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April 2019 Issue 31

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Welcome to the April issue. The clocks have gone forward and the evenings are starting to get lighter. Spring is pushing through. Time to get the garden in order. Easter is upon us. Take the kids to the egg hunt at Hampton Court Palace. It s always a hoot. In this issue we hear of an unsolved possible local murder. We also learn of a Molesey born World War 2 hero who recently passed way, and of the Personality of the Month from the Molesey Review of 1955, Major William H Smith. Della Reynolds, our Molesey Matters roving reporter, delves into how to look after your heart, and Hanson s Auctioneers give us all

April 2019 an opportunity to find out if we have treasure lurking at home. See pages 16 and 17. LoveMolesey would also like your help. Page 24 has all the details. It s all about community. Dominic Raab, who I guess as I write this is a busy man, also updates us on all things Molesey. Enjoy April and see you next month.

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A Local Murder Mystery? Albert Grayson

Albert Victor Grayson was an English socialist politician of the early 20th century. A Member of Parliament from 1907 to 1910, he is most notable for his sensational by -election victory at Colne Valley in 1907, and for his unexplained disappearance in 1920. Albert Victor Grayson was born in Liverpool, the seventh son of William Grayson, a Yorkshire carpenter, and Elizabeth Craig, who was Scottish. He became an apprentice engineer in Bootle. He joined the Independent Labour Party and toured the country giving lectures, becoming a well-known orator despite having a stammer. Grayson rarely attended the House of Commons and began to develop a drinking problem. After losing his seat in the January 1910 general election, and failing even to retain his deposit when standing for Kennington, he continued his lecture tours but suffered a mental breakdown in 1913. In 1918 Sir Basil Thomson, head of the Special Branch, asked Maundy Gregory to spy on Victor Grayson. Grayson held left-wing views and was suspected of working as an agent for the new communist government in Russia. It was also feared he might be working for the Irish Republican Army. Grayson discovered Maundy Gregory was spying on him and with the help of some important friends found out that the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, was using Gregory to sell political honours. At a public meeting in Liverpool, Grayson accused Lloyd George of selling honours for between ÂŁ10,000 and ÂŁ40,000. To advertise email


Grayson declared: "This sale of honours is a national scandal. It can be traced right down to 10 Downing Street, and to a monocled dandy with offices in Whitehall. I know this man, and one day I will name him." Grayson's "monocled dandy" remark let Gregory know that he was in danger of being exposed. At the beginning of September 1920, Grayson was beaten up in the Strand. This was probably an attempt to frighten him, but he continued threatening to name the man behind the corrupt system. On 28 September 1920, Grayson was out drinking with friends when he received a telephone message. He told his friends that he had to go to the Queen's Hotel in Leicester Square and would be back shortly. He did not return. Donald McCormick claimed that artist George Flemwell had been painting a picture of the Thames when he saw Grayson entering a house (Number 6, The Island, Thames Ditton) on the river bank on 28 September 1920. Flemwell knew Grayson, having painted his portrait before the war, but did not realise the significance at the time because Grayson was not reported missing until several months later. An investigation carried out in the 1960s revealed that the house that Grayson entered was owned by Maundy Gregory. Research by Andrew Cook, however, suggests that McCormick may have fabricated the story. Grayson was never seen again. It has been speculated that he was murdered to prevent his revealing evidence of corruption. A comprehensive biography by David G. Clark suggests his possible survival into the 1950s under a pseudonym. Clark also argued that Grayson was bisexual, a claim repeated elsewhere. Source : Various Or call Paul on 07946 494288

West Molesey £675,000

West Molesey £630,000

• Period features • Close to town centre • Hurst Park development • Four bedrooms • Three double bedrooms • Well presented throughout • Loft room • Private front & rear gardens

West Molesey £589,950 • Three bedrooms • Within easy reach of Hurst Park Primary • Kitchen/dining/family rm • Close to the River Thames towpath

West Molesey £550,000 • Two double bedrooms • Three reception rooms

• South west facing garden • Good decorative order

If you are considering selling or letting we would be delighted to provide you with a free market appraisal.

