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Planning Application for Wind Turbine at Selbrigg

Hempstead Toad Patrol

Patrol Tonight

Francis Feilden of Selbrigg Farm has applied for planning permission to erect a single wind turbine at Selbrigg 78 metres high to the tip (255 feet) together with access track, substation and associated infrastructure. If you want to give your views on the application to the District Council the planning reference is PF/12/1339 and written representations should ideally be submitted by 21st March. The Planning Committee will meet in Cromer to consider the matter on 11th April. The plans can be inspected at the Council Offices in Cromer and on the Council’s website (;; Hempstead Village Hall will also be exhibiting the plans – see page 14 for details.

Toad migration will start as soon as the weather warms up (!). Once that happens, could motorists please be aware as they drive in and out of the village that there will be Toadwatch volunteers patrolling if the toad signs (with hazard warning lights) are out. This year we are very grateful to people from Holt, Briston and Hunworth who have volunteered to join us to help both at Hempstead and Selbrigg. Thank you.

Village Web Site

Posterous, the current host of the village web site is pulling the plug and we are no longer going to able to use them. I have known for a while that this might happen but you live in hope, don’t you. I have come to rely on the web site as a efficient way of gathering and checking the news and diary items for the newsletter;; so this system must be replaced. I have found a different solution and, of course, this means a complete rebuild of the village web site. I would love to hear from as many of you as possible to let me know if you use the site and, if you feel inclined, might like to suggest what you would like to see in the new site;; whether you are happy with things the way they are or that you only use parts of the existing site. I will then use this feedback help me decide the format of the new web site. If no one responds in the next week or so I will assume that there is no need for this resource and make the new site as simple as it needs to be to achieve semi-automatic extraction of the newsletter. Thank you in advance for your help. Ed

Baconsthorpe Village Hall Tuesdays 10 am–noon (term time only) Children aged 0–5 years and their parents and carers welcome Sessions cost £1 per family Come and join us for play, crafts, refreshments, stories and singing Drop in or for more information contact Anna 07918 027092 3

LLOYD DURHAM Funeral Services

Hamlyn Pest Control Rodent, Rabbit, Mole, Wasp and Insect control by professional, friendly service specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises

Mrs Helen  Wickes,  BSc  

·∙ NPLA member ·∙ ·∙ Professionally-trained technicians ·∙

Qualified Funeral  Directors Office  and  Chapel  of  Rest 11a  Avenue  Road High  Kelling,  Holt  NR25  6RD

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Church Matters Church Services 3 Mar Lent 3 10 Mar Mothering Sunday

9 am 10:45 am 9 am 10:45 am

Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins

Plumstead Church Matlaske Church Baconsthorpe Church Plumstead Church

9 am 10:45 am 9 am 10:45 am 7 pm 2 pm

Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Special Service

Hempstead Church Barningham Winter Church Plumstead Church Matlaske Church Matlaske Church Plumstead Church

We will be delighted to welcome families to this service in which we give thanks for our mothers. Posies will be distributed.

17 Mar Passion Sunday 24 Mar Palm Sunday 28 Mar Maundy Thursday 29 Mar Good Friday 31 Mar Easter Day 7 Apr Easter 2

A service of hymns, readings and prayers

10:45 am Eucharist 9 am Eucharist 10:45 am Mattins

Hempstead Church Barningham Winter Church Baconsthorpe Church

Weekday Holy Eucharist You are most welcome to join us every Thursday morning at 10 am in Matlaske Church for Holy Eucharist

Compline with Meditations each Wednesday in Lent

Seen through the eyes of those who were part of the Passion story. The Meditations will be read by members of our Congregation. 20 Feb 27 Feb 6 Mar 13 Mar 20 Mar

The Passover ‘He had to die’ Caiaphas Mary Magdalene Pilate’s Wife Peter

Matthew 26 v 17–20 Matthew 26 v 57–68 John 18 v 25, 28–30 Matthew 27 v 15–26 Luke 23 v 32–38

Hymn 248 Hymn 63 Hymn 64 Hymn 71 Hymn 67

Each service will last for about 45 minutes. Do please try to come along.

