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February 2018

Issue 84 FREE to homes in Lower Sunbury

Sunbury Cross Car Park Charging : Offers on meals

Welcome! Well, tapestries are certainly in the news at them moment, with the decision by France to loan the Bayeux tapestry. Still looking for somewhere to display it? Surely it would look marvellous next to our very own Sunbury embroidery. There’s a thought! In this issue we talk plastics and recycling. It has been high profile in the news and social media so good on Dennis van Wonderen to dedicate his page in this issue to the subject and what he as a shop keeper is doing about it. Others, take note! We also bring you a fantastic 200 year old watercolour of Halliford House which has turned up as a result of our articles on the house in recent issues. It is always exciting to get these connections as a result of the magazines.

February 2018 Finally, please take note of the new parking system at Sunbury Cross. So many of you have been fined for going over the one free hour at the ground level. Please be careful to stay under an hour or park in the multi storey for two. The landlords are not at all sympathetic and the fine is £100!

Reader Offers

The Phoenix - 25% off food The Flower Pot - 10% off rooms Meson Toby - February lunch special £11.95 Paice Motors - MOT £45 only Lodge Brothers - £100 off a will or LPA Everyone Active - offers for legoland Jubilee - Offers on hardwood shutters The Magpie - BOGOF Mains Mpm-Thurs Village Windows - 20% off repairs Grooming Gorgeous - 10% off new customers

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Sunbury’s Goddess of the Silver Screen By Nick Pollard

By Nick Pollard

The Sunbury and Shepperton Thereafter she made several area has been home to many films a year, including further famous actors and actresses Dickens adaptions such as over the years, but in her David Copperfield (1913) and time, none was more famous The Old Curiosity Shop than the now little-known (1914). In 1915 she was voted Alma Taylor. the most popular performer in At the January meeting of films by the readers of the Local History Society, in Pictures and Picturegoers a fascinating talk by Dr magazine, comfortably beatSimon Brown about Cecil ing a certain Charlie Chaplin Hepworth, the pioneer film into second place! maker of Walton on Thames, Sadly on the last day of that we heard that Alma Taylor year, she lost her Sunbury was one of Hepworth’s home when Sunbury House principal stars. Besides being was burned down. The central a great innovator in the part of the old house was technical aspects of film destroyed, although the two Alma Taylor making, Hepworth was the wings were saved and subseSunbury’s film star first to use publicity to create quently remodelled as blocks a ‘star system’. of flats. One was later demolished, but the Alma Taylor was born in London on 3rd other survives next to Loudwater Close and January 1895, but came to live in Sunbury at carries the name of Sunbury House. the age of one. Her family lived at Sunbury Alma Taylor stayed with Hepworth until he House in Fordbridge Road, home of Major went bankrupt in 1927, but thereafter her Lendy’s Sunbury Military Academy earlier in career declined. She had occasional roles the 19th century, but which had afterwards in later films, including Blue Murder at St been converted into apartments. Trinians (1957 - which embodied so much of She made her screen debut at the age of 11 in the spirit of her Tilly the Tomboy films of over the 1907 Hepworth film His Daughter’s 40 years previously) and A Night to Voice. Studio publicity claimed that she Remember (1958) – in my view still the best thought she had been invited to a children’s of the films about the sinking of the Titanic. party and was unaware she was taking part in She died in London in 1974 at the age of 79. a film, although that seems unlikely. Between 1910 and 1915, she starred with another Hepworth star, Chrissie White, in nearly 20 The next meeting of the Sunbury and ‘Tilly the Tomboy’ films, in which the duo Shepperton Local History is the Annual caused mayhem in the local community with a General Meeting, followed by ‘Old Photos of series of pranks which usually culminated in a Shepperton’ by Nick Pollard, on Tuesday 20th posse of angry people chasing them up the February at Halliford School, Russell Road, road! These films were incredibly popular and Shepperton, at 8pm. All welcome. brought both her name and Chrissie White’s to the attention of the public. By 1912 she was also taking more serious roles in Hepworth’s films, such as Nancy in Oliver Twist. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts 4


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Spreading Goodwill in Sunbury

We are still on the look out for all those positive stories in the community to make us all feel good. We loved the idea of car sharing over the Christmas period. A Sunbury local posted on social media that he was popping over to Kingston and would be there a couple of hours and offered a lift to keep at least some of the traffic off the roads. What a great idea. We saw several more offers of lifts as a result of his initiative. A local lady dropped me a line telling me that she had been cycling down Stratton Road after the Christmas period and spotted about 20 wine bottles chucked along the grass verge by the horse fields. What an idiot who chooses to do such a thing, but thankfully this lovely caring lady collected the empties and took them down to the Green St recycling. Talking of Green Street, those of you who use Sunbury Park must have been cursing the rain over recent weeks. With a single way in through the gates (because of the cows for the 5 months they are there) the entrance becomes a quagmire which we all wade through with our dogs, cycles and buggies. When I told Surrey Arborist, Clive Cummings about it he offered to drop some chippings to help. He did this in his own time and in pouring rain one Sunday and how grateful we all are for it! We heard that St Mary’s had been reunited with the tables they lent to a stall holder at the Christmas market. Great news that Budgens had picked them up. St Mary’s themselves let us know that they have purchased a new wireless keyboard as a result of a grant from the council and are happy to lend it if you need one Green St entrance into park, as long as you return it of course! complete with wood chippings

