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January 2019

Issue 95

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New Years Resolutions, Health and Fitness!


Happy New Year! If like many of us, you have spent some time thinking that you need to make some changes in your life in 2019, then we have hopefully got some inspiration for you. Our advertisers have tempting offers to get you started and we have put some thought into what your New Years Resolutions might be. In this issue we also have a chat with Daniel Mouawad, CEO of Spelthorne Council about what he sees as the challenges in the borough. What about you? What do you think? We are launching a new Letters to the Editor page. If you would like to tell us what is bugging you, or what is making you happy in Sunbury, then do get in touch. See p16.

January 2019 One local has highlighted the threat of gravel extraction at Watersplash Farm. Please do object. See p 41 to see how. Don t delay. This will affect all of us for years to come.

Photo: Here and now Photography

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The French Nurseries 4 Give us our Daily Bread 7 Pride of Spelthorne 8 Coffee with Spelthorne CEO 11 A Space to Revitalise 12 Sunbury Christmas Market Success 14 Letters to the Editor 16 Walking/Cycling for Health 18 Learn a Language 20 Blues on Fire 23 Sunbury Volunteer Photo Shortlist 24 Never too Late to Learn .. 30 Recipe of the Month 34 New Year. New Resolutions 37 Devastation of Watersplash 41 St Mary s Newsletter 42 Time for a Social Detox 44 LOSRA Says 46 Meet Brown Bag Crisps 51 Sunbury s Scouts 1969 55 Gardening Matters 57 Ad Index/Prices/Deadlines 58/59 What s On/Noticeboard 60/61

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The French Nurseries, Upper Halliford c1940 s By Nick Pollard

This photo shows what were known as the French Nurseries, Upper Halliford. The name does not derive from the nationality or even the name of the owner, who was a Mr. Yates and lived in Upper Halliford Road. It refers instead to the method of raising crops under glass frames, which were confusingly sometimes called Dutch Lights . This practice originated in France, but was later adopted by the Dutch growers before being exported to England. It was useful for raising seedlings and for bringing on crops early, when the weather would otherwise be unsuitable and when prices were consequently high. By the time this photo was taken in September 1940, the nurseries at Halliford had been operating under this system for over 30 years. Of course it was also wartime, France and Holland had fallen to the Nazi invaders, and the Battle of Britain was raging in the skies above South East England. The supply of fresh vegetables from the continent had been cut off and it was imperative that food production was maximised. The crops grown under glass were lettuce, carrots, turnips and cauliflower. Raised under glass but then transplanted into the open ground were leeks, radish, celery, tomatoes, marrows, French and runner beans, spring cabbage and salad onions. Another major factor in the success of the Halliford Nurseries was the use of artificial irrigation, both to boost growth and to prevent plants suffering in periods of dry weather. A system of pipes connecting up oscillating sprinklers was in use, developed by British Overhead Irrigation Limited which was based round the corner at Halliford Green. Mr Yates was also a director of this company. Note also the light railway track laid around the site to carry crops to the packing shed. By the 1960s the nursery had switched to the growing of roses, and is now Squire s Garden Centre. At the rear of the site you will see an old brick water tower which is the only surviving clue to its former use. Victorian Gardens is the subject of the next meeting of Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society. The talk, by Cherrill Sands, takes place on Tuesday 15 th January at Halliford School, Russell Road, Shepperton, at 8pm. All welcome, admission ÂŁ2. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts




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Swans - Give us our Daily Bread! There has been a lot of debate about feeding swans and other waterfowl bread. Recently, The Queen s Swan Marker, David Barber, MVO, endorsed by Professor Christopher Perrins of the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology at Oxford University, gave this statement. There has been a great deal of press coverage in recent months regarding the Ban the Bread campaign which is confusing many members of the public who like to feed swans. Supporters of the campaign claim that bread should not be fed to swans on the grounds that it is bad for them. This is not correct. Swans have been fed bread for many hundreds of years without causing any ill effects.

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

While bread may not be the best dietary option for swans compared to their natural food such as river weed, it has become a very important source of energy for them, supplementing their natural diet and helping them to survive the cold winter months when vegetation is very scarce. There is no good reason not to feed bread to swans, provided it is not mouldy. Most households have surplus bread and children have always enjoyed feeding swans with their parents. The Ban the Bread campaign is already having a deleterious impact upon the swan population; I am receiving reports of underweight cygnets and adult birds, and a number of swans from large flocks have begun to wander into roads in search of food. This poses the further risk of swans being hit by vehicles. Malnutrition also increases their vulnerability to fatal diseases like avian-flu which has caused the deaths of many mute swans and other waterfowl in the past. Furthermore, there have been statements made in the media claiming that feeding bread causes angel-wing in swans. Angelwing is a condition where a cygnet develops a deformed wing. Professor Christopher Perrins, LVO, FRS of the Department of Zoology at Oxford University stated, There is no evidence of a connection between feeding bread and angel-wing; at least some cygnets develop this condition without ever having seen any bread . I therefore encourage members of the public to continue feeding swans to help improve their chances of survival, especially through the winter.


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

Pride of Spelthorne

We attended the inaugural Pride of Spelthorne awards in December at the Hazelwood Centre. The event is to celebrate the volunteers of Spelthorne, people who give their time freely to support the community and or individuals. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to 20 people by Mayor of Spelthorne, Jean Pinkerton. Amongst recipients were volunteers performing outstanding duties of care within the community for the likes of Rent Start, East to West (both mayoral charities this year), the Samaritans, the Penrose Club, the Benwell Centre, charity trustees, members of the Spelthorne in Bloom group, teaching bell ringing (yes Dennis Brock!) and volunteers within the business sector too. I was honoured to be presented with a certificate (see right) in recognition of the volunteer role as chair of the Lower Sunbury Business Community which I have been involved with for some 9 years. I was delighted too that John Carey was recognised for his amazing work on the Sunbury Christmas event. But meeting the likes of Noel Franklin-Taylor, who has been a volunteer Samaritan since 1965 really put our efforts into perspective. Our certificates state This award recognises the contributions made by volunteers in Spelthorne who are helping residents and communities to achieve a better quality of life and access opportunities that may not usually be available to them. Volunteers are the heart of any community, the Pride of Spelthorne and without you the Borough would be a much poorer place.

1SM0119 Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



d e t i v n I Your’ e Community Open Day Saturday 9th February, 10am - 6pm

Join us at the opening of The Burlington for an exclusive look at Shepperton’s luxurious new care home. Home from home residential and dementia care, delivered by a nurturing team are just the beginning. The facilities at The Burlington have been designed to enable residents to continue living fulfilled lives. There will be tours of the home, refreshments throughout the day and the opportunity to meet our care team. Come and see what makes us unique!

