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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Comes to Heart of Haile Protein Packed



Matt & Tiffany Thomas


TAKES FLIGHT Sanibel & Captiva Islands

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Vol. 8 No. 4 | Fall 2012

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Spotlight on Neighbors: Matt & Tiffany Thomas


A New Salon Experience in Haile Village Center


Love for PACE


Art Gallery Comes to Heart of Haile


Industry Insider: Posture and Pain





Carving Out History


2012 Holiday Gift Guide


Men’s Fashion Takes Flight

health & fitness 56

Protein Packed Snacks


Tempo Change Ab Routine


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contents The Village Journal


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Tricks of the Trade: 5 Tips for Planning a Holiday Party



66 Celebrating Christmas Without the Financial Hangover

food 68 Crockpot Crazy for Tailgating

travel 72 Desitination: Sanibel & Captiva Islands


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Thiago Love-Leonor wearing Banana Republic. Photographed by Rya of RYAPHOTOS.

8 |

When you visit Tioga Town Center you’ll get authentic New York pastrami, potato salad, world famous Carnegie Deli cheesecake

…and Dave. Sure, the picturesque storefronts, coffee shop, boutiques, restaurants, world-class fitness center and bakery make Tioga Town Center a prime shopping and

TTC Ad New

business destination. But it’s more than that here

— It’s the people who make Tioga Town Center an experience like no other in Gainesville. It’s people like Dave Anders and his staff at Dave’s New York Deli, customizing your Philly cheesesteak so it’s just the way you like it, who will make Tioga Town Center your favorite place to visit. So come on out! Take a stroll around and talk to the people who will make Tioga Town Center your favorite destination in town.

SW 128th Street & W. Newberry Rd. Tioga, Florida 32669


The Village Journal

editor’s note It’s that time of year again! When we hurdle from one holiday to the next, hopping from shopping to party to recital, finding room within our tummies to squeeze in just one more meal, and all while doing the dance of the decoration in our homes. You guessed it-- “the” holidays. While it can often seem like there is not enough time to fit in all the fun, the holiday season undoubtedly provides the special time we spend with our families, friends, neighbors and colleagues. So amidst the madness and dashing, be sure to cherish the special moments that will outlast the holidays themselves. And if you happen to be hosting one of these noted parties, we’ve included tips to pull it off with ease from pro Keith Watson on p. 60. Speaking of merriment, don’t miss the well-dressed gents in our menswear fall fashion guide that will more than do the trick at any upcoming holiday soiree (p.50). Below are a few snapshots we captured of the men in action during photo shoot! From our Village Journal family to yours…Cheers! We wish you health and happiness this holiday season.

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mailbox Send us a note to share your thoughts and ideas about the magazine. If you know of someone or something that you think would be great to share with the entire community, let us know about it. We want to hear from you because after all, this magazine is for you! Write to us at

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When you visit Tioga Town Center, you’ll get trend-setting style, a family friendly shopping experience

…and Andrea & Thiago. Sure, the picturesque storefronts, coffee shop, boutiques, restaurants, world-class fitness center and bakery make Tioga Town Center a prime shopping destination. But it’s more than that here – It’s the people who make Tioga Town Center an experience like no other in Gainesville. It’s people like Andrea & Thiago Love-Leonor at The Little Shop, providing a unique family shopping and playtime experience, who will make Tioga Town Center your favorite place to visit. So come on out! Take a stroll around and talk to the people who will make Tioga Town Center your favorite destination in town.

SW 128th Street & W. Newberry Rd. Tioga, Florida 32669


T h e V i l l a g e J o u r na l

contributors Andrea Love-Leonor owns and operates The Little Shop, a unique children’s boutique that carries one of a kind toys, baby gifts and stylish clothing. Andrea’s zest for life and for what she and her husband and business partner, Thiago, have brought to the community can be summed up by their shop’s motto: ‘be active, be stylish, be happy.’ Before moving to Gainesville, Andrea spent 10 years living in New York City and made her professional mark at such notable companies as Jones Apparel Group, Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Britt McGriff, NASM, is a personal trainer at 807 Wellness Group with over 10 years experience, specializing in speed and agility training, and weight loss and nutrition coaching. Britt is passionate about athletics and fitness, having played football at University of Central Florida and coached football at Gainesville High School. Britt was born and raised in Gainesville and has deep roots within the community. Art Waters, MA, CSCS, CES, is a personal trainer at Sweat Life Fitness, Inc. He has always had an intense passion for exercise, which drives him to push his clients to do things they never thought possible. Art works with individuals with all types of goals, but specializes in sportsspecific, mud run, weight loss, and corrective exercise training. He is motivated and inspired by his wife and two young children. Keith Watson is the President and CEO of Keith Watson Events, a leading full-service special events and design production company. Watson received a BFA degree in theatre from Birmingham Southern College and has had an extensive career in the performing arts in New York City. Watson’s talents as an event designer and producer have been exhibited at numerous venues across the country and for a wide variety of notable clients. Keith Watson Events has a design showroom and seasonal Christmas shop in Tioga Town Center and a production studio in Northwest Gainesville.

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When you visit Tioga Town Center you’ll get exquisite design, the best entertainment, an event they’ll never forget

…and Keith. Sure, the picturesque storefronts, coffee shop, boutiques, restaurants, world-class fitness center and bakery make Tioga Town Center a prime shopping and business destination. But it’s more than that here — It’s the people who make Tioga Town Center an experience like no other in Gainesville. It’s people like Keith Watson and his staff at Keith Watson Events, with a meticulous attention to detail and personal service that makes planning your event a breeze, who will make Tioga Town Center your favorite place to visit. So come on out! Take a stroll around and talk to the people who will make Tioga Town Center your favorite destination in town.

SW 128th Street & W. Newberry Rd. Tioga, Florida 32669


The Haile Village Center


architecture Jennifer Langford, AIA, CNU, PA . . . . . . . . 371-7187

art & photography Footstone Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 562-3066 Haile Art Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 375-8000

community Gainesville Community Foundation . . . . . 367-0060

dance Cameron Dance Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335-7785

dining Cacciatore Pizza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 692-0701 Haile Village Bistro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 378-0721 Limerock Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 240-6228 Sisters Restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 379-0281 South Garden . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 378-8776 14 |

Patticakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 376-1332 Queens Arms Pub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 378-0721 The Goody Basket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 376-2600

education Abacus Learning Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 376-1492

event services Cacciatore Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 692-0701 Olive You Eat Well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 379-0281 Plantation Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 371-1600

financial American Optimal Advisors . . . . . . . . . . . . 505-5632 AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 378-7833 Halloway Wealth Management . . . . . . . . . 337-8177 Markey Wealth Management . . . . . . . . . . . 338-1560 SunTrust Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 375-6868 Tillman Hartley, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335-9015

fitness Sweat Life Fitness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 692-4926

furnishings & gifts Marianne Coveney European Essentials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335-4290 The Goody Basket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 376-2600 The Perfect Gift . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 375-8000

health & beauty Haile Barber Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 374-2005 Haile Village Body Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 372-6550 Hang Ten Nail Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-5545 Ideal Weight Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . 327-4120 Salon PhD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 338-1011 Serendipity Spa & Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 378-9088 Skin Therapy by Connie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 226-0793

home improvements TPG Granite & Cabinetry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 375-8000

jewelry Sander’s Jewelers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-6100 The Village Jeweler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 338-0015 Abazias Diamonds, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 264-9940

legal C. David Coffey, P.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335-8442 Fisher, Butts, Sechrest, Warner & Palmer, P.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 373-5922 Law Offices of Steven Kalishman . . . . . . . 376-8600 Mark J. Fraser, Attorney at Law . . . . . . . . . 367-0444 Steve Warm, Attorney at Law . . . . . . . . . . . 373-8279 Niesen, Price, Worthy, Campo, Frasier & Blakey, P.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ………… 373-9031 White & Crouch, P.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 372-1011

Galvan Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 327-3561 Haile Endodontics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 374-2999 Haile Medical Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 367-9602 Haile Plantation Family Dental . . . . . . . . . 375-6116 Haile Plantation Family Medicine (UF) . . 265-0944 Haile Village Bodywork . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 372-6550 Infectious Disease Consultants . . . . . . . . . 375-0008 Kids Only Dental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335-7777 Lori Libert Physical Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . 222-1583 Linda Goodwin, PhD, LMHC, Counselor . . 373-0030 Speech & Language Center at Haile Plantation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 284-3323 The Haile Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 337-0551 UF&Shands PRC at Haile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 265-0944

pet care Haile’s Angels Pet Rescue . . . . . . . . . . . . . 262-4232 Haile Plantation Animal Clinic . . . . . . . . . . 377-6003 Shampoodles by Jan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 336-7236 Sweet Paws Bakery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 264-8995

real estate Bosshardt Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 478-4255 Coldwell Banker, M.M. Parrish Realtors . . 335-4999 Haile Plantation Sales & Information Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335-4999 Thomas Group Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 226-8228

title & insurance New York Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 379-8171 Weston Arnold Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 333-9440

medical Aguirre Orthodontics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 378-2545 Benet Clinical Assessment . . . . . . . . . . . . . 375-2545 Burnell Acupuncture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 367-0900

directory |15

Publix Market Square

directory SW 24TH AVE.




