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June 2019

Issue 100

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Welcome! First things first .This is your 100th issue of Sunbury Matters! Where does time go?! In this issue we bring you the full programme of the July Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival, as well as an interview with one of it s presenters who tells us about his friendship with old Hollywood stars. Fascinating stuff. There is something for everyone so do make sure you get your tickets. How about entering a team for the Sunbury Regatta in August; teams are needed for the Dongola and tug of war battles. With so much focus on sustainable living we have news of various thing to inspire you. We visit a new café, serving lunch made from donated surplus food. Our

June 2019 recipe this month shows how you can use up surplus and we hear of a pop up refill larder in Shepperton. That and a whole lot more! Enjoy this issue and see you next month.

Photo: Here and now Photography

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Matthew Arnold & Laleham 4 Hollywood Stars Were our Pen Pals 8 Island Fires: Concerns About Cuts 10 Tip Charge Scandal 10 D Day Memories 14 River Thames Boat Project 30th 16 Surplus Community Café 19 Plague of Box Tree Pest 20 Sunbury Beat 25 Evolution of Local Reservoirs 28 Mayor s Charity Bonanza 30 Arts Festival Pull Out 31-34 Recipe of the Month 36 100 Years of Sunbury Cubs 39 Meet Spelthorne s New Mayor 41 Foodbank Needs Volunteers & Van 43 St Mary s Newsletter 44 Pop Up Reuse Shop in Shepperton 46 4 Reasons to Visit Walton Beer Fest 54 Gardening Matters 57 What s On/Noticeboard 60/61 Ad Index/Prices/Deadlines 62

Advertising / Editorial : Monica Chard

Telephone: 07979 808991 Email: monica@villagematters.co.uk Web Site: www.villagematters.co.uk Front cover - Riverside Arts Centre. Painting by Daphne Clement, with thanks. Please send any hi res photos for consideration to info@villagematters.co.uk

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Matthew Arnold & Laleham By Nick Pollard Matthew Arnold was the the old family home, son of the great educationat All Saints churchalist Thomas Arnold, the yard, Laleham. Matfamous headmaster of thew himself was to Rugby School who is join them in 1888. acknowledged as the He had a heart attack founder of the modern while in Liverpool, public school system. Matrunning to meet his thew was to become celedaughter s ship brated in his own right as a which was bringing poet, critic and educational her back from Amerreformer. ica where she lived He was born in Laleham in with her husband. 1822, prematurely as a Notable people who result of his mother falling attended his funeral from her pony near the included the poet family home in The BroadRobert Browning way. He left Laleham aged and the writer Henry six, when the family moved James, while the Matthew Arnold to Rugby, but was to return Poet Laureate, Lord two years later to become a pupil at his uncle Tennyson, sent a wreath. John Buckland s preparatory school in Ferry Two new Church secondary schools (for Road. Ironically, Matthew s educational boys and girls) were built in Kingston Road, achievements were less than expected, but part of the old parish of Laleham, in 1948, he eventually gained a degree at Oxford. He and were most appropriately named after seems to have retained a great affection for Matthew Arnold. Laleham and revisited often. After university, he became Private SecreThe Sunbury & Shepperton Local tary to Lord Lansdowne, Lord President of History Society will have a selection of the Privy Council, but wished to marry and old photos of the area on show at the needed a regular salary. He therefore took up Shepperton Village Fair on Saturday a place as one of Her Majesty s Inspectors of June 8th. Do come and see our stand in Schools, a post he held for many years and, like his father, one in which he was to play a the large craft marquee. great part in reforming education. He was a notable poet, and was elected Professor of Poetry at Oxford in 1857. Although perhaps less well known today, at the time he was highly regarded as a poet and at one time was ranked second only to Tennyson and Browning. Perhaps his best known poem today is Dover Beach . He later settled at Cobham with his wife Lucy, and they had six children, but three of their sons died young and were buried near Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts




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Hollywood Stars Were Our Pen Pals By Monica Chard The July Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival features an evening with Austin Mutti-Mewse who along with twin brother Howard, have an unusual story to tell - one of more than just a brush with Hollywood. More a life lived alongside its stars. We all had the odd pen pal or two when we were younger. Our parents encouraged us to write letters, and wasn't it fun getting mail? But Austin and Howard went one better. They wrote to and were befriended by Hollywood! There's is a story more fantastical than the plot of the movies the actors in 'I Used to be in Pictures' were in. Erstwhile 11 year old twins from leafy Surrey - quaint England, who embark on a journey of discovery by way of writing fan letters to a plethora of faded film stars they had watched on the Saturday BBC Movie Matinee on their Grandmother Violet's jalopy of a television set. What they discovered were famous lives once lived; some languishing in a world befitting Sunset Boulevard's deluded Norma Desmond whereas other's humble about their past glories. Their accent, youth and their look and the interest they bestowed on their pen pals were such an attraction that word spread and the network of correspondents grew. Over the course of 30 years the twins were in contact with around 600 stars, from screen icons (Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Bob Hope) to the lesser lights including the final Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz. Magnificent or minor, all relished being wanted again. Letters quickly made way to phone calls – dozens a week (the twins took Saturday jobs to pay the phone bill), Marlene Dietrich would call at 3am from Paris (much to the annoyance of their father), Hedy Lamarr from Florida, Ava Gardner from London. When they were 18, Ginger Rogers and her Follow the Fleet (1936), co-star Joy Hodges, invited the boys to California. Making pit-stops with their pen-pals, Austin drove Joy s classic Mercedes to lunch dates with James Stewart, BBQ s at Frank Sinatra s and partied at Bob Hope ultramodern Palm Springs mansion What the twins found they could offer was undivided attention and interest. They were happy to listen to stories of a bygone era of glitz, glamour and success told by film stars from their wheelchairs or their beds. This innate ability to listen and marvel was the tonic many of these fading stars needed. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Bette Davis dedicated a portrait to Austin and Howard in gold ink The twins were great sounding boards, polite and interested and the memories and gossip of the golden years of movies came gushing out. A book I Used to be in Pictures , telling the unlikely story of a lifetime of friendship with the stars has been championed by the likes of Julian Fellowes, Tommy Hilfiger and even David Beckham, and last year was optioned by British Indie film company MAD AS BIRDS. Already being dubbed 'Billy Elliott without the ballet', I for one, can t wait to see it. For now, you can go and hear the tale for yourselves at the Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury, where copies of the beautiful book will also be on sale at a discounted price (£25.00 - RRP £35.00). The event will be on July 11th so book your own brush with Hollywood now. (Programme and booking details are in the centre of this issue). Box office 01784 257 175


ee Fr t en ev

Rose Festival Weekend At Squire’s Shepperton

Sat 29 & Sun 30 June Rose Show & Floral Art Displays Growing roses talks, 20% off all roses & more Visit squiresgardencentres.co.uk for more details. Times vary

Rose Festival Weekend At Squire’s Shepperton

Sat 29 & Sun 30 June Rose & Floral Art Displays Growing roses talks & 20% off all roses Live music Pick up a leaflet for details.