From the Rectory

The Rectory Matlaske NR11 7AQ 577455 (any day but Wednesdays) My dear friends

Easter Joy I’m writing this at the beginning of Lent. Already there are signs of spring – the snowdrops in the garden are a cheering sight. ‘Lent’ comes from the old English word for ‘lengthening’ – more daylight;; more signs of growth. Growth and Lent go hand in hand. Christians are urged to find a few minutes quiet each day, simply to ‘be’, not bombarding God with endless words but, rather, listening to Him in the quiet of our hearts. At the end of this month we come to Holy Week. Starting on Palm Sunday we travel through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday to the joy of Easter morning – new life in Christ. My wife joins me in wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Easter. 5

Back to the Garden, Fakenham Road, Letheringsett, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7JJ Tel: 01263 715996 www.back-‐to-‐the-‐

Bertie’s Ramblings grade timber, coming from management of the farm woodland, so the wood burner produces a steady supply of hot water to the radiators. In addition, on the South side of the Plumstead Road as you approach Hempstead, there are four photo-voltaic panels which feed into the main Farm House, New House, the Cottage and wherever else it is needed. Robin and Rose’s house is a newlyconstructed and well insulated farm building. They have installed under-floor heating and utilised a heat pump. In other words, they buried yards and yards of water pipes underground in the horse paddock and extract the heat from this geothermal source. The Swimming Pool, which Charles explained was rather old-fashioned like the house, is not on the more-modern insulated design. To head this he uses an Air Pump. I think this works rather like a fridge in reverse(?) but my computer says, it can operate down to minus 15 C. So, with a bit of help from the panels, the family can swim outside comfortably from March to October. What an impressive set up! I did not see one, but I have a sneaking suspicion there must have been a bio-gas plant hiding away somewhere to complete the array.

Do I need a thicker Jersey?

Nobody likes Wind Turbines, do they? Unless your surname begins with an F or an M. Personally I am a bit sceptical especially as most days when I go for a walk on the farm I see a mini turbine which is rather inconspicuously placed in Lower Bodham. I have not see this machine turn once in the last year which must equate to, at the very best, 0% efficiency and at worst a dead loss. So what are the alternatives apart from everyone turning down the thermostat and buying a vest? I had a suspicion that someone in Hempstead might be able to give me the answer. So at the kind invitation of Robin Carver I set off into the wilds of Hempstead to visit Hole Farm, where I had spotted the odd photo-voltaic panel, and discovered a treasure trove. Robin and Rose were away when I arrived but Charles and Airlie Inglis kindly showed me round. I did suggest that Charles wrote this article without success;; so any errors or omissions are all my own. Basically, at Hole Farm, there is a grain store which consumes a vast amount of electricity for 2–3 weeks every harvest. A large uninsulated rambling (like me!) farm house, a very well-insulated modern house, a farm cottage and a swimming pool. Lets take them in that order: The Grain store, which you can see next to the Plumstead Road, is fortuitously placed almost East–West. So it has a photo-voltaic panel on part of the roof facing due South which you can’t see unless you mount the verge on the opposite side of the road. Charles intends to extend this panel along the roof. Hole Farm House: Inside the back door in a large wood burner with a hot water jacket. There is a plentiful supply of low-

Free Dark wood computer desk;; will require collection from Hempstead – Call Collier 713004 Thought for the day

judge a person until you’ve ‘ Don’t walked two moons in his moccasins. ’ 7

T G  L  GROUNDWORKS Any outside work undertaken from concreting, digger/dumper operations, fencing, patios, bases, footings, oversights, drainage, treatment plants, soakaways, connections, trenching, some BT, electric, gas and water, kerbs and driveways, landscaping, hedges and grass cutting and turfing. Big Green Waste Bag: We deliver a 1 ton bag;; you fill it with garden waste, give us a call;; it’s picked up and exchanged if needed. Nettles/brambles/weeds/grass, hedge and tree cuttings. Why risk scratching and marking your car wasting time and fuel. Bags can be used for other things by arrangement only. £9 for 1;; £16 for 2.

