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Community Information and Services Mobile Library Every fourth Thursday

Editor: Ian Summers, 14 The Knoll, Hempstead, Holt NR25 6TJ 01263 710702 Sub-editor: Su Summers

Matlaske Plumstead Baconsthorpe

Village Correspondents: Baconsthorpe: Barningham: Hempstead: Matlaske: Plumstead:

Ro Hardingham 577262 Sara Buxton 577207 Betty Hart 712726 Florence Hunt 577363 Julie Brown 577447


Holt Library 9 Church Street, Holt NR25 6BB Tel: 712202 Mon–Wed, and Sat: 9:30 am to 1 pm Fri: 9:30 am to 6 pm Books can be dropped off out of hours in the letterbox labelled ‘bookdrop’ in the blue door.

Copy date 20th of the month preceding publication

Postal Subscriptions

Post Office Baconsthorpe Village Hall

£10 per year – Corinne Youngs 577263

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Advertising Annual: Contact: Mrs D Spalton 711117 One-off or special requirement: Payment by the copy date. Contact: The editor For Sale & Wants: £1 per 20 words (free if proceeds to Newsletter) Contact: The editor

Norfolk Constabulary 101 for non-urgent calls Holt Safer Neighbourhood Team e-mail: Police Community Support Officers: Baconsthorpe & Matlaske PCSO Gary Baxter Hempstead & Plumstead PCSO Rachel Howard Police Direct about crime and policing issues

Churchwardens Baconsthorpe: Tessa McCosh 577611

Dog Warden

Barningham: Brian Clements 570293


Florence Hunt 577363 Thomas Courtauld 577250


Thomas Wormald 577239 John Durdin 577234

12:30 pm to 4 pm 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

For a full range of services offered at this branch and all other enquiries call 712139.

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Ann Udale 713656 Su Summers 710702    

Old Post Office Walnut Farm Council Bungalows Old Post Office The Street Hare and Hounds Telephone kiosk


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12:20 pm 13:00 pm 14:25 pm 15:45 pm 16:05 pm 15:00 pm 15:20 pm

516085 (out of hours 513811)

Norfolk Carers Helpline – 0808 808 9876 Mon–Fri 8 am to 8 pm. Free and confidential listening, support and information for family carers.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the newsletter. The newsletter apologises if contributed material is not published due to space constraints. All facts are believed to be correct at time of publication. The editor reserves the right to amend material. 2

Memorial Services Mavis Nunneley 3 pm on Friday, 25 October in Holt Parish Church. See page 11.

• Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Dairy Free AND delicious for ALL Baconsthorpe

Mike Culverwell 11:30 am on Saturday, 26 October in Hempstead Church. See page 11.

Notice Board

01263 570229 07949 031676 forbiddencakery. co . uk

Grit on the Roads As winter looms we are reminded by NCC that the grit found in bins on the highway is for use only on the public highways and footways in the vicinity of the bins. Anyone using it for private drives and paths runs the risk of being accused of theft. You may also be interested in the Government’s Snow Code which includes advice on clearing by the public (


Coffee & Gossip October’s coffee morning raised £105 for McMillan Cancer Support. Thank you everyone for your generosity. In November we revert to any modest surplus being for the newsletter. These events are an enjoyable way to spend an hour or so and open to everyone.

Service & Repair Jon Cooper Dales House, The Street, Baconsthorpe NR25 6AB 01263 577527 or 07767 494369

Puzzle My daughter, a pianist, has just married a violinist. They are both lovely, so I composed this puzzle for them: V I O L I N + P I A N O = L O V E L Y

• • • • •

with each letter representing a different digit. All of the numbers from 0 to 9 are included except one. What do the letters N, O, I and A represent if the addition is correct? You’ll find help in odd places if you need it. AGS

General Repairs • Welding Servicing • Recovery Pre-MOTs and MOTs arranged Tyres Supplied and Fitted Free Courtesy Car

Hall Cottage, Holt Road, Edgefield NR24 2RS

Contact Ross on

Answer to last months puzzle Position one. 3

01263 715600

A is less than 5.

