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April 2018 Issue 19

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Create a Spa in your own Home Balancing Energising De-stressing

See the Ambiance Tuning Technology - ATT by Dornbracht, full working display at

Walton Bathrooms, The Hersham Centre, Molesey Road, Hersham, Surrey KT12 4HL. (Easy parking next to Waitrose) Opening Times: Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm INTERNET & CONTRACT SALES TEL: 0208 481 7970 SHOWROOM TEL: 01932 224 784

Create a Spa in your own home that can be fully automated to your personal preferences, assuring: Balancing, Energising and De-Stressing Water in the form of rain; water as a clear powerful cascade; powerful pulsing water or gently enveloping jets.


Welcome to the April issue. What a month March was for the weather! Bizarre. I do hope you managed to stay warm and keep a smile going. Hopefully this month is going to really pick up as Spring truly arrives. The front cover is of apple blossom, an image of things to come! The Molesey Carnival is only now a few months away. Another sure sign of good things on the way. In this months issue we look at Shakespeare’s work at the palace, talk about saving our precious honey bees, and celebrate a local resident, Betty Johnson. We are updated on how we can all get involved and help the

April 2018 WeLoveMolesey campaign. Please do go to pages 30 and 31 to see how you can help with both WeLoveMolesey and the Carnival! Della continue her wildlife blog, and we look at what is on the agenda of both Dominic Raab and Molesey Residents Association. Till next month

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It’s Shakespeare’s Birthday! 23rd April 1564 His relationship with our own Hampton Court Palace

Source : Various

It is not generally known that in Hampton Court Palace we have the only surviving theatre where Shakespeare's plays were acted in his lifetime; doubtless also, in his presence and under his own guidance. All the public theatres - the "Curtain" and the " Swan," and, particularly, the "Blackfriars " - have vanished. Only “The Globe” has been rebuilt. There remains, of course, the Halls of Gray's Inn and of the Middle Temple, where there is

record of a performance in 1594, of the "Comedy of Errors"; and in 1602, of "Twelfth Night." But both these performances were low key, where no preparation was made, and no real details are available, and therefore, throw nno light on the historry of the stage. A similar fate has oovertaken most of thhe halls which sserved as playhouses inn the royal palaces. However, H the rreverse is true at Hampton H Court, where we can find Happy Birthday my old friend and identify an Elizabethan or Jacobean playhouse as complete as any of the public ones of Shakespeare's time, namely the Great Hall. The Great Hall, built by Henry VIII, is one of the oldest parts of Hampton Court Palace. It retains most of its Tudor character and is To advertise email


largely unchanged from Shakespeare's day. On the accession of James I, Shakespeare and his players ‘The King's Men’ performed seven plays for the court over three weeks over the Christmas celebrations of 1603-4. While the king was keen on such entertainment, it was rumoured he found it difficult to concentrate, so Shakespeare apparently wrote Macbeth, which was short and set in James's Scottish homeland. It was premiered in the Great Hall on 7 August 1606. The H Stuart court S welcomed William Shakespeare to W perform his plays before p wild and intoxicated audiw eences – a steady sum of money was doled out for m rrepairs and maintenance due to the raucous shenanigans. We need remember that the W Court performances differed C in n many ways from those th hat took place in the public theatres, not only in the external conditions under which they were viewed, but also in their general atmosphere and surroundings. Two of the chief points of difference which stand out are, first, that the Court playhouse was, unlike a public one, entirely closed in and roofed over, like those of today, and secondly, that the performances always took place at night. When Shakespeare and his fellows were summoned by the Lord Chamberlain to Hampton Court for the Christmas holidays of 1603-4, they acted seven pieces in the Great Hall, most of them, doubtless, by Shakespeare himself-before the King and the Court. The company were lodged for around three weeks within the precincts of the Palace itself, because all communication with the neighbouring villages( including our own Molesey) was strictly forbidden because of the plague.

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Meet The Teacher Parents’ evenings - love them or loathe them, they crop up with alarming regularity. They can cause a good deal of stress whether you’re the parent, child or teacher! As a parent this is your chance to speak to the teachers that spend all day with your children and to whom you are entrusting their education. Naturally you want to get the best out of the experience but how exactly do you do that, when you are on what feels like a conveyor belt? And if your child is in Year 7 then you will find this experience very different to what you are used to from their

discuss an issue. It is important to remember that you and the teacher both want your child to do their best and achieve. The teacher will no doubt have points they want to make and they may be good or bad. If there are problems then the teacher will most likely be looking for reassurance that you will support the school in whatever behaviour or homework policy they have. They know that students don’t always tell their parents what goes on at school and so parents evening may be their chance to make it clear if they are not meeting expectations. Are there any general dos and don’ts? Do let them know your concerns, but don’t launch in with complaints. Let the teacher explain how they feel your child is doing and respond to that. They will often ask you if you have any other questions. Which leads to another point – don’t ask in Year 7 what the teacher thinks they will get in their GCSE. Learning is not a linear process from point A to B. For most children, it is a meandering journey – let your child enjoy that journey without pressure in those early years of secondary school. Also, don’t ask how they are doing compared to other students. Instead ask if they are where the teacher wants them to be. There is a final point to consider – whether to take your child. Most schools extend the offer to students, but don’t feel compelled to take them. For some children, the experience (and the noise) can be very overwhelming and they may prefer to stay at home.

primary school days. The first thing to remember – and this might sound quite harsh – is that your child’s teacher has a lot of parents to see that night, in a relatively short space of time. This does have implications for what you can discuss. The bottom line is, don’t be offended if they end the discussion, or if they suggest making an appointment for another time to come and To advertise email


Above all remember that the teacher wants what is best for your child. Put your concerns to them but please listen to what they have to say too. By Willow Coby

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cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Contact Rachel Bowles, Registrar, to book a tour on 020 8614 0857 or visit our website at

Local specialists since 1984 Let us help you find your perfect kitchen, bedroom or home office. Farnham Common Showroom 1-2 The Parade, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QJ 01753 642362 Ashford Showroom 85 Church Road, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 2PE 01784 245964

Get the Shutter Look Beautiful Plantation Shutters are a striking style statement, while also offering a perfectly practical addition to your home. A versatile window covering, shutters can be used on a variety of shapes, angles and arches, they are easy to maintain, can be used even in humid environments and have a timeless elegance. We speak to Simon Broadhurst of Just Shutters, locally based in Walton on Thames, to find out how you can get the perfect look and feel in any room. The Perfect Bay Shutters are the perfect way to make a design impact while retaining the character of a bay window. Shutters maximise the light and enhance the features of a bay; by avoiding heavy and cumbersome fabrics you will open the room up and make it appear larger. Unlike less substantial materials, shutters do not bleach or fade in the sun, they are easy to maintain, and couple practicality with style like no other product available. Brilliant Bathrooms Shutters are simply brilliant in humid environments, where curtains may become mouldy and blinds may warp, shutters offer a hardwearing and beautiful solution. Stunning Shapes There is nothing quite like a striking shaped window or door to set off a view just perfectly, however, many window coverings can fit improperly and detract from the shape and elegance of such a feature. Shutters on the other hand are bespoke and made to fit any shape, enhancing the beauty and style, by perfectly mirroring every shape and curve, making the very most of your stunning To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

shaped windows. Our huge selection of

materials, finishes and louver sizes mean that whatever your room, your taste and your style, we have the perfect solution for any shaped window. Fabulous French Doors Create a lovely snug feeling in the winter, or a light, bright open look in the summer bringing the outside in! Another reason many people are opting for shutters at their French doors is the feeling of security they bring. Often exposed, rooms with large expanses of glass can become a private sanctuary. Blissful Bedrooms Create the perfect sanctuary for restful evenings and lazy weekend mornings, our shutters provide the ideal ambiance any time or mood. These are just some examples of how beautiful Plantation Shutters can give your home a makeover, for more inspirational hints, tips and a gallery full of stunning images to capture your imagination Please visit or call 01932 500270 and mention Molesey Matters for an exclusive 15% discount.


