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April 2017

Issue 66 Serving Shepperton and Laleham


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Welcome! Welcome to Spring - longer and warmer days and a change of wardrobe! Maybe you want to get fit and ready for the summer. We have an offer on a get fit for over 60’s from our local Green Goddess, Diana Moran. We also have a few books to give away in a draw, so do enter. Remember also there is £40 off fitness activities for over 50’s with the Adult Learning Centre. See inside for details. Or you could try your hand at bowling. Yes, the season is indeed here! In this issue we look back at history as usual, enjoying exploring some of the old views and tales of Shepperton. How many of you had heard about the Cowboy wedding in Church Square? Yes Siree! Quite extraordinary really. Plans for the Shepperton Fair 2017 are all coming together. This year you will be able to keep up with posts on Facebook. So without further ado, this is the URL which is case sensitive:

April 2017 So exciting! You can follow developments, get updates on competitions and how to enter and read up on gorillas. Gorillas at the village fair? Could that be possible?! Like the page to keep tracks on all plans and you will find out! You can also follow the fair on Twitter #sheppertonfair.

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The Cowboy Wedding By Nick Pollard The Shepperton of 1908 was a pretty quiet place, with little in the way of sensation to disturb village life. On December 8th 1908 however, it saw an event which made headlines all over the country, and indeed in countries as far away as New Zealand. The event in question was the marriage of Captain Cecil Morgan to Emily Skerry, the widow of Fred Skerry of Thames Ditton. Capt. Morgan was the principal of the Imperial School The crowded Church Square Shepperton, with the ‘cowboys’ of Colonial Instruction, which centre stage on their horses, and the white bridal car just visible was based at a log cabin in Green at the back on the right, in front of St. Nicholas Church Street, Shepperton, now the site of Duppa’s Close. The idea of the school was after the bridal car, spurring their horses and to teach young men the skills they would yelling loud whoops whilst firing their pistols need in the more far flung parts of the British in the air. Apparently someone even put fog Empire, including riding, lassoing, managing detonators on the nearby railway line to add cattle etc. Capt. Morgan was himself the pa- to the general noise and mayhem. tentee of the Morgan packsaddle, which had The wedding breakfast was held at ‘El the unlikely property of being able to be con- Aparego’ (Spanish for ‘the harness’) which verted into a small boat to cross any river was the name of the school building, encountered. By all accounts the ‘students’ although the meal itself was served in a large dressed for the part, with wide-brimmed hats, marquee. This went off without a hitch, and checked shirts, leather trousers and ‘chaps’, without anyone lassoing the wedding cake, and armed with Bowie knives and revolvers. but at the conclusion of the bridegroom’s It is hardly surprising that they became speech, the Cowboys broke into ‘For He’s a known as the ‘Shepperton Cowboys’. Jolly Good Fellow’ and concluded with Amongst their number were two Texans, another volley of revolver shots. A memora‘Deadly Dillingham’ and ‘Lively Lynch’ as ble day in Shepperton’s history ended with they were christened by the small boys of the a display of cowboy riding, shooting and village, who were especially skilled in roping lassoing in the school field. and tying steers. According to press reports of the wedding, the Cowboys rode through The next meeting of the Sunbury and History Society will be on the village at top speed, cracking their whips, Shepperton Local th Tuesday 18 April at Halliford School, until they arrived at the church, where they Russell Road, Shepperton, when were joined by hundreds of people who had arrived by foot, bicycle, train, motor car and Marc Meltonville will be talking about the horseback to witness the spectacle. Perhaps Chocolate Kitchen at Hampton Court. All thankfully, the Cowboys did not enter the welcome, admission £2 for non-members. church, but after the ceremony they galloped Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Visit our stunning newly refurbished showroom in Ashford!

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Our Kiwi Connection By Monica Chard, Editor Have you ever wondered why there is a New Zealand Avenue in Walton on Thames? Or why the pub at the end is called The Wellington (affectionately known as “The Kiwi”)? Our neighbourhood was thrown together with families from the other side of the world during World War 1 and to this day ANZAC day is celebrated in Walton on April 25th to remember the young men who are buried in St Mary’s churchyard and who were cared for at the Mount Felix Military Hospital. ANZAC is the term given to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and April 25th is the date they landed at Gallipoli to fight the Turks in 1915.

Mount Felix (seen above) was a large Italianate mansion set in 18 acres of grounds at the end of what is now New Zealand Avenue (so named in 1930) on the north side of Walton Bridge. The grand gate pillars are still there today. When the war started the manion was commandeered by the War Commission and the building was used to accommodate British soldiers. By 1915, it was offered to the New Zealand War Contingent Association as a military hospital, officially opened by the New Zealand High Commissioner, Sir Thomas MacKenzie. It was known as the No 1 New Zealand General Hospital. As the war continued, more pressure on the services in Walton led to another hospital being created in Brockenhurst, leaving Mount Felix as ‘No 2 New Zealand General Hospital’. At its peak, Mount Felix had as many as 2,000 beds. The chief medical officer was a New Zealander and three-quarters of the staff had connections with the country. The first wounded soldiers there would have been from the Gallipoli campaign, which ended in December 1915 with evacuation and huge Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


casualties. All in all 27,000 patients passed through Mount Felix. Considering how small the population of New Zealand is, these figures are truly staggering. 21 poor souls are buried in St Mary’s, Walton, and many more in the military cemetery at Brockenhurst. During the war years patients and staff were very present in the community, relaxing in the gardens by the river and taking outings on the water as they rehabilitated.

