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Shepperton Fair 2017 Report and Photos


Putting Local Business First. Bringing a Community Together


April 2019

Issue 90

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Spelthorne Business Awards and in Bloom Launch

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Spring is here and with it lots of reasons to get outdoors. If you think bowls is only for oldies, think again. It is for young and old alike so get down to Bishop Duppas Bowls club and give it a try on one of their open days in May. See page 6. Several competitions are now open to show off local talent within Spelthorne. The photographic competition Capture Spelthorne is open for entries until the end of May. The cover this month by Amy Hannaford-Cooper was a highly commended entry last year. Spelthorne in Bloom has launched its 30th event and the second business awards have just opened too. Shepperton Fair gives us a taste of what we will be treated to in June.

April 2019 Please take note in this issue of the reasons Watersplash Farm gravel extraction application is likely to impact on us. Some one described the extraction of gravel with subsequent infill of replacing a sponge with a brick . It will have devastating impact on flood threat to the area. Please fill in the form and make your concerns known to Surrey County Council.

Photo: Here and now Photography

Reader Offers Quality Fruit - Offers on veg Shepperton Mobility - Huge Sale now on Longacres - 10% off. Early birds bank holiday The Shahin - Buffet and Banquet deals Dance & Exercise - ÂŁ20 off for over 50 s


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The Railway Arms, Sunbury 4 Joys of Bowls - Whatever your Age 6 Watersplash Farm Flooding Threat 8/9 Shepperton Fair 2019 Taster 12 Spelthorne Business Awards Launch 17 A New Life & Winning Chicken 18 World of Wellbeing at Kempton 21 Walking for Health 25 Recipe of the Month 35 Hygiene Bank Launches 36 Concerns Over Fire Cover Proposals 38 Folk Festival in Walton 39 Spelthorne in Bloom Launches 41 Laleham Residents Update 44 Update from Your Councillors 51 Gardening Matters 56 What s On 59/61 Ad Index and Costs 62

Village Matters Ltd Advertising / Editorial : Monica Chard Telephone: 07979 808991 Email: monica@villagematters.co.uk www.villagematters.co.uk Front Cover: Ash Link Walkway. Photo by Amy Hannaford-Cooper, with thanks. Please send any hi res photos for consideration for covers to monica@villagematters.co.uk

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The Railway Arms, Sunbury By Nick Pollard

This fascinating photo of the Railway Arms, Green Street, Sunbury, was taken between 1905 and 1907, when Henry Farr was the licensee of the pub. A brewer s dray, drawn by a couple of draught horses who seem to be enjoying a well-earned nosebag, is seen delivering to the pub, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. The beer would have been from the Mortlake Brewery of Watney, Combe, Reid & Co, who owned the Railway Arms and whose name appears on the building. They had only acquired it a few years before in 1903, when the former owner, the Knowle Green brewery of Staines, was taken over by Ashby s, also of Staines. Godfrey s Cottages, to the right of the pub, were demolished in the early 1960s and replaced by the present parade of shops. The house to the left of the pub was sadly demolished by a German bomb in 1940, and its site is now the car park. To the left of the dray is a horse drawn delivery wagon, owned by the London Parcel Delivery Company. In case you that think ordering items and having them delivered to your door by courier is something new, these people were doing it a hundred years ago! For those of you who can t place the Railway Arms, I should explain that it was originally built in 1862 to take advantage of the expected railway line to Shepperton, due to be built though Sunbury Village, with a station in Green Street. Unfortunately for the enterprising pub owner, landowners in the area objected to the railway and would not sell their land, so instead of taking a route south of Kempton Park, the railway went north and the station was built on Sunbury Common instead. After bearing its inappropriate name for a century, a competition was held to decide on a new name. The winner was The Admiral Hawke , after the famous sailor who lived at Hawke House on the other side of Green Street. The Wey Navigation by David Hunt (National Trust) is the subject of the next meeting of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 16 th April at Hazelwood Centre (London Irish) off Green Street, Sunbury, starting at 8pm. All welcome, admission ÂŁ2 for non-members.

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Local specialists since 1984 Let us help you find your perfect kitchen, bedroom or home office.

www.ashfordkitchensandinteriors.co.uk Farnham Common Showroom 1-2 The Parade, Farnham Common, Bucks SL2 3QJ 01753 642362 Ashford Showroom 85 Church Road, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 2PE 01784 245964

The Joy of Bowls - Whatever Your Age! You may well have tried your hand at ten pin bowling, but how about the joys of outdoor bowls. Involving more skill and accuracy, and played in the fresh air, this is a sport that has something for everyone, no matter how old. Bishop Duppas Lawn Bowls club is situated in Bishop Duppas Park Shepperton, just off Walton Bridge Road. Not a lot of people know that!! Believe it or not we have been there since 1977, hidden away from view. Thousands of motorists drive past every day, along with pedestrians and the occasional cyclist or two, you may even be one of them. We are always looking for new members, so if you work parttime, coming up to retirement or a family looking to play sport together, even super veteran or student looking for a relaxing but challenging hobby outdoors come and join us. We will provide the equipment but you will need to bring appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and your own footwear, like trainers or shoes with no heel. If you enjoy the open days then we will provide further training in June/July on the more technical part of the game. You may then want to become a member of the club and play against other clubs in friendly or competitive games or just play socially on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We have lots to offer for both young and old .come and give it a go!! The fresh air, parking, coaching, exercise and the chance to meet new people are all free!! We also have a bar for refreshments and snacks.

Learn to Play Bowls -Taster Sessions-

Sat 18th May & Sun 19th May From 10.00am-12.00 Tuesday 28th May From 5pm-7.00pm Bishop Duppas Bowls Club Bishop Duppas Park Shepperton, TW17 8NR Just bring a pair of flat soled shoes, we will provide the bowls & coaching

CONTACT: Andy 07557 477558 or Fran 07939 036341 Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts




Thinking Retirement... Think Churchill A brand new Churchill apartment is safe and secure, with a Lodge Manager to keep an eye on things. What’s more, you’ll have a sense of community with like-minded neighbours, use of the beautiful garden, and a sociable Owners’ Lounge, so you can enjoy your retirement to the full. RIVER VIEW LODGE Manygate Lane Open Tues to Sat - 10am to 5pm CALL TODAY TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

01932 800398 Visit churchillretirement.co.uk

• Lodge Manager • Owners’ Lounge with coffee bar • Guest Suite for friends and family • Landscaped gardens • 24-hour support • Video entry system • Free parking • Lift to all floors

Watersplash Farm Gravel Extraction

(You Can t Replace a Sponge with a Brick!) (Ref: 2012/1073/DL; SP12/01487)

By John Douglas and Richard Hewitt For those of you who are not aware, following their initial application in 2012, CEMEX have presented revised plans for gravel extraction at Watersplash Farm which are due to be presented to the Surrey County Council Planning Committee either in April or May this year. Shepperton residents have serious concerns about an increased risk of flooding within Shepperton as a result of this development. We urge you to read this article carefully and consider whether you wish to take further action. If the findings of our qualified technical advisors are correct then this development will almost certainly affect you in terms of increased flooding, higher insurance premiums and planning restrictions for extensions etc. This is to say nothing of the volume of 20+ ton lorries which will descend on our roads estimated at 225,000 lorry passages overall which we estimate to amount to 280 per working day (SCC already admit to 200 per day). straw. But the Government also say that you can t CEMEX will excavate approximately 1.2 million extract gravel if it will increase the risk of flooding tonnes of our precious gravel and back fill with in the neighbourhood. In fact they go as far as to landfill material, which they claim will be inert say that vulnerable areas (for example flood zone 3 and free from pollution . with local permanent mobile homes) should not be Why is the gravel so precious to us? It forms the touched! Sounds familiar, just look at Fordbridge subsurface material through which groundwater Park mobile home site, across the road from Wacan flow during heavy rains out to the rivers, where tersplash Farm! it is whisked away to the sea by the fast flowing SCC know this and so by starting with the foreThames. gone conclusion that there is no additional floodThe gravel is only a thin layer (less than 10 metres ing risk CEMEX have done the job of providing thick) and sits above the London clay which is confusing and contradictory plans to suit their impermeable. So over the passage of time it has aims. served us well as a hidden ally to distribute rainfall We think this is a flooding disaster waiting to and flood waters out to the river system. It is our happen, a view confirmed by two flooding specialnatural flood defence in an area of already high ists on our team, namely a qualified Civil Engineer, flood risk (flood zone 3: high risk of flooding). John Fennell, and a practising Geologist specialisYet CEMEX want to take our main flood defence ing in earth sciences, Lewis Reece. They believe away and fill the hole with impermeable clay and that the effects of removing the permeable gravel building waste material and as things stand Surrey and replacing with impermeable clay will be to County Council intend to let them! block groundwater flood flows and distribute the water elsewhere: that elsewhere is Shepperton and We need your support to stop Sunbury. this application The height of Watersplash Farm is approximately 6 feet above the outlying areas. Look at the ground So why is SCC intent on using such an ill-advised level of Watersplash Farm from West Way, adjalocation for this project? SCC have a requirement cent to Gaston Bridge Road and you will see what by the Government to supply gravel for infrastrucwe mean. ture building projects, roadways and the like and Surely the authorities like the Environment since you can only find gravel where it lies (our Agency are dealing with this? The EA have in the area is rich in gravel). We have drawn the short Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts



vulnerable areas such as Fordbridge Park mobile home park. In the planning application Cemex must account for the effects of climate change on their development as it is a development that will be in place permanently. This means they must fit the peak river flow allowances into their models and assumptions which show a 70% increase for 2070 onwards. They have done nothing to account for this, nor would they wish to as this alone would show clearly adverse flooding effects from this foolhardy project! Please respond to this application now – for your own sake! We have prepared a response form, which you can use as a template and the address to send it is at the bottom.

past objected and insisted on various measures, however in March 2016 the EA became no longer responsible for surface water drainage, only river based flooding. Responsibility for groundwater flooding passed to the Local Lead Flood Authority and this is Surrey County Council! Surely SCC and CEMEX will have taken measures to prevent flooding? Yes, naturally they have had to complete a flood risk assessment and have proposed mitigation measures in the event of flooding. In fact SCC now claim that they have, a robust monitoring plan, contingency action and planning conditions . Our experts were not happy with this, so SCC was challenged. To which they hired a hydrological consultancy firm, Peter Brett Associates, (PBA) to counter our claims. We asked to see their report under Freedom of Information (FOI) rules but SCC refused. However, it was disclosed that the response from PBA was simply an email. There was no analysis carried out by SCC or PBA. In a case such as this don t you think that they should at least have carried out 3-D modelling to simulate the effects of removing our main flood defences? At least the project will only be lasting a few years: Not so! The damaging effects of this project will last forever! Once the gravel is removed and replaced with an impermeable clay brick we will face the consequences for ever after. Long after CEMEX have gone and left us with the consequences. And what about climate change? SCC s hydrological consultants PBA wrote: In terms of a design event the 1 in 100 year (1% per annum) is used for fluvial flooding with an additional allowance for the impact of climate change over the lifetime of the project. Note the words over the lifetime of the project . As we know the project is temporary, due to last some five to seven years. However the infill will be permanent and hence its effects will be permanent. It is therefore a sleight of hand and false to estimate the effects of climate change over simply the lifetime of the project. The Watersplash area is at high risk of flooding due to climate change and is adjacent to highly Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

Ref Application: SCC 2012/0173 Revised Plans for Watersplash Farm I/We: Mr/Mrs Of


Postcode . . object strongly to the above planning application on the grounds of increased flood risk due to a combination of ground water, surface water and river flooding seen in and around the densely populated residential areas concerned with the proposed site; contrary to government policy provided in: www.gov.uk/guidance/flood-risk-and-coastalchange Should SCC, as the recognised planning authority and lead local flood authority choose to ignore this policy and grant permission despite the applicant (CEMEX) acknowledging that their development will increase the flooding risk in their written submission, then I/we reserve the right to seek judicial review of the planning process enacted in this case and hold the authority and those responsible personally liable for damages that may arise now of in the future due to them acting in a negligent and irresponsible manner than had predictable damaging consequence. Signed


To Mr D. Lees Planning Department Surrey County Council Penrhyn Road Kingston on Thames KT1 2DY 9



It s FREE to join the library if you live, work or study in Surrey or visit for more than one week. There's no age limit – babies and toddler get a special Pebble card. You can join in any library or online at surreycc.gov.uk/libraries. It s FREE to borrow books, e-books and e-audio books. Access online services from your home, work or daily commute with our FREE smartphone APP. Read national and international newspapers and a huge range of popular magazines and comics FREE online. If you have an illness or disability, Library Direct can come to you. You can use your library card in all 52 libraries throughout Surrey. Libraries have FREE Wifi and computers with volunteer Digital Buddies in most libraries. FREE activities for children including Rhymetime and Storytime FREE events for adults including monthly Reading Groups, Scrabble Clubs and Knit and Natter. FREE online services including GoCitizen, TheoryTest Pro, Ancestry, Find my Past and the Britannica Library. We have opportunities for volunteers too. Find out more at in your local library or online at www.surreycc.gov.uk/libraries

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e Act, All Tribute Acts Includ from £29.95 l ea M e rs ou C 3 & co is D March April

Sunday 31st - Mother’s Day


Sunday 12th - The Blue Notes Jazz Band Friday 17th - George Michael

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Friday 22nd - Take That Saturday 23rd - Blondie Friday 29th - George Michael Saturday 30th - Soul & Motown


Thursday 5th - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Thursday 12th - Dirty Dancing & Grease Thursday 19th - Abba Saturday 21st - The Bee Gee’s Saturday 28th - David Bowie

2020 January February

Friday 10th - Prince Friday 17th - Freddie Mercury Friday 24th - Elton John Friday 14th - Michael Buble

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No booking required for the The Blue Notes Jazz Band. Festive Party Nights every Friday & Saturday throughout December.

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Ln Nu

Find us off Charlton Lane, next to Sunbury Golf Course and the Recycling Centre & Tip.


Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ


Recycling Centre & Ch ar Tip lto nL n Sunbury Golf Course





Ch a

New Rd

Longacres Garden Centre


Nutty Lane, Shepperton, TW17 0RQ

to Walton


Monday-Saturday 8.30am - 5.30pm Late night until 8.00pm every Thursday Sunday 10.00am - 4.30pm (tills open at 10.30am)

PLEASE NOTE: We are closed Easter Sunday

Sunbury Curry House to Take Curry to India

What an honour! Head chef of Sunbury curry house, The Shahin, has been selected as one of 5 chefs to represent the UK at the Taste of Britain Curry Festival in Kolkata, India this summer. The 10 day festival is organised by trade magazine Curry Life and aims to bring the flavour of British curry to India. Showcasing favourites such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Balti and Jalfrezi amongst others, these dishes are bound to make an impact as their interpretation is very much geared towards the British taste, so a complete novelty for an Indian audience. Miah Muhammed Shahin (yes the same name as the restaurant) was chosen to accompany 3 other curry chefs from different parts of the UK to the festival. The event has the backing of key industry figures including Mark Poynton who has worked with several Michelin starred chefs. He personally will be showcasing Best of British, alongside his fellow curry chefs who will showcase Best of British Curry. General Manager and owner of Shahin Restaurant, Mr Ahchanul Haque Shubin, said: We are very excited with this good news for our Chef Shahin. It s a great honour to be selected to represent Great Britain at this festival. Our chef is no stranger to challenges and holder of many accolades. I am hoping he will make us proud here in Middlesex with his creations in India . India Bound Chef Shahin said: It s a great honour to be selected and I m really looking forward to cooking for a new audience, especially in India which has such a great traditional of food. This is fantastic news for Sunbury and the much loved Shahin Restaurant.