Great Clips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-1005 Venus Nail Spa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-3878

dining Bamboos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .331-1522 I Love NY Pizza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 333-6185 O!O Tapas & Tinis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-6620 Subway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 332-1707 Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt . . . . . . . . . . . . . 505-3352

dry cleaning On the Spot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 332-9494

eyewear Alligator Island Optical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 332-9028

financial Florida Credit Union . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 377-4141 Wells Fargo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-8239

grocery Publix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-1037

insurance Bo Greene Insurance Agency . . . . . . . . . . 333-1123 Brightway Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 240-7500

16 |



ST .


27 T




87 T






87 T





mailing service Haile Mail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-4447

medical Alligator Island Optical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 332-9028 Archer Dental . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-4731 Haile Market Therapy & Behavioral Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-0020 Kinetix Physical Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 505-6665 The Acupuncture Center of North Florida . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-0020

pharmacy Publix Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-1086

shopping Haile Jewelry & Loans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 333-1905 Talking Walls 2 Art & Framing . . . . . . . . . . 333-7225

spirits The Spirit Shoppe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-7274

real estate Allison Ables Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 371-1828 Cornell & Associates, Your Real Estate Partner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 505-0555 Tommy Williams Homes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331-8180 Viking Construction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 333 - 9333

BMW of Gainesville

The Ultimate Driving Machine®

ALL NEW. EXCEPT FOR THE THRILL. With a fuel-efficient, TwinPower Turbo 240-hp, 4-cylinder engine, the all-new 3 Series propels you from 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds while still giving you 33 mpg highway.* Meanwhile, the Head-Up Display and the ConnectedDrive infotainment system bring the outside world within arm’s reach. A rebirth has never felt more familiar. We only make one thing. The Ultimate Driving Machine.®


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on neighbors

Matt and Tiffany

THOMAS by Kendal Norris | Rya of RYAPHOTOS

Upon that moment of entry, life becomes full of transitions: from infancy to adulthood, from single to married, from married to family, from school to job, from renting to home ownership. Most of us are lucky enough to have aid along the way in the form of parents, teachers, counselors, co-workers and friends. We never really outgrow the need for assistance, even when faced with the various demands of change that life presents. Matt and Tiffany Thomas happen to be skilled at transition, and they use that attribute when assisting others in various areas of real estate. A native of Leesburg, Florida, Matt finished high school there and moved to Gainesville to attend Santa Fe College. After transferring and studying Civil Engineering at the University of Central Florida, he returned to Gainesville in 2005 to join his father, John Thomas, at a local real estate firm. As Matt said, “Dad thought it would be a good idea to get some work experience in this field, and Gainesville was always a kind of second home to me.�

18 |

Choosing that particular career path was also fortunate because Matt met Tiffany Davis, his future wife, while participating in initial real estate training. Tiffany was born in Arizona to a military family, but has been a Gainesville resident since fourth grade and attended Eastside High School’s I.B. (International Baccalaureate) Program. From there she earned a soccer scholarship to the University of West Florida in Pensacola and graduated in 2004 with a degree in Communications. She added, “I stayed in Pensacola for a while after graduation, working in advertising sales for a cable company. But I could see that it wasn’t a long-term job and I missed Gainesville and my family, so I decided to return home.” As it happened, Tiffany’s mother, Lore Davis, was also an agent with the same realty company as Matt’s father. “When I met Matt’s dad and mom,” Tiffany remembered, “they mentioned they had a son they’d like me to meet, and the rest is history. Let it not be said that ‘arranged marriages’ are a thing of the past!” After their initial encounter in class in January 2006, Matt and Tiffany started dating and married in August of the same year. Tiffany added, “After we got our real estate licenses, we started working together immediately, even carpooling and going on joint appointments. We shared the same strong work ethic and kept the dream alive of one day having our own business.” Along the way toward realizing that dream, Matt and Tiffany had two lovely daughters, Madelyn (Maddie), age 3 and Lillian (Lily), age 1 ½. Tiffany took some time off while they were starting their family. Just over a year ago she resumed her career, joining Tommy Williams Homes. “I get to work in the model home very close to where we live

and I really enjoy being involved in the field of new construction. Matt and I also thought it was a good idea to diversify our careers somewhat, given the recent fluctuations in the economy,” Tiffany noted. Matt made another transition in January of this year to form Thomas Group Realty, located in Haile Village Center. He commented, “It was time to branch out and create the kind of boutique real estate firm my family and I had always talked about. So now my dad, John Thomas, my brother-in-law, Eric Davis and my mother-in-law, Lore Davis all work together. Four other highly qualified and gifted agents are part of a team that serves all of Alachua County, but concentrates largely on Haile Plantation and southwest Gainesville.” The realty team that makes up this familybased firm crosses both the age and gender lines through multi-generational and male and female brokers. Matt added, “I’ve been mentored by my dad for a long while and have learned the importance of a ‘hands-on’ approach to dealing with clients. Everyone in the office helps everyone else in a non-competitive way. We actually do work together like a family, sharing expertise and information. And it’s the clients who end up benefitting from this type of approach.”

community |19


on neighbors

Both Matt and Tiffany see an upward trend of local growth in the real estate business. Tiffany noted, “In the past year I’ve noticed more full-time realtors in the field than the part-time ones who were more prevalent when the market was at its lowest point. Where I’m working (in new construction), there are more buyers than properties available right now.” Matt is more cautiously optimistic, but said, “Our firm is looking to expand as well, but we’re focused on finding professionals with similar values and a strong work ethic. It’s important to stay in harmony as a small firm and for us to be on the same page in terms of commitment to service. A transition that involves buying and selling a home is a big emotional, as well as financial investment. Staying in tune with that, being patient, and finding solutions to problems is part of our job.” Taking needed breaks from their busy careers, Matt and Tiffany like to treat their daughters on Friday evenings to pizza and playground time in the Haile Village Center. The girls love to swim at their community pool. The Thomas’s attend Trinity Methodist Church in northwest Gainesville, where Matt’s parents are also members. Matt said, “When we have free time, we like to vacation with our families in different spots – like going to the mountains in north Georgia with my family and to Crescent Beach 20 |

with Tiffany’s family.” Just kicking back with neighbors and friends is also part of their routine because as Tiffany noted, “There’s a great bunch of young families living all around us that we like to spend time with. We live a very active, family-based lifestyle, although our individual sports activities have to take a backseat to raising our daughters right now.” She added with a laugh, “Things like basketball, football, baseball and soccer will always be there later.” As for the newly-launched joint venture of owning their own business, Matt and Tiffany couldn’t be happier. Tiffany stated, “I’m so proud of Matt. As a manager, he is taking on a big role and making it look easy. His commitment and dedication are paying off in so many ways.” As for the parental matchmaking that brought them together, that trend is continuing. Matt said, “Recently I sold a house to a young lady named Nicole. When Tiffany met her parents at an inspection, she mentioned that her brother Eric was also single. Guess what? Now the two of them are married! Maybe we should have a company motto that goes something like: ‘Buy a house, get a spouse.’” Then he added with a chuckle, “On second thought, that might scare away the guys …”

the all-new toyota

prius v

more prius. more possibilities.



For Your Test Drive Today.

w ww . G a t o r l a n d To y o t a . com

2985 N. Main St. Gainesville, FL 32609

Benefitting the

Saturday, September 29, 2012 The Sebastian Ferrero Foundation’s annual fundraising event Noche de Gala has become a standalone event, unsurpassed in our region. At this year’s sold out event, Noche de Gala guests enjoyed electrifying entertainment by Team iLuminate, made famous by America’s Got Talent, performances from Las Vegas illusionist Simon Winthrop, a silent auction featuring unique and extraordinary items, a Champion Paso Fino horse show, a live band, exquisite dining and much more! Noche de Gala was hosted at the spectacular 643-acre Besilu Collection in Micanopy, Florida. Proceeds from Noche de Gala benefit the Shands Hospital for Children at the University of Florida.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Congenital Heart Center at UF

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by C. Nooriel Nolan | RYA of PHOTOS


here’s a new kind of spa in the Haile Village Center, but residents shouldn’t make any assumptions – this business is working to provide a unique spa experience…one for the whole family. The Haile Village Spa & Salon announced its grand opening on September 8th, and while it will feature anticipated luxuries like Swedish massage, botanical facials, natural nail manicures, pedicures, hair services, makeup and other typical spa and salon services, it also aims to provide much more than simply a “ladies day out.” By offering a wide range of therapeutic services like Sports Maintenance massage, Neuro-Sensitive Body Repair, Infant & Pediatric massage, as well as an array of products for men and women of all ages, they have taken the spa in a new direction.

24 |

The key to this new direction is Katelyn Vilardell, Spa Director for the Haile Village Spa & Salon. Katelyn obtained a degree in Orthopedic Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy and created spinal grafts before taking on the challenge of bringing medical healing to the spa experience. Orthopedic massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, utilizing a wide range of bodywork to normalize the soft tissues of the body and realign your posture to restore structural balance to the body. Katelyn has utilized orthopedic massage to treat MD and chiropractic patients for the past five years as a contracted massage therapist and nationally certified fitness trainer. The spa’s future intention is to accept medical insurance for both massage and Acupunture clientele, and offer parternships to local medical offices, fitness centers and even dentists for specialized work such as TJMD and post-surgery recovery.