Island Fires Heighten Concerns About Cuts By Monica Chard, Editor

A plume of black smoke hung over Lower Sunbury one evening last month. It came from a fire at Wilson s boatyard on Lock Island. Pedestrians and pleasure boats were shocked to see the old green sheds in flames and the air was filled with sirens of emergency vehicles trying to get there to put it out. It seems the building was devasted as well as whatever was inside it. These workshops were By a stroke of luck the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society had been given many old documents, drawings, photos and even tools from the boat building industry which had enjoyed decades on the island.

Last month there was a fire on Hamhaugh island, Shepperton. Noted for it s beauty and peace, one of the attractions of the island is its relative isolation. But for fire crews it is a nightmare. The fire took hold at dawn on a Sunday morning. Neighbours quickly rallied to help until the fire crews arrived. It was a team effort from all sides, but everyone is unanimous in praising the firemen. Sadly two houses were lost to the fire, but without the Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


quick and significant response, it is feared many more could have succumbed. So, the current plan by Surrey County Council to leave 7 major fire appliances uncrewed at night seems like a bad joke. Under these plans, Spelthorne fire engines will sit idle without crews at night. Yet we are told that 75% of all fire deaths occur during night fires (source Home Office statistics). With cuts to this cover, people will have to wait for longer for potentially life saving response. It is when fire strikes close to home, you realise how vulnerable we are. We need to keep a 24 hour full fire service. You can make your voice heard by signing a petition on the Surrey County Council website. At the time of printing the total signatures was up to over 5000. Please add your voice. Either go to the website https:// petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/list and look at Open Petitions. We found the petition on un crewed fire appliances at the very top of the page. Or this is the link: https://petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/Fire-Cuts/? fbclid=IwAR38il01xvmiNiEXzGf6T9kYeXk Et40WlXD91heHr1-bADijA60Vhtc9AbA Those living on Hamhaugh Island know how lucky they were. One islander told us if the plans to cut night time fire service had been in place on Sunday I think we could have lost more like 7 houses . www.villagematters.co.uk

Please mention Sunbury Matters when


The Tip Charges Scandal! By Monica Chard, Editor

We are having some work done on our house at the moment. It means a certain amount of waste to be disposed of so I have been making trips to the tip with bags of wood etc. I was shocked to find out that from June 3rd I will be charged for the pleasure. I take recycling seriously, so make sure anything which can be recycled is in the right bin. It may be a bit laborious, but if we all do our bit, we will help the environment. Once we are CHARGED for disposing of rubbish responsibly, I forsee fly tipping galore. Already it is a problem, but with even more onerous and expensive requirements for honest disposal, what do the council think is going to happen?! Local resident Deborah Neale contacted Cllr. Sandra Dunn to raise the concerns shared by many. Sandra attended a meeting of the Eco Park Liaison group with representatives from Surrey County Council. We were told that the charges were necessary to offset the costs involved in disposing of our waste as the items listed for charging could not be processed through the new recycling facility. We argued that fly tipping would increase as a result of these charges but that did not seem to matter. After a long discussion we were told that if we were not happy with the suggested charges to make Surrey aware by complaining. Note the words ITEMS LISTED FOR CHARGING COULD NOT BE PROCESSED THROUGH THE NEW RECYCLING FACILITY. What on earth is this hugely expensive facility meant for? So, there is a petition against charges and currently over 3000 have signed. You will find it at https://petitions.surreycc.gov.uk/ recycle-charge. It was proposed by Tim Harding. Not easy to find but otherwise check the Sunbury on Thames Facebook page which has a post from Deborah Neale relating to it and a link you can click. How is charging for waste disposal seen as a solution? Fly tipping is already a scourge. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Photo thanks to Crissi Oldham

That will increase, which will see more work for the borough council to tidy it up, which will then be passed on to residents as hikes in council tax.



Freddie Mercury & Brian May 30th August

12th July

Join us for a 3 course meal Tribute act & disco prices from


per person

BOOK NOW 01932 899988 Holiday Inn Shepperton, Felix Lane, TW17 8NP hilondonsheppertonhotel.co.uk events.hishepperton@kewgreen.co.uk

D Day Memories By Monica Chard, Editor

June 6th marks the 75th anniversary of D Day, the Normandy landings of the Allied invasion during World War II. We put a call out in Sunbury Matters a couple of months ago asking if anyone had any local connections and we were delighted to be contacted by Colleen Short who lives in Lower Sunbury. Her father, Stan Barnacle served during D Day. He was only 23 at the time and was a pilot of a landing craft which brought large number of troops Sgt. Stan Barnacle left, in uniform and seen right with wife Kathy off the warships and on to the beaches of Normandy. esting influences of language. Stan uses the She was able to share with us a letter he had terms swell , folks and calls his sister written to his sister only 18 days after the Toots all American-isms from his allies. event where he talks in broad terms about his Although not an overly religious man, Stan experience. D Day and a few more days and makes many religious references, the war nights were a big worry for me with those clearly focused his belief in a guardian, a hundreds of boys lives in my hands, but God higher power who was looking out for him. was good, thanks. We went through mine- Although letters got through, they took time fields without knowing and Gerry was and the post was not 100%. Stan mentions shelling plenty, but we didn t know about the that his wife Kath (Colleen s mother) had not mines. Perhaps it was best. then he adds had a letter he had sent to her. Spare a thought tell mum not to worry...I am having splendid for her, waiting for news of her young food and he signs off Take it easy and we husband from the war zone, while she had will all soon be down the Royal with big been evacuated and was about to give birth to their first child. pints The letter bears beautiful hand writing, The end of this tale is a happy one. Stan did despite the dreadful conditions Stan was indeed return, as did his brother and brother in living in and there is so much concern shown law. We hope they shared that almighty headbig pints at the Royal. in it for family members who might need ache after reassuring, as well as a good deal of humour. Stan went on to become and headmaster of a tell Dad his biggest headache is coming secondary school in South East London. when Phil (his brother), Frank (brother in Many thanks to Colleen Short for sharing her law) and I come home and get him down the father s story with us. She says he would be chuffed to bits to be remembered here. Royal . The letter itself also shows a number of interPlease mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Time to celebrate 30 years on the River with the River Thames Boat Project by Kate Dodds

Celebrations: Last month the River Thames Boat Project celebrated 30 years with an event to say Thank you! to the many people who have made the charity what it is today. Both our community boats Thames Venturer and Thames Discoverer were moored up at the event at the Tamesis Club on the banks of the Thames in Teddington. We have always been dedicated to making the river accessible for people of all ages with disabilities and for elderly people – and now that we have two community boats, we are able to provide even more therapeutic cruises, and environmental education days for primary school children. Thank you to our volunteers: Without our 70-strong team of volunteers we would not be able to fulfil our mission to bring the Thames directly into so many people s lives. Our groups tell us that people just can t stop talking about their precious day on the water. We always need new volunteers to join the team. Helping on our cruises and education days as well as at events, is fun and fulfilling so please consider joining us to volunteer. Linking people afloat days on the river: We provide a safe and caring environment on board our community boats and these special restorative day cruises bring people together to make a group of 12 people. We have dates every month from June to October when individuals can join with a family member, carer or friend and come on board - this provides a much needed break from the confines and routines of home, as well as a chance to meet new people and share experiences. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


