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May 2017

Issue 67 Serving Shepperton and Laleham


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There have been a lot of dramas in the community lately. We heard about the threats to the Shepperton Health Centre after we went to press last month. It has made national news and the story may well have been the catalyst for pressure on NHS properties to review their outrageous rent increases on surgeries throughout the country. Keep protesting and battling but most importantly keep giving support to our fantastic facility in Shepperton. We were also sad to hear that the last bank on the High Street is closing in October. Thank goodness for the Post Office! This months cover and the article on p21 must bring back memories. The Shepperton Fair is only a few

May 2017 weeks away. Have you entered the raft race? With a theme of Pirates and Princesses it surely has to be done! There are still stalls available and we would love to hear from any potential sponsors. It is such an important event in our community and is totally self funding.

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Village Matters Ltd Advertising / Editorial : Monica Chard Telephone: 07979 808991 Email: Shepperton Matters is a member of the Village Card scheme Front Cover: The Great Nauticalia raft race 2011 Photo by Martin Gammon. Please send any hi res photos for consideration for covers to Please ‘like’ us on Facebook. www.facebook/ Sunbury&SheppertonMatters

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Feeding Sunbury & Shepperton By Nick Pollard Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society presented an exhibit at the recent Surrey Local History Conference, which had the theme of ‘Feeding Surrey’. We were very pleased to be presented with the Gravett Award for the best display. Ours featured food production over the years in this area, and this article is based on the part of our display relating to market gardening. A market garden produces a steady supply of fruit, vegetables and flowers throughout the local growing season, as ‘cash crops’, mostly for sale at market. They were called ‘gardens’ not because of their size, but because farmers traditionally referred to their vegetable plots as gardens. As the population A view of the ‘French Nursery’ at Upper Halliford, looking south towards the River Ash, just beyond the hedge. Glass expanded in the 19th century, the need cold frames were placed over manured beds to grow lettuces for food naturally grew too. Gradually etc. The narrow gauge railway tracks can be seen at left. farmers became horticulturalists, and Squire’s Garden centre now occupies this site farms became market gardens, nurseries and orchards. From 1864 when the rail- produce around. Overhead watering develway came to Sunbury and Shepperton, it oped by British Overhead Irrigation, based enabled market gardeners in the area to round the corner at Halliford Green, was deliver daily to the London markets. Agricul- widely used in dry spells. tural labour was the largest employment Despite the threat of gravel raising and other sector locally, providing work for locals as development, we can still see market gardenwell as seasonal workers from other parts of ing carried on today, such as at Watersplash Britain and abroad. As suburbia grew, so did Farm in Shepperton, and witness the odd the demand for houses for the new ‘commuter tractor trundling down local roads. classes’, and fields began to give way to houses, though a few nurseries thrived beyond To see the whole farming display, plus World War Two. hundreds of other old photos of Sunbury and A particular type of market garden was the Shepperton, come along to the SSLHS exhibi‘French’ or ‘Dutch’ nursery, which used glass tion at Squire’s Garden Centre in Upper cold frames or cloches to protect and advance Halliford on Saturday 20th May, from 10am crops. The site which is now Squire’s Garden until 4pm. Admission is free. The next Society Centre in Upper Halliford was once such talk is ‘Cowper Coles in Sunbury’ by Sir nursery, run by the Yates family from 1908 Sherard Cowper Coles, former UK Ambassauntil 1947 when it became Smith’s Roses, and dor to Saudi Arabia and Israel, and grandson later still Squire’s. Most of the fields were of the inventor who lived and worked in covered with glass cold frames, and a small Sunbury, at 8pm on Tues 16th May at Hallirailway was laid round the site, using petrol- ford School, Russell Road, Shepperton. All engined locomotives to move manure and welcome, admission £2 for non-members. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Shepperton Health Centre By Monica Chard, Editor

Shepperton Matters was approached by many local residents after they received a letter from the Shepperton Health Centre with news of a dire financial situation. Residents have been kept well informed and the website is being updated as there is anything new to share. As we go to press there is no resolution to the situation, but this is where we are so far. The practice was informed that the service charges of the health centre were to be raised from £755.46 per month to approximately £8800 per month, backdated to April 2016, a rise of over 1000%. This staggering increase means the practice is facing a bill of £100,000 and will therefore have to find £200,000 in extra service charges within this financial year. The irony is that the landlord is not some faceless entity, but is in fact NHS Property Services. They own the building and are insisting that the practice sign a 25 year fully repairing lease by the end of this year. To add insult to injury the health centre which has had virtually no maintenance for 50 years. The situation received national coverage after Dr Simon Bellamy gave an interview to Josh Boswell of the Sunday Times which appeared in early April. The Sunday Times article highlighted that the increased demands has affected hundreds of surgeries which rent premises from NHS Property Services. Sunbury Health Centre has also seen a demand for a huge increase - 765% in their case. The coverage resulted in what looked like an immediate volte face from the NHS Property Services who said there had been an error with the calculations. The practice met with NHS Property Services following Dr Bellamy's letter to patients and will be working with them with a view to agreeing backdated charges and those moving forward. “It is important that we know what our future liability is before discussions on a lease can move forward We would like to thank you all for your support and believe this meeting would not have occurred without your Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


