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August 2017

Issue 11

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Platt’s Eyot & Thornycroft : Water Safety : Achieve your Goals

: Thames Marine Life

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Well wasn’t the Flower Show great. Hopefully you managed to get along. The front cover this month is of the scarecrow made by Hampton School as part of this years scarecrow competition. Well done to all involved. Also congratulations go out to the Esher & Molesey Garden Society on winning an RHS Gold and to Miles and Bird in Bridge Road on winning the RHS Hampton Court Village in Bloom “Best Dressed Window” Competition. In this months issue we learn the history of Platt’s Eyot and Thornycroft. We look back at this years Hanworth Classic, and we hear about the seal in Molesey.

August 2017 Turner’s house in Twickenham completes it’s restoration and the Molesey Local History Society celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. We are also updated by both Dominic Raab and the Molesey Residents Association. See you all next month when Molesey Matters will be celebrating it’s 1st birthday!

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Platt’s Eyot & Thornycroft Avoid Tragedy in The Water Ever Wondered about Wine? The Hanworth Classic Eid Mubarak Molesey! The Regatta in Pictures Turner’s House Renovation Molesey Local History Society Achieve Your Goals A Seal in Molesey Recipe of The Month Five Elements Acupuncture Garden View Urban Wildlife Garden Molesey Residents Association Surrey Hedgehog Sanctuary Dominic Raab Events we Like Index of Advertisers

Molesey Director: Paul Chard Telephone : 07946 494288 Email : Website Cover photo. Ravenna, Queen of the Garden, Hampton Hill School, Scarecrow Competition, Hampton Court Flower Show 2107 Send any photos (300dpi) for consideration to: Check us out on Facebook. @moleseymattersmagazine

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Platt's Eyot and Thornycroft Ever wondered about the history of boatbuilding on Platt’s Eyot? The entire island is listed within the River Thames site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation, with the western end of the island being listed as part of the Metropolitan Green Belt. Boatbuilding began on the island in 1868, when Thomas Tagg, who had been running a business since 1841 on Tagg's Island, expanded by building a boatyard and house on the eastern end of the island A waterworks and electrical works with a charging station were also constructed, the latter was used to power electrically powered pleasure launches and canoes that were built on the island. Around 1904 John Isaac Thornycroft set up the Hampton Launch Works on the island, an offshoot of the Chiswick boatyard that he had established in the 1860s. This boatbuilding works concentrated on cabin cruisers and speedboats, but the success of Thorneycroft's operations on Platt's Eyot led to the award of contracts from the Admiralty. A new and larger facility was built in Southampton, which became Thorneycroft's principal yard, but the MOUSE Platt's Eyot yard continued to operate in both World Wars to build small naval craft. In 1916 the Admiralty commissioned a new type of fast torpedo-carrying motor launch which Thorneycroft constructed secretly in its Platt's Eyot facility. Four new boat sheds were constructed on the island, probably in the same year (though the date is disputed by some), to a design by Augustine Alban Hamilton Scott. They were built using the Belfast truss system, developed during the First World War to roof wide structures such as aircraft hangars. Very few boat sheds were constructed


using the technique, and these examples are now Listed and inspected by Historic England. During the Second World War, the boatyard was used to construct motor Various/Paul Chard torpedo Source boats, motor launches and landing craft. Thornycroft closed its boatbuilding operation on Platt's Eyot when it was taken over by Vospers in the mid-1960s. In 1960 the island was bought by Port Hampton Ltd., which diversified the use of industrial space. In 1941 the island was connected to the Hampton, Middlesex bank of the River Thames, by a suspension bridge assembled by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The island was transferred from Esher Urban District in Surrey to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in Greater London on 1 April 1970, using a provision of the London Government Act 1963.

Source : Various

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Avoid Tragedy in The Water I am sure you will join me as our thoughts go out to the family of a young man who tragically lost his life. A teenage boy drowned in the Thames on the hottest day of the year, Wednesday June 21st. The boy was dragged under by currents as he swam near Hampton Court Palace as temperatures hit 34C. After a 10-minute search, his friends and an off-duty lifeguard pulled the promising footballer’s body on to the bank. Officers, including the marine policing unit, and the lifeboat attended, as well as London’s Air Ambulance and London Fire Brigade boats. Emergency services performed CPR by Hampton Court Bridge, however the boy died when life support was withdrawn. Last year also saw the drowning of a 15-year-old Sunbury boy. We asked Watch Commander Dan Pearson of the Surrey Fire & Rescue Service to share his thoughts “Unfortunately summer is a particularly busy time for Surrey Fire & Rescue Service. SF&RS has two boats in the county based at Sunbury and Walton Fire Stations. The boats are utilised to undertake water rescues, assist the Police with body recovery and to assist Surrey residents during severe flooding. Sadly, summer sees fatalities in various lakes and rivers around Surrey and we are keen to help prevent tragic incidents like these. When we attend a water incident we try our best to enter the water as quickly as possible to carry out a rescue/recovery. Attending these types of incidents can be very distressing, especially when a young person is involved.


I would like to emphasise how dangerous water is. Even in the summer when it is a hot day and the water looks inviting it is still extremely dangerous. The River Thames is a fast-flowing river with lots of under currents which you cannot see from the river bank. Currents which can overcome you even if you think you are a strong swimmer. The temperature of the water is always a lot colder than it may appear (even in the summer.) There are also many hazards underneath the surface of the water which you cannot see; hazards like reeds, branches, tree roots and all kinds of unknown debris. These hazards can cause you to get caught on them and be pulled under the water. Please remember that water although it looks very inviting, must always be respected. Please take a second to think of the consequences of what you are about to do! More information on how to keep you and your family safe around water is available at"

By Paul Chard

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Ever Wondered about Wine? There are around 60 species of vine but only one bears the fruit which when fermented produces wine. Evidence of grape pips at Palaeolithic sites indicates humans were eating grapes from around 7000BC. The first vineyard dates from 3200 BC when the Egyptians and Phoenicians began planting and tending vines. At first grapes were grown only for eating. It is likely that wine was an accidental discovery. It would only have taken a few hours in full sun for ripe juicy grapes to begin fermenting (the process by which natural sugars are turned into alcohol) aided by the natural yeasts present in the ‘bloom’ on the fruit. Before long wine was being made throughout the Mediterranean. Ancient methods of viticulture (winemaking) bear a lot of similarities to those still in use today. In Egypt grapes were collected in wicker baskets then trodden in huge wooden vats to get the fermentation process started. Once crushed the grapes, juice and skins were poured into loosely corked earthenware jars and left to finish the fermentation process. Finally the mixture was filtered, flavoured and poured into sealed amphorae. We would be horrified now at what passed for wine in earlier ages. Makers preserved their wines with additions such as heavily sweetened date juice, honey and spices, and even pepper.