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The Halliford House Watercolour - c.1814 By Ken Battle

Feedback from readers to articles appearing in Sunbury and Shepperton Matters quite often leads to interesting follow-ups. One which was recently received is quite exceptional in that it led to the unexpected acquisition of a photograph showing a charming two hundred year old watercolour of Halliford House. Madeleine Symes, living in London had read my story of the Barkleys in the July 2017 issue of Sunbury Matters online and e-mailed editor Monica to say that as a descendant of the Barkley family, she had inherited an original watercolour of the House. She enquired “Would you like me to e-mail it to you,? Please let me know”. Monica couldn’t reach her keyboard quickly enough to send a speedy reply to the effect “YES PLEASE”. The watercolour was painted in about 1814 by Martha Barkley (1802-1867), the younger daughter of Charles and Frances Barkley. Charles and Frances were the intrepid couple who sailed around the world in two arduous sea voyages between 1786 and 1794, in search of valuable sea-otter furs. Their story is told in the book ‘The Remarkable World of Frances Barkley’. Between about 1810 and 1830 they lived at Halliford House with four of their To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

children, Jane Hornby, John Charles, Martha and Charles Francis. Both sisters were married at St. Mary’s, Sunbury, Jane to Charles Perkins on 26th October 1816 and Martha to Robert Grant Shaw on 13th May 1824. Madeleine Symes, who contacted us, is currently typing some of Martha’s journals and it is hoped that they may yield some interesting information concerning her time at Halliford House. In one journal Martha writes that she stayed there for “seventeen summers” with her parents, Charles and Frances. In later journals, Martha reflected on her childhood “Then how I loved Sunbury. How I loved to walk with Mama through the village and see the poor people, or stroll up with Papa to the cross road and leaning over the gate, watch the sunset, then a ride on the great swinging gate [at Halliford House] as I return (home)....” Later in life Martha had six children and with a Governess, travelled and lived in Europe. Ken Battle is a member of the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society


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Beware - New Parking System at Sunbury Cross By Monica Chard

Oh dear! Not a great start to the year for many of you out there who have discovered to your cost that Sunbury Cross is operating a new parking system. The barrier has been broken for weeks so many of you may have happily gone in, done your shopping and gone out without giving a second thought to parking charges. But a new number plate recognition system is in operation, meaning there is no barrier. You are no longer issued with a ticket to access and leave the car park. What this means is that YOU need to keep an eye on the time if you want to be in and out within the one hour free parking. If you are even one minute over you will be on the receiving end of a £100 fine. YES £100!!! That is a very costly mistake to have innocently made.

We spoke to several shop keepers who are as shocked as everyone else. We also spoke to the centre manager. But it seems matters are out of his hands. This new system is run by the faceless landlords who frankly don’t give a damn about the long term and elderly shoppers who are just doing what they have always done. So, the rules are as follows.: YES you have ONE free hour at the ground floor/access level. If you only need one hour, then that is the place to park. You have TWO free hours in the multi storey, which has recently had a make over and is now cleaner, lighter and safer. IF you are going to be longer than either one Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


hour, or two hours, depending on where you have parked, GET A TICKET!!! It is better to be safe than sorry. See above. The notice which is being widely displayed in shops and cafes at the shopping centre is clear in directions but as it is new, many of you are missing it. We asked the landlord for a comment following the very distressing reports of these exorbitant fines. Their response was rather short on understanding or humanity: “The new parking system is signposted and ensures all customers are treated equally”. In this day and age we should be doing everything to encourage the public to visit shops (as opposed to shopping online). Actions like this from landlords is going to do nothing to encourage local shopping.

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Chemo Care Pouches Offer Welcome Support

It was last Summer that local business woman Sarah Mason heard about an initiative from the USA which made her want to act. She heard about an organisation which was putting together goody bags of items to offer some care and relief to those attending chemotherapy treatment at hospitals. Chemo wards are not exactly the happiest of places, so anything to brighten up the experience, the better. Sarah took advice from the nurses and put together carefully selected items. Within each pouch are things such as sanitiser and hand cream, gloves and hats - things that those undergoing chemo will need and appreciate. Also sweets (to combat the bad taste which chemo leaves) and eyebrow pencils. She included puzzle books too to help while away the time. The pouches each cost around ÂŁ19 so Sarah set out asking for sponsors. She was overwhelmed with the response from individuals and local businesses alike. In October she delivered 80 pouches to St Peters Hospital. Interest in supporting the scheme kept growing so in December a further 70 were delivered including 10 specially collated for children. What is so shocking is that there are 25-30 new patients for chemo every month at St Peters so the scope to continue with this initiative is great. Sarah is aiming now to deliver a regular supply of sponsored pouches every quarter. If you would like to get involved do get in touch with Sarah please email her:

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New Pedestrian Crossings Sought Following Fatality

There have been two terrible accidents on local roads recently. We attended a meeting regarding speeding traffic and the lack of any dedicated pedestrian crossing at Charlton Village recently following one fatality and two seriously injured. With a regular speeding traffic through the village and no safe crossing place between shops, houses and the local pub, it was inevitable that something like this would happen. In addition to the lack of traf-

Flood water pools in Charlton Village

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fic calming measures, the village suffers regular road flooding so traffic veers around large puddles, often towards oncoming traffic. Something has to change. Something needs to be done to make this village safe. Maybe this tragic death will bring some action. Another family are currently campaigning to have a safe pedestrian crossing on the junction of the Black Dog at Ashford Common. Local mum Emma Ronan told us “On Wednesday 13th December 2017 I received a truly horrifying voicemail that all parents/ families dread “your daughter has been hit by a car”. Knowing the route she takes to school I instantly knew that it would have something to do with the crossing of the A308 at The Black Dog Junction, Ashford; our worst fears had been realised. This junction controls 14 lanes of traffic and is used by 1000’s of vehicles/pedestrians each day, yet there is not a safe crossing system in place for pedestrians”. With such a volume of traffic on the roads, pedestrian safety should be paramount. 14

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Colin Squire Awarded OBE Colin Squire, Chairman of Squire’s Garden Centres, has received an OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list. He has been given the award in recognition of his services to the horticulture industry and to charity. Squire’s was founded by Colin’s father D.J. Squire 81 years ago as a nursery and landscape business. Colin (also 81) formally joined the family business in the late 1950’s. Over the last 60 years Colin’s determination, relentless hard work and sound business acumen has helped propel this small family company to one of the best known independent groups of garden centres in the country, with 15 centres across 4 counties in the South East. Colin Squire said, “I was so surprised and delighted to learn of this award. I feel immensely honoured. I have been very fortunate to work in this wonderful industry and to have enjoyed the support and friendship of so many inspirational people in our business and the wider horticultural family. I remain very optimistic for the future of our industry even though there are many challenges ahead and I believe that horticulture can be a real force for good in the communities we serve.” Colin is a hugely respected figure in the industry with his never-ending enthusiasm for his business and the horticultural industry as a whole. He was a founder member of the Garden Centre Association in 1966, is a Fellow of the Institute of Horticulture, and supports a number of local ‘In Bloom’ initiatives. Through his enthusiasm Squire’s exhibited at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show for many years and at every one of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Shows, achieving an impressive record of medals over the years. Colin designed a number of these Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

gardens himself. He is also a patron of the Garden History Museum in London, a supporter of Painshill Park, a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners, and most recently he has been announced as the first President of the newly formed Rose Society UK. As if horticulture didn’t keep him busy enough he is also a school governor, President of Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society, a PCC member at St Peter’s Church in Staines, and is on the board of trustees of a number of local charities and organisations including the Spelthorne Young Voices and chairs the trustees of Laleham Parish Lands. He is a keen supporter of local classical music events including the Richmond Concert Society. He was also very honoured to be made an Honorary Doctor of Art & Design at Kingston University. His daughter Sarah Squire who is Deputy Chairman said, “Under his inspiring management and leadership, the ethos of the company is well established as a caring, happy family company, constantly aiming to be at the forefront of the industry and committed to good service and good quality products. It is dad’s character, values and judgement that permeate the business, and his enthusiasm, ready smile and commitment are reflected throughout the organisation. We are all so proud of him.” Many congratulations from us all at Sunbury Matters. 17

EA Says They Would Like to Dredge By Monica Chard, Editor For the first time ever, I heard the EA admit that they would, “in an ideal world”, like to dredge the river and backwaters. That may sound good, but in reality, the ideal world would need a money tree. But the only trees we have are the ones which have fallen into, or overhang the backwaters. We met with a group of Sunbury river dwellers whose gardens border the ‘anabranch’ of the Thames on this reach. To you and me, that means the backwater which flows (if you can call it that) around the back of Rivermead Island and rejoins the main river at Monksbridge. This used to be the setting for the regatta. Punts, canoes and dinghies would meander down it, taking in the sights of kingfishers and coots going about their business. It was a ’Wind in the Willows’ paradise.

But no more! If you have visited Monksbridge during the Open Gardens weekend, you may well have had a look over the bridge at the bottom of the garden to what is now a swamp see photo). It has not been dredged for 25 years and there seems no hurry to do anything about it any time soon. The EA is strapped for cash. They will pay for a survey (which even they expect to confirm that the dredging of this anabranch will not alleviate any flood risk) but they will not find money to pay for the dredging work itself. That will be left up to the property owners and if they are Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts

lucky local and county council may be able to help. It is a sad state of affairs. We are unlikely to see the paradise of the backwater returned, any time soon.