help.” said Dr Bellamy. Meanwhile MP for Spelthorne, Kwasi Kwarteng has added weight to the fight “This is an issue which will affect many residents. I have met with representatives from the Shepperton Medical Practice to discuss this. I share their concerns that the proposed increase in service charge is unjust and, I fear, unsustainable. I have therefore written directly to NHSPS to set out quite clearly that the proposed increase is unaffordable, and threatens the future of the Health Centre. I have asked NHSPS for a meeting as a matter of urgency so we can reach some form of acceptable agreement. I shall certainly do all I can to help the Health Centre”. Do lobby both MP and local councillors to keep the pressure on. Useful numbers below and email for MP for Spelthorne is:

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Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury

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What the NatWest Closure Means By Monica Chard, Editor Many of you contacted us regarding the announced closure of NatWest in Shepperton. The closure signals the end of the high street bank in the village. Is this what is called progress in today’s internet age? Having a business in the high street is costly. Rents are high, business rates are increasing. Since 2010 mobile and online transactions have increased by over 400% and mobile transactions alone have increased by 1,350%. In contrast to this since 2011 the number of transactions in the NatWest Shepperton branch have declined by 32%. These customers are actively choosing to bank in different ways, with 60% of customers choosing to use digital banking options. We are very sympathetic to the loss of the facility for the local community, particularly to some of the older and less mobile residents. We had a chat with area manager Simon Hanlon to find out what the thinking behind the closure was and to investigate some of the facts and provide you with some information which may be useful: The branch always seems busy, so how can we say it was underutilised? The branch is open for six hours a day and is closed on Saturday so of course it is going to seem busier when it is indeed open. The fact is however, 83% of local customers in Shepperton are already banking in other ways than visiting the branch. Clients were ‘encouraged’ to change banks to NatWest once Barclays shut. Naturally NatWest welcomed any client who wished to move to a different bank once Barclays shut, but there was no active pursuit of any new clients. In fact NatWest only gained around 100 customers from the closure of the branch in Shepperton. People don’t like changing banks, so many remained with Barclays and found other branches to use. There is no other high street bank in Shepperton. That is true, but NatWest in fact have a national agreement with the Post Office to provide customers with a range of banking services. Customers can pay money in, take money out, check balances and business customers can get coinage. There are four other NatWest branches within 4 miles of Shepperton: Staines, Weybridge and Walton are open 6 days a week and the Chertsey branch is open Monday to Friday. The Walton on Thames

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branch is less than 2 miles away. What about the effect the closure will have on the many loyal customers? Simon Hanlon told me that his team are communicating with customers affected by the closure and proactively contacting vulnerable and regular branch customers. They have listened closely to feedback from local communities and have extended the time between announcing the decision and the branch closure to six months. This has been done in order to ensure customers have time to consider the right banking options for them. NatWest have created two new roles – a Community Banker - who will serve the local area and provide customers with personal assistance and support accessing the right banking options for their needs, as well as help with achieving their financial plans and goals. They also know that not all customers are comfortable and familiar with using online or mobile banking, so they have created a new specialist taskforce of NatWest TechXperts who will be dedicated to supporting customers with training and support with digital skills. What is going to happen to the building? This is rented so will return to the landlord. We will have to wait and see what happens to the premises. The branch will be closing on October 10th.


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Civic Awards 2017 By Monica Chard, Editor