While we toured New Zealand earlier this year we noticed so many memorials to those lost during the war. It is a strange feeling to know that many of those war dead commemorated on memorials on the other side of the world may have passed through Mount Felix. This years’ service will be on Sunday 23rd April 6:30pm. ANZAC Service at St Mary's Church, Church Street, Walton-on-Thames KT12 2QS. 7:30pm-8:30pm Refreshments will be served in the church hall.

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Happy Diamond Anniversary Doris and Eric Mynott Many congratulations to Laleham couple Doris and Eric Mynott on their recent diamond wedding anniversary. On the day they were inundated with flowers and cards, including a bouquet delivered on behalf of the Laleham Residents Association. They also received a congratulations card from the Queen.

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Join the Friends of St Nicholas Do you recall the startling discovery last year that Shepperton is one of the happiest places to live in the country? Do you ever query this on a grey day when you are stuck in a queue at Marshalls Roundabout or contemplating the building which once housed Barclays Bank? Well one reason why Shepperton is so pleasant is because the villagers are kind, generous people, who care deeply about the village and its amenities. Sometimes we take things for granted and later regret this to our cost. One wonderful treasure which we have in Shepperton is Saint Nicholas Church standing proudly in Church Square. Many years ago it used to be in the centre of the village until the railway arrived and the village gravitated towards the new and exciting transport system. Today the Church is looked on affectionately by the village community. It is rather like an elderly uncle, always there when needed but a bit creaky and in need of some tender loving care from time to time. This fond attitude towards “St. Nicks” was demonstrated when the Church was celebrating its 400th Anniversary in 2014. This coincided with a major building problem and the village was invited to “Buy a Brick to Save St Nicks”. Shepperton residents and small business owners from all walks of life and from all faiths, Christian and non -Christian, put their hands in their pockets to generously support the Appeal. In 2011 it had been realised that the Church needed friends from within the village community to help solely with the ongoing costs of keeping the building in good repair (not for major projects) and a committee was formed which led to the founding of the Friends of St. Nicholas. Since this time the Friends have provided help with numerous things such as new flags for the flag pole, restoration of a notice board commemorating local war heroes and a kneeler for weddings. An important project has been to help with the restoration of the grave of Thomas Love To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Summer Supper at St Nicholas 2016

Peacock our own eminent poet. Friends have taken part in sponsored walks, fund raising concerts and visited Westminster Abbey. One of the most popular activities has centred round delicious food provided by the Friends team at a series of winter suppers and in the summer at the occasional garden party.

If you would like to learn more about the Friends of St. Nicholas or , better still, become a member yourself, thus helping to support the old “Uncle” with some T.L.C. then please contact Hilary Grimes, our Treasurer, on 01932 989358 or email It is not incumbent upon you to be a member of the Church, just someone who wants to help preserve this lovely old place of worship for future generations. 9

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Shepperton of Old - The Pubs By Monica Chard, Editor At the start of the 20th century the cheapest way of communicating was to send a picture postcard. There were up to 10 deliveries a day and it was cheaper to write a short note on a card than it was to send a letter. So there are lots of old images around from that time and moving forward. We know you love the history of our area, so here are a few old images of our local watering holes which you might recognise!

The Barley Mow, Watersplash Road

The Kings Head. Very much recognisable, but the coach house is now part of the bar of course The Ship Inn on Russell Road, which became Harrison’s Hotel and is now converted to houses and flats

Here we see the Railway Arms, so named because it was near the railway of course. You may remember it as ‘The Crossroads’ Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


If you are interested in the history of Shepperton’s Pubs and want to find out more, there is a great publication by the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society which is available for sale for only £6.00. ‘History of Shepperton’s Pubs’ by Nick & Sue Pollard. Email

Can You Help Solve a Mystery? I was at a meeting of the marvellous Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society recently where there was a great display of old newspaper cuttings. One, shown on the right, was a report on a cross which had been donated to the Bradbury Centre by none other than the Queen Mother and which was being consecrated by the Bishop of London. It was a brass cross in a wooden box fitted on the wall. To many, it might have looked like a dart board. It was kept in the conference room which was used as a chapel. This was back in 1995 the year the Bradbury Centre opened to residents. It has now of course been demolished but the question remains, what happened to the cross from our regal benefactor? Does anyone know? It belonged to the charity - the Royal Surgical Aid Society Gina Tanner from The Bradbury Centre who ran the home. Maybe they have it? I emailed with the cross. Cutting from 1995. them to find out, but did not hear back, so maybe they don’t! Does anyone have any information on this cross? It would be interesting to find out. Email