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Something Else For the Children this Month Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day takes place on Sunday 29 th April.

With the advent of the smart phone we have happily turned into a nation of photographers, capturing images wherever and whenever we please. We add filters and create digital art so easily that we’ve almost forgotten a world where this wasn’t possible…where photography was more of a dark art. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day aims to get us back in touch with that magic. Pinhole photography is photography without a

one of the first to make pinhole photographs in the 1850s. Photographs taken with a lens can be rendered very sharp: by contrast pinhole photos are soft. Some photographers liked them because they felt the images were atmospheric, not unlike the paintings of the Impressionists from the same era. Nowadays the pinhole camera is still popular. It is another tool at a photographer’s disposal. Like any tool it has advantages and limitations. li O big advantage is that a pinhole One ccamera is very easy to make. It’s basically a light box, with a tiny b hole in one end and film or h photographic paper in the other. p Designing and building your own D ccamera is great fun and taking pictures with it is a very satisfying p aand pleasurable experience. There aare helpful videos on You Tube aand even ready-made pinhole ccamera kits.

lens. We know that people have been making images using pinholes since the 5th century AD because references to the process have been found in ancient Chinese texts. They knew that objects reflect light in straight lines and that rays from the top of an object, travelling through a pinhole, will appear in the lower half of an other words the image will be upside down. Greek philosophers and Arabian physicists studied the phenomenon. It was used in astronomy to study the movement of planets and solar eclipses while artists used it to help them paint landscapes. Sir David Brewster, a Scottish scientist, was Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


P Pinhole cameras can - and have been - made from almost anything: b drinks cans, cereal boxes, biscuit d tiins, shells and even an old rrefrigerator. A cardboard kit is probably the best material for a beginner, but the only limit is your imagination. Photographic paper and developing fluids can be purchased very cheaply from camera shops and some good art retailers. Check out the link here to the Worldwide Pinhole Camera Website, where you can find instructions to build your own pinhole camera. You could even upload your efforts to the WPPD web gallery. Have fun. (the WPPD website) By Tom Hancock

90 Years of Steam This year, Kempton Steam Museum celebrates 90th years of its magnificent pair of 1000-ton triple-expansion steam pumping engines. The museum has a packed programme of events planned for the year including its popular model railway exhibition on 21-22 April plus, on Sunday only, a visit from the Chiltern Group of the Triumph TR Register with their cars. Come and see amazing model railway displays, some of them interactive, plus the world’s largest engine of its kind in steam both days. For those readers who have never seen a 1,000-ton steam engine, be prepared to be very amazed! The

Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

word ‘big’ doesn’t do justice to these enormous engines – think of a six-story block of flats with moving parts, including two flywheels weighing 33 tons each, and you’ll get the picture. The most common comment we hear from visitors on arrival at the museum for the first time is one three-letter word: WOW! Open from 10:30am4:00pm and, as usual, there will be excellent refreshments and Kempton’s iconic narrow-gauge railway (left) will also be running both days. For full details, go to, send an Email to or call 01568 720571.


April Focus:

Apartments with a view


£399,950 Teddington


Enjoying a picturesque riverside setting, this 2 double bedroom apartment is just a short walk to the town centre. EPC D

A beautiful first floor, 1 bedroom conversion apartment in an elegant Victorian building with stunning river views and just a few minutes walk to the High Street. EPC C

01932 247777

020 8977 3374

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Shepperton Matters - April 2018.indd 1

20/03/2018 11:31:58

Kingston upon Thames

ÂŁ499,950 Shepperton


This delightful 2 bedroom apartment occupies the top floor of this beautiful period property and has direct south westerly views over the River Thames. EPC D

A spacious 2 double bedroom, ground floor apartment with beautiful views over the River Ash and golf course beyond and close to the High Street and station. EPC B

020 8546 6800

01932 230033

Shepperton Matters - April 2018.indd 2

20/03/2018 11:32:01

Report a Swarm and Help Save the Honey Bees It is well documented scout bees find a new location. that the bee population Should you see a swarm of bees please call is in a steep decline, BeesMAX, who will collect them and safely relobut why is this? The cate them so that removal of unmanaged they have the best wild woodlands and chance of survival. natural nesting sites, In addition beekeepmonoculture farming, ers with colonies poor quality pollens, that have grown too pesticides, disease and large, may also call the Varroa mite are all so as to split and playing their part in weakening the wild bee colorehome their extra nies and their survival rates. But, The BeesMAX numbers safely into Association is a not-for-profit company with the the wild. sole aim of reversing the decline of the UK bee Swarm of bees in pear population. drop formation hanging from a tree

Yellow flower with honey bee

BeesMAX are currently working with landowners countywide to set up honey bee boxes in designated areas. Several boxes are set up next to each other to create a safe new ‘housing-scheme’ for honey bees, thus helping to regenerate and maximise the opportunities for local honey bee renewal. Where there is a shortage of local wild bees, seeded colonies will enable the start of the renewal process within the immediate vicinity of the local scheme, before serving as a place for swarms to leave and revive the populations elsewhere within the UK countryside. But BeesMAX need your help. Each spring and early summer bees swarm. This natural process is caused when the existing queen leaves an overcrowded nest with a number of worker bees to set up a new colony. Swarming bees are calm; they are not defending a honey store or hive and have no babies or pollen to protect. And, they will initially settle in a tree, or on a branch, whilst the

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But most importantly, your help will be key to the survival of your local bee population. The new homes will never be moved and over time the local wild bee communities will recognise them as a safe haven. In addition, they will be left undisturbed and as unmanaged as possible, never being used for the gathering of surplus honey for us to eat. Swarm of bees on a bush

Each multi-box site will be seeded with one swarm of bees, so that they may safely and naturally increase in numbers to kick start the local bee renewal process. In addition a remote data collection system is being installed into the seeded colonies, to enable national statistics to be collected on their sustainability. So, if you would like to report a roaming swarm of bees, or find out more about The BeesMAX Association and their valuable work, please call 01372 702 337 or 07900 578 877, email or check out the website

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Spring is here and we’ve got everything you need to get started in the garden.

Fri 30th Mar Good Friday Mon 2nd Apr Easter Monday

We’ve a great café & the following departments:

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Cut Flowers & Floristry Services • Outdoor Plants • Compost Garden Sundries • Hand Tools • Houseplants • Artificial Flowers Giftware • Wild Bird Care • Clothing • Toys... & more…

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Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ Tel: 01932 777677 Fax: 01932 777679 Email: Web:


Ln Nu

Find us off Charlton Lane, next to Sunbury Golf Course and the Recycling Centre & Tip.


Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ


Recycling Centre & Ch ar Tip lto nL n Sunbury Golf Course




Ch a

New Rd

Longacres Garden Centre


Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ

to Walton


Monday-Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm Late night until 8.00pm every Thurs (29/3/18 to Christmas) Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm (tills open at 10.30 am)


Molesey’s Betty Johnson Honoured Hurst Park resident Betty Johnson was awarded the British Empire Medal in the New Year Honours List 2018, and received her medal from the Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey, Michael More-Molyneux, at Loseley House inn Surrey at a ceremony on March 6th.

B tt moved Betty d tto H Hurstt Park P k about b t fi five years ago, and soon got involved in the local residents’ association. She’s certainly not new to volunteering, having been a Girl Guide Leader for over 40 years until forced to retire when she was 65. She was recommended for the award by the Royal Star and Garter Home, who said: “Betty Johnson’s first association with The Royal Star and Garter Homes was in 1995 when her husband Leslie became a resident at the Home. After Leslie passed away in 2000 Betty became a volunteer first at the Richmond Home and then at the new Surbiton Home. Her energy and devotion to the needs of the veterans and their families is remarkable. She travels for over an hour, having to take 2 buses, to get to the Home, always determined not to let the residents down by being late. Her commitment to the Home and the charity is unprecedented. Over the years Betty has assisted with a variety of roles and tasks: she helps with fundraising for the charity; she has supported the speech and language therapist working with those residents recovering from a stroke; she has supported the ecumenical services offered To advertise email


to residents and in the past she escorted residents on outings. She now spends her time at the home chatting to and playing games with the residents. She knows every resident and makes each one of them feel special. Betty is always cheerful, warm and friendly and has a strong bond with the residents and understands the need for them to enjoy a sense of purpose and strives to improve their quality of life. In the photograph she is pictured with the the Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey.

The British Empire Medal is a British medal awarded for meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition by the Crown. The current honour was created in 1922 to replace the original medal, which had been established in 1917 as part of the Order of the British Empire. The first awards were presented by King George V at a special investiture held at Buckingham Palace on 27 September 1917. Initially, it was intended that the Order should lapse once the process of acknowledging war services was complete, but in 1922 it was made permanent.

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Your Invitation to Discover Wellbeing for Adults and Children We have all heard the term, but do we know how to achieve wellbe-

ing for ourselves or our children? Now you have the chance to immerse yourself and find out over the weekend of May 12th-13th at the Wonderful World of Wellbeing Festival which will be at Kempton Park. The event is being sponsored by local Sunbury charity Their Future Today. This Festival uniquely creates a ‘centre of wellbeing under one roof' for an entire weekend and is a place where you can learn from and engage with, over dozens of unique wellbeing providers. It is also an environment where you can truly indulge the senses in mindful spaces and practise wellbeing techniques with tutors and practitioners who have many years of experience in their field. It really is a ‘one of a kind experience’, so get ready to nourish yourself mentally, physically and spiritually throughout this weekend of relaxation and inspiration. Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey, whether you are just starting out or looking for new inspiration, come and take control of your body, spirit and mind and rejuvenate your chi on multiple levels, both personally and professionally, at The Wonderful World of Wellbeing. The event is aimed at both adults and children. Our modern world of social media and school work puts an immense amount of pressure on children, often leading to anxiety, depression or emotional complications. Mindfulness sessions are now common in schools and there are activities and practitioners at the WWWF specifically to support children. Under 14’s go free. Tickets include speakers, workshop activities and of course the 65 or so stalls. Weekend passes (£13 online) or single day options (£8 in advance or £10 on the door). http://

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esher tyre & exhaust

- FREE valve & balance on all our tyres Free local - BUDGET & BRANDED tyres supplied and fitted collection - SERVICING from £49.99 + VAT (all makes) & delivery Save up to 50% on main dealer servicing (prior bookings only) - SPRING checks £29.99 + VAT - MOT - Diagnostic equipment - Air Conditioning - Welding and MOT repairs Valid until 30th April 2018 production - Clutches - Exhaust Hampton Court Way, Thames Ditton - Batteries

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020 8398 1727

Affordable River Dwellings From the Beginning of The Last Century Since 1900 improved road and rail links with London and a growing appreciation of countryside values have stimulated the demand for housing on the Thames riverbank (and islands) between Thames Ditton and Staines-upon-Thames. Two background factors produced a supply of riparian building land, sold-on in small parcels, to create a ‘plotland’ landscape: firstly, the break-up of landed estates following a doubling of death duties and the

slaughter of male heirs during World War I; and, secondly, in the interwar years, the supply of cheap farmland from bankrupt owners hit by the economic recession. Active websites, political commentaries and planning texts on metropolitan sprawl in the 1930s confirm the character and scale of self-build activity within the early plotlands. They model selfreliant plotlanders erecting tarpaulin tents, flimsy Summer-houses, and makeshift-huts and sheds using re-cycled timber and metal sheets. Included are imaginative owners occupying redundant railway carriages, scrapped buses, disused vans, derelict boats and even massive water tanks. Sometimes, in Middlesex, speculative builders had acquired larger land holdings and built riverside estates for more affluent home seekers. Such higher density developments contrast with occasional and well-positioned Victorian houses set in spacious riverside grounds. Without doubt, the demand for plotland housing benefited local builders and allied trades. Amongst these would have been W.Gardam & Sons Ltd, a sawmill (founded in 1860) operating at Staines Bridge wharf. Gardams specialised in prePlease mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

fabricated wooden bungalows and sleeping chalets (‘both plain and picturesque’) designed for permanent or holiday occupation. A fully-illustrated advertisement in Exchange and Mart (25th September 1911) added timber-framed portable offices, ‘sanitoria’, sports pavilions/club-houses with verandahs, billiard rooms, Japanese tea houses, aviaries and beach-bathing huts to its product range. It also built caravans. Clients were invited to discuss modifications to standard housing designs. Three straightforward up-grades were promoted: the substitution of corrugated iron for weather boards (surcharge of 15%); an option to line inside walls with poilite fireproof sheets; and, with foresight, a plan to convert its popular coach house and stables

into a garage for two motor cars. Examples from the press give the typical dimensions and costs of standardised units. Since World War II, most firstphase plotland dwellings have been greatly transformed. Recently, the last of the original timberframed (and bramble-covered) bungalows have been demolished and the sites reclaimed. Meanwhile, Spelthorne Borough Council has tailored policies to guide development and protect the iconic character of local plotland landscapes. If you live on a plotland, Molesey Matters would love to hear from you [I acknowledge the assistance of Chris and Joan Gardam who provided the catalogue for W.Gardam & Sons Ltd]

By Robert Gant


The Elmbridge Coat of Arms What is it’s Meaning?