RSVP via email to: debbie.twinn@boutiquecarehomes.co.uk or call 01932 220338 or ViSit boutiquecarehomes.co.uk/RSVP


BURLINGTON Compassionate care, luxury living



youfitclubs.co.uk 01932 899 901




Holiday Inn London Shepperton, Felix Lane, Shepperton, TW17 8NP


Coffee with our CEO By Monica Chard, Editor Daniel Mouawad has been Chief Executive of Spelthorne Council for over a year now. We thought that, as he has now got his feet under the table and settled into family life in Shepperton, it was time for a coffee with him. Daniel has a quiet and kindly air about him. As well as working in town planning and architecture, he spent half a decade in India. He saw both ends of the spectrum; first enjoying the privileged life of the very well off in Mumbai as a serving British diplomat, then volunteering for an educational charity, living the life of every day folk in rural India. His children grew up there and learned to make their own fun, without the distraction of TV and social media. Family values are important to Daniel. So what do you want to know from the CEO? Does he understand the issues facing residents and can he help to make things in the borough better maybe? Well, it seems that a lot has happened since he joined the council and there are many plans for improving life in the borough. Spelthorne is seen as an innovative borough. You may have read about the investments in property and been a little confused by it. Why is Spelthorne buying property anyway, and why is it buying in surrounding counties? The truth of the matter is that local councils have to think smart. Funding pressures caused by Government cuts, rising demand for services, and the knock-on effect of cuts by Surrey County Council mean that councils need to find other ways to fund services. In the case of Spelthorne, the property portfolio gives a secure income stream which is being used to maintain and enhance borough services which would otherwise be under threat. The more recent purchases are helping to progress a number of housing schemes to provide much needed housing for residents. The strategy has been successful because they now make more from their commercial property deals than the income they get from council tax. To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Daniel explained that the council is working on the Local Plan which will detail how much development is needed in the borough over the next 15 years and where it should go. Meeting the need for housing is a challenge, particularly as twothirds of the Borough is in green belt. The council is progressing a number of schemes to boost the housing stock including plans to convert a wing of the council offices at Knowle Green into affordable flats. They are aware of infrastructure implications but can t ignore the fact that there are currently far too many families in emergency B&B accommodation or that, for a growing number of local people, finding a home they can afford is becoming increasingly difficult. On Heathrow, Daniel explained that the airport is seen as extremely important to the fortunes of the borough. There are plans afoot for a Southern Light Railway (SLR) linking Heathrow with Staines and for getting Spelthorne into Zone 6. However, it is very important that the impacts of Heathrow s expansion are properly mitigated. If you are worried about traffic impacts and poor air quality, then look out for the Heathrow Airport consultations in 2019. The need for increased aircraft capacity is clear and potential impacts include extending the hours of operation and additional flight paths. It is anticipated that the two current runways could be used for an extra 25,000 aircraft movements with or without airport expansion. If you think we are safe because you are not currently under a flight path, then think again and get involved if you want your voice heard. Daniel s advice was to not just sit back and be resigned to changes. Make your voice heard loud and clear. CEO of Spelthorne Council and Shepperton resident, Daniel Mouawad understands the needs of the borough very well indeed.


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

A Space to Revitalise

Sometimes things are just meant to happen. So it felt to Jo Sinnott, who moved back to her childhood village of Lower Sunbury last summer. She and her husband had been looking for a place to settle that was worth leaving London for . They were led by fate to a stylish, quirky, house which came with its own impressive studio. As an ex dancer and holistic personal trainer this was a perfect opportunity for Jo to pursue a long term dream, and she started exploring the possibility of opening the studio as a wellness hub. The Space has private access and is situated in a beautiful location. What could be better? Jo is also a TV Presenter and Health and Wellness journalist. She experienced a wide range of alternative health retreats for her series Soul Seeker for the Travel Channel. Filming took her to India, where she studied yoga and Ayurveda, to China where she practiced Tai Chi and traditional Chinese medicine, and closer to home, to a back to nature retreat on the Isle of Wight. "These experiences re-ignited my passion for fitness in all its forms and the importance of enjoying not enduring exercise . Her dancing career gave her the taste for feeling good, and she is sharing this great joy with her students at 'The Space where she offers One To One and Private Group Classes, combining dance based fitness, with yoga, Pilates, and traditional personal training . Jo is also introducing barre fitness soon - a fusion of ballet and Pilates, focusing on strengthening, lengthening, core and posture. She is currently training to be able to teach mindfulness and meditation. The possibilities are endless. The Space is a calm environment. In our busy lives, we need to be able to switch off says Jo. we need to learn to refocus and reconnect, away from the chaos of modern life . Jo s passion is clear. She is welcoming and approachable and has a genuine desire to see her students grow in strength and confidence. Don t be shy, just call Jo for advice or to find out more. As to the developments, watch this Space!

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• Weekly lessons in luxurious and warm pools in Shepperton and Thames

• Builds water confidence, providing critical platform for learning to swim

• Social, fun and stimulating for babies, toddlers and parents/carers

• Proven to improve joint mobility, co-ordination and eating and sleeping patterns

contact@sportsgeneration.co.uk CHISWICK




020 8940 9431







*Subject to availability. T&C’s apply.

Santa Delivered Sunbury Christmas Market Success Well, what a night it was! The Sunbury Christmas market was a deemed a great success. The weather was largely OK and the odd bit of drizzle could not dampen the enthusiasm of visitors. Many stall holders reported a sell out evening. Santa was busy in his grotto with queues proving that the jolly bearded fellow still has it! Thanks to Laura s Hair & Beauty for hosting the grotto. This was a real community event. Organised and run by the Lower Sunbury Business Community (LSBC) group the funds raised go towards projects that enrich the village during the year, such as the flowering baskets. Elves Mona and Natalie selling raffle Good deeds were the order of the evening. A lady from the tickets for community projects WI stall found a wallet with a rather large amount of cash in it. With the help of the driving licence photo we searched him out and eventually found him. He was understandably delighted and when he heard who had been so good as to hand the item in, he went to buy a cake from the WI stall of course! The Salvation Army give their time for free and playing in the cold can t be easy. At half time we brought them cups of tea and coffee and mince pies, kindly supplied courtesy of Skinners. Many local businesses donated prizes for the big community raffle. The Apple Watch was given by the LSBC. Thank you to all those who helped make the event happen. Without volunteers where would we be? If you would like to get There may not have been reindeer involved next year please get in touch with Sunbury Matters. but was this in fact a polar bear?

Volunteers from the Lower Sunbury business group put the lights and flags up. Santa and his elf were very busy in the grotto and the Salvation Army got us in the Christmas spirit with carol singing. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Letters to the Editor To the Editor The article in the November edition by David Garrett on Reclaiming our Riverbank needs our congratulations on a subject that should concern us all. People that flagrantly abuse the law should be held to account. It would appear David has mobilised the EA. We now need the the support of the local authority, in this case Elmbridge, to move on boats that abuse the 24 hour mooring restriction. Concerned Resident If you have a concern or comment about any of our articles, please drop us a line: monica@villagematters.co.uk. Please keep it to the point and don t be rude!

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Dear Editor, In 2001 we bought our house in Sunbury because we saw it as our forever home. But what I am seeing in the village in terms of planning consent leads me to conclude that our Planning Department is not fit for purpose. New buildings like the ghastly block of flats on the corner of French street, and the Lower Hampton Road, plus the proposal for flats on the Darts Store site, demonstrate that the conservation area we so highly cherish is gradually being eroded. I am also alarmed at how the Old Vicarage is building something for garage & fitness use in their garden. I would have thought this would be a very sensitive and protected site given its history and position. This week something else came to light. The Little House which is next to Riverbank and opposite Indian Zest, is building the most ghastly carbuncle on the side. How this listed building was given planning I have no idea, or maybe it wasn t. I think it s time we stood firm on these issues, but I don t know how. Sue Munson


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“Installation of double glazed windows and back door. This is a local family firm which came highly recommended. All personnel were efficient, friendly and courteous and the work was finished to an excellent standard.” Sunbury “Patio window and door fitted. No hard sell. Work was accomplished very efficiently with obvious pride in their work and product.” Shepperton

We trust you will be happy with the finished job.