Katelyn has brought this healing expertise to the spa environment and is excited about her new venture. “I like a challenge,” Katelyn says. “When I go for something, I go 600 percent.” She is proud of the work she has put into the business, including selecting the types of products and services that will be provided, and hiring only experienced specialists who are dedicated to performing these beneficial services. Her goal is to create an environment that will foster the clients’ overall health, not just pamper them for a day, and it’s evident through several of the services they provide. “We offer trademarked services that you can’t get in other spas,” Katelyn explains. This is just part of the exclusive slant Haile Village Spa & Salon is aiming for. Her background clearly inspired sports and pediatric massages, but these aren’t the only atypical spa service Katelyn has incorporated. Working on postural issues through therapeutic massage is particularly important to her. “Posture plays a huge role in overall health, especially as you get older,” she says. According to Katelyn, prolonged poor posture can even cause scarring of tissues. For example, if someone is overweight, causing folds in the neck or waistline, the creases in the skin can actually become scarring of the soft tissue. To address this scarring, the Haile Village Spa & Salon offers their trademarked Body Contouring Massage that works to stretch the skin and eradicate deep set lines in neck, legs, back and waistline. “In addition to this service, we off two wrap services that reduce cellulite, smooth out the skin, create inch loss in fatty areas, detoxify the fatty tissue and help your body to metabolize the fat,” Katelyn explains. Lypossage™ is another of their trademarked services, a massage technique designed to reduce cellulite, tone muscles and firm sagging tissue. By eliminating stalled lymphatic fluid between body tissues and organs and breaking up adhesions under the skin, the appearance of dimpled skin or cellulite is often reduced. This manual therapy has proven studies showing inch loss which is why it is often referred to as the “all natural answer to liposuction.” Men are generally not the primary demographic for most spas, yet there are many products and services at Haile Village Spa & Salon designed to change this standard. There is a

Gentlemen’s Menu that includes a massage called ‘The Outdoorsman,’ which helps to improve manual dexterity for individuals using fine motor skills in their careers such as surgeons, law enforcement or musicians, or hobbies such as archery, sport fishing and in the use of firearms. The Spa also carries three product lines exclusively for men as their needs, such as a 30% thicker scalp, tend to differ from women’s. There are products aimed to help thinning hair, anti-Jet-lag cream for the travelling business man, construction paste to tame men’s hair, and an exquisite cologne. Of course, it wouldn’t be a spa without beauty products and supplements, and The Haile Village Spa & Salon strives to provide only the best. This means they use products that are organically based and have a track record of success. While some of the products make amazing claims —“reapirs hair up to 86% in a single treatment” or “boosts collagen up to 60% in a single treatment,”— the spa stands behind them and guarantees they have all been tested to ensure they work prior to ever reaching the spa’s shelves. Their supplements are some of the most body soluble on the market, and are getting extremely positive results from every client who has tried them to date. The Spa is already being well received in the Haile community and surrounding business owners have commented on hearing patrons praise the new facility. Though they only recently opened their doors, Katelyn says business has been great, with positive feedback and repeat clientele. If things continue this way, the Haile Village Spa & Salon is well on its way to becoming another beloved staple of Haile Village Center.

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H e L P I N G y o u r F a M I Ly

Move ForWarD “When an accident happens that prevents you from being able to enjoy life’s greatest moments, your world stands still. We are committed to educating you about your rights, protecting your interests and most importantly, helping you and your family move forward.”

Personal Injury • Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice 101 NW 75th Street Suite 1 • Gainesville, FL 32607

(352) 244-0585

Call for your free telephone Consultation no fees or Costs if no reCovery is made 26 |

LOVE FOR PACE by C. Nooriel Nolan | Art of Affection Photography


n the evening of September 8th, PACE Center for Girls of Alachua County hosted its second Love that Dress! fundraiser, to raise support for the general operations of the Center. This trademarked event is not your average fundraiser, and PACE is not your average school program. PACE Center for Girls is a school that provides a safe haven for at-risk girls ages 12-17, who are not meeting with success in the public schools and are in need of additional support and encourgement. Reasons for referral include school failure, family instability and conflict, arrest history, victimization and physical, emotional or mental health issues. Some girls may just be going through the naturally rebellious teenage years and are ignoring rules and becoming defiant, while other girls may be being bullied at school. The caring staff at PACE helps guide them back on track academically, while offering consistent counseling services, independent living skills and career preparation. More importantly, PACE focuses on the potential of each girl, giving them a voice, teaching them to believe in their strengths and fostering hope for a better future. PACE’s goal is to prevent these girls from dropping out of school or winding up in the criminal justice system, with little hope of turning their lives around. Since girls make up

under a third of those in the juvenile justice system, often it‘s the boys programs that receive the attention, and the funding. “Girls are often overlooked,” says Heather Jones, PACE Board Member, Love That Dress! Committee Chair, and former Juvenile Justice Division Chief. “Girls generally victimize themselves — drugs, alcohol, prostitution [as opposed to boys who partake in violent crimes] so it’s easy [for the system] to overlook them. That’s why gender-specific programs are needed.” With recent state budget cuts, fundraising for programs like PACE has become even more important. However, PACE rallied to create unique fundraising events that would gain much-needed attention for their vital cause. The Lee County PACE Center formed the Love That Dress event and it was so successful that the center decided to spread the word to other PACE centers around the state. Last year, the Love That Dress! event came to Alachua County. Love That Dress! is a different type of fundraiser, one geared towards women. “This event truly honors the female spirit, which is one of our PACE Values and Guiding Principles,” said Executive Director Kathie Southwick. “Women uniting together can be a very powerful force, and it is so much fun to look around the room and see so many women supporting a good cause and having fun at the same time.” From

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beginning to end, the process encourages women to come together in support of young girls desperately needing a path to success. The first step is the collection parties. Women of the community are encouraged to host collection parties, either at home or within their business, where friends, neighbors and coworkers can donate new or gently used dresses, pants, shirts, purses, belts, shoes, jewelry, and similar items to the cause. A PACE board member attends the collection party, speaking to guests about the PACE Center and gathers and transports the collected items after the event. The second step is organizing the donations. Clothing from the various collection parties is brought to a central location to be sorted and tagged with price tags according to brand and amount of wear, ranging from $1 to $40, with the majority being $5. This becomes the merchandise for the final event. This year’s central location, or work “hub,” was Emerge beauty salon provided by salon owner and PACE Board member Tammy Prince. The Love That Dress! Committee spent hours sorting the items to create sections like Gator Gear, Little Black Dress and Children’s clothing. When the day of the event finally arrived, the Love That Dress! Committee and volunteers set up the merchandise at the dance hall of the City of Gainesville Alachua County Senior Recreation Center, displaying them on department store quality racks. A line of dressing rooms was set up along the back wall — partitions draped with brown satin curtains. Doors opened for VIPs at 3pm (for those wanting to pay extra for early access to the items). For general admission, the doors opened at 5pm, attendees paying just $15 ticket online, or $20 at the door, and the event itself began — complete with wine/ beverage service, silent auctions and music by DJ Kyle Wilson of TDC Entertainment, and emcee “Big Stew” of 103.7 The Gator. Patrons received a discounted shopping experience, while donating to a worthy cause. “It’s a wonderful event. It’s lots of work, but we really enjoy it,” says Kathy Wood, Development Coordinator at PACE. Kathy and the PACE board members and volunteers have been planning the 2012 Love That Dress 28 |

event for months, essentially since the end of last year’s event. Kathy is inspired by the women she works with and the community that gets involved. “You feel the spirit from people, those who want to help,” she says. Fundraising isn’t new to Kathy, she’s been doing it for 25 years, nearly three of which with PACE. “I love it. It’s near and dear to my heart,” she says. “There are so many people in the community who want to donate, want to help, they just need to be asked.” Her observation definitely applies to September’s event. The community rallied behind PACE. The event had roughly 300 tickets purchased, 175 attendees of the event, and raised $19,000. It’s been a successful fundraiser for PACE and they will see additional income after selling leftover merchandise at Valerie’s Loft, a consignment store, in Alachua. This success wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of so many amazing women, within the PACE center and without. The volunteers are so passionate, it’s contagious. Meshon Rawls, a law professor at UF, has volunteered with PACE for years, and decided to get involved with Love that Dress! this year. Her work with Gator Team Child Juvenile Justice Clinic is closely tied with PACE. Sometimes the children within her program utilize the PACE Center to get back on track. She says of the event, “It’s been a wonderful evening, the environment, the cause…you don’t mind spending when it’s going to a good cause.” Suzanne Moody, former board member and current volunteer tries to attend all the fundraising events for PACE, saying, “I think PACE does such an excellent job of giving these girls support and role models to look up to.” That sentiment was echoed time and time again. These women value the work being done by PACE, and are donating their time, energy, clothing and money to support it. As Heather Jones says, “PACE emphasizes building girls up, emotionally, giving them the opportunity to see themselves as useful, powerful, and having a positive future.”

