit. Each day will have a variety of special offers and free classes to attend on select evenings.

• Join Curves for FREE between 14 May and 27 May • Free consultations & demonstrations available throughout the two weeks • Free guest classes on selected evenings • Special offers from local businesses available on select days

Join for FREE during the Open Days*!



WORKOUT DESIGNED FOR WOMEN 30-minute full body workout

Strength Training and cardio

One-on-one coaching

Designed for women

Curves Hampton/Teddington 77-81 Station Road, Hampton, TW12 2BJ

020 3068 0077

/CurvesHamptonTeddington /CurvesHampTedd

*T&C apply. New members only. Offer based on first visit enrolment on a 12 month direct debit membership. Not to be combined with any other offer. Open house dates: 14-27 May 2018. Appointments are limited and must be booked in advance.




We Specialise in: Extending the life of old Roofs Felt and GRP Flat Roofs New Roofs Leak Repairs Tiling & Slating UPVC Guttering Roof Consulting We are a small Family run company who can help with all roofing work and specialise in repairs. Call us for a free estimate or advice

0208 241 80 90 find more info at our website

2 Meredith Court, 8 Victoria Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 3DR

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Solution on Page 39 Across 1 Attractiveness (6) 4 Surgeon's protective clothing (6) 8 Paperwork (abbr) (5) 9 Afghan militia (7) 10 North African country (7) 11 Bamboo-loving bear (5) 12 Defamatory (9) 17 44th President of the United States (5) 19 Serving dish (7) 21 Adult (5,2) 22 Financial resources, income (5) 23 Beer and lemonade mix (6) 24 Fastened, supported (6)



1 German Romantic composer (6) 2 Most senior commander in the Navy (7) 3 Loose fitting long top (5) 5 Syncopated West Indian

music (7) 6 Metropolitan (5) 7 Strappy summer shoe (6) 9 Jocular British way of saying goodbye (6,3) 13 Hit hard on the head

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14 15 16 18 20

(slang) (7) Misfortune, hindrance (7) Evades, eludes (6) Levered (6) Hawaiian greeting (5) Confess (5)

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Do you have a spare room? You could help a young homeless person. Family dynamics can have their ups and downs at the best of times and life isn't always easy when you are a teenager or young adult. But for some young people, events can spiral into a situation that makes living at home impossible. That s where Surrey s Volunteer Host Service comes in. They provide emergency accommodation to young people aged 16 – 21 who are at risk of being made homeless. This service relies on volunteers who can offer a spare room to the young person for 1-3 nights, whilst efforts are made to try and resolve their accommodation difficulties. Want to join our wonderful team of hosts? Call or email our team today: Telephone: 01483 518445 Email: For more information on becoming a volunteer host visit

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esher tyre & exhaust

- FREE valve & balance on all our tyres Free local - BUDGET & BRANDED tyres supplied and fitted collection - SERVICING from £49.99 + VAT (all makes) & delivery Save up to 50% on main dealer servicing (prior bookings only) - SPRING checks £29.99 + VAT - MOT - Diagnostic equipment - Air Conditioning - Welding and MOT repairs production Valid until 31st May 2018 - Clutches - Exhaust Hampton Court Way, Thames Ditton - Batteries

15% OFF

020 8398 1727

Urban Wildlife Garden

You don t need to live in the country to enjoy wildlife A Blog by Molesey Resident - Della Reynolds My ginger tom cat Oscar used to howl if he couldn t get out into the garden. At all times, day and night, one of us would have to go and open the door in order to get any peace. So it wasn t long before we had a cat flap fitted. There was a bit of a problem finding an outside wall to puncture as the kitchen had only a new and expensive double glazed door. In the end it had to go in the bathroom as this had the only wall adjacent to the back garden. He soon learnt to push his way past the flap after we threaded him through it a few times. My other cat Sooty, who was a stray taken in by my mother and then passed on to me, would take fright at any changes in routine and this

