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Home Watch Scheme

With the warmer weather and longer daylight hours approaching be aware of:

Holt police would like to set up new schemes in all local parishes including Baconsthorpe, Hempstead and Matlaske. Home Watch has four aims: • To prevent crime – By improving security, being the ‘eyes and ears’ of your neighbourhood and protecting the most vulnerable members of the community • To help with the detection of criminals – By sharing information with the police allowing them to be intelligence-led • To reduce undue fear of crime – By providing accurate information about risks, supporting victims, promoting a sense of security and a caring community • To improve Police-Community relations – Through regular contact between Home Watch and the police Each scheme is run by a coordinator from the local community who is the link between the scheme and the Police. Home Watch allows local residents to work together to create a safer community and to reduce crime where they live. The schemes are run by residents with help from the Police. Norfolk Constabulary is committed to maintaining Norfolk as one of the safest areas of the country by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. For further crime prevention advice; to arrange a crime-prevention visit or to find out more about home watch contact Holt Police using the non emergency number 101 or email

Cold callers • Use a spy hole or window to look at the caller. If you do not recognise the caller, do not open the door. • When answering the front door make sure that the back door is locked. • Display a No Cold Calling sticker on your door. These are available from Holt safer Neighbourhood Policing team. • Always ask for ID. • Call the police if you think a rogue caller is at your door. Vehicle security • Secure the car when it is left unattended. • Remove SAT NAV and other valuable items from the car when left unattended or place them out of sight. Security Marking • Security mark all valuable items (including computers and phones) with your house name/number, post code with a UV pen. • Take photographs of items and record any serial numbers on the reverse. • Garden ornaments/equipment can also be security marked. Heating Oil Tank Security • Remember to secure the tank at all times. • Regularly check the oil level. • Fit sensor or low energy dusk-till-dawn lights close to the tank to deter any potential theft and highlight any suspicious activity. • Make sure new tanks are well overlooked.

The next time you are pleased by a local supplier of goods or services please encourage them to advertise in our newsletter. One of our plucky readers did just that recently and the advertisement from the supplier is now in the newsletter. Ask me to contact them. Ed 3

LLOYD DURHAM Funeral Services

Hamlyn Pest Control Rodent, Rabbit, Mole, Wasp and Insect control by professional, friendly service specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

Mrs Helen Wickes, BSc 24-hour service 01263 713113

· NPLA member · · Professionally-trained technicians ·

Qualified Funeral Directors Office and Chapel of Rest 11a Avenue Road High Kelling, Holt NR25 6RD

· Reliable and discreet ·

01263 860112 or 01263 861587

Garden & Home Helpers All basic help for you in your house or garden by husband and wife team from Matlaske. We can do the whole job or simply help you to complete a task. Hourly or fixed-rate prices from £8. References available.

Memorials in marble, stone and various coloured granites Brochures upon request · Additional inscriptions Cremation plaques · House names Workshop: 01603 755524 Office: 01603 485691 Unit 8 Sawmill Close, The Street, Felthorpe, Norwich NR10 4BH

07909 183190 07950 822802 4

Church Matters Church Services 2 Jun Trinity 1

9 am Eucharist 10:45 am Mattins

Plumstead Church Hempstead Church (see letter below)

Please note that these services were the wrong way round in the May edition of the newsletter

9 Jun Trinity 2 16 Jun 23 Jun 30 Jun 7 Jul

9 am 10:45 am Trinity 3 9 am 10:45 am Trinity 4 9 am 10:45 am Trinity 5 St Peter 9 am 3 pm Trinity 6 9 am 10:45 am

Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Choral Evensong Eucharist Mattins

Matlaske Church Baconsthorpe Church Barningham Winter Church Hempstead Church Plumstead Church Matlaske Church Baconsthorpe Church North Barningham Church Hempstead Church Plumstead Church

Weekday Holy Eucharist You are most welcome to join us every Thursday morning at 10 am in Matlaske Church for Holy Eucharist

From the Rectory The Rectory Matlaske NR11 7AQ 577455 (any day but Wednesdays)