The Shield concentrates on the theme of Elmbridge in Surrey, composed of two authorities. It is divided by an inverted V, suggested by the d'Abernon chevron in the Esher arms, into blue and gold - the livery colours of the de Warenne Earls off Surrey, the Surrey County Council, and both the constituent Councils. On the blue portions are two white sprigs of oak, depicted very much as they are in the Surrey Council arms, signifying two Surrey authorities On the gold portion is the main content off the shield, an elm on a bridge over water, epitomising the new Borough's name. This is the name off the ancient Hundred of Elmbridge which covered a large area off this hi part off Surrey. S (The (Th Hundred of Elmbridge is also represented by an elm tree in the arms of the former Borough of Surbiton, now incorporated in Kingston upon Thames.) The bridge is not intended for any particular one of those in the Borough; it has two arches symbolising the union of two authorities and stands over four waves representing the rivers Thames, Mole, Wey and Ember, alternately blue and white. Above the shield is the closed helm proper to civic arms, with its twisted crest-wreath and mantling in the basic colours of the shield, blue and gold. On the wreath stands the crest. At the base is the gold Saxon crown from the crest of Walton and Weybridge, recalling the Saxon Hundred of Elmbridge, whose Moot was held at the bridge over the Mole. In the crown is a mound representing Esher Common, on which stands the white griffin from the Esher arms, derived from the arms of Evelyn of Wotton, Cardinal Wolsey and Heed of Oatlands. He holds aloft a forked pennon showing on a blue field a nine pointed star symbolising the


union of nine civil parishes in the new Borough. The star is gold, harmonising with the basic colour scheme. The T Supporters ccombine the white eeagle from the Esher shield and the E red one from that of Walton W and Weybridge. In the W fformer, it is taken from the arms of fr Merton Priory, large M laandowners in Moleesey for four centuries; in the latter it is a reference to the Roman associations R oof the area and in pparticular to Caesar's Camp and C thhe legendary atteempt of Caesar to ccross the Thames at Cowey Sales. C These eagles are T sshown perched on ssprigs of elm, each with i h two lleaves ffor the h two areas of Elmbridge, and in- the 'beak of each is the Tudor rose from the Walton and Weybridge arms, a reference to many links with that era, including Oatlands, Ashley Park and Wayneflete Tower. The Badge is a separate emblem, usually related to the arms, but not placed on a shield. The badge of Surrey County Council, for example, is a disc parted blue and black, like the shield and combining King Edward's crown and the acorn badge, also from the shield. It has many special uses, including that of an Elmbridge community emblem in this case, which can be displayed by local organisations, whereas the arms are the exclusive property of the Council. Elmbridge's badge is a simple oval of gold with the Elmbridge motif from the shield. Motto: "Dum Defluant Amnes"' : "Till the rivers cease to flow." The Coat of Arms and description are reproduced with the kind permission of Elmbridge Borough Council

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Bushy Park

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The Mitre Hotel, Hampton Court , Hampton Court Road, Hampton Court , Surrey, KT8 9BN

100th Anniversary - First Tank vs Tank Battle The Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux 24 to 25 April 1918 The British had pioneered the use of ‘landships’ and in September 1916 the first tanks had taken part in the battle of the Somme. Initially used piecemeal it was eventually conceded that they had greater potential used en masse in support of infantry. At the Battle of Cambrai in November 1917 over three hundred tanks were used to smash their way through parts of the Hindenberg Line. Bells were rung back in Britain but the success was to be short lived as the infantry failed to maintain the ground that had been won.

who deployed fourteen of their twenty A7Vs and for the first tank-versus-tank battle in history. The tank battle occurred when three advancing A7Vs met and engaged three

A7V tank at Roye, 21 March 1918

MOUSE A British Mark IV

Perhaps surprisingly the German Army didn't really seem that interested in the tank as a weapon. They soon realised its shortcomings and adapted artillery to act as anti-tank weapons. However they did try using some captured British machines and developed a beast of a machine called the A7V. At 38 tons and with a crew of 18 it almost represented a mobile blockhouse rather than a fighting machine in its own right. Only 20 were ever built. The Second Battle of Villers-Bretonneux took place from 24 to 25 April 1918, during the German Spring Offensive, against the Allied lines to the east of Amiens. It is notable for the first major use of tanks by the Germans, To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

British Mark IV tanks, two of which were female tanks armed only with machine-guns. The two Mark IV females were damaged and forced to withdraw but the male tank, armed with 6-pounder guns, hit and disabled the lead A7V, which was then abandoned by its crew. The Mark IV continued to fire on the two remaining German A7Vs, which withdrew. The "male" then advanced with the support of several Whippet light tanks which had arrived, until disabled by artillery fire and abandoned by the crew. The German and British crews recovered their vehicles later in the day. A counter-attack by two Australian and one British brigade during the night of 24 April partly surrounded Villers-Bretonneux and on 25 April the town was recaptured. Australian, British and French troops restored the original front line by 27 April. Source: Wiki/Various


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Declutter your Life It’s that time of year when we get the urge to Spring Clean If you can’t lay your hands on items you need because they’re buried under piles of junk; if you’re constantly moving items from one pile to a new ‘temporary’ pile; if you find yourself thinking, “I can’t throw this aaway, it might ccome in useful oone day,” you’re pprobably a clutter --victim. C Californian bloggger Dave Bruno wrote The 100 w Thing Challenge. He set himself a H year-long experimental task of reducing his belongings to 100 items. Although it started as a challenge he actually chose to keep living by his new rules afterwards, saying he prefers the simplicity. It would be tough for most of us to emulate Bruno exactly, but he has a point. Most of us probably put far too much time, effort and money into acquiring, keeping and storing possessions, and sometimes it’s good to let go.

rary box to house items which really belong in another room. As each room is sorted those items can be replaced, and other misplaced items can be housed there while the de-cluttering process continues. Replace everything that remains - The maxim ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is a good one. Keep small items in clear plastic boxes and store them in cupboards or wardrobes. When you’re done instigate a ‘one thing in: one thing out’ rule. It will make you think twice about acquiring something if you know something else must go. Finally, once a week, take two bags and go through your home. One bag is for rubbish, the other for items in the wrong place. When you’ve finished throw the rubbish away and replace the misplaced items. Follow these small steps and you too can de-clutter your life.

If you’re ready to de-clutter, then we have a few simple tips. If you feel you need help, there are experts in de-cluttering who will guide you through the process of letting go. De-cluttering Tips Deal with one room at a time the task will seem less daunting. Stick with that room until it’s finished. Choose a nice day - Take the room contents outside. Psychologically it’s easier to sort and let go if you’re one step removed. It’s also less likely that the clutter will make it back inside. Sort everything into three piles - Label them dump, donate and keep. Be realistic: if the item in question hasn’t been used for over a year it is unlikely you will ever use it. Deal with the dump and donate piles - Do this before anything comes back into the house. It’s much harder to mess up your good work if the stuff is physically gone. Sort and label - Place the remaining items in clearly labelled boxes. Make sure there is one tempo-


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Find yo

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invisalign open day

Monday 23th April 4 - 8pm

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020 8941 6999

We All Love Molesey! This Easter, people from churches across Molesey just want to show Molesey some love. We have set ourselves a target of 1,000 hours of serving and we are going to do our very best to hit that target. Between 18th March and the 15th April there are going to be lots of different projects running which you can sign up to be involved in. Most will be really easy and just require some elbow grease. We’ll be doing litter picks and car washing, running tea parties for the elderly… And lots of other things besides. Please sign up to be involved – you’ll be really welcome! Please go to the website. April Events and Projects • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Community Lunch at St Pauls Church - Tuesday 3rd April 12.30pm Seniors Tea at the Refresh Church - Tuesday 3rd April 2.00pm to 4.00pm Visiting Folks in The Summers Care Home - Wed 4th April 10.30pm to 12.30pm Serve Breakfast for the Foodbank and it’s Volunteers - Thurs 5th April 9.30am 11.30am Splodge Children's Holiday Club at Molesey Methodist Church - Thurs 5th April 10.30am to 12.00pm The Molesey Centre Garden Project - Sat 7th April 9.30am Chandlers Field School Gardening and Painting - Sat 7th April 10.00am to 4.00pm Tea Party for the Elderly and Isolated - Sun 8th April 3.00pm to 5.00pm Free CV and Interview Skills Workshop Refresh Centre - Sun 8th April 5-7pm Community Meal St Peter’s Church - Wed 11th April 5.30pm to 7.30pm Serve Breakfast for the Foodbank and it’s Volunteers - Thurs 12th April 9.30am 11.30am Baby Hamper for Surestart Centre Clients - Fri 13th April 3.00pm Thames Towpath History Walk - Fri 13th April 5.00pm to 7.00pm Princess Alice Hospice - Community Hub Volunteering Thurs 19th and 26th April 9.30am to 12.30pm