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Time for Spelthorne Do you have some spare time? Do you have jobs which you need doing? Perhaps you could exchange your skills and time for someone else’s. What a brilliant and simple idea. Time for Spelthorne is part of Timebanking UK which is a community scheme and one of almost 300 throughout the country. A time bank is a system that allows you to exchange your time and skills in return for 'time credits' to spend with others in the community. One hour of help earns you one credit. For example, if a member bakes a cake for someone and this takes about an hour, they receive one time credit, which could later be spent on another member helping them on their garden. It’s a great way to meet new people and help each other out. All sorts of skills and practical help can be exchanged through a time bank. Here are just a few examples: Gardening, Mentoring, Fitness, Budgeting, Computer skills, Shopping, Dog walking, Playing an instrument, Speaking a language and Cooking, the list is endless! Timebanking is open to people of all ages, abilities, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and organisations. If you would like to get involved or like more information contact or ring 07412 900756.

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Can You Help Sharlene?

Shepperton’s Trend Salon Sarah Twyford shared this sad tale about a friend of hers with me recently. A local mother, Sharlene Dillet (née Brown) was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer at the end of last year. She is only 34 years old. She and her husband Wayne and two daughters Elise (10) and Georgia (2) are having to come to terms with her life limiting illness. Sharlene’s courage and bravery touches the hearts of many. Her endless positivity is truly humbling and an inspiration to others, especially those who are facing similar uncertainty. Where others would be completely overwhelmed with despair, Sharlene manages to find humour, even in the most challenging moments. Described by a close friend as “ An amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister and a best friend to so many. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting Sharlene will agree that she simply lights up a room with her presence” Friends and family have opened a crowd funding page to raise money towards alternative treatment and future medical requirements. They hope this will allow Sharlene to spend as much time as possible with her beautiful children and loved-ones. The aim is to raise £50,000. To date over 300 people have donated and the total is at £17,000. Can you help? Maybe you are a parent who can look at this tragedy and think “It could be my family. How would I cope?” Please give anything if you can. Sharlene, our thoughts are with you.

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Come to our Open Day and be Bowled Over You may have wondered what was behind that hedge along the Lower Hampton Rd. You might then be delighted to learn that it is a bowling green. The club was founded in the 1960's when Sunbury Cricket Club was looking to increase its portfolio of sports under the Sunbury Sports Association banner and hence the club is known as the Sunbury Sports Bowls Club. The clubs most illustrious member was Mavis Steele who represented England for 40 years, and was England Ladies Outdoor champion three times. She was awarded an MBE for her services to bowls. So have you ever given bowls a thought? There is coaching available at the club. As a member you can play at all levels by entering national and county and club competitions, playing in team leagues and friendlies against local clubs and going along to informal weekly roll-ups and socials. You can also watch cricket in the quiet, secluded environment close to the Thames. There is lots of parking, a well stocked bar and lounge and there are lots of social activities throughout the year. The open day this year is Saturday April 22nd from 10am to 1pm. All welcome! So if you fancy making new friends and keeping fit at the same time, get in touch with the club: Call Dave Chatterton 01932 783092 or James Whelan 01932 784311

Saturday 22nd April 10am to 1pm

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Refurb in Ashford Ashford Kitchens & Interiors held their official re-opening at the end of January and it certainly drew in the crowds! Following a 3 month refurbishment which saw the entire shopfront being replaced, 10 stunning new kitchen displays and 9 spectacular new bedroom and home office displays, the ribbon was officially cut by company founder and director Richard Flower. Richard first opened the doors to the showroom in November 1984. The business was originally known as Ashford Fitted Furniture and the company have since opened a second showroom in Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire. “Over the years we have firmly believed in the importance of showcasing the very latest design ideas in kitchens & bedrooms. When investing in their homes, customers want to see and touch the product in a stylish setting which is why our showrooms are regularly updated� says Richard. The showroom is now open as normal Monday to Saturday, 9am-5.30pm. If you are considering replacing your Kitchen, Bedroom or Home Office then it is definitely worth a visit. The family run business have got a great team who are friendly and keen to help. They offer a free, no obligation design service and the new showroom is perfect place to get some new ideas and inspiration. Meet the team

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Benefits of Exercise for Over 60’s By Diana Moran

If you are 60 plus you’re at a good time of life, some would say in the prime of life. I’ve spent many of my 78 years evangelising about the benefit of exercise. Whatever your age or your income, whether or not you have one or more long-term conditions, and five or ten prescriptions, becoming more active and taking more exercise will: • Help you feel better • Reduce your risk of many common health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, depression and, best news of all, dementia • Make the treatment for any condition or disease more effective, and can sometimes lead to the need for pills disappearing completely • Improve both your mood and your brain function– how you think and feel You must admit that is good news, so why isn’t exercise available on the NHS, like pills and X-rays? Well, it’s not yet, but it is coming, because the medical profession is now realising the potential benefit of exercise. Being fit is a necessity, not just an option. Your individual level of fitness will depend on your personal lifestyle, interests and the commitment you have to looking after your health. Fitness is all about being able to do the things you want when you want to. The benefits of exercise all begin with “S”: 1. Stamina – gives you the energy to keep going 2. Strength – helps build strong muscles to tackle any necessary work 3. Suppleness – encourages flexibility letting you bend and stretch 4. Skill – being active encourages co-ordination of body and mind (There is a fifth S: Shape – exercising expends energy (burns calories) helping control your weight – an important bonus). We all need to do what we can to help ourselves maintain physical independence, and one significant but simple way is by including Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