My dear friends Our countryside is looking at its best just now – the hedgerows are decorated with delicate cow parsley and bluebells are to be seen in the woods. The beauty of nature will be reflected in our Flower Festival at Barningham Winter Church and the Choir will enhance the setting by singing Choral Evensong on Trinity Sunday (26th May). At the beginning of June Mike Culverwell’s family will be celebrating the birth of his great-grand-daughter Lydia – the little girl has already been baptised but it will be lovely to mark her birth with a special Morning Service in Hempstead on June 2nd. The end of June brings us to Petertide and there are two special celebrations. On Sat 29th (St Peter’s Day) we shall celebrate Matlaske Church’s Patronal Day with a Barbecue in the Rectory garden from 6 pm to 9 pm. Do please support us with good food, drink and a raffle. St Peter’s North Barningham celebrates 40 years of hard work by the Palgrave Society – Derek Palgrave and his family have strong links with this lovely old church and saved it from becoming an empty shell. Do come along to North Barningham for Choral Evensong on Sunday 30th June at 3 pm. The preacher will be Canon Howard Stoker and a warm welcome awaits you. God bless you all 5

T G L GROUNDWORKS Any outside work undertaken from concreting, digger/dumper operations, fencing, patios, bases, footings, oversights, drainage, treatment plants, soakaways, connections, trenching, some BT, electric, gas and water, kerbs and driveways, landscaping, hedges and grass cutting and turfing. Big Green Waste Bag: We deliver a 1 ton bag; you fill it with garden waste, give us a call; it’s picked up and exchanged if needed. Nettles/brambles/weeds/grass, hedge and tree cuttings. Why risk scratching and marking your car wasting time and fuel. Bags can be used for other things by arrangement only. £9 for 1; £16 for 2.

We also hold £5 million public liability and damage waiver; fully trained experienced operations. 7 Stonefield Road, Baconsthorpe NR25 6LP 01263 577746 or 07769 914335

NORFOLK FOREST PRODUCTS Septic Tank Emptying Service 01263 577523 Forestry Contractor Upwood Farm North Barningham Matlaske Norfolk NR11 7LA

24 Gladstone Place, Briston 01263 860333

• • • • •

General Repairs • Welding Servicing • Recovery Pre-MOTs and MOTs arranged Tyres Supplied and Fitted Free Courtesy Car

In-town Butchery at Larners of Holt

Hall Cottage, Holt Road, Edgefield NR24 2RS

01263 710000

Contact Ross on

Fresh Bread & Cakes from our own bakery

01263 715600

Family Butcher Poulterer & Game Dealer Licensed to sell Wines & Spirits


Weekly Deliveries in our refrigerated vans

Bertie’s Ramblings Which brings me to a story of non-metal detecting. One day my father went off to the Fens to buy a metal detector. That very morning I was moving a set of Cambridge rolls from one field to another. As I bent down to fix one of the securing pins my eye was caught by something. I bent down to pick it up and realised it was a coin – silver as well. A little bit of spit and a magnifying glass showed it to be a William & Mary half crown. What on earth was that doing in a field in Hempstead? (By the bye my father always said he never found anything as good as that! I have – Six flint artefacts have been found on the farm; but my eyes are not now as good as they were.) Something I have never really understood is the vagaries of lightening. Down the Selbrigg road you can see a rather oddlooking oak tree. The reason was that it was struck many years ago but not killed. On the Bottom 15-Acres Further Down once, when it was in sugar beet, I discovered where lightening had fried several of the plants. What other plants are affected? Finally, before you all go to sleep – six or seven years ago I was roguing in a field of wheat at Stibbard when I came across a weed that didn’t quite look right. Not too difficult to identify because of the shape of the seed. It was shepherd’s needle which is a quite unusual arable weed. But there was a strip at least 10 yards long, so it must have been always there? Just keep looking. you never know what you will find. This morning I even picked up a one half new penny. What riches! Bertie Harmer