Second Annual

Benefitting PACE Center for Girls of Alachua

A Special ThAnk You to our Major Event Sponsors Recreated PMS

Additional Sponsors Alachua County Sheriff ’s Office, Gainesville Police Department, Big Stew-Alex Sawyer, Dragonfly Graphics, Exactech, Target and Banana Republic Thanks to all the committee members, board members, staff, volunteers and businesses, both at the event as well as those that donated clothing and accessories to our event, and had collection parties. Every one of you made this event possible...Thank You All! Design donated by The Village Journal

Haile Village S TherapeuTic Massage • Organic Faci nail spa • Full service hair sa

Spa & Salon als • Full BOdy Waxing • acupuncTure lOn • skin-FirMing cOsMeTics

5207 S.W. 91st Terrace Gainesville, FL 32608 (352) 335-5025

This Holiday Season enjoy 15% Off all facials and Massages when mentioning this ad! Valid until January 1st, 2013.

Art Gallery Comes to the Heart of Haile

by C. Nooriel Nolan | Maria Vallejo Photography


n the heart of Haile Village sits The Perfect Gift, a store that has provided an eclectic selection of retail to Haile residents for eight years. The store bursts at the seams with all kinds of wares — colorful paintings, photographs, jewelry, cards, mugs, soaps, fragrances, magnets and other knickknacks, and even Lazy Susans made of granite. Much of these wares are the work of local artists, and now, some of them will have a new home across the street within the new Haile Art Gallery. Sara Landis, owner of The Perfect Gift and new art gallery, is excited and proud to announce her latest endeavor. She has delighted in showcasing many talented local artists in her store for years and wanted to continue featuring as many artists as possible. So much so, that her shop was running over with paintings, photographs and other artistry. This inspired her to expand her business and open an art gallery to accommodate the growing business. The new gallery will include a variety of mediums, including paintings, photography,

32 |

sculptures and woodwork. Displays will rotate every four months to feature different local artists and vary depending upon the season. The first round of artwork (on display through December) will include: • Photographs by John Moran, featuring beautiful nature scenes. His most recent piece, two white owls asleep in a tree, is proudly displayed directly inside the doors of the new gallery. This peaceful scene has become his best-selling work. • Sculptures by Tim Sadler– smooth, stone vessels that not only please the eye, but beckon the viewer to touch the Red Alabaster. • Paintings by Lilliam Pancorbo, Martha Sharp and Donna Leeward– capturing Florida landscapes, floating ballerinas, still life fruit, portraits and other subjects • Woodworking by J.B. Bennett– exceptionally crafted maple furniture with turquoise inlay, and intricately notched disk-shaped carvings.

The Gallery began generating interest even before its grand opening, which took place in late September. Sara has sold artwork from the gallery to patrons of The Perfect Gift, who come into the shop, fall in love with an artist’s work and ask to see more. Sara immediately took them across the street to the gallery, and consequently, sold a few pieces on the spot. This is encouraging to Sara and she hopes interest will continue to grow. In order to foster this growth, Sara plans to continue the Friday night wine garden events and now add Haile Art Gallery events, creating a night of wine, cheese, music and art. The Friday events are often fundraisers for various organizations.

Another facet of Sara’s new business venture was incorporating a small show room into the gallery space for her growing granite and cabinetry business, which had seen great success while being sold at The Perfect Gift. TPG Granite & Cabinetry occupies a portion of the art gallery, as Sara has joined the two enterprises in a harmonious way, using the lobby of the space to showcase a large granitetopped desk and display shelves. Including her granite business in the gallery made perfect sense to Sara. “Granite, to me, is like a work of art,” Sara says. “It’s completely amazing to me that they pull this out of the ground.” With natural patterns resembling flecks of light,

community |33


river rocks or trees, it is easy to understand and share her sentiment for this organic product.

Sara’s attention turned to granite three years ago after completing a home renovation project. She was so enchanted by the granite adorning her countertops that she decided to begin selling it in The Perfect Gift. “I fell in love with granite,” she says. Thus, she partnered with a granite worker in Ocala, set up a slab of samples against the back wall and launched her granite business. Sales took off as customers discovered the wonders of the stone’s vibrant colors– Green Marinece, Kashmir Gold and Sapphire Blue, among others. Bringing the beauty of granite into peoples’ homes became one of Sara’s missions. This passion, and the success she has experienced in this industry, inspired her to expand her granite and cabinetry business.

With the help of her Ocala partners – Ted and Paula Bullard, Sara has been able to share her love of granite, and create a successful business in the process. “Ted and Paula help me tremendously. We are a fantastic team,” said Sara. Ted is the granite worker, shaping the pieces that are sold, as well as installing the wood working for the cabinetry side of the business.

    

    


34 |

In taking on several different roles within Haile Village and offering the work of local artisans, Sara appears to have grasped what people want. Using her businesses, Sara’s goal remains to honor local artistry, in its many forms, and bring those wares into peoples’ lives. It seems she is achieving this goal, one medium at a time.



Posture & Pain BY STEPHEN WORRELL, SPT & ANTHONY CERE, PT, DPT, MSE, MTC KINETIX PHYSICAL THERAPY Neck pain and low back pain are two of the most common muscle complaints in the general population. Why? What causes these problems? They are often related to poor posture, weak muscles, work, exercise and using poor body mechanics when lifting. It seems sometimes that just waking up and doing your daily activity causes pain. Although common, this is no way to live day-in and day-out. Finding a solution to the pain may be easier than you think. Consider your posture — a common culprit of spine-related pain. Start simple, how are you sitting right now? Head forward, shoulders rounded a bit, somewhat of a hunched appearance? Most people have poor posture and most people have neck and low back pain. Are they related? Yes. MerriamWebster defines posture as “the position or bearing of the body whether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose ”. Now look in the mirror, sit up tall, chin tucked, shoulders back, and feet flat on the ground. That’s proper posture. Many of us spend the day sitting in an office chair looking at documents on a computer or files at a desk with poor posture, which places constant strain on the spine and surrounding tissues. A study by Nachemson in Spine1, found that sitting puts more pressure through the spine than any other position: References: 1. Nachemson, A. The Lumbar Spine An Orthopaedic Challenge. Spine. 1976; 1: 59-71. 2.Horton S, Johnson G, Skinner M. Changes in Head and Neck Posture Using an Office Chair With and Without Lumbar Roll Support. Spine. 2010; 35: E542-E548.

36 |

standing, kneeling, lying down, etc. The study shows that sitting alone is tough on the spine, but adding in poor posture makes it even worse. Correcting posture plays an important role in reducing your low back or neck pain. There are several ways to help maintain that proper posture throughout those long work days. A 2010 study in Spine2 shows that using a lumbar support (pillow or towel roll supporting the low back) can relieve pain by not only providing additional back support, but also by helping to correct neck alignment. Using a lumbar support is easy and worth the extra effort. Correcting your posture, however, is not always easy at first. It’s a habit that has to be broken then relearned. Maintaining proper posture is an endurance event. It takes time, discipline and self-awareness, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Carving Out HIS T O RY

Uncovering the Origins of the Jack-O’-Lantern by Jeffrey Morris


ommy! It’s cold and slimy. I don’t like it…I don’t like it at all!” Seeds and orange gunk leak to all sides of the countertop, dripping to the floor with a slight pitter-patter of dread. As the shrill cries for a paper napkin reverberate throughout the kitchen, one could easily mistaken a traditional family moment for a scene out of the dark confines of a Transylvania castle, as a monstrous oversized pumpkin spews an orange, gooey mess over an unsuspecting child. But this isn’t a creature feature from the multiplex, and the child is in no danger whatsoever; it’s merely a staple of October: the jack-o’-lantern carving. Along with costume shopping and leaf raking, Fall marks the beginning of scores of families heading to their local pumpkin patch to pick that perfectly round front door decoration. But what is it that compels us to gather around the kitchen table and carve faces into these funky, oversized gourds year after year?