The annual Spelthorne Civic Awards are a chance to recognise those in our communities who have selflessly served and who deserve recognition and thanks. We can all make a difference to the quality of lives of those living in our midst. Where would we be without the many unsung heroes who give so much of their time for others. Recipients Winners at the Council Chambers with Mayor Alfred Friday, centre were presented with a shield and certificate at Council Chambers by Mayor many years of volunteering with the Riverside Alfred Friday at a special ceremony. Arts Centre in Sunbury. They brought their Recipients were as follows: professional backgrounds to this venue and Bert Brooking, 87, has been on the committee have been involved in staging, lighting and of Sunbury and Shepperton Local History directing a myriad of plays over the years. Society for over 30 years, and has recently Julia Gibbs received her award for the volunstepped down as Journal Editor after 13 years, teering she does at the Spelthorne Museum. having also given up the Treasurer’s post last Richard Hewitt will be known to many. As year after a similar period. Bert was also chairman of the Shepperton Residents AssociSecretary from 1997 until 2005, as well as ation he is the driving force behind representhandling sales of publications for many years. ing the interests of the residents of ShepperPeter Bailey, 83, is Vice Chairman of ton. Sunbury and Shepperton Local History June Barnard, a previous recipient for her Society, having served in this post since 1997, chairmanship of Shepperton Ladies, was but has reluctantly had to step down as given a special letter of commendation. Archivist. He previously arranged Society The Spelthorne Civic Awards were social events such as outings and dinners for established in 1982 and are administered by a many years. Peter has also been actively team of trustees. A Civic Award acknowledginvolved in Shepperton Round Table and then es dedicated voluntary effort in the borough 41 Club for almost 50 years. by honouring members of the community Mavis Duncan of Laleham Village who was whom the Trustees believe have by their outnominated in recognition of her commitment standing endeavour, benefitted members of to serving the community for over 20 years as the community. Chairman and Booking Secretary for Laleham Voluntary service often goes unrecognised Village Hall. publicly. These awards are an opportunity to Sheila Barns was recognised for her 20 years celebrate what is good in our community and at the tea bar at the Greeno Centre. hopefully set an example to others. As Linda Dennis and Ruth Manwaring received Audrey Hepburn famously said once “You awards for their unending volunteer work for have two hands. One for helping yourself and the Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital Founda- one for helping others” tion Trust. Look out for information on nominations for Carole and Ian Dow received an award for the Civic Awards 2018 later this year.

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Mount Felix - Immortalised in Tapestry By Monica Chard, Editor In April, the month ANZAC day is still commemorated locally, we wrote about the 27,000 soldiers from New Zealand who were cared for at Mount Felix on the banks of the Thames opposite Shepperton during WW1. We received a couple of emails and calls from readers eager to tell us about connections with the past. Audrey Bevington gave us a press cutting (undated) which showed photos of soldiers who were recovering at the Mount Felix hospital. As soldiers got better, they were encouraged to take part in sports, regattas and festivities adding a bit of colour

to every day local life. The nearby Thames was often used for fun events. As well as boat outings, competitive sculling events were put on with mixed teams of nurses and patients. There were even competitions for blind oarsmen, guided by a cox of course! Another reader, Christine Andrews, told me that her mother used to take soldiers to The Weir pub, just downstream from Mount Felix. Her mother was Grace Kirk (nee Stovell) from Weybridge and lived to the ripe old age of 96. We were also told of a rather special exhibition which is currently on at the Robert Phillips Gallery at the Riverhouse Arts Centre in Walton on Thames. The Mount Felix Tapestry has been a three year community project involving stitchers aged 6-94. The story reminds me a lot of our own Millenium Embroidery in Sunbury. This though is a series. Its 44 panels tell the story of the No. 2 To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Sunbury’s Val Woolford stands in front of the panel which she contributed to

NZ General Hospital at Mount Felix. The stories chosen remember and pay tribute to the bravery of the wounded New Zealand soldiers who were treated at the hospital, as well as the nurses, doctors and members of the community who treated and cared for them. The Tapestry was designed by Andrew Crummy. Over 500 stitchers contributed to the tapestry, from members of the Embroiderers’ Guild to primary school children. Even shoppers in the Heart, visitors to Riverhouse and the Libraries in Elmbridge have had a chance to contribute. I myself added in a couple of stitches to one of the scenes when the project was presented to the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society, and it was lovely to be shown around by Val Woolford from Sunbury who was involved as a stitcher. It is a fabulous collection of images which is well worth a visit. The Robert Phillips Gallery is currently raising money to tour the tapestry but entry to the gallery is free. Wednesday 12 April to Sunday May 10am to 4pm Robert Phillips Gallery, Riverhouse Arts Centre, Manor Road, Walton on Thames, KT12 2PF



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Enjoying Summer at Shepperton Cricket Club

There are few better ways to spend the warm summer months than in the sun at Shepperton’s beautiful cricket ground. You will be very welcome, whether you want to play, watch adults at weekends or support your children or grandchildren making new friends while learning and playing cricket, rather than sitting indoors over a screen! The season is already under way and we have been delighted to see many new faces to enjoy themselves playing, practicing, watching and socialising. With 4 men’s teams and one of Surrey’s few Ladies’ team playing every week, as well as coaching and matches for 5 to 14 year old colts, there a opportunities for everyone to make the most of the summer. We welcome all ages and abilities – experts, beginners, people starting again after a few years of not playing. And we realise that there are many other pressures on your time – work and family commitments mean that it’s difficult to play and practice as often as you would like so, even if you can only play a few games, we’ll go out of our way to make sure you are involved. We are in Manor Park, opposite Dunboe Place on Russell Road - just drop in for a chat any weekend afternoon or roll up for a practice from 6pm on Tuesdays for Men, Wednesdays for Ladies, Thursdays for softball cricket for 4 to 8 year olds and Fridays for 9 to 14 year olds. (We’ll be happy can lend you kit if you need it.) Or Call Pete on 07582 806 678, email or search Shepperton Cricket Club.