We also hold £5 million public liability and damage waiver;; fully trained experienced operations. 7 Stonefield  Road,  Baconsthorpe  NR25  6LP 01263  577746  or  07769  914335  tgl-­‐‑  


Septic Tank  Emptying  Service 01263  577523   Forestry  Contractor   Upwood  Farm North  Barningham Matlaske Norfolk  NR11  7LA


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Fresh Bread  &  Cakes  from  our  own  bakery

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Weekly Deliveries  in  our  refrigerated  vans

Wet and Wintry World Do you remember The Beatles song ‘Fool on a hill’?

Barningham Church (apologies for the foot prints in church – we always wipe up after, but we both love it). On the way back, we were in a dip when a lady (my new-found friend) drove through and gave us a rather full shower of water. We were then rather bedraggled and I may have made a comment. The lovely lady stopped and apologised profusely. I would like to thank her via the newsletter because a) a lot of people don’t bother, and b) she really meant it. Perhaps I won’t sell my property after all. Perhaps I will build an ark. Anyway, I have wood and mud and clay and stones and all materials for an ark, including a ‘for sale’ board for a sail.

Day after day, Alone on a hill, The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still But nobody wants to know him, They can see that he’s just a fool, And he never gives an answer, But the fool on the hill, Sees the sun going down, And the eyes in his head, See the world spinning ’round... Well, this ‘fool on a hill’ sees the sun going down (and knows that she is going to find all her animals on a hill in the morning – ’cos it’s going to snow or rain). The fool on the hill tells ASDA Groceries to come quickly, ’cos they won’t get through beyond Wednesday. The fool on the hill orders animal groceries. And waits, and they come. Then the fool on the hill walks out with confidence in the snow and ice, knowing the weather conditions she has predicted will allow her to survive their wrath. And so it emerges. But then this fool on the hill forgets that with a thaw there comes a flood. And at 5:30 am on the morning of the flood she becomes aware that she is sunk! Her clever dog having told her of the urgency of his need to go out at that hour (her clever dog has seen this in advance and negotiated a way out via a bank.) The fool on the hill can’t see her feet and, of course, has an involuntary bath. The fool on the hill is then cold and waterlogged. Later that day (and my lovely new-found friend will not deny it) the fool took a walk with her wise hound toward North

Ooh, ooh, Round and round and round. And he never listens to them, He knows that they’re the fools... Quote of the month I’d like to have only good ideas but, in reality, I have to work through the bad ones first. David Gentleman   

• Gluten Free • Wheat Free • Dairy Free AND delicious for ALL Baconsthorpe 9

07949 031676


Weekly Events Mondays * 7:30 pm Tuesdays † 10 am Tuesdays ‡ 10 am Tuesdays * 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Line Dancing 711320 Hempstead Charcoal Drawing 711282 Baconsthorpe Diocesan Play Van 07918 027092 Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls 711320

* Not on Bank Holidays     † Not on 26 March or 2 April

pWOC pWOA 243kl pWOB

‡ During school terms

March Monthly Events 1 Mar Fri @ 10:30 am 20 Mar Wed @ 7:30 pm 21 Mar Thu @ 12:20 pm 27 Mar Wed @ noon 28 Mar Thu @ 10 am

Coffee and Gossip Hempstead Village Hall Hempstead – Film Club Contact: 712460 Mobile Library See page 2 for times Community Lunch Club * Baconsthorpe – Textile Group

1Zhgd pWOD sR3b spcp

* Booking essential – call 577455

Special Events 4 Mar Mon @ 7:30 pm Hempstead – PC Meeting


In the Village Hall. The planning application for the wind turbine at Selbrigg will be discussed. All are welcome to attend and time will be set aside in the meeting for parishioners to give their views.

11 Mar 10 am – noon

Hempstead – Wind Turbine Exhibition Until 16 March in Village Hall – see page 14

11 Mar Mon @ 2 pm

Baconsthorpe – PCC AGM


To be held in the church.

11 Mar Mon @ 4:15 pm Plumstead – Police Surgery


Council houses, Cherry Tree Road until 5:15 pm

11 Mar Mon @ 7:30 pm Matlaske – PC Meeting


In St Peter’s Church.

12 Mar Tue @ 2:30 pm

Barningham Winter – PCC AGM


At Green Lane House.