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By the Middle Ages people tended to prefer full-bodied fortified wines (more akin to our sherries and ports) which were stored in wooden casks. Over the course of the centuries wine-making evolved. Makers learned that vines grown on the thinner mountain soils seemed to produce superior wines to those grown on the plains. All the European vines originated from the same species. This made them vulnerable to pests and diseases (a problem affecting banana producers nowadays). A highly destructive aphid called the grape phylloxera reached Europe at the beginning of the 20th century and wiped out almost all of the Old World vines in just a few years. Fortunately scientists stepped in and managed to develop healthy plants by grafting European varieties on to American rootstock, because the American vines were resistant to the aphid. This helped the Americans too because their native vines produced inferior wine. All of today’s Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines are produced from ‘rescued’ vines! There are now a huge variety of grapes for manufacturers to choose from and this, coupled with modern wine-making techniques have made wines more standardised and reliable. But recently there has been a move back to artisan wine-making by passionate manufacturers who want more individuality, uniqueness or ‘terroir’. Truth is there has never been a better time to be a wine-drinker. Cheers! By Tracey Anderson


The Hanworth Classic 2017 What a Day!

Hopefully you popped down to Bushy Park the other week for The Hanworth Classic. The weather was fantastic, not overbearing considering how hot it had been in the weeks immediately prior to the Show. Over 500 entrants turned up to show off

their two, three, four and 10 wheeled vehicles, there were also more than 150 dancers, many in period dress dancing on a covered dance floor to Rock & Roll, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and swing music by two DJ’s; Pat de-Kat & Mr Jinks The event, in aid of Shooting Star Chase Children`s Hospices and with the wonderful support of Bushy Park Management raised this year £14,382.10 which is over £2,000 more than last year, thanks to the generosity of entrants and visitors by their thousands. The Homemade cake stall alone made £825.95 and sold out an hour before the end of the show. This year the Shooting Star Vintage ‘Pop-Up Shop’ made over double what they made last year, a staggering £1749.00 !!! Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


It was wonderful to see such a huge variety of vehicles on show-from a very rare 6x6 Kaiser Super Bird. There was a fabulous display of motor bikes, scooters, and a penny farthing (how do you get off in a hurry and how do you get on?. There were eight categories for prizes, the winners being; Favourite car – Opal Kadette 1.2 (vary rare),

Favourite commercial vehicle – Ford Anglia van (when did you last see one of these?). Favourite military vehicle – Austin Champ. Favourite (Modern) motorcycle – Harley Davidson. Favourite (Classic) motorcycle – Triumph (TR6) Trophy. Favourite scooter – a late 50`s Lambretta . This year there was a new category; Furthest travelled (on the day) as there were only 3 miles in it – two people won prizes for this. Finally Best in Show, a lovely Buick Dyna . 2018 will be the 10th anniversary so if anything will be even bigger. Put it in your diary and why not learn some jive or rock and roll and join in the dancing. I keep saying it is something I want to be able to join in, so who knows, maybe this will be the year! Sunday 24th June 2018.

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Eid Mubarak Molesey! By Paul Chard Advertorial A few Sundays ago, I was invited by the Molesey Islamic Cultural Centre to its first ever Eid Gathering. Set up in 2001 the MICC, represents the Islamic community of Molesey and brings together some 500 people and around 100 families in Friday prayer, and is currently educating around 50 students

in Arabic and Islamic studies. It is fair to say that the event was well attended, with the Vine Hall in Vine Road bursting at the seams. The smell of the beautiful food wafted through the building as the congregation prepared to enjoy an extended celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. I was immensely honoured to have been invited and was welcomed warmly by MICC secretary, Joynal Abedin.


The Mayor, Rachael Lake and several of the Molesey councillors were also there showing just how close the community has become. Chaired by Syed Amirul Islam, Chairman of the MICC, the event featured a variety of speakers from various London and Surrey locations such as Kingston and Epsom The MICC is currently searching for a larger permanent property to house its celebrations and activities. The Molesey Residents Association and specifically Councillor Ernest Mallett, are currently helping to find an appropriate site. Hopefully this will be sooner rather later. As this was my first Eid celebration, I clearly did not know what to expect. What greeted me were whole families dressed in their finest, smiles and laughter everywhere and a real sense of happiness. In a world where we read of trouble almost on a daily basis, the MICC represents all that is beautiful about the truly peaceful religion that is Islam. On a final note, I must again mention the food. The most exquisite dishes, beautifully cooked and prepared. A taste sensation. Thank you again for my invitation. A fantastic day! Eid Mubarak!!

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Crossword 1






Across 1 Assault, strike (6) 5 Detritus, scrapings (6) 8 Jane Austen novel (4) 9 Observer, eyewitness (8) 10 Sang The Scientist, and Fix You (8) 11 Message, missive (4) 12 Hurt, injured (6) 14 Freezer (6) 16 Fried or poached ____ (4) 18 Approximate judgement (8) 20 Eleventh month (8) 21 Drop, nip (4) 22 Scant, skimpy (6) 23 Screened, sheltered (6)
















Solution on Page 42



Down 2 3 4 5

Ticket lottery (7) Prize, trophy (5) Intellectual, resourceful (13) Small assorted sweets (5, 8)

6 Squares of chocolate cake (7) 7 Hopeless, bumbling (5) 13 Professional who kneads muscles (7)

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15 Anger, indignation (7) 17 Band, association (5) 19 Mass communication (5)

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The 150th Molesey Regatta In Pictures