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Saxon Swimming Pool - The Early Years

We were contacted by local, Margot Hope, who had seen the article in the April issue about the refurbishment of the Saxon primary swimming pool (see right). She was thrilled to see that the Saxon pool has been refurbished so extensively, securing the opportunity to learn to swim for many generations of school children. Margot was one of the teachers who was behind the opening of the original pool and who had taught many hundreds to swim. She remembers working on the project with then Head, Peter Remnant. He was particularly concerned that there was a lot of dangerous water nearby and that some of the children had to walk over lock gates and by the waterways to get to school. Mr Remnant felt it was essential that children should learn to swim. Margot tells me “the necessary funds were raised in many ways; revues organised by Mrs Tibbets were well received. Walks round Virginia Water, organised by Mr Wilson were followed by games and a family picnic”. The pool was built in fact shortly after the school opened in the late 60’s on what was the Roseacre nursery. “English weather does not provide many suitable days for outdoor swimming” reported Margot. It was therefore decided that a cover was also needed. The cost for this would be about the same as the cost of the building of the pool (£3200 at the time). This was a fortune so again, the school had to find ways of raising money. This time the parents chipped in, lending money. According to Margot they all received their loans back in due course, as fund raising secured necessary money. The cover was opened in 1982 by Mr Goddard, one of the local councillors who was a strong supporter of the school.

Available for immediate occupation Offices to rent in Shepperton 140 sq ft – 529 sq ft Flexible Terms Available For further details please contact:

Nick Allan or Lisa Philpott

01932 255500 Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Spelthorne in Bloom 2017 Let’s get our borough blooming again. The annual Spelthorne in Bloom competition launched at the end of April. It is designed to encourage people who live and work in the Borough to take pride in their local environment. You can either enter the competition or sponsor one of the many hanging baskets which you will see around our villages. There are 11 categories to choose from, including best kept front garden, best kept public house and best hanging basket. There is the opportunity to win vouchers or prizes and it is free to enter. It is the taking part and embellishing our community that it the most important. I entered my own last year in the riverside garden category and although I didn’t win, it made me make a lot of effort to have a beautiful garden all summer. The annual Competition is run by the Spelthorne in Bloom Committee, and is open to all residents, businesses, schools, churches and licensed premises within the Spelthorne Borough boundary. Judging will take place from early July through August and winners will be announced at a ceremony at Shepperton Studios in September. The baskets, (which are supplied by Spelthorne

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Council), cost ÂŁ112.00 for a large size. This incudes watering and maintenance for the whole season and they should be splendid all the way through to the end of October - so they do have long term benefit. Why not sponsor a basket and see how it blooms over the summer. Baskets can be sponsored directly with the council. or call 01784 446411


Oliver - a Hit in Shepperton Shepperton and Sunbury are both immortalised in Dickens’ tale of ‘Oliver Twist’ as poor Oliver is coerced into helping Bill Sykes commit a robbery in Chertsey. There has in fact just been another hit in Shepperton involving said Oliver. Shepperton Matters was invited along to one of the performances and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. There has always been a tradition of fabulous musical events at Thamesmead School, but it has been many years since a full musical production has taken place. It was worth the wait! Over two nights a wonderful cast demonstrated their singing, dancing and acting talent in a production of ‘Oliver the Musical.’ Directed by Kathy Haines-Bevan (Subject Leader for Drama) this very popular musical was thoroughly enjoyed by a fullhouse on both nights. The students had been rehearsing for several months and the quality of singing, choreography and acting was outstanding. Beautiful haunting renditions of ‘Where is Love?’ and ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ were sung respectively by Oscar Gilbert (Oliver) and Amelia Alexander (Nancy). The crafty character of Fagin was captured brilliantly by Oliver Cubillos, and Tate Foxhall played a wicked Bill Sykes. A rousing rendition of ‘Consider Yourself’ was led by a cheeky Artful Dodger played by Brook Gibson. It was clear that the students enjoyed the production every bit as much as the audience.

Oliver Cubillos as Fagin (above) and Brook Gibson as the Artful Dodger (below left)

Thamesmead School offers 20 places per year on a music or drama based aptitude workshop. The students clearly demonstrated the talent that this encourages in this show. Other performance related events include the Summer Soiree, Acoustic Concerts and Songstar.