12 Mar Tue @ 7 pm Matlaske – PCC AGM In the Rectory 18 Mar Mon @ 9:30 am Hempstead Church – Spring Clean

9nhjo A8CL1

All help will be greatly appreciated for this essential task.

20 Mar Wed @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe – Easter Bingo 10


23 Mar Sat @ 10 am 24 Mar Sun @ 4 pm 30 Mar Sat @ 11 am

Baconsthorpe – Easter Fayre ACKj9 Hempstead – Police Surgery Bus Shelter until 5 pm. Barningham Hall – Easter egg hunt & fun day

At Barningham Hall between 11 am and 3.30 pm. As well as an Easter Egg trail, children will be able to take part in activities such as crafts and face painting. A hog roast will be served at lunchtime with teas, coffees and home-made cakes available throughout the day. This is the seventh annual Easter Egg Hunt and Fun Day at Barningham Hall and is raising funds for Stepping Stones Pre-School based at Aldborough Primary School. Entry is £3 for children and £1.50 for adults and includes entry to the egg trail and craft activities.

April 1 Apr Mon @ 10 am Hempstead Church – Coffee and Stalls


On Easter Monday from 10 am until 3 pm we are fund-raising in the Church. All contributions welcome.

7 Apr Sun @ 2:30 pm Plumstead – Police Surgery


Until 3:30 pm at council houses, Cherry Tree Road

12 Apr Fri @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe – Michael Ruston & Helen An evening of good entertainment for all ages, £6 per person to include light refreshments. Raffle. Tickets Mrs Massingham 577315 and John Cooper 711320.

13 Apr Sat @ 11 am

Plumstead – Big Book Sale


There will be a fine selection of books in Plumstead in St Michael’s Church. Added treats – tea/coffee, cake and a catch-up! An ideal time to refresh your bookshelves.

23 Apr Tue @ 10 am Baconsthorpe Plant Swop & Sale/Coffee Morning Until 12:30 pm at The Old Rectory – Raffle – Produce – Cakes – Entrance £2.50 to include coffee and home-made biscuits – All proceeds to St Mary’s Church.

16 Mar Sat @ 7 pm

Edgefield VH – An Irish Evening


A hearty supper of traditional food from the Emerald Isle. Quiz. Bar. A fun evening for all. £10 per person includes food. Angie 567446/Dawn 587379

17 Mar Sun @ 11 am

Bodham Football Fun Day/Car Boot Sale

Until 3 pm – 5-a-side football, bouncy castle, youth clubs, emergency services, refreshments – £5 per pitch for Car Boot Sale – Help raise money for comic relief.

29 Mar Fri @ 10:30 am

Edgefield – Hot Cross Buns


At Church Farm, Edgefield from 10:30 am – Home-made hot cross buns and coffee – Bring and Buy Produce and Gifts – Cards in aid of ‘Air Ambulance’.

29 Mar Fri @ 7 pm

Salthouse Church – Bach St John Passion

Tickets £12 from Holt Computers, Salthouse Old Post Office and at the door. 11

Elv’s Wood Burner  Installation

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07825 544045 01263 735683

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Krafty Knitter Wool, knitting supplies & gifts

Now Open! Come and see us at Downtide Centre, Cromer Road, Alby NR11 7HA


General News Bodham Wind Turbine

North Norfolk District Council turned down the application of Genatec Ltd for a single turbine at a maximum tip height of 86.5 m plus associated infrastructure on land at Pond Farm, Bodham. An appeal hearing against this decision took place on Jan 29th at 10 am on the premises of NNDC. The following day was devoted to site visits. Both objectors – for the most part members of NOTTT (No To That Turbine) – and supporters of the scheme, plus, of course, the Applicant himself, David Mack and his father and their team of consultants, turned out in force and the Committee Room allocated by North Norfolk District Council for this occasion was almost too small to accommodate the crowd. The Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, Mr Alan Novizky, gave everyone who wished to speak either for or against the project a very fair hearing. He took copious notes throughout the proceedings and was surrounded by a sea of documents. Having kicked off at 10 am, the meeting took up the entire day and drew to a close at approximately 7 pm. On Wednesday, January 30th, NOTTT flew a bright pink barrage balloon on the

