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Birds of Pench National Park–Natures gift to grace the sky Birds are unique living beings with their ability to y.There is no better word to describe the beauty of birds than “ majestic”. Birds are a vital connection to the wild. There are about 285 species of birds found in Pench National Park. Birds are found everywhere and provide one of the most exciting ways to connect with the natural world and experience the nature.Birds are the some of the creatures which add beauty to environment. The photographs of birds are used to depict beauty.Birds are part of this whole ecosystem we call Nature.

Importance of birds to Nature and human being: There are many varieties of birds across the globe. We see only few them around the place of human residence.Some of the birds are reared for human use while others are indirectly helpful to humans. Birds are a part of food chain in the ecosystem and are a part of nature.As birds are high up in the food chain, they are also good indicators of the general state of our biodiversity.

Birds are not directly employed by man in agriculture. But they naturally serve some benets. Birds also helps in cross pollination of plants. Birds are also said to be pest controller, many kind of birds assist farmers by eating weed seeds, harmful insects, or agricultural pests. Birds helps in natural seed dispersal and plant propagation. Birds of Pench National Park Bird watching in Pench national park Photography of birds in Pench National park Names of Birds in Pench National park Migratory Birds of Pench Tiger Reserve

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There are resident and migratory, winter visitor and summer visitor birds in Pench. Colour is considered as the essence of life and so the birds. The spectacular vibrant colours living in the Jungles of Penchmakes the Pench safari experience more wonderful. Watching these little creatures and their habitat in the wild is a delight to every visitor. Indian Pitta is called the “Navranga” in Hindi and has nine vibrant colours and is seen in Pench. Pench is known to be bird watchers delight. Kite and eagles are not common in Pench. Kingsher and dove are most easily spotted in Pench Tiger Reserve. Its bright colours ensures to get notied. Bird photography in Pench can be done, as this is known to be delight for bird watchers. Pench national park is paradise for birding during winters. List of birds found in Pench from the checklist of local guide: Grey-headed Fish Eagle Indian Cuckoo Grey-bellied Cuckoo Asian Koel Indian Peafowl Red Spurfowl Painted Spurfowl Red Junglefowl Indian Scops Owl Oriental Scops Owl Jungle Owlet Spotted Owlet Eurasian Eagle Owl Indian Eagle Owl Paddyeld Pipit Tawny Pipit Tree Pipit Painted Stork Painted Francolin Black-headed Ibis Lesser Whistling-duck Indian Pond Hron

Grey Heron Purple Heron Little Egret Black Stork Grey Francolin Jungle Bush Quail Asian Openbill Black-crowned Night Heron Tufted Duck Little Cormorant Great Egret Oriental Darter Cuttle Egret Osprey Great Cormorant Peregrine Falcon Cinnamon Bittern Striated Heron/Little Heron Intermediate Egret Laggar Falcon Common Kestrel Jungle Babbler Black Kite Jacobin Cuckoo Common Hawk Cuckoo Yellow-wattled Lapwing Red-wattled Lapwing Alexandrine Parakeet Rose-ringed Parakeet Plum-headed Parakeet Black-winged Kite Indian Cormorant Orange-headed Thrush Egyption Vulture

Oriental Honey-buzzard Purple Sunbird Tickell's Blue Flycatcher Little Grebe Brahminy Kite White-breasted Waterhen Yellow-legged Buttonquail Woolly-necked Stork Black-necked Stork Indian Thick-knee Red-naped Ibis Eusasian Spoonbill Shikra Besra White-eyed Buzzard Crested Hawk Eagle Common Moorhen White-rumped Vulture Indian Vulture/Long-billed Vulture Griffon Vulture/Eurasian Griffon Cinereous Vulture/Eurasian Black Vulture Red-headed Vulture Short-tode Snake Eagle Crested Serpent Eagle Eurasian Marsh Harrier Pied Harrier Crested Goshawk Spotted Dove Laughing Dove Yellow-footed Green Pigeon Emerald Dove Common Snipe Green Sandpiper Wood Sandpiper

Common Sandpiper Little Stint Indian Courser River Tern Painted Sandgrouse Common Pigeon Oriental Turtle Dove Eurasion Collared Dove Red Collared Dove Ruddy Shelduck Cotton Pygmy-goose Gadwall Eurasian Wigeon Mallard Indian Spot-billed Duck Northern Pintail Garganey Common Teal Red-crested Pochard Common Pochard Ferruginous Pochard Common Buzzard Tawny Eagle Bonelli's Eagle Booted Eagle Sirkeer Malkoha Southern Coucal Barn Owl Short-eared Owl Mottled Wood Owl Brown Wood Owl Rufous Woodpecker Brown Fish Owl Common Kingď€ sher

Pied Kingsher Stork-billed Kingsher White-throated Kingsher Indian Grey Hornbill Malabar Pied Hornbill Jungle Nightjar Indian Nightjar Savanna Nightjar Grey Wagtail White Wagtail Little Swift Common Hoopoe Indian Roller Crested Treeswift White-rumped Spinetail Asian Palm Swift Green Bee-eater Blue-tailed Bee-eater Red-whiskered Bulbul Red-vented Bulbul Yellow-browed Bulbul Brown-headed Barbet Coppersmith Barbet Eurasian Wryneck Yellow Wagtail Citrine Wagtail Forest Wagtail Indian Pitta White-naped Woodpecker Barn Swallow Red-rumped Swallow Indian Jungle Crow White-bellied Minivet Small Minivet

Long-tailed Minivet Scarlet Minivet Brown Shrike Isabelline Shrike Bay-backed Shrike Long-tailed Shrike Southern Grey Shrike Indian Golden Oriole Black-hooded Oriole White-throated Fantail White-browed Fantail Common Tailorbird Asian Paradise-ycatcher Greater Racket-tailed Drongo Black Drongo Ashy Drongo White-bellied Drongo Common Babbler Large Cuckooshrike White-rumped Munia Scaly-breasted Munia Black-headed Munia House Crow Great Tit Black-lored Tit Fire-capped Tit Black-naped Monarch Rufous Treepie Baya Weaver Rufous-tailed Lark Grey-breasted Prinia Jungle Prinia Ashy Prinia Rufous-fronted Prinia

Jungle Myna Common Myna Oriental Magpie Robin House Sparrow

Village Machaan resort has maintained lush greenery and lovely lawns and almost more than 50 species of birds can be identiď€ ed in the resort premises. We understand the importance of birds for eco system and conservation. The individual Machaan's on top of each Glass Cottage gives opportunity to guest to see and experience the vibrant colours and the beautiful creation of nature.

Birds of pench national park | Pench Birds  

Birds are unique living beings with their ability to y.There is no better word to describe the beauty of birds than “ majestic”. Birds are...

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