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July 2017

Issue 69

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Shepperton Fair 2017 Report and Photos

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24TH - 28TH JULY EXCERPTS FROM ‘BEAUTY & THE BEAST’ Age: 4- 7 years old Time: 9.45am - 12.45pm Cost: £125 (£105 for siblings) EXCERPTS FROM ‘SUMMER SCHOOL OF ROCK’ Age: 6-18 years old Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm Cost: £145 (Discount for siblings)

Welcome! We have been blessed with record breaking sunshine. The Shepperton Fair could not have been better. See pages 10-11 for lots of photos and see if you are there. (The sunshine and heat also meant that I found it rather difficult to work! So, if there are any glaring mistakes, please forgive me). I had a great month visiting local events. The fair was a great day out, Laleham Open Gardens were splendid, and the Shepperton Horticultural Association Summer Show was made even better as I won the Baking section! I am sharing the recipe with you on p26. You too can take part. The next show is the Autumn show which is September 2nd so why not join in?

July 2017 We had an interesting follow up to Kenneth Battle’s piece about Halliford House in the June issue. It is incredible to have made a connection with the past history of the house when it was a mental institution. See p37 Until next month!

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Village Matters Ltd Advertising / Editorial : Monica Chard Telephone: 07979 808991 Email: Shepperton Matters is a member of the Village Card scheme Front Cover: ‘Shepperton Lock’ Painting by Sybil Sheppard from the Shepperton Artists. Please send any hi res photos for consideration for covers to Please ‘like’ us on Facebook. www.facebook/ Sunbury&SheppertonMatters

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Walton Yacht and Launch Company c 1950 By Nick Pollard

This fascinating picture shows the works of the Walton Yacht and Launch Company, situated in Shepperton immediately downstream of Walton Bridge. The company was started in about 1930, and built boats in the large hangar-like sheds, which were then launched down slipways into the Thames. During World War Two, production switched over to high speed launches, particularly for the RAF. If this seems strange, the RAF still had large numbers of flying boats at the time, which needed launches to service them. My grandfather, Russell Rosewell, worked there during this period. After the war, the company came under the control of R.G. Odell, who built a large fleet of passenger ferries for use in London, especially in connection with the Festival of Britain in 1951 when vast numbers of people visited the exhibition on the South Bank (the Festival Hall is the only reminder there now). All the boats were given names that started with ‘O’. Those seen here include ‘Ocenia’, ‘Oat’ and ‘Obe’. Each was about 63 feet long and could carry approximately 140 passengers. Others Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


were built for the Ford Motor Company to ferry workers from London down to their massive factory on the estuary at Dagenham, and were given suitable names such as ‘Ford Consul’. When the works closed in the 1960s due to a lack of further orders, the slipways were filled in (although their location can still be seen) and the buildings converted by Laconite Ltd to produce their range of decorative wallboard. This company closed down in turn in the 1980s, and the empty factory was an indoor go-karting arena for a few years before being demolished in advance of redevelopment. The site is now occupied by the Swan Walk development of houses and flats. More old photos of Shepperton can be seen in ‘Sunbury and Shepperton in Old Photos’, published by the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society, available from Squire’s Garden Centre.

Visit our stunning newly refurbished showroom in Ashford!

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Swan Upping July 17th Swan Upping plays an important role in the conservation of the mute swan and involves The Queen’s Swan Warden collecting data, assessing the health of young cygnets and examining them for any injuries. Cygnets are extremely vulnerable at this early stage in their development and Swan Upping affords an opportunity to help both adults and cygnets that might otherwise go untreated. The Royal Swan Uppers, who wear the scarlet uniform of Her Majesty The Queen, travel in traditional rowing skiffs together with Swan Uppers from the Vintners’ and Dyers’ livery companies. Many schools are invited to meet 6 cygnets at Sunbury Lock. Thanks to Lyn White the Swan Uppers on their journey up river. The children involved may have the opportunity to view cygnets at close quarter and ask questions about swans, the boats used and The Queen’s ownership of mute swans. The participation of school children is a positive element of Swan Upping and their enthusiasm for wildlife is always to be encouraged. Monday 17th July 2017 Penton Hook Lock 12.30 Sunbury Lock Cut 09.00 - Departure point Romney Lock 17.30 Shepperton Lock 10.45

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Shepperton Lock

Poem by Peggy Pickering The Lock is not too far away Ideal to visit on a sunny day At the Lock they sell tea and ice cream Also cream teas, which is everyone’s dream Tables and Chairs are neatly laid out Ready for visitors who are out and about One can sit in the shade under a tree Enjoying jam scones and cups of tea

Painting by Sybil Wheeler of Shepperton Artists

While the lock keeper’s wife serves all the teas It’s a wonderful setting and relaxing too Her husband attends to the boat owners needs So lucky to have such a beautiful view You can sit by the Lock and admire the boats Big ones and small ones all keeping afloat

Tea at the Lock is a sheer delight So do pay a visit to this Shepperton site!

