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Wind turbine at West Beckham Following the item on last month’s Notice Board from Thomas Courtauld, Jerry Kinsley has contacted us to say that he thinks that the community newsletter should be supporting the Macks’ plans rather than encouraging readers to object. His house is one of the closest to the proposed wind turbine and he supports their plans. He is not connected in any way with their application but, having seen the proposals, considers it to be a very worthwhile project. You might like to consider the following points (all raised by other readers) when making your opinion known by 6 Sept with ref PF/11/0983 to Planning Section, North Norfolk District Council, Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer NR27 9EN or • • • •

Landscape and sky line Noise pollution for local residents Effects on wildlife Anxiety about other wind turbines in the immediate vicinity and if this be the first of many on the Cromer-Holt ridge? • Television and mobile reception • House prices See also

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Unfortunately this would not work on the cover because one of the swans would not fit the square format required. I look forward many more of our readers submissions by 15 October. Please contact the editor for full details.

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Weekday Holy Eucharist We are changing the day to Thursdays starting from September. Please note there will be no service on 8 September. From 15 September you are most welcome to join us every Thursday morning at 10 am in Matlaske Church.

From the Rectory The Rectory, Matlaske NR11 7AQ 577455

My dear friends First of all I would like to thank the many kind people who have sent cards and messages while I have been ill. Your prayers and good wishes have been a great help. At the beginning of September Jo and I are going on retreat for a day or two at Ampleforth Abbey. Father Howard and a group from Holt Parish Church are coming too. I commend retreats to you all – a time of quiet, worship and rest is a great restorative. I’m thinking of arranging a Benefice Quiet Day in Advent: please let me know if this appeals to you. A service of Confirmation will be held at Sheringham towards the end of October. I am happy to prepare any of our people who would like to be confirmed. At Baptism God says ‘You are my child’ and at Confirmation we confirm the promises made at our baptism and say ‘You are my Father.’ I hope to see many of you at our Harvest Festival Services. Come and sing the much-loved hymns and thank God for his goodness. God bless you all. [5]

Happy Mothing in Hempstead I was lucky enough on my first visit to Hempstead to be given a guided tour of some of the lanes by Glenda Gurney. I am a keen amateur naturalist with a deep interest in Butterflies, Moths, Fungi and Flora. Having seen a few White Admiral butterflies close to Selbrigg pond a week earlier I was eager to explore. The rich mixture of habitats and diverse flora impressed me very much. Brambles were everywhere, these usually attract White Admirals (in a woodland environment). Not today, mostly Red Admirals who are fond of the fruit. Gatekeepers, Ringlets, Meadow Browns, Small or Essex Skippers and three species of White were everywhere with the occasional Comma and several Holly Blue butterflies. We also passed a protected verge on the walk (for Orchids I heard later). As a result of this visit I asked Mike and Glenda if they would be happy if I ran a Moth Trap in their garden. Moth trapping is a rewarding pastime and popular with children. I started in 1990 near Nottingham, before it became ‘fashionable’. As most people know, moths are attracted to light but it is not certain why. Some believe it is a navigational problem caused by the moths attempt to keep the ‘Moon’ relative to its flight path. Or maybe it is attracted, dazzled by the light, then feels safer near the light than it does going back into the dark. They are much more attracted to White light or Mercury Vapour lamps than ordinary yellow light.