Spot the difference

precise site of the proposed turbine (by permission of David Mack) at approx the height of blade-tip and with a marker on its cable to indicate clearly the full height of the mast. Although the wind blew very strongly indeed and there was a threat that it would have to be taken down if gusts became


Holt Methodist  Church A  concert  given  by

Double Octave  


Sheringham: 01263 824444 Holt: 01263 710088 Freefone: 0800 734 44 44

An evening  of  a  cappella  songs,  sacred  and  secular Conductor  –  Graham  Hoskins Music  sponsored  by  Travis  Perkins

Wednesday, 13th  March  2013  @  7:30  pm

Refreshments available  in  the  interval Tickets  on  the  door  £10

Double Octave  is  a  group  of  16  singers  from  the  North   Norfolk  area  who  give  concerts  in  churches,  halls  and   private  houses  to  raise  money  for  charities.  They  have  a  wide   repertoire  of  songs  both  sacred  and  secular.


This concert  is  to  raise  money  for  the  Holt  Christmas  Lights



Rev Michael Shearman

excessive, it was possible to fly the balloon during several hours continuously and thus a clear picture was given to all parties of just how the proposed turbine would be seen and which sites would be most affected. The inspector had previously earmarked a number of these, proposing to visit them in person and this he duly set out to do. We now await his decision and to judge from the quantity of paper which he had accumulated during the course of the first day, it might take some time for Mr Novizky to complete the task of weighing up all the pros and cons of this proposal and to reach his balanced verdict. CdB

The funeral of Rev Michael Shearman took place on 2 Jan 2013 at St Mary’s Church, Kelling. He was 90. Michael was born on 3 July 1922 in Portsmouth. After attending grammar school and spending some of his early years in Malta, Michael won a scholarship to Cambridge. He graduated from Downing College with a degree in History then, during the 2nd World War, he joined the army. Michael studied at Mirfield Theological College in Yorkshire. He married his wife, Joan, and was ordained in 1948. His daughter Ann and son John were born and Michael became priest of three parishes in North London;; he was at Enfield in Middlesex for almost 30 years until his retirement in 1987 when he moved to Holt. Michael then took up non-stipendiary positions with parishes in North Norfolk including the Barningham Group. Although a quiet and rather shy man, Michael was nevertheless a people-centred person;; he started the Village Hall Services at Bodham

Selbrigg Wind Turbine

Another application for a Wind Turbine in our area has been made (ref PF/12/1339). The initial period for comments for inclusion in the written report to the Council decision makers has been extended to 21 March and the meeting to discuss the proposal is scheduled for 11 April.

Wind Turbine at Selbrigg? Exhibition – Photos – Plans at Hempstead Village Hall

Monday 11th to Saturday 16th March 10 am to 12 noon Whatever your views, have your say NNDC Ref. PF/12/1339 14

Hempstead News

bringing together several denominations and was enthusiastic about Hempstead’s new Sunday School. Michael was a good listener and encourager, friend and realist;; disliked parish admin intensely(!) and was uncomplaining in his own ill-health. He took great pride in his family and liked to talk about his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. There will be a memorial service at St Luke’s Church, Enfield in June. MJS  

Special Events in Hempstead

4 Mar 7:30 pm PC Meeting 11 Mar 10 am Exhibition (to 16 Mar) 18 Mar 9:30 am Church Spring Clean 24 Mar 4 pm Police Surgery 1 Apr 10 am Church Coffee & Stalls More details on centre pages

Beauty Queen 1962/63

The article It all happens in Hempstead reminded one citizen of Baconsthorpe that she was Miss Hempstead about 50 years ago. Here is a picture of the lovely lady.