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Turner’s House in Twickenham reopens after £2.4 million Restoration J.M.W. Turner’s country villa, Sandycombe Lodge, has just reopened its doors to the public following a £2.4 million year-long conservation programme, made possible by National Lottery players. Turner has finally returned to Twickenham, a place beside the Thames that he loved. The house was built around 1813 and was designed by the artist himself. It was built as a country retreat to escape the hectic London art world and the hurlyburly of his own household. With later additions and alterations removed, and Before and After the original external brick fabric of the building revealed, Sandycombe Lodge now reflects Turner’s original intentions. This draws on the evidence of his own later sketches, the William Havell drawing c.1814 and the evidence visible in the building itself. The now refurbished original brick exterior may be a shock to those familiar with the white stucco exterior the building has been seen with recently, but conservationists are happy that this is how the house was meant to be. The fabric of Sandycombe Lodge had deteriorated badly and in 2013 it was placed on Historic England’s Register of Buildings at Risk. As well as the surprising exterior ‘reveal’, the internal features have been fully restored, following intensive research into the internal fabric, wall coverings and colours. “We are delighted that Turner’s country villa, Sandycombe Lodge, has opened to the public,

beautifully restored,” said Alex Farquharson, director Tate Britain. “Designed by Turner himself, it is his largest work of art. It will provide a fascinating insight into his life, throwing light on his character, family and friends. Turner’s paintings and drawings housed at Tate Britain show what this great artist produced throughout his prolific lifetime but the Lodge will reveal a more intimate and domestic side of his important and complex story.” During restoration, a scrap of early wallpaper was discovered. Incomplete and very dirty, it was sufficient to be confirmed as of the period of Turner. Based on this scrap, hand blocked wallpaper has been hung in the large bedroom. Paints chosen reflects the colours of the day. Conservation on the laylight above the stairs sees the coloured glass now in full glory, unrecognisable from the dirty glass across which squirrels used to scamper. There are new features to help explain the house, hidden inside older features. You will hear a soundscape of chatter among the friends known to visit Turner for fishing and picnics. A telescope recreates the view that Turner would have seen from his bedroom window. A view from the Little Parlour window superimposed on the window gives the rural view that Turner would have gazed out upon. Early 19th century furniture has been purchased, following hints of old-fashioned items in the inventory of Turner’s London house after his death in 1851, which also led the Trust to purchase ‘Turkey’ rugs for the floors. It is known that Turner owned ship models and two splendid examples are now in place in the sitting room where he had them. Now that the building construction work is complete landscaping is underway in the garden, which with planting, is expected to be complete this September. Opening times Turner’s House will be open to visitors Wednesday-Sunday. Self-guided visits 10–1pm and guided tours 1-4pm. Adult £6, child 5-15 years £3, under 5s free. Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children £15). Book online at

Photos courtesy of Anne Purkiss ©Turner’s House Trust Collection To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288


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Molesey Local History Society Celebrates 10 years! Molesey Local History Society recently celebrated its first 10 years. The event was held at the Refresh Centre in Walton Road, East Molesey, and many members dropped in for cake and bubbly, which was enjoyed by all. This also proved to be the ideal opportunity to launch the Society’s first publication, “Molesey Then and Now”, which compares historical images with photographs of the same views today, providing a remarkable record of change and continuity within our community. Chairman Jennifer Wood gave a short speech outlining the trials and tribulations of getting the book to publication. This included having to retake many of the “now” photographs to keep pace with new developments. She was then presented with a bouquet of flowers by one of the members in appreciation of all her hard work over the years. There are currently around 250 members of the Society, who enjoy a number of meetings and regular newsletters throughout the year. If you have an interest in local history, then why not join us? Guests are also welcome at our events.

To find out more, contact us through our website: Hardback copies of “Molesey Then and Now, costing £15 each are available by calling Doreen on 020 8979 0059 Future events Thursday 21st September 2017, 8pm, Hurst Park School, Hurst Road KT8 1QS: “Surrey in the Great War. Life on the Home Front. A talk by Imogen Middleton Tuesday 14th November 2017, 8pm, St Lawrence School, Church Road KT8 9DR: Educating Molesey: Memories of Schools and schooling in Times Past.

By the Molesey Local History Society Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


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Enrol now for courses starting in September 2017 From Arts & Crafts to Computing, Cookery to Languages, Dance & Exercise to Photography


Co Computing & courses

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Molesey Henrietta Parker Centre Ray Road, West Molesey, KT8 2LG For the full range of courses or to enrol

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A5 Molesey Matters July 2017 3 squares.indd 1

20/07/2017 17:21

Achieve Your Goals

By Tracey Anderson

Think back to January 1st. Did you make any resolutions? To shed 30lbs / pay of the credit card / start your own business?

won’t do what’s required to achieve it because the prize isn’t important enough. You have to want it badly!

How are you doing? Truth is few people ever achieve their goals, but some do! How do they do this?

Identify the biggest obstacle – If there’s more than one potential obstacle make a list.

Set a time limit – “I want to set up my business two months.” Then write down every step you think of you need to take to achieve it. Be thorough. Does two months still seem reasonable? Would twelve months be more realistic? The more you get into it and break it down the more manageable the little steps will seem and the more tangible the big goal. Set micro goals Each time you achieve a goal it motivates you to achieve another. Now you’ve broken your big goal into micro goals take the first one, set a time limit and do it. If you want to lose weight the first step might be to research different methods (Weightwatchers / 5:2 / calorie counting etc.) and choose one by Friday. When you’ve done that move on to the next micro goal: you might book a health check to ask about blood pressure / blood sugar etc…so you have a starting point to work from and compare with as you make progress. Only set important goals - Any worthwhile goal requires you to do things you would prefer not doing (e.g. saying no to cream donut if you’re trying to shed weight, or restrict your spending if you’re trying to cut debt). If your goal is not your priority, you To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

Work out in advance how you will deal with them. Maybe you want to reduce your debt but are scared to open unpaid bills and see just how much you owe. Perhaps enlist the help of a trusted friend or mentor to sit with you and support you. Or maybe there is a local free debt advice charity you could contact. Ask, “Am I willing to do make sacrifices?” – Be honest. If the answer is no you’re setting yourself up for failure. Maybe now is not the right time for you. Work your plan – Check in with your plan on a daily basis and ask, ‘What am I going to do today to move towards my goal? You’ll need resolve and discipline because some days you won’t feel like doing it. If this happens don’t beat yourself up, just get back on the plan the next day. Hold yourself accountable – This is the number one key to success and it’s the one that trips most people up. It’s your life and your goal. Hold yourself accountable to working your plan, and refuse to make excuses. Enjoy the journey – Encourage yourself daily as you might encourage your best friend. Congratulate yourself when you do things that challenge you or you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone. As you reach each micro goal, reward yourself. Remember success isn’t a destination it’s a journey. Happy travelling. By Sarah Davey