2 Sep Fri @ 6–11 pm & 3 Sep Sat @ 11 am to 11 pm 15 Sep

Thu @ 1 pm

17 Sep 18 Sep

Sat @ 10:30 am Sun to 5 pm

We ran the trap on a timer in late July, unfortunately it rained during the night, temperature was down and so was the catch. We did manage to trap three popular Hawkmoths, seen close up for the first time they are quite impressive. Amongst others a very nice Peppered moth and two White Satins (classed nationally as ‘local’). There were about 30 species (45 to 60 is normal). These days numbers are well down compared with my early records. On a heady July night in 1991 I had 370 of a single species (Dark Arches). Obviously it varies with the venue but there is, I feel, a downward trend. Mothing is a little like fishing. When you explore the trap the following morning it is with the anticipation of some species new to you. And until all the egg boxes (which line the trap) have been explored your hopes are high (often just old friends). Beware though, it is addictive. Late nights, fridges full of moths (unharmed) awaiting identification and portraits will follow (very few people today pin moths but rely on photographic records). Identification is also a lot easier due to a wealth of excellent books and internet web sites. It can be very amusing (and not advisable in shorts or skirts); during spring ‘May Bugs’ (Cockchafers) will land in your coffee and the trap; Wasps, Beetles and the occasional Hornet (quite docile) along with a multitude of others, will also be in the trap. Once hooked, though, it could be with you for life. There are around 2500 to go at of which 900 are classes as ‘Macros’ (larger), 600+ in Norfolk. ‘Happy Mothing’ and pass on the records. David Longden

3rd Holt Beer Festival Holt Community Centre BBQ and Music Aylsham Music Society Contact 768441 Thomas Isaac (’cello) & Jonathan Wortley (piano) 11th Costume & Textile Fair at Wolterton Hall Norfolk made – medieval to modern Stalls, displays, workshops, fashion show. Contact 577263




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Times below from 5 Sep and may differ from the website The bus is also available for private hire: Nita Good 761580. Further information: Robin Gilkes 761469 Buses will acknowledge all recognised stops along the route, operating on a Hail & Ride basis in rural areas, stopping, where safe, on a clear signal to the driver.

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Answers to August’s Puzzles What can it be? Your breath Mystery objects: A snowman has thawed in the field Candle conundrum: Neither; candles burn shorter Seven is a magic number: Seven wonders of the world Seven brides for seven brothers A heptagon has seven sides Snow White and the seven dwarfs Seven deadly sins The Magnificent Seven Dance of the seven veils Sail the seven seas Seven days in a week [9]

30 Aug Tue @ 4:10 pm Norman Lamb MP Village Tour Outside the old Post Office in Baconsthorpe for about 15 to 20 minutes

5 Sep 5 Sep 6 Sep 8 Sep 8 Sep 9 Sep

Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing Mon @ 7:30 pm Hempstead PC Meeting All welcome Tue @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls Thu @ 12:20 pm Mobile Library See page 2 for times Thu @ 7:30 pm Plumstead PC Meeting Fri @ 3:30 pm Preventing cycle theft/promoting safety

pWOC 1cknd pWOB pWOD 2leL2 2ldqD

Holt Police have launched a campaign to catch cycle thieves operating in this area. The local neighbourhood policing team is offering free cycle security marking and cycle safety advice at a special event taking place between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm at Holt Police Station 0845 456 4567

9 Sep Fri @ 7 pm

Baconsthorpe Jumble Sale


If you have any jumble, you can leave it at the hall or bring it on Thursday evening between 7 pm and 8 pm.

10 Sep Sat @ 9 am

Churches’ Cycle Ride


It is that time of year again, so pump up your tyres and dust off your cycle helmet in readiness for the annual Sponsored Cycle Ride in aid of the Norfolk Churches’ Trust between 9 am and 5 pm. Cycle or walk around as many churches as you can. All money raised will be divided equally between Norfolk Churches’ Trust and the church of your choice. Sponsorship forms and further details from: All Saints’ Hempstead: Yvette Gibson 712460 St Mary’s Baconsthorpe: Theresa Courtauld 577323 St Peter’s Matlaske: Wendy Riches 577736

12 Sep Mon @ 11 am Hempstead Kneeler Group with Irene Bassett 12 Sep Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing 13 Sep Tue @ 10 am Hempstead Charcoal Drawing First of term Tue @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls 15 Sep Thu @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Village Hall C’ttee All welcome 19 Sep Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing 19 Sep Mon @ 7:30 pm Matlaske PC Meeting In Matlaske Church 20 Sep Tue @ 10 am Hempstead Charcoal Drawing Tue @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls 21 Sep Wed @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe PC Meeting All welcome [ 10 ]

2Ytyt pWOC pWOA pWOB 2wxMa pWOC 2wxIR pWOA pWOB 2ndd3

21 Sep Wed @ 7:30 pm Hempstead Film Club


Now in our fifth season, featuring classic comedies and Westerns; every third Wednesday of the month, 7:30 pm for 7:45 pm in your warm and welcoming Village Hall. Previous films include Jacques Tati’s M. Hulot’s Holiday; Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe; Charade starring Audrey Hepburn; The Importance of Being Ernest with Edith Evans and Joan Greenwood; Ealing comedies and the Marx Brothers. Membership £5 single, £8 family, join at the door or contact Adrian Taylor 712460. New season opens on 21 Sept. And you don’t have to live in Hempstead to be a member. Look in Village Hall porch for full programme details.