Floating pennywort If you see work on the anabranch it is likely to be the clearance of floating pennywort. You may have noticed this mass of green floating vegetation and wondered what it was. This rigorous invasive, non native species is a pest. Banned from sale in 2014, it is the remnants of ornamental ponds which has gone mad and is clogging our waterways. It causes a range of problems including depriving the water of oxygen and thereby threatening fish and invertebrates. It is also a health and safety issue as it may appear to be solid. Both my dogs have ended up in the river as a result. Thankfully they were unscathed, but the possibilities of either pets or a child drowning doesn't bear thinking about. Pennywort has become a particular problem over the past year. It will be pulled out, piled up and left to rot down. This is not any solution to the water flow and the only option if the waterway is not dredged is to let it silt over completely and fill it in. That would be a tragedy. But the funding issue comes back to the same dilemma of priorities in this country, where the government never seems to have enough money to go round. 18

EA Consultation on Charges

Many of you will not even realise that the EA has carried out a consultation suggesting wide spread changes to their charges. If you were invited to give your views you were faced with a huge document of information to wade through and give your opinion on. They suggested it would take 30-60 minutes of your time. In essence the organisation is looking at recovering costs of operations which it deems ‘unusual’ and charge this back to the ‘responsible party’. On closer inspection the events deemed ‘unusual’ include FLOODING as well as pollution, suggesting that before doing anything to help, they will need to secure a decision on who is paying for works. That will simply not work in the case of flooding! If this proposal is adopted by the Secretary of State for the environment then it appears that we will be left with an environmental emergency response service which is largely impotent. Thank you to John Douglass for alerting us to this.

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DOUGLAS GORDON - 3 APRIL 1931 – 7 JANUARY 2018 (Pictured above with his niece Alison Gordon) Shepperton Hotels Limited is sad to announce the death of its founder, Douglas Gordon. Douglas died, peacefully, at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey on Sunday 7 January. Douglas was 86. Douglas, his parents and younger brother, Vernon, moved into a house on Oatlands Drive, Walton on Thames in May 1947. That house was to be his home for over 70 years. Douglas went to senior school at Pomfret in Connecticut, USA. Douglas then studied hotel management at Cornell University in New York, USA. He kept up friendships from his school and university days his whole life. Douglas’ first love was the stage. He was passionate about the Gang Show and was a proud member of the show business charity, The Water Rats. Douglas was secretary of the Michael Feinstein Appreciation Society. He sang with the Weybridge Men’s choir, celebrating his 85th birthday with a performance in the sunshine at The Warren Lodge of which he was justifiably proud. Douglas always said that he wanted to make his living in show business, but his family would not let him. Instead, Douglas made an enormous success of being an hotelier, which he thought was the next best thing to show business. Being an hotelier required a performance every evening. Douglas worked in the 1950s and early 1960s in various London hotels, including The Grosvenor House and The Hilton. However, Douglas always wanted to run his own business. Aged just 34, in 1965, he bought the Warren Lodge in Church Square, Shepperton. Now a 50 roomed hotel, the Warren Lodge was then a small pub with just a handful of rooms. Douglas added the Anchor, across the same square, in the 1970s and The Ship, across the Thames in Weybridge, earlier this century. In between times, he had bought and then sold two motels, Sea Bird and Silver Beach, in Sarasota Florida. Douglas was a man of immense generosity and courtesy. Douglas was a true gentleman and had great depths of kindness. His personality was the key to his success. Douglas will be greatly missed. Put simply, he is irreplaceable. Warren Lodge Hotel and Anchor Hotel, Church Square, Shepperton, TW17 9JZ Email: c& Telephone 01932 237665

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The Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway Needs YOU

The Hampton & Kempton Park Waterworks Railway was first constructed in 1914-16 to carry coal from a wharf on the River Thames at Hampton to the Kempton Park Pumping Station of the Metropolitan Water Board, to fuel the high pressure boilers to drive the pumps which feed clean water all over North and West London. But in 1945 coal was no longer needed and the railway closed and all-but disappeared from memory. But in 2003 the Metropolitan Water Board Railway Society was set up to try and revive the railway, not to carry coal but to carry passengers, with nostalgia for steamtrains. Were they enthusiastic? Certainly! Were they ambitious? You bet! Were they mad? More than probably! But will they succeed? With your help, WE CAN! But how can you help? The very easiest way, and perhaps the best fun, is to come and visit us, any Sunday after 18 th March and have a ride, you never know, you might want a second of even a third ride! You can make a monetary donation, and because we are a Registered Charity (No. 1166913) we can claim Gift-Aid on your donation. Even better you can join the Metropolitan Water Board Railway Society (only £15/year). Or, having become a member of the MWBRS, join us on a Tuesday or a Thursday to maintain and/or extend the Railway, and on a Sunday between March and November join the crew to run the Railway – we have openings for all skills and no-skills, young or old, male or female: Have a look at our website

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There is a special music event in aid of the Mayor Spelthorne's Charities at Sunbury Cricket Club on Friday 9th February at 8.30. This year’s Mayor of Spelthorne is Cllr. Vivienne Leighton, a Shepperton councillor, who greatly enjoyed last year's show staged for the then Mayor, Cllr. Alfred Friday, so the Club were very happy to continue our Club tradition and stage a special Music Night in aid of her charities. The usual suspects from Sunbury’s talented music fraternity have been assembled once more to play under the name of THE CHAIN GANG in honour of the Mayor’s chain of office. Her charities are Spelthorne Dementia Support (Purple Angels), Impossible Dream (providing river trips for wheelchair users), and the Swan Sanctuary. The musicians will be giving their services free, so all the door money will go to the charities - entrance is £10.00, payable on the door (tickets ar not being sold in advance).