Lloyd Durham

Hamlyn Pest Control

Independent Family

Rodent, Rabbit, Mole, Wasp and Insect control by professional, friendly service specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

Funeral Directors

· NPLA member · · Professionally-trained technicians ·

01263 713113 (24 hours)

· Reliable and discreet ·

11a Avenue Rd, High Kelling NR25 6RD Email: Funeral Director: Helen Wickes BSc, dipFD NAFD

01263 860112 or 01263 861587

Garden & Home Helpers All basic help for you in your house or garden by husband and wife team from Matlaske. We can do the whole job or simply help you to complete a task. Hourly or fixed-rate prices from £8. References available.

Memorials in marble, stone and various coloured granites Brochures upon request · Additional inscriptions Cremation plaques · House names Workshop: 01603 755524 Office: 01603 485691 Unit 8 Sawmill Close, The Street, Felthorpe, Norwich NR10 4BH

07909 183190 07950 822802 4

Church Matters Church Services 27 Oct Bible Sunday

9 am 10:45 am 2 Nov All Souls Sat @ 10 am 3 Nov All Saints 10:45 am

Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Choral Patronal Eucharist

10 Nov Remembrance 9 am 10:45 am 17 Nov 2nd before Advent 9 am 10:45 am

Eucharist Benefice Remembrance Eucharist Mattins

Matlaske Church Plumstead Church Matlaske Church Hempstead Church

Preacher: The Ven John Ashe, Archdeacon of Lynn

Baconsthorpe Church Matlaske Church Barningham Winter Church Hempstead Church

This will be our annual Toy service. If you are able, please bring along a wrapped, labelled toy or gift, showing gender and age for which it is suitable. These gifts will be given to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal for distribution to families for whom gifts at Christmas prove difficult and for many, impossible. If you are unable to attend but wish to donate a gift, any churchwarden will be pleased to take it.

24 Nov Christ the King 9 am Eucharist Plumstead Church 10:45 am Mattins Matlaske Church 1 Dec Advent Sunday 9 am Eucharist Baconsthorpe Church 10:45 am Benefice Advent Carols North Barningham Church Weekday Holy Eucharist You are most welcome to join us every Thursday morning at 10 am in Matlaske Church for Holy Eucharist

From the Rectory The Rectory Matlaske NR11 7AQ 577455 (any day but Wednesdays)

My dear friends Remember, Remember! No, I’m not talking about Bonfire Night – but do enjoy it safely and look after your pets! The Church has a lot to remember in November. On Saturday 2nd we keep All Souls Day – there will be a service at 10 am at Matlaske. We remember loved ones who have gone to God; their names are remembered and candles lit. If you would like anyone to be remembered do please print their names on the list at the back of Matlaske Church. On Sunday 3rd we keep the great festival of All Saints’ at Hempstead – remembering that the little church was dedicated to All Saints hundreds of years ago. Do come and join us for the special service – the Archdeacon of Lynn is preaching and the music will be led by the Benefice Choir. Remembrance Sunday is on 10th November and the traditional service and laying a wreath of poppies will be at St Peter’s Matlaske. The men and women of our armed services are still making the ultimate sacrifice: and we gather to remember them all. So wear your poppy with pride as we thank God for our freedom. God bless you all 5

T G L GROUNDWORKS Any outside work undertaken from concreting, digger/dumper operations, fencing, patios, bases, footings, oversights, drainage, treatment plants, soakaways, connections, trenching, some BT, electric, gas and water, kerbs and driveways, landscaping, hedges and grass cutting and turfing. Big Green Waste Bag: We deliver a 1 ton bag; you fill it with garden waste, give us a call; it’s picked up and exchanged if needed. Nettles/brambles/weeds/grass, hedge and tree cuttings. Why risk scratching and marking your car wasting time and fuel. Bags can be used for other things by arrangement only. £9 for 1; £16 for 2.

We also hold £5 million public liability and damage waiver; fully trained experienced operations. 7 Stonefield Road, Baconsthorpe NR25 6LP 01263 577746 or 07769 914335

I is 5.