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Inn association so on with SSpelthorne th ne Borough r g Co Council nci

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Saturday 6 April 9.30am until 3.00pm

Refreshments and lunch provided for all volunteers Jobs on the day include: Brush cutting / burning, weeding / lopping, rubbish in river removal (own waders needed), litter picking, bulb planting, brush berm improvements, hibernacula building. If you are interested in participating in this community event and would like more information, please contact: Kathryn.maidment@pinewoodgroup.com

Spelthorne Launches Business Awards By Monica Chard, Editor

Spelthorne s 2nd Spelthorne Means Business awards were declared open for entries after a launch party held at The Hazelwood Centre, home of London Irish, on Thursday 7 March. Sunbury Matters was in attendance.

Guests at the launch comprised last year s winners, including Shepperton s Brown Bag Crisps, who were named both Exporter of the Year as well as Business of the Year 2018. (Phil and Viv Lambe, pictured above. We profiled them in Shepperton Matters in January this year). Charlotte s Chickens, another of last years winners are profiled in this issue. This years sponsors also attended, joining Spelthorne s Deputy Mayor Mary Madams and Leader Councillor Ian Harvey in officially declaring the awards open for entries. There are twelve categories to choose from, and entry is free. Five new categories have been added this year offering local businesses even more opportunities to showcase the wealth of innovation and success in the borough. Speaking about the awards, Cllr Harvey said: I set up these awards last year to recognise our hard working local companies and showcase our thriving business community. No matter how large or small your business is, it s a great opportunity for you to celebrate your business and your people .

To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Cllr Colin Barnard, Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Planning, said: Businesses who win awards benefit from a boost to brand awareness, increased credibility in the marketplace, escalating staff morale and a surge in attractiveness to potential employees . Businesses must have a trading address in the Borough. Online entry is live until September 30, with the awards dinner being held on October 17 at Shepperton Studios. Categories are as follows: Exporter of the Year Creative Business of the Year Best New Start up Healthy Business Award Best Business in Staines upon Thames BID Independent Business of the Year Best Small Business Best Business in Staines/Laleham Best Business in Ashford/Stanwell Best Business in Shepperton/Charlton Best Business in Sunbury/Halliford Best Corporate Social Responsibility Overall Winner Full information regarding criteria and how to enter are on the Spelthorne website: www.spelthorne.gov.uk/article/16882/ Spelthorne-Means-Business-Awards. You are also welcome to send an email to s.moralee@spelthorne.gov.uk or call 01784 444223 if you have any questions. Good luck to all of you. Don t be shy. You could be this years winners!


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

A New Life and Winning Chickens! By Monica Chard, Editor

Charlotte s Chickens were winners of the Best Independent Business award at the inaugural Spelthorne Business Awards last autumn. Having been at the event and seen them win, we went along to meet Sarah and Paul New who run the family business to hear more about the joys of owning a chicken. It is the only pet that will save you money, said Paul New with a smile. These days, when knowing where your food comes from is increasingly important, chickens have become popular with households. It evokes the simple pleasures portrayed in 1980 s sitcom, The Good Life.

Feather dusters or bantom hens?

Charlotte s Chickens has been running for 10 years as the only independent supplier of chickens in the area. It is very much a family business. When daughter Maria (second name, Charlotte) was a youngster wanting a paper round, father Paul thought he would set her the task instead of selling eggs and chickens to locals, after the family acquired their own (which they had to get from Oxford). He was astounded at her success and quickly realised there was a gap in the market. Sarah was at the stage of life when a

change of career beckoned so she grew the business, getting chickens in at 16 weeks, just before point of lay and selling them on. There are many different types of chickens. The trusty old brown hen will cost you £17 and typically lay an egg a day for 3 years or so. If you want hybrids for egg laying they range from £17-£25 or pure breed bantam chickens, they are from £35 to £45 per bird, but although they live longer, they do not lay as reliably so you may be getting an egg 4 times a week. They are indeed very pretty! We were very taken with the two little bantam hens who had been hatched and raised by the News and were real characters. Over 10 years the News have sold over 10,000 chickens. Local schools have found them a draw. The children can get involved in raising the birds and understand how to care for an animal. What a brilliant idea. You can also get feed, coops, bedding and a whole lot of advice and on top of that the News run chicken keeping courses, chicken sitting and sell eggs. So, why not get in touch with this award winning local company and let chickens into your life? Charlotte s Chickens www.charlotteschickens.co.uk Tel 07747 166408

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Arts & Crafts Computing Cookery Dance & Exercise Languages Photography

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dance & exercise cl

as for over 50s ses

Ask for Get Fit 50 +


Enrol NOW for courses in Esher, Molesey & Sunbury For the full range of courses or to enrol


0300 200 1044

Esher Green Centre 19 Esher Green, Esher, KT10 8AA Molesey Henrietta Parker Centre Ray Road, West Molesey, KT8 2LG Sunbury Adult Learning Centre The Avenue, Sunbury, TW16 5DZ

Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Morning Friday 24 May 2019

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Book your place via our website: www.hamptonprep.org.uk - ‘Visit the School’ page

Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep School is highly successful in meeting its aims. The achievements of the pupils are excellent. ISI Report 2016

020 8979 1844 admissions@hamptonprep.org.uk Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep, Gloucester Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2UQ

A Whole World of Wellbeing Comes to Kempton Yes, the Wonderful World of Wellbeing is back for a second year and you are invited to come and enjoy the holistic experience of the festival. Last year over 2000 visitors and 100 specially selected wellbeing experts came to the event. This year will be even more ambitious, recognising the need to address wellbeing and health in our frantic lives. Highlights include sessions and activities for everyone, as follows: Be Inspired Speakers Zone WWoW4 Kids Zone Be Moved in a dedicated Movement Zone Nutritional Experts Be Mindful Zone Wellbeing Exhibition Arena And there s a Life Coaching Academy with specialists in the following areas; Oomph - Locate your inner oomph Spiritual healing Nutritional balance Emoji emotional coaching for children Wellbeing in the Workplace So, if you want to achieve a higher quality of life through wellbeing, holistic approaches and mindfulness; or you are an expert who wants to come and share your knowledge and practice over two days or a potential visitor who is looking for help navigating through these chaotic times with a different approach - This festival is for you! Admission includes all talks and workshops offered over the weekend. This year sees an additional focus on the wellbeing of the whole family. Under 14s receive free entry when accompanying an adult. In a designated area, WWoW4Kids includes activities such as mindfulness, storytelling and educational talks to give them a comprehensive wellbeing toolbox to help them make more balanced and meaningful choices in their journey through life. For all attendees, young or old, there is the very best collection of wellbeing providers who will be sharing their knowledge and application of products, health enhancements, services, therapies, experiences, products and education. Activities and workshops over the weekend will include yoga, Pilates, sound experiences, movement classes mindfulness, emotional workshops and meditation, to name a few. Kempton Park. May 11th-12th 10am-5pm To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


Or email monica@villagematters.co.uk

Grand Opening at Shepperton Retirement Development

River View Lodge, the new Churchill development in Shepperton has just opened its doors. Visitors had the opportunity to take a tour of the development s show complex, with a glass of fizz and light refreshments. The Churchill team were there to answer any questions. Anne Scherrer, Regional Marketing Manager for Churchill Retirement Living, said: With the Show Complex now officially open at River View Lodge, interested purchasers can see for themselves the layout and design of the apartments as well as the attention to detail and high quality they can expect from Churchill. Our apartments offer security, peace of mind and independent living for our Owners, and we ve already attracted lots of interest from over 60s in the area. Being in a manageable home that s low maintenance can offer a new lease of life for people – ensuring they are close to amenities, and surrounded by a new community. River View Lodge, located on Manygate Lane is a collection of 22 one and two bedroom purpose built retirement apartments. The apartments have spacious rooms throughout, considerately designed with the over 60s in mind. The fully fitted, stylish kitchens include a built in fridge and freezer, hob and an oven, which are located at an easy-reach height. Subtle touches like easy-turn lever taps in both the kitchen and bathroom, and illuminated light switches, provide added convenience. Owners also enjoy ultimate peace of mind from a fitted video entry system, a 24 hour emergency call system, and a Lodge Manager who provides a friendly face and takes care of the day-today running of the development. For further information about the Grand Opening event and the apartments available at River View Lodge, visit the new Show Complex, open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm, call 01932 800 341, or go to www.churchillretirement.co.uk.