38 |

Like many Halloween traditions, the concept of the jack-o’-lantern is rooted in old Irish tradition. During the period of the 1840’s, there was a large influx of Irish immigrants into many areas in North America, due to the Irish Potato Famine. Along with the Irish came many of their original Halloween traditions, which permeated into the mainstream culture. In North America, the jack-o’-lantern was originally used to denote a seasonal change, becoming a custom of Thanksgiving table displays. It wasn’t until the 1860’s that the jack-o’-lantern transitioned into a Halloween tradition. Early Irish and British versions of jack-o’-lanterns were actually turnips, not pumpkins. Americans, finding the pumpkin gourd a much easier canvas for carving designs, adopted the pumpkin as the norm for jack-o’-lantern making. Pumpkins were also more readily available than turnips. Although Americans use the modern-day jack-o’-lantern for decorative purposes, alerting trick-or-treaters that their house is open for

candy business, the original purpose of the jack-o’-lantern in European households was to ward off any evil spirits, particularly the figure known as “Stingy Jack”. Many cite the old Irish myth as the start of the jack-o’-lantern practice. The story goes that Stingy Jack, a passive, lazy farmer, one day invited the Devil for a drink at a local bar. Being as “stingy” as his name suggested, Jack refused to pay for the meal and instead turned the Devil into a coin to use as profit. Jack tricked the Devil and decided to keep the money, a.k.a. “the Devil,” in his pocket next to a silver cross,

which trapped the Devil inside. Jack did free the Devil; however, it was under the condition that the Devil would never claim Jack’s soul. Another time, Jack yet again bamboozled the Devil into climbing a tree that Jack carved a cross into. The Devil was in quite a pickle, as Jack bargained for protection for another 10 years. Eventually, Jack passed away. As folklore states, God wouldn’t allow such a despicable person into Heaven and the Devil refused Jack’s place in Hell. Jack was sent off into the endless dark night to wander alone, with only a burning coal to light his way. To improvise, Jack placed the bright coal into his turnip, which he had carved into a lantern of sorts.

lifestyle |39

Carving Out H I S TO RY

Legend has it that Jack still roams the Earth seeking revenge. The Irish began referencing “Stingy Jack” as “Jack the Lantern,” a mischievous creature that would break into households on Halloween. Thus, the jack-o’-lantern became a symbol of protection from the evil spirit of “Jack”. This Halloween, when you’re preparing your well-lit pumpkin, adding that final touch to your doorstep, remember the traditions that have been passed down for generations. Knowing the origins of our pumpkin carving tradition just makes that icky mess in the kitchen all the more worthwhile.

CARVING TIPS : • Draw your design first using a water-based marker • Always carve away from yourself • When carving, always keep a portion of the knife blade in the pumpkin and use slow, steady strokes • Cut the lid at an angle so the outside is larger than the inside to prevent it from falling into the pumpkin • Start carving in the center and work your way to the outer areas • Coat surfaces with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to prolong the life of the pumpkin

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Rya Photos


into the



Entourage photo shoot

Photography by Rya of RYAPHOTOS Styled by Andrea Love-Leonor Makeup by Kara Winslow Hair by Rachel Cole for Turning Heads Salon Location: University Air Center

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Entourage photo shoot

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MODELS: Bill Michalisin, Paul Privette, W.J. Rossi, Thiago Love-Leonor, Craig Wilborn

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Whether you are looking to lose weight, pack on muscle or simply practice a healthy lifestyle, you should regularly consume quality protein rich foods. They help us feel full for longer, regulate our blood sugar, and provide the building blocks for many cells in our bodies. Since our lives tend to be busy, it may seem difficult to regularly prepare traditional foods such as chicken, beef or fish. The good news is there are many healthy snack alternatives that provide protein, which take little or no preparation. Listed below are protein rich snacks that are good when you are on the go! EGGS received a bad rap for many years because of their high level of cholesterol. However, there has been research that has since suggested that eating 1-2 eggs per day will not increase your risk of heart disease. Eggs have 6-7 grams of protein per large egg and contain all of the essential amino acids required by humans. Eggs are filled with vitamins including, A (reduces common eye disorders ), D (important for bone growth), E/ Tocopherol (protects from free-radicals ), B1/Thiamine (helps convert carbohydrates into energy), B2/Riboflavin (helps in red blood cell production), B6 (helps your immune system by creating antibodies), Folate (helps create new healthy cells), B12 (key in normal functioning of brain and nervous system, and B5/Pantothenic Acid (helps break down carbohydrates). Eggs contain many minerals such as Iron (carrier of oxygen throughout the body), Phosphorus (helps build strong bones and teeth), and Selenium (rids the body of free radicals). Prepare hard-boiled eggs for a transportable snack as follows: Fill pot with water until it reaches 1 inch above eggs, boil, once boiling remove immediately from heat, cover and let sit for 15 min, put eggs in ice water until cooled. You may consider buying cage-free or free-range eggs. GREEK YOGURT is a thick and rich cousin of traditional yogurt. It contains 12-20 grams of protein per serving and is lower in sodium than traditional yogurt. It is a good source of potassium (needed for nerve and muscle cells to function properly), calcium (strong 56 |

bones and teeth) and live/active cultures (provide good bacteria for the digestive tract, which helps the immune system). Be sure to get the non-fat or low-fat versions. Some brands to consider are Fage, Chobani and Voskos. STRING CHEESE is very easy to transport and requires no preparation. Each stick has 6-10 grams of protein and is a good source of calcium. Look for fat-free or low-fat cheese. COTTAGE CHEESE contains casein, a milk protein, which your body digests at a slower rate than other proteins so it will make you feel full for longer. It packs 14 grams of protein per ½ cup and is also a good source of calcium. Individuals looking to add muscle mass should consider eating a serving before bed because much of muscle repair occurs during sleep and casein releases a slow steady dose of protein while your body is rebuilding. Consider the fat-free and low-fat types. NUTS, such as raw walnuts and almonds, are a good non-dairy source of protein (5-8 grams per serving), omega 3 fatty acids (healthy fats that help keep normal heart rhythms), fiber (helps lower cholesterol, keeps you full, cleanses your digestive system), Vitamin E, Plant sterols (can help lower cholesterol), L-Arganine (helps the health of your artery walls by making them more flexible and less prone to blood clots), and manganese (helps create connective tissue and destroy free radicals). Be sure to utilize portion control, especially if you are looking to lose weight because nuts are very calorically dense. LEGUMES, like lentils, garbanzo beans, black beans, pinto beans, navy beans, etc., are another good nondairy source of protein (6-10grams per ½ cup cooked). They are high in fiber, low in fat, good source of thiamin, folate, iron, magnesium (helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong and heart in a normal rhythm), phosphorus, zinc (helps boost immune system), copper (helps generate hemoglobin-the molecule in red blood

cells that carries oxygen), and manganese. Legumes can help reduce your cholesterol, which in turn reduces your chance for heart disease. Also, beans can help keep your blood sugar in check by facilitating more insulin receptor sites. They are low cost and easy to cook in large amounts so you have a snack on hand when you’re in a rush. Be sure to rinse canned beans to reduce sodium levels. PROTEIN SHAKES can deliver between 15-30 grams of protein per serving. There are many different types of protein powders including whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, casein, soy, egg, beef and hemp. There are some differences between protein powders such as absorption rates, percentage of protein per weight, biological immune modulating levels, source of protein and amount of processing. Look for a product that doesn’t have artificial sweeteners or many additives. Vital whey protein is a good option because the cows, which the whey is derived from, are grass fed and the whey is minimally processed, which keeps many of the immune boosting benefits of the whey in tact. PROTEIN & ENERGY BARS are very convenient and transportable. There are many unhealthy bars on

the market so be conscious of your choices. LARABAR® contain lower levels of protein at 4-7 grams per bar, but are very healthy. They only contain original ingredients such as fruits and nuts and are also a good source of fiber. CLIF BARs® contain about 10 grams of protein per bar, are a good source of fiber and contain 23 vitamins and minerals. They are mostly organic, have no extra chemicals added and include non-gmo soy (gmo=genetically modified foods, which have been linked to increased levels of diseases and cancers). They are rather high in sugar, so consider eating half at a time if trying to lose weight. Quest Bars® have a bigger dose of protein at 20g per bar, have only 4 grams net carbohydrates, are very high in fiber at 18 grams, and are also gluten free. These bars are a bit pricier and be aware that some types do contain sucralose. MILK, both cow’s and soy, provides about 8-9 grams of protein per cup. Cow’s milk is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin/B2, as well as vitamins D and A if they are added. Soymilk is a non-dairy alternative for those that are lactose intolerant or wish to avoid dairy products. It has a wealth of vitamins and minerals including manganese and magnesium.

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Reverse Crunch Movement: Lift legs straight into the air at a 90-degree angle. etting more out of your workouts does not Place your hands either next to or under your pelvic bone for necessarily mean you have to recreate your support and balance. Using your abs, lift your hips off the floor exercise routine. By simply changing the tempo of and return with control, as if a string were attached to your feet your exercise, you will increase the difficulty and pulling them to the ceiling. yield greater results. Using a series of three abdominal exercises Reps: You will do a total of 30 repetitions. Perform the first 10 reps with a tempo change, you will be on your way to a having a at a fast, yet controlled, pace; the second 10 reps at a slow, controlled solid core. pace; and your last 10 reps at the fast, controlled pace.


To properly perform and get the most out of abdominal or core exercises, contract your abdominal wall by clenching your core as tightly as possible. Draw your bellybutton into your spine and suck in your rib cage. Hold this contraction throughout all abdominal exercises, and remember to continue to breathe throughout the exercise.

For optimal results, repeat this series of exercises three times.

Double Crunch/Frog Crunch Movement: Lift your knees inward while simultaneously crunching your upper body so your knees and elbows meet in the middle. Un-crunch to scoop position and repeat. Reps: You will do a total of 30 repetitions. Perform the first 10 reps at a fast, yet controlled, pace; the second 10 reps at a slow, controlled pace; and your last 10 reps at the fast, controlled pace. Bicycle Crunch Movement: Moving opposite legs and arms, twist your core to bring your elbow to meet the knee in the middle. Switch to the opposite leg and arm and repeat. Reps: You will do a total of 60 repetitions. Perform the first 20 reps at a fast, yet controlled, pace; the second 20 reps at a slow, controlled pace; and the last 20 reps at your fast, controlled pace.

