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Pench Jungle Safari - Do's & Don'ts of Jungle Safari Village Machaan Resort Discover what to pack and wear for the thick vegetation and humidity of a Jungle safari. A number of people when considering a vacation to a jungle safari destination are cautious of what to and what not to wear. Jungles drum up images of thick vegetation, mosquitos, rain and wild animals – which wouldn't be too far off! Village Machaan advice you to enjoy all of the good things and lessen the discomfort. To that extent, we have listed a few tips belowin order to make your jungle stay as harmless and comfortable as possible: GET READY TO BE WILD – PENCH JUNGLE SAFARI

Binoculars – While on safari in Pench, there are always interesting things to see: both big and small. Make your safari trip a more immersed one with the best safari binoculars. Camera – A camera plays a very vital role for someone who is interested in wildlife Safari in Pench National park to have a perfect experience and capture the memories. Travel documents –Government Identity proof of every tourist in the Jeep. Head wear - As you move your way through the forest a variety of fauna and ora in Pench often falls from the tress, so it is nice to have something covering your head. Caps are not always recommended however as the peak often hits low hanging branches while you are on open Jeeps, making for a bit of a rude awakening. Cosmetics – Good Sunscreen &sun glasses Moisture Wicking Garments - Clothes color should be matching with surroundings like dark green, muddy-brown and rocky-grey are the ideal clothing color. Cotton or linen outts are always considered good for wildlife safaris.A light moisture wicking shirt will reduce sweat levels and also be light enough that you can explore at ease.

Walking boots - You need something light weight and waterproof in order that you are still mobile and comfortable during your game drive in Pench Tiger Reserve. Ensure your boots are also worn in prior to travelling as otherwise they can be very uncomfortable. Mosquito repellent

Don'ts during Jungle Safari in Pench National Park Exploring the jungle always brings out several surprises for both the nature lover and explorer. But in our pleasure to explore the natural environs we sometimes forget that we have a responsibility to follow, to keep the environment clean.

While visiting any of the National Parks or Wildlife Sanctuaries of India you should keep in mind that they are protected areas under the Forest Department of India, so do not make a enthusiasm of in such activities that can go in opposition to the nature conservation program of the forest department. Mobile phones are not permitted in the forest. When on your jungle tour just keep in mind that animals are present in their natural habitats because it’s their home, so do not upset them. If you want to take photographs be alert of not disturbing the animals, keep in mind you are in their territory. Entering Park Safari gates – Reach the entrance gatei 30 minutes before the Jungle safari timings to nish the entry formalities. At park enterance gate, documents of every vehicle is thoroughly veried, matched and then only allowed to enter During Park Safari, After entering the Pench Tiger Reserve, the prearranged Naturalist guides the Jeep driver for the park round. The instructions of the naturalist to be followed. Be alert during the park safari as the Jungle is full of surprises. Naturalist will be providing the information on the birds, animals, insects, butteries, plants and trees. No one is allowed to dismount safari jeeps in any case. In the mid of Safari, all the jeeps are required to report central point“ALIKATTA ” in Pench Tiger reserve. You can enjoy some refreshments at this place for 15-20 minutes. You may also notice man made shelters and many more things in the park.

Mode of Safari's Open Jeep Safaris –Though a Jeep can accommodate six persons (tourists) as part of a safari ride, we recommend booking a safari for four adults considering the space in the Jeep will be comfortable while sighting wildlife. Guide and driver would be there.

Canter Safari - There has been a new initiative taken by Madhya Pradesh forest department from the season 2014-2015, Canter safari option was introduced for the tourist.Availability of safari is always a concern in wildlife locations, so this canter tickets has been a great relief for the tourists. This can comfortably accommodate 12 tourists.

Activities to Do in Pench National Park Pench National Park is popular for its wildlife and ora & fauna. There are many ways to explore the wildlife of forest. These can be arranged by team Village Machaan Resort. They are:

Open Jeep Safaris Night safaris Elephant Ride Bird Watching Activity Jungle Walk Walking Safaris (12 km) @ Karmazhiri.

Entrance Gates and zones in Pench National Park: Choose your safari - Jungle Safari booking for any of these zones and gates are assisted by Village Machaan Resort in Pench. Turia gate – Distance from Resort is 2 Kms – Morning Safari and Afternoon Safari. Kamajhiri gate – Distance from Resort is 50 Kms – Morning Safari and Afternoon Safari Jamtara gate - Distance from Resort is 80 Kms – Morning Safari and Afternoon Safari Rukhad gate – Distance from Resort is 35 Kms – Morning Safari and Afternoon Safari Wolf Sanctuary zone – Distance from Resort is 12 Kms – Morning Safari, Afternoon Safari & Night Safari Sillari Zone – Distance from Resort is 20 Kms – Morning Safari and Afternoon Safari Khursapar Zone - Distance from Resort is 9 Kms – Morning Safari and Afternoon Safari.

Park Safari Timings: Park Safari Timings

Morning Safari

Evening Safari

Night safari

1 Oct 30 June

05:30 - 10:30

15:00 - 18:00

5:30 - 20:30

Note: Safari timing is in discretionary power of Park management & may change anytime.

SAFARI IN PENCH IS ABOUT WILDERNESS, GREAT WILDLIFE, AND RICH LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Pench - Pench is perfectly poised to offer an experience that is both, authentic as well as unique with adventure. Our aim is to get to understand the wilderness better, to respect it, care for it and share it. Village Machaan Resort in Pench - Village Machaan is a luxurious resort has Glass cottages with private Machaans and lawn that combines the seclusion and natural treasures of the wild with the comfort of a boutique resort.We are sure that your stay at our resort and your experiences here will increase your love for nature and provide you an unforgettable cost-effective life time experience. To make your Jungle Safari ride more exciting, knowledgeable and insightful, we provide a dedicated guide. We assure you that Pench National Park is a perfect destination for those who love nature or want to get away from busy city schedules.

Do's and don'ts of jungle safari | Pench Jungle Safari |  

Don'ts during Jungle Safari in Pench National Park Exploring the jungle always brings out several surprises for both the nature lover and ex...

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