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Phil irwin carpets The Flooring Specialists




Wood floors









Domestic & commercial

Call 020 8943 8808 or visit philirwincarpets.com 180 Stanley Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8UD

of Sto Ka ck rn ist de s an

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Sudoku 9 3 4 6 1 9 8 2 4

Podiatry and Chiropody

Some of the things we treat: • • • • • •

Ingrowing toenails Cracked heels Fungal nails Foot pain Corns/Callouses Verrucae

On the day appointments often available

5 6 8 3

01784 250781 info@footcorner.co.uk 1, Church Parade, Church Road Ashford, TW15 2TX

2 6

6 8

1 9 4

1 8

2 3 4 5 8 3 4 5 Solution page 52


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87 year old Shepperton Resident on the Joys of Walking for Health At the beginning of January, Shepperton resident Peter Cooper, 87, spotted a group of walkers meeting in Manor Park and decided to go along and find out more. The group were participating in the Spelthorne Walking for Health scheme, offering free walks at least three times per week. Peter joined the walk that day and has been a keen member of the scheme since then, making friends and socialising over a coffee afterwards. His favourite walks are along the river although he enjoys exploring all areas. Talking about the difference the scheme has made, Peter said: The walks are absolutely brilliant. I lost my wife in September last year and I now have a purpose to get up and go out again. I have lost a stone in weight and I m now walking at the front of the group. I d recommend these walks to anyone, especially to encourage those away from watching television for hours on end. Cllr Maureen Attewell, Portfolio Holder for Community Wellbeing said Peter is an inspiration to us all and I am delighted to hear the positive impact that the Walking for Health scheme has had on his life. I hope others will be encouraged by his story to join this very successful scheme. The Spelthorne Walking for Health scheme is coordinated by Spelthorne Borough Council and is led by trained volunteer walk leaders. The walks take place in and around the borough of Spelthorne and are between one and three miles, with some longer progression walks. For more information about the scheme, please call Leisure Services on 01784 446433, email leisure@spelthorne.gov.uk or visit www.spelthorne.gov.uk/walkingforhealth

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Littering and Fly tipping must Stop!

A resident contacted us recently I do a lot of walking in and around Shepperton. I am very cross about the amount of litter on our pavements and roads (example in Nutty Lane Shepperton). What can be done? I have emailed the council myself regarding this matter but no answer as yet. We have a lot of sympathy. But at last there has been a clear up in Nutty Lane itself when the culverts were cleared. It seems the volume of litter just keeps collecting though. We all need to take pride in our environment.

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Greeno Extension Almost Complete

It looks as if the work to extend the Greeno Centre in Shepperton is nearing completion. The new 64m2 ground floor extension will be used to provide a dedicated space for the Centre s Opal Group which caters for people who need additional support when they visit the Centre, including those with dementia or who have had a stroke. Cllr Maureen Attewell, Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing, said: The Greeno Centre is extremely popuCllr Tony Harman , Cllr Maureen lar with Spelthorne residents and this modern and versaAttewell and Cllr Ian Harvey tile space will give us the opportunity to offer even more services and activities for the local community. Congratulations to everyone who has worked on the project. Cllr Ian Harvey, Leader of the Council, said: At a time when many councils have been cutting services to survive austerity, Spelthorne has pursued a strategy of investing in commercial properties to generate a secure income. I am pleased to say this strategy is now paying dividends and enabling us to enhance services such as those we offer at the Greeno Centre. The Greeno Centre offers a range of services for older people and the wider community, providing opportunities for residents to socialise, keep fit, learn new skills and get advice. The Centre also has close links with the community and provides a base for initiatives such as the Men in Sheds project for people who enjoy making and mending things. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Greeno Centre, call 01932 246173, email greeno.centre@spelthorne.gov.uk or visit www.spelthorne.gov.uk/greenocentre

VOLUNTEER SHEPPERTON Sadly, many of us have been touched by cancer, MND or other lifethreatening illness - perhaps a family member, friend or work colleague and the news can be devastating.

Brigitte Trust volunteers visit weekly, offering a free service of emotional and practical support and the chance to share some of the feelings and concerns serious illness brings. After training volunteers, who should be car drivers, are asked to commit four hours each week to local visits. Come to our next volunteer taster session - call Ingrid today on 01306 881816 and visit www.brigittetrust.org/volunteering To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Bothered and Bewildered by Gail Young Cecil Hepworth Playhouse Thursday 2nd - Saturday 4th May

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body drift away. Even in the darkest times, Bill and I smiled a lot. While in the care home, he`d admire the landscape pictures on the wall. `They`re Gillian Beaney as Irene set designs, aren`t they?` said the creative TV producer still rooted deep within him. `Yes!` I`d reply, `Maybe we could do `Peter Pan` and fly the nurses in on wires.` Dementia devastates lives. Research shows that 850,000 people in the UK have some form of it - and with an ageing population, it`s worsening all the time. As a full-time carer, June realised that she was lucky to have a wide network of friends. Not everyone is that fortunate. That is why the Ember Players are linking with Homelink, a Twickenham based charity staffed by nurses and dementiatrained volunteers to provide a safe, positive environment for patients on a regular basis. Manager Jennifer Clarke said: We give carers much-needed respite to help them manage their lives and regroup. We aim to give each guest a happy and positive experience while they`re with us so that when a loved ones asks Did you have a nice day today? they can say with certainty Yes, I did. The Ember Players production of Bothered and Bewildered is at The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton on Thames, from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th May at 8 p.m. Tickets at ÂŁ13 available from www.ticketsource.co.uk/emberplayers or by phoning 07752-655087.

Photo by Roy Morris

This year marks the 70th anniversary of The Ember Players of Elmbridge. The season begins with Elaine Sesemann`s production of Bothered and Bewildered , a bittersweet comedy about two daughters whose mother, Irene, is living with Alzheimer`s disease. While the girls are losing their mum in spirit (if not in body) Irene is forming a new relationship with an invisible companion, the late romantic novelist Barbara Cartland, who helps her write a `memory book` revealing profound secrets she has never shared – even with her family. The themes of the play are especially poignant for the Ember Players, says director Elaine Sesemann. One of our leading members, professional actress June Bland who lives in West Molesey, recently lost her husband Bill to Vascular Dementia having cared for him until he needed full-time professional help. Bill Sellars (pictured left), who died last December, was a distinguished BBC drama producer whose many credits include All Creatures Great and Small which starred Christopher Timothy. He was also a champion of community theatre who directed scores of productions for The Ember Players and was creative director of The Barn Theatre in Molesey. June said: Bill had vascular dementia which is a complete breakdown of the connection between the brain and the rest of the body. As his memory deteriorated, he needed constant care. Even eating became almost impossible because, although he could pick the food up, he simply didn`t know what to do with it next. It`s lonely and very painful living with someone you`ve loved and admired, watching helplessly as their mind and


Care Fees Planning & Finance Seminars

PleaSe join uS at any oF our Free SeminarS On 8th April 11:00 Care Fees Planning

12:00 Lasting Power of Attorney

13:30 Expression of Wishes

Refreshments and tours of the home will be available during the course of the event.

Limited spaces available - RSVP by 3rd April

mail@boutiquecarehomes.co.uk or call 01932 220 338



The Burlington Care Home 68 Manygate Lane Shepperton TW17 9EE

Compassionate care, luxury living


Halliford Students Interview Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey Students at Halliford School, Shepperton, enjoyed a visit from David Munro, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey as part of their work for the BBC Young Reporters initiative. Twelve boys from Years 7 and 9 were involved in the day, the highlight of which was having the opportunity to interview Mr Munro. The students were able to gain first-hand journalism experience, and the opportunity to engage with such a key public figure was an inspiration for many. With crime and the police in the news on a daily basis there were no shortage of questions for Mr Munro and the enthusiasm from the students was palpable. English teacher, Joe McElroy, has worked with the boys this term to develop their journalism skills. We are very grateful to Mr Munro for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit Halliford School. The event was an incredible experience for our boys. I was immensely proud to see the Halliford students responding well to the situation, both through the questions they posed and the filming techniques used . Mr Munro commented, I was delighted to accept the invitation to speak to the students at Halliford School. The students were knowledgeable and enthusiastic in their delivery of the questions and I was pleased to have the opportunity to talk about the challenges facing the Surrey Police Force and my role as Police and Crime Commissioner .