would ld iinclude l d visitors i it tto th the hhouse. Wh When someone new came she would disappear into the bathroom and crouch down in a hidey-hole she found behind the toilet pipe. So it created some amusement in our house when an unsuspecting visitor would frequent the smallest room for a bit of solitary down time only to find a rather large, ginger cat nosing in through the cat flap just as a black cat appeared from between their legs blinking up into the daylight. The Durrells had nothing on us. Anyway, the reason I tell you this story now is because the cat flap has finally been removed and Oscar s causeway is no more. He passed away a couple of years ago and Sooty has never been a keen user of the flap, happy to wait for the back door to be opened. It marked the end of an era and triggered memories of that flap clunking to announce his arrival in the house. It wasn t just him of course. Any owner of a cat flap will tell you that it is a key to the door for all the felines in the neighbourhood. I once came down to find a very fluffy black cat finishing off OsPlease mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


car s food, while another Tabby was curled up on the chair and a third interloper skedaddled off through the flap at the sound of my footsteps. Oscar enjoyed having a few friends in for a sleepover. Life is less eventful without a cat flap, but a whole lot cleaner. I still have my cat visitors but they only come as far as the garden now. Puss in boots, the tabby who can walk on nails, is an intermittent frequenter of the garden. It would appear that she comes to eat the bird food and not the birds. She will chomp away on peanuts, seeds, mealworm and suet pellets. She has all the feeders to herself of course, having frightened the birds away, but I noticed today that a cheeky robin was testing her out by visiting the suet pellet feeder right in front of her nose. Puss in boots watched with interest but didn t make any attempt to deviate from her vegan diet. She used to sit for hours waiting for the mice who live in the shed to make an appearance. As far as I know she didn t catch any of them either but in any event they all died off in the recent cold weather so now she just spends her time searching out scattered bird food. Very odd behaviour for a cat. I wonder what Oscar would have made of it. There are new houses going up behind my back wall. New houses will bring new people and new cats. It could become quite busy in my back

garden as they all sort out their territory. territory No mat matter who comes now or in the future, to me the garden will always be Oscar s garden and I can see him now sitting high on the shed roof in quiet contemplation of his kingdom or stretched out across the bench enjoying a snooze in the afternoon sun. Rest in peace Oscar. Much loved and much missed.

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Recipe of The Month

Roast Cod with a lemon, garlic and parsley crust A delicious light and easy supper Place the cod in a shallow, ovenproof dish and press the buttered crumbs firmly onto the cod to make an even crust. Bake at 220C/425F/Gas 7 for 2025 minutes until the crust is browned and the fish just cooked through. Serve immediately with lemon wedges and green salad or steamed asparagus.

Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 10 to 30 mins Serves: 4 Ingredients 675g/1lb 8oz cod fillet, 3cm/1Ÿin thick 85g/3oz white breadcrumbs, soft or slightly stale 3 tbsp parsley, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed Finely grated zest ½ lemon 60g/2Ÿoz butter, melted Squeeze of lemon juice Salt and pepper Lemon wedges, to serve Method Season the cod well with salt and pepper to taste. Mix the breadcrumbs with the parsley, garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper, then add butter and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly with your fingers.

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Solution to May Quick Crossword

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Garden View This month - Ground Control You can t go wrong with a geranium. They grow well where other plants struggle, particularly those shady areas, or parts of the garden with poor soil. And they are so useful they provide hundreds of pretty flowers and also smother the ground with a welter of leaves that prevent weeds from taking hold. Don t confuse these hardy geraniums with the ttender d b bedding ddi plants l t with ith the horseshoe leaf-markings. They may be commonly called geraniums but they are in fact pelargoniums and not hardy so would perish in a hard frost. True geraniums are as tough as old boots. There are loads to choose from offering a wide range of colours and habits.

If you d like a plant with a bit of height go for Geranium psilostemon. This grows to about 1.5m / 5 feet. It has deep magent flowers with a black eye, and is a great self-seeder. If you struggle with a patch of denser shade I can recommend the blue-flowered Geranium himalayense, and also Johnson s Blue . Both will form clumps about 30cm / 12 inches high. Whether you have a new garden which needs to be filled with colour, or an established garden with a few bald patches, plant hardy geraniums and you won t be disappointed.