Walton on Thames: 01932 222266 East Molesey: 0208 001 8385

Molesey War Hero Passes In March, Jack Lyon who was captured by the Nazis after his bomber plane was struck by flak near Dusseldorf in Germany in 1941 died aged 101. A true war hero who was one of the last remaining survivors of the prisoner of war breakout that inspired the Hollywood classic The Great Escape . Molesey also recently lost another of those heroic survivors. Richard Sydney Albion Churchill was born on Jan 21, 1920, in East Molesey, to Sidney and Elsie (Taylor) Churchill. His father was a civil servant. He graduated from the Tiffin School in KingstonUpon-Thames and in 1938 joined the Royal Air Force and trained as a pilot. Dick Churchill was a participant in a daring breakout from a German prisoner-of-war camp that inspired the 1963 movie The Great Escape, died on Feb. 12 at his home near Crediton, Devon. He was 99. Nazi fighters shot down Mr. Churchill s bomber on Sept. 2, 1940, during a night-time raid on Ludwigshafen, Germany. The explosion damaged one of his eardrums before he could bail out,. The Germans captured Mr. Churchill, a squadron leader at the time, after they shot down the bomber, he was flying over the Netherlands in 1940. He was transferred to Stalag III, about 100 miles southeast of Berlin, in 1942, and soon a few hundred prisoners began excavating tunnels to escape. Mr. Churchill later recalled that the inmates had felt that they had to do something, even though it would have probably been safer to try to wait out the war. Were you going to sit and enjoy the very few delights of a barbed-wire prison camp until you were rescued by your comrades, if you were rescued, or were you going to try and get out of the place and re-join, and drop something on them? Mr. Churchill asked in a BBC interview in 2018. Mr. Churchill helped dig the three main tunnels, which the prisoners called Tom, Dick and Harry. It was arduous, nerve-racking work, done with improvised tools and the constant risk of discovery or a cave-in. You didn t have any air, Mr. Churchill To advertise email


said, and you had a little fat lump lamp, which was Reich margarine, which spluttered, with a bit of pyjama cord or something similar, which sucked up the oil and gave you a little bit of a light. And you hacked away at your sand, pushed it behind you, where another fool REX FEATURES took it further back. The tunnels were cleverly concealed, but Tom was discovered by the Germans in 1943 and Dick proved unusable. On a frigid night in March 1944, Mr. Churchill was one of 76 prisoners to make their way through the tunnel called Harry and out of Stalag III. The escape was delayed for more than an hour, and the tunnel mistakenly ended yards from the forest that the escapees had hoped would conceal them, forcing them to scramble for cover over open ground. Once free of the camp, Mr. Churchill, in improvised clothing, had hoped to pass as a Romanian woodcutter; he had spent months studying Romanian. But after fleeing with Flight Lt. Bob Nelson and spending two days hiding in the woods as the Germans searched the area, they were discovered hiding in a hayloft. Most of the escapees were recaptured in days — only three made it to freedom— and 50 were executed. Mr. Churchill left Stalag Luft III for good in January 1945, when the Nazis evacuated the camp before the Soviet Army could reach it. The prisoners were forced to march west through deep snow and punishing cold and were liberated by British forces that spring. After the war Mr. Churchill worked with the R.A.F. for a time, but his damaged eardrum kept him from flying again.

Source: NYTimes Or call Paul on 07946 494288

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5 Stunning New Displays!

Ashford Kitchens & Interiors 85 Church Road Ashford, Middx TW15 2PE 3QJ 01784 245964

Major William H. Smith Source : Various

The Personality of the Month in the Molesey Review in April 1955 was Major William H. Smith

in ideal conditions achieved a maximum range of 1,600 yards (1,500 m) it was generally regarded as a short-range weapon with an accepted effective range of between 100 and 300 yards (90–270 m). Furthermore, it was heavy and awkward to manhandle, not simply to move around but also to tip over onto the correct wheel on firm level ground so it lay in, and remained in, the correct firing configuration. It was also alleged to have developed 'a terrifying reputation for killing its crew when finally issued in 1942, following production difficulties. It was issued mainly to Home Guard units and those units in the regular Army tasked with point defence, such as guarding airfields - and ammunition shortages meant that on average these units only had six or seven modified mortar rounds per gun. Despite these limitations, many Home Guard units developed an attachment to the weapon, some later claiming it was 'one of the best pieces of equipment ever issued to the force . After the end of the First World War he set up Trianco and was still its managing director in 1955 at the age of 70. He was involved in many local organisations and served as a Conservative councillor on Surrey County Council.

Major Smith left school at 12 years old. He worked in light engineering but continued his studies at evening technical classes, eventually obtaining a string of engineering degrees. He devised numerous inventions, the most famous of which was the Smith gun used by the Home Guard during the Second World War. The Smith Gun was an ad hoc anti-tank artillery piece used by the British Army and Home Guard during the Second World War. With a German invasion of Great Britain seeming likely after the defeat in the Battle of France, most available weaponry was diverted to the regular British Army, leaving the Home Guard short on supplies, particularly anti-tank weaponry. The Smith Gun was designed by retired Army Major William H. Smith as a makeshift anti-tank weapon, and was put into production in 1941 following a demonstration to the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. The weapon consisted of a 3inch (76 mm) smooth-bore barrel approximately 54 inches (1,400 mm) long mounted on a carriage and capable of firing both modified 3-inch mortar anti-tank and anti-personnel rounds. Despite the promisingsounding nature of the weapon, which at trials To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

A 1940s photograph of a Smith Gun in tow behind a private vehicle pressed into service.