Taylor Band) and Alan Worrell (drums) plus Music Night host and organiser Paul Watts (vocals & guitar). It will be a great night of top class rock ‘n’ roll, blues, ‘60s R&B, rock and country. It’s all for a great cause and will be a fun community night, so please support it. Please note that the show will start at 8.30pm. Hot food will be available from about 7pm.

The line-up will include guitarists Karl Green (Herman’s Hermits), Gerry Cook (The Saxons), Tim Renton (3 AM), Mark Doyle (Marshall Taylor Band), Chris Allard (Little Hampton Band); bassists Colin Pattenden (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, The Nashville Teens), Roger Harding (East of Eden), Martin House (Life & Soul), keyboard player Kevin Welling (Stan Bland Band), harmonica ace Adam Russel (Nashville Teens) multiinstrumentalist Phil Miller-Tate (Marshall To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Sunbury Cricket Ground to Remain Green Va rio us sou rce s In last month’s Sunbury Matters we carried an article on the Local Plan and Green Belt Review by Alan Doyle. The report suggests land in our community which may be less important to remain as green belt than others. Kempton Park, long a subject of “Will it. Won’t it” development plan, seems to be safe, strongly fulfilling the purpose of green belt, according to the review. Sunbury Cricket Club fared less well and was given a classing of ’weak’ in terms of importance of green belt land. This ruffled some feathers at the cricket club who emphasise in no uncertain terms that the club and land are owned by members and there is not a cat in hells chance of it being sold off for development. We are delighted to hear that. We appreciate this green space and long may it last. Mr Doyle was merely reporting what the report said.

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Floral Corner by van Wonderen FLOWERS Tel: 01932 761071

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20 Years Supporting Breast Cancer

A self funding group of volunteers is celebrating 20 years of supporting those with breast cancer this month. The group, working with Macmillan Cancer Support, is made up of former patients who are happy to give their time to support current sufferers. Vivienne Leighton, Mayor of Spelthorne will attend the event together with some of the founding members. The group offer support and practical help to those who have had or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and their families. There is a monthly programme of meetings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As well as socials with a “My Story� meetings offer discussion and advise range from skincare, hair and wig care and complementary therapy taster evenings to art therapy, radiology and the AGM offers a strawberry cream tea. The group meets at 7.30-9pm at the Education Department, 1st Floor at Ashford Hospital. If you want more information call Sue Watts on 07805 033848.

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Valid until 28th February 2018 Valid at The Phoenix only

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Recipe of the Month

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce A pretty Valentine’s treat Preparation time: 1-2 hours Cooking time: 10-20 minutes Servings: 4 Ingredients For the panna cotta 3 gelatine leaves 250ml/9fl oz milk 250ml/9fl oz double cream 1 vanilla pod, split lengthways, seeds scraped out 25g/1oz sugar For the sauce 175g/6oz sugar 175ml/6fl oz water Splash raspberry, cherry or blackcurrant liqueur 350g/12oz raspberries

To make the sauce place the sugar, water and the splash of liqueur into a pan and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, stirring until all the sugar has dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat and add the raspberries. Use a hand blender to blitz the sauce until smooth. Pass it through a sieve to remove the seeds.

To serve Sprigs of fresh mint and blueberries (optional)

To serve, pour the sauce over the panna cotta and garnish with the blueberries and a sprig of mint.

Method To make the panna cotta, soak the gelatine leaves in a little cold water until soft. Place the milk, cream, vanilla pod, scraped seeds and sugar into a heavy-bottomed pan and bring to a simmer. Remove the vanilla pod and discard. Squeeze the water out of the gelatine leaves, then add to the pan. Remove from the heat and stir until the gelatine has dissolved. Divide the mixture between four pretty glass serving bowls and set aside to cool. Place into the fridge for at least an hour, until set. Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts


Alternative serving method - pour the panna cotta mix into oiled moulds rather than serving dishes, and set in the fridge as before. Blitz half the raspberries into the sauce and strain through the sieve, then stir in the remaining raspberries. When the panna cotta are set, dip the moulds in hot water for a few seconds and turn the panna cotta out on to a plate, spoon over the sauce and decorate with blueberries and mint.