How blind can you be? Part 2 As I was saying last month: in my first winter in Hempstead in 1965 my mother and I were skating on Rookery Pit. Within moments an ancient inhabitant of Hempstead appeared ‘I wouldn’t go on there for all the tea in China – a soldier nearly drowned there during the war, 20 feet deep, etc.’ I took a boat out the next summer and could not find more than six foot in depth! and I have happily skated there ever since whenever the ice has been good enough. Another regular visitor in the middle sixties was a Bittern. He used to reside at Selbrigg pond and forayed occasionally up to the Pit. Somehow it did not quite seem right to see a bittern flying low over a field of barley. One day as I was driving back from Holt I saw him cross the road. Indoors quickly to pick up my binoculars and off to the Pit. I sat there for 20 minutes scanning the waterline and everywhere. No sign and then he must have blinked because I at last spotted him perched 20 feet up in an ash sapling. That’s most unusual behaviour. One morning I looked out of my kitchen window and saw an osprey having a look at the local fish population. He dived down out of sight but did not come up with any food. Then, of course, we have a very good breeding population of frogs and toads. (So I hope you all slowed down and were vigilant in the toading season because they do love to use the road as their main path of entry.) When I planted the trees at the north of the pit, I took a metal detector and swept the ground. All I found was six farthings. The only theory I can come up with is that this was where the young blades of Hempstead did their courting and, when they took their trousers down, that was all that fell out!

Wanted Could anyone please loan us a small camp bed/Lilo suitable for a 5-year old for the weekend of 27–28 July? We would be very grateful. Please contact 710702. 7

This and That generations. There is no known cure. ‘Coming or Going?’ – neither and both. And this is from a real expert in the disease… J

Thank you Big Thank you to Russell Wright who lost to our own David Ramsbotham in the recent county council elections. He fought for concerns in our corner of the county and we much appreciate his tireless efforts to keep North Norfolk a good place to live.

For Sale/Free • Hay for sale. Also, three six-week old kittens free to good homes. Contact: 577459

A conundrum This is a conundrum for medical professionals and psychiatrists alike when they recognise a particular variation of the disease that is known as ‘Coming or Going?’ or ‘Moving-House Disease’. The symptoms are: • The patient makes a decision to move house, and becomes euphoric at the prospect of a gleaming new home in an idyllic location, with shops and pubs nearby and lots of friendly neighbours. • The patient begins to deal with reality. The estate agents have a living to make and would sell their grand-children if they had to. The buyers are not quite truthful about their financial position and you (the vendor/patient) may probably agree to selling your grand-children on the black market to secure a sale. You thought they (the buyer) knew about that wind turbine! How would your friends and family react to the diagnosis of ‘coming or going’ disease? • The patient confronts reality – there is no cure! The patient is advised that the choice of their future is their own with ‘Coming or Going?’ disease. But it can be cured if you drop the price by £x thousand. Not on the NHS. That old thing (common sense your granddad would call it) says ‘are you coming or going?’ Dunno isn’t good enough. ‘Moving-House Disease’ has been painfully experienced by many patients over many

• Free to collector. Cane suite suitable for conservatory. Cream with autumn colours (I can e-mail a photo if required). Contact: 577615

Puzzles Palindromic days We are often asked to give our date of birth in the form of two numbers for the day, two for the month and four for the year. For example 21 Feb 2012 would be 21/02/2012. You’ll notice that in this example the date is palindromic. That is, it reads the same if written backwards. There were no palindromic dates in the 20th century, but a) How many have there been so far in the twenty first century? b) How many will there be this century altogether? c) How many will there be in the third millennium, i.e. between 1 Jan 2001 and 31 Dec 3000?

Answers for last month Decomposing Words An example with eight-letters: patterns → pattern → patter → pater → pate → ate → at → a And a nine-letter decomposition with two changes of order: feathered → fathered → feather → father → heart → hart → art → at → a 8

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How did we get our clothes washed in the days before washing machines, indeed before electricity poked its nose into our lives? There is still evidence around us – I’ve not had to look far because we can see a wash house from our garden. During the Victorian era washing day was a major event in the household. The reason it was a major event was the labour and time involved in doing the chore. Very often the women of the family would do their washing once a week or even monthly. Family status in the Victorian era was that the less frequently that you had a washing day the more affluent your family – because you would have sufficient clothing to wear until your next washing day.