What our clients say: Our residents absolutely love your trip. It s a wonderful and uplifting experience and there is always a queue of people wanting to go. Thanks to you, one of our ex-service veterans went on your boat trip and he has talked about it ever since. This was his first ever trip in years. Thank you so much for opening up his world. Making this possible: Our cruises run from Kingston, as well as from Walton and Weybridge – upstream towards Windsor and downstream towards Chiswick. We operate with a staff team of four, plus our amazing volunteers. We rely on grants, donations and our own fundraising to subsidise the cost of days on the river. To book a cruise or an education day, to volunteer or to make a donation, please get in touch: info@thamesboatproject.org www.thamesboatproject.org 020 8940 3509 Registered Charity 1080281



cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Contact Rachel Bowles, Registrar, to book a tour on 020 8614 0857 or visit our website at www.hamptoncourthouse.co.uk

As we mark the 75th anniversary of D Day we share with you a poem by local artist and resident Daphne Clement, whose father was killed. Her reflections on the effects the loss of a father to a child are so very poignant and bring home to us the devastation of war: A Dance with my Father How many times did you take me in your arms? And did I really fall for your strong and manly charms? Of course .I was a one year old in a Father s fond embrace The dance was not repeated in spite of all it s grace How could I know that history was in the making And these were precious moments my parents, now, were taking

And you never saw a school report or boasted to a friend You didn t drive me to my first dance or help my heart to mend We never played on any beach or made castles in the sand You were not at my wedding to give away my hand A loving family, a house, a home .you never had a chance It was just a dance with your daughter, then the job of saving France For many many thousands, a life, there could not be The only choice for all of them was setting Europe free. By Daphne Clement

I never knew again, a Father s unconditional love My Mother s spirit plumbed the depths and never rose above

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Surplus Lunch at Community Café

Imagine an excellent, home cooked fresh lunch at a reasonable price, which also supports both the environment and charity at the same time. If that sounds too good to be true, we can promise you that it is available at a café near you every day.

The Community Café @Riverhousebarn (pictured above) in Walton on Thames is now being run as a not-for-profit venture by a group of hard working volunteers who are passionate about reducing food waste. 1.9 million tons of surplus food is wasted in the UK food industry every day! M&S Walton have offered their surplus to the café, so every day new supplies arrive and the team work out what to make from it. This is food which may be wrongly labelled, vegetables a little wonky or otherwise on day expiry. All fine for use and the lunch we sampled was innovative and delicious: cauliflower fritters, baked peppers, feta and spinach frittata, salad and the most divine savoury bacon and cheese bread pudding! Sasha Nash, who is running the café, worked with the famous chef Anton Mossiman some years ago. She also worked at the St Saviours Community lunch programme in Sunbury and when the opportunity came up to relaunch the café at Riverhouse she jumped at it. With a background and love of both art and food, it could not have been a better fit. While you eat your lovely, fresh £5 lunch, you can be happy also in the knowledge you are helping the world on many levels. You are helping cut waste, supporting this great venue and the idea is that the £5 charge for lunch in the cafe enables Riverhouse to donate meal Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

tokens to local charities. The first beneficiary of the meal tokens will be Elmbridge CAN. This will entitle refugee families to enjoy a home cooked meal in friendly welcoming surroundings. The team are currently in the process of planning events with other local charities and community groups to create a cafe where the priority is not only the menu, but also the company. These groups include Elmbridge Community Link, the Counselling Partnership, HomeStart, Cancer Research UK, Meet up Mondays and Walton and Hersham Foodbank. The café also serves home made cakes, scones and a selection of regular dishes. It is dog friendly and as well as the inside space, you can take your lunch to the sensory garden overlooking the Thames.

If you are on your own and fancy some company then why not try Meet up Tuesday where you can join up with others and enjoy a cuppa together. Tuesdays 10.30-12.30. Sasha is looking to recruit some new volunteers, ideally someone who can spare a regular slot each week for a couple of hours, either creating dishes in the kitchen or being the friendly front of house face. Do drop her an email: sashaclarenash@hotmail.com. Community Café @Riverhousebarn Manor Road, Walton on Thames KT12 2PF Open 10am-4pm daily See recipe of the month for ideas of using up leftovers 19


Plague of Box Tree Pest By Monica Chard

Maybe you, like me, saw your box bushes start to dry up and die after the long hot summer last year and blamed yourself for neglect. I was certain I had killed them. But I find now that there is a genuine reason for their demise. it seems Spelthorne has not escaped the Box Tree Moth (Cydalima perspectalis). This moth lays small yellow eggs on the underside of the leaves, often close to the bottom of the tree. These hatch into well camouflaged green caterpillars with two dorsal stripes & a black head. As they move they leave silk threads & grow to 1-1.5 long. More information can be found at the following websites and in particular you may wish to add any discovery to the RHS national survey: www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=760 www.ebts.org/bmctracker/ www.cabi.org/isc/datasheet/118433 The breeding season extends from April to October and already there are many reports of large caterpillar populations in the area. Having heard about the problem, I took a closer look at a box bush myself and was shocked at how many caterpillars were on it, chomping away. Our local birds do not appear to like the taste of these bugs and there do not appear to be any fool proof solution to eradicating the moths. Some websites suggest using strong insecticides but stress the importance of applying high pressure to the spraying to penetrate through the dense leaf which is often glued together by the silk webs spun by the caterpillars and repeat applications will be necessary throughout the season. Caterpillar traps are available over the internet but you need to consider against the damage caused by the bugs while you wait for delivery. Given we are early in the breeding season and the extent of the local infestation you may Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


want to consider replacing all your box plants. Ideally these should be burnt to destroy the eggs, caterpillars and moths. Do not just cut the trees and leave them to compost as the eggs will continue to hatch and caterpillars will continue to feed and pupate. A local gardener said My personal recommendation is that those of you, like myself, who have this problem, save your money on ineffective chemicals and contractors claiming they can cure this problem, remove the affected plants and plant something else


GET SET FOR SUMMER Bridal & Bridesmaids package Scale and polish, ready for your special day Facial Aesthetics now available. Free Consultation

Summer Teeth Whitening OFFERS Direct Hygiene – Visit hygienist directly Open to All. Please call

Sports Mouthguards made for the return to school Call for appointment.

Dental House, 239 Staines Road West Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 7BH

01932 239076


Have You Considered our Dental Payment Scheme? ÂŁ17.50 per month which gives you 2 check ups and 2 hygienist appointments during the year.

Zobia s Marathon Finish Congratulations Zobia. She contacted us asking to pass on thanks to the community. Thank you for supporting me on my London Marathon journey, I raised ÂŁ155 purely as a result of your feature in Sunbury Matters! She wants to pass on a big thank you to the community of Sunbury on Thames who helped raise ÂŁ3,700 for Whizz Kidz. The majority of her fundraising was through donations from local residents and she is particularly grateful to Sunbury Dental Practice who donated a very generous ÂŁ145.00.

