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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Landscaping A Garden


Lack of planning : While designing a garden, people generally don’t make a proper plan. They just plant the trees wherever the space is available or choose the plants which does not give a fresh look to garden . So it is better to draw the plan for the whole area of garden. And execute it in a stepwise procedure.

Improper selection of lawn : Growing the lawn in the garden is not really easy. There are many types of lawns available for different types of weather and for different uses. So choosing the lawn which suits the weather condition and stay greener is important. Normally village green lawn turf is used for open spaces as it remains greener for a long time and it also has high winter activity.

Lack of color sense : Different types of plants and flowers have different seasons of flourishing. So it is good to plant the trees accordingly so that the garden looks green and colorful in all the seasons.

Inappropriate system for irrigation : If you want your garden to look green always then the proper irrigation system should be there. If you are not there at home to take care of your garden then automatic irrigation system can be implemented.

Badly chosen garden furniture : If you have sufficient space to keep some garden furniture then selection of right type of furniture is necessary. Heavy wooden furniture or leather furniture can be a bad choice for garden furniture. Furniture which is easy to move, needs less maintenance and which is suitable for all weather conditions can be kept in the garden.

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Common mistakes to avoid while landscaping a garden  
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