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It s FREE to join the library if you live, work or study in Surrey or visit for more than one week. There's no age limit – babies and toddler get a special Pebble card. You can join in any library or online at It s FREE to borrow books, e-books and eaudio books. Access online services from your home, work or daily commute with our FREE smartphone APP. Read national and international newspapers and a huge range of popular magazines and comics FREE online. If you have an illness or disability, Library Direct can come to you. You can use your library card in all 52 libraries throughout Surrey. Libraries have FREE Wifi and computers with volunteer Digital Buddies in most libraries.


FREE activities for children including Rhymetime and Storytime FREE events for adults including monthly Reading Groups, Scrabble Clubs and Knit and Natter. FREE online services including GoCitizen, TheoryTest Pro, Ancestry, Find my Past and the Britannica Library. We have opportunities for volunteers too. Find out more in your local library or online at Molesey Library The Forum Walton Road West Molesey Surrey KT8 2HZ

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Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ Tel: 01932 777677 Fax: 01932 777679 Email: Web:


Ln Nu

Find us off Charlton Lane, next to Sunbury Golf Course and the Recycling Centre & Tip.


Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ


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Ch a

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Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ

to Walton


Monday-Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm Late night until 8.00pm every Thursday Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm (tills open at 10.30am)

PLEASE NOTE: We are closed Easter Sunday

Historic trust funds modern medical solution for Hospice

A generous donation from a historic trust will enable more Princess Alice Hospice patients to be treated in a modern, efficient way. The grant of £8,360 from the Hospital Saturday Fund, will fund eight syringe-drivers for patients in the Hospice itself and others receiving palliative end-of-life care at home. Chairman of the Hospital Saturday Fund Trustees, John Greenwood, handed over the donation when he visited the Esher-based Hospice this week. The fund, established in 1873 during the Victorian era of workhouses and poor public health, distributes the profits from a trading company – HSF Healthplan – four times a year to medical charities. The best part of my role is visiting places such as Princess Alice Hospice and being able to contribute to the continuing outstanding care provided to so many people, said Mr Greenwood, who lives in West Molesey. Accepting the grant on behalf of the Hospice,

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In-Patient Unit manager Keetje Gull said: This generous gift will go straight towards purchasing syringe-drivers, which enable patients to receive controlled doses of their medication in a comfortable way. They re small, portable and versatile – just perfect for many patients benefit. Rachel Fryatt, Trusts and Foundations Manager, who worked on the application for the grant said: We re extremely grateful to Mr Greenwood and the other trustees for looking favourably on our application. Photo: John Greenwood, left, hands the Hospital Saturday Fund donation to Keetje Gull

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APRIL 2019

How to avoid going down the drain when extending your property During our daily work, we come across many issues that can cause delay and unnecessary cost, normally only manifesting towards the conclusion of the conveyance. Drainage Build Over Agreements when properties have been extended, can be a problem, but an understanding and timely anticipation can avoid some of the pitfalls, enabling matters to proceed smoothly.

the property boundary this pipe becomes the responsibility of Thames Water and is known as a public lateral drain.

Drains by deďŹ nition The definition of a public sewer is a pipe that serves more than one property and was connected to Thames Waters’ network before 1st July 2011. The exception is where the pipe only serves one property and then it is known as a drain.

When you are intending to build over or within 3m of a public sewer you will require approval from Thames Water, by way of a Build Over Agreement, prior to the commencement of building work in order to confirm that you have given the sewer the correct clearance from your proposed foundations and maintenance access.

A drain is privately owned and maintained to the property boundary by the homeowner and is not subject to a Build Over Agreement. Once a drain crosses

If you are building further than 1m away from where the drain crosses the boundary and it solely serves your property, then a Build Over Agreement is not required. In

When you sell with Curchods, we will advertise your home on all the major property websites:

What is a Build Over Agreement and do I need one?

the event that your proposed extension will affect the drain run, then it might be possible to divert the drain. It is also likely that a Build Over Agreement will be required to obtain the final sign off for your Building Regulations Certificate this will also give reassurance to any future buyers that the property extension has been built correctly. In an extreme case of a serious drainage issue or when waste water flooding is affecting neighbouring properties and no agreement is in place, Thames Water has the right to take down the building to access the sewer.

When building over a public sewer, a manhole, even a double sealed manhole is not permitted due to the increased risk of internal flooding and the release of odours. If a manhole is present where you intend to extend your property, the existing manhole will need to be relocated to outside the extension. For more advice on all property related matters, please contact Joe Dewar, Branch Manager and the team at Curchods Esher.


01372 462000

Unleash a spring windfall! FREE antiques valuations in East Molesey Antiques experts are hoping the people of Surrey will dig out some treasures to unleash a spring windfall. Auction house Hansons London holds free valuations of antiques, collectables and jewellery at the Pavilion Club on the last Friday of every month and are keen to uncover more items.