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APRIL 2019

How to avoid going down the drain when extending your property During our daily work, we come across many issues that can cause delay and unnecessary cost, normally only manifesting towards the conclusion of the conveyance. Drainage Build Over Agreements when properties have been extended, can be a problem, but an understanding and timely anticipation can avoid some of the pitfalls, enabling matters to proceed smoothly.

the property boundary this pipe becomes the responsibility of Thames Water and is known as a public lateral drain.

Drains by deďŹ nition The definition of a public sewer is a pipe that serves more than one property and was connected to Thames Waters’ network before 1st July 2011. The exception is where the pipe only serves one property and then it is known as a drain.

When you are intending to build over or within 3m of a public sewer you will require approval from Thames Water, by way of a Build Over Agreement, prior to the commencement of building work in order to confirm that you have given the sewer the correct clearance from your proposed foundations and maintenance access.

A drain is privately owned and maintained to the property boundary by the homeowner and is not subject to a Build Over Agreement. Once a drain crosses

If you are building further than 1m away from where the drain crosses the boundary and it solely serves your property, then a Build Over Agreement is not required. In

When you sell with Curchods, we will advertise your home on all the major property websites:

What is a Build Over Agreement and do I need one?

the event that your proposed extension will affect the drain run, then it might be possible to divert the drain. It is also likely that a Build Over Agreement will be required to obtain the final sign off for your Building Regulations Certificate this will also give reassurance to any future buyers that the property extension has been built correctly. In an extreme case of a serious drainage issue or when waste water flooding is affecting neighbouring properties and no agreement is in place, Thames Water has the right to take down the building to access the sewer. When building over a public sewer, a

manhole, even a double sealed manhole is not permitted due to the increased risk of internal flooding and the release of odours. If a manhole is present where you intend to extend your property, the existing manhole will need to be relocated to outside the extension. For more advice on all property related matters, please contact Owen Miles, Partner and the team at Curchods Shepperton.


01932 230033

Reface for summer

Dream Doors, 33 Church Road Ashford, TW15 2UD

Recipe of the Month Spinach and Feta Frittata A healthy, tasty brunch

Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Serves 4-6 Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 medium shallot, finely chopped (about 2 tablespoons) 1 medium clove garlic, finely chopped (about 1 teaspoon) 1 (5-ounce) bag baby spinach 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh flat-leaved parsley or basil. Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 10 eggs, beaten 1/4 cup milk 3/4 cup (about 3.5 ounces) crumbled feta Method Preheat the grill. Heat olive oil in an 8-inch pan over a medium high heat. Add chopped shallots

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and cook for 2-3 minutes beginning to soften. Add garlic and continue to cook for a further two minutes until softened. Add spinach and parsley (or basil) and cook, tossing often until spinach is fully wilted and any water released by the spinach has cooked off. Season to taste with salt and pepper. In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk with a whisk until mixed together. Don't over-beat. Add feta, and season with salt and pepper. Pour egg mixture over spinach then gently stir with a spatula to release the spinach from the bottom of the pan so that the eggs are in direct contact with the surface of the pan, so they cook quickly. Cook until the eggs are almost totally set (this takes 10-12 minutes), reducing heat to prevent burning. Place pan under the grill for a couple of minutes, until the top is set as well, keeping a close eye on it so it does not burn. To release the frittata from the pan, loosen edges with a spatula. Place a dinner plate over pan, and holding plate firmly flip the pan over so the frittata releases onto the plate. Serve warm.

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Introducing the Hygiene Bank The Hygiene Bank is a national, registered charity and has launched in Sunbury-onThames to help alleviate some of the impacts of poverty in and around the local area, including Shepperton and Laleham. Hygiene poverty is an issue that has come to the fore in recent years. 14 million people in the UK live below the poverty line. Four and a half million of these are children, two thirds of whom live in a family where at least one parent works, and 1.9 million are pensioners. These figures are sadly getting worse. As people are faced with the choice of buying food or hygiene products, understandably, food will take priority. People stop buying toiletries long before they go to a food bank, and 37% have had to go without hygiene or grooming essentials due to lack of funds. Within 6 months, The Hygiene Bank has already distributed over 13 tonnes of hygiene products, amounting to a conservative retail value in excess of ÂŁ182,000, they ve become a registered national charity with over 160 locations across the UK. The Hygiene Bank is also as committed to raising awareness as it is to receiving donations and has recently started a Kickstarter campaign #ITSINTHEBAG which you can learn more about via the website. So, how does it work? The Hygiene Bank encourages the community to donate new and unopened toiletries and essential beauty/ grooming products via collection boxes situated in retailers, service providers, public services. Members of the public are also encouraged to be collectors for their office, colleagues, friends and family, church, sporting groups, book clubs, scouts/ guides etc. Donated products are sorted into essential toiletries and gifts (e.g. for our Christmas campaign) and further subdivided by product type e.g. body-wash, Shampoo, sanitary teeth etc. The products are then re-boxed or bagged according to type and distributed to beneficiary charity partners, who in turn Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


give them out to families and individuals in crisis. One very important part of our ethos is what is donated local, helps local so all our projects help the very local community you live in. The Hygiene Bank is rapidly growing and the community has already been very generous with donations coming in. Sunbury Library has kindly offered to be our first community drop-off point. But we need more businesses to get involved, particularly in Shepperton, offering to become a drop off or collection point or even by offering donations. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far. For anyone that can t get to a drop-off point we also have an Amazon wish list set-up specifically for this area. Please get in touch if you would like more information; if you would like to become a beneficiary partner; or if you re a local business that would like to get involved. The Hygiene Bank Sunbury-on-Thames: Email: THBSunbury@gmail.com Website: www.thehygienebank.com Sunbury-on-Thames Amazon Wish List: http://amzn.eu/grkN6Da Please help us spread the word and follow The Hygiene Bank Sunbury-on-Thames on social media: Instagram @thbsunbury Facebook @thehygienebanksunbury


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Folk Festival

May 4th-6th Walton on Thames There s a packed programme of events for the local area over the May Bank Holiday weekend at Walton s Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre. Following its sell-out success last year, the Walton Folk Festival returns with another amazing line up of top folk and acoustic acts set to light up the Riverhouse on Saturday 4 May. Walton Folk Festival was a triumph, a soldout event with afternoon and evening sessions and a line up of acts that could grace established folk festivals many times its size, wrote Folk Radio in its review of last year s event. And this year s festival promises to be just as memorable, with an equally impressive lineup of performers. Headlining the one-day festival are False Lights – folk giants Jim Moray and Sam Carter s band who produce folk rock for the 21st century , Folk Radio described as two modern masters in perfect harmony and Songlines describe them as simply Folk rock brilliance . Alongside False Light, the festival boasts some of the brightest and best acts on the folk scene: London-based folk singer-songwriter with Russian and Ingush roots Daria Kulesh, BBC Folk Award-winning duo Megson , exciting new folk trio The Trials of Cato, indemand guitarist and singer Lukas Drinkwater and alt-folk singer-songwriter Hannah Ashcroft. More young and up-and-coming acts will perform in the courtyard. Food and drinks will be available all day, including a mac n cheese van and barrels of locally-brewed beer. The festival will end at 10.30pm – in good time to catch the train home from the nearby Walton station. Tickets for the festival are available from the Riverhouse Barn website: £30 for the full day, £15 daytime only and £18 for the evening. Family Folk Day On Sunday 5 May there s a Family Folk Day featuring a performance of I ve Lost My Shoes by folk artists Magpies and Moonbeams at 2pm (£8 children, £2 adults, babes To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Daria Kulesh and Lukas Drinkwater, part of this years line up

free). Come and stomp your feet, kick up your heels, twinkle your toes and shake your boots on a quest to locate the missing star shoes. Clapping hands and singing voices required – make sure you wear your favourite shoes! Before that, at 11am Magpies and Moonbeams will offer a free Green Man mask-making workshop (good preparation for the parade the next day). Sustainable May Fair On Bank Holiday Monday, 6 May, the Riverhouse will host a Sustainable May Fair from 11.30am to 4pm (free entry). The fair is promoting sustainable and plastic-free living and will feature a May Day Parade with a Green Man theme (bring a home-made Green Man mask made from foliage and recycled material). The parade will start from Cowey sale at 11.30am and end at the Riverhouse. An outdoor stage at the adjacent Riverhouse Gardens will feature local performers throughout the day, including the Walton and Weybridge Operatic society, Dance happy, Quicksilver, Molesing and many more. Inside the barn will be a selection of stalls with ethical and sustainable produce. A series of workshops will include maypole dancing, make your own cleaning products, boosting your immune system and refashioning jewellery.