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



ENJOY HALF PRICE SUMMER GYM MEMBERSHIP* youfitclubs.co.uk 01932 899 901


Holiday Inn London Shepperton Felix Lane, Shepperton, TW17 8NP *Terms apply.

Photos: Jamie Garrett

On the 10th August this year it won t just be the Skiff, Punting and Rowing clubs fighting-it-out on the water for their trophies at Sunbury Regatta. The local pubs, businesses, organisations and groups of mates will be fighting for their shot at the Dongola and Tug -o-War trophies too. The current Dongola champions are: The White Horse Pub Photo Gareth Davies The current Tug-o-War champions are: The Admiral Hawke Pub If you want to take the trophies from them then you can enter your own team by visiting sunburyregatta.com or by emailing racing@sunburyregatta.com for an Entrance Form. Enter a team, be part of Sunbury s history. #sunburyregatta

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Sunbury Beat By Inspector Maxine Cilia As we enter the Summer months hopefully with warmer days and nights, we start to open our windows and leave doors open to enjoy the fresh air and warmth. This unfortunately is also the time that unwanted visitors do not need to find difficult Inspector Maxine Cilia ways to get in your property as they see open windows and doors as an invite. Please make sure you close ground floor windows when you are not in rooms and/or going out. Many people leave their front and back doors open whilst they are gardening, please keep you key with you and lock your doors so no one can take advantage when you are not looking. If you are going out to enjoy a picnic at a local open space, please be sure that you do not leave your valuables on display in your vehicle. Items such as handbags, ipads and laptops should always be put out of sight if indeed they must be left in your vehicle. Recently there has been a spate of stealing expensive sunglasses also. It goes without saying that pets should not be left in vehicles during hot weather, we often get called out to rescue pets from cars who are suffering with the heat. We have secured some great bike marking kits with a grant from our PCC, so try to come along to one of our advertised events during the summer months and get you bike marked. Sunbury has seen the most shed breaks in the local area where tools and bicycles are stolen. If you have any information where all these tools and bikes go please let us know. Please consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme email spelthornenhw@aol.co.uk for further details. We have recruited a new NSO for the Sunbury and Shepperton and Ashford area, To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

PC Alex Redwood. She is really looking forward to getting out and about to meet everyone. We also have three new PSCO s who are currently training to be out in the areas. Hopefully we will be able to meet many of you are local events across the Borough during the Summer months. Spelthorne Borough Commander Inspector Maxine Cilia

Spelthorne Beat Contact Details:

Please contact Surrey Police using our new website www.surrey.police.uk or by phone Call 999 if: - a serious offence is in progress or has just been committed - Or if someone is in immediate danger or harm - property is in danger of being damaged - a serious disruption to the public is likely Call 101 for non-emergency enquiries. If you're deaf or hard of hearing, use our text phone service on 18001 101. * Calls to 101 cost 15 pence per call from landlines and mobiles, no matter how long you're on the phone. Our email address is: Spelthorne@surrey.pnn.police.uk but please be aware this is only monitored during office hours. Or Call CrimeStoppers on 0800555111 which is a 100% anonymous reporting line


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk


Floral Corner by van Wonderen FLOWERS Tel: 01932 761071


May is always manic with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show right in the middle of it. As I reported last month the floristry exhibits at the show will be bound to turn some heads and this they certainly did. This year's schedule was to create a floral crown to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria. The competitors had just 8 weeks to turn their creation into a reality and the results were simply incredible. You can imagine how delighted we were when Her Majesty the Queen came to look at the exhibits. She commented on the detail in the displays and how much work had gone into it. Her final comment was 'They must have had a lot of fun!' and this they

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


certainly did. Whilst it's jolly hard work creating a floral crown it is also very rewarding when the visitors comment. To get recognition from the Queen is simply the highlight of the week for many of the competitors. Here's a few snaps of the showcase that was floristry at Chelsea this year.


Another Centenary!

Happy 100th birthday to Margaret Izzillo, pictured below with daughter Yvonne. Margaret was born in Bermondsey East London within the sound of Bow Bells. She had one brother and two sisters they often played around Tower Bridge. She loved to dance and sing, met Frank and got married in 1942 and had one child Yvonne. Margaret had many jobs eventually in later life working for the house of Fraser in Richmond Surrey. She was married to frank for 59 years before he passed away in 2000. Margaret came to live in Ashton Lodge Nursing home in Sunbury in early 2014. Margaret is normally up around 8am and spends her day in the lounge chatting singing, dancing and joining in gentle activities throughout the day. Margaret also enjoys to nap during the day and often goes back to her room around 6pm. She loves to talk about her husband Frank and the things she did as a young women to staff and residents which always brings a smile to her face. Staff say it is a privilege to care for Margaret.

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Evolution of our Local Reservoirs By John Taylor

During the late 19th century, there was a need to increase the water supply throughout the country. Previously small reservoirs had been built, and these were used for modest crop irrigation and domestic use. An increasing population, industrial and food production, necessitated the construction of substantial water storage facilities. Several reservoirs are sited in the Molesey area. One of the biggest serving London, and the most recent to be built is the Queen Elizabeth 11, located between Walton and West Molesey. Managed by Thames Water, and authorised by an Act of Parliament in 1935, due to the outbreak of World War 11, building work did not begin until 1957. The works were completed by W & C French, and commissioned in 1962. It covers 317 acres, and holds 4.300 million gallons of water. Following five years of planning, work began in March 2016 installing solar panels onto the water surface. More than 23,000 panels float, generating 6.3 MW of power (enough to supply 1,800 homes). The solar farm is expected to offset energy expenses used to power nearby water treatment and pumping stations. The farm covers 1/10 of the surface. Thames Water has pledged to support the objectives of the Paris Climate Change Agreement to limit the global temperature rise to 2C, and the firm says this project will contribute to achieving that goal. This solar panel farm was for a time the largest in the world, but that record has now been overtaken by the Chinese city of Huainan, in Anhui province. Many other floating solar farms are likely to be built both in the UK and abroad. Bessborough and the adjacent Knight reservoirs lie south of the river Thames, with the A3050 running to the north. Both were built by the Southwark and Vauxhall Waterworks Company. Building work began in 1898, and was completed in 1907 replacing an old manPlease mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Photo courtesy Thames Water

sion and its farmed estate. The combined area is 125.5 acres, with a water capacity of 1,198 million gallons. Built by Sir Robert Mc Alpine, the Island Barn reservoir has an area of 122 acres, and a capacity of 992 million gallons. It was authorized by the Lambeth Water act of 1900, and was opened in 1911.It is surrounded by the rivers Mole to the west and the Ember to the east. The Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club, hosts dingy sailing races and training at the reservoir, and the site is also used for bird watching. The now disused Molesey reservoirs were adjacent to the Thames on the south side on the reach above Molesey Lock. They were established in 1872, and had pumping stations to lift the water from the river into the storage place. Taken out of use in 1999, the land was then used for the extraction of aggregates. By area, Rutland water is the largest reservoir in this country, with an area of 4.86 square miles, and a water volume of 124 million cubic meters. When the well s dry, we know the worth of water Benjamin Franklin


See a GP by video

Being ill just got better. At LIVI we do everything we can to make things easier when you feel unwell. Like helping you see a GP by video without leaving home. Delivering prescriptions directly to your door. And offering GP appointments from 7am–10pm on weekdays, and 9am–5pm on weekends. All free on the NHS to patients registered at partner GP practices in the area. Download LIVI now on your mobile or tablet.