The Shepperton Lock tea room is open from 12 noon to 5pm every day

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Review of Shepperton Fair 2017 By Monica Chard, Editor

Wow! What a day we had for the Shepperton Fair. It was the most glorious summer’s day. Everything you could wish for a traditional local community event. The parade was the biggest we have seen for years. The costumes were spectacular and it was great to see so many of the parents and teachers dressed up too. With a theme ‘Pirates and Princesses’, what was not to like?!

were reiterated by Mayor Vivienne Leighton who shared the podium with him. The raft race was excellent and we loved seeing the many (deep voiced) Princesses with hairy knees. We loved the comedy, the decoration of the rafts and the determination and good humour of the teams. Well done to you all. Next years fair is on June 9th. Put it in your diary and if you want to get involved get in touch: The Lord Lieutenant of Surrey with his wife Sarah and Mayor Vivienne Leighton with consort Chris

The fair was opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey. In his speech he declared that when he had accepted my invitation, he had not the single idea of just how BIG an event it was. He himself has been very much involved in charity fund raising so he appreciated the importance of the fair to the many charities who were present. He also praised the work of the volunteers and the Shepperton Fair committee who had made the event happen. His words Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Shepperton Fair 2017 in Pictures

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A note on recent work at All Saints Church, by Laleham Heritage Centre curator, Dominic O’Malley. On Tuesday morning two conifers were felled in the churchyard and the gigantic beech at the corner was trimmed down to merely ‘massive’. This has opened up an unseen-for-a-century vista on this gorgeous church. The light within the church has also been enhanced by daylight from newly unobscured windows. Especially significant is the natural light now able to enter through the ‘Balfour Window’ in the west wall. This window was created by Wilhelmina Geddes, a stained glass artist of the arts & crafts movement. This beautiful, historic, important building deserves to be seen and appreciated as it originally was, not to be obscured by trees. The photos show the ’new’ view and the view on a 1906 postcard. Go take a look, and please take pictures; I’d like copies of the best for the archives. Email them to Dominic directly

Flute and Piano Lessons (at Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury)

Did you play flute or piano 'back in the day'. Would you like to play revisit those old music books again? Or are you 'starting at the very beginning'

Never too young or too old for music Call Colleen 07722574625/

This space could be yours for £35 plus VAT The August issue closes on July 19th Call Monica 07979 808991 Email To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Shepperton Manor

and a Forgotten Victorian Shipping Magnate By Monica Chard, By Bill Editor Lindsay Villagers will know about Shepperton Manor but not many will know about one of its past inhabitants, William Schaw Lindsay. Who was he? What did he do for Shepperton? At the height of his fame in the 1850s and 1860s he was living in the Manor house. He was MP for Sunderland, advisor to the Government on shipping matters, author of an eminent book on Merchant shipping, owner of fifteen ships and Broker to hundreds more. His company was the largest ships brokerage in Britain, if not the world. Not only was he a friend to influential and important men in his time, including prime ministers Disraeli and Gladstone, and government officials Cobden and Bright, but a man taking an active interest in his local village. Lindsay was born in Ayr, Scotland in December 1815. He was orphaned by the time he was ten. He wrote, “From that moment I felt I was a child of poverty whose lot was to earn my bread by the sweat of my brow.” Brought up by his Reverend Uncle, he ran away to sea when he was fifteen, and after five years had worked his way up to become Ship’s Captain. He handled coal transportation from N E England down to London, and then decided to set up his own ships brokerage in the City. In his first year the Company’s profit was £1000. His ships transported equipment to the Crimean War, assisted in emigration to Australia and New Zealand, and traded with the United States shipping out iron railway tracks and returning with cotton.

He purchased Shepperton Manor in 1856 and set about improving the neighbourhood, building houses, establishing the railway to extend to Shepperton, donating land for a cemetery (where he is buried - see photo), and assisting in magistePlease mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Portrait of William Schaw Lindsay and an etching of him working his passage to Liverpool rial and church matters. His friend Sir Joseph Paxton drew up a plan for a model village for Shepperton, and although some houses were built, it was never completed. During the American Civil War (1861-1865) he backed the Southerners and believed that they should gain independence from the United States. He was convinced that the war was due to unfair taxation of the South, and not emancipation of slavery, which was adopted as a cause later in the war. He accommodated the Southern ambassadors Mason and Sliddel in the manor house. As an MP he lobbied the Government to recognise independence for the South, and even visited the French Emperor Napoleon III to do the same. Prior to the war in 1860 he had travelled to the Northern States, primarily on shipping business, where he met President Buchanan and President-Elect Lincoln. In 1864 he had a paralytic seizure and was confined to a wheelchair until his death in 1877. During this time he set about writing his memoirs, and collating his correspondence with influential people in his day, such as Livingstone and Brunel. His diaries and papers are now held in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Much of his work has never been read and, as I feel it is of historical interest, I am in the process of transcribing it. He was my great-great-grandfather.