Is Welcoming Volunteers! Thornage Hall, CCEA provides supported living and day services to adults with a learning disability The following workplaces need your help: Farming and Gardening, Weaving, Arts & Crafts, Willow Weaving, Wood Working and Textile Please contact 01263 860305 if you are interested

24 Gladstone Place, Briston 01263 860333

Family Butcher Poulterer & Game Dealer Licensed to sell Wines & Spirits In-town Butchery at Larners of Holt 01263 710000


Fresh Bread & Cakes from our own bakery Weekly Deliveries in our refrigerated vans

Bertie’s Ramblings preferring AWOL to the Army. Bill stayed on the train that terminated at Liverpool where they quickly were transported to Northern Ireland and trained as infantry. Just as quickly they found themselves in Burmah. Certainly no picnic. One day a Signals Colonel turned up asking for volunteers. Bill stepped forward although his mates said ‘A Bren gun’s heavy enough - do they want to hump a radio set as well?’ The interview followed. ‘Were you a Boy Scout, did you learn semaphore and Morse?’ Bill replied ‘I never had time for that, I was too busy looking after the family.’ Surprisingly the Colonel said ‘You’re just the sort of chap we are looking for.’ The official course to learn Japanese Morse (which has 240 symbols) was 18 months in England. He had a theory that he could teach someone with no knowledge of Morse or Japanese in six months. Which Bill did and was sent to a listening station in Nepal where they intercepted traffic between Tokyo and the Japanese Embassy in Geneva. An idyllic situation where they felt at ease to ask the officers what the important messages said. He assured me that he knew about the atom bombs almost before President Truman. I cannot resist telling the tale of an RAF officer who was a POW in Nagasaki. One night unloading a ship the air raid warning went off and the guards scarpered. So he sat behind a concrete block for a quiet fag. Where better to be when an atom bomb goes off than behind six foot of concrete? Moral: Smoking saves lives! Bertie Harmer

Why not to be in the Boy Scouts In 1961 I happened to be in the back of a trailer with a farm labourer (who I will call Bill). Not knowing quite what to say I opened with ‘What will you do if you win the pools (think lottery nowadays)?’ To my great surprise he replied. ‘I think I will take the missus for a holiday in Nepal.’ That’s a bit of a show stopper! But life ran a fair bit slower in those days so I was able to question Bill over several days. What a fantastic story. Bill was one of 12 children so left school at 14 to support the others; and I got the impression that the supplies, or lack of them, in the early years of WW2 were a bit Mafia like! He was called up into the Navy where he served on destroyers in the Atlantic as a stoker. In 1942 they returned to Portsmouth but had to anchor offshore where they were told that the Battle of the Atlantic was being won. So they would all be transferred, Petty Officer downwards, to the Army. At the dockyard they were put straight onto a train. When this stopped for three minutes somewhere outside London nearly two thirds of the crew jumped ship

C. H. MATTHEWS Plumbing and Heating

For Sale Wants Hay for sale 577459.

Juniper Lodge, Hempstead, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6TW Tel: Holt 713374

Wanted: Dog walker for two friendly dogs in North Barningham, Mon–Fri, hours by arrangement, £6 per walk, tel: 577312. 7

WILL’S Property Maintenance Inside and Out

Bed and Breakfast Blacksmith’s Cottage Baconsthorpe

General DIY Jobs, Tiling, Pressure Washing, Mowing, Hedging, Strimming, Guttering, Paths, Patios, Fences, etc.

Emma Youngs

Work carefully undertaken

01263 570 252 or 07884 432 412

01263 577581

John Perry-Warnes


Your North Norfolk District Councillor

Painting & Decorating Gardening

Please contact me if I can be of Service concerning the following issues

Established: 1992

Housing Council Tax

01263 821304 or 07534 455301

Waste Collection Planning Matters

Tel: 01263 715577


Baconsthorpe Village Hall Ideal for Parties and Receptions Fully equipped Kitchen with Matching Crockery for 100 settings New Tables and Chairs

Sheringham: 01263 824444 Holt: 01263 710088 Freefone: 0800 734 44 44

Large Main Hall or Committee Room

Charges: £8 per hour £25 deposit will be required to cover damages or breakages FRIENDLY & RELIABLE SHORT or LONG DISTANCE