If you want a carpet of tiny pale pink saucer flowers try Geranium sanguineum striatum. It s great for growing in the crevices of a garden path, or even in a shallow tub or sink where its finely cut leaves show of the flowers to their best advantage. Geranium macrorrhizum is probably the most reliable ground cover of them all. It creates a low dense mass of aromatic hairy leaves about 30cm / 12 inches high. The flowers open in late spring and there are varieties in white, pale pink or magenta. These are followed by bright red seedheads providing interest well into the autumn. Propagation is ridiculously easy. Simply rip up a clump of the thick creeping stems and push them into the ground where you want them to establish. Make sure they don t dry out and you can be assured of success.

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Veterans Support Association By Paul Chard A few weeks ago, I again had the privilege to meet up with John Joyce. John, a Molesey resident, both set up, and now runs the Veteran s Support Association. The VSA are a non-profit association working to promote veteran s wellbeing within the community. They are open to all veterans and sprang up from the Combat Stress outreach group held each month at Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions in Fulham. John and his team are all former service members, and their task is to fill the void caused by isolation and detachment after service life, with a social life and comradeship. Anyone whether former or current serving personnel are welcome to join. I first met John when I started Molesey Matters some 18 months ago, and was immediately uplifted by his desire to help others. In plain truth, life is hard for veterans. Veterans, by nature during their career, were part of a very elite club, brimming with loyalty, friendship and purpose. The truth is, that once they leave the forces many feel stripped of all thhat defines who thhey are. They simply feel they ddo not fit in. Many have sufM ffered either pphysically or mentally during m thheir time and loose their sense oof belonging. Families too are F aaffected, with many unable to m uunderstand or eempathise, with thhemselves having nowhere to in turn to. Many veterans turn to alcohol and suffer depression. Break up of marriages and family breakups are all too common. It can at worst be life threatening. John s message is that you don t have to cope on your own. Working out of the 3 rd Molesey Scout Hut, John sets up a fortnightly drop in where Veterans can come, be fed, have the chance to talk to like-minded people, and take part in a wide range of activities. John personally, is available 24 hours a day. This August, John and the VSA celebrate their third year. Quite an achievement. Four members are trying out for the To advertise email


Invictus Games. John can claim to be very much at the forefront of showing some very distressed people their light-bulb moment. Life does not need to be all pain and hurt. The annual archery completion is back in June, with up to 50 Veterans making up the teams. Last year I was astonished to see one Gurkha vet, who had lost one arm, shooting bullseyes by using his teeth!! Incredible. John s achievement is such that on the day I visited, Dominic Raab, Housing Minister and our own local MP turned up to listen to John s compelling story. Dominic even stayed for lunch and tried his arm at indoor archery! (see photo) Dominic was really taken by John s story. The Scout Hut is great, many thanks must go out to all at 3rd Molesey for letting the VSA use the facility. The truth is that the VSA do need a permanent home, perhaps where they can share with other veteran s groups. Might the MOD have such a space? Dominic has promised to bring the issue up with Gavin Williamson (Sec of Stare for Defence) and Johnny Mercer, MP and Vet s champion no less. Watch this space. Go John!! A true local hero!

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Glasswork Fireplaces and Doors

Made to Measure Gas Fires

Peco’s manufacture quality, bespoke front and internal doors in the traditional method using sustainable timber faithfully recreated from original designs. We supply Etched & Leaded Glass to either your own, or one of our many designs, including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, 1920’s/30’s.

t: 020 8979 8310 m: 07979 317729 e: w:

NEWS FROM THE MOLESEY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Walton Road Post Office The Post Office near Tescos in Walton Road was suddenly closed in August last year, causing considerable inconvenience for local residents and businesses. We tried several times to find out what the Post Office s long-term plans were, but they have been reluctant to give any firm commitments about the future of this important facility. The Post Office was finally reopened on 5 April with a new temporary Postmaster, and we hope that there is now a commitment to maintain it in this location for the long term. Waste Collection Services Although the waste collection services are now considerably improved, some residents are continuing to experience problems in some locations where there are particular difficulties. For example, Spring Gardens is a narrow cul de sac with cars parked along one side, making access difficult for the contractors standard collection vehicles. We have asked the Council officers to raise these difficulties with the contractors again, and they have agreed to review their current arrangements with a view to identifying solutions to resolve these difficulties.