more activity in our everyday lives. The earlier you develop good habits, the more benefit you'll feel as the years roll past. So make the opportunity to be more active, and take it, anytime, anywhere and in any way. Start with simple things, like taking the dog for a walk or using the stairs instead of lifts. Or try walking to work or the shops or to school instead of taking the car. Then you can look forward to enjoying many more years of ACTIVE life. Being active actually boosts your energy levels. When we exercise, the body releases chemicals called endorphins which give us a ‘feel-good’ factor as the circulation gets going, improving our heart and lung efficiency. Being inactive is a major risk as we get older. Both Professor Sir Muir Gray, my co-author and I say – “down with sofas and up with stairs!”

READER OFFER Sod Sitting, Get Moving! Getting Active in Your 60s, 70s and Beyond by Diana Moran and Muir Gray is out now (Green Tree, £12.99 / £10.99 eBook). Get 20% off if you put in the code WELL4 when you checkout online at soditbooks We have 3 copies to give away. Email WELL4 to by April 30th to enter.

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Sudoku 9 5 8 4 3

2 1 4 7 8 3 2 5 6 1 7 2 6 3 3 7 4 4 3 2 8 2 2 5 1 4 9 6 8 9 Solution page 38

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Why Write a Living Will

The term Living Will is commonly used to refer to a document which expresses how you want to be treated or cared for in certain situations when you may not have the capacity to communicate your decisions. It gives your family, doctors and caregivers confidence that they are following your wishes at an emotionally fraught time.

to communicate about types of treatment that you don’t want to undertake and give more general statements about how you want to be cared for in accordance with your beliefs and values. You can find lots of advice via charities and legal organisations about how you may want to record these thoughts. If you wish to include an advance decision about not undertaking life sustaining treatments however, for it to be valid, you must follow very specific instructions set out in the Mental Capacity Act 2005. This states what you must cover in the document and says that your wishes must be dated, signed and witnessed. Whilst legally doctors and solicitors do not need to be involved, it is wise to discuss options with medical professionals to ensure you fully understand all the consequences. They may also be able to help you phrase things more clearly.

If you are over 18, you can use the document

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By Susan Brookes-Morris


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Recipe of the Month Biscuit Chocolate Pan Bites A Delicious and easy treat for the family

Ingredients 25g almond flakes 600g dark chocolate 200ml condensed milk 100g butter 30 or so square or oblong biscuits like Rich Tea fingers which you can get from the supermarket. Round ones won’t fit the tin!

Lightly toast the flaked almonds in a frying pan. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn. Set aside to cool. Roughly chop the chocolate and put it a heavy based saucepan together with the condensed milk and the butter. Warm, stirring constantly to make sure it doesn’t catch. When you have one delicious melted mass, take it off the heat and allow to cool for a few minutes. Line a square or rectangular dish or tin (20-30cm) with either greaseproof paper or foil. Pour a layer of the chocolate mix (a good third of it) followed by a layer of the biscuits , then another layer of chocolate, another layer of biscuits and finish with a final layer of chocolate mix. Sprinkle the toasted almonds over it and put the dish in a fridge for a couple of hours until it is set. Take it out of the fridge 10 minutes before you want to serve it, then cut into squares and enjoy with a cuppa! Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Laleham Residents Association Diary AGM - 17/05/2017 The Annual General Meeting of the Laleham Residents Association will take place on Wednesday 17th May at The Lucan Pavilion at The Laleham Recreation Ground. This is a forum for you to come with your issues and questions and find out what we have been up to. If the outcome of the Laleham Traffic Survey is known by then, Surrey County Councillor, Richard Walsh will be presenting the findings at the AGM. The formal meeting will start at 7.30pm and the bar will be open from 7.00pm. (More news later on who will be there and the main topics of discussion.) All are welcome but only paid up members can vote. It will be possible to join the LRA or renew subscriptions on the evening. Family membership is £5 - Individual membership is £3. (Donations welcome) Laleham Residents Association Garden Open Day – Saturday 17th June 2017 More details to follow next month. Laleham Residents Association Summer Fair – Saturday 1st July 2017 More details to follow.

Please put the dates in your diary News - Laleham Residents Association Litter-pick Success! Thanks to the LRA and a team of 5 who cleared a monster pile of garbage from the riverbank. The rubbish was mostly plastic bottles and polystyrene but there was also a fair amount of glass as well as a watering can, a few buckets and a rather large seed from some kind of palm tree! Donnica filled her car with the nasty, smell bags and took them to Charlton dump where they were graciously accepted. To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

Spelthorne Council have the job of cleaning our streets and in general we would say they do a pretty good job. They don't have endless reserves and employees are few. Other areas are more run down and prone to littering and it is inevitable that more resources are focused in these areas. Unfortunately for all of us there will always be litter louts. Our neck of the woods also bristles with jolly clever foxes, resourceful squirrels and fearless crows who all seem to thrive on Big Macs and Fries. Although picking up rubbish sounds like a pain in the behind, they actually found it wasn't so bad and from time to time it behoves all of us to do our bit. The LRA are planning another litter-pick in mid-April. An email will be sent out. All welcome to join in and you will be able to nominate your area if you think it needs attention.

