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Decoration on the altar in St Michael’s Church, Plumstead

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Two Baconsthorpe Churches

Ode by Arthur O'Shaughnessy (1844–1881) We are the music-makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streams; World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams: Yet we are the movers and shakers Of the world for ever, it seems.

Harbingers of Spring! I spotted my first of the year (around two, perhaps three weeks ago) All alone under the magnolia tree; its head just showing above the snow. The following day I spotted two more (cowering in the wind by the front door) Heads bowed like penguins in a storm; huddles upon an arctic shore. Within days they were in profusion along verges and hedgerows. Another amazing crop Of our most endearing little flower, the brave, humble and ever-friendly snowdrop! T

© Norman Allen

12 April

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Coffee & Gossip events in Hempstead – you help to keep our Village Diary & Newsletter solvent. Next time it is on Friday, 12 April.

29 Mar Fri @ 10:30 am

Edgefield – Hot Cross Buns

At Church Farm, Edgefield from 10:30 am – Home-made hot cross buns and coffee – Bring and Buy Prdouce and Gifts – Cards in aid of ‘Air Ambulance’ – Donations as usual – please bring your friends.

29 Mar Fri @ 7 pm

Salthouse Bach St John Passion

On Good Friday the Kelling Concert, orchestra and soloists, directed by Angela Dugdale, will present Bach’s St John Passion in St Nicholas Church, Salthouse. – The Passion was first heard on Good Friday 1724 in St Nicholas’ Church, Leipzig. Tickets £12 from Holt Computers, Salthouse Old Post Office and at the door. Members of the audience who wish to join in singing the chorales are invited to do so as they would have done in Bach’s day. 3

LLOYD DURHAM Funeral Services

Hamlyn Pest Control Rodent, Rabbit, Mole, Wasp and Insect control by professional, friendly service specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

Mrs Helen Wickes, BSc 24-hour service 01263 713113

· NPLA member · · Professionally-trained technicians ·

Qualified Funeral Directors Office and Chapel of Rest 11a Avenue Road High Kelling, Holt NR25 6RD

· Reliable and discreet ·

01263 860112 or 01263 861587

John Perry-Warnes Your North Norfolk District Councillor Please contact me if I can be of Service concerning the following issues

Memorials in marble, stone and various coloured granites Brochures upon request · Additional inscriptions

· Housing · Council Tax ·

Cremation plaques · House names

· Waste Collection · Planning Matters ·

Workshop: 01603 755524 Office: 01603 485691 Unit 8 Sawmill Close, The Street, Felthorpe, Norwich NR10 4BH


Tel: 01263 715577

Church Matters Church Services 28 Mar Maundy Thursday 29 Mar Good Friday

7 pm Benefice Eucharist 2 pm Benefice Service

Matlaske Church Plumstead Church

A devotional service: a service of hymns, readings and prayers

31 Mar Easter Day

10:45 am Benefice Eucharist

Hempstead Church

Please join us on this, the most important day in the Christian calendar. There will be refreshments after the service.

7 Apr Easter 2 14 Apr 21 Apr 28 Apr 5 May 9 May

9 am 10:45 am Easter 3 9 am 10:45 am Easter 4 9 am 10:45 am Easter 5 9 am 10:45 am Rogation 9 am 10:45 am Ascension Thursday 7 pm

Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist

Barningham Winter Church Baconsthorpe Church Hempstead Church Plumstead Church Baconsthorpe Church Matlaske Church Plumstead Church Barningham Winter Church Matlaske Church Baconsthorpe Church Baconsthorpe Church

Weekday Holy Eucharist You are most welcome to join us every Thursday morning at 10 am in Matlaske Church for Holy Eucharist

From the Rectory The Rectory Matlaske NR11 7AQ 577455 (any day but Wednesdays)

My dear friends

Easter Thoughts The other day I re-discovered a meditation by David Jenkins. It is called ‘Reborn’ and emphasizes that the joy of the Resurrection is for everyone. ‘Father, I sometimes think that Easter is something that happened only to Jesus a long time ago – because He had been so good and perfect. But then it dawns on me that Easter is a gift which you give away to your world so that people of all nations can be reborn. And I, this very day, can come back to life, to serve you in love and hope.’ May the new life in Christ be yours – God bless you all this Eastertide.

