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September 2016

Village Eco News A publication of Bangalow Land and Rivercare.

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Landcare in Spring The flowers are telling us spring has arrived and like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon so to do we emerge from our winter hiding and get back into the great outdoors. I love this time of year, not too hot and not too cold, perfect to get the garden in order for summer. Of course we at Landcare go on through all seasons but the winter maintenance can now turn to spring planting, something we all enjoy.

Landcare Working Bee Our team of friendly volunteers work every Saturday morning, weather permitting from 8.30am to 10.30am rotating through the various sites around Bangalow. All welcome.

July Retrospective 1st Saturday Cancelled due to wet weather 2nd Saturday Planting on the creek at the Sports Fields 3rd Saturday Paddy’s Creek next to the pre-school. Maderia vine removal 4th Saturday All Souls Planting Stage 2. Mulching/ mowing

2016 Raffle Winners. February: Mick April: Rayna August: Shane A big thank you to everyone for your support.

With such a mild winter behind us I am seeing lots of trees flowering and fruiting in our plantings which means natural regeneration, this is the best form of 'planting' and saves us lots of money and effort once this starts to occur.

Thanks to our Patron Funding Program we have had bush regenerators working through the winter getting the weedy vines and other problem plants back in control. Hopefully we can now manage it and they don't take over again during the summer. The Program is still running and we still need the valuable support of our community. We are currently running an information stall at the Bangalow Farmer’s Market on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Meet Noelene and Dawn at the stall they can supply you with more information about our Patrons Program, offer advice on natives plants, identify weeds, about joining Landcare, including the work we do and most things about the local environment. Photos: (top left) Tree Waratah Alloxylon flammeum, (below left) Blueberry Ash Elaeocarpus reticulatus and Swamp Banksia Banksia robur . LG

What’s happening at the Weir? At last after many, many years the Bangalow Parklands team finally has an answer to that question that people continually ask, “What’s happening with the weir”. We are so excited to see something happening.

Byron Council now has the funds to go ahead with the restoration/fishway project. Council’s behindthe-scenes work started on 8 August and site fencing is going up on 22 August.

Landcare Patrons 2016 Bangalow Land and Rivercare would like to acknowledge the support of the locals that have become Patrons of the Environment this year. Every dollar helps us create a more healthy environment for our wildlife and people population alike. This year we have been very happy to receive not one but two Diamond sponsors each contributing $1000 to our cause. Firstly Martin Brook from Brookfarm for whom the new Diamond level was created. Martin and Pam came to the community planting in April and saw first hand what we are about.

We were then thrilled to hear that Megan Kearney from Vitality Vetcare had donated the same amount. This is a wonderful confirmation that our work is appreciated and we can't thank this generosity enough. We have also had strong ongoing support for the last 5 years from many people who donate at the Gold $100 level. We appreciate this no end as it is this type of regular support that keeps us going. Not all our Patrons have agreed to be listed here but you know who you are and you are no less important to us. The Gold patrons this quarter are: Bangalow Newsagent, P and C Glennie, Carol Darroch, Judy Baker, Bangalow Physiotherapy, Bleakly Family, Hilary Herrmann, Helps Family, Viola Family, Ragged Blossom Native Nursery and Elders Real Estate. Fund raising is a never ending job when you work for a non-profit group such as Landcare. All the donations we receive go straight back into your environment and there is always room for more Patrons.

Details of how you can help are on our website or send our secretary an email more information. LG

There will still be access to the much-utilised amenities block, though a large area of the park will be fenced off from the car park to the Waterfront Bandstand, and from the bins down to the causeway and beyond.

With equipment and workers at the ready - given good weather – work is scheduled to continue through to mid-September, the platypus breeding season.

The various phases include collection of rock and installing a sediment fence (or ‘silt curtain’), removing sediment from the former kids’ swimming pool area and building a rock revetement. Following that, a ‘coffer dam’ will be constructed, which essentially comprises water-filled barriers, floated and sunk into the creek, with a plastic overlay, and sandbags to plug holes.