Washing days would last all day – from very early in the morning until late at night. The main reason for this was to get all the washing dry. A lot of dwellings had to do their laundry in either a small kitchen or their backyard – their houses did not have indoor plumbing either; thus a member of the family would have to carry the water in buckets from the pump that the whole street shared and then carry it back to their house. Here in Hempstead we still have a wash house with all its equipment and a water pump nearby. The water from this spring probably served all the cottages and would have been used for the wash house and heated from the boiler underneath the sink. In addition there was the open fire probably with a range to dry clothes and for other purposes. Up until the latter half of the 19th century, it was common for people to use soap to wash their clothes. The use of soap for washing increased after the tax on it was abolished in 1853 and, by 1891, 16 lbs of soap was being used per person to do the washing. Apart from using soap in the laundry, bleach ‘blue’ and other nonchemicals would be used on whites. Starch would be used on aprons, collars and linen – though this was regarded as being a specialist skill. Ian Summers

Have you a favourite object, building or story from your neighbourhood? Please let the editor know. 9

Weekly Events Mondays * 7:30 pm Tuesdays 10 am Tuesdays † 10 am Tuesdays * 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Line Dancing Hempstead Charcoal Drawing Baconsthorpe Diocesan Play Van Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls

711320 711282 07918 027092 711320

* Not on Bank Holidays     † During school terms

June Monthly Events 7 Jun Fri @ 10:30 am 13 Jun Thu @ 12:20 pm 17 Jun Mon @ 11 am 26 Jun Wed @ noon

Hempstead Coffee & Gossip Village Hall Mobile Library See page 2 for times Hempstead Kneeler Group At Hole Farm Barn Community Lunch Club

Booking essential 577455

27 Jun Thu @ 10 am Special Events 11 Jun Tue @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Textile Group Contact: 577263

Benefice Churchwardens’ Meeting

At Baconsthorpe Old Rectory, home of David and Tessa McCosh.

14 Jun Fri @ 7 pm

Baconsthorpe Jumble Sale

Don’t forget our evening Jumble Sale – you are sure to find something you want!

18 Jun Tue @ 7 pm

Barningham PCC Meeting

At North Barningham House – the home of Jim & Mary Pallister. Please note change of time and venue.

24 Jun Mon @ noon

Hempstead Police Surgery

Until 1 pm at the bus shelter.

24 Jun Mon @ 1 pm

Plumstead Police Surgery

Until 2 pm at the bus shelter.

27 Jun Thu @ 7 pm

Hempstead Play Reading Group

Everyone is welcome from 7 pm for refreshments – reading starts at 7:30 pm. Cost £1. Contact Su Summers 710702 – This month’s play is Old Actors Never Die (they simply lose the plot), a farce. Nothing too heavy for the summer months! 10

July & August 10 Jul Wed @ 7:30 pm

Hempstead Pre-Fête Planning Meeting

If you are able to help in any way, please come. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please contact Adrian Taylor 712460 with offers of help.

11 Jul Thu @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe VH AGM

Please come and show your support for our lovely village hall.

12 Jul Fri @ 7 pm

Baconsthorpe Quiz

£5 per person to include a Jacket-Potato Supper with various fillings.

13 Jul Sat @ 1 pm

Plumstead Big Fête

Ok everybody – it’s countdown time! Less than five weeks left to collect up your clothing contributions and brighten up your Bric-a-brac ready for the Fête – Get Saturday July 13 onto your calendar and plan to be there! – This year will be an extravaganza of treats – more games, more stalls, more fun and more lovely cakes than ever! – So, make a date with your friends and family and all come along. It’s your village! – To contribute good clean items of Bric-a-brac or clothing 577539; to bake a cake etc 577718; to donate a bottle 577447; to donate some books 577718; for any other enquiries, try any of the above!

24 Jul Wed @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe PC Meeting

In the Village Hall – Everyone welcome.

25 Jul Thu @ noon

Hempstead Police Surgery

Until 1 pm at the bus shelter.

25 Jul Thu @ 1 pm

Plumstead Police Surgery

Until 2 pm at the bus shelter.

27 Jul Sat @ 2:30 pm 4 Aug Sun @ 2 pm

Matlaske Fête Hempstead Fête

Please keep your diaries free

This traditional Village Fête, with Cushing’s Fairground Organ, Fun Dog Show, Children’s Fancy Dress Competition, Teas, Cakes, Plants and Produce, Books, Bric-a-Brac, Tombola, Giant Raffle, Side-shows, Games, and an Exhibition in All Saints’ Church, is always a successful event. The more stalls, side-shows and attractions, the better it gets, though it is always a struggle to find enough people to help with all the work involved (see Hempstead Panel on page 17).