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Pioneering health and social care Community Hub expanded to deliver wraparound care for frail patients in East Elmbridge Frail patients in East Elmbridge are now benefitting from a more joined up service after the local Community Hub service expanded to include social care and reablement support. Following its success, further investment by NHS Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group has meant that staff from Surrey County Council, together with colleagues from Surrey Medical Network and CSH Surrey, have been able to provide additional, personalised care to local older residents at home or in the community wherever possible. They can also help them relearn the skills required to keep them safe and independent at home following an illness or injury. For the past 18 months a multi-disciplinary team of GPs, nurses and support staff, including social care, have been working together in East Elmbridge to provide healthcare that focuses on frail people with long term conditions ranging from dementia to chest infections and heart failure, who are at high risk of hospital admission due to an exacerbation of their condition, or a crisis. These patients usually have acute, complex health and social care needs and although not sick enough to be in hospital, require intensive support for a short period of time. By bringing healthcare professionals together, the East Elmbridge Community Hub has found a new, more seamless way of working, which not only avoids unnecessary admissions but works with the patient on more preventative care, with an individual point of contact for each patient. Of 199 service users polled in a Community Hub survey, 97% said they would recommend the

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service. Since the Hub’s services were commissioned in December 2015, the team have provided support to around 450 patients, and during this time we have seen a 4% reduction in emergency hospital admissions in this area for people over the age of 75 years. This achievement is made more significant by being 9% less than other areas with similar populations, who have seen a 5% increase in emergency admissions. Dr Jill Evans, Local GP and Clinical Lead for the East Elmbridge Community Hub, said: “I’m extremely proud of the work that the East Elmbridge Community Hub has achieved, and excited that the CCG will be providing more investment to further enhance these services in the coming years.”

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Glasswork Fireplaces and Doors

Made to Measure Gas Fires

Peco’s manufacture quality, bespoke front and internal doors in the traditional method using sustainable timber faithfully recreated from original designs. We supply Etched & Leaded Glass to either your own, or one of our many designs, including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, 1920’s/30’s.

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Solution on Page 42

3 4 4 1


How to play Sudoku

9 8

5 8 1 7 5 8 2





6 4 5 8 2


3 7

9 2

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It’s simple! Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition. You don’t need to be a genius. These puzzles use logic alone. Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive.

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We Specialise in: Extending the life of old Roofs Felt and GRP Flat Roofs New Roofs Leak Repairs Tiling & Slating UPVC Guttering Roof Consulting We are a small Family run company who can help with all roofing work and specialise in repairs. Call us for a free estimate or advice

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Molesey Matters Ad-Summer smile-August 2017.pdf




Let us brighten up your summer with a...



t. J u l y 2 0 0 7

Life Changing Dentistry

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...dazzling smile 83-85 Bridge Road, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9HH

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A Seal in Molesey and other Wildlife Source: Various Seal numbers in the Greater Thames Estuary have increased almost back to their natural rates thanks to a conservation project, after being hunted for fur and meat. While they do mainly hang around in the estuary, I know that one has recently been spotted by Molesey residents. The ZSL says the Thames is a "thriving habitat for wildlife", and a 2016 survey estimated around 964 harbour seals and 1,552 grey seals in the Thames Estuary. Seals often come up the rivers following their food, although the seal in East Molesey has made it much further up river than most, due to the lock at Teddington. The ZSL encourages people to report sightings of seals or any other marine mammals, such as porpoises or dolphins, in the Thames via its Marine Mammal Map. The once-prevalent salmon is now rare due to overfishing, but is occasionally spotted on Environment Agency camera traps migrating upstream between October and January, such as at Molesey Weir near Hampton Court. Famously, in 2006, a Northern Bottlenose Whale swam up the Thames until becoming stranded near Battersea and sadly not surviving. It is now in the National Research Collection at the Natural History Museum. In 2013, a pod of porpoises was spotted near Tower Bridge and a small pod of dolphins was seen in Bermondsey. Recent improve-


ments in water quality and availability of fish brings these animals to the Thames in search of food. What's the Thames Barrier to stand between a porpoise and its lunch? Otters are often the hardest to reintroduce to a habitat, so the fact that sightings are on the up (one was spotted on the River Lee a few years back, and they are approaching the western boundaries of the Thames catchment), shows that the waters are once again in excellent health, providing plenty of fish for Tarka and co. to get stuck in to. However, buildings, walls and roads create barriers that they cannot currently get around, accounting for why they are often seen in urban Thames areas. Although originally native to Britain around 8,000 years ago, the red-eared terrapin has returned, transported from the USA as pets during the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles cartoon craze of the 1980s.Today, these pets have grown to the size of a dinner plate and developed enough strength to break free of their tanks. Their subsequent, and irresponsible, release into the wild has prompted fears for the health of local wildlife, as well as the terrapins themselves who are ill-equipped to survive in the damp British climate. Terrapins, along with tortoises and turtles, are known as Chelonians - reptiles with shells. They are almost totally aquatic but also need dry land to bask on during sunny days. The photo above was taken by your truly of a terrapin basking recently at the bottom of our garden. Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Every 30 minutes another woman walks out our door stronger than when she walked in


30-minute full body workout

Strength training and cardio

One-on-one coaching

Designed for women


0203 068 0077

77-81 Station Road, Hampton, TW12 2BJ

/CurvesHamptonTeddington /CurvesHampTedd * T & C apply, valid at Curves Hampton/Teddington. New members only. This offer is valid at selected events.

Recipe of The Month

Veggie Burgers - Who needs meat? 3 beefsteak tomatoes, thickly sliced 2-3 gherkins, sliced Method Heat half the sunflower oil in a pan over a low heat and fry the onions for 15 minutes, stirring frequently, until they are softened, translucent and beginning to turn golden-brown. In a bowl, mix together the cooked onions, tofu, beetroot, mushrooms, carrots, smoked paprika (if using), garlic, thyme and kidney beans. Season to taste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Preparation Time: 20-30 minutes Cooking time: 20-30 minutes Makes 6 burgers Ingredients 3-4 tbsp sunflower oil 1 onion, peeled, thinly sliced 250g/9oz firm tofu, finely chopped 1 cooked beetroot (not in vinegar), peeled, grated 150g/5½oz fried mushrooms, drained 1 carrot, peeled, grated 1 tsp smoked paprika (optional) 1 garlic clove, peeled, crushed 1 tsp chopped fresh thyme 1 tbsp chopped kidney beans salt and freshly ground black pepper To serve 6 burger buns 6 tbsp ready-made mayonnaise (optional) Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Divide the mixture into six equal portions and shape into burgers. It's easier to do this if your hands are a little damp. Heat the remaining olive oil in a frying pan and fry the burgers for 3-4 minutes on each side, until golden-brown. You can finish cooking them for a few more minutes and serve them like this but I prefer to heat a griddle pan until smoking hot, then add the cooked burgers and fry for a further 1-2 minutes on each side, until there are clear deep char lines. Serve the burgers in buns and add any extras of your choice, such as tomato slices, gherkins, chargrilled peppers, salad leaves, coleslaw or mayonnaise.