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Concerns About Fire Cover Proposals

Spelthorne Borough Council has raised concerns about Surrey County Council s proposals to change fire service cover in Spelthorne and neighbouring authorities. On 4 March, Surrey County Council launched a public consultation detailing proposed changes to the way fire and rescue services are delivered in the County from 2020. The consultation reveals plans to reduce the level of cover for Spelthorne from two full-time crews to two daytime and one night-time crew. Cllr Ian Harvey, Leader of Spelthorne Borough Council, said: Ever since I was first elected in 2013, I have been concerned about proposed cuts to fire services in Spelthorne. From when it was announced in 2017 that Staines and Sunbury fire stations were to be closed and replaced with a single station in Ashford, we have pushed for this be staffed with two full-time crews, as per the current arrangement. It is very disappointing that cover could be downgraded to just one Spelthorne crew at night. Whilst we appreciate that the County Council has budget pressures, nothing is more important than our residents safety and we are far from convinced that the level of staffing being outlined is sufficient. We will be responding to Surrey s consultation appropriately. Cllr Maureen Attewell, Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing, said: We are very concerned about what these proposed changes might mean for our residents. We are particularly worried about how the service would cope if there were to be a large scale incident in the Borough, and the impact these changes could have on our more vulnerable residents. We need to be reassured that appropriate levels of safety will be maintained. The consultation is open until 26 May 2019. Visit https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/people-andcommunity/fire-and-rescue/about/our-vision-mission-and-aims/priorities-plans-andgovernance/plans-strategies-and-legislation/public-safety

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Spelthorne in Bloom Launches

April 1st sees the annual kick off of the Spelthorne in Bloom competition. It is the chance of the green fingered amongst you (and even the less so) to get your gardens looking spick and spam and enter flowering baskets, front gardens, riverside gardens and so on into the borough s best. There are also categories for best kept pub, large and small, best place of worship, best schools grow your own and best community garden, so get those trowels out and start creating something beautiful. It is the 30th event this year so will be extra special. The launch is at Notcutts garden centre and sees awards for the best drawings from local schools and the poster for the event chosen. For you gardeners, the date for the diary is the awards show in October which takes place at Shepperton Studios Orangery. You also have the chance to sponsor one of the hanging baskets which will be going up at the start of June throughout the borough. Last year the petunias were spectacular and the streetscene team whose job it was to water them did a superb job. For details search the page at www.spelthorne.gov.uk for hanging baskets. Pauline Roberts, who for many years ran the Shepperton Horticultural Show, contacted us with a photo of her front garden taken in February, suggesting a good idea would be to have a category of all year round front gardens. Those winter months can be very grey and dismal. Her garden is a riot of colour in autumn, then anemones and hyacinths start coming up to give pedestrians pleasure as they stroll by. Who knows, but meanwhile, it is a great idea to think of winter colour.

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Shepperton s Caring Company

Shepperton Mobility Ltd is an independent family run and owned company which is now in its 5th year. The team prides themselves a no obligation advice and service, giving more people improved independence through better mobility, treating people as they would treat their own. The shop in Shepperton High Street is open 6 days a week. They stock a vast array of mobility aids, ranging from day-to-day items all the way through to mobility scooters, (4,6 & 8mph), wheelchairs, (transit and self-propelled models), profiling beds, rise and recline chairs, tri walkers and rollators, bathing aids. Power Chairs and Stairlifts. The team give friendly and honest advice and will never pressure you into buying something. They offer a fast and efficient service on mobility scooters with a free local pick-up and delivery service. Most importantly, they have lots of happy customers: Brilliant all-round service. Customer service and after sales service with a smile . D.Pritcher. Steve and Clive were so very helpful to our needs. Friendly, helpful and professional service all-round. Will definitely recommend to family and friends N. Tipper Shepperton Mobility Ltd is known as The Caring Company The name says it all. They care about their customers and treat all their customers as they would like to be treated, with honest and sincere advice, no pressure selling and spending as much time as necessary with customers to ensure and provide the correct mobility aids as necessary to better and further their independence. 5 years in and they will be caring for local residents for many more to come. Shepperton Mobility Ltd, 29, High Street, Shepperton, TW17 9AB



www.harvestfinancial.co.uk andrew@harvestfinancial.co.uk

01932 252900/07885 959377 Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635 www.jcstamps.co.uk Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts













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9 Crab claw (6) 10 Supplying with weapons (6)


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13 Saying something with wry humour (6-2-5)


18 Gentle walk (6) 19 Sherlock ______ (6) 20 Played at Wimbledon (6) 21 Package (6)


22 Distress call (3)


5 Official, decorous (6)

15 Floor, terra firma (6)

1 Small shellfish (6)

6 ______ and McCartney (6)

16 Mrs. Bill Clinton (6)

2 Signalling light (6)

11 Perch, squat (3) 12 ___ Wan - TV fashion stylist (3) 14 Discount store (6)

17 Hole to poke your shoelaces through (6)

3 Devoid of personality (13) 4 Bonds between people (13)

Solution on p 52

7 Beat to separate the corn (6)

We are a family business offering flexible cleaning starting at ÂŁ11.30 per hour with no joining fees. Wide range of cleaning services: After-Party cleaning, Office and House cleaning, Daily cleaning, One off Deep Clean and end of Tenancy cleaning

Contact us for more information: Mobile: 07557 781170 Email: decleaning@yahoo.com

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Joy Adamson Botanical Paintings at Sunbury Embroidery Gallery 9th April - 26th May



RAFFLE Raffle tickets at just £1.00 will be selling throughout the above exhibition by Joy Adamson of Born Free fame. The Draw will take place at 3 pm on 26 May FIRST PRIZE a not to be missed 7 day special visit to Elsamere, Joy Adamson s former home in Kenya, full board included, as shown at www.elsatrust.org. Park fees and air fares extra (Air fares UK to Kenya not included). SECOND PRIZE is a week s holiday in Dartmouth, Devon staying in a luxury waterside apartment. THIRD PRIZE a framed limited edition print of one of Joy Adamson s botanical paintings. FOURTH PRIZE a bottle of champagne. FIFTH PRIZE a hardback copy of the 50th Anniversary edition of Born Free .

The Orangery, Squire s Garden Centre, Shepperton

17th, 18th & 19th MAY

Friday & Saturday 10.30-5.00pm Sunday 10.30-4pm Paintings & cards for sale 10% of proceeds to charity

FREE ADMISSION Car parking available

Proceeds to charity

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Cavo s at The Thames Club

Cavo s is a family run business located in the heart of Laleham. Owner Carrie-Anne Ellery had always dreamt of running her own Coffee Shop and in 2017 the dream became reality when Cavo s Coffee Shop was born and opened at the Lucan Pavilion. The name Cavo s comes from Carrie-Anne s Nan whose family come from the beautiful Italian seaside town of Maiori on the stunning Amalfi coast.