KT8 9DX, on April 26th, from 2-4pm. If people are happy with their estimate, items can be entered into the next Hansons London Auction. Hansons London was launched in January 2018 by Charles Hanson, a familiar face on TV shows such as Bargain Hunt. Charles launched his first saleroom, Hansons Auctioneers, in his native Derbyshire in 2005. His London Auction Centre is based at the Normansfield Theatre, 2A Langdon Park, Teddington. As well as hosting regular sales, the venue offers free valuations.

Charles Hanson auctioneering at the Normansfield Theatre.

Sally Summers, event organiser for Hansons London, said: We had a fabulous valuation day at the Pavilion Club in February. More than 30 people came to see our antiques expert with all manner of wonderful objects including glass, jewellery, ceramics, art work and silver. There s no need to book. Just drop by with your treasures. We d love to see even more people. We ve had some fantastic results at our London auctions. For example, a Chinese Yongzheng mark plate, circa 1723-1735, sold for ÂŁ100,000. Jewellery is popular too. In our February auction, a 1930s Chinese white metal, jade and diamond pendant and matching earrings sold for ÂŁ1,300. (left) Hansons experts will be at Pavilion Club, Hurst Lane, East Molesey,

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Silver discovered at the February valuation event in East Molesey.

Free home visit valuations can also be arranged by calling 0207 018 9300 or emailing :

Or call Paul on 07946 494288

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Join Team Elmbridge at the Surrey Youth Games 2019 Elmbridge Borough Council is calling young people, aged six to 16, going to school or living in Elmbridge to join Team Elmbridge at the Active Surrey Specsavers Surrey Youth Games 2019. The Active Surrey Specsavers Surrey Youth Games is the biggest annual youth sporting event where 11 Surrey boroughs come together to compete for trophies in a variety of sports. The games usually attract around 2,000 participants every year.

free training sessions prepare children at beginners level for the competition. Why not register your children for this year s Games? The free coaching they receive and the competition usually inspire them to carry on with the sport of their choice at local clubs. Elmbridge has done very well in the games over the last years. We want as many young people as possible to take part this year to share the fun and spirit of competition . Sports clubs and schools are currently distributing information postcards about this year s online registration process. Our sports development team is also visiting school assemblies to show youngsters a film about last year s competition, so they can see what it is all about. You can also pick up an information postcard at the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex in Walton-on-Thames or from your local library. For more information, please contact the sports development team on 01372 474581, email or

Lacrosse mixed Bronze 2018

Registrations are now open for young people to MOUSE join free trials across a range of sports including badminton, boccia, boxing, football, hockey, judo, lacrosse, netball, squash, table tennis and tennis. Trials will be held from 25 April and throughout May at various locations across the borough including amongst other venues - the Elmbridge Xcel Sports Hub, Surbiton Hockey Club, Lower Green Community Centre, Three Rivers Academy, Cobham Lacrosse, St Paul s Primary School and Sandown Sports Club. Once trials have taken place, sports clubs and coaches will be looking for participants to make up Team Elmbridge s training squads. Free training and coaching for Team Elmbridge members will follow up on a weekly basis until the Specsavers Surrey Youth Games on 15 and 16 June at Surrey Sports Park. Councillor Malcolm Howard, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, said, The Specsavers Surrey Youth Games is a great opportunity for young people to try a new sport. The competition is targeted at non-club players and

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cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Contact Rachel Bowles, Registrar, to book a tour on 020 8614 0857 or visit our website at


we keep it F.R.E.S.H Fabulous teeth Relaxed environment Expert knowledge & the latest technology Safe pridictable pain free treatment Healthy smile

Precise controlled treatment

Ensures a beautiful finish

Free consultation

83-85 Bridge Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9HH

Dental implants Life changing dentistry

Put the conďŹ dence back into your smile! Dental implants, are the perfect solution to replace missing teeth or stabilse loose dentures. A dental implant is a titanium post, which is surgically placed in to the jaw and functions as a replacement for your tooth root. Dental implants can be used to replace a gap due to a missing tooth and support loose dentures. With dental implants the cosmetic and functional results are as good as natural teeth and can last for many years.

Dr Karen Gangotra BDS MClindent Implantology (Lon.) GDC No. 79931

020 8941 6999 www .