Charity number 262220


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SPELTHORNE UNIVERSITY OF THE THIRD AGE (SU3A) The University of the Third Age (U3A) originated in France and the idea to establish it in the UK was introduced in 1981. The Third Age is derived from that time following from the ‘first age being childhood, the second age of full time employment. The intention of the U3A is to enhance and enrich its members’ lives in many ways; enabling them to develop current interests and to follow up new ones. There are groups within the organisation run by the members for the members. Spelthorne U3A was set up in 1997 and currently has 460+ members but we do have room for more. SU3A is open to those who are retired or not in full time employment. It has about 60 groups within it covering many subjects and activities ranging from archaeology, history, the arts, through to crafts and walking. SU3A meets on the last Monday of each month for all members at the Citadel, Woodthorpe Road Ashford when we have an invited speaker, followed by tea and chat. During the last year speakers topics have included Art of story telling, London curiosities, Gibraltar story and Catching smugglers. Individual groups meet at different intervals in various venues. Groups also arrange outings appropriate to the group. There is a small annual cost for belonging to the U3A and individual costs for the groups according to the venue and activity. We are holding an Open Day on 6th May 2017 from 11am to 3pm at the Citadel, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford to celebrate our 20th anniversary and to promote our group. We want to encourage more local residents to have a look at what SU3A can offer and invite you to join us. For more information contact Sheila M Babb (vice chairman) 01784 458555

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Saxon Primary School Pool re-opens

Shepperton’s Saxon Primary School Swimming Pool has reopened its doors following a refurbishment. The Lumen Learning Trust, which Saxon Primary forms part of, were successful in securing almost £140,000 from the Education Funding Agency (EFA). The funding has enabled the pool’s external structure to be completely replaced, for new changing rooms - including shower and toilet facilities to be installed and for the pool itself to be relined. The swimming pool, which is now fitted with a dehumidification system allowing for year long swimming, is a valued asset to the school used by children from Reception to Year 6 and by local parents and children who attend Saxon’s Sure Start Children Centre. Headteachers of Saxon Primary, Bonnie Davis and Nicola Morris said: “It is fantastic news that the pool is once again open to our children, we are committed to ensuring all children develop swimming skills that enable them to stay safe around water and to progress in their achievements as a swimmer” Following completion of the repair works the pool celebrated on 6th March with an official reopening ceremony, led by Matthew Tarrant, a local resident and member of the Olympic Team GB rowing team (pictured). Jo Scott, Manager of the Saxon Children’s Centre added: “The Children's Centre naturally enjoys close links with the school as we both work hard to ensure the community's needs are reflected in the services we offer. The pool is another facet of this extensive provision, providing children, accompanied by their parent, the experience of being in a swimming pool in small groups. This superb offering is rare amongst Children’s Centres and we are thrilled to be able to utilise this with our local community members.”

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Just How Big IS the Eco Park?! SATEP (Spelthorne Against the Eco Park) thought that you might appreciate an overview of the Eco Park. The below photo was taken by Suez in December 2016.Since this was taken it has got bigger and will continue to grow. Have you seen it from the M3? Huge!! Suez are due to take delivery of the Chimney Stack in March, with residents having endured further piling throughout February to facilitate it.

For those of you who have been with us along this journey for the past 6+ years, you might remember these extracts from earlier. The artist plan may have changed, but the sizes haven’t. ITS BIG AND GETTING BIGGER. Just How Big is Big? Incinerator /Gasifier will be as high as Nelsons Colum - 46m High Plus • Main Gasifier Hall Footprint as big as Wembley Stadium Football Pitch 105m Long x 69m Wide • Anaerobic Digester Building as tall as the Angel of the North -20m Tall x 54m Wide • Anaerobic Digester Stack as big as Biggest dinosaur (Titanosaur) ever discovered = 20m tall Plus Numerous Other Buildings See opposite an artist’s plan submitted to the footpath inquiry in January 14 •

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7 9 2 5 6 8 4 3 1

We are a family run roofing business based in Sunbury. We undertake all aspects of roofing work and are fully insured. We offer free quotations and advice See what our customers say about us at