Special Benefice Services Each of our five churches takes it in turn to celebrate the many special days throughout the Christian year. It is a real joy to have full churches at these services with families and friends from all over the Benefice. 5

T G L GROUNDWORKS Any outside work undertaken from concreting, digger/dumper operations, fencing, patios, bases, footings, oversights, drainage, treatment plants, soakaways, connections, trenching, some BT, electric, gas and water, kerbs and driveways, landscaping, hedges and grass cutting and turfing. Big Green Waste Bag: We deliver a 1 ton bag; you fill it with garden waste, give us a call; it’s picked up and exchanged if needed. Nettles/brambles/weeds/grass, hedge and tree cuttings. Why risk scratching and marking your car wasting time and fuel. Bags can be used for other things by arrangement only. £9 for 1; £16 for 2.

We also hold £5 million public liability and damage waiver; fully trained experienced operations. 7 Stonefield Road, Baconsthorpe NR25 6LP 01263 577746 or 07769 914335

NORFOLK FOREST PRODUCTS Septic Tank Emptying Service 01263 577523 Forestry Contractor Upwood Farm North Barningham Matlaske Norfolk NR11 7LA

24 Gladstone Place, Briston 01263 860333

• • • • •

General Repairs • Welding Servicing • Recovery Pre-MOTs and MOTs arranged Tyres Supplied and Fitted Free Courtesy Car

In-town Butchery at Larners of Holt

Hall Cottage, Holt Road, Edgefield NR24 2RS

01263 710000

Contact Ross on

Fresh Bread & Cakes from our own bakery

01263 715600

Family Butcher Poulterer & Game Dealer Licensed to sell Wines & Spirits


Weekly Deliveries in our refrigerated vans

Bertie’s Ramblings The shooting season is now well past; although those of us involved are already planning next years campaign. For most of us it is a social sport where farmers do a lot of networking. For example: the only honest potato merchant I ever dealt with was someone my father met shooting. But rather like cricketers, we love the stories of shooting. On our farm in Fulmodeston I particularly remember the day we finished a bit early and Jack Parfitt said ‘There are quite lot of snipes in Home Close’. We lined up the guns down the stream and walked the rape towards them. Someone counted 63 shots: total bag 3 snipe! How we did laugh! But the story I would like to tell you took place on a rather more-serious shooting estate not too far from here... Sarge the owner was placing his guns for the third drive on the morning. Number seven there and number eight: ‘Your peg is in the middle of the sheep out in the

meadow. Just clap your hands and they will disappear.’ So number eight, Dubha, climbs the gate and strides to his peg; claps his hands and the sheep scatter. Not quite; he is faced by an enormous woolly ram. The ram advances and buts him on the knee. D pushes him away to no avail. The ram butts him in the tum. D gives ram a good kick but the ram takes no notice and in no time D is down on the ground. Discretion being the better part of valour he flees, chased by ram, and takes the five-bar gate in one. Sarge has noticed that there is no shooting from the right of the line and number seven is screwed with laughter from the antics of D; number six can’t quite believe his eyes. Sarge says: ‘get back on your peg’. D says: ‘I’m not going in there with this killer ram. You can if you like’. So Sarge mounts the gate to retire completely defeated a few minutes later. By which time the drive has ended. Numbers six, seven and eight should have shot about 60 birds. Total zero today. At which time the farm manager, Ian MacIntyre, came up. Sarge: ‘Whose are those b****y sheep?’ ‘Well, mine actually.’ ‘And that ******* killer ram?’ ‘Yes, but he’s not a killer; really he’s a real softy.’ And MacIntyre jumped the gate: ‘He only wants a bit of attention. He butts my knee; so I ruffle his head and he then lies down. So I can tickle his tummy.’ Collapse of shoot party! Bertie Harmer

Garden & Home Helpers All basic help for you in your house or garden by husband and wife team from Matlaske. We can do the whole job or simply help you to complete a task. Hourly or fixed-rate prices from £8. References available.