The following practices have jointly issued this publication. LIVI is currently available free to patients registered at these practices. Ashley Medical Practice | Chertsey Health Centre | Chobham & West End Medical Practice | Church Street Practice | College Road Surge ry | Fordbridge Medical Centre | Goldsworth Medical Practice | Greenfield Surgery | Heathcot Medical Practice | Hillview Medical Centre | Hythe Medical Centre | Knowle Green Medical | Madeira Medical | Orchard Surgery | Packers Surgery | Parishes Bridge Medical Practice | Pirbright Surgery | Rowan Tree Practice | Sheerwater Health Centre | Shepperton Medical Practice | Southview Medical Practice | St David’s Family Centre | St Johns Family Practice | Staines Health Group | Staines Thameside Medical | Stanwell Road Surgery | Studholme Medical Centre | Sunbury Health Centre | Sunny Meed Surgery | The Crouch Oak Practice | The Fort House Surgery | The Grove Medical Centre | The Hersham Surgery | The Maybury Surgery | The Ottershaw Surgery | The Red Practice | The White Practice | Upper Halliford Medical Centre | Wey Family Practice | Yellow Practice

Mayor Charity Blockbuster!

We gathered at Shepperton Studios at the end of May for the Mayor s chance to give out cheques to her chosen charities at the end of her mayoral year. 4 principle charities shared 80% of the funds, with 20% being shared between other extra causes. Main charities for the past mayoral year were Rentstart, The Penrose Club, East to West and Shopmobility. Other charities included The Greeno and Fordbridge centres, Homestart 398 squadron of the RAF, The Well, Staines scouts, Minnows playgroup and the Staines Lammas brass band. Mayor Jean Pinkerton accepts flowers from Time are not so easy and sponsorship this year leader of the council Ian Harvey was down which makes the final sum raised even more remarkable. The total was £47,000, a staggering sum. £12, 000 was raised at her charity ball alone £6000 of which was match funded by Barclays Bank. Pinewood Studios donated £1000 to her that evening. Jean Pinkerton and her consort Linda Burton set out to have fun and spread warmth during their year. Jean told Sunbury Matters that when, on her first engagement she was invited to try a moving climbing wall, she went for it with gusto despite wearing a dress and sling back sandals. That says it all! Jean lost her Staines council seat at the latest local elections but has been offered a post as Education ambassador for Spelthorne Council, drawing on her talent and experience in education for which she has received an OBE. We wish her the best of luck.



www.harvestfinancial.co.uk andrew@harvestfinancial.co.uk

01932 252900/07885 959377

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20% OFF when visiting showroom *T&C’s Apply

Reface for summer

Recipe of the Month Cheasy (Cheat s) Soufflé

Over coming months the Community Café @Riverhousebarn in Walton on Thames will be bringing you some recipes showing how you can use leftovers. They create wonderful food from surplus, donated by a local supermarket. The ingredient they are given most is bread so here they share a great little savoury gem created by Annette, one of the volunteers. The secret is to prepare the day before and leave to sit in the fridge before cooking the next day.

Serves 4 people Ingredients 8 slices buttered bread (can be any type at all – or even left over burger baps) 2 eggs Milk – 500 ml Cheese – 125 g (grated – any type of hard cheese – or a selection of pieces if you are having a clear out!) Salt/pepper Any or all of the following: One leek/handful chives/few cherry tomatoes/peppers/cured sliced meats NB. Looks good in individual ramekins but can easily work in one large ovenproof dish. Beat eggs together with milk to make the total mixture up to 600 ml. Line the dish or ramekin with one layer of buttered bread. Season this layer, sprinkle with half the grated cheese Put your optional filling in here – thinly sliced red peppers or tomatoes work well – and you can even have success using asparagus. Pour over half milk and egg mixture Then repeat with buttered bread and cheese. Pour remaining milk and egg mixture over, and push bread down so it really gets a soaking. Transfer dish/es to fridge for overnight or longer if you wish. 30 mins before you want to eat, pop into a preheated oven at 160 .Finished dish should look golden and risen – eat immediately with a side salad. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Eco Park Shop Opens

This may look like a bike rack outside a school or station, but in fact it is at the Charlton Lane Eco Park where a Revive shop has just opened to sell quality items which have been brought to be disposed of. They are selling furniture, bikes, crockery, tools, garden furniture, sports equipment, TV s and lights. Many of us have sheds full of things we don t want, but which are too good to just throw away. Knowing items will be sold on and have a new lease of life might just persuade us all to let go of some of our junk! Proceeds will go back to Surrey council and ultimately to our county to supplement dwindling budgets. So get clearing out and dispose of good quality items with a good conscience!

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Sudoku 4 7 5 2 1 9 3 5 6

4 5

9 3 5 1 8 5 7 8 4

6 9 5 3 9 1 7 4 5 3 8 5 6 9 3 1 9 2 Solution page 47

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7 9

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Celebrating 100 years of 1st Sunbury Cubs 1st Sunbury Scout Group celebrated the Centenary of 1st Sunbury Cubs on Sunday 12th May at their Scout HQ on School Walk, Sunbury. The event was open to all associated with 1st Sunbury Scout Group and over 150 current and former members enjoyed the glorious May sunshine for an afternoon tea and games. Guest of honour was former 1st Sunbury Cub and local legend, Mr Dennis Brock, who celebrated his own Centenary last year. Mr Brock cut the celebratory cake and was presented with a magnificent beech tree to mark the occasion, kindly supplied by the Spelthorne Tree Wardens.

Dennis Brock is flanked by Andrew Curtis, Karen Miller, Belinda ThorntonBunn and Ziggy Wesolowski The Chairperson for 1st Sunbury Scout Group, Mrs Belinda Thornton-Bunn, commented that it was a delight to have the current leaders and children celebrate with so many former 1st Sunbury leaders and families It has been a very special day, celebrated by so many, it is a testament to the community spirit and life-values we cultivate in the scouting movement that so many have joined in with the centenary celebrations . Several key Scouting awards were presented to the group s young people by both Mrs Suzy Webb (President Spelthorne Scouts) and Mr Brock. Congratulations to all who collected their Chief Scout Silver Award!