To book contact Mrs Doris Hill 01263 577489

What’s On Weekly Events Mondays * 7:30 pm Tuesdays † 10 am Tuesdays ‡ 10 am Tuesdays * 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Line Dancing Hempstead Charcoal Drawing Baconsthorpe Diocesan Play Van Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls

711320 711282 07918 027092 711320

* Not on Bank Holidays    † New members always welcome   ‡ During school terms

Monthly Events 31 Oct Thu @ 12:20 pm Mobile Library See page 2 for times 1 Nov Fri @ 10:30 am Hempstead Coffee & Gossip Village Hall There will be a stall selling knitted goods & crafts in aid of the kneeler group which pays for church flowers. Maybe you will find a Christmas present! Mon @ 11 am Hempstead Kneeler Group At Betty’s Wed @ 7:30 pm Hempstead Film Club Contact: 712460 Thu @ 10 am Baconsthorpe Textile Group Contact: 577263 Thu @ 12:20 pm Mobile Library See page 2 for times

11 Nov 20 Nov 28 Nov 28 Nov Special Events 4 Nov Mon @ 7:30 pm 14 Nov Thu @ 7:30 pm 15 Nov Fri @ 7 pm

Hempstead PC Meeting See Hempstead News   Baconsthorpe VH Meeting All welcome Baconsthorpe Quiz

£5 per person to include a Jacket Potato supper. Bring your own tipple. Mon @ 2:30 pm Matlaske PPC Meeting At the Rectory Wed @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe PC Meeting VH. All welcome Fri @ 7:30 pm Hempstead Fun Quiz See Hempstead Panel Sat @ 9 am Plumstead Police Surgery Bus Shelter ’til 10 am Sat @ 10 am Hempstead Police Surgery Bus Shelter ’til 11 am Sat @ 10 am Baconsthorpe Christmas Fayre See News

25 Nov 27 Nov 29 Nov 30 Nov 30 Nov 30 Nov 13 Dec Fri @ 7–9 pm

Matlaske Carols

At Barningham Hall in aid of Matlaske Church. Mulled Wine – Raffle.

14 Dec Sat @ 7 pm 20 Dec Fri @ 6:30 pm

Hempstead Christmas Get Together Plumstead Event See Plumstead News

Further Afield 7–20 Nov 10 am–4 pm

Cley Norfolk Wildlife Trust Art Exhibition

Come and see Irene Miller’s paintings and John Miller’s photographs of Birds.

10 Nov   Sun @ 3:30 pm

Salthouse Church Remembrance Concert

Mozart Requiem – Ireland Greater Love – Kelling Consort directed by Angela Dugdale – Tickets £8 9

Elv’s Wood Burner Installation

Servicing and Chimney Lining For all enquiries please call: Tel: 01263 824665 Mobile: 07919 201665

Car Valeting Service PC Problems?

Fed up with queuing at the car wash?

No problem!

Let me come to the location of your choice and clean your car. From a basic car wash to a full valet.

A reliable, friendly, efficient service in the comfort of your own home · Installation · Troubleshooting · Tuition ·

Example: Wash, hoover, dust and air freshener for just £12.00 (within a five-mile radius of Holt)

· Free Advice · Upgrades ·

Phone Dave: 07825 544045 01263 711850 (evenings)

Andrew Benn 01263 761133 N is less than 5.



Krafty Knitter Wool, knitting supplies & gifts Come and see us at Downtide Centre, Cromer Road, Alby NR11 7QE 07570 762658


Baconsthorpe News

Talk On Friday, 27th September Michael Brunson OBE was in conversation with Steve Benson about his very interesting broadcasting career. Many thanks to John Perks who arranged this event which raised over £600 in aid of St Mary’s Church.