Quote of the month If you have any problems or difficulties, don’t hesitate to sort them out yourself.

‘ 07909 183190 07950 822802


Lawrence Campbell

Weekly Events Mondays * 7:30 pm Tuesdays † 10 am Tuesdays ‡ 10 am Tuesdays * 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Line Dancing Hempstead Charcoal Drawing Baconsthorpe Diocesan Play Van Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls

* Not on Bank Holidays     † Not on 2 April

711320 711282 07918 027092 711320

‡ During school terms

March and April Monthly Events 12 Apr Fri @ 10:30 am 17 Apr Wed @ 7:30 pm 18 Apr Thu @ 12:20 pm 25 Apr Thu @ 10 am

Hempstead Coffee and Gossip Village Hall Hempstead Film Club Contact: 712460 Mobile Library See page 2 for times Baconsthorpe Textile Group Contact: 577263

Special Events 30 Mar Sat @ 11 am

Barningham – Easter egg hunt & fun day

At Barningham Hall between 11 am and 3:30 pm. As well as an Easter Egg trail, children will be able to take part in activities such as crafts and face painting – Hog dogs will be served at lunchtime with teas, coffees and homemade cakes available throughout the day. This is the seventh annual Easter Egg Hunt and Fun Day at Barningham Hall and is raising funds for Stepping Stones Pre-School based at Aldborough Primary School – Entry is £3 for children and £2 for adults and includes entry to the egg trail and craft activities.

1 Apr Mon @ 10 am

Hempstead Church – Coffee and Stalls

On Easter Monday from 10 am until 3 pm we are fund-raising in the Church. All contributions welcome.

7 Apr Sun @ 2:30 pm

Plumstead Police Surgery

Until 3:30 pm at council houses, Cherrytree Road

10 Apr Wed @ 7:30 pm

Hempstead VH AGM

In the Village Hall. All villagers are welcome to attend.

12 Apr Fri @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe – Michael Ruston & Helen

An evening of good entertainment for all ages, £6 per person to include light refreshments. There will be a raffle. Tickets are on sale now from Mrs Massingham 577315 and John Cooper 711320.

13 Apr Sat @ 11 am

Plumstead Big Book Sale

Ok Plumstead – time to rally friends and family for the Big Book Sale – What could be better than your bookcase brimming with a new input of good 8

reading?!... – Don’t tell me that one Kindle sitting on the shelf looks half so inspiring! – There will be the famous Plumstead array of delicious treats as well as food for thought – So, come along to the Church – Eat, Drink, Read! PS: You can still contribute books until April 10th. Contact 577718, 577539 or 577447 if you would like us to collect.

23 Apr Tue @ 10 am

Baconsthorpe plant swap & coffee morning

Until 12:30 pm at The Old Rectory – Raffle, Produce, Cakes – Entrance £2.50 to include coffee and home-made biscuits – All proceeds to St Mary’s Church

23 Apr Tue @ 7:30 pm

Hempstead PCC AGM

In the Village Hall. Please note that this year the AGM is on a Tuesday. Wed @ noon–1 pm Hempstead Police Surgery Bus shelter

24 Apr 25 Apr Thu @ 7 pm

Hempstead Play Reading Group

This month’s play is Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons. Everyone is welcome from 7 pm with refreshments available. Reading starts at 7:30 pm. Cost: £1.50. Contact: Su Summers 710702

Further Ahead 6 May Mon @ 7:30 pm 9 May Thu @ 7:30 pm 10 May Fri @ 10:30 am 13 May 13 May 14 May 15 May 18 May

Hempstead PC AGM All parishioners are welcome Baconsthorpe VH Meeting All welcome Barningham Coffee Morning