Bridge Road - Blooming Marvellous!! Congratulations

to all the shops and businesses that took part in the RHS Hampton Court Village in Bloom “Best Dressed Window� Competition. During the period of the main Flower Show the road looked fantastic. Everyone made such an effort. Great community spirit, beautiful to look at and lots of fun!! Mezzet, Le Petit Nantais, Buba, Joulberry, Honeysuckle Rose, Miles and Bird, PJ Dale, The Vineking and pretty much all of the road pulled out all of the stops.. There could be only one winner however. First prize went to Miles and Bird for an absolutely brilliant and dare I say challenging design.

Well done to Naz and Andrew, and Phillo Flowers ( from all at MOLESEY MATTERS!!

Illegal and Slum Boats Currently between Walton Bridge and Molesey lock there are 40/50 illegally moored boats, these boats do not tend to move and in most cases do not have a valid boat licence, have no insurance or boat safety certificate. Some move around between public moorings that are for only 24hrs, designed for legitimate boat users to moor up. Some of these people use the river bank as a storage yard, dump waste into the river and generally do not respect the public space. If a boat is legally on the river no problem, follow the bylaws and respect everyone else. Local councils and the Environment Agency do not have the resource to police or follow up so I fear the problem will only get worse. Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


Five Elements Acupuncture A Classical Return to Full Health

Chinese medicine has recognised for thousands of years that there is more to health than taking pills. Acupuncture has long been a mystery to me but we were recently offered the chance to try it out so I volunteered Mr C! Local resident John Tu has trained in classical five element acupuncture under Gerad Kite who runs arguably the most lauded acupuncture clinic in London. Kite was a self confessed sceptic about alternative treatments until he tried it for himself and never looked back. He treats health issues from infertility to depression, addiction, headaches and pain and much in between. Five element came out of the Taoist tradition, which was based on how the Chinese related to nature, how they understood the link between what was happening in the outside world and the interior one. It is totally different to the rigorous approach of western medicine, and a concept many of us have difficulty understanding. The seasons affect the body dramatically. The five elements are earth, fire, water, wood and metal and each element represents a distinct energies within the body. Each relates to a particular organ. Five Element acupuncture seeks to rebalance the body. Every body has a particular element which they tend to be weak in and it will be this one that sets off the imbalance, leading to issues. John starts by taking a health history, including questions about your emotional state and anything which is bothering you. He is a good listener. He believes in treating the person, not the Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts


By Monica Chard

symptoms which he describes as merely the alarm bells of an underlying problem. His belief is to provide a long term fix by identifying the problem then building the person up to health holistically. Fix the person, not the ailment. It is not easy for us westerners to get our head around this different approach. The approach may seem more akin to counselling initially, but this is an important part to the whole treatment. John then takes the pulses yes, we have 6, not one! They are indicative of underlying issues. Application of needles is extremely precise entering at points relating to the internal flow of energy, or the meridian lines. Measuring and precision are very important. Any treatment will be useless unless needles are correctly placed. The correct placement will also mean that you will not feel them! The placement avoids any nerves or bone when done correctly. You may feel an instant surge of energy, or it may take longer for changes to occur but usually after one session, physical symptoms have subsided. John may also apply Moxa grass which is a herb. Also known as mugwort, it looks like a moss and is lit before application. It is believed to emit ‘yang’ energy and dispels dampness in the body. Damp is associated with decay and toxin retention and may have an effect on sinus or snoring. John Tu recognises that the concept of Five Element acupuncture is not easy to understand so he offers all first consultations free of charge, so anyone can try acupuncture before they choose it. If you are interested in alternative therapies this sounds like a great offer. John operates out of the Kingston Natural Health Centre, London Road, Kingston. Contact John on 0781 067 8761 to book an appointment.

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Garden View Honeysuckle

I know Wisteria is considered the king of climbers by many gardeners but surely honeysuckle must be the crown prince. The fragrance is nothing short of heavenly. It grows wild in a wood near my home and the scent stops walkers in their tracks whenever they come across it. Honeysuckle stems emerge from the ground and grow slowly upwards until they find something around which to twine. At this point they romp away, scrambling up frameworks or trees decorating them with

its head in the sun to encourage prolific flowering. I grow it like clematis - I place a couple of bits of paving over the soil that surrounds the roots to over the cool shade they require. Honeysuckle is not at all fussy about the support it needs. I have some growing over a pergola, and some over a wigwam in a border near a bench, just so I can get the benefit of the scent when I sit there. I’m trying to establish one over the porch too. As it’s against a wall I am having to make sure that it receives enough water. My father had one growing over an old tree in his garden. If you want to do the same I’d advise planting it near the extremity of the branch canopy rather than near the trunk where root - competition will be fierce. Train the stems upwards along some garden twine into the branches and the result will be breath-taking.

spidery flowers and showering the air with that heady scent on warm summer evenings. The most common complaint I get about honeysuckle is ‘failure to thrive’. People buy one, plant it and it struggles on for a couple of years before it turns up it’s toes and keels over. ‘Why did that happen?’ they ask imploringly. Mostly it happens because although they are undemanding once established, honeysuckles are quite fussy about their situation. Honeysuckle prefers its roots in damp soil, not too heavy, and enriched with plenty of leaf mould. This makes perfect sense if you think about the forest floor where it grows wild. And it likes


There are lots of varieties to choose from. Our native honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum has early and late-flowering varieties and for scent they are difficult to beat. I do have a lovely Italian honeysuckle, Lonicera caprifolium, which was recommended to me by Alan Titchmarsh at a Gardeners World event many years ago. I wanted summer fragrance and I have not been disappointed with the great Mr. T’s suggestion. Now is actually a good time to buy a honeysuckle as you can conduct a scent test at the garden centre. Happy sniffing! By Rachael Leverton

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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) There are two types of LPA – Finance decisions LPA, and Health and care LPA. There are various reasons why you might need someone to make decisions for you, or act on your behalf. The need could be temporary, for example, if you are in hospital and need help with everyday things such as making sure your bills are paid; or it could be long -term, for example, if you are in hospital or diagnosed with dementia and no longer have mental capacity. You should not assume that your spouse or partner would automatically be able to deal with your bank accounts, pension, or other financial affairs, and make decisions about your healthcare, if you lose the ability to do so. Without an LPA, they won’t have the authority.