Events in Baconsthorpe 14 Nov 7:30 pm VH Meeting 15 Nov 7 pm Quiz 27 Nov 7:30 pm PC Meeting 28 Nov 10 am Textile Group 30 Nov 10 am Christmas Fayre More details on centre pages

Hempstead News

Village Hall News

Events in Hempstead

It was a great disappointment to see so few people at our evening of Norfolk Squit with Pat Neirney and Danny Platton. The Hall rang with laughter with these very funny people. Unfortunately we lost on this event, which your Village Hall can ill afford to do. Perhaps a few more people will attend our Quiz on Friday the 15th November at 7 pm, £5 per person with a Jacket Potato supper with various fillings, bread roll and Tea/Coffee. Bring your own tipple. There will be a raffle. The Christmas Fayre is on Saturday the 30th November at 10 am. Any Bric-a-Brac, Tombola or raffle prizes would be gratefully received. Ring John on 711320 if you are able to give; or to any committee member. J R Cooper

1 Nov 4 Nov 11 Nov 20 Nov 29 Nov 30 Nov

Hempstead Arts The Draw for a picture by Margaret Glass has raised £265. The picture was won by Pam Hope of Long Sutton in Lincolnshire. Hempstead Church is very grateful to David Durst for donating the picture to raise money for church funds. The Churchwardens

Mike Culverwell

Baconsthorpe 200 Club £25 Pat Youngs; £10 Bill East; £5 Will Peck and Grainger Jorden.

Barningham News Mavis Nunneley We send our condolences to the CozensHardy family whose mother Mavis died peacefully on the 4th October. The CozensHardys farmed for many years at North Barningham and later Mavis moved to Holt. She will be greatly missed by our community as she regularly attended church at St Mary’s and was always a willing helper at every event for the church. It was lovely to see her at the talk at Baconsthorpe Village Hall exactly a week before she passed away.

10:30 am Coffee & Gossip 7:30 pm PC Meeting 11 am Kneeler Group 7:30 pm Film Club 7:30 pm Fun Quiz 10 am Police Surgery More details on centre pages


Sadly, we have to report that Michael Culverwell died recently. Mike and his family came to Hempstead in 1976. He was a friendly, kind man and always cheerful. Mike was churchwarden at Hempstead until 2009. As every cricketer knows, it is famously difficult being the next batsman at the crease after the fall of a long partnership by two expert bats. For many years the churchwardens were Henry Mack and John Hagen; each had followed after their previous generation. So this difficulty befell Mike when he replaced John Hagen in 1995 – but his steady nature fitted him well in the circumstances. Parsons came and Parsons went with long gaps between and Michael adjusted to this new dimension in which all the Benefice came to work together. From my perspective as Treasurer, Mike was always easy to work with: supportive and tolerant. DWD (& DS)

ts en Ev

Hempstead 200 Club £25 P Payne; £10 K Power; £5 Kneeler Group, V Collier and P Joseph.


Follies at Christmas Get Together Please see panel alongside and then contact Jason Matthews or 710131. Put 14 Dec in your diary now.

Playing Field Future The Diocese of Norwich wish to charge the village for the use of Glebe land, eg, the playing field. The Parish Council will be looking to see if this is affordable, or even reasonable after years of usage, or whether we will have to return the field back to the Diocese and do away with the play area. The Parish Council would like to know how the people of the village feel and what cost may be deemed reasonable. All interested people are invited to attend, and contribute to the discussion at the meeting on November 4th in the Village Hall at 7:30 pm. We stress that it is the Diocese making these demands, not Hempstead Church. Paul Sanders, Chairman

Fun Quiz

In the Village Hall on Friday at 7:30 pm, the Hempstead Annual Fun Quiz, hosted by your genial Quizmaster Mike Thody, supported by Iris’s celebrated sausage rolls. No general knowledge needed. Singles welcome. £3.50 guarantees a lot of laughter.

Christmas Get Together

Hempstead Village Hall Committee request the indulgence of aspiring actors, musicians, magicians, comedians, etc, to perform individual pieces at this year’s Christmas Follies. No auditions necessary. Contact Jason 710131.

Matlaske News Event in Matlaske 25 Nov 2:30 pm PPC Meeting More details on centre pages

Get Well Soon

E is 0.

We wish Derek England a speedy recovery from his hip replacement operation.

George Cheney Our deepest sympathy goes to Veronica, Julie, Paul and their families on the very sudden loss of George. He will be greatly missed by all.