• Energy efficient doors and windows • Professional design and installation • People you can trust • A friendly approach to improving your home

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Walking and Cycling for Health

If joining a gym is not for you but you would like to some exercise as part of a group, there are several options for local residents which are run by Spelthorne Council. Walking is a low impact but highly positive form of exercise. It helps reduce stress, promote better sleep, gives you more energy, reduces blood pressure, is good for the bones and joints and even more importantly, it is sociable. Walking and talking - what more could you want? Spelthorne Council is keen to encourage residents to keep fit so set up the Walking for Health scheme. The scheme aims to improve health and fitness of local people, especially those who are not physically active and want to become more active. Walks are free and are between one and three miles long. There are up to 3 walks per week organised and they are lead by volunteer walk leaders. This is part of a national initiative spearheaded by the Ramblers and supported by Macmillan Cancer Support. Walkers must be complete a form and simply bring it to your first walk. Cycling for Health is another option. Again, there are several rides organised every week and you can join in for free. You will need your own bike. Contact Spelthorne Leisure Services for more information or to get hold of a form on 01784 446433 or online at www.spelthorne.gov.uk/walkingforhealth.

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Contact Beactivefitness@gmail.com Facebook.com/Beactivefitness1 or call 07850 404 634


You can google 'Cognates' for the language you are learning.

Want to learn a new language in 2019? It s not as hard as you think! I learned Spanish alongside my son to encourage him while he was studying for his GCSE. It started as a joke, but I quickly became hooked. Here s what I learned about language learning. New words? - You may not need to learn as many as you think! In English just 300 words make up 65% of all written material! We use some words a lot, and luckily that s the case in every other language too. You can buy or make decks of flash cards of these words. There is even a flash card app called Anki which presents words at precisely the right intervals to maximise memorisation. Cognates - These are words which are spelled almost the same in English and which have the same meaning. In French, lots of 'ion' words are spelled the same even though they are pronounced differently: action, nation, communication etc. In Spanish the same words end in 'ción' and in Italian 'zione'. Simple right? There are also words such as hélicoptère (French) or aeropuerto (Spanish) which are similar enough to the English word that you will recognise them immediately.

Interaction - You need to hear and speak the language consistently. Look up Radio stations, YouTube channels, news websites, and blogs in the language you want to learn. Advertise for someone to practice conversation with. Ask friends on Facebook or in the school playground whether they know a native speaker who would converse with you for half an hour in exchange for coffee and cake! There are groups dedicated to language exchange on Facebook too. By forcing yourself to converse you will improve very quickly. Free Resources – I have passable Spanish thanks to the Duo Lingo app. The BBC has introductory courses to around 40 different languages. Omniglot.com is a great open-source resource to all manner of languages, and I found fluentu.com brilliant for Spanish. Embrace mistakes – We learn by making mistakes. As children we speak, we re corrected, and we adapt. Even at aged fifty I still come across new English words and phrases. You can t ever completely learn a language. Just use everything you know with the emphasis on communication rather than perfection. Native speakers will not be offended by your slips...they will most likely be charmed and fall over themselves to help correct you. Use SMART goals - SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timed. A good example is, By the end of January I will be able to hold a simple conversation with a waiter, book a table, order food, and ask for the bill. Or you might aim to complete three lessons per day By Tracey Anderson

Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



Enrol Now for courses in Esher,Molesey & Sunbury starting January 2019 From Arts & Crafts to Bridge, Cookery to Languages, Dance & Exercise to Photography

£20 off

dance & exercise cl asses for over 50s Ask for “Get Fit 50

+” offer

North Surrey centres: Esher Green Centre 19 Esher Green, Esher, KT10 8AA Molesey Henrietta Parker Centre Ray Road, West Molesey, KT8 2LG Sunbury Adult Learning Centre The Avenue, Sunbury, TW16 5DZ

For the full range of courses or to enrol


0300 200 1044

2019 TRIBUTE ACTS Join us for a 3 Course Meal, Tribute Act & Disco til late


January 11th - Michael Jackson January 18th - Take That February 15th - Michael Buble March 8th - Soul & Motown April 26th - Freddie Mercury May 17th - George Michael June 14th - Dirty Dancing


01932 899988

events.hishepperton@kewgreen.co.uk Holiday Inn Shepperton, Felix Lane, TW17 8NP hilondonsheppertonhotel.co.uk

Blues on Fire By Monica Chard, Editor

Local fans of live music will be very familiar with Sunbury Cricket Club s monthly gigs, but did you know that just a couple of miles down the road, the Surrey Blues Club hosts live music on the first Friday of every month? On Friday 1st February 2019, local songwriter/guitarist Tim Renton and his fabulous blues rock band 3am will be performing at Surrey Blues. When they played at Sunbury Cricket Club in 2015 their performance was described by the club as Astonishing! Enthralling! Extraordinary! They re an experienced, five-piece band, with soulful, raunchy vocals fronting blues-guitarbased rock songs written by the band mixed in with classics from the likes of Vinegar Joe, Primal Scream, The Doors and Tina Turner. Band members have played/toured/recorded with everyone from The Strawbs, Maggie Bell, Barbara Dixon and Mike Batt to AC/DC, Phil Lynott, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox. With Laura Long s Elkie Brooks- style vocals fronting Tim Renton s soul-snagging guitar, expect a set that swings through cool blues, sultry soul, a touch of Country and Western thigh-slapping, and blazing rock anthems. With the recent exciting addition of ex-UFO drummer Clive Edwards to the band, 3am are planning an evening for you to remember.

Main band – 3am – from 9.45 – 11pm. Full details at www.3am.uk.com

Full details: Surrey Blues Club, Hersham Sports & Social Club, 128 Hersham Rd, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 5QL 01932 224361 FREE ENTRY – but please bring along a little cash to pop into the Band Jug! Doors open 7.30pm (hot food available). House Band Game On from 8.45 pm. To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

Sunbury Volunteer Shortlisted in International Photo Competition Rebecca Spencer (26) who lives in Nursery Road and works for the Jockey Club in Kempton Park, spent 6 months volunteering in Nepal in 2018 with the international development organisation VSO. A photo of her hosts was chosen out of nearly 300 entries from across the world in a competition capturing the impact and experiences of young volunteers on the UK government funded International Citizen Service (ICS) programme. Describing her photo, Rebecca said: I took this as my Nepali host grandma and grandad sat side by side after an early start and a hard morning s work. They rested outside their house overlooking the crop fields, sitting on the bags used to collect the grains they d harvested. This was a typical start to the day in rural Nepal, with my host grandparents working to ensure there was enough food for everyone in the household. ICS brings together young people from the UK and developing countries to volunteer in developing countries in Africa and Asia. Since 2012, ICS has enabled more than 17,000 young people from the UK to volunteer overseas. Before leaving for Nepal, Rebecca fundraised more than ÂŁ1000 helping ensure that communities in developing countries can continue to benefit from the work of volunteers. Rebecca said: My host community was affected by the huge earthquakes in 2015. Since then, the majority of the buildings have been rebuilt but there is still a lot of work to do to improve overall quality of life. My team supported people to carry out risk assessments for potential future disasters. We ran training sessions with healthcare professionals, teaching basic first aid and organised free health camps with onsite treatment and medication available. We built up good relationships with the local schools and helped teach children about topics including the importance of proper waste disposal, keeping healthy and mensuration. As a result of these positive relationships, we were able to end our placement by organising a community football tournament. This saw four schools play friendly matches against each other, even tackling gender inequality by ensuring girls were encouraged to take part on an equal level to the boys. This brought the community together and we even started to see a shift in stereotypes and ideas. I am so grateful and happy to be shortlisted in this competition. It is an honour to show others a photo Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


that means so much to me. I hope people who see it will feel the same warmth as it gives me, showing the genuine positivity of such hardworking and loving people. Nepali culture puts a big focus on family and community. I want to share this message with everyone, reminding us all that despite hardship there is always something to be thankful for. When it comes to volunteering with ICS, it s important to remember that although people might come from different backgrounds and live different lives it s possible to find common ground with pretty much everyone. I believe that even on the toughest days it s still possible to learn and grow. I hope those who have completed ICS placements, those who are about to take part and those who are just considering volunteering get the same life affirming experience as myself. Working together we can change the world, so let s take the next step in the right direction! Felicity Morgan, Director of ICS at VSO, said: Thanks to UK aid, young volunteers are making a positive difference in the world s poorest communities. Rebecca s photo gives a snapshot of just some of the great work being done, and we re proud to celebrate them this International Volunteer Day. ICS placements are available for departure from April 2019, and 18 to 25 year olds from Sunbury on Thames and surrounding areas are encouraged to apply. To find out more, please visit www.volunteerics.org.



cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Contact Rachel Bowles, Registrar, to book a tour on 020 8614 0857 or visit our website at www.hamptoncourthouse.co.uk
























Across 8 Angry, enraged (5) 9 Surface, layer of earth (7) 10 Hangman (7) 11 Dissertation, article (5) 12 Piece of office equipment (11) 14 Founded, set up (11) 20 Mean, horrible (5) 22 Used to dismiss a football player (3,4) 23 Contaminate, taint (7) 24 Large string instrument (5)

Solution on p 54



1 2 3 4 5

Snug (5) Flings, pitches (8) Protective hat (6) Traditional, tribal (6) Maintenance (6)

6 Flowerless green plant (4) 7 Andrew _____ Webber, the composer (5) 13 Peepers! (8) 15 Sanctuary, refuge (6)

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


16 17 18 19

Pantry, food-cupboard (6) Entice, beguile (6) Clumsy, incompetent (5) Optical disc for storing computer data (abbr) (2-3)

Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk


Floral Corner by van Wonderen FLOWERS Tel: 01932 761071

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991



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So what happened in the local property market in 2018? With so much going on in the country at present with Brexit, conflicting media reports and a current lack of certainty, it is difficult to make an informed decision on any major financial commitments. To help you get a clear perspective on the local housing market, let’s look at the facts of what happened during 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.

The Hard Facts In 2017 within Sunbury there were a total of 301 transactions (36 new build), 219 of these being Freehold properties and 82 Leasehold. During the same period in 2018, there were a total of 239 transactions (33 new build), 192 of these being Freehold properties and 47 Leasehold. This equates to a transactional drop of 20.59% over the past year and the average house price retrenched to ÂŁ489,901 in 2018. This is not a blanket situation, as

When you sell with Curchods, we will advertise your home on all the major property websites:

there have been numerous instances of landmark prices being achieved, as market demands always persevere. 350 300 250 Total






New Build

50 0 2017


Data by Land Registry. Completions 1/1/17-31/10/17 to 1/1/18–31/10/1

Investment buyers within TW16 were few and far between resulting in the majority of the transactions going to owner-occupiers. This trend is encouraging, as it shows that the market is not being driven by those looking for short-term gain but for people wanting a stable home and appreciate that property will

FOR SALE: Manor Road, Lower Sunbury ÂŁ799,950

continue to be a strong long-term investment. We are confident that once the current political circumstances have been resolved, we will see confidence returning, resulting in a stabilisaton of the market and ultimately values increasing once again. Now more so than in a buoyant market, to achieve a sale and extract the best price for your home, the services of an experienced agent, who only get paid on a successful result is required. Curchods as the local areas market leader have a clear understanding of the values and an excellent track record for getting sales through to completion, helping their clients achieve their objectives with the least possible stress and in a timely manner.

housing market, as there is a pent up demand of people wanting to move but have been waiting to learn the outcome of the European exit plan. This linked with the availability of many attractive 2 and 5 year fixed rate mortgage schemes, allows buyers to plan over the Brexit transition period. Life will continue and people will always need to move whatever the political climate, so if you are thinking of making the move, now is a good a time as any. For friendly advice on all property related matters, please contact Owen Miles, Partner at Curchods Shepperton.

What’s Ahead?


We expect that 2019 will come with its challenges but will be a good year for the

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It is Never too Late

by Daphne Clement. Aged 75 1/2 1986 and my son was sixteen. Having played a little tennis at school, he wanted to join a club with a Junior Group, to learn to play properly and to play with boys of his own age. The nearest was Walton Tennis Club ..no bus route, So I took him each week and wandered about Walton while he played. At that time I played Badminton for a club and had taken coaching exams so I was also an Adult Education Badminton Tutor. I got fed up wandering around Walton and tennis looked an easy game so at the age of 43 I decided to play tennis. I played In and was accepted, then I took lessons, I collected tennis memorabilia and I became addicted. In time I learned to become a Tennis Coach through the U.S.P.T.R (United States Professional Tennis Registry) and got to Advanced level eventually. I also ran the Walton T.C. Junior section for 12 years but my love for playing singles drove me to join a larger club just down the road. At St Georges Hill Lawn Tennis Club, I found a myriad of different formats in which to play, including the Surrey Knock outs. My partner and I managed to win this a few times and so I was invited to try my skills in the Surrey County Team. I have been lucky enough to play for Surrey, in different age groups, over the last fifteen years. and I must admit that we win the Nationals quite often.

Daphne (second from right) and the National Over 75 Team Surrey 2018 Whilst being a member of St Georges I have trained with Virginia Wade, met Woodford and Pernfors and Roger Federer, I have partnered Fred Stolle in a doubles match and had a singles hits with Sam Stosur and Johanna Konte. And all because there was no bus route between here and Walton!

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The Avenue, TW16

Darby Crescent, TW16

A unique four bedroom oak framed family home with off-street parking, an orchard garden and a garage. The house is perfect for entertaining both family and friends, energy rating d.

This five bedroom detached house has an open plan kitchen/dining area with bi-folding doors leading to a large garden, perfect for those family get-togethers, energy rating e.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100

£ 1,150,000

Green Street, TW16

Lower Hampton Road, TW16

A modern five bedroom house with a spacious reception room, kitchen/dining room and a driveway. The property has two bathrooms and underfloor heating, energy rating c.

Arranged over three floors, this four bedroom house has a garden with a versatile outbuilding. There are two reception rooms, four bathrooms and a gated driveway, energy rating d.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Call 7 days a week 8am - 8pm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 781100


Courtlands Avenue, TW12

Thames Street, TW16

This four bedroom Edwardian house is the perfect property for all the family. There are two large reception rooms, an eat-in kitchen and a great sized rear garden.

Located by the River Thames, a charming five/six bedroom Grade II Listed house. There are three bathrooms and master bedroom suite with a walk-in dressing room, energy rating d.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£2,595 pcm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£3,995 pcm

Roper Crescent, TW16

French Street, TW16

A two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with wood flooring throughout. The property has two reception rooms and a balcony overlooking communal gardens, energy rating b.

Set in Lower Sunbury, a charming Victorian home with three bedrooms, two reception rooms, a private front garden and a rear courtyard patio, energy rating d.

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£1,800 pcm

Dexters Sunbury 01932 787788

£ 1,550 pcm

Tenants fees apply: £180 per tenancy towards administration, £60 reference fee per tenant and £144 for a professional check in (All inc of VAT).

Recipe of the Month Chicken Tray Bake

Preparation time: 20 minutes

8 chicken thighs or drumsticks (skin on)

Cooking time: 1 hour


Serves 4

Preheat the oven to 200C / gas 6 / fan 180C. Put the chunks of celeriac, swede, sweet potato, parsnips and garlic in a large roasting tin. Sprinkle liberally with the olive oil and cumin, and season well with salt and pepper. Toss the vegetables together so they are lightly coated in oil. Put in the oven towards the top and roast for 30 minutes.

Ingredients 1 small celeriac, peeled and cut into 2½ cm/1in chunks 1 small swede, peeled and cut into 2½ cm/1in chunks 2 large sweet potatoes, scrubbed and cut into 2½ cm/1in chunks 2 medium parsnips, scrubbed and quartered lengthways

Remove the roasting pan from the oven and turn the vegetables over. Lay the chicken pieces on top. Roast for 30- 35 minutes more, until the vegetables are tender, and the chicken skin is nice and crispy. Serve with creamy mash and lightly cooked Savoy cabbage.