29 Aug Thu @ 7 pm

Hempstead Play Reading Group

Everyone is welcome from 7 pm for refreshments – reading starts at 7:30 pm. Cost £1. Contact Su Summers 710702

Further Afield 7–12 Jun Fri–Wed

Art Exhibition for Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Picturecraft Gallery, Holt, by kind permission of Adrian Hill – 9 am–5 pm (Sunday 11 am–4 pm) – All artwork, old and new, generously donated by NWT supporters, for Cley Marshes Land Purchase Appeal. Continued on page 19


Elv’s Wood Burner Installation

Servicing and Chimney Lining For all enquiries please call: Tel: 01263 824665 Mobile: 07919 201665

HG Window Cleaning · Commercial & Residential

PC Problems?

· Fully insured

No problem!

· Purified, water-fed pole system

A reliable, friendly, efficient service in the comfort of your own home · Installation · Troubleshooting · Tuition · · Free Advice · Upgrades ·

07825 544045 01263 735683

Andrew Benn 01263 761133



Krafty Knitter Wool, knitting supplies & gifts

Now Open! Come and see us at Downtide Centre, Cromer Road, Alby NR11 7HA


At the Village Hall Meeting on Thursday 9th May we had long discussions about how we need new people to come and help and support the hall as the Hall is in jeopardy of closing. The regular events will continue but monthly fund raising events may stop, as some of the committee feel unable to do the work necessary to keep them going. Please come along to the AGM on Thursday 11th July 2013 at 7:30 pm to show your support for our lovely Village Hall. We have a Village Hall that is the envy of many other Villages but without new people to help run and maintain it we may have to close it. If we get no response to our plea for help, we will know you don’t want a Village Hall. Fund Raising including the 50/50 Auction in August will continue for this year only. The Committee were bitterly disappointed that nobody came to the Beetle Drive on Friday 10th May. This is the first time any of our fund-raising events have failed.

General News Councillors in the area I would like to thank everyone in Baconsthorpe, Hempstead and Plumstead who voted for me in the County Council elections on 2 May. This was an excellent day for the UK Independence Party and a big step towards getting our county and country back on track. I look forward to serving you all and, if required, can be contacted on or by telephoning 577418 David Ramsbotham, Walnut Farm, Church Street, Plumstead NR11 7LG. Please note that John Perry-Warnes is still the District Councillor for Baconsthorpe, Hempstead and Plumstead. Michael Baker is the new UKIP County Councillor for Matlaske and Barningham – the District Councillor for these two villages being Anthea Sweeney.

Barningham News

Baconsthorpe News

Event in Barningham 18 Jun

Events in Baconsthorpe 14 Jun 27 Jun

7 pm Jumble Sale 10 am Textile Group More details on centre pages

Coffee Morning Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the coffee morning which was

Best Wishes We wish Margaret Blake a speedy return to full health following her recent surgery at The Spire Hospital Cambridge for a shoulder replacement. Margaret tells me she is recovering well but is unable to drive for six weeks. However, she is managing to tend her much-loved and very pretty garden, with one hand... How’s that for dedication!

• Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Dairy Free AND delicious for ALL

Baconsthorpe 200 Club £25 Will Peck; £10 Ann Gibbs; £5 David Youngs & Andrew Rudd


Village Hall News A highly entertaining evening was had by all those who came to see Michael Ruston and Helen.

7 pm PCC Meeting More details on centre pages

07949 031676 forbiddencakery. co . uk 13

held at Horseshoe Barn, Mannington. £275 was raised for St Mary’s Church, Barningham. Huge thanks go to Mrs Trot Youngs who hosted the event.

Fortieth Anniversary This year, 2013, St Peter’s, North Barningham gives thanks for forty years in the care of The Churches Conservation Trust. In the nineteen sixties the church had fallen into disuse and the principal items of furniture had been transferred to other churches. When Derek Palgrave and his wife, Pamela dropped in on their way past they were horrified to find it neglected, overgrown with ivy and filled with sticks dropped by nesting jackdaws. Derek and his then girl friend Pamela first saw the church when they were mere schoolchildren, encouraged to visit it by their history teacher, who pointed out that it contained magnificent memorials to the Palgrave family. Now, distressed by its dilapidation, they decided that urgent action was required. They called on the late Lady Harrod. She suggested that they should tidy up the church and churchyard and organize a service there. She would see then what she could do to help. True to her word, she did and the rest is history. For forty years the Trust has maintained the fabric of the church and Derek and Pamela have arranged

Photo: Clive Rammell

a Patronal Service there for every single one of them, duly cleaning the church and clearing the churchyard for the occasion. Throughout all those years they have come from afar to do so.