Building the infamous ‘fish ladders’ comes next which caused such a monumental bureaucratic challenge and delay - with the following stabilization and site clean-up scheduled for 19-21 September.

Descriptive signs are planned as part of the project. A late September planting day is also being planned involving Landcare, local school children, community members, Rous staff, NSW Fisheries and Soil Conservation Service Staff and some key council staff. Below: authors left to right Lynn Smith and Christobel Munson from Bangalow Parklands with fellow member Jon Smith.

National Tree Day in Bangalow National Tree Day is an initiative of Planet Arc and is held every year on the last Sunday in July. Starting in 1996 it celebrates 21 years of tree planting amounting to over 23 million trees planted to date. Bangalow Landcare registered an event at our newest planting on Byron Creek to replant losses that have occurred from the flooding in June and the dry that followed, crazy weather this year!

Ballina Toyota was a sponsor of this event and to our surprise we had a contingent of car sales people turn up to plant trees. It was fun to share our work and our passion with a crew who seemed to not be aware that this kind of madness existed. Rous Water donated 100 trees to the planting and Landcare supplied 100 more. All were planted and watered by the 14 of us in under 2 hours, a very successful morning thanks to Planet Arc and Ballina Toyota Team. LG The Little Things by Liz- Go Bamboo Do you ever look around and notice just how much plastic is in your home?

Tomorrow morning when you brush your teeth think about this, every year millions of toothbrushes make their way to landfill and since they are made of plastic they will never biodegrade. You can change that now for the whole family and take at least one more item out of landfill forever. I have been using Bamboo toothbrushes for some years now and can attest to the quality. Bamboo is sustainable and safe and very affordable. Give it a go!

Not So Sweet Viburnum Have you got this not so sweet Viburnum growing in your garden? A Japanese plant sold for hedging is fast becoming the next weed nightmare to flourish along our creeks but we are not alone. Bush regenerators have reported this weed from SE QLD to Port Macquarie and is probably more wide spread without yet being noticed. It's full name is Viburnum odoratissimum 'Awabuki', it is spread by birds and water but also roots at every node touching the ground so can also possibly spread from pieces carried in flood water and garden dumping.

Sadly it is still being promoted by popular garden shows and in nurseries. There are lots of native species that can make beautiful hedges so please think twice if you are planting a hedge and avoid this plant. LG

Plant of the Month – Red Cedar Toona ciliata This species has been pursued since the early days of European settlement in Australia. The trees grow rapidly and produce a soft durable timber which is easy to work and has always been prized as a cabinet wood. The settlement along the east coast of Australia was often preceded by ‘cedar getters’ who were always traveling around looking for new stands of Red Cedar. These renowned trees are deciduous and the unique new growth of copper red foliage as seen below was easy to spot when the timber getters moved up the coast in pursuit of the 'red gold'.There is lots of Red Cedar in town and around the area, they have had their beautiful red flush for the last few weeks.

Platypus Sightings Following on from the June Village Eco News article about Platypus two sightings in Byron Creek have been reported this month.

A single Platypus on one occasion and then a pair all looking healthy and happy. I think I came upon the entrance to a burrow while weeding below the weir too, a lovely vegetated spot and just perfect for them, I backed away quietly. Let us know if you see any others!.

Village Eco News

This Newsletter is produced by Bangalow Land and Rivercare with the aim to inform, interest, amuse and educate the reader on all things environmental in and around the Bangalow district.

Thank You to the Bangalow Blue Grass Festival for the generous donation of hay bales. They will help replace some of the mulch lost during the east coast low.

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Village eco news issue 3 sept 2016  

This Newsletter is produced by Bangalow Land and Rivercare with the aim to inform, interest, amuse and educate the reader on all things envi...

Village eco news issue 3 sept 2016  

This Newsletter is produced by Bangalow Land and Rivercare with the aim to inform, interest, amuse and educate the reader on all things envi...