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01932 252900/07885 959377

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Recycle Plastic

-And Don’t Forget the Bathroom! The recent fabulous Blue Planet 2 highlighted again the shocking state of our oceans and the scourge of plastics on the environment. We have changed our shopping habits and make a conscious effort not to buy cotton buds with plastic. If you can, avoid single use plastics like straws. There are new movements afoot to get coffee cups made in a different way so they can be recycled (yes, we all thought they could but they are coating in plastic, so can’t!). There is a petition also to introduce a deposit scheme to plastic bottles. Over 30 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the UK! In countries such as Denmark deposit schemes are widespread. I made the mistake of crushing a beer can when I was there last year and there was a sharp intake of breath around the table. The reason? Cans are taken, along with bottles, to recycling points in supermarkets and put through a machine which issues you with a refund. That surely should be something we can look at in this country. But talking about plastics, you may not be clear on what can and can’t be recycled. It may be the smallest room in the house but that doesn't mean the bathroom can't make a big difference when it comes to recycling. In particular, plastic bottles are often recycled from the kitchen but get forgotten when it comes to the bathroom. There are lots of plastic bottles from your bathroom you may not realise you can recycle, including shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles. You can also recycle hand wash, mouthwash, moisturiser, toilet cleaner, bathroom spray and bleach bottles. To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Nearly half of all plastics that could have been recycled are thrown away in Surrey every year, that’s almost 4,000 tonnes. If all of these were recycled, as well as helping the environment it could also save Surrey nearly £300,000 a year, which could go towards other council services like social care, libraries and schools. Your recycled plastics could even be turned into new furniture, children’s toys, paint pots and even football shirts. There are some simple things you can do to make it easier to remember to recycle your plastic bottles from the bathroom. Why not put an extra recycling bin upstairs? Or if you live in a flat or don’t have much space, you could try hanging a bag over the back of a door. Just make sure you empty the contents into your recycling bin loose, not in the bag. Mike Goodman, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning said: “Recycling saves money by reducing disposal costs, so when you recycle from the smallest room in the home you’re helping to protect other council services like schools, roads and social care.” There are some things you can’t recycle from the bathroom, like razors, razor blades and the pumps from soap bottles. It’s easy to check using the Recycle for Surrey app and search tool. To find out what else you can and can’t recycle from the bathroom and from every room in your home visit


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Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival News The good news from Sunbury and Shepperton Arts Association is that Val Weyland, a local resident of ten years standing and who has a son in Riverside Youth Theatre, has taken over the running of our annual Summer Festival (July 14 to 22nd). Plans are progressing well and it is hoped the programme will include The Laughing Chili Comedy Club, a talk by Nick Pollard, a talk by Tate Gallery guide Laurence Shafe, a visit to Shepperton Studios, a jazz concert, dance, a classical piano recital, an art exhibition and a flower arranging afternoon. Do please support us! More details follow in coming months.

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Hanworth Park House

What Next in the Plan to Save it? By Monica Chard and Gary Cottle Hanworth Park House has been a private residence, a military hospital, a nursing home and the HQ of aviation in the UK. For a while, it was the home of Aston Martin and Lagonda, who used the aircraft hangars to finish assembly of the luxury motors post war until the 1960's

was a national monument and the restoration itself justified the very special circumstances required to build on a the green belt. The current owner (bought 3 years ago) worked with Historic England and Hounslow Council to convert this unviable hotel consent into a more suitable scheme to provide much needed local affordable housing within the footprint of the hotel plan and using funds to put towards restoring Hanworth Park House and grounds to their former glory. The main building would be mainly for community space, a museum, cafĂŠ, artists studios and meeting / function spaces - more than 50% of the house and grounds would be open and accessible to the public - more than 7 acres of regenerated green belt and park land connecting to the broader Hanworth Park. It would return the asset to the community and provide a welcome respite from the bustle of nearby Feltham High Street.

In its heyday, it hosted a ballroom, sumptuous lounges with private apartments, and the grounds were laid out as formal gardens. The approach was a tree lined sweeping drive bordering the grounds. The house was owned by many prominent families, most notably, Alfred Lafone, - his family are now involved with the Friends of Hanworth Park House in fighting for the restoration. It is renowned across London for its heritage and importance both architecturally and historically although this glamour and significance is hard to imagine when you see the building today and it’s setting behind a business park in Feltham, but there is still hope to bring it back to its former glory and allow the community to enjoy the surroundings too. After playing a pivotal role in two world wars and the development of aviation, Hanworth Park Hotel was purchased by Middlesex County Council and in 1956, the house was opened as a nursing home. In 1965 its administration was taken over by the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH). The nursing home shut in 1992 and planning permission was granted in 2003 for the building to be converted into an 84-room hotel, and by 2012 (a mere 20 years later), planning for a 166 bed hotel and conference centre was approved with the support from Hounslow Borough Council that the building

So - where are we now ? - Hounslow Council, Historic England, and the GLA have said on numerous occasions 'they are desperate to find a solution' - The friends of HPH (now in their thousands) continue to strive to find a solution. - LBH and the GLA have approved the building of a very large hotel and conference centre on the green belt (3 times). - There is universal support to have the current inaccessible 10 acres of neglected green belt restored to park land and open to the public. - The revised plans are now for housing to be a lot smaller than the hotel consent and 'invisible' to local residents - less than half the size of the original housing plans. The future and salvation of this iconic heritage asset requires Hounslow Council, their leader or any of our elected politicians to do something very simple and do the right thing for the local community and residents - which for the last 25yrs - they have been unable to achieve. A website has been set up with an enormous amount of information on the history and the plans: Or join the Facebook group Hanworth Park House.