March to consider the allocation of ÂŁ92,000 of CIL funds which had been allocated to East and West Molesey. A number of applications for CIL funding were considered, and the Molesey LISB allocated funding to support a number of local projects, including: Allweather footpaths at Grovelands recreation ground, and at Hurst Park (from Victoria Avenue to the Thames towpath); The installation of a Boules/Petanque recreational facility at Hurst Park; A project to create additional community facilities at St Mary s Church; Repairs and lighting for the entrance at St Albans Catholic Primary School; A replacement container for the storage of the Ajax Sea Scouts equipment for sailing at Island Barn Reservoir; and The 2nd Molesey Scout Group s project to build a modern and secure garage and storage facility.

Funding For Local Community Projects in Molesey The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge payable by developers to local councils as part of the planning process. Elmbridge Council is required to allocate a proportion of the CIL funds it collects (currently 15%) on local infrastructure improvements to mitigate the impacts of development locally. Elmbridge has established a number of Local Infrastructure Spending Boards (LISBs) to make decisions on the allocation of CIL funds locally. The Molesey LISB, which comprises the 6 local Molesey Residents Association Councillors, met on 19 To advertise email


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To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288


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Dominic Raab Our Local MP

This month, I received a briefing on the expansion of Heathside-Walton School which will serve the Molesey district, and visited our local Veterans Support Association based at the 3rd Molesey Scout Hut. Up at Westminster, I launched a consultation on strengthening the enforcement powers to address unauthorised traveller encampments. On 12 April, I met with Elm Way Trust, Surrey Country Council and government officials to discuss progress towards delivering the new Heathside-Walton School. The school will be a high quality secondary state school between Walton and Molesey, and is due to open in September 2020. Based on the strong performing Heathside School in Weybridge, it will offer a high quality and rounded education for local children. The school s proposed site is at the junction of Terrace Road and Waterside Drive. From May, there will be local public consultation. It is exciting to see the plans start to come to fruition, and for the local community to get a chance to have their say. O Over at the 3rd Molesey Scout Hut, I had luunch with our local Veterans Support Association. The Association is run by A fformer members of the armed forces, and pprovides valuable support to veterans in the ccommunity. One of its main aims is to pprovide members with a positive, upbeat pplace to meet and socialise together. I was im mpressed with the group s committed and ppositive approach, and I agreed to support JJohn Joyce, who founded the Association, aand his team in their ambition to set up a Surrey hub for veterans. S Dominic meets up with John Joyce and the Veterans

Up at Westminster, on 5 April I launched a consultation on the enforcement powers available to councils and police to address unauthorised traveller encampments. The latest data shows 84% of caravans are located on authorised sites, so the vast majority of the traveller community are behaving lawfully, decently and properly. However, there are still 3,700 caravans on unauthorised sites – the highest level since 2014. Molesey residents are understandably concerned about illegal incursions, some of the anti-social behaviour which can accompany it, and the clear-up costs when the caravans move on. We re consulting on powers to prevent and address such incursions, and to make sure that the rule of law applies rigorously across the board. MP for Esher & Walton


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Room Leader and/or Nursery Practitioner

WANTED To join our Ofsted OUTSTANDING Nursery - Little Crickets Small friendly setting within the grounds of the Pavilion Health Club Competitive package including complimentary health club membership. Successful applicants will be qualified and subject to DBS check. We also have a position for an enthusiastic and reliable apprentice. To find out more or apply call Sarah on 0208 979 2800


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Events Coming Up Some we like...