Shepperton Horticultural Association Summer Show What a Community Effort!

This really is a community event and well worth supporting. I decided this year to join in. Sadly although I love plants and flowers, I can’t claim to have green fingers. Mr C had said he was going to enter one of his chilli tomato jams, but in the end he had eaten the last jar. But I thought that I would give the cake a try. I read through the recipe for Lemon Griesstorte and thought to myself “ yes, I have the ingredients and I can make that”. I left it until the last minute. I was not particularly happy with my result and nearly didn’t submit it, but in the spirit of entering in, I delivered it to the village hall. When I saw the other cakes I thought that mine looked similar enough, so left it to fate. A gentleman was putting his entries out and was rather downhearted about his focaccia that he had left in the oven a bit too long, having nodded off. All I can say is that it is worth entering. You just never know. I went off for he afternoon to visit Laleham Open Gardens and came back to collect my cake at 4pm to be greeting by a beaming Pauline Nicks. “ Come this way. Have a look”. Not only had my cake been awarded a first, but I had won best baking exhibit of the show. I am still a bit gobsmacked. Before any of you cynics out there say “fix”, the judging is independent and entrants are anonymous! Mr C is now well and firmly intending entering in the Autumn Show which will be on September 2nd. See the website for full details of what and how to enter:

Congratulations Beatrice Bletcher and Jim Adams Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

16 I had the honour of presenting the prizes at the show. (That had not been planned or I might have put a frock on, but it was a very hot day, so I was dressed appropriately). Winners as follows: Floral Art - Sylvie Mellersh Baking Monica Chard. Pot plants - Nicola Cumber. Roses - Pauline Roberts Fruit - Jill Greenwood. Veg - John White. Flowers - Stella Smith. Sweet Peas - Roger Dix Congratulations to all the winners, but also to all those who took part and who organise the show. It is lots of fun and really inspiring to see some of the locally grown flowers, fruit and veg. Next Show September 2nd. Recipe for Lemon Griesstorte on p27 in this magazine.

Defibrillators….Or How to Save Someone’s Life

Shepperton Matters attended a very useful workshop at the Shepperton Health Centre on how to attend to someone who has suffered a suspected cardiac arrest. Would you know where the defribrillators are around the area? Would you know how to use it? Your actions may make the difference between life and death. The Defibrillator is Part 2. Part 1 is entirely down to the first on the scene. You will need to perform CPR on the patient. This will keep the heart pumping until help arrives. You may have seen adverts for it on TV, using the rhythm of the Bee Gees hit “Staying Alive”, or even “Nelly the Elephant” (not a Bee Gees hit!). 30 strong beats down followed by two breaths into the patients mouth. Then start pumping again. Hopefully by now help will be on the way. It may be that there is a defibrillator nearby and someone will have gone to get it. As soon as you switch it on you will hear clear instructions about what to do, stage by stage. As soon as a defibrillator is initiated it will trigger a call for an ambulance. It will all happen very quickly, but your actions will be key in saving someone’s life. For more information on defibrillators and first response you can have a look at the website: Community First Responders are able to attend the scene of an emergency in a very short time - often within the first few minutes, and in the majority of incidents they could be first on scene. The responder can then begin vital life saving first aid before the arrival of an ambulance, further increasing the patient’s chance of survival. But in the very first instance you can make the critical difference.

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Meet The Revelaires By Monica Chard, Editor

In 1953 a group of locals decided to form a company with the sole intention of providing entertainment to those in adversity. That group was The Revelaires and they are still going strong today. We met with Sheila Marsden to find out all about the group. Sheila always wanted to perform. When she was little she learned to dance. Her mother was Irish and had a great singing voice. Entertainment was part of life and The Revelaires has been very much part of the family. When she was 18 Sheila took her friend Janis along as company to her audition. Her friend ended up joining too. As a bonus, Janis met her husband Peter (currently the sole male Revelaire) through the group. Then Sheila’s little sister Karen begged to join, which she did when she was 14. All 4 of them are still members. Sheila has been with the group for over 50 years.