3 4 6 1 2 9 5 7 8

5 1 8 7 3 4 9 2 6

4 7 1 9 8 3 6 5 2

2 8 5 4 7 6 3 1 9

6 3 9 2 1 5 8 4 7

9 2 3 6 4 1 7 8 5

1 6 4 8 5 7 2 9 3

Solution to April Sudoku

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8 5 7 3 9 2 1 6 4

What Has Changed at Shepperton Library? Shepperton Matters was send a copy of an email to Spelthorne Council by a library user who was not happy at the changes to the library in Shepperton. She had a reply back so we thought it worth letting you know what the changes at the library are now that it has reopened. “Now it is all back together it is not obvious, but there was quite a range of work to be done during the closure. The works included repairing cracks in the ceiling and walls, redecoration throughout, removal and replacement of the badly stained carpet and boxing in of pipes. There were changes to the counter which made it smaller, freeing up floor space and making it easier for staff to get out and help people. The height of the shelving was lowered and the layout changed to make access for buggies and wheelchairs easier. The shelving on wheels was installed to give the opportunity to clear spaces where events and activities can be held in the library for local people to attend and enjoy. When we refurbish a library we always weed out any books which have had their day, they may be in poor condition or are no longer being borrowed. We carried out a stock take before and after the refurbishment of Shepperton Library. You might be interested to know that the grand total of books before the refurbishment was 8679, with 2475 out on loan. After the refurbishment the total stock was 8436 and the number of books on loan had increased to 2596. We take this as a good indication that the books we have retained are relevant and popular Jigsaws are not part of the service offer in our libraries and were a local arrangement, given pressures on staff time and space and the inability to ensure that they are complete we have had to remove them.� Spelthorne Council

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Shepperton Residents’ Association By Richard Hewitt We held another well-supported Open Meeting on 14th March which was combined with our AGM. I am pleased to report that our Committee remains as for 2016. We had an interesting talk from Peter Routley who reported on the Ash Link Nature Reserve, as well as the conservation work on the re-named Lords Bridge Garden, formerly the Renfree Way Project. Of course, there was the usual wide ranging questions from the floor. Surrey County Council has recently announced that the planned fire station at Fordbridge roundabout will cost £3.7 million. As anticipated, it will have only one full-time fire crew, but the originally proposed additional part-time crew may not be appointed. We await the final decision, expected in June.

plan for our area, to ensure that identified volunteers can help residents in an emergency. We were disappointed to learn that, due to a lack of qualified staff, Shepperton Youth Centre is currently unable to provide activities for local children,. We hope that this situation can be resolved before too long. We seem to have been plagued with a number of roadworks in Shepperton recently, but at least the installation of the Toucan Crossing in Gaston Bridge Road, near the junction of the A244 with Green Lane, has been completed now.

An amended application from Cemex for gravel extraction at Watersplash Farm was due to be considered at the County Planning meeting scheduled for Wednesday 22nd March, however, at the last minute Cemex withdrew their application. This is likely to be due to problems arising from the expected increased traffic, together with concerns for water contamination and possible flooding, highlighted by the Environment Agency. As reported last month, the Government are undertaking consultations on the draft National Policy Statement (NPS) regarding the proposed expansion of Heathrow. Responses can be made online at by 25th May. Future flood alleviation measures include the Lower Thames Flood Relief Scheme. We have been represented at Workshops when some of the Scheme proposals were discussed in detail, whilst we are being urged to create a flood Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


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Scotts Decorating Services Interior/Exterior Domestic/Commercial Locally Based Fully Insured 30 years experience

Call Andy Scott for a quote: 01784 462928 07796 542788




Office: 01932 711196 Mobile: 07880 715856

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Crowds at Rotary Charity Day By Rotary Club of Sunbury & Shepperton Every two years, the Rotary Club of Shepperton & Sunbury runs an exhibition of local charities which operate within Spelthorne & Surrey. This gives a chance for local people to come and see the charities which can help them and to volunteer their support and for the charities to have the chance to meet each other. This year, 23 charities met at Shepperton Village Hall on in mid March. Our 24th charity, Surrey Search & Rescue, had to withdraw at the last minute as they were literally out looking for someone who had disappeared. Outside the Village Hall, we were lucky to have a train model brought in by Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway and as well as the boat, ‘Impossible Dream’, brought in by Thames Sailability. We particularly wish to thank our sister club, Shepperton Aurora, for all the help they gave us. Many residents from Shepperton, Sunbury & Halliford visited, as well as the Mayor, Cllr Alfred Friday and his wife, Kay, and other Councillors who talked with the Charities present that day. We were lucky to have a large range of charities present: there were charities offering care and support which included Parkinson’s UK Staines Branch, Care in Shepperton, MacMillan Cancer Support, the

Samaritans, Spelthorne Dementia Support and Cruse Bereavement Care; Charities which help children including HomeStart Spelthorne, Beanstalk which helps children with their reading, Momentum which supports terminally ill children & their families, Peterson’s Fund for Children, Shooting Star Chase Hospice and Queen Mary Sailability which takes disabled children (and adults) out on the water. Environmental charities included Shepperton Conservation Society, Spelthorne Natural History Society as well as the Shepperton Hedgehog Sanctuary. Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society were present. The armed forces charity, SSAFA. St John Ambulance also had a stall and to give demonstrations on immediate first aid. Rotary members were present to set up tables, help throughout the morning and to clear up at the end! They also put 5000 leaflets through doors, as well as posters on display. Refreshments were on sale and the grand daughter of Janet Walker, who organised refreshments, kept stall holders well supplied with teas & coffees. With many thanks to all the charities who participated in the Exhibition Day.