Photo by RyaPhotos as seen in The Village Journal Summer 2012

The starting position for all of the exercises will be the same — lie flat on your back, gently rest your hands behind your head, keeping elbows extended wide and being sure not to pull on your neck.

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For Planning a Holiday Party by Keith Watson


here is an art to planning the perfect party, and the holidays certainly make for the ultimate party season. Like with many things in life, the saying, “practice makes perfect,” holds true. Whether this season will be your very first time hosting a holiday party, or you’re a seasoned veteran, these tips are a sure-fire way to make sure both you and your guests have a fun time and the party is a success!



Plan in advance.

Start planning your party, including the guest list, menu and décor, well in advance. Revise your list throughout the year so no one is forgotten. This will not only help with pre-planning, but it will also help eliminate anxiety as the event date nears. Invitations should be sent out no later than three weeks in advance, which gives guests enough time to plan accordingly and you time to get an accurate guest count.

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Enlist the help of professionals.

Stressed and in a frenzy is no way to host a party, so don’t think you have to do everything yourself! Since food is an important part of any party, decide on a menu and then find a caterer that fits your taste and budget. If hiring a caterer is not in your budget, then prepare as many dishes in advance as possible and try to make everything self-service. Your time at the party should not be spent in the kitchen. You are the host and your guests want to be with you and enjoy your company. Since décor plays a big role in the atmosphere of a party, enlisting the help of a decorator or event planner will not only make a big impact, but save you time. While you are busy taking care of your daily obligations and last minute party details, the decorators can manage the set-up of the party. They generally take care of breakdown and clean-up as well, which eliminates the host being left to tend to a messy home after the party has come to an end.

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Play music.

Music is a must! Music adds to the party atmosphere and helps your guests get into the party spirit. Create a playlist ahead of time to play on a central sound system or iPod speaker and you’ll be set for the night. If you prefer live music and have hired a band, be sure to discuss the type of music you want played, as well as when and how long the musicians will take a break.



Start a tradition.

Traditions are a huge part of the holiday and there’s no reason you shouldn’t create your own! Whether you make it a tree-trimming party, a holiday game that becomes a staple of your soiree, or even something as simple as a signature drink that you reserve for this festive time of year, create something your guests will look forward to year after year.



Create memories.

Parties are great while they last, but it’s the memories made during them that will endure long after. To help your guests remember the fun times, send them home with something small, like a personalized ornament, entertaining dish or photo that will bring back the great times you shared at your party every time they see it. If you choose to create a signature drink, consider creating a recipe card to give to each guest. Be sure to include your name and date of the party on any keepsake souvenirs. Most importantly, be sure you are having fun. After all, it is a party! If you are having fun at your event, your guests will feed off of your energy and are more likely to enjoy themselves as well.

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Haile Plantation Real Estate

market watch The Village at Haile | SW 91st Way

Lexington Farms | SW 54th Lane

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

2003 1,088 2/2 $82,000

1990 1,783 3/2 $135,000

The Village at Haile | SW 51st Road

The Links | SW 52nd Avenue

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

2003 1,122 2/2 $82,5000

1998 1,454 3/2 $137,0000

Plantation Villas | SW 52nd Road

Chickasaw Way | SW 103rd Way

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

1993 1,203 2/2 $87,000

1996 1,270 3/2 $158,000

The Village at Haile | SW 91st Terrace

Haile Village Center | SW 91st Drive

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

2003 1,088 2/2 $87,500

2000 2,086 3/2.5 $160,000

Plantation Villas | SW 52nd Road

Haile Village Center | SW 48th Place

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

1993 1,088 2/2 $101,900

2003 1,401 2/2.5 $174,900

Plantation Villas | SW 97th Way

Chickasaw Way | SW 103rd Drive

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

1994 1,400 2/2.5 $109,000

1998 1,365 3/2 $177,500

Heritage Green | SW 86th Terrace

Grahams Mill | SW 91st Terrace

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

1982 1,305 3/2 $120,000

1989 1,903 3/2 $177,900

The Links | SW 52nd Avenue

Ashleigh Circle | SW 34th Road

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

1998 1,431 3/2 $122,500

2000 1,780 3/2 $195,000

Heritage Green | SW 86th Terrace

Planters Grove | SW 47th Court

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

1982 1,317 3/2 $123,003

1988 2,150 4/2 $200,000

Founders Hill | SW 83rd Drive

Lenox Gardens | SW 37th Road

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

1983 1,300 3/2 $126,000

1999 1,879 3/2 $203,725

Chickasaw Way | SW 103rd Way

Chickasaw Way | SW 52nd Ave

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

1997 1,682 3/2 $130,000 62 |

Sold Price

1997 1,806 3/2 $205,000

Hickory Walk | SW 52nd Road

Stratford Ridge | SW 38th Road

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

1995 1,708 3/2 $208,000

Chickasaw Way | SW 103rd Drive

The Preserve | SW 45th Lane

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

2002 3,333 4/3.5 $457,000 Sold Price

1999 1,782 3/2.5 $210,000

1988 4,206 4/3.5 $499,900

Katelyn Lane | SW 98th Drive

The Preserve | SW 83rd Way

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

2002 2,043 3/2 $210,000

2000 3,639 4/3.5 $552,500

Ashleigh Circle | SW 34th Road

Millington | SW 87th Drive

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

1999 2,013 3/2 $219,000

2005 4,129 4/4.5 $696,000

Haile Market Square | SW 26th Lane

Westfield Commons | SW 105th Drive

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

Sold Price

2010 1,861 3/2 $235,000

2008 3,548 4/3.5 $725,000

Buellers Way | SW 98th Terrace

Kestral Point | SW 48th Place

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

1998 2,167 4/2 $245,000

Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

2006 4,476 4/3.5 $750,000

Katelyn Lane | SW 24th Road Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

2003 2,648 4/3 $281,000


Evans Hollow | SW 88th Court Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

1986 4,042 3/3 $285,000

Amelia Gardens | SW 44th Lane Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

1994 2,347 4/2 $295,000

Sable Pointe | SW 33rd Lane Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath


Sold Price

2001 2,507 4/3 $305,000

Hampstead Park | SW 96th Street Sq Foot

Bedroom/Bath Sold Price

1998 2,556 5/3.5 $316,500

Haile Village Center | SW 91st Drive Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

2005 2,926 4/3.5 $325,000

Sable Pointe | SW 34th Lane Year Built Sq Foot Bedroom/Bath

Sold Price

2001 3,183 5/3 $425,000 Single-family and attached homes sold in Haile Plantation, July 1st through September 15th. Provided by Coleen DeGroff of eXp Realty.

Saturday Oct. 13, 2012

Vandy vs Florida Touchdown Terrace in the Swamp!


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Celebrating Christmas

Financial Hangover

Without the

By Kendal Norris


Start a Christmas Savings Fund. Depending on income, figure out a comfortable percentage or amount to set aside each month (starting in January if possible). If you can afford $50, the annual allocation will be $600; if $100, then the Christmas kitty will yield $1200. Make a list. It helps to write down how many people are getting presents. Then check it twice and prioritize. If buying a big-ticket item for someone (such as a computer or large appliance or television), perhaps it could come from the entire family or from the pooled funds of a group of friends. Create a budget. Determine how much you want to spend on each person. The amount will 66 |

vary according to taste or need or closeness of family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors, etc. Stick to the amount within five to ten percent and keep a record of expenditure as you go. Be sure to keep receipts in the event something has to be returned. When to shop. Although it’s a standing joke that most men wait until Christmas Eve to buy their gifts, why not re-pattern and start early – before the rush? Bargains can be had year-round and then stored on high closet or garage shelves (in anonymous brown paper). For the stalwart of heart who may not mind crowds, go for the after-Christmas sales on wrapping paper, name tags, ribbons, candles, cards and tree decorations. Also try buying and storing non-perishable canned goods/treats/baking ingredients and supplies for the holidays well in advance. That way, Christmas dinner won’t end up costing an arm and a leg, either. Where to shop. The new bargain basement of the shopping world is online – eBay,, and every manner of retail outlet known to mankind – as well as consignment and thrift stores. With that said, don’t count out your local retailers who will undoubtedly

Visit Gainesville

he words “Christmas” and “budget” don’t necessarily come to mind at the same time. But when January credit card bills arrive, one might wish they did. Each holiday season, the temptation to think of plastic as “magic money” is a strong one. But there are practical and even inventive ways to side-step the debt trap. Here are a few tips from experts who understand this potential dilemma, and who offer valuable advice on how to enjoy another round of giving – and receiving – without the financial hangover.

have sales throughout the year. Local antique stores may also reveal hidden treasures for that hard-to-please friend who has just about everything. Outlet malls are another option for those who like to stick to name brand items but who appreciate lower than retail costs. Discount dollar stores are a good source of holiday decorations at budget prices. Or you can contribute to your favorite charity by buying from community stores like Family Treasures (Children’s Home Society), Junior League and Haven Hospice Attic thrift shops. And last but not least, drive around on the weekends and look for garage/yard/moving sales—you never know what treasures you may find! Coupons. The web is also a bountiful resource for coupons that could save anywhere from 10 to 50 percent or more. Even discount coupons from big retailers like Eddie Bauer and Lands End can be found and printed out with a quick search. Inexpensive gift ideas. Be creative in your thinking. Dozens and dozens of gifts cost

under $25 and many can be had for less than $10. Here are some suggestions: a gift basket filled with homemade jams, mustards, pickles or relish; pre-paid gift cards – anything from a restaurant dinner to cell phone minutes; a specialty coffee cup filled with colorful pencils or with candy; gourmet popcorn; a regional or local cookbook; video rental gift certificate; handmade bookmarks; calligraphy-style copies of favorite recipes; a journal with a nice pen included; basket of gardening supplies; any homemade dessert – cookies, pies, cupcakes, fudge, or pralines; gourmet whole-bean or ground coffee (try some exotic new flavor!); a Christmas song book; a commemorative tree ornament; specialty bath items like salts, oils and lotions; anything hand-sewn or embroidered. Lastly, through all of the busy-ness of the holiday season, try to keep spirits high, shopping experiences joyful, the pace mellow, and remember what the holiday is truly about— spending quality time with loved ones and enjoying the company of friends.