To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

Your LPA must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before it can be used. When you set up your LPA you can appoint one or more people to be your attorney, and you can appoint replacements if your first choice becomes unable to act for you. You will appoint people you know well and trust, and you should ask them if they would accept the appointment to be your attorney. Your attorney will keep an account of any expenses they incur while acting as your attorney, together with any relevant receipts. Although it is difficult to think about a time when you won’t be able to make your own decisions, setting up an LPA can give you peace of mind that someone you trust will be able to make decisions for you if the need arrives.


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Urban Wildlife Garden


You don’t need to live in the country to enjoy wildlife

Although I love nature, I rarely watch any of those David Attenborough programmes on TV. For some reason the BBC seem to think that each episode must show at least one critter consuming another or people will feel short-changed. Safari tours are much the same I understand, with a graphic interest in any beast moving in for the kill. Call me squeamish but I would rather not watch nature in the raw. So it was with much distress that in early July, I was the only witness to a murder most fowl in my own backyard. The small birds; the sparrows, blue tits and great tits only really visit my garden when they are feeding their young. I have a special cage feeder which gives them access and keeps the ever-hungry starlings out and I fill it with insect-suet pellets. Sparrows in particular need to feed insects to their young at this stage and a shortage of flies can make this difficult. As previously, they soon discovered the easy food option and I was able to sit in my kitchen and enjoy watching them come and go. At one time I counted 5 sparrows on the feeder simultaneously. There was also a family of blue tits who brought a single off-spring to the garden for a top up feed. The baby let off a distinctive ‘peep’ which alerted me and I would look out to see it up in the branches of my neighbour’s tree while one of the parents visited the feeder to fetch pellets or seeds. A delightful sight. Look closely and you can just see a sparrow entering the cage feeder in this picture. I’ve always loved this time of year as I have a special affection for the small birds. I’m aware that we have a shortage of sparrows, so common in my childhood but now so rare. So I was particularly upset that morning when, as I sat back to watch the sparrows gather round the feeder,

A Blog by Molesey Resident - Della Reynolds from behind the cover of the overhanging buddleia sprang a tortoiseshell cat who grabbed a sparrow from the fence and took off. I was horrified. I rushed straight out to see if I could save it but the cat, bird in mouth was disappearing the way it had come. On reflection, I felt a sense of responsibility as I had positioned the feeder in the perfect place for the cat to plan a sneak attack. I moved it straight away further along the fence and put up something of a protective barrier with a small piece of trellis, but it was all too late. Word got round and I had no more small bird visitors after that. Perhaps, ironically, they found the new feeder position too exposed? I know no-one wants their cat to bring back a poor deceased creature but it is in their nature to hunt. A bell round the neck might have given some warning perhaps. My own cat Oscar, a ginger tom, once took a starling’s nest out of the tree and pulled it into the garden complete with two dead baby birds. He was bombarded by the starlings every time he stepped out of the door after that and never went near any birds again. As he got older he would sit in the garden with the birds feeding all around him as they knew they were safe. But young cats like the thrill of the chase, even if they don’t need the food in their belly. If anyone was to blame it had to be me. I had put the feeder too close to the fence so I need to devise a better arrangement. I doubt I will see too many small birds until next spring but that gives me time to find a much better location for the small bird feeder. I just hope that by next year the birds will have forgotten the tragedy and be willing to trust once again that this is a safe place to feed their young.

A local Company with Local Knowledge & Experience No pressure. No hassle. Just quality products and workmanship at honest prices We have been established since 1985. All of our work is guaranteed. We don't ask for a deposit... We understand that choosing your new home improvements is a huge decision that can take time to really settle on the best option for you. Our approved installers are there to help you make the best choice for your home and deliver the highest levels of value, security, style and energy efficiency to your home. We believe you deserve more than 'just another double glazing windows installer.

See what some of our satisfied customers think • 31 years established, local, independent company • Extensive range of quality products from Vevo • Great range of colours available • Windows, doors, bi-folds, casements, porches

“Installation of double glazed windows and back door. This is a local family firm which came highly recommended. All personnel were efficient, friendly and courteous and the work was finished to an excellent standard”. Sunbury “Patio window and door fitted. No hard sell. Work was accomplished very efficiently with obvious pride in their work and product.” Shepperton

We trust you will be happy with the finished job.

• Energy efficient doors and windows • Professional design and installation • People you can trust • A friendly approach to improving your home

Walton Road, East Molesey Surrey, KT8 0DT

Tel 020 8941 9925 select installer


Elmbridge Local Plan Receives 50,000 comments. But what are The Next Steps?

At a meeting of Elmbridge Borough Council’s Cabinet on July 5, an update was presented on the Council’s Local Plan – the strategy addressing the key development needs in Elmbridge, including social and affordable housing. Follow-

ing a 10-week consultation period ending on 24 February 2017, the Council received nearly 3,800 responses from individuals and organisations generating almost 50,000 individual comments. A detailed report setting out the issues raised to each of the questions asked in the consultation document, will be taken to the Council’s Individual Cabinet Member Decision Making committee on 19 July 2017. Alongside this we will also make available all the separate responses to the consultation. The issues raised during the Consultation include; The vast majority of responses opposed any amendment to the Green Belt boundaries in order to meet housing needs. Responses consider the Green Belt to be sacrosanct and there are no exceptional circumstances under which it should be amended. A significant number of these responses also disagreed with the methodology used in assessing the Green Belt and the findings of this study. Many of the responses felt that there are additional urban sites available within our existing towns which could be more densely developed, however, responses from those who live in more densely populated areas opposed the further intensification of their areas.