At Horseshoe Barn, Mannington, home of Mr and Mrs Nick Youngs. In aid of Barningham Winter church. Mon @ 7:30 am Plumstead PC AGM In Plumstead Church

Mon @ 7:30 pm Tue @ 7 pm Wed @ 7 pm Sat @ 7 pm

Matlaske PC AGM In St Peter’s Church Matlaske PCC Meeting At the Rectory Baconsthorpe PC AGM Village hall. All welcome. Hempstead May Feast and Hog Roast

7 for 7:30 pm – Prices unchanged at £9 adults and £5 under 13s for this superb event featuring Graves’ traditional roast hog, home-made salads and desserts. Vegetarian option. And the raffle! – To make sure of your places for this everpopular event, contact Ian Summers early on 710702 – Bring your drinks, raffleprizes, please, and your friends – NB: Would anyone able and willing to help in any way get in touch with Adrian Taylor on 712460.

25 May Sat @ 10 am

Barningham Flower Festival

At St Mary’s Church, Barningham Winter.

13 Jul Sat @ 1 pm

27 Jul

Plumstead Big Fete

Look Out! Plumstead is going ‘Bigger and Better’ for 2013! Put the date on your calendar and await further info. In the meantime please save clothes in good condition and Bric-a-brac. All lovely contributions will be gratefully received! Sat @ 2:30 pm Matlaske Fete Please keep your diaries free for this 9

Elv’s Wood Burner Installation

Servicing and Chimney Lining For all enquiries please call: Tel: 01263 824665 Mobile: 07919 201665

HG Window Cleaning · Commercial & Residential

PC Problems?

· Fully insured

No problem!

· Purified, water-fed pole system

A reliable, friendly, efficient service in the comfort of your own home · Installation · Troubleshooting · Tuition · · Free Advice · Upgrades ·

07825 544045 01263 735683

Andrew Benn 01263 761133



Krafty Knitter Wool, knitting supplies & gifts

Now Open! Come and see us at Downtide Centre, Cromer Road, Alby NR11 7HA


Barningham News

Village Web Site

Event in Barningham

The web site that is used to gather all the items for the newsletter has been completely renewed and much improved with much help from Karen Hall. Thanks. The new web site address is

30 Mar 11 am Hall – Easter egg hunt More details on centre pages

PCC AGM At the AGM of the Parochial Church Council which was held on Tuesday, 12th March, Mrs Sara Buxton was voted Chairman, Mr Geoff Wortley Synod Representative, Mr John Perks Treasurer, Mrs Mary Wortley and Mr Brian Clements Churchwardens. Mr and Mrs Wortley were thanked for their kind hospitality and for all they do for St Mary’s, Barningham.

Baconsthorpe News Events in Baconsthorpe 12 Apr 7:30 pm Michael Ruston/Helen 25 Apr 10 am Textile Group 23 Apr 10 am Plant Swap/Coffee More details on centre pages

Baconsthorpe Village Hall News

Diary Date for May

We had a very successful Quiz Night with nearly 50 people enjoying themselves with a fun Quiz and good food. Please buy your tickets now for a really enjoyable evening of singing and jokes with Michael Ruston and Helen on Friday 12th April at 7:30 pm, it’s all good fun for everyone. Tickets are on sale now at £6 per person (including light refreshments) from John on 711320 or Evelyn on 577315. Next Meeting is on Thursday, 9th May at 7:30 pm. All welcome.

Please keep Friday, 10th May free as a coffee morning – details in Further Ahead.

Hempstead News Events in Hempstead 1 Apr 10 am Church coffee/stalls 10 Apr 7:30 pm VH AGM 12 Apr 10:30 am Coffee and Gossip 17 Apr 7:30 pm Film Club 25 Apr 7 pm Play Reading Group More details on centre pages

Baconsthorpe 200 Club £25 Tracy Grand, £10 Terry Blackwell, £5 Alice Hazeel and Julie Rudd

Film Club What a welcoming place Hempstead Village Hall is on the third Wednesday of the month, not only a classic film but a piece of Yvette’s wonderful fruit cake. This month’s film was a cracker, directed by John Ford, My Darling Clementine an archetypal western (1946). With the Earps versus the Clantons plus the historic gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, the film was full of nostalgia for times gone by (I remember them well! How many cinematic OK Corral shootouts have there been?) ‘Every scene, every shot was the product of a keen and sensitive eye.’ Bosley Crowther, critic.