The Revelaires 60th anniversary. Sheila Marsden, bottom row, 3rd from right with sister Karen 3rd from left

The Revelaires is an amateur revue company which visits dementia units, day centres, nursing, residential and retirement homes across Spelthorne, Elmbridge and Runnymede to bring a smile to those who may be struggling or lonely. They group is self funding, relying on donations which pay for the lighting, sound equipment, costumes (which are made by one of the members) and insurance. When Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


I asked Sheila what had kept her interest and enthusiasm for the group for such a long time, she answered simply “to see the radiance on the faces of a dementia audience is worth everything”. As the first notes of music are playing the audience is Sheila ready for an alert to songs 80’s number which may jolt memories. There is no doubting the driver is the desire to spread some love and happiness. Shows comprise cabaret style solos, group songs, dance and some comedy. The Revelaires team are hugely committed and love what they do. Rehearsals are weekly and the show season around homes runs from October to April. The group also puts on two public fund raising shows in April and October at Chertsey Hall. We will bring you more news on the Autumn show in due course. If you like the sound of The Revelaires, Sheila would be delighted to hear from you. The group would dearly love some more men to join. The age range is currently 19-72 so no excuses! If you like the sound of it please call Sheila Marsden on 01784 252407 or email It is so humbling to meet such a dedicated lady as Sheila and hear how much pleasure she and her group get from bringing a smile to the faces of those whose lives may not be all that easy.

Selling out fast

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Available for immediate occupation Offices to rent in Shepperton 140 sq ft – 529 sq ft Flexible Terms Available For further details please contact:

Nick Allan or Lisa Philpott

01932 255500 Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Second Career? How About Teaching? By Thamesmead School

The Thamesmead School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) Partnership is a highly graded teacher training provider in North West Surrey. We have been training teachers since 2003 and during this time all of our trainee teachers have been graded as good or outstanding and all have gained employment following their training. From September 2017 we are pleased to be able to offer a Masters Level PGCE in some subjects in conjunction with Roehampton University.

During our time as an ITT provider we have developed a rigorous and robust teacher training programme, which has trained over 300 teachers in the Surrey area. During the last 5 years 100% of our trainees have been graded as outstanding or good at final assessment and in each of these years 100% of trainees have been recruited by either their placement school, a partner school or within Greater London or Surrey. With this high retention rate, many of our trainees have taken on positions of responsibility early on in their careers and remain passionate about their time spent with us and how it helped accelerate their career. Each of the schools in our Partnership is fully committed to recruiting and training high calibre graduates, who have a desire to work with young people. All of the Partner Schools have a team of Subject Mentors who work closely with the trainees to develop their sub-

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ject knowledge and teaching and learning strategies. Excellence is at the centre of all that we do. Graduates embarking on our training programme will receive high calibre training throughout their time with us, which will see them qualify as excellent teachers who are fully prepared to take up their first teaching post. All our training routes have the same core elements of theory and practice in the classroom. Each week trainees spend the majority of their time in the classroom observing good practice and teaching their own lessons. They have a half day training session every week at Thamesmead School or in one of our partner schools. Session topics include Teaching and Learning Styles, Behaviour Management, Safeguarding, Differentiation, Use of Assessment, Collaborate Learning, Working with Teaching Assistants, Effective Use of Voice plus many more. Trainees who embark upon teacher training with the Thamesmead SCITT can be assured that we will provide you with the best training possible. We will support, guide and challenge you and we can guarantee that with our combined hard work, you will qualify as a good or outstanding teacher. Children deserve nothing less. Feedback from one of the trainees says it all: “The course is hard work and the workload is substantial—but both manageable and highly enjoyable. Furthermore, the quality of mentoring and very high level of training and support available is just exceptional. I would highly recommend the course to any prospective trainee teachers.” For more information please visit the website:

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Recipe of the Month Lemon Griesstorte Celebrating a win at the Shepperton Horticultural Association summer show, I have received several requests to publish the recipe so here we go. This is a light cake, made without flour. It keeps better than an ordinary sponge cake. For more luxury fill and top with cream and lemon curd. With thank to the Shepperton Horticultural Association

Ingredients 3 eggs, separated 4oz (100 g) caster sugar Grated rind and juice of 1/2 lemon 2oz (50g) fine semolina 1oz (25g) ground almonds For the filling 5fl oz (150ml) whipping cream 4 tablespoons lemon curd (optional) 100g fresh raspberries (optional) Icing sugar to dust

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Grease and line a 20 cm (8 in.) deep round cake tin with greased greaseproof paper Measure the egg yolks and sugar into a bowl and whisk on full speed with an electric whisk until pale and light in texture. Add the lemon juice and continue to whisk until the mixture is thick. Fold in the grated lemon rind, semolina and ground almonds . Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl until they form soft peaks, then fold into the mixture until evenly blended. Turn the mixture into the prepared tin. Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 3035 minutes until well risen and pale golden brown. Leave in the tin for a few minutes then turn out, remove the paper and leave to cool completely on a wire rack. Dust the top with icing sugar.