LtoR: Rotary President, Geoff Williams with President Elect Richard Black , Douglas Dick with boat & train and Alfred and Kay Friday with Geoff Williams and Catherine Black, Exhibition organiser To advertise call Monica on 07979 808991

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Laleham Open Gardens - Saturday 17th June

Could You Offer to Open Your Garden?

Laleham Garden Open Day is a much anticipated event in the Village calendar. Many of our visitors attend year after year and, up to 150 tickets are sold. Ticket holders are invited to follow a map of the village and call in at marked locations between the hours of 11am and 5pm. These locations include the Laleham Pond, Church Flower Festival and Heritage Centre as well as up to a dozen private gardens. Many of these private gardens agree to open year after year and we are very grateful to them. But we are always on the lookout for something new and it would be nice for our stalwarts to have a rest! Ideally, I would love to hear from you if you think you might be able to help. Showing off the fruits of your hard work in the garden can be very rewarding. You don’t need a big, showy plot either. Some of our contributors have tiny gardens, but still they are kind enough to share their endeavours with others for one day in June. Please call or email to find out more: Thank you very much! Donnica - 07545 131448

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Have Fun with Pilates! Pilates is a form of exercise with an emphasis on core strength. Regular practice can lead to a stronger leaner body with increased protection to your spine helping you to stand taller and able to move with a new ease. We meet at Laleham Village Hall every Monday evening between 6 and 7 Classes are relaxed and informal and all are welcome regardless of age and experience. You won’t have to enrol on a whole course as you pay just £9 each time you come and you won’t need to bring anything as everything you need is provided. But be warned....once you start you won’t want to stop! Looking forward to seeing you.

For more information call Charlie on 07967 736341 Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts


Hi All This update is more like a continuation from last month’s Shepperton Matters. Traffic Safety (or rather, lack of): on Friday 25th November, there was a serious accident at the traffic bollards on the bend going into Charlton Village from New Road. The bollards and streetlight were flattened and over the next 6 weeks there were a further six accidents at this exact same location. Eventually in January the illuminated square bollards were replaced with reflective signs and a couple of traffic cones but no streetlight. We have subsequently been informed that the streetlight will not be replaced as it is considered that the area has sufficient street-light. At the time of writing, the traffic cones are still situated on the traffic island thus preventing its use. The 30mph LED sign is so old it doesn't give true reading and was initially put up in the wrong place. The speed camera rarely has a film in it. There was a costly traffic survey done – this was the sixth survey in six years and the spend has used up the available budget for Charlton for the year 2017/18. Flooding: No progress. We’re still being flooded out at various parts of the Village, the worst hot spot being the above mentioned bend where New Road becomes Charlton Road. So the unfortunate residents there have to cope with speeding vehicles and/or wading knee deep to get out of their houses. Often at the same time! The Committee: we are still desperate that Charlton Village Residents Association (CVRA) should not fold so that the resident can get their voices heard and we can put on community events. But with such a small committee there is a very strong possibility that this will happen as some of our current members WILL NOT be standing for re-election in May. We have a lot of ideas and plans to move forward but, without the introduction of some new members there is very strong possibly that CVRA Committee will fold! Charlton Village has about 450 homes in it, and unless there are some serious offers of help then CVRA Committee will cease to exist. This will be a great shame and to the detriment of all the residents of the Village - something that I’m sure that no-one really wants. Please have a think about your Village and how you would like it to be. If you would prefer it to be a positive cheerful place to live in with a good vibe, then please think about how you can help, be it on an ad-hoc basis - delivering newsletters and updates / selling raffle tickets / helping when we have family events / gardening or joining the Committee. We need help and we need new members, and with the AGM only a couple of months away Thursday 11th May – changes will occur. And lastly can you please help us by returning the envelopes that were delivered with your February Newsletter for your annual £3.00 subscriptions and any money for Spelthorne in Bloom, along with any change of contact details. Thank you

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Gardening Matters Fuchsia Perfect I love hardy fuchsias. They are some of the

most rewarding plants to grow. They are easy to propagate, flower well and are not the least bit temperamental. They are named after a 16th Century German herbalist and physician called Leonard Fuchs. Lots of gardeners struggle to spell fuchsia but if you think of his name and stick and ‘ia’ on the end you have it! In mild areas or at the seaside they can grow into huge shrubs. Elsewhere hard frosts see off most of the top growth in winter, then new shoots burst up from the soil in the spring, maturing into small shrubs about 2-3 feet / 60100cm tall.

It’s a little known fact that the berries and inner petals of fuchsias are edible (though it’s worth noting that ‘edible’ doesn’t mean they necessarily taste good!). However there is now a variety bred especially for eating. It’s called “Berry” and produces fruit with a flavour something like a sweet fig. The fuchsia berries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. They don’t have a long shelf life so pick them when they are soft and squishy and eat them fresh, or freeze small quantities as you collect them, until you have enough to make fuchsia jam or add to muffins, much as you might add blueberries. Happy Gardening!