A grand gathering to mark 100 years apart. Scouting can give children more confidence, responsibility and a broader set of friends. Scouting can help develop your child's social skills and encourage self-sufficiency, and gives them access to activities and opportunities that may have been otherwise unavailable to them. The Scouting website explains further that a 2018 report says Scouts are 17% more likely to show leadership skills and work well in teams. They re a third more likely to support their communities too. 1st Sunbury Scout Group contributes to a variety of local community events such as the Father Christmas Sleigh street collection and various litter picks (including at the annual Sunbury Regatta). The group also runs the helmet store at the regular Sunbury Motorcycle Jumble at Kempton Park and is currently helping to raise funds towards the repair of the damaged bell at St Mary s Church through its Cubs Centenary Collection. Scouting in Spelthorne is popular and like many other groups, there is currently a waiting list of eager would-be Beavers, Cubs and Scouts at 1st Sunbury Scout Group. The group is run entirely by volunteers, who are currently stretched to capacity. More leaders and assistants are urgently required to enable more children to experience the adventure of Scouting. If you would like to know more about becoming a leader, helping in the local Scouting movement or contributing to the 1st Sunbury Cubs Centenary Collection for the bells at St Mary s, please contact 1st Sunbury Scout Group on: 1stSunburyCubs100@gmail.com.

What do Scouts Do? Adventure is at the heart of everything we do. It is the single most important thing that sets Scouts To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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July/August joint issue closes on June 17th Sunbury Shepperton Walton Molesey

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Meet Spelthorne s New Mayor By Monica Chard, Editor

At the end of May, Sunbury Matters attended the Mayoral Inauguration. Councillor Mary Madams was elected at the council offices in front of fellow councillors and VIP s. We went to meet her for a chat and to find out what her mayoral year will hold.

Mary Madams, new Mayor of Spelthorne, with Councillor Ian Harvey, elected for a further 4 year term as Leader of the Council

The position of Mayor is a non political role. The position gives the chance to encourage and promote communities, to champion big and small and to generally spread goodwill. The Mayor is the face of the borough of Spelthorne within the county of Surrey and the role involves a huge commitment of engagements. As well as a figurehead though, the role is significant in promoting good causes and championing charities. Each year the Mayor will select several charities which are dear to his/her heart and all the fund raising events of the mayoral year will raise money for those charities. Mary Madams has selected Midas Plus and Eikon as her two main charities, and will supporting many others across the borough in their fund raising efforts. Midas Plus has featured in this magazine To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

many times. You may have seen the Staines upon Thames Day Duck Race (Village Matters has their own duck decorated by Shepperton Artists. Never won, but still going strong!). Midas Plus was set up by local people to support other locals in need. The money they raise supports community groups and individuals who have nowhere else to turn, from small things that matter, like a new carpet for a flood victim with no means, to more costly things like powered wheelchairs. Eikon s strapline is Inspiring Young People. Transforming Lives . It supports youngsters (including young carers) who are coping with difficult personal issues or prospects. It will help get those with reduced means to get into university, older children to get into work, and offers positive role models for those with none at home. Eikon tackles issues of self esteem, presentation and communication. With a background in recruitment, the area of supporting youngsters into the workplace or higher education to improve prospects is immensely close to Mary s heart. With employers such as Heathrow and Shepperton Studios within Spelthorne as well as many incoming organisations, the chance to offer apprenticeships is something to be nurtured. Mary Madams has been living in Laleham since she was 5 years old. She still lives in her childhood home and loves the area with a passion. The forthcoming mayoral year will be filled with engagements and Mary has adopted the theme Aspire and Inspire . She sees her role as a chance to make a difference, see things within the borough (and county) that she has never seen before and looks forward to meeting many more people. We wish our new Mayor and her consort Andrew Hopgood, the very best of luck.


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7 Walk like a small child (6) 8 Extremely minute (6) 9 Bee shelter (4) 10 Observed, scrutinised (8) 11Pleasant conclusion to a story (5, 6) 15 Returned the same way (7, 4) 19 Shocking, grisly (8) 20 Leaf through (4) 21 Tamper, interfere (6) 22 Departed (6)




13 14




18 19




Solution on p 58

1 7


1 According to reason (7) 2 Inactive, not working (4) 3 ______ Clooney, actor (6) 4 Craggy, rugged (6)

5 Round handle on a house entrance (8) 6 Fatigued (5) 12 Stick out (8) 13 Nothing (3) 14 Grazed, scuffed (7)

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16 Self-service meal (6) 17 Go over the limit (6) 18 Fiction book (5) 20 Spoke, articulated (4)


Foodbank Needs Volunteers & Van The UK's poorest families have too little money to cover basic weekly living costs. A common problem raised by volunteers and users in all three areas is universal credit. The rollout of the new system – which merges six benefits into one monthly payment – began in 2013. It was designed to simplify the benefits system and help people move into work. However, problems with universal credit and a wait of at least five weeks before receiving the first payment - are a key driver of Foodbank use. The growth of the local supermarket collections and redistribution of edible food by the Community Foodbank tackling hunger and food waste is a real success story. As a result of these changes we are looking for more volunteers to help on Thursdays preparing food, serving and clearing down. LOVE SUNBURY: Saturday 8th June 2019 The Community Foodbank at St Saviours is once more teaming up with Johnson and Johnson Sunbury. We will be going out into the community all day, giving a helping hand, decorating and gardening, helping and improving living conditions for local families in need. A DAY AT THE SEASIDE : 6th August The traditional "bucket and spade" August holiday outing to the seaside is now out of reach for one in five UK families. We have calculated the cost of a no-frills day at the seaside based the cheapest train fare, using a relevant railcard, for two adults and two children aged between five and 15 from a range of cities and county towns to their nearest coastal resort. Family holidays have a special place in childhood memories. It is an opportunity every child should enjoy, yet for many families a trip to the seaside is only a dream. We wanted to change this and give an opportunity for local families to be able to go the beach. Please contact the Foodbank for more details.

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SCHOOL HOLIDAY - SUMMER PROJECT From early September to late July schools provide the invaluable service of free meals for children of local families who cannot afford lunches. But for the six weeks of the summer holidays this service is not available. This means that many parents and guardians are struggling to provide their children (and themselves) with enough daily sustenance. We want to provide a helping hand to these families by giving them enough food for their lunches during the holidays. Here at the Community Foodbank at St Saviours bank we are putting in plans to run the full 6 weeks offering 7 days lunch boxes and days out. Full details will follow soon, however to help us achieve this we need your support. HELP US GET A VAN

We collect Surplus food many times each week from Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, M&S, Bookers and Costco .Can you donate to us or recommend a reasonably priced Van that we could buy? Or do you know a company that could donate funds so that we can purchase one? We are so busy collecting and delivering so much food that our volunteer s cars in a lot of cases are too small. Contact: Claire Hopkins Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Thursday 9.00am – 2.00pm St Saviour s Church 205 Vicarage Road, Sunbury, Middlesex, TW16 7TP claire.hopkins@stsaviourssunbury.org.uk 07549 952161 43

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Sunbury Nursing Homes

Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6AJ

Family run nursing home now in its 85th year Located opposite a beautiful stretch of the River Thames A home where the resident really IS the most important person “Just a word of thanks for all your kindness and care for my mother. We had almost given up hope of finding a nursing home of excellence which we felt she deserved and our experience with you was so heartening and reassuring."

    

expert 24 hour personalised nursing care for older people warm, homely and reassuring 'family' environment a home that is vibrant as well as caring and compassionate daily activities we don’t use agency staff

"I liked SNH more than other homes I looked at mainly because the residents and staff all looked so happy."