23 Sep Fri @ 7:30 pm

Hempstead Fun Quiz


In the Village Hall when Mike Thody will attempt once again to bamboozle our sharp-witted contestants. Loads of larfs and refreshments (including Iris’s super sausage rolls) all for £3.50. Singles very welcome.

26 Sep Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing 27 Sep Tue @ 10 am Hempstead Charcoal Drawing Tue @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls 29 Sep Thu @ 10:00 am Baconsthorpe Textile Group

1 Oct Sat @ 1 pm

Barningham Fun Run

pWOC pWOA pWOB spcp


Serious and fun-runners alike are invited to enjoy a rare opportunity to run, jog or simply walk the dog through the landscaped grounds of Barningham Hall between 1 pm and 5 pm at the first Barningham 5k-ish Run. The multi-terrain route takes in woodland, grazing land, a circuit of the lake and finishes up the West Avenue towards the front of the Hall, which dates from 1612. A one-mile (1.6k) Junior Run will also take place immediately before the main run starts, with winners medals and goody bags for all finishers. Both races are raising funds for outdoor sports and play equipment for Aldborough Primary School. There will be teas and coffees, hot food and home-made cakes throughout the afternoon in the historic stable courtyard. The one-mile Junior Run commences at 2 pm, with a 2:30 pm start for the 5k-ish Run, staggered by ability. Walkers and dogs are welcome, but dogs must be kept on a lead due to grazing sheep. Registration for runners will cease 15 minutes before each race starts and race numbers will be allocated at this time. Race entry is £5 for over 15s and £3 for under 15s. Entry forms are available from Intersport at Bakers and Larners in Holt; the Spar shop on Aldborough Green and GF White Butchers – or runners can enter on the day. Further details are available from Kirsty White 735575.

13 Oct Thu @ 7:30 pm Hempstead Harp Concert


We are delighted that Cindy Pennick will be coming to Hempstead to give us a recital. Cindy has an extensive repertoire and will be selecting a few pieces to delight us. – Tickets in advance: £6 from Ian Summers 710702, 14 The Knoll, Hempstead NR25 6TJ or at the door: £7. Refreshments included.

[ 11 ]

Ivan’s Painting & Decorating Gardening

Established: 1992 Tel: 01263 821304 Mobile: 07534 455301


General DIY Jobs, Tiling, Pressure Washing, Mowing, Hedging, Strimming, Guttering, Paths, Patios, Fences etc. Work carefully undertaken CONTACT ME ON 01263 577581

Baconsthorpe 50/50 Auction – 13 Aug 2011


Our 50/50 Auction was a little disappointing with so few bidders, but we raised £200 towards our Insurance due in October. Thank you to all who put Lots in and bought Lots.

Do you remember life without electricity?


Electricity reached Baconsthorpe early in 1950 and with it a complete change of life for its inhabitants. Prior to this date light was provided by lamps fuelled by paraffin; the washing of clothes had to be carried out in an out-house in a copper with a fire lit under it; food and water had to be cooked or heated on the hob of an open fire; bread in a bread oven similarly powered; and radios had to have large batteries and accumulators to receive any programmes. This picture of Baconsthorpe church shows several oil lamps in situ, and light provided by this means had a certain charm that its electric successor never achieved. Not everyone embraced this new ‘electrickery’; some older residents refused to have anything to do with it and kept their oils lamps right to the end. These people probably had the last laugh during power cuts, and also when one young lad (not the writer!) successfully threw a bicycle chain over the power lines thereby creating a shower of sparks and blacking out most of the village for a considerable time! Arthur Pentney