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The countdown to the carnival has begun! At the time of writing there are just 12 weeks until Mr Mole comes out of hibernation, to lead the Float Parade along Walton Road once again. What is the Molesey Carnival all about? We thought it would be helpful to give you some background, for those residents and businesses that may be new to the area. Back in 1977, to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, two local people had the same idea to hold a community event to both celebrate that event, but to also provide an opportunity

f the for th llocall S Scoutt groups tto raise i some much h needed funds. Clive Kirk, our chairman for over 35 years, and the late Peggy Cutler, another founding member and long-serving secretary, put on the first Carnival (in its current form) and it proved to be a very successful day – so much so that they were asked by many attendees and participants to repeat it the following year. And so the Molesey Carnival was born. 41 years later it is still going strong, including many more local clubs, charities and schools as well as the Scouting and Guiding groups, and has proved to be a huge fundraising event for many organisations over the years. The principles of the first event are the same today: it is a not-for-profit event, with any money raised on the day by the Carnival Committee going towards the funding of the next year’s event. We exist in order to give the many charities and community groups a platform to raise much needed funds, and awareness. What makes the Molesey Carnival really special, and more than just a local fair, is the float parade, which travels down the Walton Road to West Molesey Recreation Ground. On the field you will find a number of local charities, clubs and schools with stalls – they could be selling cakes, plants, or offering fun games and raffles for the To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

family to enjoy. In the main arena there is a main entertainment event (more on that in next month’s issue of Molesey Matters) and fun rides and games for children and adults to enjoy. So if you have never attended the Molesey Carnival before, or if you are coming for the 42nd year, we look forward to welcoming you on

Saturday 9th June.

Floats The float parade is open to everyone – schools and clubs, as well as commercial businesses. So if you are a local business and you would like to promote your business, the float parade is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. It costs just £2 to enter a pedestrian float or £12 for a mechanised float (car, truck, lorry). The deadline for float entries is Friday 20th April. Go to the Molesey Carnival website to download your entry form now! Stalls We welcome stalls from any clubs, charities and schools. It’s an excellent opportunity to raise money for your organisation, and tell the community about what you do. If you would like to enter a stall in this years Carnival please download your entry form and submit it by Friday 20th April. Carnival Princess The Carnival Princess competition is run independently of the Carnival Organising Team, by local people who have been involved in the Carnival for many years. In years past, the competition has been held mid-May, at the Conservative Club on Walton Road. We will put out a notification once we have the date and venue confirmed. Watch out on Facebook for information! Volunteers Finally, this is a call out for some volunteers to help us on Carnival Day, Saturday 9th June. We have lots of jobs that we need help with on the day, including:

• • •

Marshalls to walk with the parade Helpers to run stalls

Help in setting up/breaking down the arena/committee tents If you are interested in helping with Molesey Carnival this year, please contact us by sending an email directly to Our website: Social Media:


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Crossword 1







7 8 9 10 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 24




Solution on Page 45 5



13 14











Take away from (8) Grows old (4) Small dash between words (6) Mystery, conundrum (6) Disappoint, fail to satisfy (3,4) Toy bear (5) Coniferous tree (5) Ill-prepared, off guard (7) In danger (2, 4) Enclosed by (6) Type of sound system (2-2) Had faith in (6, 2)

1 Compulsory task (4) Down 5 Blind with light (6) 14 Clever-clogs (4-3) 2 Inscribed in metal (6) 6 Quiet and sheltered from 16 Sour, astringent (6) view (8) 3 Beautiful nocturnal bird 18 Respect and admiration (6) (4, 3) 12 Uses mains power By or thea Molesey 20Local StoneHistory edge toSociety a path (4) battery (8) 4 Cease (4) 22 Chemical symbol is Fe (4)


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The Ember Players Present………. With summer almost here, lots of Surrey brides will be gearing up for their big day. Months of menu planning, guest list grappling, colour scheming and general preening are almost over. Choice of venue is the first, and most vexed, question on most happy couple`s list. An affable parson in an idyllic country church? A registrar presiding in the orangery of a grand stately home? A rabbi tying your knot under a canopy beneath the stars? Or perhaps your tastes are more exotic. A Las Vegas chapel of love, for instance - with your very own Elvis, top lip a-quiver, taking you through the vows with a chorus or two “Love Me Tender”. There an average of 115,000 weddings a year in Sin City and the King of Rock (or somebody startlingly like him) can be drafted in to help launch you on the road to matrimonial bliss in a Blue Hawaiian chapel (with optional Hula Hula girls), a DooWop Diner with a 50`s juke box and soda fountains – or, for a few hundred dollars extra, give you the ‘Pink Caddy` experience in which he drives you down the aisle in a`64 convertible. The Ember Players are taking

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the lid off the whole scene in their 2018 spring production “Four Weddings and an Elvis” by Nancy Frick at Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton on Thames, from Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th May. “The play follows three weddings,” says the director, local filmmaker Neil Armstrong. “And there`s certainly nothing understated about them! Bev and Stan are tying the knot live on the internet to exact public revenge on their ex partners; Vanessa and Bryce are two ageing stars, desperate for publicity to revive their flagging careers – and mild-mannered postal worker Martin is marrying an uncouth, tattooed punk called Fiona who has just been released after serving a jail sentence for attempted robbery and needs to find a husband before the cops come knocking again.” And just when you think nothing can get any stranger, everything takes an hilarious final turn for the even worse! To book a front row pew, ring 07752-655087 or visit Tickets are £13. Picture shows: Rebecca Hack, Steve Clunn and Jonathan Clark Picture by: Roy Morris. Further information from: Nick Handel, Publicity Officer, The Ember Players

020-8398-2789 or mobile 07742-139004. A comedy treat for everyone. Or call Paul on 07946 494288


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It’s Hay Fever Time Again By Louise Addison

Hayfever is on the increase, says the British Allergy Foundation. The most likely explanation for this is that summer is starting earlier and pollution is rising. Pollution traps pollen in the atmosphere and holds it there. As a result we’re all being exposed to many more allergens, particularly those off us who live in towns in cities. No wonder we’re all sneezing. The body’s immune system is a wonderful creation. It responds to nasty substances such as viruses and bacteria by generating special antibodies which help to neutralise them. These helpful antibodies are actually large protein molecules of a category known as IGG. Unfortunately, there is another set of antibodies from a category known as IGE. These are less helpful because they tend to over react to allergens, which are harmless materials such as grass pollen.