Cycling for Comic Relief My 11-year-old grandson, Gabriel Youngs of Pitt Farmhouse Baconsthorpe, cycled 25 miles with his father for Comic Relief. Such a good effort. Corinne

Welcome Welcome to Jo and Daphne Piggot and their sons Joseph and Finn, who have recently moved from Barningham into Manor Farm House. Back numbers of newsletters or


Henry Fonda’s Wyatt Earp was terrific. Victor Mature, miscast as Doc Holliday, looked far too healthy to be suffering from TB. Clementine Cathy Downs didn’t feature very much apart from in the title. John Ireland as Billy Clanton always looked sinister! All in all an enjoyable evening, my lasting memory is the vision of Henry Fonda (Mr Cool) seated on the board-walk, the chair nonchalantly tipped back, one foot placed against a hitching post, awaiting the final scene. MT

Matlaske News Visit of the Rev Prof Galloway St Peter’s Church Matlaske welcomed the Reverend Professor Peter Galloway to Choral Mattins on Sunday 3rd March. Professor Galloway is Her Majesty’s Chaplain at the Savoy Chapel in London and represents the Duchy of Lancaster as Patron of St Peter’s Matlaske and St Michael’s Plumstead. The Duchy has generously given funding for our under-pew heating and this has certainly provided a warm church on cold winter mornings. Dr Galloway preached an erudite sermon on the challenging theme of Judgement based on texts taken from Luke 13 verses 1–9. St Peter’s has greatly appreciated the generosity of the Duchy of Lancaster over the last few years and welcomed this opportunity of receiving Professor Galloway as visiting preacher.

Hempstead 200 Club £25 C Inglis; £10 J Sanders; £5 J Smith, K Hurrell and S Parker.

Welcome David who has moved into Chapel Lane.

North Norfolk Harriers Despite icy conditions the 130th anniversary of a regular parish event took place when the North Norfolk Harriers had their annual meet at Hole Farm. When John Hagen (father of the late John Alfred Hagen of Four Elms) died in 1935 his obituary recorded that, although he himself did not ride, he had welcomed the Harriers to Hole Farm since 1883. The pack was founded by the Suffields of Gunton Hall in the 1870s so Hole Farm must have been one of their earliest meets. There were some twenty-five mounted followers, twenty hounds and a further 35 foot followers of all ages. No hares were killed but a great deal of exercise was taken by everyone. Robin Carver

Plumstead News Event in Plumstead 7 Apr 2:30 pm Police Surgery 13 Apr 11 am Big Book Sale More details on centre pages

Plumstead Thanks I would like to thank Mr & Mrs Ridge and their son for their kind words expressed in the article about Mr Ridge getting stuck in the snow on the way to the birth of their son in the March 2013 issue of the newsletter. I was only too glad to be of help. My daughter joins me in congratulating the Ridge family and we are very glad that everything ended as it should. Graham Waller the Newsagent.

Toading in Hempstead Whilst the Arctic conditions persist the toads and frogs are staying put in the normal habitat. By this time last year most of the toads and frogs had been helped across the road. We, the toads and the frogs can only wait until the warmer weather returns.

Farewell Farewell to Rob and Stella Smith who have left Plumstead to live closer to their family. They contributed a great deal to village life and will be missed. 12

ts en Ev

On behalf of Plumstead In even the quietest villages there are community tasks that most of us are more than happy for someone else to perform. Thomas Wormald has been that someone for so many years that he has quite probably reached his Silver Jubilee as Village Correspondent for the parish Newsletter! A marathon of reporting the incomings and outgoings, the ups and downs, the events and the items of interest. However, it’s now time to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Thomas for all of that... and a huge ‘Thank You’ to Julie Brown for undertaking to follow in his footsteps. Thomas is by no means off the hook yet as he is still involved with the printing side of the Newsletter – you know what they say... ‘If you want something done – ask a busy person!’ The same certainly applies to Julie – she already wears a fair selection of community hats! So – help her out! – let her know if you have a new neighbour, an item of interest, news to share or views to air. Thank you – in anticipation!