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If you decide to be indulgent and add filling then whip the cream and gently fold in the lemon curd. Split the cake into two discs and place filling in the middle and also on top. Decorate with raspberries. This is more luxurious than the one we made for the competition but it had to hang around all day so the filling was not appropriate. The filling and raspberries would be a lovely addition. The Autumn show will be on September 2nd. The cake recipe is for Apple and Blackberry Tray Bake. For more info or to enter visit

Call for a FREE estimate:

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A Day Out at the Sculpture Park By Rachael Leverton

The sculpture parks and trails of England are a rather well-kept secret. They are found all over the country and are great places to visit and introduce the kids to real art. They are also good introductions to for anyone who is curious about art but feels they would be a bit out of their depth in a gallery. You can take a picnic and the children can run around. Many are free, or very cheap to enter. Each sculpture park is different in character depending on the surrounding countryside. Why not have a day outdoors and take in some culture at the same time? Here are a few to choose from: Churt Sculpture Park, Farnham, Surrey Touted as one of the most atmospheric sculpture park in Britain, this one is not far to travel. 10 acres of arboretum and water gardens, with around 600 sculptures.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park – with pieces by Elisabeth Frink, Barbara Hepworth and Antony Gormley New Art Centre, Wiltshire – set in beautiful lovingly planted gardens. Burghley House and Gardens, Stamford – My children loved this when they were tiny. There is an additional garden of surprises with quirky water sculptures that children can play in. Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail, Gloucestershire – 20 sculptures set along a trail which takes about three hours to walk round. The Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park, Surrey – An enormous number of sculptures, and a varied landscape including lakes and woodland. Broomhill Art and Sculpture Garden, Devon – More than 300 sculptures in 10 acres

Vigne-Bremner Almshouses 30/44 Nursery Road, Sunbury on Thames, TW16 6LE Reg. Charity no. 213816

VACANCY There is a vacancy at the Almshouses for a single pensioner of limited means who lives in or has close connections with the Parish of Sunbury. The accommodation consists of a ground floor bed-sitting room with a shower room and kitchen, situated in a pretty communal garden. The monthly contribution is £420.00, incl. heating & water rates.

Vertical Face, by Rick Kirby, at Burghley House To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Please apply to the Administrator for further information: Ms S Pow 45 Doris Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 1LS Email: Phone: 07887 552902

29 Or email

Not Ready for Retirement? By Christine Harris

NI Number etc. Even if you’re only entitled to a few pennies at this stage, the important thing is that you are registered. Other benefits may come your way later.

Even though retirement ages have been increased recently many people find that when the time comes we don’t feel quite ready to down tools and head to the allotment or the golf course. All the knowledge, skills and qualifications we’ve achieved over the years can’t just be switched off, and we might not feel ready to step out of working life entirely. So if the calendar says one thing but our heart and mind disagree, what should we do?

Job-hunting www. provides an abundance of information on vacancies and also free CV advice, which is especially helpful if you are out of practice in the art of selling yourself to a prospective employer. You can register your CV on line with any number of agencies, such as, which show jobs in your area, and assist with careers advice. If you prefer to register in person, pop into your local Job Centre or Recruitment Agency. These are all positive moves which will help you feel more confident and in control. There are many ways to research information about employment. The library and your local college are good starting points. Libraries often have computer terminals available for public use, and some run courses if your PC skills need polishing.

Don’t despair; there are in excess of 1.3 million pensioners still in work. We When you get an interview: represent 11% of the total workforce, and are Be positive Stress the good reputation of the living proof that many companies recognise firm plus other positive information. our experience. Play to your strengths Explain how the skills Staged Retirement Talk to your boss or line you’ve acquired throughout your working life manager in advance of your retirement. Ask if will benefit this company you can stage your retirement over a couple of years, maybe dropping to a three day week, Play down the negatives of retirement then two days etc. Many companies are happy Describe any voluntary work, hobbies studying to accommodate loyal employees. Stress that it and training you’ve completed. will make any transitions run more smoothly As an older person Play on your experience because you will be able to pass on your and loyalty but… knowledge to your replacement and allow them to gradually take over. If you regularly Reassure the employer You are hard deal with clients it can be very reassuring for working, flexible and willing to learn. them to know that you are still around. Think of retirement as a fresh start. It may be a Benefits Find out what your entitlements are. chance to reinvent yourself and it’s never too Check out to find out about late to land your dream job. pensions, earnings and tax. If you prefer to Good luck. talk to someone in person on the phone, ensure you have all relevant information to hand: P45,