A significant number of responses suggested alternative options should have been considered, including; Building a new town or village Doing nothing and maintaining the Council’s existing strategy and housing target. Engage neighbouring authorities to see if they can accommodate our housing surplus. While in the minority, there were responses submitted in support of the Council’s approach, recognising that there needed to be a balance between protecting Green Belt and meeting housing need.The impact of future development was a major concern, with many respondents stating that infrastructure was already at capacity. The most common concerns raised were with regards to road capacity, public transport, school places and GP services. With regard to transport, there was support for more integration between trains, buses, cycling and walking to reduce the pressure on roads. The Government continues to make clear that Local Authorities should seek to meet their objectively assessed needs for development through the preparation for a Local Plan however, it believes that a more standardised methodology for assessing development needs is required. The Government considers this would provide consistency among Local Authorities when assessing needs and deliver the transparency needed for local people to recognise the requirement for new homes in their area. Consultation on this new methodology standard is expected in the summer of 2017, with adoption into national policy excepted April 2018.Information regarding what the Government considers to be the exceptional circumstances that would justify amendments to Green Belt boundaries were also included in the Housing White Paper. Councillor Karen Randolph, Portfolio Holder for Planning commented on the implications of the number of responses on the Local Plan

Esher and Molesey Garden Society win RHS GOLD!! Congratulations to the Esher and Molesey Garden Society who won a RHS GOLD MEDAL for their Centenary Flower Box and the award for BEST in Show in the Flower and Vegetable Box Category. This is tremendous result and very well deserved by the whole team and they should be congratulated for all their efforts. The Flower Box was awarded a 'gold' and chosen to be best in the show amongst the flower and vegetable entries. They are extremely proud of, and grateful to. the team that created and built this exhibit,

Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

particularly to Julia Presland whose idea the entry was and who did most of the initial preparatory work, to Ian and Jean Billett, Nick Mills and Pat Freeman who together grew most of the flowers and did most of the hard building work. We are also grateful to the other volunteers Linda Rowley, Deb Traynor, Anthony Presland and Tom Appleton for their valuable contributions WELL DONE FROM MOLESEY. MATTERS!!!!!



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NEWS FROM THE MOLESEY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION Waste Collection Services Four Surrey Councils (Elmbridge, Mole Valley, Surrey Heath and Woking) have joined together for the purposes of managing their waste collection services, and Joint Waste Solutions (JWS) is the new organisation which has been formed to manage the combined services. Following a competitive tendering process, Amey was awarded the contract for delivering the services, and a roll -out across the four Council areas began in June with Elmbridge. Molesey was one of the first areas covered in the roll-out, and that turned out not to be good news.

Unfortunately, as many residents will know all too well, the first weeks of the new contract have been somewhat chaotic, with many waste bin and food collections being missed altogether. MRA Councillors have been taking up these problems with the Council on behalf of residents, and pressing for assurances from the contractors about improving the service. Rob Edmondson, the Managing Director of Amey, has apologised to residents for the inconvenience and frustration which this has caused, and says the company has brought in extra resources, and has been working closely with Joint Waste Solutions and Elmbridge Council to resolve the situation. We hope that by the time residents read this edition of Molesey Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

Matters some semblance of normality will have been restored. But if you do experience further problems Elmbridge Council is encouraging residents to report them online via the Council’s website or, if they do not have access to the internet, by telephone on 01372 474474. Membership of the Residents Association The Association relies entirely on the support of the residents we represent, and we always welcome new members who are interested the community of East and West Molesey. If you would like to join the Molesey Residents Association the subscription is only £3 per household per year. You can send this by bank transfer to the MRA’s Santander account number 86284805, sort code 09-01-28. Existing members can also renew their subscriptions this way, and this is appreciated, as our collectors inevitably find a number of people are not in when they visit. Please also send an email to with your name and, importantly, address – so we know who has sent in the subscription! We will then send you a membership card and receipt. And if you are interested in joining our Committee, or helping with any of our community activities, please contact us via the same email address for more information.


Association of Dunkirk Little Ships - Veterans Cruise Sunday 3rd September The Veterans Cruise unites Veterans from a number of conflicts but primarily from WWII with the Little Ships of Dunkirk. These vessels have been brought to prominence recently in the feature film ‘Dunkirk’ directed by Christopher Nolan. Several of the vessels appearing in the film will be carrying Veterans at this event. Little Ships will embark Veterans at Thames Motor Yacht Club near Hampton Court and vessels will depart from there at 10.00am. Vessels will head downstream, around Ravens Ait and pass through Molesey Lock between 10.45 and 11.15. Continuing upstream the flotilla of Little Ships will pass through Sunbury Lock between 11.30 and 12.00 arriving at Weybridge Mariners Club, Shepperton Lock To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

Island from 12.30. We expect 18 Little Ships to join this event.


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Surrey’s Hedgehog Sanctuary By Monica Chard So many people I have spoken to about this wonderful charity have never heard of it. We want to change that! A couple of years ago Sharon Johnson was at home with husband Bob in their house in Old Charlton Lane. Jack Russell, Holly, was snuffling about around the decking and was clearly trying to tell them something. When they investigated they found 6 baby hedgehogs (hoglets). Their mother had been killed and they were defenceless. That is where the journey started! Sharon was compelled to do something for these little ones but realised there was no help locally. She got some advice and did what she could for the them. Hedgehogs are in decline. Even over the past 10 years or so we have seen notably fewer on the roads or in our gardens. Since the 1950’s we have lost around 2/3 of the little creatures as we rip out hedging, put up fencing, pave drives and gardens, put down Astroturf and use slug pellets in the garden. We have taken away their natural habitat. Sharon did a course at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. She bought some equipment and she started taking in hedgehogs in need. Each hedgehog is given a name and has a detailed observation and treatment sheet. When we visited we saw “Gerry” (above) who was 2 weeks old. He had been found in a local garden abandoned by mum and having been pecked at by a hungry bird. Poor little creature was only about 4 days old and totally defenceless. Please mention Molesey Matters when responding to adverts

Sharon has been caring for him since, up at night to feed and attend to his needs. At the time I visited Sharon was caring for 4 hedgehogs which in time will be rehomed and released into a safe local environment. She has had as many as 14. She has been mainly funding her venture herself but donations are urgently needed. She has just paid out £500 for an intensive care unit so is undertaking significant costs herself.

How can you help?

Find Shepperton Hedgehog Sanctuary on Facebook and “like” the page to follow it. There is also a website so have a look: You can find out what the sanctuary does, and what you need to do if you think you find a hedgehog needing help. The Autumn is a particularly important time of year when underweight juveniles need help to make it through the winter. You will also find a wish list where you can click on a link and purchase an item which is needed. It will be send directly to Sharon or you may choose to simply make a cash donation. The charity is self-funding. If you can spare some money for either items of a cash donation it would go a long way to helping. Maybe you could become a sponsor and offer practical help. Sharon would love to hear from you if you have experience of applying for funding too. Finally, you might live in a place which would be a good habitat for a hedgehog in which case you may want to offer to rehome one. Why not call and see if you can help and let’s see if we can increase the wellbeing and numbers of these charming little creatures. Contact Sharon via the website or Facebook.