At this time of year rooted cuttings are cheap. Grow them on for a few weeks under cover, changing the pot to a slightly larger one as they grow, then plant them out in May. Choose a sunny spot in welldrained soil. Make sure you pinch out the shoot tips frequently. It delays the flowers a little but they will become bushy little plants which produce more flowers in the longrun. Once they are mature you can more or less leave them to it. Simply sprinkle a handful or two of fertiliser around them in the spring and again in the summer. There are lots of lovely varieties. “Mrs. Popple” is tall with red and purple flowers. “Mrs. W. P. Wood” is paler with pearly flowers. I have a soft spot for “Whiteknight’s Pearl” which is a beautiful pale pink. If you have a smaller plot try “Tom Thumb” or “Alice Hoffman”. Please mention Shepperton Matters when responding to adverts

By Rachael Leverton


Thinking of Selling your Stamp Collection? Cut out the commissions and sell direct to the dealer! Home visit valuations. Immediate payment, however large or small. Call 01932 785635

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What’s On - Shepperton & Laleham Send info on local events to to be listed here English Country Dancing in Shepperton Village Hall, Every Wednesday 10am till noon. All welcome, with or without a partner. No experience required. Telephone David Sansom on 01932 872617 for details. A date for your diary. Please make a note that the Shepperton Horticultural Society are holding their Annual Plant Sale at Shepperton Village Hall on Saturday, 13th May at Easter Sunday 16th April - Neil Belsey aka Tony Angelino is doing a charity day at The Kings Head supporting Shooting Star Chase. He will be singing the rat pack tribute. Lots of fun, raffle, etc Shepperton Artists Art & Craft Fair. Shepperton Village Hall. April 1st 10.30-3.00. Free admission. Roman Spring Festival at Spelthorne Museum. Join volunteers on Saturday 1st April from 11am until 3pm for springtime activities - games, trails, crafts and mosaics. All free. The entrance to Spelthorne Museum is through Staines Library. 01784 461804 The next meeting of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society will be on Tuesday 18th April at Halliford School, Russell Road, Shepperton, when Marc Meltonville will be talking about the Chocolate Kitchen at Hampton Court. All welcome, admission £2 for non-members Spelthorne Archers - “Try Archery, a traditional English sport”. Beginner courses held on Tuesday evenings end of April until September, 6pm until dusk. All equipment, instruction and refreshments provided. Certificate on completion. At Lakeside Sports Ground, Sunbury on Thames. Also groups or organisations can book an archery experience, available on Monday or Wednesday evenings. Includes equipment, instruction, refreshments and a fun competition. To book, contact Training Officer, David Robinson More information at

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Staines Horticultural Society Floral Art Group meet monthly on Wednesday evenings. Meetings are a mix of flower arranging demonstrations and practical workshops. A small friendly club we welcome guests. For more information contact Anne Hart 564835.

More What’s On - Shepperton & Laleham Send community events info to The Probus Club of Shepperton for retired business and professional men meets on the first Tuesday of each month to hear a speaker followed by lunch. In March we held our AGM and the chairman was pleased to announce that the club was donating £650 to the Charley Paige Trust. We welcome new members; please telephone 01932 223814 or 242372 SPELTHORNE CHORAL SOCIETY rehearse every Monday evening during term-time 7.30- 9.30pm at Our Lady of the Rosary School, Park Avenue, Staines. Very friendly atmosphere and no audition required, just a love of singing Choral Music. Our Conductor is Sean Bui and Accompanist Lindsay Bridgwater. All information via the website at ;- or call 07527 155443. One to One - activities for adults with learning disabilities. This friendly Spelthorne group meets for a weekly social and activity evening at St Peter's Church Hall, Laleham Rd, Staines-upon-Thames TW18 2DX every Wednesday from 7:30-9:00pm and at other times for other monthly or seasonal activities. Other groups meet in Runnymede and Elmbridge. We welcome new members age 18+, and prospective volunteers, at any meeting. There is more information on our website at Or call Monica in the office on 01784 446279 Shepperton Allotment Association, Grove Road, Shepperton will have a number of vacant plots later this spring. .Please contact John Child (Chairman) on 01932 245952 or email to add your name to the short waiting list. Spelthorne Museum talk on Thursday 6th April. Nick Pollard will be speaking about ‘The Lost Buildings of Staines’ at Staines Methodist Church in Thames Street. The meeting starts at 8pm and admission is £2 for non-members Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Association presents a coffee concert. Saturday April 29 at 10.15 for 11am at the Riverside Arts Centre, Sunbury. The Canarie Consort present a programme of ancient and modern music with Genevieve Usher (soprano), Norman MacSween (harpsichord), Bryony Lodge(flute), Alan Thomas (cello). Tickets £8.50 on the door and from 01932-765498 Walton Voices Easter concert featuring music from composers from the Baltic region, and the programme will also include Poulenc's 'Gloria'. Join us at St. Mary's Church, Sunbury, for this wonderful evening of music. 22 April 7:30pm, St. Mary's Church, Church St, Sunbury TW16 6RN. Tickets: £12 (inc. refreshments). There will be a collection for the charity War Child. Box office: 07884 348172, Email:, Web:

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April 2017 Shepperton Matters  

the free local community magazine for Shepperton and Laleham

April 2017 Shepperton Matters  

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