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LOSRA Says…. All councils, including Spelthorne have a Local Development Scheme. Having an up-to-date LDS and delivering against it are some of the key criteria that local authorities will be judged against.

An LDS is required under section 15 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended by the Localism Act 2011). This must specify (among other matters) the documents which, when prepared, will comprise the Local Plan for the area. It must be made available publicly and kept up to date. It is important that local communities and interested parties can keep track of progress and Local planning authorities will publish their Local Development Scheme on their websites. In the last edition of Sunbury Matters, reference was made to our forthcoming New Year newsletter but it is recognised that the circulation of this journal may extend beyond the addresses to which we deliver. If you happen to live outside the area covered by the LOSRA newsletters, you can visit to view or download your own copy. The front page leads with a comprehensive article entitled: “Local Plan battle lines drawn as revising housing targets and Green Belt Review help focus minds and shape tactics.”

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24th May.

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Spelthorne Means Business In 2016 Spelthorne Borough Council introduce a new strapline to it's marketing ‘Spelthorne Means Business’. Situated in proximity to major access points such as London Heathrow, the M3 and M25, it is proving to be an area of great interest to new businesses looking for growth or looking to move to a new area. The council is putting is certainly proving its credentials too. This month sees the launch of the 2018 Spelthorne Business Competition. Launched 5 years ago with the support of MP Kwasi Kwarteng, the competition is open to any individual or business within the borough and applications are sought from those with a new and original business idea. The prize is £3500 and mentoring to help kick start their idea.

Kwasi Kwarteng presents 2017 winners Cillguard with a cheque for £3500

Last year’s winner was Cillguard, an idea to protect sills of cars when wheelchair users are getting in and out of vehicles. The competition is sponsored by major businesses in the area such as BP, BA, Heathrow and Pinewood Studios. The competition opens on February 12th. Finalists will be invited to a ‘Dragons Den’ type presentation on Thursday May 24th at BP, where the winner will be selected by a panel. This is fantastic opportunity for a small business with a great idea, looking for support to move it forward. If you think you have an idea, this is your To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

chance. Full details opposite. Spelthorne businesses are further served by the Spelthorne Business Forum, a free group for local businesses run by Spelthorne Borough Council, which organises networking events and hosts a website to connect local businesses. For the first time this year you can also look forward to the inauguration of an annual business awards scheme for Spelthorne. Spelthorne Means Business Awards launch on 6th February. Offering 7 exciting categories, including Best Small Business and Independent Business of the Year, this new event is designed to celebrate Spelthorne businesses and to highlight the successes we have in our local business community. You can enter online at https:// and if you are a local business why not join us at Shepperton Studios on 11th October for our sparkling awards’ evening. Businesses which win awards benefit from a boost in brand awareness and credibility in the marketplace, so what have you got to lose? Finally the Heathrow Launch Pad will open at Spelthorne Borough Council’s offices in Knowle Green in September. It will provide a new hub for high tech businesses in the Borough with below market rate, flexible office space alongside exciting business support programmes which are designed to help new businesses to thrive and prosper in the area. This new space will also be a hub for other new businesses to come together, to network, collaborate and take part in some exciting new workshops. For more details about the incubator please contact So with all that in mind, Spelthorne really does seem to mean business. It is brilliant to see so much support for small businesses in the borough, so if you are one, just get on and enter one of the awards.


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Christmas House Charity Success

Green Street is once again without the glitz and glamour of the Christmas period. The lights and reindeer are all boxed up ready for the next season. Put up initially to brighten up Sunbury and give pleasure to locals, it has in latter years focused on raising money for charity. This last year was dedicated to raising money for the Charley Paige Trust and Alfie Ward. At the end of 6 weeks of campaigning over £1000 was raised for Charley Paige and £500 for Alfie Ward (including giftaid). Jackie Franklin who founded the Charley Paige Trust in memory of the grand daughter she lost to leukaemia at the age of only 3 said “This is a tremendous amount raised by the Christmas House for their magical display. A huge thank you to Tracey and Steven and all the local people who kindly donated in support of them and Charley Paige Trust. This money really will make a big difference to families facing difficult times.” Tracey and Steven Lonsdale must be favourite clients at the local garden centres as they add to their collection every year. Squire’s garden centre, who also support the Charley Paige Trust, lessened some of the financial burden this year by donating a magnificent white LED maple tree to the couple (see right). Squire’s have also collected £518 over the festive period for the Charley Paige Trust. Tracey and Steven would like to thank everyone for their generosity. They are already planning new wonders for 2018!