2 large garlic cloves, thinly sliced 2 tbsp olive oil olive oil ½ tsp cumin seeds a few sprigs of sage Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

Meanwhile, lightly oil then season the chicken skins, and lay a couple of sage leaves over each thigh or drumstick.




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Phil irwin carpets The Flooring Specialists




Wood floors









Domestic & commercial

Call 020 8943 8808 or visit philirwincarpets.com 180 Stanley Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8UD

of Sto Ka ck rn ist de s an

excellent rates & free estimates

New Year. New Resolutions By Monica Chard, Editor

January is the time of year to reflect on making some changes. Yes we may have gained a few pounds over the festive season and most of us will have had a few too many drinks. But January may as well be the time to think about making other changes. There are so many things you could do and so many outlets in the borough. Here are just a few thoughts: How about taking up a new hobby? Join a club or take a class. The Adult Learning centre up the Avenue in Sunbury offers a myriad of classes: upholstery, Bridge, pottery, languages and fitness to name but a few. Try your hand at art, either through Adult Learning or with a private artist like Wendy Clouse. Or learn an instrument. Check out the Riverside Arts Centre where you will find private tutors. Join a club of like minded enthusiasts such as photography or dance. A friend discovered the joys of Ceroc at a weekly club in West Byfleet (www.ceroc.com). Yes, I will be trying that myself! What about Volunteering? We have mentioned Sunbury Neighbours, who always need drivers or duty managers. It is not a huge commitment and gives you the feel good factor of having genuinely helped someone in need. Give them a call and see if you can help: 0795 682 2546. There is a website where you can search for volunteering opportunities near you, so why not have a look: www.do-it.org and put in your postcode. Get Outdoors Maybe you want to have fresh air but lack the motivation to get yourself moving. If you are young and fit then how about Surrey Young Walkers? (www.surreyyoungwalkers.org.uk). They meet very regularly, arranging walks from 3 miles stroll to a 20 mile strenuous hike. They are aimed at a 20-30 year age group. If you don t make it into that age group

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

any longer, then Spelthorne Council run both walks and cycle rides every week which are free to join. Call 01784 446433 for more details of their programme. And what about the wonderful allotments we have on our doorstep? That will give you camaraderie, exercise and fresh air, as well as fresh produce. What could be better?! Or if you fancy pushing yourself a bit why not try the Saturday morning Park Run at Hazelwood. Starting at 9am, what a great start to the weekend. All you need to do is register once then turn up and it is FREE: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/hazelwood How about making lifestyle changes? We can t escape the news of how our excess is ruining the planet. Every time I shop and see how much plastic goods are wrapped in I feel what a huge problem this is. We have heard of a couple of wonderful shops recently where you take your own containers and refill them. Born from Necessity in West Molesey (8a Buckingham Avenue) or The Refill Larder in Teddington (122 High Street, Teddington). What a brilliant idea. We all need to do our bit and this makes it easier. And how about decluttering your wardrobe? The local charity shops are always looking for good quality items they can sell. At the same time, the throw away society we live in has been highlighted in the fashion industry which is now recognised as one of the major polluting industries of the world. So recycle instead. Rather than going to the low cost fashion shops of Kingston, buy a good quality item from a charity shop. You help the planet, your wallet and a charity. So, this January, think about what changes you can make to improve both your life and the life of someone else.


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Support Sunbury Vikki in her Marathon Fund Raiser By Monty Mumford, Kingsmead Ave

You will all know somebody who has been touched by cancer and how this disease can affect family and friends. My brother in law was diagnosed with bowel Cancer nine months ago and has been through surgery and several bouts of chemotherapy, he is now doing well. My daughter Vikki has decided to support Bowel Cancer UK and as a result been granted sponsorship by the charity to run the 2019 London Marathon, she now needs your support to raise sponsorship for the charity. Vikki grew up in Sunbury before getting married in 2018 and moving to Weybridge and now teaches at a local primary school. Taking on the marathon will be a big ask for my daughter as she has only entered 10k runs until now. So I am appealing to all of you to support my daughter in her effort by making a donation to her just giving page. More research is needed to better understand this disease so I am making this appeal on behalf of those who have been affected by this disease and those who might be saved in the future by further research and curative treatment. Vikki and I thank you for your support. Donations can be made online at:- www.justgiving.com/fundraising/vikki-mumford

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Sudoku 3 5

1 9 4

7 6 5 2 7 6 3 4

2 7 4 6 8 3 8 5 3

2 2 1

8 9 Solution page 49

Happy and Healthy New Year

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Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635 www.jcstamps.co.uk

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The Devastation of Watersplash By John Douglas CEMEX have submitted revised plans to Surrey County Council for the extraction of gravel at Watersplash Farm. (Ref: SCC 2012/0173). Originally submitted in 2012, the plans have been amended on various occasions with further updates in 2018, they are now due to go before Surrey County council planning meeting on 23rd January. The works are estimated to take six years, but subject to market conditions and so can be easily extended. Furthermore, the effects of contaminated soil and damage to the flood plain will be permanent. CEMEX will extract the gravel and back fill with inert waste comprising largely clay and landfill. A high percentage of their revenues will come from the inert landfill waste coming from any source. How can we be sure that contaminated soil will not find its way into the infill material? Independent and random checks need to be made, but the plans make no provision for this. Watersplash farm lies in a high flood risk area. Replacing the permeable gravel with an impervious clay bung 23 hectares in area will affect subsurface drainage. The mitigation proposed by CEMEX to alleviate increased flood risk is to introduce swales which are open drainage channels round the perimeter of the works to absorb and slow down the displaced groundwater/floodwater. The Environment Agency are not responsible for land based surface water flooding, which is the responsibility of the council who are themselves dependent almost entirely on the accuracy of risk assessments submitted by CEMEX. How can we be sure these swales will cope with flooding as experienced in 2014 and will be maintained once works are completed or if CEMEX sell the site? In addition, the traffic report, submitted in 2018 uses predicted data based on a survey conducted in 2009. Its conclusions are an estimate largely based on the 2009 data. The report predicts delays during peak times at the Green lane/Gaston Bridge roundabout junction of between 11 and 43 seconds and que length of 18 and 88 metres. Then at Walton bridge delays of 89 seconds and queue lengths of 226 metres (source SCCRef 20120173_planning_Addendum TA No3.pdf Transport update, 2018). Anyone using these roads in peak To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

times will know that in no way does this resemble the reality of the delays at these junctions. A new independent, measured survey should be carried out, not based on estimates. The traffic report further concludes as a result of the additional 200 large lorry movements in and out of site per day, The impact upon the surrounding highway network will probably not be discernible and will have no material impact upon its operation . If this is the quality of the data being presented to the council how can the accuracy of the rest of the report be trusted, in particular flood risk assessments? Most of the public will be unaware of the damaging impact of this development. Why has there not been a further public consultation since its publication in 2012? If you feel that the data upon which this application is being made is out of date, misleading and leaves serious questions unanswered write to the council and insist that it is refused. Comments can be made in writing quoting reference 2012/0173 to: The Planning Development team, County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2DW, or by email using address: mwcd@surreycc.gov.uk. The plans are available from the SCC web site at http:// planning.surreycc.gov.uk/planappsearch.aspx together with information on registering comments. You can submit comments up until the meeting date, but as soon as you can since late comments cannot be guaranteed to be considered.


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Sunbury Nursing Homes

Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6AJ

Family run nursing home now in its 85th year Located opposite a beautiful stretch of the River Thames A home where the resident really IS the most important person “Just a word of thanks for all your kindness and care for my mother. We had almost given up hope of finding a nursing home of excellence which we felt she deserved and our experience with you was so heartening and reassuring."