North Norfolk Energy Box O is less than 5.

This box includes information for residents on a wide range of energy issues, mostly targeted at helping residents reduce their energy costs and finding out about support and advice which is available to them. The box is especially aimed at residents without access to the internet. Please contact 577521. 13

“Staying Alive� Matlaske & surrounding area

Defibrillator Familiarisation

If you are interested in learning about CPR, how to deploy a defibrillator and other related skills Please phone Marion & Jim Shepherd Blacksmiths Cottage, Matlaske Tel 01263 57 7 521

Please register your interest by 20th November 8

Quiz Night


After a successful and enjoyable evening attended by 80 people on 20th September, we raised a magnificent £750 which was matched by organiser Julie Reynolds and her team at Barclays Bank, Holt. With donations we have achieved a total of £2300 for a defibrillator. This will cover Matlaske, North Barningham, Plumstead and the local vicinity, within a short drive. Fund raising, income and expenditure records have been lodged with Matlaske Parish Council and are available on request. Thanks to Thomas and Amelia Courtauld for their support in allowing us to hold the Quiz at The Stables and to all those who attended, helped and gave donations, including our residents, parish council, parochial church councils, visitors, local farmers & businesses. There has been a logistics meeting and there will be further events, to offer familiarisation for all (including ‘non volunteers’) interested in the deployment of defibrillators and useful tips on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), etc. Please see advert. We have ordered the defibrillator and ancillary kit, including housing. Signage will follow. Location and access procedures will be issued when installation is complete.

A very warm welcome to Brian and Eleanor Faulkner who have moved into Oak Tree Cottage.

Frank Kerrell In this month of Remembrance we recall Frank Kerrell (Late of Plumstead) who had an interesting and varied career in the Services. Originally offered a position as an air gunner in the RAF which he declined, he subsequently joined the army and became a Glider Pilot. Going solo on Tiger Moths after eight hours, he then went on to fly Hotspur, Horsa and Hamilcar gliders and took part in Exercise Longstop in September 1947 – one of the largest post-war exercises. His personal memoirs of the Glider Pilot Regiment and their activities make fascinating reading, particularly to those interested in aviation and post-war Britain. Further details are available from his daughter, Mary Keasley.

Community News Community Lunch Club After much soul searching it is with deep regret that we shall not be continuing with the lunch club. We miss the help and encouragement of our three most wonderful friends: Theresa Courtauld, David and Pauline Wooff. Dear friends, we could not have achieved what we did without you. We will miss you all and wish you all well for the future. Bless you. Jo

Plumstead News Event in Plumstead 30 Nov

9 am Police Surgery More details on centre pages

Plumstead Event

Jo’s feasts

Wild horses couldn’t drag me on board the seasonal bandwagon that drives us ever nearer to Christmas at a time when we are still clinging to the last vestiges of a lovely long Summer... but, hey... I must just bring to your attention that Plumstead Events are still alive and well! That is – Complimentary Mulled Wine and Mince Pies at the Church on Dec 20th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. All Welcome! – Put it in your Diary.

As one of those who used to go to the Community Lunch Club when it met monthly in Baconsthorpe Village Hall, I would like to send a big thank you to Jo Cartwright and her team. For those of us who are gastronomically challenged, Jo’s feasts were a godsend; and a welcome rest from solo ready meals or the like. It is very understandable why it cannot be continued. Well done Jo. DWD 15


Home Improvements


PVC-u and Timber Plain & Simple, Sash, Bays & Bows Repairs to Sealed Units Handles & Hinges



Kitchens & Bathrooms

Complete Fitting Service Plumbing Tiling Painting & Decorating Worktop Replacement

Insurance-backed Guarantee Contact Martin & Carolyn on 01263 577731 Free Quotations

Family-run business since 1989

[32] Nov 2013 - Village Diary & Newsletter  

Barningham Group Newsletter for Baconsthorpe, Barningham, Hempstead, Matlaske and Plumstead in North Norfolk

[32] Nov 2013 - Village Diary & Newsletter  

Barningham Group Newsletter for Baconsthorpe, Barningham, Hempstead, Matlaske and Plumstead in North Norfolk