Blue Muscovy Ducklings


Born 29th July 2011 these are ready to find good homes (not for the pot!) A donation to Baconsthorpe church is required. Stewart Hayward 570174

Baconsthorpe 200 Club


This month’s winners are: £25 Cynthia Jackson; £10 Emma Vigor; £5 Anthony Warboys and Colin Love

Barningham Christening – 14 Aug 2011


The dear little daughter, Ella, of Gerry and Clare Kingsley (of Upwood Cottage) was christened at St Mary’s Church, Barningham Winter. In a beautifully-decorated church, lots of their family and friends joined in with the celebrations.

Barningham Congratulations


Many congratulations to Charlie Fiddian, Guy Parker and Thomas Seaman for their ‘A’ level results: Charlie gained A, B and C in Art, Maths and Physics and is off to Plymouth to study Marine Technology; Guy gained 3 A’s in Classical Civilization, Politics and English and is off [ 13 ]

EXPERIENCED CARER Over 25 years experience Excellent references Fully insured All types of personal care undertaken Please call Maggie on Tel: 01263 577527 Mob: 07889 547 552


SERVICE AND REPAIR JON COOPER Stonefield Bungalow, New Road, Baconsthorpe, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6LW Tel: 01263 577527 Mob: 07767 494369

to Edinburgh to study Classical Studies; and Thomas gained 3 A’s in English, History and Spanish and is off to Nottingham to study Ancient History. We wish them all the best.

Barningham Thank You


Thank you so much to John Perks for organizing the work that was needed to be done on the archway leading to the church. Trevor Ward carried out the work and now the scaffolding is down it’s lovely to see how well the renovations have been carried out.

Your attention is drawn to the Hempstead Village Hall Panel opposite Hempstead Fête – 07 Aug 2011


This year’s Fête despite “economic blues” turned out to be a great success, although takings were slightly down this year £2450 (last year £2579). All Saints’ Church and the Village Hall combined forces to give families, friends and visitors another memorable afternoon on the Recreation Ground. As in past years the net proceeds have been divided equally between All Saints’ Church and Hempstead Village Hall. The weather stayed dry for the duration, but gusty winds created tricky conditions for stall holders. However, everyone participated in two and a half hours of fun and enjoyment. On behalf of the Fête Committee I would like to thank the many helpers who gave up their time and energy: preparing the exhibition in the church (what a wonderful show of cushions); manning the stalls and side shows; baking the cakes and pouring the tea (no wasps this year!) resetting the skittles; haggling the best price for bric-a-brac (where does it all come from?); growing and selling the produce and plants; sorting and pricing the books; selling and folding 1000 Grand Draw tickets (well done Robin Carver, record receipts for the Draw); organising and judging the dog show and children’s fancy dress; producing fantastic prizes for the tombola and the Grand Draw. All this taking place to George Cushing’s jolly barrel organ music. Congratulations to the winners of the Grand Draw, and to the Fun Dog Show winners. Thanks in particular to the indefatigable team that loaded and transported all the tents, tables, chairs, and equipment from the village hall and back again (particular thanks to Malcolm and Deborah Preston who provided and loaded the truck); set up the tents on the Saturday, and cleared everything away immediately after the fête; also to Diana Spalton for the use of her kitchen, water and electricity; and Paul Loach for the car park field. Mike Thody, Chairman Fete Committee

Loopy Granny


Rose Carver, winner of this year’s most glamorous prize at Hempstead Fête – a flight with Jason Matthews in his aerobatic biplane (formerly the property of Nelson Piquet, the racing driver) took to the air at Little Snoring. Jason offered mad aerobatics, a gentle cruise or anything in between. Rose asked for a flight over Stiffkey with excitement at the end – a double roll and loop the loop. This she almost, but not quite, regretted. ‘It was marvellous’ she said, ‘but I wouldn’t do it again. Many thanks to Jason for explaining it all so well as we went along – and for getting me down safely!’ [ 15 ]

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Silver Surfers Computer Services Andrew Benn 01263 761133 Installation Free Advice