Susceptibility does have a genetic basis. However, scientists also know that the immune system develops very early so early eexposure to an allergen may aaffect the development and number of immune cells n present, so later in life an p aallergic response to a particular allergen is more p llikely. W can’t yet reduce the We number of IGE cells in a body n but a few years ago scientists b discovered that IGG and IGE d molecules have different m structures and bind differently tto mast cells. Thus new medications are now being m developed with the ability to d disable the IGE and stop it binding to mast cells in the first place. In the future we may be able to relieve the misery of hayfever altogether. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Current Treatments

The problem lies with our mast cells. These are cells choc full of histamine and other substances capable of producing inflammation. The IGE molecules cling to the mast cells and when an allergen enters the body it sticks to the IGE-coated mast cells and triggers them to explode, whereupon they release all their histamine and cause an inflammatory response.

Anti-histamine tablets Impede the Walton Road, Don’t Forget!! body’s immune response so preventing symptoms.

Nasal Sprays Work directly on the affected area and leave the rest of the immune system alone. Injections Offer long term protection but are only used in severe cases because of their ongoing nature.

Some of us have high levels of IGE in our bodies and some of us don’t. Those with high IGE levels are more susceptible to allergies. In the case of hayfever it triggers runny noses and itchy eyes, but it can also trigger asthma if the response occurs in the airways and eczema if it occurs in the skin. To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

REMEMBER - Do not wait until symptoms start. Ideally begin to take medication 3-4 weeks before the start of the hayfever season.


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Friends of Fleetside Update The bulbs we have planted over the last 3years are making a spectacular sight all around Fleetside and the banks along Pool

Road. The heart made out of snowdrops and daffodils as you enter Fleetside were planted 3 years ago by our founder member to commemorate her birthday which is on St.

Valentine’s Day. How appropriate to have it looking so magnificent for the project Love Molesey, we also have a smiley face in daffodils. Thanks to the M.R.A. for supplying them, all the other bulbs around Molesey that are making a super display this year and it’s nice to know we are giving such pleasure to so many people. Friends of Fleetside have cleared all the undergrowth and dead trees by the new seat so we now have a clear view of the river To advertise email


which is a peaceful place to rest after a long dog walk. The Elmbridge Borough Countryside Team have cut back the bigger trees and bought their tractor up to clear the dense undergrowth which has helped us a lot. This will enable us to take the path to the end where the Dead River meets the Mole and also place a seat there too. A new bin is now in place in the alleyway in Fleet Close. Thank you to the MRA for their support with this. We had a very successful litter pick on Molesey Heath well attended by young and more mature volunteers. In just over an hour we collected 15 bags of rubbish. If you see any litter please put it in a bin or take it home to dispose of, let’s all love Molesey and try to keep Molesey litter free. Our fruit trees are in bud and we look forward to picking fruit later in the year. We have more projects planned throughout the year if you would like to join our friendly team, don't be shy just turn up we meet once a month for about an hour, do our good deed then have tea, coffee and cake. For more details email

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We Specialise in: Extending the life of old Roofs Felt and GRP Flat Roofs New Roofs Leak Repairs Tiling & Slating UPVC Guttering Roof Consulting We are a small Family run company who can help with all roofing work and specialise in repairs. Call us for a free estimate or advice

0208 241 80 90 find more info at our website

2 Meredith Court, 8 Victoria Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 3DR

Urban Wildlife Garden

You don’t need to live in the country to enjoy wildlife A Blog by Molesey Resident - Della Reynolds Following the cold snap in March when the temperature fell below zero for three or four nights in a row, I found a dead mouse in the shed. There were cardboard boxes and other insulating materials available but what this mouse really needed was some other mice to snuggle up to when the cold winds blew. A metaphor for life perhaps? I’ve noticed that since his demise the bird seed spilt on the ground is still lying there the next day so I’m wondering whether this was the only mouse occupying my shed and what happened to all the others. I know that one of the garden mice had made his way into the house and was living in my under stairs cupboard. He would come out at night and ferret away in my kitchen units leaving little calling cards at every location. I found him one morning in my top kitchen cupboard, the one I keep the cereal and porridge in. He’d got himself trapped inside and tried to chew his way out by taking tiny chunks off the Ikea door. I thought I had him this time and would catch him easily but as I emptied the shelff he leapt over my head to safety. I know this may sound crazy but I started to put seed out for him and the occasional grape. My reasoning was that if he could find food easily he would leave my cupboards alone and stop chewing up my tea towels. Sometimes, late at night, when the TV was switched off, I would hear the gentle gnawing of seeds as he sat by the bowl. He had his own little routes round the house, dipping behind baskets and other household objects in order to avoid exposure. He really didn’t need to worry as my elderly cat Sooty would not move from the chair even if he danced a jig in the middle of the room. And so it went on, month after month, I would put a few seeds out in a bowl before I went Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


to bed and in the morning they would be gone. I hardly ever saw the mouse and didn’t bother trying to catch it, deciding that I would evict it back into the garden when the weather got warmer. Then, unexpectedly, I saw the cheeky devil walking, no waddling across the dining room floor looking for food in his usual place. When he found the spot bereft he wandered over to the cat bowl and started to eat Sooty’s dried biscuits. This was in the middle of the afternoon and he was bold as brass, not even taking his usual circuitous route to avoid detection. Given the size of him I decided to cut his rations in order to bring him back to a reasonable fighting weight so he could survive in the wild. I didn’t feed him for a few days, assuming he probably had a stock pile somewhere in the back of the cupboard. Then this morning when I lifted out the hoover to clean up I found his dead body. He has obviously been there for a few days (bit bbehind with the ccleaning rota) as hhe looked dehyddrated, though sstill a little chubbby. I wondered whether he had w ggot his fat little bbody stuck under thhe hoover and I hhad somehow kkilled him with kkindness. Henry thhe hoover, who aafter all had been cconcealing the bbody, was the pprimary suspect bbut refused to ccooperate. Desspite the lack of conclusive evidence I applied sanctions to him by removing his attachments. I also expelled the floor mop for smirking. You can’t be too careful. So, now that house and garden are rodent free I can carry out a spring clean knowing that my efforts will not be thwarted by tiny teeth, paws and poop. It will be much easier to live in a mouse free zone but I have to admit, I miss the little fella already.

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Helping Me Stay in the Home I love When my health started to deteriorate, I hid it from my family. I didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t cope on my own; I was worried about being taken away from my home. My daughter soon noticed. She was worried about my health and wanted the reassurance that I was going to be safe. I’d never considered that someone could live in my home with me. It seemed like a sensible solution. Someone would be with me all day and I would be able to stay in my home, where I feel safest. I met my carer, Anna, and she is now a part of my family and home. She takes care of the jobs I can’t quite manage, as well as helping me throughout the day when I struggle with my own needs. Now, when my daughter visits she is more relaxed. She can see my home is back to its former glory and has told me that I seem happier and healthier. We can enjoy our time together without worrying about what will happen when she leaves. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with receiving care in a familiar environment, Promedica24’s live-in care provides an attractive and affordable alternative to residential care. Individuals benefit from the full attention of their carer, who are matched based on personality, interests and needs. For more information about live-in care services in the North Surrey area, call Tibor on 01784 818189 or 07435 859088 or visit

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1st Molesey Sea Scouts Update

Andrew Duncan Activity Centre Scouts in Molesey are working with Surrey Search & Rescue (SurSAR) to build a community water activity centre and SurSAR training facility at Hurst Park. Both SurSAR and the Scout Group believe that young people growing up in Molesey’s riverside community should understand how to use the river safely and that opportunities to get afloat should be readily available, including for those with disabilities and additional needs. A stronger emphasis on the education of water-safety is required in Elmbridge, particularly after recent tragic events. Consultation with the Environment Agency has led to a scheme that everybody can get behind. The facility: Has no impact on the flood-plain Adds to and extends the biodiversity of Hurst Park (backed by Surrey Wildlife Trust) Is single storey, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing

for Surrey’s leading lifesaving charity. It gives Surrey Search & Rescue secure storage for their rescue equipment, ensuring they can continue their lifesaving work across Surrey. If approved, the new facility will provide:

Increased opportunities for young people in Molesey to get outdoors and experience the river in a safe and friendly environment.