Oscar Gilbert as Oliver and Amelia Alexander as Nancy perform powerful solos To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

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Sudoku 1 4 8 2 4 2 6 1 9 3 8 6 4

6 2 7 8 5

4 1 8 5 9 3 8 4 6 7 2 3

2 7 9 1 7 6 4 3 2 6 9 2 8

Solution page 38

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Two Day Wellness Festival at Kempton 27th-28th May This May sees Holistic & Mystic - the creators of vibrant and enriching mind, body and soul events - return to Kempton Park Racecourse for a two-day action-packed spiritual and wellness festival. Celebrated for bringing together the best spiritual and wellbeing products, experts and experiences all in one place, the show has something for everyone. From the newbie meditator to the well-practised yogi, this fun weekend is guaranteed to leave visitors informed, equipped and inspired – and most likely with a few extra goodies! Visitors can explore, discover and shop the collection of over 70 holistic and mystic product stalls: from beautiful jewellery, crystals and shamanic crafts to organic hand-made skincare, essential oils – with exhibitors such as Neal’s Yard, Forever Living and doTerra - and much more. They can connect, share and gain insight from highly skilled and gifted individuals offering a wide range of experiences and treatments, including psychic readings, massage, healing therapies, reflexology, aura photography, Bach flower therapy, hypnotherapy and life coaching. And if they want to dive even deeper - they can also learn, develop and get inspired at the free talks and workshops taking place throughout the weekend, hosted by exceptionally gifted speakers and covering a range of topics. There are also free yoga, tai chi and sound healing sessions to take part in. Fuelled by the mission to provide an open, honest, trusting and fun environment that allows the world of complementary healthcare and spirituality to become accessible to people from all walks of life, the atmosphere is always encouraging and enriching. Holistic & Mystic events are special experiences not to be missed and a must-have date for the diary! Saturday 27 May 2017, 10am – 5:30pm Sunday 28 May 2017, 10am – 5pm Early Bird Ticket (Expires 10 May): £6 / Regular Adult Ticket: £8 at Kempton Park, Staines Road East, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex TW16 5AQ

Website: / Facebook: @holisticandmystic / Twitter: @holisticamystic

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Recipe of the Month Chocolate Fondant Tart Preparation time: 45 mins (plus chilling time) Cooking time: 30 mins Serves: 6-8

You now need to blind-bake the pastry. To do this prick the base of the pastry with a fork then line the pastry case with a circle of greaseproof paper and fill with baking beans (these are ceramic beads, but you can use lentils or dried beans if you don't have any). Bake the pastry for 10 minutes, or until just lightly golden-brown, then remove the paper and the beans and return the tart to the oven to cook for a further 5-7 minutes, or until golden-brown and dried out.

Ingredients Pastry 100g/3½oz plain flour 50g/1¾oz icing sugar 50g/1¾oz chilled butter, diced Yolk from 1 large egg 1 tbsp water Filling 100g/3½oz butter 150g/5½oz dark chocolate (70%) 150g/5½oz golden caster sugar 75g/3oz plain flour 6 medium eggs To serve Icing sugar Strawberries or raspberries Cream

For the filling Melt the butter in a medium pan over a low heat, then add the chocolate and stir until melted, smooth and glossy. Remove from the heat and beat in the sugar and flour, then beat in the eggs, one at a time. Place the pastry case on a baking tray. Pour the chocolate mixture into the pastry case, filling it almost to the top then place in the oven. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until just set around the edges and still slightly wobbly in the centre.

Method For the pastry Place the flour and icing sugar in a large bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Remove from the oven. You can serve it warm with raspberries or strawberries, or allow it to cool and dust with icing sugar.

Add the egg yolk and water and mix quickly so that it comes together to form a firm dough. Wrap in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 200C/ Gas 6 (180C fan). Dust the work surface with flour and then roll out the pastry to form a circle about 5cm/2in larger than your flan tin. Line the tin with the pastry. Pop it into the fridge to chill for a further 15 minutes. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Dementia Awareness Week 14th -20th May 2017 locally who has dementia to have a cuppa and a chat for at least one visit a week. They are looking for volunteers who have empathy, a smile and friendly face with an understanding listening ear. The new group has had funding from Cllr Denise Saliagopoulos and have now started to get this project launched. The emphasis is to Include people living in the community who have dementia not to Exclude them. Shepperton has been rocking against Dementia again. Crowds gathered in Jubilee Hall to join 53 countries around the world who were all raising money to help fight the disease. From India to New Zealand, via India, China and the Middle East, people were gathering to raise money and awareness. In Shepperton local dignitaries were out in force (see above). By all accounts it was a fabulous evening with entertainment galore. In May the country will be marking Dementia Awareness Week. Dementia is set to be the 21st century’s biggest killer but awareness and understanding remains low and many families are facing the challenges alone. Shepperton has been singled out as one of the great success stories in Dementia awareness within Spelthorne. Many of the shops on the high street display the Purple Angel dementia awareness stickers, showing that staff have signed up to a commitment on how to interact with someone with the condition. The latest recruit is Trio pharmacy. Dementia Friends Alzheimer’s Society will be holding a training session for the public on 16th May in the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome so do pop in and see how you can get involved. Spelthorne Dementia Support (Purple Angels, Jean Saunders and Lisa Greaves) run the Open Minds Memory Café at the Greeno. The next meeting is in fact Monday May 15th where Terry will be coming along to sing. Jean and Lisa, the Purple Angels are also forming a buddy scheme. This is where you can get involved. Could you spare some time? The group is looking to encourage locals to buddy up with someone in the community who lives with dementia, to offer friendship, support and perhaps outings from time to time. They are hoping to recruit people who have time to visit someone living