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By Bonnie Rodríguez

Gear up for the Gators at your next tailgate or party with some delicious and easy to prepare grub— all prepared Crockpot style!


Chorizo Queso Dip A winner every time! Recipe Yield 16 servings


• 10 ounces bulk chorizo sausage • 1 (10 ounce) can diced tomatoes with green chile peppers (such as RO*TEL®), drained • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, cubed • 1 (8 ounce) package processed cheese (such as Velveeta®), cubed


1. Cook and stir chorizo sausage in a skillet over medium heat until cooked completely, usually 5 to 7 minutes; drain and transfer to a slow cooker. 2. Stir diced tomatoes, cream cheese, and processed cheese in with the chorizo. 3. Cook on Low until cheese is melted, stirring occasionally, usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 4. Serve with tortilla chips of your choice.

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Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches A crowd favorite is always buffalo chicken sandwiches. These are easy as 1-2-3 and will be sure to leave tailgaters and partygoers happy. Recipe Yield 6 sandwiches


• 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves • 1 (17.5 fluid ounce) bottle buffalo wing sauce, divided • 1/2 (1 ounce) package dry ranch salad dressing mix • 2 tablespoons butter • 6 hoagie rolls, split lengthwise


1. Place the chicken breasts into a slow cooker, and pour in 3/4 of the wing sauce and the ranch dressing mix. Cover, and cook on Low for 6 to 7 hours. 2. Once the chicken has cooked, add the butter, and shred the meat finely with two forks. 3. Pile the meat onto the hoagie rolls, and splash with the remaining buffalo wing sauce to serve. 4. Top with blue cheese or ranch and serve with celery on the side.


Chili Bar This is an easy one-- big pot of chili in a Crockpot, and smaller bowls of toppings. That way folks can prepare their chili just the way they like it. For games early in the day, prep before bed and cook over night. Recipe Yield 4-6 servings

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

4 tablespoons chili powder 2 1/2 teaspoons ground coriander 2 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic powder 1 teaspoon oregano 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 1/2 lbs ground beef 1 tablespoon minced onion 1 (28 ounce) can diced tomatoes 1 (15 ounce) can tomato sauce 2 (15 ounce) cans kidney beans Assorted chili toppings: sour cream chopped green onions chopped tomato shredded cheddar cheese crushed tortilla chips oyster crackers


1. Mix together seasoning mix. 2. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. 3. In a skillet, cook ground beef until no longer pink. Drain. 4. Add onion and 3 tsp of seasoning mix. 5. In Crock-Pot, add tomatoes, tomato sauce, one can of beans and two more teaspoons of seasoning mix. 6. Place the other can of beans in a blender and process until smooth. 7. Add beans and meat to the crock pot. 8. Stir together. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.

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Directions for



Superheated Cajun Boiled Peanuts Nothing scream “the south” quite like some good ole boiled peanuts. Boil ‘em up and serve ‘em up at your tailgate for a sure-fire good time and good eats!

1. Place peanuts, crab boil, jalapenos, garlic powder, salt, Cajun seasoning, and red pepper flakes into a slow cooker. 2. Pour in water to cover the peanuts and stir to combine. 3. Cover and cook on low until peanuts are soft, at least 24 hours. 4. Stir occasionally, and add water as needed to keep peanuts covered. 5. Drain; serve hot or cold.

Recipe Yield 1 pound


• 1 pound raw peanuts, in shells • 1 (3 ounce) package dry crab boil (such as Zatarain’s® Crab and Shrimp Boil) • 1/2 cup chopped jalapeno peppers • 1 tablespoon garlic powder • 1/2 cup salt • 2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning • 1/2 cup red pepper flakes

mmercial es residential and co A Personal Elf provid re, all ization, errands and mo cleaning, home organ ve. ser de expect and with the quality you

e to come “I love my team! I lov d my house home from work to fin so good! ng elli sm d sparkling an tini Thank you.” –Susan La

IME! T E H T T E G U O Y , E IM R G 11 WE DO THE • 352.271.11 Bonded & Insured 70 |

www.aperson PersonalElf

art of affection


Sanibel& Captiva Islands by Kylie McKlveen

72 |


n the gulf side of southern Florida, just across the causeway from Fort Myers, is Sanibel and Captiva Islands. These treasures of Florida are linked together by roads that are mostly driven on by the rubber tires of rented bicycles (or a bicycle-built-fortwo) and have 15 miles of white sandy beaches sprinkled with some of the best sea shells a collector could hope for. The pair of islands is one of the most desirable vacation destinations, yet the islands aren’t too “touristy” or tacky­– it has its own character, its own charm and its own small, intimate atmosphere suitable for a romantic, relaxing time away for a couple. Not only that, but Sanibel and Captiva Islands are more than umbrella drinks and long walks on the beach; it can also be a fun and entertaining spot for a family with kids of any age.

Reservations for Two

If you have come to Sanibel looking for tranquility on a tropical island, stay at the beautiful Casa Ybel Resort. Conde Nast Traveler has named Casa Ybel Resort “One of the Best Places to Stay in the World”, and rightfully so. Casa Ybel prides itself on maintaining a luxurious property with an elegant and romantic appeal perfect for a retreat for two. Though still in the continental U.S. (and in our Sunshine State), the beautiful views of the gulf from this beachfront resort seem far away. Sit back and enjoy music by the pool and an outdoor bar, and the company you brought with you. Before you arrive on Sanibel, make dinner reservations at the Thistle Lodge onsite at Casa Ybel Resort. This restaurant can accommodate bigger parties, but the dim lighting, candles and intimate tables for two (ask for a table by the windows for a view of the ocean) make the setting perfect for a date. Also on Sanibel Island, is Sweet Melissa’s Café where Chef Melissa Talmage serves fresh seasonal produce, meat and fish for lunch and dinner. The menu will make your mouth water with starters like the Corn Soup (Puree of Corn and Garlic with Pan-seared Scallop) and delicious entrees like

travel |73

perfect for families of all ages and sizes, with access to the beach and five pools, complete with a shell-shaped slide. The resort also hosts events throughout the day for children, teenagers and adults, and rents bicycles, jogging strollers, catamarans, sea kayaks and boogie boards. the Fish Stew (Shrimp, Scallops, Clams, Mussels, Fish and Chroizo Sausage in a Tomato Saffron Broth with Pernod Aoili). Sanibel and Captiva Islands are a great location to get lost in. Explore the islands, walk the beaches for shells, and take in the local wildlife at the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Let a concessionaire (called the Tarpon Bay Explorers) take you on a guided tram tour through the mangroves, or walk, bike, drive or kayak/canoe through the area yourself. The refuge is known for the abundant bird life, best spotted in December through March, and alligators and marine life. Saltwater fishing is also popular along Wildlife Drive, in Tarpon Bay and in the backwaters of the refuge.

Fun for the Whole Family

A family beach vacation is as all-American as apple pie, but a trip to Sanibel and Captiva Islands promises to be a unique trip that your family will remember long after you dust the sand off of your clothes. Stay at the Sundial Resort which has one-, two- and three-bedroom accommodations with private full kitchens,

74 |

Outside of the Sundial Resort, the island is yours for the taking. Rent bicycles from Billy’s Rentals and pedal from one end of the island to the other, stopping only for a Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen, which is one of two fast food restaurants permitted on the islands and has taken on the feel of a novelty. Billy’s Rentals also has specialty bikes for rent including bicycles built for two, or two- or four-person surreys which are fun for families. When the sun starts to set, make your way to The Mucky Duck, a popular spot on Captiva Island where you won’t mind the wait – enjoy a cold drink with the adults on picnic tables while the children play on the beach. Some nights there is live music, and there is always a fun, casual atmosphere that is kid and family-friendly. Make sure that you also spend an evening at The Bubble Room during your stay. The restaurant is bright and colorful and decorated with memorabilia from

Sanibel& Captiva Islands the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Think Christmas, Old Hollywood and servers dressed in funky hats and crazy buttons. This restaurant is completely original and is reminiscent to Disney’s “It’s a small world” with its themed rooms and happy decorations. Families love this restaurant for its atmosphere and the food, especially the desserts. Finish off the evening with a large– really large– slice of one of their specialty cakes.

while staring at the sand has been nicknamed the “Sanibel Stoop.” So take the correct form in the Sanibel Stoop, and bring part of your vacation to Sanibel and Captiva Islands back home with you.