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Valid until 28th February 2018

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Su Doku Solution




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Gardening Matters Greenhouse Joy

By Rachael Leverton I am an impatient gardener. By February I am always eager to get started and my greenhouse means that I can do just that. A greenhouse means that I don’t fear the weather, I can potter in my garden all year round and I can grow a range of plants that would not survive without protection. Most gardens have room for at least a tiny greenhouse and its well worth trying to incorporate one into your space. Before choosing a greenhouse, check whether your local planning authority places any restrictions in terms of size or position. Usually there are no problems. Ideally a greenhouse should be placed in a bright spot because poor light and heavy shade will mean sickly spindly plants. Buy as big a greenhouse as you can accommodate because I guarantee that no matter how big it seems at first you will fill it. You can make a greenhouse from poles and polythene but it won’t last more than a couple of years and won’t be pretty to look at. Fully glazed aluminium greenhouses are good value, and if you like wood then go for western red cedar, which ages well and lasts a long time. It’s important to have level foundations You don’t have to heat a greenhouse but I like to because it lets me get an early start in spring, and keeps my tender pot plants alive through the winter. When I had an unheated greenhouse my frost-tender plants rarely survived.

water vapour associated with paraffin. Make sure you use a qualified electrician and that all the sockets are rated for outdoor use. Fit a thermostat and the heat will only come on when necessary, making it very economical. At the other end of the year make sure you have ventilation, or your plants will cook. If you can afford it go for the automatic arms which open ventilators if the greenhouse reaches a certain temperature. Also consider blinds to help prevent sun-scorch. I arrange my greenhouse with staging on one side and a soil bed on the other for my tomatoes to grow in, and I’ve attached some guttering and a downpipe to a water butt so I can collect rainwater. It’s my little haven in February; where I plant seeds and imagine what my garden will look like in a three months’ time.

I prefer electric heating, which doesn’t smell and doesn’t produce the excessive amounts of To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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What’s Happening Locally? If you want your event listed please email 50 words to email Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival. Forthcoming Coffee Concerts are scheduled as follows: Saturday February 17th, JOSEPH TONG (piano). Saturday March 24th MARY PELS( viola da gamba) and KAREN GLEN (harpsichord) Saturday April 21st MARK TAYLOR(flute) and GABRIELLA JONES( harpsichord) Ticket s @£10 include coffee and croissant preceding the concert. Doors open at. 10.15am, concert begins at 11am. Tickets available on line from and and from 01932- 787390. All events at the Riverside Arts Centre, 59 Thames St, Sunbury. RIVERSIDE ARTS CENTRE WILL BE HOLDING A CELEBRATION DINNER TO MARK ITS FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY ON SATURDAY APRIL 31st. Zodiac Musical Society are performing ‘Sing a Rainbow’, a song and dance show from Wednesday 25 April to Saturday 28 April at Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury TW16 5QF. Evening performances commence at 7.45 pm and a Saturday matinee at 2.30 pm. The show is colour themed and each song has a colour in its title or in the name of the group or singer famed for it. Ticket prices are £8-10. For more information please call the box office on: 01932 220167.

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Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635

We are a family run roofing business based in Sunbury. We undertake all aspects of roofing work and are fully insured. We offer free quotations and advice See what our customers say about us at


Tree Work

Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788

• Pruning, Felling & Reducing • Reshaping & Thinning • Hedge Maintenance • 24 Hour Emergency Service • Dangerous Tree Removal • Stump grinding • Neighbouring Tree & Hedge Issues • Operated wood-chipper hire • River tree work workboat available • Seasoned logs delivered. Log splitting

Contact Clive:

01932 886524 or 07941 031759 (Eves) Please mention Sunbury Matters when responding to adverts 60

More...What’s Happening Locally? If you want your event listed please email 50 words to email The next meeting of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History is the Annual General Meeting, followed by ‘Old Photos of Shepperton’ by Nick Pollard, on Tuesday 20th February at Halliford School, Russell Road, Shepperton, at 8pm. All welcome. Thursday 1st February: ‘Spelthorne in Art’ a talk by Nick Pollard to Spelthorne Archaeology and Local History Group at the Fordbridge Centre, Fordbridge Rd, Ashford, starting at 8pm. All welcome, admission £2 to non-members. Sunbury Flower Club. In January Mary lead a workshop , showing how to create an unusual arrangement with a small amount of flowers. Our next meeting is February 6th at 2 pm at the Riverside Arts Centre. Kathryn Goddard-Austin will present a demonstration entitled ‘Damsels and Dragonflies’ . Kids Come First® is a support forum for Separated Parents and a unique workshop of childfocused teaching material with guidance & advice for successful co-parenting. Parents can attend a group workshop separately or book a private session to attend together in Hampton (TW12). Call 07789497275 or email us: For more info visit

Spelthorne Choral Society presents:D'Astorga's Stabat Matar and Haydn's Nelson Mass. Saturday 24th March 2018 7.30pm St.Peter's Church, Laleham Road, Staines. TW18 2DX £10 in advance, £12 on the door. accompanied under 16's free Box Office:- 0208 9412512 (evenings)

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February 2018 Sunbury Matters  

The monthly community magazine for Sunbury on Thames

February 2018 Sunbury Matters  

The monthly community magazine for Sunbury on Thames