A dedicated training facility for Surrey Search & Rescue and secure storage for their rescue equipment, ensuring they can continue their lifesaving work across Surrey.

Fully accessible and open to all – activities for those with disabilities and additional needs.

Improvements to flood resilience and biodiversity of Hurst Park.

Aesthetically pleasing and sensitive to the environment – eco-friendly green roof.

Natural England has confirmed that the development is not likely to significantly affect interest features for which they are notified.

• and sympathetic to its surroundings Molesey Sea Scouts has been without a waterside facility since the late 1990s after being evicted for gravel extraction by Thames Water at their site in the waterworks on Hurst Road. This site has since been restored to a wetland nature reserve and so it’s not possible to return. At present, hardworking volunteers spend up to two hours just transporting equipment to and from the river for activities. This facility will offer more places for Beavers, Cubs & Scouts in Molesey and ensure that opportunities to get afloat are readily available for all. The facility will also be dedicated training facility Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

10 new trees at Hurst Park - the scheme is sound in arboricultural terms and the long term well-being of the retained trees can be safeguarded in a sustainable manner.

Surrey Wildlife Trust surveyed the site three times – all recommendations are included.

An increased number of opportunities for volunteering in Molesey, both in Scouting and with SurSAR. Please support planning application 2018/0312 and make this outstanding piece community infrastructure a reality. 43

Recipe of The Month Hot Cross Buns

Home made hot cross buns are heavenly Preparation time: 40 mins Cooking time: 20 mins - 25 mins Makes 12 buns Ingredients Zest and juice 1 large orange Sunflower oil for greasing For the dough and crosses 225ml semi-skimmed milk 50g unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing 1 large egg 450g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting 2 tsp fast-action yeast 50g golden caster sugar For the flavouring, crosses and glaze 200g raisins 1 tsp ground cinnamon 4 tbsp golden caster sugar 100g plain flour Method To make the dough: Heat the milk in a pan until hot but not boiling. Remove from the heat. Add the butter stir until melted. When the liquid has cooled to tepid, beat in the egg and half the orange zest. Mix the strong flour, yeast, 1/2-1 tsp salt (depending on taste) and the sugar in a large bowl. Pour in the liquid and stir to make a soft dough. Knead the dough for 5-10 mins on a floured surface until smooth and elastic. (you can use a mixer with a dough attachment if you have one). Oil a large bowl and place the kneaded dough inside it, then cover with oiled cling film. Leave in a warm place for about 1 hr or until the dough has doubled in size. Place the raisins and half the orange juice in a To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

small pan and simmer gently for a few minutes. Allow to cool completely. Mix the cinnamon with 2 tbsp sugar and the remaining zest. Turn the risen dough onto a floured surface and press it out to a large rectangle, a little bigger than A4 paper size. Scatter it evenly with the drained raisins, aand cinnamon-sugar mix. Roll the dough around the R ffilling, then knead it well ffor a few mins until the ffruit and spices are evenly sspread. G Grease and line a large baking sheet with baking b parchment. Divide the p dough into 12 equal pieces. d Shape each piece into a S bun making the top as b smooth as possible. Place the buns, smoothside up, on the baking sheet, leaving room for rising. Cover loosely with oiled cling film and leave in a warm place for 30-45 mins or until the dough has risen and doesn’t spring back quickly when prodded gently. Meanwhile preheat oven to 190C/170C fan/ gas 5. Make the paste for the crosses by gradually stirring 6-7 tbsp water into the plain flour to make a smooth, thick paste, then put in an icing bag or small plastic food bag then snip off the corner to about 5mm. Pipe the crosses, then bake for 20-25 mins until the buns are risen and dark golden brown. Mix the remaining orange juice with the remaining sugar and let it dissolve. Brush the syrup over the buns while they are still hot, then leave to cool. Eat on the day of baking or serve toasted the next day. 44

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May 2018 Issues Closing on 17th April

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Solution to April Quick Crossword

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Garden View

This Month - Plant a Butterfly Garden Fascinating fact…Winston Churchill loved butterflies so much he had a garden designed specifically to attract them. His family home was the beautiful Chartwell, but you really don’t need a grand estate to attract butterflies because they will happily flock to the tiniest plot if the planting is right. When planting for butterflies we need to consider their life-cycle, and of course they start life as caterpillars. Butterflies choose to lay their eggs where there is a good food supply for their hungry offspring. A patch of nettles in a sunny spot is all you need to attract the red admiral, the small tortoiseshell, the painted lady and the peacock. IIf you want the common blue (though m sadly these are not tthat common now) plant some birdsfoot p ttrefoil, also known as llady’s fingers and properly named lotus corniculatus. A packet of sweet rocket seeds (hesperis matronalis) is a good investment. One pack produces flowers in all shades of lilac. They have a sweet scent, which is more powerful in the evening, and as a bonus they attract the orange tip butterfly. So, having satiated the caterpillars, we need to address the feeding requirements of the adult butterfly. The most famous butterfly-attracting plant is probably Buddleia davidii, hence its other name, the butterfly bush. It grows well in most soils but needs to be pruned back hard every year so the flowers, and hence the butterflies, are kept at eye level. Don’t worry too much if you know very little about pruning, Buddleias are hard to kill! Sedum spectabile must be one of the easiest plants ever to grow and even thrives in my poor soil. Its dusky pink flowers are always Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


smothered in butterflies and bees when they open in late summer. Caryopteris clandonensis, or to use its more romantic name, blue mist spirea is also a wonderful butterfly magnet and very easy to grow. You can now buy packets of wild flower seeds and butterfly mixes. Try some among your borders and you’ll be rewarded with fluttering, jewel-like visitors all summer. Butterfly Essentials Sunshine - plant butterfly-attracting plants in the sunniest spots Shelter - the site needs to be out of the wind Roosting spots - Butterflies need somewhere to sleep. They prefer to be high so plant climbers like honeysuckles and clematis. Nettles and wildflowers - if space is at a premium try growing them in pots. It works really well.

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NEWS FROM THE MOLESEY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Road Surfaces in Molesey As residents will know only too well, road surfaces throughout Molesey are continuing to deteriorate at an alarming rate, with Buckingham Avenue, Berkeley Drive, Boleyn Drive and The Crescent being among the worst affected. We are continuing to raise these concerns with Surrey County Council (SCC), but they say the Council’s finances are so bad that SCC has had to cut its road repairs programme yet again, saying it will give priority to those road defects which present the highest safety risk. We will continue to press SCC for action, and would also encourage residents to report any defects they notice. SCC prefers reports to be made online, but if you are reporting an emergency, or an issue that seems dangerous, then it is best to call SCC’s contact centre on 0300 200 1003.