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Dominic Raab Our Local MP

Dear Residents, After the drama of the election, I have been getting straight back to work, checking up on the development of our local health services, school expansion and rail links. Earlier in the month, I visited Dr. Jill Evans, Clinical Lead of Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which covers Molesey. Jill talked me through some of the recent developments in the community and two real positives stood out. First, seven of our local GP practices have piloted a paediatric clinic at Emberbrook health centre in Thames Ditton which treated around 1,600 children from across the constituency over 3 months. As well as treating them effectively for a range of issues, it dramatically reduced hospital admissions amongst the cohort. Second, the CCG has been working with Molesey Hospital to introduce better community services to cater for our ageing population. In particular, an initiative to deploy a Community Matron, GPs and Nurses to focus on elderly care has reduced the number of emergency hospital admissions over the last 18 months, which are now 9% less than other areas with similar populations. We can build on these successes with the further £600,000 funding which the Government has allocated to St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey – a facility which I know many people in the borough rely on. The extra money will mean the hospital can prepare for winter early and help towards providing a GP service within its A&E, so patients can be assessed by a clinician to access the right care for their needs. Next, I met with Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Schools, Mary Lewis (pictured left) to discuss plans for new local schools and the expansion of existing ones. We talked through progress in delivering two new local free schools, Cobham Free School and Walton Heathside. In addition we discussed progress with the expansion of Rydens Enterprise School, and progress in delivering a new Free School in the Molesey/Walton area in time for the 2019/20 academic year. Finally, I met with Network Rail to discuss the improvement work which will take place at Waterloo station from the 5th to the 28th August. During these times, we will see a reduced service on our three lines in Esher and Walton (the Guildford, Woking and Hampton Court lines). However, once complete, all nine stations in our constituency will benefit from longer and more modern trains. The principal advice from Network Rail is to plan ahead and be flexible, and to travel outside of peak times where possible. This will be frustrating, but it is important to recognise the benefits we will gain from the short-term disruption. Best wishes, Dominic Raab Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton

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Path through The Bluebells Wendy Crawshaw


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Events Coming Up Some we like...

Laughing Chili Comedy Club - Sunbury Comedy Festival Friday night of the Sunbury Comedy Festival on August 11th brings these five fantastic acts to Sunbury Doors and bar from 7.30pm Show starts prompt 8.30pm Finishes 11.00pm Tickets £15, or both shows for £25.Riverside Arts Centre, 57 Thames Street, Sunbury-onThames, Middlesex TW16 5QFFriday 11 Aug 2017 Olly Murs Tickets available. Age restrictions apply-see info Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ Thursday 10 Aug 2017 Brooklands Reunion The site will be filled with the actual cars, motorcycles and bicycles that raced here from 1907-1939. There will be plenty of action as well, including Test Hill demonstrations and a cavalcade on the Mercedes-Benz World track.10am-5pm £11 for adults, £10 for seniors/students, £6 for children aged 5-16 and £30 for family Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0QN Sunday 13 Aug 2017 Inflatable 5K London10 Gigantic Inflatable Obstacles, Pit your wits against ten giant inflatable obstacles that will let you flip, bounce & boing your way around an incredibly fun 5k course! 8:30am - 2:45pm London, Kempton Park Racecourse, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex TW16 5AQ Saturday 2 Sep 2017 Wild Learning See the wild side of Claremont Landscape Garden. Our purpose-built camp area has a fire circle for toasting marshmallows and practicing your fire lighting skills, and lots of wild spaces to explore including the Rhododendron jungle (perfect for climbing, rope bridges and assault course practice), copses to hide in (and build dens in) hills to run up (and down) and the lake to test the mini raft you've made! Ages 5-11.Time: 10:30am to 4:15pm Price: £45 per child Claremont Landscape Garden Portsmouth Road Esher Surrey Surrey KT10 9JG Tuesday 1 Aug 2017 to Friday 25 Aug 2017 Zippos Circus 2017 Britain’s Favourite Circus is back! For its 2017 tour, family favourite Zippo’s Circus presents a brand new production titled Jigit!...14 Sep to 19 Sep. Twickenham Green, TWICKENHAM Molesey Art Society 27/28th Sun/Mon 9.00 am – 5.00 pm AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY OUTDOOR EXHIBITION. Molesey Lock. Molesey Local History Society Thursday 21 September 2017, 8 pm Surrey in the Great War: A County Remembers – Life on the Home Front Talk by Imogen Middleton Cobham Free School, Hurst Road, West Molesey, Surrey, KT8 1QW Molesey WI meets at Imber Court on the first Wednesday of every month 7.30pm for 8pm, where we have a guest speaker or activity. Visitors are welcome for a £5 fee. First visit is free with a copy of Molesey Matters. Follow us on Facebook - Molesey Women's Institute (Molesey Crafty Ladies). Hampton Court Palace - BBC Good Food’s FEAST. A summer celebration of food and drink in the palace gardens. Enjoy and discover a great selection of delicious artisan producers, a stellar line up of cooks and chefs, fabulous entertainment, family fun and great, live music. All set within the backdrop and grounds of the stunning Hampton Court Palace. Feast your taste buds in the palace gardens before exploring Henry VIII's magnificent palace. 26 28 August 2017 Bank Holiday Weekend To advertise call Paul on 07946 494288

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Dental Practice

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FOR SALE - Dale Road, Walton on Thames

FOR SALE - Green Lane Avenue, Hersham

This three bedroom detached family home is conveniently located within a short walk of the river Thames and Walton town centre and is offered for sale with no onward chain. Three bedrooms, two receptions, fitted kitchen, garage, parking and beautiful rear garden. In need of some modernisation but offering exceptional value for money.

A period detached home offering a wealth of character throughout. Located in the popular Hersham village close to local schools and shops and just a short walk to Walton on Thames mainline station. Two bedrooms, upstairs bathroom, lounge, kitchen/dining room & bright & airy conservatory.

Walton 01932 222266

FREEHOLD £699,950

Walton 01932 222266

FREEHOLD £459,950

TO LET - Rotary Court, Hampton Two bedroom ground floor apartment set within beautiful landscaped gardens leading down to the river Thames. Immaculately presented throughout having just been renovated by the present landlord. Two bedrooms, modern fitted kitchen, open plan living room, modern bathroom & en-suite shower room to master bedroom. Located just a short walk from Hampton Court & station and overlooking Hampton Court Park. Available NOW. Unfurnished.

£1500 PCM

Molesey 0208 001 8385

Walton on Thames: 01932 222266 Molesey: 0208 001 8385

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