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FAMILY & FRIENDS RE-UNION Plan a fun and stress-free get-together for your family or friends at Village Machaan Resorts. Re-unions are the purpose of congregating family or friends and celebrate. Give us an opportunity to bring your family together. We can customize a package to ď€ t all your family needs. Whom to invite: Everyone, After all, sometimes it's the random second cousin you never thought would show up who ends up being the life of the party. When to start planning: Set a date as early as possible, preferably three months in advance. Families with school-age children generally need to plan around the school schedule. Birthday& Anniversary planning – These celebrations gives reasons to families to spend time together and celebrate. For an annual reunion, a weekend will sufď€ ce. If reunions don't occur as regularly, plan a few extra days for those who can stay longer. How to organize it: Pick a point person from each nuclear family so that wires don't get crossed, and take an informal survey of what people are willing to spend and when they would like to go. We at Village Machaan Resorts very well understand difference between corporate meetings & family reunions. Where-in we work out a well designed program to get all aspects of the family reunion accomplished. We are very robust in getting all the arrangements done

Keeping children,couples and even for senior members of the family in mind the games are planned for them. Menu is prepared according to the requirement. Tribal dance or musical evenings can be arranged as per requirements. Adding Jungle safari in Pench Tiger reserve is an extra fun and excitement in the wild. This is also knowledgeable trip for children by taking them for Safari and seeing the animals in their natural habitat. Village walk demonstrates them the life of a villagers and the information on domestic cattle. Night safari is an experience of life time and shall not be missed during your travel.

Family stay in Hotel in pench Celebration in Resort in Pench Anniversary celebration in hotel at pench Birthday Celebration in resort at Pench Family re-union in Pench Tiger Reserve Friends Re-union in Karmazhiri To enjoy your vacation in the pristine Pench forest, we Village Machaan has an expertise in Planning and preparing packages as per your and requirements.

Family and friends re union in village machaan pench tiger reserve  

Family stay in Hotel in pench, Celebration in Resort in Pench, Anniversary celebration in hotel at pench, Birthday Celebration in resort at...

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