Before you leave Sanibel Island, you must go shelling. Whether you are on a personal retreat or with a large group of family and friends, Sanibel and Captiva Islands were actually formed out of shells, and every year the islands consistently rank as one of the best places in the world to search for seashells. A fun fact: so many people crowd the beaches looking for shells that shelling in that familiar hunched stance,

Experience the ultimate in luxury travel with University Air Center and North Florida’s largest private jet fleet.

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Let us know what’s going on!

The Village Journal is always happy to help you spread the word about your community club or event. Please submit a description, including the date, time and location on our website Submission does not guarantee publication. Young Leaders Society (YLS) Nonprofit Leadership Boot Camp Oct 1, Oct 15, Oct 29, Nov 5, 6pm – 8pm United Way Office 6031 Northwest 1st Place

Title Town Hoedown, BBQ Showdown Sunday, Oct 14th, 4pm – 8pm Rembert Farm, Alachua

United Downtown Friday, Oct 5th, Oct 19th, 6pm-10pm Downtown Gainesville

Alachua County PACE Center for Girls Throw a Girl a Lifeline Monday, Oct 17th, 12pm Trinity Methodist Church 352-374-8799

Tioga Town Center Movie Nights: “Smurfs” Friday, Oct 12th, Begins at dark Tioga Town Center

Haile Village Center Oktoberfest Friday, Oct 19th, 5 – 11pm Haile Village Center

31st Annual Downtown Festival & Art Show Saturday, Oct 13th – Sunday, Oct 14th Downtown Gainesville

Tioga Town Center Fall Concert Series: Foggy Creek Band Friday, Oct 19th, 7pm – 10pm Tioga Town Center

Kickoff to a Cure Tailgate 2012 Saturday, Oct 13th Touchdown Terrace Gainesville’s 6th Annual Mental Health Awareness Walk Saturday, Oct 13th, 10am – 2pm Westside Park

Stargazing at Dudley Farm Saturday, Oct 20th, 7pm Dudley Farm Historic State Park Fairytale Wedding Show Sunday, Oct 21st, 4pm - 8pm University Air Center, Gainesville, FL

5th Annual Fitness Extravaganza Saturday, Oct 13th,10am - 2pm Kinetix Physical Therapy 352-505-6665

Sun Country Sports Center’s Howl-o-Palooza Saturday, Oct 21st, 3pm - 6pm Sun Country Sports Center - West

ButterflyFest Saturday, Oct 13th – Sunday, Oct 14th, 10am – 5pm Florida Museum of Natural History

Tioga Town Center Fall Concert Series: Mark Gaignard and The Bar Stool Prophets Friday, Oct 26th, 7pm – 10pm Tioga Town Center

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Orchid Show and Fall Plant Sale Saturday, Oct 13th – Sunday, Oct 14th, 9am – 5pm Kanapaha Botanical Gardens 76 |

Friends of the Library Book Sale Saturday, Oct 27th – Wednesday, Oct 31st, hours vary 430-B North Main Street

H aile P lantation

8th Annual Florida Bat Festival Saturday, Oct 27th, 10am Lubee Bat Conservancy Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Guided Tour Saturday, Nov 3rd, 10am Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Tioga Town Center Movie Nights: “Elf” Friday, Nov 9th, Begins at dark Tioga Town Center Tioga Town Center Fall Concert Series: Nino Castaneda Friday, Nov 30th, 7pm – 10pm Tioga Town Center Annual Sugar Cane Boil Festival Saturday, Dec 1st , 9am – 3pm Dudley Farm Historic State Park 352-472-1142 |


important numbers Emergencies: • Emergency: 911 • Gainesville Police: 352-334-2400 • Gainesville Fire Rescue: 352-334-5078 • Alachua County Sheriff’s Office: 352-367-4000 • Animal Services & Animal Control: 352-264-6870 • Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222 Haile Community: • Haile Community Management: 352-335-7848 • Plantation Hall: 352-371-1600 • Haile Community News Submission: 352-331-5560 Getting Started: • Alachua County Visitors Bureau: 352-374-5231 • Gainesville Chamber of Commerce: 352-334-7100 • Driver’s License Bureau: 352-955-2111 • Gainesville Regional Utilities: 352-334-3434 • Vehicle Registration: 352-374-5236 • Voter Registration: 352-374-5252 • Alachua County Public Schools: 352-995-7300

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Guided Tour Saturday, Dec 1st, 10am Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Holiday Home Tour benefitting Sebastian Ferrero Foundation Saturday, Dec 1st, 10am - 7pm Annual Homestead Holidays Sunday, Dec 2nd, 12pm – 4pm Historic Haile Homestead Sounds of the Season Sunday, Dec 2nd, 7pm Phillips Center for Performing Arts 352-372-2691 | Candlelight Visits Friday, Dec 7th, 6pm – 9pm Historic Haile Homestead Reindeer Run and Light the Village Night Saturday, Dec 15th, 5pm Haile Village Center |

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Tioga Town Fair

Art of Affection Photography

August 25, 2012

Make a Child Smile...

donate a toy today!

Join the Junior League of Gainesville in supporting children in need during the holiday season. The League’s annual Miracle on Main Street invites local families to shop for holiday presents at no cost. Through both monetary and toy donations from the community, over 500 families were served in 2011.

How you can help: Donate a toy Drop off at a collection location by November 25th.

Sweat Life Fitness • The Goody Basket • Abiding Savior Gainesville Health & Fitness • Oak Hall Lower School SponSor a bike Make a $50 donation at Donate a gently uSeD bike Contact Kate at

The Junior League of Gainesville, Florida, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

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PACE Love that Dress Art of Affection Photography

Sept 8, 2012

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snapsh ts Gainesville Duck Derby

Art of Affection Photography

Sept 16, 2012

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from the kitchen of

Dean Cacciatore

Chicken Picatta Even though you will see the dish in most Italian Restaurants, Picatta originated in the U.S. My grandmother use to tell me that it was a fusion between the Milanese style of cutting the chicken or veal, flattening and then pan frying, with the Sicilian ingredients of lemon and capers. No matter how it came to be, this dish can be served with any number of condiments from pasta and polenta, to rice and potatoes.

directions 1. Place chicken between 2 large sheets of plastic wrap. Using meat mallet or flat side of large kitchen knife, lightly pound chicken to 1/4inch thickness. Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper. 2. Mix 1 tablespoon butter and 1 1/2 tablespoons flour in small bowl until smooth. Place additional flour in shallow baking dish. Dip chicken into flour to coat; shake off excess. 3. Heat 1 tablespoon oil and 1 table spoon of butter in a heavy large skillets. Add 2 chicken breasts to the skillet and cook until golden and cooked through, about 3/4 minutes per side. Transfer chicken to a holding dish. 4. Deglaze the saute pan with wine, lemon juice and broth to boil, then reduce over medium-high heat. Whisk in butter-flour mixture and boil until sauce thickens slightly, about 2 minutes. 5. Stir in capers, parsley and remaining 2 tablespoons butter and return chicken to the pan. Season sauce to taste with salt and pepper. 6. Place chicken on serving plate and ladle sauce over with a spoon.

Buon Appetito!

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ingredients Serves: 6 to 8 4 skinless boneless chicken breast halves 4 tablespoons butter 1 1/2 tablespoons all purpose flour Additional all purpose flour 1 tablespoons olive oil 1/3 cup dry white wine 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup chicken stock or broth 1/4 cup drained capers 1/4 cup chopped fresh Italian flat parsley salt and pepper

Take a trip around the world...


Try our mouth-watering dishes that take you on a trip around the world, highlighting exotic flavors and ingredients from countries such as Argentina, Japan, Spain and Italy. SaborÊ offers custom plates, desserts and signature cocktails you won’t find anywhere else in Gainesville. Sunday-Thursday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Monday- open only for special events

13005 SW 1St Road, tioga, FL 32669 | p. 352-332-2727 | Located at tioga toWn centeR


Family care, right in your neighborhood. FAMILY MEdIcInE LocATIons noW AccEPTInG nEW PATIEnTs

jonEsvILLE (opening noV. 1, 2012) 13611 nw 1st lane, suite 200 HAMPTon oAks 200 sw 62nd blVd., suite d HAILE PLAnTATIon 9150 sw 49th place, suite a

call 352-265-1234

Our family medicine offices are staffed by University of Florida and Shands physicians who offer a full range of health care services for you and your family at throughout Gainesville venient locations and the surrounding areas. With a family physician you’ll have a doctor you can count on for the care you need. Should you require more specialized medical attention, your family physician will help to coordinate your care with appropriate specialists. Our practices are open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

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