AGM at 7:30 pm with Elections to Management Committee. All Welcome.

May Feast


Flying the Flag in Plumstead Don’t forget you can celebrate your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion by flying the Union Jack. Call Julie 577447 – it’s free!

Christmas Get-together

Parish Council Officers Many thanks to both Dave Chilvers and Michael Chesterman for there services to Plumstead Parish Council. We now have a vacancy both for a clerk and a member of the council at Plumstead. Volunteers please step forward. We pay our clerk for up to 50 hours per year plus expenses as per the national pay scale. Contact Roy Keasley, Chairman 577376.

Ark Building Maintenance • Brick Work • Flint Work • • Roofing • Groundwork • • General Repairs • Restoration •

Richard King


01263 577591 07747 888 106

A free-standing full length mirror for the vestry of All Saints Church Hempstead. Please contact Su on 710702 13

Prompt and reliable service


Bed and Breakfast

Service & Repair

Blacksmith’s Cottage Baconsthorpe

Jon Cooper Dales House, The Street, Baconsthorpe NR25 6AB

Emma Youngs 01263 570 252 or 07884 432 412

01263 577527 or 07767 494369

C. H. MATTHEWS Plumbing and Heating

Hempstead Taxi Service 8 am until Midnight, Mon – Sat

Juniper Lodge, Hempstead, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6TW Tel: Holt 713374

No Sunday Service

Friendly & Reliable



Painting & Decorating Gardening

Sheringham: 01263 824444 Holt: 01263 710088 Freefone: 0800 734 44 44

Established: 1992

01263 821304 or 07534 455301



Puzzles Add up to 15 a)

• Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Dairy Free


a) Place the numbers 1 to 8 in the eight squares surrounding the grey square so that the bottom. top, right and left lines of squares contain numbers adding up to 15. b) Also try this: fill all 9 squares with the numbers 1 to 9 so that every row, column and diagonal totals 15.

AND delicious for ALL Baconsthorpe

07949 031676

Counting Sheep



Property Maintenance Inside and Out

50 50








I can look out of my house in four directions and see 10 sheep pens, each containing 50 sheep. So, looking West or East I can see 150 sheep, but looking North or South I can see 200. How can I rearrange the sheep so that I can see 200 in whichever direction I look. The numbers in the separate pens being 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90 and two lots of 50?

General DIY Jobs, Tiling, Pressure Washing, Mowing, Hedging, Strimming, Guttering, Paths, Patios, Fences, etc. Work carefully undertaken 01263 577581

Baconsthorpe Village Hall

Answers to last month’s puzzles Wait for the answer: Queueing has five consecutive vowels.

Ideal for Parties and Receptions Fully equipped Kitchen with Matching Crockery for 100 settings New Tables and Chairs Large Main Hall or Committee Room Charges: £8 per hour £25 deposit will be required to cover damages or breakages To book contact Mrs Doris Hill 01263 577489










Home Improvements


PVC-u and Timber Plain & Simple, Sash, Bays & Bows Repairs to Sealed Units Handles & Hinges



Kitchens & Bathrooms

Complete Fitting Service Plumbing Tiling Painting & Decorating Worktop Replacement

Insurance-backed Guarantee Contact Martin & Carolyn on 01263 577731 Free Quotations

Family-run business since 1989

[25] Apr 2013 - Village Diary & Newsletter  
[25] Apr 2013 - Village Diary & Newsletter  

Barningham Group Newsletter for Baconsthorpe, Barningham, Hempstead, Matlaske and Plumstead in North Norfolk