01932 785414 email: enquiries@sunburynursinghomes.co.uk


Reuse Pop Up Shop in Shepperton

Great news. We hear an entrepreneurial local Shepperton lady has launched a new business in plastic free and zero waste products. Mel Jensen found herself drawn to the ethos of zero waste and started making some changes in her life over the past couple of years. She found friends were asking her advice so she began a blog. That developed into sourcing products. It is all well and good having these ideas, but zero waste/plastic free, sustainable products are not readily available yet. So she did a deal with wholesalers and put together a selection of items she uses herself. Products range from toothpaste, shampoo and hair conditioner to cleaning products and washing up liquid. You can take containers to be refilled. The Waste Reduction Shop is online but also as a pop up shop at Quality Fruit & Flowers. It will be on June 22nd 9.30-13.00. Mel will also be at the Walton Vegan Market on June 15th so pop along to see her. You can also get inspiration, subscribe to a newsletter or buy online from:


Mel is not doing this as a job or career. It is more an education which she has felt compelled to do, following the Attenborough and Greta Thunberg effects. We all need to do our little bit to reduce waste so lets try to buy without.

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From Scrap to Sculpture

One local artist has taken the challenge of waste disposal to a new level. Yvonne Morris contacted us to show off her creation. Yvonne scavenged materials from the local recycling centre and Walton Road Garage in Molesey and turned it into a magnificent dragon fly. In the close up you can see chains and cogs. The wings were made from ironing boards and the tail from an exhaust. After 18 months from idea to the making, Yvonne has donated the piece to a care home in Claygate. It just goes to show that with a little creativity it is possible to reuse junk. If there is not an artist lurking in you, there is still hope! The Eco Park has launched a reuse shop, so you can pick up quality household items, including furniture, for only a few pounds.

Sudoku Solution 2 6 1 3 9 7 8 4 5

8 7 9 5 1 4 3 2 6

4 5 3 6 8 2 9 7 1

6 2 4 7 5 8 1 3 9

9 1 5 4 3 6 7 8 2

3 8 7 9 2 1 6 5 4

5 4 8 1 7 9 2 6 3

1 3 2 8 6 5 4 9 7

Solution to June Sudoku

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7 9 6 2 4 3 5 1 8

Can you find the hidden phrases?

Answers to Mindbenders on p60

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LOSRA Says .

The Annual General Meeting of the Lower Sunbury Residents Association will take place at The Riverside Arts Centre, Thames Street, Sunbury, on Wednesday 19th June at 8 p.m.


1. Apologies for absence 2. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting 3. Chairman s Report 4. Treasurer s Report 5. Election of Officers and Committee * 6. Presentation by David Monro, Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey and Inspector Maxine Cilia, Borough Commander for Spelthorne 7.Open Forum 8. Any other business *Whether through house moves, failing health or changes of circumstance, we currently find ourselves carrying a number of vacancies for our Committee. If you are community spirited and have a couple of hours to spare each month, please do come to the AGM for an informal chat.

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Q. A girl who was just learning to drive went down a one-way street the wrong way but she didn t break the law. How come?

A. She was walking. Q. How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you, even if it doesn't hit anything, there is nothing attached to it, and no one else catches or throws it?

Fascinating Fact

The human skull contains 22 separate bones!

A. Throw the ball straight up in the air.

Q. Two students are sitting on opposite sides of the same desk. There is nothing in between them but the desk. Why can't they see each other? A. The two students have their backs to each Think Your Way Through the Box Solution

What Happens to Military Animals in Retirement?

We very often commemorate brave soldiers who have served in wars all over the world, and rightly so. But what about animals who serve? What happens to them? If you have seen War Horse you will have an idea of the important role played by horses, many of them sequestered by the army from farms and homesteads, very few which made it home. We were contacted recently by a lady who had a story about a modern day military dog. Hertz is a short haired German pointer who served in Afghanistan. He was trained initially to detect drugs and when he excelled at that he went on to detect electronic equipment which may have been used to pass information to insurgents. He is credited with saving countless lives. The Danes and Americans were so impressed that they used him too. He is even being considered for the Dickin Medal. As an RAF dog he frequently had to travel by helicopter and proved a real favourite in Camp Bastion as well as one of their best dogs. So, getting back to the start...Hertz was retired from active service 14 months ago, having earned his time off and a nice bit of grass to stretch out on. But it didn t quite work out. He was adopted by someone from the military who had another dog who didn t like him, then was taken on by a friend. It became clear that was not a long term solution and that this 8 year old hero deserved a forever home. So by chance, while walking on Desborough Island a conversation between two ladies resulted in Why not call Monica at Sunbury Matters. She can write a story on him . So we went along to meet Hertz. All I can say is, you might well be seeing him around Sunbury .

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Playing Tourist at Home Have you ever walked around your own area as if you were a tourist? You'd be surprised how much there is to see and how little you probably know about the place you live. We get so bogged down in daily routines that we don t pay attention to what s in front of our eyes. Here are five great reasons to explore your own area this summer. A fresh pair of eyes - Take roads and corners you ve never taken before. Get lost in streets you ve never been to and see things you never realized were there. You ll see your area in a new light. A history lesson - You ve driven or walked by that building, church, or statue thousands of times, but do you know the name of it or the story behind it? Take time to learn about the history and secrets of where you live! Read a book, visit a museum. Gaining a better understanding of an area s heritage is a good way to learn to appreciate it.

Meet New People - Engage in a conversation with a complete stranger while exploring your own town. Coffee shops are good places because the atmosphere is relaxed. Older people often enjoy a chat and may have a wealth of knowledge about the area, especially if they grew up there. A new perspective - Find the highest building or vantage point and see if you can get a bird s eye view of your area. For a completely different experience, see if you can do it again at night! Refresh your mind - Playing tourist in your own town can make you reconnect with and appreciate it. A teacher of mine once said, 'Keep exploring. Keep learning. Stay curious, and you won't go far wrong.'


Pest Control

Member of the British Pest Control Association Full Public Liability Insurance Cover

Wasps Bees Rats Mice Ants Fleas Squirrels Moths Moles

Tel: 020 8979 1670 Mobile: 0773 389 5213

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4 Reasons to go to the Walton Beer Festival June 28th/29th

Firstly, FOR YOU: The festival is a lovely social night out close to the town centre in a picturesque setting at Walton Cricket Club. It s a perfect event to meet up with friends and enjoy some fabulous live music, a selection of scrummy foods and a glass of

your favourite tipple. It s very good value too with a low-ticket price of ÂŁ12.50 with (no booking fee) and includes a festival beer or gin glass you can take home. A wide choice of quality foods and drinks including selected Real ales, Ciders, Gin cocktails, Prosecco, Red, White & Rose wines and a fully stocked bar. All at very reasonable social club prices. Hey ho!