WILL’S Property Maintenance Inside and Out

General DIY Jobs, Tiling, Pressure Washing, Mowing, Hedging, Strimming, Guttering, Paths, Patios, Fences, etc. Work carefully undertaken 01263 577581


C. H. MATTHEWS Plumbing and Heating

Bed and Breakfast Blacksmith’s Cottage Baconsthorpe Juniper Lodge, Hempstead, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6TW Tel: Holt 713374

Emma Youngs 01263 570 252 or 07884 432 412



Painting & Decorating Gardening Service & Repair

Established: 1992

Jon Cooper

01263 821304 or 07534 455301

Dales House, The Street, Baconsthorpe NR25 6AB 01263 577527 or 07767 494369


Baconsthorpe Village Hall Ideal for Parties and Receptions Fully equipped Kitchen with Matching Crockery for 100 settings New Tables and Chairs

Sheringham: 01263 824444 Holt: 01263 710088 Freefone: 0800 734 44 44

Large Main Hall or Committee Room

Charges: £8 per hour £25 deposit will be required to cover damages or breakages FRIENDLY & RELIABLE SHORT or LONG DISTANCE


To book contact Mrs Doris Hill 01263 577489

ts en Ev

We owe a huge debt to Derek and Pamela Palgrave, to the late Lady Harrod and to The Churches Conservation Trust for keeping this church alive for us today. Gratitude is due also to the schoolmaster who so long ago drew the church to Derek’s attention. CdeB  


There will be a Pre-Fête Planning Meeting in the Village Hall at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 10 July. If you are able to help in any way, please come. If you can’t make it to the meeting, please contact Adrian Taylor 712460 with offers of help.

Hempstead News Events in Hempstead 7 Jun 10:30 am Coffee & Gossip 17 Jun 11 am Kneeler Group 24 Jun noon Police Surgery 27 Jun 7 pm Play Reading Group More details on centre pages

Hempstead Village Hall Committee are seeking aspiring actors, singers and musicians for their annual Christmas Follies performance in early December. No previous experience is necessary, just a willingness to dress up and join in – although a good sense of humour is recommended. Please contact Jason Matthews 710131 for more information.

Village Hall Tidy You may have noticed one Saturday morning a group of enthusiastic volunteers tidying up the village hall. The results were splendid. Thank you to all.

Hog Roast Many hands make light work. Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this such a happy and successful event which made £292 profit. If you came you will know how well the hog was carved, what a wonderful variety of home-made salads and puddings were on offer and what a relaxed and friendly evening it was. If you didn’t – put it in your diary next year and come.

Is Welcoming Volunteers!


Thornage Hall, CCEA provides supported living and day services to adults with a learning disability The following workplaces need your help: Farming and Gardening, Weaving, Arts & Crafts, Willow Weaving, Wood Working and Textile Please contact 01263 860305 if you are interested

The work is scheduled to take 8 weeks during which I regret fishing will be suspended. The work is being undertaken with Norfolk Rivers Trust (Nine Chalk River Project) and they are project managing the programme. Exact dates, plans, and more details will be on the website. Francis Feilden

Tribute to Hempstead Farmer

Hempstead 200 Club £25 D Durst; £10 D Roy; £5 M Carman, D Sewell & J Neville. The Timothy Colman Prize is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution towards promoting the interests and understanding of food, farming and the countryside in Norfolk. This year’s winner is Robin Carver who, with his wife Rose, bought Hole Farm in 1982. It had been stripped to the bone and pronounced the coldest farm in Norfolk. Since 1982, about 40,000 trees and 12,500 shrubs have been planted on 60 acres of new plantations and alongside 8.5 miles of hedges. Windbreaks have been created to stop erosions and create warmth. The entire tree pruning has been carried out by Robin. Now Hole Farm is frequently visited by experts interested in dragonflies, birds, lichens, butterflies and moss as well as frequent forestry groups. The wildlife quantity and variety has increased exponentially especially in hares and butterflies and several birds. There is even a wild grey partridge population. Robin will be presented with the award at this year’s Royal Norfolk Show.