Christian Aid Week is 13-19 May and as usual all the Molesey churches will be working together to support Christian Aid, which provides disaster relief and long-term development aid, and campaigns on behalf of the world s poorest people, of all faiths and none. Please look out for our collectors, delivering red envelopes through your door or standing in Walton Road, and take the opportunity to reach out to those who need our help most! 'HENRY, a Tudor Musical'. Very apt for Molesey and created by local residents. Performed at Cecil Hepworth Theatre, Walton on Thames 13-16 June @ 7.30pm + Saturday matinee @ 2.30pm. Price £15-£16 available from - or 020 8941 3255. Ambition, love & passion thrive, wives come and go, Courtiers plot and an endearing Fool predicts the future. A fast paced, yet historically correct musical of life in Henry's Vlll's intriguing Court.' Hampton Court Palace Festival Performers at this year's festival include Lionel Richie, Paloma Faith, Gary Barlow, Tom Jones, The Beach Boys, Joe Bonamassa, Jools Holland and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. VIP Concert & Dining Packages are available Prices range from £47.50 to £149.Tue 5 Jun, Wed 6 Jun, Fri 8 Jun, Sat 9 Jun, Tue 12 Jun, Thu 14 Jun to Sat 16 Jun, Tue 19 Jun to Sat 23 Jun Contact telephone: 020 8233 5400 10th Anniversary Hanworth Classic - Bushy Park Come and join in the fun at the annual Classic Car Show with hundreds of cars to view and dancing too! A great day out for all the family, bring a picnic (no BBQs), huge raffle, cake stall and vintage clothes for sale. Entry is open to all Vintage / Classic vehicles. Register online at General info – Mike Pratt 07957 555783; Classic Car Show – Nic Moore 020889 03443 11.00am until 4.00-pm Sun 24 Jun 2018 Propeller Woodwork Workshop (Suitable for ages 11-15) with the Great British Woodshop Saturday 30th June and Saturday 7th July 201810.00am – 13.00pm Discover the skills used by experts to build the aircraft of the past at Brooklands and build your very own mini wooden propeller with an inserted clock to take home and display Maximum of 12 students for the course £50 for the course (£45.00 for Brooklands Trust Membership). To book contact or 01932 857381 ext. 257 Workshop lead by David Free, presenter of the TV show The Great British Woodshop with over 40 years of woodwork experience. See for details of our other adults and children s workshops and our Saturday club. Princess Alice Hospice Towpath Trundle 4 or 8 mile walk along the banks of the Thames for all ages and members of the family, including four-legged friends with refreshments, entertainment and games at the start/finish at Hurst Park. For more information, please call Supporter Care on 01372 461808 or email, or even visit our website at£7 entry in advance, £8 on the day, under 5 s free! Walton on Thames Surrey KT10 8NA Sun 20 May 2018 Molesey WI meets at Imber Court on the first Wednesday of every month 7.30pm for 8pm, where we have a guest speaker or activity. Visitors are welcome for a £5 fee. First visit is free with a copy of Molesey Matters Follow us on Facebook - Molesey Women's Institute (Molesey Crafty Ladies) Riverside Arts Jazz - Tribute to Kenny Garrett with Roberto Manzin A tribute to the American saxophonist Kenny Garrett with special guest Roberto Manzin, who is well known on the London Jazz Scene, joining the Terence Collie Trio. Doors 7 pm, Music 7.30 £9 in advance via website or £12 on the door. Riverside Arts Centre, 59 Thames Street, Sunbury on Thames, Surrey TW16 5QF Sun 13 May 2018 Contact telephone: 7940731490 To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288


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Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Morning Friday 18 May 2018

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Book your place via our website: - ‘Visit the School’ page

Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent. ISI Report 2016

020 8979 1844 Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, Gloucester Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ


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Molesey Matters May 2018  

The only dedicated community magazine for both East and West Molesey

Molesey Matters May 2018  

The only dedicated community magazine for both East and West Molesey