Secondly, FOR LOCAL MUSICIANS: Headlining on Saturday night is well-known local band Jafuso Blue comprising of five highly talented musicians formed over 10 years ago. Lead singer Charlotte Beattie who graduated from ACM Guildford works in Escape Hair & Beauty in Thames Street and local Walton boy Iain Simpson, an experienced band leader plays keyboard and teaches guitar. The band line-up is completed by ultra-cool professional base player Mike Pratt, music teacher Russell Jarret and teacher, songwriter, phenomenal drummer and multi-instrumentalist Travis Marc. The energy and friendship between the band members is noticeable and hence always creates a vibrant, entertaining atmosphere. Together, they ve played all over the UK, entertaining at weddings, parties, charity events, local pubs and hotels. Thirdly, FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES: Local food Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


vendor The Noodle Pod is based in Walton and their iconic pod on wheels is often seen at many local public and private events. They offer a varied Asian menu of dishes using freshly prepared ingredients for all tastes. Walton festival also supports the award winning local chef Cue the Feast and mobile wood fired caterer Stoked. Perhaps you have seen them around Walton. Fourthly FOR THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: The event organisers ensure that 100% of proceeds go to local Not For profit Charitable causes like Music in Hospitals & Care who have strong local links in Elmbridge and thanks to the engagement, generous support and donations of community partners like Walton Cricket Club can ensure music provision continues in a diverse range of care. From Sherwood House Care Home and Fernleigh Activity Centre to Walton Leigh School and Princess Alice Hospice. They work together to ensure we make people feel better and bring joy through live music to those who need it most. Their musicians performances simply couldn t take place without the contributions, donations and time given by our amazing supporters. A Music in Hospitals & Care performance lasts just over an hour, but musicians provide more than just live music. They arrive in good time for their performance, allowing time to meet their audience, and stay to chat with audience members about the kind of day they have had or the memories the music has sparked. Research shows that sharing the experience of a live musical performance can help reduce levels of anxiety, pain and depression, as well as break down social and cultural barriers. This is particularly welcomed by patients who have little contact with relatives or friends. Walton-on Thames Festival continues to support and showcase Walton Talent in the Community!


Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635 www.jcstamps.co.uk

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Gardening Matters Sitting Sustainably

By Rachael Leverton The FSC was founded in 1993, in response to public concern about deforestation. The council devised a wood-labelling scheme which allows a product to be traced right back down the supply chain from the consumer to its source. Any product bearing the FSC logo is guaranteed to be from forests which are carefully managed to conserve biodiversity and support local communities. One of the great pleasures in life has to be sitting outside on a summer evening, glass of wine in hand, gazing in reverie at your precious plot. But what are you sitting on? Is your furniture environmentally friendly? What about that lovely decking, or your garden shed? As gardeners we have a responsibility which extends far beyond our boundary. Trees are vital to the planet. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and act as environmental filters, offsetting the effects of pollution. They also provide a habitat for birds and animals.

Unfortunately not all garden suppliers stock products which are FSC approved. So we need to demand that they do. The world s forests are in decline. Some tropical hardwoods are already on the verge of extinction, and temperate forests in the northern hemisphere are also suffering because of unregulated tree-felling. As a gardener and lover of our environment I feel more comfortable knowing that I m not contributing to the destruction of our planet. If you re replacing your garden furniture this year, ask to see the FSC certified label. Q. Is it possible to be environmentally friendly when buying PVC furniture?

Like many gardeners I take a keen interest in environmental matters so it came as a shock when I read recently that that every year our tiny island imports more unsustainably produced wood than anywhere else in the world!

A. Yes it is. Many companies are now producing furniture made from recycled PVCs. You re no longer limited to the standard flimsy offerings either. It s now possible to find sturdy benches and picnic tables. Of course, the advantage of PVC is that it s completely weatherproof; maintenancefree, and won t rot, corrode or splinter!

A good proportion of this wood is used to make garden buildings, furniture, fencing and decking. I was thrilled, therefore, to read about the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and their certification programme for sustainable produced and sourced wood? To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Solution to June Quick Crossword


Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788

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Sunbury Garden Play. Opens 4th June. Garden, veggie patch, boa sandpit, digging area, trampoline and woodland to explore. The Creek, Lower Sunbury. £3 child under 1 year. Child over 1 year £5. Please book: Facebook/sunburysummergardenplay. Insta: sunburygardenplay Sunbury Library Coffee Time. The Friends of Sunbury Library invite you to a Coffee Time on 7th June and 5th July between 10 and 11:30. Coffee or tea, biscuits and a general knowledge quiz for 50p. Sunbury Library, The Parade, Staines Road West, Sunbury Hawkefest, Saturday 15th June, 2-5pm, Hawkedale Primary School, Sunbury. Enjoy a festival atmosphere with performances on our main stage, games, stalls, secret gift shop, balloons, food & drink area and much more. A fun afternoon for the whole family. Admission: Adults £1, 3 years and over 50p, under 3s free. Cash only please. Creative Stitch Exhibition, Riverside Barn, Walton on Thames, 19 - 30 June, 10am - 4pm, free entry. This exhibition will showcase the work of Riverside s creative textiles and embroidery groups. On display will be a diverse range of work including stump work, batik, silk painting, felting, machine embroidery and many more! Beauclerc Summer Fayre Saturday 22nd June 2019 12-3pm. 116 French Street, TW16 5LE for a fun packed afternoon for the whole family. Pony rides, giant bouncy castle, fire engine (incident dependant), BBQ & licensed bar, high tea - cakes and Pimms stall, craft and game stalls, face painting, tombolas, raffle with top prizes and some amazing goods being sold from local traders. In addition, we are extremely proud that our own school choir will be performing. Please help support your local school and come along, everyone welcome! Admission is £2 per family or £1 per adult (children are free)

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4th-6th July Staines Musical Theatre presents MONSTERS AND MYTHS. Enter the world of Magic, Myths and Monsters. Songs from hit musicals including Mary Poppins, Wicked, Camelot, Cats, Shrek and Phantom of the Opera. Riverside Arts Centre, 59 Thames Street, Sunbury, TW16 5QF. Tickets £12, available from 01784-605805 or www.smtg.org.uk Sunbury Amateur Regatta– Saturday 10th August 2019. Bookings being taken now from stallholders for our new Boat/Chandlery Jumble Section, Vintage/bric-à-brac and Craft Sections 10 August- details on our website: www.sunburyregatta.com Musical Meditation for Flute Alone - Hear well known hymns arranged into beautiful fantasias for flute and performed by Colleen Muriel June 15 @ 2-4 pm at the Loyola Centre directly across the street from St. Ignatius Church. Have a cuppa and enjoy a relaxing hour of music (tickets £10.) colleenmuriel@hotmail.com (elflauto.ca)

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Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Morning Friday 13 September and Thursday 17 October 2019 9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Book your place via our website: www.hamptonprep.org.uk - ‘Visit the School’ page

Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent. ISI Report 2016

020 8979 1844 admissions@hamptonprep.org.uk Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, Gloucester Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ

If you think all Estate Agents are the same, you haven’t worked with Dexters. We are different. Everything we do will give you an altogether better experience of selling or letting your property. Dexters Sunbury Sales: 01932 781 100 Lettings: 01932 787 788

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June 2019 Sunbury Matters  

The 100th issue of Sunbury Matters, the community magazine for Lower Sunbury

June 2019 Sunbury Matters  

The 100th issue of Sunbury Matters, the community magazine for Lower Sunbury