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In the picture above Vanessa and Pat from the Greeno are in the middle, flanked by Vivienne Anderson, a volunteer at The Greeno and Jean Saunders (in purple of course). They are some of the 14 members of Purple Angel Pals/Buddies. During Dementia Awareness Week there will be a Pet Therapy session at The Greeno at 10.30 on 19th May. A pony, as well as kittens and rabbits, all hand reared, will be there for all to come along and visit.

Launch of ‘Dementia Shepperton’


Tuesday 16th May 2017 – at the Village Hall During National Dementia Awareness Week Shepperton residents, traders and councillors show their support for those living with memory loss, their families and carers. Come to the village hall for the launch declaration at 2pm, view the information stands of the Alzheimer’s Society, and local support and activity groups, including CAMEO, ‘Purple Angels’ and the Greeno Centre Book now for the afternoon’s Dementia Friends Training/information session 2.40-4.10pm. Entirely FREE and offered by Tony Oakden, the Dementia Champion at the Diocese of Guildford. Reserve a place Email: or Tel: Nigel 01784 448587. Or just turn up!


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Ham Open Gardens

This is a drive away but sounds like a lovely outing. Every two years, Ham’s most exquisite private gardens open their gates to the public for an afternoon. The 2017 Ham Open Gardens event, taking place on Sunday 21 May from 1pm to 5pm, will be a wonderful opportunity to explore these hidden treasures, which reflect the diversity of the area’s rich history from the 17th century through to the present day. Organised by the Ham and Petersham Association, this biennual event is a ‘must’ for keen horticulturalists, or for anyone who simply enjoys beautiful gardens. This year, over 15 gardens will be on display. From the garden of one of Ham House’s Gatehouses dating back to Tudor times, to those of grand Georgian lodges and Victorian cottages, each garden has a fascinating story to tell. In addition to private gardens, visitors will also get the opportunity to visit community based gardens. The gardens are all within short walking distance of Ham Common, which is easily accessible by public transport (the No 65 bus runs from both Richmond and Kingston to Ham Common every six minutes). Tickets are £10 each or two for £15 (free for under 16s) sold on the day by Ham Pond or in advance at Ham Common Surrey TW10 7JF

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Youngsters treat Seniors to Tea There was a special meeting of old and young recently. Members of the Opal Group at the Greeno were treated to tea, served by students at the Winston Churchill school. They were all impressed with what the students accomplished that day under the guidance of their mentor. The students did not only provide great food and impeccable service but they also mingled with the ladies and gentlemen of the group and had a brilliant conversation with them. One of the members of the Opal Group used to work in the Cafeteria of a school and being there brought back some treasured memories. It was a most memorable day out for the Opal Group of Greeno Centre and they were still talking about it days later.

Group photo of the Winston Churchill Students and the Opal Group from Greeno Day Centre after the lovely Cream Tea, and one of the attentive students serving the tea

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A.G.M The Annual General Meeting of the Laleham Residents Association will take place on Wednesday 17 th May in The Lucan Pavillion at The Laleham Recreation Ground. The formal meeting will start at 7.30pm and the bar will be open from 7.00pm. Laleham Traffic Survey The Highways Team at Surrey County Council has carried out a traffic survey over the last year and this can be seen in full here: The Laleham Village section start on page 95 (actual page 105). The Ashford Road section on page 141 (actual page 151) We will be discussing this survey at the meeting. Our constitution was revised last year and approved at our AGM on 3 June 2016. On submission of the new constitution the Charity Commission asked us to expand our objectives as set out in Clause 2 to state how we plan to achieve our objectives. An updated copy of the constitution can also be seen on our website which we hope will be approved at the meeting. In addition to the normal reports we hope to update you on duiscussions we have been having with the Laleham Trustees. We are inviting our MP Kwasi Kwarteng and our Borough Councillors to join us. All are welcome but only paid up members can vote. It will be possible to join the LRA or renew subscriptions on the evening. Family membership is ÂŁ5. Individual membership is ÂŁ3. Laleham Residents Assoc - Registered Charity Number 262220 Email us on Phone the membership secretary on 01784 463262

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Shepperton Classic Cars Meet Again The season of shiny chrome is here again. The date for the first car show of the year will be 28th May. It will again be at Manor Park with a 10am start and you are welcome to come and have a wander around during the morning and up to about 1 o’clock.