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Molesey Matters Roving Reporter Della Reynolds Want to look after your heart? Then join the Healthy Hearties. Last month I joined the Healthy Hearties who gather in the hall at St Paul s Church East Molesey to talk about living an active life after heart problems. Led by Angela Hartley an appropriately named expert in cardio health, the room soon filled with about 20 people. Over an introductory cup of tea, I chatted to the chap sitting next to me who said he hadn t had time to look after his heart when he was working up in the city. He now regretted that he didn t act sooner after suffering a major heart attack on holiday. Strange how the pain comes when you finally let go of the stress. He now realises the importance of breathing, he told me and was full of praise for Angela who he sees on a one-to-one basis to get him running on all cylinders again. Each month Angela invites guest speakers to talk to the group about heart related topics. This month it was yoga teacher Najah Ebbitt who reassured us that you could take part in her lessons whilst sitting in a chair and sure enough talked about the power of yoga breathing to restore health following heart conditions. Meditative breathing reduces high blood pressure and cortisol, a hormone which helps to control blood sugar levels. Cortisol is often known as the stress hormone. Just 30 minutes of light yoga a week can help to reverse heart problems and reduce stress. Anyone who takes the train to work in the mornings could benefit from meditative breathing as they stand cheek by jowl with their fellow travellers. Modern life is often stressful and the years of damage can take its toll unexpectedly. Following Najah we had a most informative talk by a member of the group who became an expert in matters of the heart so he could follow the discussions round his bedside after major surgery. With the aid of some diagrams he explained how the heart pumped oxygenated blood round on one side and took in deoxygenated on the other. Lub dub, lub dub, is the sound of a healthy heart reaching all parts of the body. I learnt so much. The next volunteer to speak was an 84 year-old gentleman who had arTo advertise email


rived on his electric bicycle. He has suffered a most debilitating heart condition which required him to live for some time with his daughter. But his positive attitude had him back in his own home and looking forward to re-starting his hobby of dinghy sailing. I m very lucky, he said more than once. He explained that during his recovery he was unsure of what he could or could not do but gradually tried more things every day and was pleased to find that I can do it! He was also pleased to have found Angela and the Healthy Hearties who support each other in their journey of recovery. Finally, Angela talked to us about healthy eating. A Mediterranean diet is recommended with an avoidance of sugar, not fat. In fact, the right fats were essential to a healthy heart and Angela recommended using extra virgin olive oil and regularly eating oily fish such as salmon, kippers and mackerel. Walnuts and almonds were also a good source of healthy fat along with avocado. Added sugar should be kept down to 30 grams per day and Angela recommended you check the packets as sugar can be added to processed products in surprising ways. If you love chocolate but want to protect your heart, then go for 90% dark with just 7% sugar. That would work for me as I can t eat more than a tiny bit of the dark stuff but can consume large quantities of milk chocolate in one sitting. To sum up, avoid sugar, processed carbs and refined oils; oh and the early commuter train to London if at all possible! The Health Hearties meet at 2.00 – .00 pm the third Tuesday of every month St. Paul s Church, East Molesey. You can see Angela s website here and join her Healthy Hearties Facebook page. Or call Paul on 07946 494288

TIME TO CELEBRATE! At Imber Court Did you know …… there were 29 owners dating back to 1086 prior to the Met Police ownership of Imber Court in 1919??

Please join us at our 100 year summer party on Saturday 15th June from 2pm to help us celebrate and to find out many more interesting facts about Imber Court’s history. We would be very interested to hear from our local residents who would like to share any info or memories about Imber Court over the last few decades. More info about our celebration day will be available on our website: Did you know….Henry V111 acquired the land for hunting in 1548? Imber Court Sports Club, Ember Lane, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0BT

2019 24th March - 21st April

Last Easter we decided to show Molesey some love. We set ourselves a target of 1,000 hours of serving our community in a four-week period. The target seemed huge, but we smashed it! – we exceeded 1,100 hours across 50 different projects and events. We baked cakes, washed cars, planted and tidied gardens in our schools and day centre, ran tea parties for senior citizens, helped the Foodbank, visited folk in the care homes… and so much more. This year, we are running #LoveMolesey again, and we believe it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Between Sunday 24th March and Easter Sunday 21st April how much love can we show Molesey this year? To find out more and to sign up for lots of local projects visit our website:

out more and join in with lots of local projects visit LoveMolesey is organised by the following churches in Molesey

A Message on Problem



Since at least 2000 the local team have been tackling Pennywort every year on the Lower Mole. The River Mole from just upstream of Albany Bridge (Hersham by-pass) to the Thames, the River Ember and all the side channels and the Dead River have all been affected. Unfortunately, the Mole through Molesey appears to provide the perfect habitat for Pennywort with 6 weirs impounding and a few slow flowing side channels. Over the years the local team have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on clearing pennywort. The Agency have used a variety of methods including manual extraction, weed-harvesting boats, spraying; always aiming for full eradication. This financial year with only a small local Field Team and a reduction in funding, (and a particularly hot spell early in the summer during which growth was exacerbated), it was impossible to attend to all areas. Therefore the team have concentrated on the River Mole flood relief channel, and a section of the River Mole, both sections owned by the Environment Agency. This action has unsurprisingly led to a number of complaints from residents in East Molesey who have had the benefit of our

Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

clearance in previous years. The decision on where to concentrate efforts was taken on our responsibility as riparian owners and our duty to operate the Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme effectively to manage flood risk. Whilst we are actively working with riparian owners and volunteer groups that are willing to manage it themselves, its prolific growth rate often means that management may not be within many landowners capabilities. We are under no obligation to remove floating pennywort, however we do have discretion to remove it under our statutory powers, for instance where it poses a flood risk. Where it is already established and not posing a flood risk, we will continue to stop its spread and growth as part of our regular maintenance programme. Justine Glynn Flood Risk Engagement Advisor 0203 025 9496


Friends of Fleetside Update Friends of Fleetside had a good turnout for their first litter pick and tree pruning of the year recently. We were pleased to welcome some of our youngest members Jess and Ella who are always very enthusiastic and eagle eyed when doing this task. We have had some lovely comments about our magnificent daffodil displays around Fleetside and how much they have cheered people up. We will continue with our planting in the autumn and will have even more displays on the environs of Fleetside. If you would like to plant bulbs where you live to brighten up the area please contact us and we can help you. The community allotments in Island Farm Road will be having a family open day on 27th April 11am to 1pm all are welcome so come along and plant something to start this exciting project off all plants will be supplied, so just bring all the family and maybe a trowel if you have one. Future date for you diary, 13th. April when Friends of Fleetside will be clearing the pennywort from the Dead River with the help of some of the volunteers from #Love Molesey, To advertise email


If you would like to help with this worthwhile project please meet at the main gate to Molesey Heath in Approach Road at 11am. If you have waders and rakes you may like to bring them. We look forward to meeting you. Do look out for the Boomerang bags that are now in some of the local independent shops along the Walton Road. More volunteers are needed to make these bags if you can help get in touch @moleseycreatesboomerangbags.

Friends of Fleetside have lots of things planned for the rest of the year so if you would like to join us get more details email

Or call Paul on 07946 494288

Art UK and Elmbridge Museum Elmbridge Museum has recently been partnering up with the Art UK Sculpture Project. This project is attempting to digitise sculpture in public collections across the UK. A day was spent in the Museum s storage facility in Weybridge to photograph nine items of sculpture from the Museum collection. The items included a World War One plaster maquette and two 18th century fired clay heads from a garden pond. The removal men were on hand to manoeuvre the Museum s largest item, the half-tonne Statue of Venus. This Georgian copy of a Venus de Medici statue was one of several brought from Europe by the 9th. Earl of Lincoln, (later the 2nd. Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme)

To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

who built the grotto in the grounds of Oatlands House about 1770. Venus stood at the head of the bath in the Bath Room in the Grotto and remained there until presented to the museum in 1920. Art UK photographer, Barney Hindle, took six to seven images of each object to capture the object from every aspect. In due course, these images will be uploaded on to the Art UK website, but meanwhile take a look at our oil paintings collection from a previous project: keyword:elmbridge-museum Š Elmbridge Museum


Or email

Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Morning Friday 24 May 2019

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Book your place via our website: - ‘Visit the School’ page

Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent. ISI Report 2016

020 8979 1844 Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, Gloucester Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ

How to Hold an Easter Egg Hunt By Sarah Davey

Easter egg hunts are great fun, but it can be hard to come up with original ideas. Depending on the ages of the children the hunt can be easy or fiendishly difficult Here are some ideas Bunny Bounce Challenge - Set up different activity posts around the garden or park. At each one, the kids need to complete a physical challenge in order to receive an egg. The challenges could include star jumps, hopping, hulahooping, or doing a silly dance. Easter Rhyme Challenge - If you're good at rhymes, create a set of rhyming clues that take the children from one hiding place to another until they find the eggs.

dren can't have chocolate due to a medical condition, so instead of chocolate treats, pop little slips of paper inside plastic eggs. Each slip should have a little treat written on it for your child to claim over the next week or so; things like ' go trampolining with my dad', or 'fly a kite with mummy. Egg Decoder Hunt - Take apart colourful hollow plastic eggs and put them back together with mismatched colours. The children must work in teams to find the eggs hidden around the garden, take them apart and put them back together with the matching colour. The team with the most colour-matched eggs wins the big prize. Happy hunting!

Pirate Bunny Treasure Hunt Create a treasure map which the children have to follow to discover where the chocolate eggs are hidden. Perhaps a paw print or an Easter Egg could mark the spot instead of an X Easter Craft Challenge - Set up different craft activities around the house or garden. For each cute Easter craft your child completes, they win a little chocolate egg. Easter Bonnet Competition - Challenge the kids to create their own Easter bonnets from craft materials and old hats (Charity shops are great for cheap hats). You can give chocolate egg prizes for the most creative, the prettiest, the funniest etc The Scrambled Egg Hunt - This is a great Easter egg hunt idea for older kids. At each station leave cards with single letters written on them, or a set of plastic toy letters. The challenge is to rearrange the letters to spell the word of the next place to find a clue, for example 'bath' or 'shed' or stairs . At the final station they get to collect their eggs. Colour-Coded Easter Egg Hunt - Use a pack of eggs in different colours. Give each child a colour. They can only collect eggs which match that colour. Bunny Vouchers Easter Egg Hunt - Some chilTo advertise call Paul on 07946 494288


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Recipe of The Month Spinach and Feta Frittata

whisk until mixed together. Don't over-beat. Add feta, and season with salt and pepper. Pour egg mixture over spinach then gently stir with a spatula to release the spinach from the bottom of the pan so that the eggs are in direct contact with the surface of the pan, so they cook quickly.

Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Serves 4-6 Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 medium shallot, finely chopped (about 2 tablespoons) 1 medium clove garlic, finely chopped (about 1 teaspoon) 1 (5-ounce) bag baby spinach 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh flat-leaved parsley or basil. Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 10 eggs, beaten 1/4 cup milk 3/4 cup (about 3.5 ounces) crumbled feta

Cook until the eggs are almost totally set (this takes 10-12 minutes), reducing heat to prevent burning. Place pan under the grill for a couple of minutes, until the top is set as well, keeping a close eye on it so it does not burn. To release the frittata from the pan, loosen edges with a spatula. Place a dinner plate over pan, and holding plate firmly flip the pan over so the frittata releases onto the plate. Serve warm

Method Preheat the grill. Heat olive oil in an 8-inch pan over a medium high heat. Add chopped shallots and cook for 2-3 minutes beginning to soften. Add garlic and continue to cook for a further two minutes until softened. Add spinach and parsley (or basil) and cook, tossing often until spinach is fully wilted and any water released by the spinach has cooked off. Season to taste with salt and pepper. In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk with a To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288


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Garden View

This Month - Open Your Garden and interest. NGS will support you all the way with their network of helpful, friendly volunteers. Initially you'll be visited by one of the team during the season you feel your garden would look best. And if you don't feel as though garden is worthy of being part of the scheme, why not visit open gardens in your area to gain inspiration, hints and tips, make new gardening friends, and raise a bit of money for charity. Happy gardening. Call 01483 211 535 to speak to one of the NGS team This month I'm going to talk about The National Garden Scheme. This wonderful initiative gives garden-lovers unique access to more than 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales. It also raises money for nursing and health charities through admission fees, teas and cake. Beneficiaries include Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie, Hospice UK and The Queen s Nursing Institute.

Or visit By Rachael Leverton

By opening your garden to visitors, you'll give people a great day out, and raise money to help those in need. Even better you'll connect with a community of like-minded garden-owners, all passionate about their beautiful gardens. Is your garden worth visiting? Do friends and family wax lyrical about your plot? Do neighbours ask for advice and cuttings? Do you sometimes wish you could show other people the result of all your hard work? If you answered yes to these questions, then it s very likely other people would love to see your garden too. It might seem a somewhat daunting experience but opening your garden to the public can be very enjoyable. Many people get the bug and open their gardens year after year. Most people start by opening once in a year, but many go on to open twice a year, to show off their garden in different seasons. You don't need a big garden. There are some tiny plots in the NGS. What matters is quality, character Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts







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Molesey WI meets at Imber Court on the first Wednesday of every month 7.30pm for 8pm, where we have a guest speaker or activity. Visitors are welcome for a £5 fee. First visit is free with a copy of Molesey Matters. Follow us on Facebook - Molesey Women's Institute Molesey Art Society Spring Exhibition 10th – 14th April 2019 Celebrating the Society s Diamond Jubilee (1959 – 2019) and 60 years of the visual arts in Molesey and its surrounds. The Spring Exhibition includes paintings in a range of media plus sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, textiles, woodwork and other crafts – all making a lively and engaging display of artwork from local talent. Venue: St Alban s Primary School, Beauchamp Road, East Molesey, KT8 2PG, Mayor's Charity Bridge Tea, at Long Ditton Village Hall Friday 5th April - - attached is the EBC official PDF and JPG for an small advert?? Is this OK or do you need me to provide more editorial or can you create something from this? The Mayors Charity Golf Day at Surbiton Golf Club Monday 8th April 2019 With words "Annual Mayor's Golf Event welcoming players from across the borough to support the Mayor's nominated Charity Elmbridge Rentstart. For further information and to register your interest to play please email the Mayors Office by emailing: The ADDLESTONE SINGERS ladies choir is hosting their annual Spring Concert on behalf of WOKING and SAM BEARE HOSPICES at the Tulk Hall, Addlestone Community Centre, Garfield Road, on Saturday, 18 May at 7.30pm. This is a new venue to us and we look forward to welcoming our audience to Cafe Style seating at tables this year. Our programme includes songs and melodies from favourite Walt Disney films and George Gerswhin classics. Joining us will be guest performers, professional baritone John Holland-Avery and The Chertsey Orchestra - a group of musicians with a wide range of ages and playing a wide range of instruments. FREE ENTRY RAFFLE REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE RETIRING COLLECTION For more information on our activities please see our website SPECTACULAR A live music show For the first time ever The Barn is thrilled to bring you a night of live music, celebrating some of the greatest songs from the Fifties to the Noughties. An original show devised and produced by our excellent and truly talented MD, Charlie Swift features songs from The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Beyonce and many others. It also feature hits from movie classics like Back To The Future and James Bond. Spectacular will be a show suitable for all the family and will have the audiences dancing in the aisles! We will be doing a run of 8 performances Thursday 27 - Sunday 30 June and Wednesday 3 - Saturday 6 July. WHERE & WHEN Production dates 28-30th June and 3-6th July, 2019 THE BARN THEATRE CLUB, 70 HIGH STREET, WEST MOLESEY KT8 2LY Hampton Court Palace - Open Garden for NGS Take the opportunity to join 2 special NGS private tours, after the wonderful historic gardens have closed to the public. Spring Walk in April and Mid-Summer abundance in July in the wonderful gardens of Hampton Court Palace. For NGS: Evening opening Thur 18 Apr, Thur 18 July (6-8). Admission £12, Children free. Pre-booking essential, please visit for information & booking. Wine. Times:18:00 to 20:00. Open for charity. Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, London KT8 9AU Made In Molesey art and craft evening Once a month get together for men and women. Bring your own craft project or book on to the workshop for an extra fee. Chat with others, share tips and make stuff. £2 7.30-10.30 pm on the second Friday evening of the month St. Marys Church, St Marys Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0ST Fri 12 Apr 2019 Contact telephone: 020 8941 5901 Hampton Sailing Club Open Day For those who might be interested in joining we have a series of Open Sunday where anyone can come down and try out sailing in a dinghy on our beginners sessions. Anyone young or old can try sailing, experienced and novices welcome. Sun 28 Apr, Sun 12 May

Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Dominic Raab Our Local MP

Dom at Cobham Free School

This month, I have been busy supporting the expansion of our local schools, and making the case for more ladders of opportunity nationally so that every child – whatever their start in life – has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Back in February, I met with Cobham Free School s (CFS ) Headteacher, Michaela Khatib, and Chair of the Board of Governors, Howard Morris, to discuss their delayed move into permanent accommodation at Munro House. CFS secondary department has been in temporary accommodation in West Molesey since 2014. Although it is welcome that the 6th Form is moving into Munro House in September of this year, on current plans the rest of the secondary

department won t join them until 2021. I share the frustrations of pupils and parents at this delay, and raised the issue with Education Secretary Damian Hinds in the House of Commons on 11 March. The Education Secretary has agreed to meet with me to discuss how the Department for Education can help seek early vacant possession of the site, so we can get pupils in as swiftly as possible. As well as improving the school system, we also need to create more ladders of opportunity for bright – but not necessarily bookish – children. On 11 March I gave a speech at the think-tank Onward, where I set out a vision of the Opportunity Society. First, that Young Apprenticeships should be revived for 14- to 16-year olds, offering them a combination of academic study and hands-on work experience. This is the age at which truancy rates spike, and Young Apprenticeships are a good way of captivating the interest of some young people. Next, we should put rocket boosters under degree apprenticeships, like the one partnered between Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Warwick, to scale them up and broaden access. That would offer school leavers an alternative with all of the opportunities of university, but none of the debt. Third, we should encourage those with entrepreneurial flair. Schemes like Entrepreneur First enable angel investors to nurture talented students developing a business idea over a year – with mentoring, network support, office space and seed capital. Allowing students from poorer backgrounds to take maintenance loans for that year would widen access to this kind of scheme. Finally, we should promote non-graduate routes into the professions. It is great that a young person can become a solicitor now without a degree, but there s more to be done to expand nongraduate routes in other lines of work, like accountancy. These proposals would break down barriers and create opportunities so every child can get a fair shot, whatever their start in life. MP for Esher & Walton


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Hersham Village Hall to reopen in 2020 Following consultation with Hersham residents in January 2019, the Hersham Village Hall councillor group, made up of Hersham ward councillors, as well as councillors representing community and social affairs, resources and leisure and culture, has considered the responses carefully and has agreed to recommend to Elmbridge Borough Council the re-opening of Hersham Village Hall. Hersham ward councillors expressed the overwhelming wish of Hersham residents which was for the village hall to be re-opened. The responses from residents also made it very clear that, although affordable housing was needed and wanted, Hersham has recently had more than its share of new developments. Accordingly, at the Hersham Village Hall councillor group meeting on 12 March, it was agreed unanimously to listen to the Hersham residents and to progress the plans to re-open Hersham Village Hall. The Council will now work out detailed proposals

to re-open the hall and report to the Cabinet in July 2019 so that funding can be secured. It is thought this will be a 12-18 month project, meaning the hall will reopen in 2020. Cllr James Browne, the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council said; Hersham residents have made it very clear that they want their village hall to be re-opened and we have listened to them.

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