Baconsthorpe News Special Events in Baconsthorpe 11 Mar 2 pm PCC AGM 20 Mar 7:30 pm Easter Bingo 23 Mar 10 am Easter Fayre More details on centre pages

Baconsthorpe Congratulations

Proud grandparents Martin and Carolyn Bishop would like to announce the birth of their grandson Adam James William Clarke on 16 Jan 2013 – 8lb 3oz. A much-awaited son for Donna-Louise and Ben and a brother for Serenity. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Baconsthorpe 200 Club

£25 Pauline Fuller;; £10 John Youngs;; £5 Rosemary Coombs and Roger Hall

Barningham News

Special Event in Barningham 12 Mar 2:30 pm PCC AGM More details on centre pages

Hempstead 200 Club

£25 J Horter;; £10 A Inglis;; £5 B Harmer;; J Shrimpling and J Matthews.

Barningham Congratulations

We send our very best wishes and congratulations to Ben Radley and Gemma Spinks of Kennel Cottage, Barningham Winter who have recently become engaged. We wish them every happiness for their future together. Back numbers of newsletters or

Hempstead Film Club


The film ‘Bringing Up Baby’ (1938, Director Howard Hawks – an American screw-ball comedy) was shown to bring cheer during gloomy January. Did it do the trick? Once again we have a male lead that plays the part of an incompetent zoology professor (Cary Grant) why do all these clever academics


always behave like idiots when playing alongside a zany and feisty female lead (Katherine Hepburn) who was terrific! Did the title ‘Bringing up Baby’ really refer to Cary Grant’s infantile portrayal instead of the tame leopard of that name? In this film the old adage ‘never play alongside children or animals’ was never truer, here we had two leopards, a dinosaur, and a dog called George who should have received an Oscar. The funniest scene took place in the local jail where all the cast assembled taking turns to be locked up when both leopards appear. Katherine Hepburn was a delight. Bring on the season’s western! MT


Service &  Repair Jon  Cooper Dales  House,  The  Street,   Baconsthorpe  NR25  6AB 01263  577527  or  07767  494369

Hempstead Talk

On a cold January night, where better to be than Hempstead Village Hall, listening to a talk with slides by Hempstead’s own polymath, David Durst. Well, around 20 people thought it a good idea. David’s talk was advertised as relating to Johnson Jex, the so called Letheringsett Scientific Anchorite. The talk took in research that David and a like-minded group had undertaken into the life and work of Jex, a 19th century blacksmith. We started by learning quite a lot about Letheringsett as a village, looking at photographs of buildings that either no longer exist or are considerably altered from the original. We saw the road bridge through the village from a completely new angle and heard how the road on either side was built up to make the passage of long, low, heavilyladen vehicles possible. We heard of the part played by the Hardy family and later when there was an amalgamation through marriage how they became the Cousins-Hardy family. We heard about the Letheringsett brewery which at one time had a teetotal proprietor. Next we heard about Jex, the blacksmith recluse who lived and worked from premises along the road which runs to Glandford. Then the discovery of an old lathe, it is thought to have been used and modified by Jex which threw new light on his

C. H. MATTHEWS Plumbing and Heating

Juniper Lodge, Hempstead, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6TW Tel: Holt 713374

Hempstead Taxi Service 8 am until Midnight, Mon – Sat No Sunday Service

Friendly & Reliable


inventiveness. It appears he was not only a village blacksmith but also an accomplished engineer. All in all, David gave a fascinating insight into this relatively little-known character. Taking in all the information David imparted was made easier by the refreshments on hand during the interval. Thank you David for your talk, and congratulations on delivering most of it without notes. GW


Matlaske News

ts en


AGM at 7:45 pm

Special Events in Matlaske

with Elections to Management Committee. All Welcome.

11 Mar 7:30 pm PC Meeting 12 Mar 7 pm PCC AGM More details on centre pages

Plumstead News

May Feast

Special Event in Plumstead 11 Mar 4:15 pm Police Surgery More details on centre pages

Local Hero


On the 23rd January I was unfortunate enough to become stuck in the snow outside Plumstead on my way to hospital where my wife was already in the Norwich and Norfolk delivery suite labouring with our first child. As you may appreciate I was becoming quite panicked at the prospect of missing the momentous occasion and had all but given up attempting to wheel-spin my car free when another car appeared on the horizon. How lucky I was to find that the driver was one of the rarer ‘true gentlemen’ type of person! A full 45 minutes of surprisingly physically demanding (and by then quite muddy) work trying to free my car finally paid off and I was able to continue on my journey to the hospital wondering if I’d missed the main event or not. Thankfully I wasn’t too late and was able to witness the birth of our son (unbeknown to me at the time, I could have spent the night stuck in the snow and still made it to hospital for the birth – but that’s another story!).