There will also be an all Ford vehicle show on the 11th June. Check out the website for info: As usual the info on all meets is on the website

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Laleham Fair 2017 Once again the Laleham Village Fair, organised by the Laleham Residents Association, will be taking place this July, on Saturday 1st. Entrance is free and gates open at 11.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m., at the Recreation Grounds on the Broadway, Laleham, TW18 1RZ, opposite the Turks Head pub. There will be live music, the ever popular dog show, numerous food and drink outlets, activities and stalls for all ages and interests. For those still wanting to take a stall at this year’s event, or for more information about the day, please please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

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We are a family run roofing business based in Sunbury. We undertake all aspects of roofing work and are fully insured. We offer free quotations and advice See what our customers say about us at

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Solution to May Sudoku

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Shepperton Residents’ Association By Richard Hewitt It seems that no one is ever quite clear on who The following is kindly reproduced with perto contact at the council for what so we mission, from the Spelthorne Bulletin. We thought it would be useful to outline here what hope you find it of help. services are offered by both Spelthorne Borough Council and by Surrey County Council.

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Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788




Office: 01932 711196 Mobile: 07880 715856

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Gardening Matters Blooming Baskets! the basket on a large flowerpot or bucket. Fibrous liners help to retain water and look nicer than polythene. For extra moisture retention place a circle of polythene in the base of the basket before filling with soil.

It’s hanging basket season! They can be a source of delight but also a source of stress. It’s easy for a hanging basket to fail badly. Too sparsely filled and they look bedraggled. Too little water and death is swift! The secret to growing a successful basket lays both in the way it’s planted but also in sensible aftercare. Plant the basket with bedding plants at the beginning of May but don’t plant them out for a couple of weeks, especially if you live in a more exposed area. Instead give them some shelter in a porch, or unheated greenhouse, or even under polythene at the side of the house. This allows the new plants to grow and toughen up a little before they are hung in their final position.

The best planting medium is soilless multi-purpose compost, mixed with waterretaining granules. Place a layer of compost in the base of the basket and push the first layer of plants through. Trailing plants such as lobelia, bidens and ivy-leafed pelargoniums look lovely but you can be as creative as you like. Water the plants in their containers before planting them and squeeze the rootball firmly to make it small enough to push though the mesh from the outside. Plant quite densely and gradually build up layers of plants and soil. When it’s full to within 3 cm of the rim you can plant up the top with more upright, compact bushy plants like begonias, petunias and pelargoniums. Make sure your basket never dries out. It will be reliant on you for all water and nutrition. If you water it at least once a day and feed with dilute tomato fertilizer once a week I promise it will be blooming basket in the best possible way. Happy gardening

Check that your bracket and chains for signs of rust and also check that the bracket is securely fixed to the wall. Hanging baskets are extremely heavy, especially when they are wet and you really don’t want your lovinglyplanted orb of flowers to be deposited unceremoniously all over the floor! Planting is easiest if you balance Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

By Rachael Leverton


28th May 2017 6 • Coffee, Tea and Cakes. Cooling Drinks. BBQ • Raffle, Plant and Book Sales • Ploughman’s lunches (pre booked and prepaid by Wednesday 24th May) Tel 01932 786675

• Spelthorne Gymnastics will perform at Monksbridge

at 12pm, 1.30pm and 3pm. Ferry from Kings Lawn to Monksbridge on the ‘Impossible Dream’, the Spelthorne Community boat

Proceeds to Parkinson’s and Homelink Day Relief Centre St. Mary's registered charity no. 1133834

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Garden Maintenance Lawn Mowing, Tree & Shrub Pruning, Planting Schemes, Weeding Lawn Treatments Seasonal Lawn Treatments, Scarification, Aeration

01932 701315 07958 385299

Landscaping Garden Designs, Patios, Decking, Fencing, Turfing

Locally based Fully Insured (Free Quotations)

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Laleham Open Gardens - Saturday 17th June

Could You Offer to Open Your Garden?