In March Cavo s Coffee Shop added a second establishment to the business when they opened at the Thames Club in Staines. Cavo s at The Thames Club is being managed by young Oliver Ellery. The cafĂŠ welcomes both Thames Club members who fancy a tasty wholesome hot or cold snack, or a piece of cake and coffee after a work out (or even instead!), but also welcomes locals who are looking for a good coffee in a comfortable environment. Just ask the friendly receptionist at The Thames Club to sign up for a special Privilege card and then go through to the cafe, and while you are there, why not ask for a tour of this beautiful health and wellbeing club. The Cavo s team is looking forward to a great 2019 and they look forward to welcoming new and old customer to both venues.

Cavo s menu however is a million miles away from Italy, with the exception of the beautiful Cafe BontĂŠ Coffee that they sell, the menu is in the style of a traditional English tea room, serving amazing Full English breakfasts, tasty lunches including salads, hot soup and freshly made sandwiches and rolls, and in the afternoon you can treat yourself to afternoon tea and a selection of cakes and snacks. Cavo s at the Lucan celebrated its 1st birthday recently.

Mayor of Spelthorne, Jean Pinkerton, joins the team in celebrating 1 year of Cavo s at the Lucan Pavilion To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991


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Shepperton Lock Bollard: Mole s (Almost) Triumphant Return. Upon the Weasels lowering the bollard that had blocked access, our hero Mole returns to his home at the Residents car park by Shepperton Lock.

Oh thank you all my friends said Mole I can at last get to my hole You re all invited round for tea To celebrate our victory Not so fast croaked Mr. Toad The bollard s still there in the road And I ll not celebrate a win Until it s firmly in the bin

They ve no respect for Rule of Law Growled wise old Badger And what s more They just don t seem to give a fig For what is just, cos if they did They d see at once that they were wrong To block our access all along. Now we wait adjudication by the Land Registry of our Nation. So everyone must wait to see Freedom. Justice. Liberty!

By David Morse and sent again with apologies to Kenneth Grahame

Then Ratty piped up nervously There s a notice, did you see? With Weasels bollard still in place It could be raised to block our space

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News from Your Local Councillors We continue to work with all our residents to help, support and advise as best we can with all local matters. Please do contact us if you need our help. We have all donated the entire amounts from both the Windfall grants and our Better Neighbourhood Grant schemes to a host of worthwhile projects across the Wards. We will continue to welcome applications for help and support for your future projects. Every year brings new challenges and we continue to work with and represent our residents in all matters. SHEPPERTON TOWN - VIVIENNE LEIGHTON, ROBIN SIDER, COLIN BARNARD Throughout the difficulties of 3 new developments in Manygate Lane, we have strongly represented residents to ensure developers adhere to their planning consents. Our successes in Sheepwalk have included enforcement against indiscriminate parking and steps against the scourge of fly-tipping. Our tireless efforts to re-open Stadbury Meadow Car Park s access have borne fruit. The matter has been referred to the Land Registry and we will continue to support residents to ensure a permanent solution. Watersplash Farm Gravel Extraction application - Your ward Councillors are totally opposed to this proposal and will join residents speaking when it comes before Surrey s planning committee. On behalf of the whole community we thank our local expert residents for their unstinting work to fight this proposal. SHEPPERTON GREEN, LALEHAM & CHARLTON VILLAGES- MAUREEN ATTEWELL, MARY MADAMS AND RICHARD SMITH-AINSLEY The Studio's outline planning application has now been passed and the local Councillors reflected the views of the residents both for and against. We will all be closely monitoring each phase of the planning application and development and together with your County Councillor Richard Walsh will be working with the residents to ensure all the traffic mitigation schemes are implemented as soon as possible including the pedestrian crossings in Laleham and Charlton villages. We are also working with local Residents Associations to reduce the HGV traffic from the Littleton Lane site and this is progressing well. Richard, Mary and Maureen have also been working hard with the County and Charlton Village Residents Association for the installation of Average Speed Cameras and new gateway signage for the Village. Despite some contractual delays these WILL be delivered very soon. Again, mindful of road safety, the speed limit on Shepperton road into Laleham has been reduced to 40 mph. Plans are in place for the demolishing of the old pavilion in Laleham Park and the construction of a new, fresh toilet block, and we hope for this to commence this year. No other replacement buildings are planned on this site. For any information, advice or help with matters in your ward, please do contact your local Councillors who are very pleased to help.

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CALL MONICA ON 07979 808991 www.villagematters.co.uk

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Roseacre Latest

On Saturday 9th March we had a Nearly New and table top sale to raise funds for Roseacre a registered Charity. We had great support on the day from a wide variety of local businesses. The children enjoyed our arts and crafts activity where they could be creative by decorating an egg, bookmark and also design some great pictures. We enjoyed seeing everyone on the day who came to see us. We would like to thank our parents and staff who helped make it all possible. Fund raising allows us to provide the children with new resources and equipment to enhance their learning. Roseacre will also be donating to the St Nicholas Church Milange, Mozambique project to provide classrooms for primary age children.

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Mrs Kaye Patel

(fully insured & DBS checked. Based in Shepperton)

www.purrfectathome.co.uk purrfectathome826@gmail.com call on 07903 657539



Sparkling Concert to Celebrate 10 Years of Singing by Community Choir

120-plus member choir the New Egham Singers is to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a very special concert at Windsor Boys School on Saturday 6 April 2019. The repertoire will take the audience on a journey through the choir s history, with accompaniment by the 40-plus piece Basingstoke Chamber Orchestra. New Egham Singers (NES) was founded in 2009 when a bequest administered by the charity Making Music led to a six-week Learn to Sing course. Following that course there was a call for the creation of a choir singing non-classical, lighter tuneful music, with no auditions or need to be able to read music or have previous singing experience. Since then, NES has grown in size and become a familiar and welcome part of the life of the area. The three aims of the choir are: to make tuneful music; have fun; and raise money for charities. Good causes have benefited, with over ÂŁ40,000 having been donated by the choir to date, on top of extra funds the charities have been able to raise themselves at NES events. Led by Musical Director Dr Guy Bunce, singers of different backgrounds, ages and musical abilities get together at fun weekly rehearsals to make harmonious music and work towards the choir s next appearance. NES presents three concerts per year, as well as departing on an annual summer tour to a UK city. The choir is also in demand for other performances in the local area, including weddings, flash mobs, and other community events.

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Sudoku Solution 5 7 8 6 2 4 3 1 9

4 9 2 3 7 1 8 6 5

1 6 3 5 9 8 2 7 4

3 2 5 1 8 9 6 4 7

8 1 7 2 4 6 9 5 3

6 4 9 7 3 5 1 8 2

2 5 1 4 6 3 7 9 8

9 3 4 8 1 7 5 2 6

Crossword Solution S B C U T H R E S H R A A P I N C E R M O A S P I N E C H I T T O N G U E I U R R S T R O L L L U E T E N N I S T D S O

7 8 6 9 5 2 4 3 1

Solution to April Sudoku

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Solution to April Quick Crossword



Photography Competition 2019 Open to all ages. For information on how to enter, the categories, prizes and all the T&Cs visit:

www.spelthorne.gov.uk/capture The closing date for entries is 31 May. Winning entries will be notiďŹ ed by Monday 10 June.