Christmas Get-­together


Painting &  Decorating Gardening Established:  1992 01263  821304  or  07534  455301   17

Plumstead Big Book Sale

I regret that in my panic-addled state I never caught the gentleman’s name. However, I recall that he delivers papers to the villages and maybe drives a blue/green estate car. I would like to give him enormous thanks again for getting me out of the pickle I’d gotten into, and for staying positive and not quitting until the job was done. I remain eternally grateful for your help, and feel incredibly lucky that a ‘true gentleman’ happened to be driving on the same road at that particular time. Kind regards, Mat (and family). See next item for the happy ending (beginning).

Please donate books in good condition asap for the Big Book Sale on 13 April to: Julie at Fieldview, Cherry Tree Road 577447;; Doreen at 39/40 The Green 577539;; or Mary at Church Farmhouse 577718. We’ll be happy to collect if you prefer. Thank you!

Plumstead Police Surgery

Watch out! Holt Police are coming to Plumstead soon. This is for what they describe as ‘Your chance to talk to local officers about your neighbourhood concerns’. The officer will be Jason Ford, and the place Cherry Tree Road. The dates and times are Monday, 11th March 4:15 to 5:15 pm and Sunday, 7th April 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

Plumstead’s latest resident

Promote your business

Hopefully you will have seen the newlyrefurbished telephone box, complete with noticeboard which contains information on Plumstead plus news and forthcoming events. We would like to display information on businesses in and around Plumstead to encourage residents and visitors to support them. So if you have a local business, and would like to get involved, please contact Julie Brown on 577447.

Our warmest congratulations to Mat and Ruth Ridge on the birth of their son Benjamin (Benjy).


Plumstead Flier

There’s a flier about! Go on... take a chance on reading it! Please do give some thought to what could be a really good fun addition to Plumstead Fête and also to our wider community life. Say ‘Yes we can!’


Plumstead Big Fête – 13th July

Bed and Breakfast Blacksmith’s Cottage Baconsthorpe

Look Out! Plumstead is going ‘Bigger and Better’ for 2013! Put the date on your calendar and await further info. In the meantime please save clothes in good condition and Bric-a-brac. All lovely contributions will be gratefully received!

Emma Youngs 18

01263 570 252 or 07884 432 412

Wind of change

Find all the words on the right in this word search. Up, down, backwards, forwards or on the diagonal.
















Blades Bodham Ecopower Electricity Energy Grid Hempstead Hub Pond Power Renewable Selbrigg Turbine Wind

You might have to wait for the answer

When I was a boy I recall being struck by the French word ‘oiseau’ (meaning ‘bird’). It has five consonants and one vowel, but the vowels are not consecutive. Can you find a common English word that has five consecutive vowels.

Baconsthorpe Village Hall


Ideal for Parties and Receptions

Property Maintenance Inside  and  Out

Fully equipped Kitchen with Matching Crockery for 100 settings New Tables and Chairs

Large Main Hall or Committee Room Charges: £8 per hour £25 deposit will be required to cover damages or breakages

General DIY  Jobs,  Tiling,  Pressure   Washing,  Mowing,  Hedging,  Strimming,   Guttering,  Paths,  Patios,  Fences,  etc.

To book contact Mrs Doris Hill 01263 577489

Work carefully  undertaken 19

01263 577581


Home Improvements


PVC-足u and Timber Plain & Simple, Sash, Bays & Bows Repairs to Sealed Units Handles & Hinges



Kitchens & Bathrooms

Complete Fitting Service Plumbing Tiling Painting & Decorating Worktop Replacement

Insurance-足backed Guarantee Contact Martin & Carolyn on 01263 577731 Free Quotations

Family-足run business since 1989

[24] Mar 2013 - Village Diary & Newsletter  

Barningham Group Newsletter for Baconsthorpe, Barningham, Hempstead, Matlaske and Plumstead in North Norfolk

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