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Sudoku 6 9 8 4 7 5 2 2 5 4 7 9 1

7 6 7 8 2 5

1 3 3 8 6 4 5

9 3 8 4 2 8 4 6

Solution page 43

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Congratulations to Sailability

Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635

Dee Crewdson and Geoff Eaton of Queen Mary Sailability were joint winners of the Spelthorne and Runnymede Lifestyle Volunteer Awards. They can be seen at the ceremony at Royal Holloway University where certificates were presented by the new Mayor of Spelthorne, Councillor Vivienne Leighton

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Shepperton Sailor Raising Money for MacMillan The Round the Island Yacht race will be happening on July 1st in the Isle of Wight. Among the 1500 yachts taking part will be the Sovereign 35 Mk II yacht Queen Bee crewed by local Sheppertonian Peter Charles as he raises money for Macmillan Cancer support. Queen Bee is a classic 35ft ketch designed by Holman & Pye and built in 1977 in GRP she is no racing boat being heavily constructed, hates light winds has a long keel and fixed 3 bladed propeller proving plenty of drag. However she is a strong safe and sea kindly yacht. She has beaten many more lighter and newer yachts last time she did the challenge in 2015. This one-day annual yachting extravaganza is expected to attract upwards of 1,500 yachts as well as 12,000 sailors. It is organised by the Island Sailing Club in Cowes and circumnavigates the 50 nautical mile course westabouts around the coastline of the Isle of Wight. Queen Bee will be skippered by Simon Smith who is a professional skipper and the team’s secret weapon. Simon has circumnavigated the world several times, teaches sailing and knows the Solent like the back of his hand. Queen Bee will be crewed by Peter Charles and his two younger brothers Christian and Alistair. Christian is an experienced sailor and Alistair is a novice and this will be his first time in a yacht and competing in a race will be quite an experience! Shepperton based yacht owner Peter Charles said of the teams endeavours ‘In 2015 we raised £2,500 and we are trying to raise more this year. It was a tough long day, starting at 3am when the crew arrived and boarded in Porstmouth. We then motored to Osborne Bay on the isle of Wight and Anchored until our start time of 08:20. In 2015 the weather was kind and we finished at around 9pm, we arrived back at Birdham Pool marina near Chichester at 10:15pm. We were unable to To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Queen Bee racing in RTI 2015

compete in 2016 as a refit on Queen Bee overran by three months and I had to have second knee operation. In 2015 Queen Bee came 266th out of 1,583 entries. We are hoping to improve on this, weather permitting. ‘so far over a thousand yachts have signed up with the final entry numbers being close to 1600. “We are raising money for MacMillan cancer support as many of us are touched by cancer sometime in our lives whether personally, family members or friends. Life with cancer is still life, and Macmillan Cancer Support helps you live it. Right from the moment you’re diagnosed, through your treatment and beyond, they are a constant source of support, giving you the energy and inspiration to help you take back control of your life, and feel more like yourself again. If you support Macmillan you can sponsor the Queen Bee crew at fundraising/Peter-Charles2 Good luck to the team!


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Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service to MWBRS

The Metropolitan Water Board Railway Society has been awarded the Queen’s Award

for Voluntary Service. 2017. The citation reads: Metropolitan Water Board Railway Society – restoring and operating an industrial steam railway to provide a community attraction and preserve local heritage. But there is no resting on their laurels. The MWBRS is running the Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway every Sunday and has even commenced the Herculean task of extending from the Hanworth Loop to Hyde’s Field, Hampton. This follows as closely as possible the track of the original line of the Hampton & Kempton Park Railway with kind permission of Thames Water who own the track-bed and have given the go-ahead, anticipating the imminent signing of a lease – fingers crossed! As you can see in this recent photograph they have made a modest start but there is another 2km to go and the cost will be around £2 million! So any help in either muscle-power or money will be VERY welcome. Do have a look at the website for details:

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It’s Fair time Again!

Laleham Village Fair takes place on Saturday 1st July, from 11.30 to 4.30, entrance is free and there is plenty of free on-site parking - Lucan Recreation Ground, The Broadway, Laleham-On-Thames, Surrey, TW18 1RZ, entrance opposite The Turks Head Pub. There will be live music throughout the day from the Stomping Nomads, a country and rock’n’roll band, lots of entertainment for the children from the ever popular dog show to an inflatable assault course! Numerous stalls, Arts, Crafts, Handbags, Jewellery, Clothes,Books, Toys, Face Painting, bric-a-brac Willett House - a local Vet. Products & food for your pets, pet grooming, holiday kennels, accessories, etc. Bedding and Potted Plants, Hanging Baskets The Fair is organised by the Laleham Residents Association to raise money for the village and community and is widely sported by residents and local businesses, many of whom have given prizes for the Grand Raffle For more information about the day, please contact us at