Thames Court and the towpath; and the provision of a Petanque/Boules facility, which would be managed by a newly formed local club. Funding for both measures has now been provisionally approved by the Council, subject to formal agreement by the its Local Community Infrastructure Board, which was due to meet on 19 March. Elmbridge Business Grant The Elmbridge Civic Improvement Fund can support local businesses with up to 90% funding for projects that support business growth and the local economy. Funding can be provided, for example, for shop fronts and signage, marketing and promotion, town centre events and streetscape improvements. For more information phone Elmbridge Council on 01372 474216, or email

Walton Road Recycling Bins There have been ongoing difficulties with the emptying of some of the recycling bins in the Walton Road car park. They are regularly full, with rubbish piling up next to them, and we have been pressing Elmbridge Council for some time to require the contractors to empty them more frequently. The position is complicated by the fact that only the mixed recycling bins are emptied by the contractors who collect the household rubbish and recycling material. The other bins, for clothes, cartons etc, are emptied by different contractors. The Council has now agreed to review the arrangements under which all these bins are emptied, and we hope this will lead to a marked improvement soon. Improved Facilities at Hurst Park We have been trying to secure Elmbridge Council funding for two improvements which the Hurst Park Residents Association has been seeking for some time: refurbishment of the worn out footpath between To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

St Alban’s Catholic Primary School, Beauchamp Road, East Molesey Surrey KT8 2PG www. 49

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Dominic Raab Our Local MP

This month, I held a public meeting at St. Lawrence Junior School in East Molesey ahead of the local elections in May. These meetings are a valuable lo oopportunity for me to listen to local concerns, so I ccan take them up to Westminster to fight your ccorner. I spoke to a packed hall of residents. I began by eexplaining the increase in local schools funding, and thhe importance of securing local guarantees on noise aand air quality in the context of the expansion of Heathrow. I also set out the positive economic start H too 2018. We’ve had stronger economic growth than forecast, and unemployment is the lowest in 30 years. Critically, wages are set to start increasing faster than inflation – good news for easing cost of living pressures, particularly for those on low and middle incomes. Next, I gave an update on the solid progress the government is making on Brexit. After that, I took questions from the audience for an hour and addressed local topics, including traveller incursions and the latest news on the Heathside Walton Free School which will serve children and parents in Molesey. On traveller incursions, last September, I organised a meeting with local representatives from Surrey Police and Elmbridge Borough Council, where we discussed measures to make it easier to remove those who attempt illegal incursions. On Heathside Walton Free School, the school’s application has been approved, and they are currently getting ready to consult local residents near their proposed site at the junction of Terrace Road and Waterside Drive. The school is scheduled to open in 2020 with a first intake of 150 pupils. Once at full capacity, it will teach 900 pupils. I know pressure on school places is a key local concern. This new school, in conjunction with the new National Funding Formula, which will mean an extra £2.7 million a year for our schools in Elmbridge, is a real local win for parents. Finally, I work on behalf of Molesey residents with a terrific local team. In particular, Steve Bax and Paul Wood will be standing as candidates for East Molesey and West Molesey respectively on 3 May for local elections to Elmbridge Borough Council. A vote for them will strengthen your voice and our Molesey team. Best wishes,

MP for Esher & Walton


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Events Coming Up Some we like...

The Decorative Art of Ballet is the subject for the April meeting of Molesey and District Antiques Society. The art and history lecturer Pat Mitchinson will trace the subject from the court of Louis XIV to the world of classical ballet today. Her talk is at the Molesey Community Centre on Bishop Fox Way in West Molesey KT8 2AS on Tuesday April 3rd starting at 8p.m.Members free, guests £7. Kingston and District Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance meet on the last Tuesday every month except July and August, and December when we organise a Xmas lunch. In addition to our main interest of keeping in touch with local and national issues affecting pensioners, we arrange a variety of speakers to entertain us on lighter subjects, such as 24th April Round the World on a recumbent bicycle, 29th May A Quiz and 26th June a slide show on Central America. Venue: Marion House, Girl Guides Hut, Tadworth Avenue, New Malden, KT3 6DJ, from 2pm to 4.15pm. Contact for further information: Mrs Brenda Denby, 55, The Woodlands, Esher, KT10 8BZ, tel 0208 398 6054, email Small car park at rear and venue on public transport routes. DAYTIME SINGING OPEN SESSIONS April 25th and May 2nd. Your local women’s singing group invites you to drop in and get the flavour of our friendly sessions. Enthusiasm is even more important than experience! We sing a variety of songs, from Mozart to musicals, and we meet on Wednesdays 11.30 to 1.30 at the Molesey Adult Education Centre. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome. Please call 07726 788339. 100 years of the RAF.A concert by the Band of the Middlesex Yeomanry to mark the Centenary of the RAF to mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. the programme will include the Dam Busters, Aces High, the Spitfire Prelude and much more. 14.30 tickets £10 including programme and refreshments. The White House, 45, The Avenue, Hampton, Middlesex TW12 3RN Sun 22 Apr 2018 Contact telephone: 020 8941 1227 Twenty20 Community Cricket Camps Not for profit Community Cricket Camps for 5-15 year olds, boys & girls, all abilities. Pre-season preparation course including hard ball nets for those hard ball able and match practice for all Standard day 9.30am-4.30pm, Extended day 8.30am-5.30pm. Prices from £36 per day, discount for full week bookings & siblings Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club, Bushy Park, Hampton Wick, Surrey KT1 4AZ Mon 9 Apr 2018 to Fri 13 Apr 2018 Contact telephone: 03455 20 20 29 Hampton Court Palace - Open Garden for NGS Take the opportunity to join 2 special NGS private tours, after the wonderful historic gardens have closed to the public. Spring Walk around the Garden 19th April 2018 and Mid-Summer abundance 12th July 2018 in the wonderful gardens of Hampton Court Palace. Evening opening Thur 19 Apr, Thur 12 July (6-8). Admission £12, Children free. Pre-booking essential, please visit or phone 01483 211535 for information & booking. Wine. Times:18:00 to 20:00. Open for charity. Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey, London KT8 9AU Walton on Thames Flavours of the World Market. Before the supermarkets, before the internet; the marketplace was where traders would introduce their world to the world. Traders, who had sailed the seas, discovering lands and cultures, would gather the culinary and material treasures they harboured and bring them to market to showcase to their native countrymen. The market was a place of cultural learning and discovery. Savoir Fayre continues this tradition, selectively inviting traders who exhibit the range of wears, cultural and historic knowledge and authenticity that they hold precious to the market as a cultural institution. free 9am-5pm The heart Shopping centre, New Zealand avenue, Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 1AD Thu 19 Apr 2018Contact telephone: 07977567726 To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288


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An exceptionally friendly school, offering a stimulating and positive environment, where pupils are encouraged to fulfil their potential. We offer an extensive coach service covering the surrounding area and the School is a short walk from Shepperton mainline station.


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Molesey Matters April 2018  

The only dedicated local community magazine for both East and West Molesey

Molesey Matters April 2018  

The only dedicated local community magazine for both East and West Molesey