    

expert 24 hour personalised nursing care for older people warm, homely and reassuring 'family' environment a home that is vibrant as well as caring and compassionate daily activities we don’t use agency staff

"I liked SNH more than other homes I looked at mainly because the residents and staff all looked so happy."

01932 785414 email: enquiries@sunburynursinghomes.co.uk


Is it Time for a Social Detox? January is the traditional time for a detox after the excesses of the festive period, so how about a social detox? Do I need one? If there is someone in your life who drains your emotional energy, then that person is likely to be toxic and you are better off without them. Fortunately, our seven-step plan will free you from social toxicity in 2019 Identify – Toxic people are manipulative and selfish. They are impossible to work with. They rarely apologise for or own their mistakes. If you dread spending time with a person, they are probably toxic and it's time to move on. If it's a colleague or a boss start looking for another job. Be determined - The person might be part of your social circle, or your immediate superior, or they might recognise that you are distancing yourself and try to claw back the friendship. You need to be clear in your own mind and create a mental separation, even if you can t create a physical one right now. Set boundaries – Don t respond to texts, block their number if you can. If it's a work colleague, only respond to work-related matters and keep the relationship strictly professional. Social media is trickier. Blocking or unfriending can make life awkward if you share mutual friends or work together. I would suggest you unfollow rather than unfriend, and don't interact with them. The algorithms of most social media sites tend to flag up people you interact with regularly, so by not commenting or responding to them they will gradually disappear from your online world. Stick to your boundaries because toxic people exploit weakness. Be less 'nice' - Not to everyone, just to toxic people. Toxic people take advantage of kind people. They thrive by draining your good energy. There is no need to be nasty, simply stop being overly accommodating. Accept you can't save them - Toxic people show up when they need something: attention, money; a shoulder to cry on. They want a way back into your life. Be determined and maintain your boundaries. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


If they are in real straits direct them to resources that specialise in the help they currently require. Solving their problem is not your responsibility. Family matters - Toxic family members are particularly difficult to deal with as a clean break is often impossible. But you can still establish clear boundaries, even if they are in your head. Limit interactions, perhaps only phone a toxic parent once a month for 20 minutes, or restrict visits to three times per year, whatever works for you. The point is, take control, visualise your boundaries clearly then stick to them. Treat it like a relationship break- up - Be kind to yourself. We are primed as humans to need relationships, but we don t need unhealthy relationships. The more time you spend away from toxic people, with positive, loving people who bring joy to your life, the more uplifted you will feel. Make time for people who bring you happiness and let go of those who bring you anything less. IMPORTANT - Please note that there is a difference between people who are truly toxic and people who have a negative outlook because they struggle with depression. Most of us can tell the difference between toxicity and depression. If your friend or family member suffers from clinical depression let them know that you love and support them. Don't cut them out of your life.

By Louise Addison




www.harvestfinancial.co.uk andrew@harvestfinancial.co.uk

01932 252900/07885 959377 Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts



LOSRA Says . Fly-tipping – Prosecutions are up but how safe are you? Many residents are unaware that if you use an unlicensed trader to dispose of household waste, it is the resident who remains responsible for its lawful disposal; and could be liable for large fines in the event of the waste being unlawfully dumped. To complicate matters, a recent report in The Times reveals the ease with which rogue traders can obtain licences with few checks on their legitimacy; or by the simple device of forging the licence. To counter this it may be necessary to take all reasonable steps to establish authenticity eg, by photographing the licence and checking with the licensing authority as to its validity. It is perhaps timely that Surrey County Council is conducting a consultation on proposed changes to the management of waste at our community recycling centres (CRCs). The proposals include: 1. Permanently closing a number of smaller, less effective, CRCs whilst increasing the opening hours of others; 2. Introducing a charge to dispose of construction wood and roofing felt; 3. Increasing the cost of disposing of items the CRC already charge for; 4. Charging an annual application fee for van, pickup and trailer permits. It is popularly believed that the increasing costs associated with lawful disposal of waste has resulted in a corresponding increase in the incidence of fly-tipping. You can have your say by visiting: https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/ and completing the consultation form online.

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What s New at Springfield? Springfield Primary School sits at the heart of the local community, providing children with a learning environment, where they academically flourish. Since academisation in 2013, within the GLF Trust, the school has rapidly moved forward and this was reflected in the 2016 Ofsted which identified outstanding aspects of the school s provision. But where is the school now? In Springfield s commitment to local families it opened a nursery in September 2017, enabling children to start their learning from the age of 2 with the school. In celebration of this, the nursery was formally opened with a royal visit from the Duchess of Gloucestershire; the children and staff have never been so excited! Through the school s commitment to outstanding learning, it has led to being accredited as a Maths Hub School of Excellence, acting as a training centre for teachers to develop their teaching of mathematics even further. Springfield is fortunate in the extensive grounds it has for children to develop their wider skills and interests, able to attend an array of extra-curricular clubs. With these resources, it has opened opportunities for competitive sport, which lead this year to the school being awarded Spelthorne Sports School of the Year 2018; a very proud moment for the school. So what s next? With a newly appointed headteacher and a team of dedicated staff, the school could To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

not be more proud of all that has been achieved by and for the children, and are very much looking forward to the year ahead.


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

SHELTER FROM THE STORM Community Foodbank - 2018 Highlights Christmas has been and gone, but we continue to live in a storm of political and economic upheaval and uncertainty. Hysterical idiots of all political persuasions bellow and boom at us, and seem unconnected to the world we actually live in. At the core of our activities is our Community Foodbank. We continue to provide an important 7-day practical parcel, to fill an emergency gap solution. Each month the Community Foodbank takes over 5 Tonnes of surplus food, that equates to 10,000 meals a month. The Community Food Bank also has other related programmes. One is a Recovery Programme for people struggling with addictions. Community Recovery is aimed at helping by trying to break their chains of addiction. In addition we hold a Community Lunch, mostly from surplus food, every Wednesday, from 12noon to 1.30pm. All our welcome at this Community Lunch where people can make friends, as well as sharing experiences. This was extended to cover the 6- week holiday period during the school holidays, where last year we helped some 50 families Spelthorne Borough would like to make Sunbury a Dementia Friendly village and St Saviour s was happy to help by providing some facilities to run Training Courses on this. We were able to run 10 Training Courses in 2018, resulting in over 250 people becoming a Dementia Friend . In June 2018, we held a Kick Start day. After months of planning, the Community Food Bank team joined members from the Johnson and Johnson workforce. We were out in the community all day giving a helping hand decorating, making new furniture, filling skips with rubbish and doing some gardening. We launched our third year of the Reverse Advent Calendar in 2018. Last year we challenged people to do something a little different, by creating an Advent Calendar that you put something in, instead of taking something out of. The idea is that you fill a box every Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


day with non-perishable items, that can be taken to the local Community Foodbank. Last year we collected over 270 boxes. In June we aimed to feed 5,000 people with Surplus Food from the local supermarkets. We fed over 2,000 people at the Joy@Kempton event. The rest of the food went into London and by 1.35pm on the following day, we had confirmation that we had achieved feeding 5,000 on the Surplus Waste Food that we had sourced. Finally, the Give a Christmas Gift campaign was our most successful yet, with over 350 children receiving a donated Christmas present.