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Could You Help? The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) is looking for volunteers in the Spelthorne and Elmbridge area. SSAFA is the UK's oldest military charity and in Surrey we work to support members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families who are in need. Being a Caseworker is a rewarding role with the opportunity to directly help those in difficulty. Caseworkers provide friendly advice and support to eligible individuals. The role involves meeting clients, often in their homes, assessing their needs and obtaining appropriate assistance, this can include financial assistance, special equipment or referral to specialists. The amount of time you give as a Caseworker is flexible and can be tailored around other commitments. There is no need to go to an office at specific times. You will be part of a team and have the opportunity to meet and socialise with them. As a volunteer you need to be capable of travelling within the local area and of using a computer, but you do not have to be a technical expert. Full training is provided and support from experienced members of the team is always available. All expenses are paid. If you have some time to give and would like a rewarding role supporting those who have served our country to live with independence and dignity, being a SSAFA Caseworker could be the opportunity for you. It is also good fun. Surrey.Branch@ssafa.org.uk www.ssafa.org.uk

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Gardening Matters Open Your Garden This month I'm going to talk about The National Garden Scheme. This wonderful initiative gives gardenlovers unique access to more than 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales. It also raises money for nursing and health charities through admission fees, teas and cake. Beneficiaries include Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie, Hospice UK and The Queen s Nursing Institute. By opening your garden to visitors, you'll give people a great day out, and raise money to help those in need. Even better you'll connect with a community of like-minded garden-owners, all passionate about their beautiful gardens. Is your garden worth visiting? Do friends and family wax lyrical about your plot? Do neighbours ask for advice and cuttings? Do you sometimes wish you could show other people the result of all your hard work? If you answered yes to these questions, then it s very likely other people would love to see your garden too. It might seem a somewhat daunting experience but opening your garden to the public can be very enjoyable. Many people get the bug and open their gardens year after year. Most people start by opening once in a year, but many go on to open twice a year, to show off their garden in different seasons. You don't need a big garden. There are some tiny plots in the NGS. What matters is quality, character and interest. NGS will support you all the way with their network of helpful, friendly volunteers. Initially you'll be visited by one of the team during the season you feel your garden would look at its very best. And if you don't feel as though garden is worthy of being part of the scheme, why not visit open gardens in your area to gain inspiration, hints and tips, make new gardening friends, and raise a bit of money for charity.

By Rachael Leverton

Call 01483 211 535 to speak to one of the NGS team. Or visit www.ngs.org.uk

From the Editor Do remember that Laleham Open Gardens is on Saturday June 22nd. If you can help by offering your garden, publicising or organising please get in touch with Donnica Coleman donnicabab@hotmail.com

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Tree Wor k

• Pruning, Felling & Reducing • Reshaping & Thinning • Hedge Maintenance • 24 Hour Emergency Service • Dangerous Tree Removal • Stump grinding • Neighbouring Tree & Hedge Issues • Operated wood-chipper hire • River tree work workboat available • Seasoned logs delivered. Log splitting

Contact Clive:

01932 886524 or 07941 031759 (Eves) surreyarborist@gmail.com

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Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788




Office: 01932 711196 Mobile: 07880 715856 franklin383@btinternet.com

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What s On - Shepperton & Laleham If you have an event coming up please email 50 words to monica@villagematters.co.uk Queen Mary Sailability welcome any disabled person who d like to try their hand at sailing at Queen Mary Reservoir. You will be fully supported by our team of volunteers. Sailing commences Thursday afternoons from 4th April until October. Contact us in advance to book a FREE taster sail! Email qmsailability@gmail.com or Tel 01784 248881 Thursday 4th April: The History of Ashford Hospital , a talk by Nick Pollard to the Spelthorne Archaeology and Local History Group at the Fordbridge Centre, Clarendon Rd, Ashford, starting at 8pm. All welcome, ÂŁ2 for non-members. The Wey Navigation by David Hunt (National Trust) is the subject of the next meeting of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society. The meeting takes place on Tuesday 16th April at Hazelwood Centre (London Irish) off Green Street, Sunbury, starting at 8pm. All welcome, admission ÂŁ2 for non-members.

Allotments available in the Sunbury area. Thinking of getting an allotment this year. Want to help keep fit. Then call Howard on 07511 017469 for further details. Laleham Good Neighbours Come and Join us! Our list of lovely volunteers is growing slowly, but we still need more! If you can offer a couple of hours per week, generally taking less mobile folk to medical appointments but also taking phone calls and helping with administration, we d be happy to tell you about this new scheme for the Laleham and South Staines area Phone us to find out more 07434 433844 or email info@lalehamgoodneighbours.org.uk The Arts Society, Runnymede at The Hythe Centre, Staines, TW18 3HD. Wednesday 17th April. GOING POTTY ABOUT COMMODES. Although the chair with a hinged seat hiding a chamber pot had practical purposes, it also had a decorative side and was found in the grandest 18th century rooms. Lecturer and antiques dealer Janusz Kareczewski-Slowikowski gives the lowdown on fashions and lifestyles of this period. Coffee from 10am, lecture starts 10.30. lst lecture free, guests very welcome. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

What s On - Shepperton & Laleham Staines Players Spring production is a comedy/thriller by Norman Robbins called A Tomb with a View . Performance dates are Thursday 11th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April at 7.45pm at Stanwell Village Hall, High Street, Stanwell TW19 7JR. Tickets at £10.00 can be booked online at www.stainesplayers.com or phone 01784 511015. Don t miss the early bird discount – book by 10th March and get £1 off!! Come and see how the plot twists and turns to its surprising conclusion. The Probus Club of Shepperton for retired business and professional men meets on the first Tuesday of each month to hear a speaker followed by lunch. In March we held our AGM and the chairman announced a donation to Impossible Dream of £800. We welcome new members; please telephone 01932 223814 or 225228 Stamp Auction - General Sale No. 1989 includes collections, single items and mixed boxes of stamps from all over the world with prices ranging from £8 to 1'000's. There is something for everyone - ample free parking and light refreshments served. Viewing from 9 am, Sale starts at 1.30pm prompt. Saturday 13th April Sunbury Cricket Club, Kenton Court Meadow, Lower Hampton Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 5PS Morris Dancing: Tuesday mornings 10-12 at Laleham Methodist Church Hall, Edinburgh Drive, Laleham TW18 1PH. Free entry and parking. All welcome. Phone 07810 300061 Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival Coffee Concerts held at Riverside Arts Centre, 59 Thames Street, Sunbury on Thames TW16 5QF. Tickets to include coffee and croissant @ £12 from 01932 787390 from boxoffice@ssaa-arts.org , from www.ticketsource.co.uk/ssarts and on the door. Saturday April 27 at 10.15 am for 11am concert TAMILA SALIMDJANOVA (piano, semi finalist in the Leeds International piano competition 2019) . Programme will include music by Rachmaninov, Debussy and Liszt Wednesday 10th April at 8pm, Greeno Centre, Shepperton. A talk about Staines Moor. A presentation by Robert Goble, an expert on our local SSSI Open area. The moor, covering over 500 acres has been common land since 1065, and anyone owning grazing animals who registers with the local authority is entitled to graze stock on it. The moor is part of South West London Waterbodies Ramsar site and Special Protection Area and is host to nationally important wintering populations of wildfowl. Refer to www.snhs.org.uk for more info Sunbury Amateur Regatta– Saturday 10th August 2019. Bookings being taken now from stallholders for our new Boat/Chandlery Jumble Section, Vintage/bric-à-brac and Craft Sections 10 August- details on our website: www.sunburyregatta.com If you have an event coming up please email 50 words to monica@villagematters.co.uk

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walton voices present



with world-renowned soloists and orchestra

SATURDAY 6th APRIL 2019 7:30pm











ST MARY’S MA A CHURCH Sunbury-on-Thames TW16 6RG Tickets £12 in advance, £14 on the door (under 16s free)

07884 348172 • info@waltonvoices.co.uk WaltonVoices



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Quality Products and Workmanship at Realistic Prices


Windows & Doors 01932 228788 Shepperton

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Independent Senior Day School Boys 11–18 years Girls 16–18 years

SIXTH FORM OPEN EVENING Monday 29th April 6pm — 8pm


Thursday 2nd May 9.30am and 11.30am Personal visits available throughout the year. Find out more and book your visit at: www.hallifordschool.co.uk

At Halliford your child will be known and respected as an individual and encouraged, supported and inspired to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. Extensive coach service covering the surrounding area • Short walk from Shepperton Station • Shuttle service from Walton and Staines Stations registrar@hallifordschool.co.uk

01932 223593

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April 2019 Shepperton & Laleham Matters  

The monthly community magazine for Shepperton and district and Laleham Village

April 2019 Shepperton & Laleham Matters  

The monthly community magazine for Shepperton and district and Laleham Village