Laleham Garden Open Day is a much anticipated event in the Village calendar. Many of our visitors attend year after year and, up to 150 tickets are sold. Ticket holders are invited to follow a map of the village and call in at marked locations between the hours of 11am and 5pm. These locations include the Laleham Pond, Church Flower Festival and Heritage Centre as well as up to a dozen private gardens. Many of these private gardens agree to open year after year and we are very grateful to them. But we are always on the lookout for something new and it would be nice for our stalwarts to have a rest! Ideally, I would love to hear from you if you think you might be able to help. Showing off the fruits of your hard work in the garden can be very rewarding. You don’t need a big, showy plot either. Some of our contributors have tiny gardens, but still they are kind enough to share their endeavours with others for one day in June. Please call or email to find out more: Thank you very much! Donnica - 07545 131448

Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635

Prospective Thamesmead Parents


Pest Control

Member of the British Pest Control Association

Sunday 7th May 10am – 12.00pm Meet the tutors at the Thamesmead Fun Run See how they motivate children to learn. Join the 2.5 or 5K Family Fun run at: Thamesmead school, Manygate Lane, Shepperton TW17 9EE

Full Public Liability Insurance Cover

Wasps ● Bees ● Rats ● Mice ● Ants Fleas ● Squirrels ● Moths ● Moles

Tickets available on the door, BBQ breakfast also available! Dogs welcome!!

Tel: 020 8979 1670 Mobile: 0773 389 5213

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What’s On - Shepperton & Laleham Send info on local events to to be listed here Shepperton Horticultural Association are holding their Annual Plant Sale in Shepperton Village Hall on Saturday, 13 May from 10 a.m. until 11.30 a.m. Parking is free for the first hour. Come along and stock up on your vegetables, tomatoes and flower plants. English Country Dancing in Shepperton Village Hall, Every Wednesday 10am till noon. All welcome, with or without a partner. No experience required. Telephone David Sansom on 01932 872617 for details. Local composer Terry Trower and actress Madeline Smith have teamed up to entertain children aged 6-11yrs in Windsor in May. Terry has written 2 stories based on the adventures of his sheltie dog, Minky. They will be narrated by Madeline best known for her role as Sir Roger Moore’s first Bond girl in “Live and Let Die”. She may also be remembered for “The Deceivers” and “Eureka” on BBC 1 in the 1980s. Terry also worked for television on the popular children’s series “T-BAG”. They will be ending with “Mercury the Drum horse” which relates last summers celebrations of the Queens 90th birthday and told from the horses point of view. It all takes place at the Fire Station Arts Centre in Windsor on Sunday May 21st at 3.30pm. For tickets and more information, call 01932 220385 or 07946741341. Cash only at the door. Spelthorne Archers - “Try Archery, a traditional English sport”. Beginner courses held on Tuesday evenings end of April until September, 6pm until dusk. All equipment, instruction and refreshments provided. Certificate on completion. At Lakeside Sports Ground, Sunbury on Thames. Also groups or organisations can book an archery experience, available on Monday or Wednesday evenings. Includes equipment, instruction, refreshments and a fun competition. To book, contact Training Officer, David Robinson on email More information from the website: Staines Horticultural Society Floral Art Group meet monthly on Wednesday evenings. Meetings are a mix of flower arranging demonstrations and practical workshops. A small friendly club we welcome guests. For more information contact Anne Hart 01932 564835. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


More What’s On - Shepperton & Laleham Send community events info to Rotary Club of Shepperton & Sunbury. Call My Bluff - Wine Tasting. Do you know your Chablis from your Chardonnay, your Merlot from your Pinot Noir? Join us for a relaxed Call my Bluff tutored wine tasting where you pit your wits against our panel of experts! With nibbles during the tasting followed by a light buffet supper. Sunday 21 May 2017, 5.45 for 6pm Tickets £18 each from: 01932 770325 or Held at: The Riverside Arts Centre, 59 Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 5QF Restore Food Bank Monday and Thursday 10-12 You can drop in at any point, for coffee and chat. St Saviour’s Church, 205a Vicarage Rd., Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 7TP Tel. 01932 782800 Office Hours Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am – 13:00pm The Probus Club of Shepperton for retired business and professional men meets on the first Tuesday of each month to hear a speaker followed by lunch. In April we heard a talk on the history of dictionaries. We welcome new members; please telephone 01932 223814 or 242372 SPELTHORNE CHORAL SOCIETY rehearse every Monday evening during term-time 7.30- 9.30pm at Our Lady of the Rosary School, Park Avenue, Staines. Very friendly atmosphere and no audition required, just a love of singing Choral Music. Our Conductor is Sean Bui and Accompanist Lindsay Bridgwater. All information via the website at ;- or call 07527 155443.



The Orangery, Squire’s Garden Centre, Shepperton

Shepperton Allotment Association, Grove Road, Shepperton will have a number of vacant plots later this spring. .Please contact John Child (Chairman) on 01932 245952 or email to add your name to the short waiting list.

12th, 13th & 14th May Friday & Saturday 10.30-5.30pm Sunday 10.30-4pm

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Shepperton Matters May 2017  

The community magazine for Shepperton and Laleham Village

Shepperton Matters May 2017  

The community magazine for Shepperton and Laleham Village