The Community Foodbank is the conduit that channels the donations that we receive to those that need it most, in the most efficient way, using our volunteer work force. With the money that we are hoping to raise from events next year, we want to increase the range of our services to meet what will be, for certain, an increasing demand at all levels. Claire Hopkins, St Saviour s Church claire.hopkins@stsaviourssunbury.org.uk 07549 952 161


Sudoku Solution 4 7 6 1 5 8 3 9 2

8 9 5 3 2 6 4 7 1

3 2 1 9 7 4 6 8 5

5 1 8 2 9 3 7 4 6

7 4 9 8 6 5 1 2 3

2 6 3 7 4 1 9 5 8

6 3 4 5 8 7 2 1 9

1 5 2 4 3 9 8 6 7

Solution to January Sudoku

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9 8 7 6 1 2 5 3 4

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Meet Brown Bag Crisps:

Spelthorne Business of the Year By Monica Chard, Editor

When Phil and Viv Lambe heard that they had, in their absence, won Spelthorne s Best Exporter award they were delighted. They had not been able to attend the event in person because of family commitments. When they heard they had also won Spelthorne Business of the Year they were totally gob smacked! Started from a kitchen on an island in Shepperton in 2010, Brown Bag Crisps is now an international success. The premium snack is the crisp of choice for those wanting to have something just a little more special with their glass of something. Word is spreading and the crisps are now exported worldwide. You will find them in China, UAE, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy and so the list goes on. You may also find them in premium airlines and trains. Even Harrods stock them! Like many who are caught in the rat trap, Phil decided in 2010 that he had had enough of working for other people, enduring a long commute and all the hassles of corporate life. He and Viv were sitting in Italy by Lake Garda contemplating life and when asked the question well what do you want to do? by Viv, Phil had no hesitation answering I want to make crisps . So the story begins. It was very much a family affair to start with. Phil was frying up all manner of crisps in his quest to find the perfect crunchy snack. He tried different types of potato, different oils, different flavours. The house smelled...of oil and crisps! But it was worth persevering. His crisps proved popular and the brown bags they were sold in were quirky. Initially he relocated to a shed in the garden before finally taking the plunge and setting up a more commercial enterprise. Family members were involved in painting floors in paint which satisfied food standards and manning the fryers 24/7. Fast forward and it was clear that Brown Bag Crisps were going to be a great success, but how could Phil and Viv keep up with To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

demand? Reluctantly, they outsourced, but it was a good decision. They are now keeping up with demand and the product is consistently good.

There are constantly new challenges. When envelopes were delivered containing empty crisp packets, they got the message. The company realised they have a responsibility to help eradicate single use plastics. Their solution is the offer the public a FREEPOST service so that bags can be dealt with on mass. Dealing with the expanding waist line of the public is another concern so Brown Bag Crisps is going to be introducing a whole new range of vegan and gluten free snacks in 2019. With a Better for You. Better for the Planet ethos, the new range does not yet have a name. COULD YOU HELP FIND ONE? If your name for the new range is selected, you will be rewarded with a years supply of crisps! This is a local company, based in Shepperton, employing local people (Karen, Sam and Claire, you are apparently wonderful!). Brown Bag Crisps now want to harness the creativity of the community so get thinking. Follow this amazing company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @brownbagcrisps. Or check out the website: www.brownbagcrisps.co.uk


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

North West Surrey Samaritans


The North West Surrey Samaritans have recently moved to new premises 31,000 COPIES PER MONTH in Walton, in Charities House, REACHING SUNBURY, Churchfield Road just off the High SHEPPERTON, WALTON AND Street. MOLESEY The branch of around 100 volunteers responds to more than 30,000 face to face callers, telephone calls, emails and texts each year from people seeking emotional support during difficult periods in their lives. Our volunteers are always around to give anyone who is struggling to cope the space and time CALL MONICA ON 07979 808991 to talk. OR EMAIL If you would like to find out about MONICA@VILLAGEMATTERS.CO.UK joining North West Surrey Samaritans, www.villagematters.co.uk please call 07552 235 207 or email volunteering@northwestsurreysamaritans.org


Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788

We are a family run roofing business based in Sunbury. We undertake all aspects of roofing work and are fully insured. We offer free quotations and advice

www.aldridgeandsons.co.uk See what our customers say about us at

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Sunbury Staff Volunteer at Community Lunch

During the season of good will, 35 members of staff from ServiceNow, based in Sunbury helped prepare, cook and serve food at St Saviours Church at the Wednesday community lunch.ServiceNow employees gave their time to give back to the people in area within which they work. The cloud platform company whose core company purpose is to make the world of work, work better for people saw its employees making a world of difference to those in need locally. The festive season can be a joyous occasion for people around the globe, but for others it could mean another day on the streets with little or no food, or family. To help those in need, ServiceNow employees will also be donating luxury items requested by the charity, including biscuits, stockings, chocolate boxes and Christmas crackers. Commenting on the importance of providing surplus food at community lunches for the local community to help bridge the gap between food waste and food poverty locally, Claire Hopkins, the social transformation pastor at St Saviour s Sunbury, who leads all the community outreach work said; The Community Foodbank could not function without the fantastic amount of support we receive from individuals and businesses like ServiceNow. Working together, we hope to create an environment that will help to bring people together who may otherwise not have the chance to meet and share a sense of community. Lewis Barker, workplace services manager UK & Ireland ServiceNow added; It s important for us to be involved with the local Sunbury community — especially at a time like Christmas, when so many people are in need. This is one of many investments to charitable organisations we re making across the globe to help tackle hunger and food insecurity and digital literacy globally. Working with Sunbury food bank gives our staff an opportunity to make a real difference in the local community.

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Crossword Solution T L H I R A T E U L G H A N G M C E T P H O T E E S T A I S N A S T Y E U L P O L L U T K M



Solution to January Quick Crossword

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Sunbury Scouts Missing Names Many of you will have been in the Sunbury Cub Scouts. This photo is of the pack at the HQ in School Walk, taken in July 1969. The photo was taken to mark the pack s 50th anniversary. That makes 2019 the centenary. The club has been looking at the photo and naming as many as they can. But they are still missing 20. Can you perhaps help? About the time of the photo the pack was split into two, one run by Peter Leadbetter as Akela on a Tuesday night and the other by Eddie Lea as Barloo on a Thursday night. Mike Hesford, who shared this photo and the identified names, was himself Group Scout Leader from 1975-1991. The Scout and Guide Groups have always been strong in Sunbury, ever since the formation of the scouts in July 1910 at the Methodist Church Hall in Rooksmead Road (known locally as the tin Tabernacle), to the Springfield Junior School, to the abandoned village school in School Walk, which was purchased by the Scouts and Guides just after the second world war. Temporary accommodation was sought while the HQ was rebuild just after the millenium by two of the ex 1st Sunbury Cubs/Scouts/Venture Scouts. The group now enjoy what must be one of the finest HQs in the country. Named in the photo are: Back Row: Minnie Marks, Peter Leadbetter, Duncan Robinson, Jamie Hooke, Peter Budgen (?), then several names are missing, .Alan Brown, Terry Meader and Eddie Lea. Second Row: Martin Shepherd, Robert Wing, Russell Bowden, Paul Lee, Simon Barber (?), David Norman (?), Paul Westcar, Andy Macdonald, Mark Hesford and Rose Hampton Third Row: Paul Holly, Kim Robinson, Jonathan Craggs, David Meader, Russel Coleman, Tim Primmer...Brian Raine .David Miller Bottom Row: ..Duncan Robinson, Mick Hooke, Mark Hurst, Anthony Wardle, Michael Colins..Andrew Hamilton (?) ..