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Halliford House Follow Up - ‘Lost’ Relative Found Following the article on Halliford House by Kenneth Battle, published in Shepperton Matters in the June issue I was contacted by a couple of readers. One lady is researching my grandfather's cousin Francis "Frank" Stokes, who died there on 15 Jul 1939. She found the Halliford House address in the probate calendar. She then discovered it was a psychiatric facility and concluded that was why she found no other records whatsoever of Francis between the 1901 census when he was living with his father aged 21, until his death aged 60 at Halliford House: no marriage, no service in the army in the 1914-18 war - nothing. He had attended Eton and won a schlarship to Balliol College Oxford. For him to disappear from public life like that in his early twenties suggests schizophrenia. Mental illness 100 years ago (even today) carried a stigma and would have been completely hushed up. His name was Francis Ruddle Bazeley Stokes. He was not forgotten by his family and he is buried beside his father in a very prominent and expensive tomb at Paddington Old Cemetery "In most loving memory of Francis Ruddle Bazeley Stokes, born 11th June 1879, died 15th July 1939." Amazingly we got some information straight away from Kenneth Battle who had been researching the house. He had a copy of the 1911 census which Teresa had been wondering about. The Census sheet showed that all the patients were under the care of William John Handfield Haslett, who was the Physician Surgeon Medical Superintendent between circa 1894 - 1930. As predicted, Francis Stokes was listed by initials only as a patient. 'FRBS' (Francis Ruddle Bazeley Stokes), single, aged 31, birthplace India, Simla - British subject by parentage - who became afflicted at the age of 25. The column noting ‘Infirmity’ states the chilling words “Lunatic”. It is so sad to know that 100 years ago you would be shut away if you had a mental illness and your identity pretty much blanked out.

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Shepperton Residents’ Association By Richard Hewitt Saturday 10th June was bright and sunny for the Village Fair, starting with the procession down the High Street, which this year had, as its theme, Pirates and Princesses. Once in Manor Park there were many different stalls to attract all, whilst there was a climbing wall and fairground rides for the children and those who were young at heart. Events in the Arena included a trials bike display, gymnastics from the Spelthorne Club, Street dancing from the Urban Dance School, and a visit from some gorillas, (so realistic that many watchers were convinced that they were real!) And, finally there was the Raft Race which was, as usual, very entertaining. A good time was had by all! Congratulations are due to our own Councillor Vivienne Leighton who has been appointed Mayor of Spelthorne for the 2017/2018 Year. She will be supported by her husband Chris, with her chosen charities being Spelthorne Dementia Support, known as Purple Angels, The Spelthorne Community Boat, “Impossible Dream” and The Swan Sanctuary. Her first exciting event was a spectacular flotilla of boats sailing from Sunbury Lock to Staines-upon-Thames led by the Queen's row barge Gloriana on Saturday 24 June. We understand from the Shepperton Medical Practice that they are continuing their discussions with the NHS Property Services to seek a resolution with regard to future charges. We hope to have a representative at our Open Meeting to tell us how discussions are proceeding. Street lighting is the responsibility of the County Council, with the implementation of part-night lighting becoming effective in Spelthorne in March 2017. Subsequently, due to concerns raised by local residents, an agreement was made between the Leaders of Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey County Council to reinstate the lights in Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

Spelthorne for an initial period of five years, with the Borough Council being responsible for the necessary funding. We understand that this proposal will be made effective shortly. We have been approached by SAFE – Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines, who are concerned about the number of abandoned horses left locally. For example, at a field off the Chertsey Road horses have been left without water for some months. I have asked for a representative from the Group to address our Open Meeting on 27th June to highlight their work. We were delighted to learn that Colin Gibbons has been presented with the Surrey Police PCSO of The Year Award. Colin has been looking after Shepperton for some years now and is always ready to assist and/or advice residents on police matters.



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Gardening Matters Take A Seat! This year I decided to buy an all-weather seat for my garden. Bizarrely I didn’t actually have a permanent place to sit where I could admire my hard work. There is an art to choosing and placing garden seating. First decide whether you want to sit in full sun, or dappled shade. Watch the path of the sun and make a note of which particular parts of the garden are illuminated at each time of day.

Try before you buy! Yes you want your furniture to look wonderful but the most important factor is comfort. Are the seats wide enough? Is there enough back support? Does it come with pads?