Police Police in Holt are appealing for information following a series of criminal damage incidents in Hempstead. The first incident happened on Monday 29 April at about 12:25 pm when suspect(s) smashed the rear window of an MG ZR using a stone. Vandals sprayed graffiti on two cars parked in The Street overnight on Tuesday 30 April, damaging a Toyota Auris and Nissan Pixo. Officers would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the incidents or noticed anything suspicious in the area around the times stated. Please contact Holt Police Station on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. PCSO Rachel Howard   

Energy Box

Selbrigg Pond – Update June should see the start of work at Selbrigg Pond. Contractors have been commissioned to replace 100 m of the leaking retaining bank wall and sluice. The new wall will be just in front of the existing structure and will be constructed with 3.5 m steel pilings back-filled with concrete (neither will be visible after landscaping) and capped with hardwood. The sluice will be replaced with a weir and made safer.


North Norfolk District Council has produced and distributed The Energy Box to every parish. It includes information for residents on a wide range of energy issues. In an easily-accessible format. It is especially aimed at residents without access to the internet, as it collates a range of materials which are available online into one locallyaccessible resource. It covers all aspects to do with energy, and lots of ways of reducing your energy bill. The box also includes an OWL ‘smart meter’ home energy monitor. This can help you to measure energy use and cost in real-time. If you would like to borrow The Energy Box, please contact Su Summers 710702 who will arrange a free loan for you.

presence of Pat, realising his world is collapsing (in best ‘Basil Fawlty’ style) he does a runner. MT

Film Club The final film of the season was, to my mind, the best. The 1986 film Clockwork showed what nightmares are made of. You know the feeling, you almost wake in a cold sweat not being quite able to reach your destination and you’re powerless to achieve your goal. However, Mr Stimpson (John Cleese) made it in time to address the Headmasters’ Conference in Norwich in a somewhat disheveled state. Despite the film being shot mainly in the Midlands the film was believable: just. IS

Matlaske News RNLI Collection Raised £47.13. Thank you to everyone.

Parish Council AGM Sara Buxton was re elected Chairman.

Plumstead News Event in Plumstead

The last film of the season attracted educationalists from far and wide. Was it Yvette’s wonderful fruit cake or John Cleese reprising his Basil Fawlty act. It was terrific! Indeed a laugh a minute! Authoritarian, comprehensive-school headmaster and outsider Brian Stimpson (John Cleese) runs his school like a well-oiled clock. He is granted his lifelong ambition by being elected chairman of the National Headmasters’ Conference where he is to give the opening speech, Disaster strikes when he boards a train to Plymouth instead of Norwich. From then on ‘Basil Fawlty’ takes over; hilarious scenes ensue in his frantic attempts to get to the conference on time. Pursued by the police, his wife and three elderly dotty ladies, he is aided and abetted on the way by Laura (one of his pupils), Pat (an old girl friend), an order of silent monks and an unwitting Porsche driver. He faces ranks of the snobby education establishment, trying to ad lib his speech (having lost the text). He’s confronted by the police and his wife who misinterprets the

24 Jun

1 pm Police Surgery More details on centre pages

Congratulations Deserved congratulations to David Ramsbotham on his recent election to Norfolk County Council representing the Melton Constable Division including Plumstead, Baconsthorpe and Hempstead.

Farewell and thank you It’s time to say Goodbye to Plumstead, where I have served as Parish Clerk since July 2009, even though my home is in Stody. My resignation took effect at the AGM on 13 May. The bad news is that there have been no applications to take over so at the time of writing the post is vacant. The duties are not overwhelming, and work out at one hour per week on average, for which you get paid at a rate of around £10. The Chairman Roy Keasley is ‘holding the fort’ at the moment, until such time as some publicspirited local person ventures to apply. Could that be you? Michael Chesterman

Further Afield continued from page 11 7 Jun Fri @ 7 pm Edgefield Arthouse and World Cinema Presents The Lives of Others – Utterly compelling film set in Berlin just before and after the wall came down. A stunning Spellbinding Masterpiece of Cinema – Showing starts at 7:30 pm – there will be Jim’s home-made ice cream on offer a the start of the evening and coffee or tea with biscuits after – Raffle – Tickets: £3.50 at the door or from Tom 587246 or Dawn 587379 – Please note change of date. 19


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[27] Jun 2013 - Village Diary & Newsletter  

Barningham Group Newsletter for Baconsthorpe, Barningham, Hempstead, Matlaske and Plumstead in North Norfolk