If you know any of the missing names, please email monica@villagematters.co.uk. If you would like me to email a copy of the photo please get in touch too. To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Gardening Matters Great Gardening Books

By Rachael Leverton If you didn t get what you wanted for Christmas, now is the perfect time to curl up in front of the fire with a gardening book you ve brought for yourself. We have a few to recommend. RHS Great British Village Show by Matthew Biggs and Thane Prince - The village show is a quintessential British tradition, and for many gardeners it represents the pinnacle of their sowing and growing year. This charming and informative book takes you behind the scenes of this very British institution, offering insights into the worlds of judges and contestants. It s beautifully illustrated with photographs, and offers wonderful gems of insider information, including how to stage your produce, and what the judges are really looking for. There are even recipes for prize-worthy jams and preserves. If you ve never attended a village show this book will make you yearn for a summer of tents and teas; you might even be tempted to become a competitor. One Magic Square by Lolo Hubein – Following on from the previous book, have you ever wanted to have a go at growing your own vegetables and fruit but feel completely clueless? We re always hearing that the best and cheapest food is the food you grow in your own garden, but it all seems rather complicated to a total novice. In One Magic Square, Lolo Hubein shows how you can start your own productive food garden in ten minutes a day To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

on a single square metre. She provides simple plot designs starting with salads, and gradually expanding to include beans, tomatoes, corn, roots and much more. She also stresses the benefits of companion planting and provides ideas. The bite-sized designs (pun totally intended!) allow you to extend by one square metre each season, or to pick your favourites. The magic of square-metre gardening is in allowing your project to grow in a manageable way, from simple to more complex. There are even designs catering for different tastes and specific diets. RSPB Gardening for Wildlife by Adrian Thomas - If you long to have butterflies and bees in your flowerbeds, birds singing in your trees, and hedgehogs bustling about under your bushes then look no further than this wonderful guide to wildlife gardening Adrian Thomas explains the intricacies of attracting wildlife to your garden whether you have a small plot or more than an acre. His style is accessible, but rich in detail. He draws on the latest wildlife research to explain the ecological principles, and to dispel some of the myths which have traditionally prevented gardeners from pursuing a wildlife-friendly approach. There are practical projects to help you create entire habitats, and long lists of suitable plants and trees, and it s packed to brim with helpful photographs. If you love wildlife and want to encourage more to visit your garden, this inspirational book will help you sow the seeds and reap the rewards. Happy New Year!


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Looking for a Local Business? Members of the Lower Sunbury Business Community (LSBC) are local trusted, independent businesses. If you don t find what you are looking for amongst the advertisers in this magazine, feel free to call any of the LSBC members who are listed opposite. Look out on the LSBC group s Sunbury Life Facebook group to see news and updates from members on issues relating to the village, special offers etc

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What a Load of Rubbish! Friends of Sunbury Park Discover Strange Things in the Woods!

In early December, after the sudden downpour, a small but intrepid team of volunteers from the Friends of Sunbury Park went litter picking in the Park. Over the following 90 minutes they collected an amazing seven bags of litter from the wooded areas, including a computer screen and a toilet seat! Here are a couple of pictures of our trusty volunteers. Many thanks to Phil, Ann and Lisa for helping out. We plan to organise a bramble bashing exercise in the New Year so why not get involved. We are always on the look out for new members of this friendly and informal group whose aim is the protection and sustainable management of Sunbury Park and its environs. Get in touch with John Maxen for more information. Please email john.maxen@sky.com

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What s Happening Locally? If you want your event listed please email 50 words to email info@villagematters.co.uk Beginners Beekeeping Course, by Kingston Beekeepers Association. Commences 14th January 2019 at Esher College for eight sessions. Suitable for anybody thinking about keeping bees or just wanting to know more about them. Practical sessions at our apiary in Hampton Court, on Saturday afternoons from April to October. Contact admin@kingstonbeekeepers.org.uk website http://kingstonbeekeepers.org.uk/ SUNBURY AND SHEPPERTON ARTS ASSOCIATION PRESENT A BURNS NIGHT ON SATURDAY JANUARY 26 2019 from 7.30 to 11.30pm. A Fun evening with three course Scottish meal including haggis, bagpipes, facilities of RAC's bar and Scottish Country Dancing with professional caller. Kilts optional. Tickets @ £32 from 01932-787390, boxoffice@ssaa-arts.org and www.ticketsource.co.uk/ ssarts TO BE HELD AT: RIVERSIDE ARTS CENTRE! 59 THAMES STREET SUNBURY TW16 5QF SUNBURY AND SHEPPERTON ARTS CENTRE PRESENT A COFFEE CONCERT ON SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16 2019 at 10.15 followed by 11am concert with: JONATHAN RADFORD ( saxophone) and ELEANOR KORMAS ( piano) Programme will include Scaramouche by Milhaud and Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Tickets ( to include coffee and croissant) @ £12 from 01932-787390 TO BE HELD AT: RIVERSIDE ARTS CENTRE 59 THAMES STREET SUNBURY TW16 5 QF Sunbury Library Coffee Time. The Friends of Sunbury Library invite you to a Coffee Time on Friday 4 January between 10 and 11:30. Coffee or tea, biscuits and a general knowledge quiz for 50p. Sunbury Library, The Parade, Staines Road West, Sunbury

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Thursday 3rd January: Liquid History , a talk to Spelthorne Archaeology and Local History Group about archaeological finds from the Thames, by Jon Cotton. Staines Methodist Church @ 8pm. All welcome, admission £2 non-members. Saturday 12th January: The Changing Face of Staines High Street a new exhibition at Spelthorne Museum, Staines. Until 30th June. Free admission, open Weds and Fri 2-4pm, Saturday 1.30-4.30pm The Arts Society, Runnymede. The Hythe Centre, Egham January 16, 2019. CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS. As adults we carry in our heads huge numbers of images from childhood, many from our favourite books. Tigger, Toad,The Tiger Who Came to Tea will probably remain with us for ever! John Ericson examines how illustrations contribute to our development of understanding in his fascination lecture. Coffee at 10.15, lecture starts 10..30. All welcome, first lecture free. Ever fancied yourself as the next David Bailey? Then why not pop along to Laleham Camera Club. We are a friendly bunch who meet every Tuesday evening. New members are always welcome whatever your level. Find us online at www.lalehamcameraclub.uk or contact Paul on 07825 165974 Sunbury Open Gardens. SAVE THE DATE. It may be a long way off, but let this inspire you as you think about summer 2019. The Sunbury Open Gardens event will be on Sunday June 2nd. If you can help offering your garden, publicising or organising please get in touch with Sue March on email suegeorgemarch@yahoo.co.uk

Torchlight Tour, Brooklands Museum Tue 15 Jan 2019 Join us for a special tour of the Museum as night falls. Warm clothes, sensible shoes and a torch are highly recommended as our expert guide leads you through the Motoring Village, Aircraft Factory, Test Hill and the Members Banking. Ticket price includes warm soup with a bread roll on arrival. Tickets MUST be booked in advance. Email events@brooklandsmuseum.com Time: 6pm to 9:30pm Price: Tickets are £22.50 adults/seniors, £17.50 children (12 - 16 yrs) Brooklands Museum Brooklands Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 0QN Contact telephone: 01932 857381

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Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Mornings Friday 1 March 2019

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Book your place via our website: www.hamptonprep.org.uk - ‘Visit the School’ page

Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent. ISI Report 2016

020 8979 1844 admissions@hamptonprep.org.uk Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, Gloucester Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ

Independent Senior Day School Boys 11–18 years Girls 16–18 years


Saturday 2nd March 2019 9.30 am–12 noon


Tuesday 26th March 2019 9.30 am and 11.30 am Thursday 2nd May 2019 9.30 am and 11.30 am Personal visits available throughout the year. Find out more and book your visit at: www.hallifordschool.co.uk

At Halliford your child will be known and respected as an individual and encouraged, supported and inspired to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. Extensive coach service covering the surrounding area • Short walk from Shepperton Station • Shuttle service from Walton and Staines Stations registrar@hallifordschool.co.uk

01932 223593

Facebook-square HallifordSchool

TWITTER HallifordHead

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