Finally, to bring a touch of indoor comfort and style to an outdoor area I discovered outdoor rugs! Yes really. Made from long-lasting material, outdoor rugs can cope with rain or shine. They are made from robust, resistant, easycare synthetic fibres, which absorb minimal Think about when you will sit in you garden. moisture and which dry quickly afterwards. Will you want to eat breakfast out there? If so They don’t fade even when exposed to bright pop a seat and little table in a spot which sunlight and are cleaned easily by vacuuming, catches the morning sun. If like many of us the with a broom, or by beating them. I was a only chance you get to sit out is during the evening then look for an area which is bathed sceptic, but I think I’m a convert and bought a little one to place in front of my bench. in golden light of late afternoon. Would you My dog loves it! like to dine out doors in the evening? Can you make room for a table, and would a patio heater be a good investment, so you can make the most of the setting. If the only area you can place a bench is in baking sun then it’s good to place some sort of overhead structure. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Sawn tanalised timbers can be used to make a very simple frame over which you can train a vine or climber. Use galvanised screws and it should last 20 years, providing a delightful place to rest. Choose all-weather furniture for ease of use unless you have oodles of storage space for the winter months. Plastic is cheap but can look very tacky. There are some wonderful synthetic wicker style pieces available now though, and excellent metal furniture which requires no care at all. My favourite material is wood though mostly this does require ongoing maintenance. I did discover some rather attractive polystyrene slatted furniture on an aluminium frame which looked remarkably like the real deal. If finances allow you can buy beautiful teak wood furniture which requires very little in the way of after care. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


By Rachael Leverton

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What’s On - Shepperton & Laleham Send info on local events to to be listed here TRADITIONAL VILLAGE FAIR - once again the Laleham Village Fair, organised by the Laleham Residents Association, will be taking place on Saturday 1st July in the centre of the village. Entrance is free and gates open from 11.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. at the Recreation Grounds on the Broadway, Laleham, TW18 1RZ, opposite the Turks Head pub. There is free onsite parking and also a nearby car park. Music this year will be from the Stomping Nomads with the ever popular dog show and agility course in the centre arean - come and see how smart your dog really is! The Dream Catchers will be performing,and there will be children’s entertainment from Kids On The Go, plus food stalls, ice cream, Spices, cakes, jewellery, crafts and health and beauty stalls. There will be a display of vintage cars plus stalls on sailing, canoeing and other water sports that take place in the local area , with demonstrations. For those still wanting to take a stall at this year’s event, or for more information about the day, please contact us at Mayfield Lavender Fields. Splendid from June-September. Do go along and enjoy the fabulous lavender fields and have a cream tea. 1 Carshalton Rd, Banstead SM7 3JA. Open 9-6 daily. Tel 07503 877707 Swan Upping. Monday 17th July 2017. Sunbury Lock Cut 09.00 - Departure point Shepperton Lock 10.45, Penton Hook Lock 12.30

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More What’s On - Shepperton & Laleham Send community events info to English Country Dancing in Shepperton Village Hall, Every Wednesday 10am till noon. All welcome, with or without a partner. No experience required. Telephone David Sansom on 01932 872617 for details. Restore Food Bank Monday and Thursday 10-12 You can drop in at any point, for coffee and chat. St Saviour’s Church, 205a Vicarage Rd., Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 7TP Tel. 01932 782800 Office Hours Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am – 13:00pm The Probus Club of Shepperton for retired business and professional men meets on the first Tuesday of each month to hear a speaker followed by lunch. In June we held our Ladies Lunch. We welcome new members; please telephone 01932 223814 04 242372 Boyer School of Irish Dance. Classes for boys and girls 3-18. taught by qualified teacher Bethany Boyer. Laleham Village Hall, Fridays 4-5pm. For more information or to register your interest contact 07902 032342 or Halliford Women’s Institute meet the first Tuesday of every month except August in Halliford village hall at 7.30pm until 10pm. New members always welcome so if you fancy some company, tea and cake and exciting days out please pop in. .For more information phone Joyce on 07928434206. Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Association’s Summer Festival 2017 will take place From July 14 to July 23. Lots to choose from. or call 01932 787390. Info in this issue Music in the Park Sunday July 9th 2-4pm.. A free afternoon of music in the beautiful surroundings of The Lammas Band Stand, Lammas Recreation Ground, Wraysbury Road, Staines -upon-Thames, TW18 4XZ Music in the Park - Sunday 2 July, 2-4pm. Walled Garden, Thames Street, Sunbury on Thames. A performance by The Cobham Band. A limited number of chairs are available or you are welcome to bring you own chair/picnic blanket. FREE. Further music afternoons on July 16th, 23rd and 30th from 2-4pm. Do pop along. It is a great facility and so lovely to lounge with a picnic on the lawns. Laleham Computer Club. Meets in the back room of Laleham Village Hall from 7 to 9 PM on Mondays, once a month. Email Stephen for more details: Please also visit the website at

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