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One ’phone for all


I was born and raised here in Hempstead as, indeed, was my father and grandfathers before me. In the late nineteen fifties at the age of fifteen and feeling the world was about to pass me by, I joined the Royal Navy and, on reflection, enjoyed much of my time serving as a sailor. At that time, to own a telephone was restricted to a privileged few so, to combat my homesickness during the early weeks and month of my military training my father and I made an arrangement that whilst I was based ashore or in ‘home’ ports he would wait at the public phone box (still sited in The Street) each Friday evening at 7 o’clock, for a few minutes to see if I could manage a call. This arrangement worked well, and I looked forward to our weekly chats. Of course, as time passed by my homesickness diminished and my confidence improved so I found myself depending on our calls less and less. I would have to confess that sometimes I would be late. Once it was almost an hour before I remembered our weekly rendezvous. My father would always answer the call; no annoyance in his voice, no admonishments; no complaints as I offered up some disingenuous excuse for my thoughtlessness. There were times when I didn’t call at all! Now today, being a father and grandfather myself and we all as a family enjoying the ‘modern’ means of communicating with each other prompts me to sometimes ponder on just how long my father was prepared to wait at that cold red kiosk to offer some solace and support to an often less-thandeserving son! Tim Scarff

Hempstead Church Lunch – 14 Aug 2011


Michele and Ceri Holmes described in Church and at a very enjoyable lunch hosted by Su and Ian Summers, how they had devoted their retirement to setting up Norfolk Venda Educational Project. This charity has transformed a primary school in South Africa where there had been literally no facilities whatsoever. The children had sat outside for lessons with no books or writing materials, but now they have proper classrooms with desks and chairs. There are now toilet blocks where before 600 children had used holes in the ground. A borehole now brings water giving washing facilities and irrigation for their vegetable garden which means at least one healthy meal a day. What had been achieved sounded little short of miraculous. £463 was given to Norfolk Venda. Letter from Michele and Ceri: What wonderful generosity and please assure everyone that all the money will be spent in the Venda in the most cost-effective way. This gift will make a significant difference to the lives of many children in the Venda. Would that you could see the joy on the children’s faces and hear the sincere gratitude of their teachers. Thank you so much for a really wonderful morning. We could feel a genuine warmth of welcome from the vicar and all members of the congregation. How good it was to meet so many interesting people who made our visit so enjoyable.

Hempstead 200 Club


This month’s winners are: £25 P Sanders; £10 M Freegard; £5 S Price, A Matthews and B Power.

Hempstead Welcome


Welcome to Tony and Diane Collier who have recently moved to the village.

Matlaske Donation to PCC


The PCC appreciate the £100 donation from Matlaske PC towards the upkeep of the churchyard.

[ 17 ]


Electrical Repairs Rewires New Installations Household Appliances Showers & Storage Heaters supplied, fitted And repaired

Tel/Fax: 01263 713760

Telephone : HOLT 713113 LLOYD DURHAM Funeral Services MRS Z MITCHELL NAFD





Free & Confidential 24 hour Qualified Funeral Directors Office and Chapel of Rest 11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt

Listening, support & information

For family carers

Matlaske Fete – 30 Jul 2011


A large crowd enjoyed browsing the stalls and taking part in the games in Barningham Park. Mary Hook’s garden provided an attractive setting for tea and cakes. Our thanks to Thomas and Amelia Courtauld for organising the event. The £1870 raised for St Peter’s Matlaske was an all-time record!

Matlaske Church Notice Board


Thank you to Mike Sprigg for erecting the notice board outside St Peter’s Matlaske.

Plumstead Dog Fouling


Watch your step! Yes, particularly if you are walking in the glorious countryside here. A report has come in to Plumstead PC about dog-fouling particularly in Jericho Lane. Clearing up after your dog is not too much to ask, surely? Enjoy use of footpaths – and please don’t spoil the enjoyment of others who follow you. We (the public) don’t need or want more clutter of signs and bins, when responsible behaviour simply solves the problem. CCTV in Jericho Lane is not in the PC’s budget, so we rely on the co-operation of all walkers. Michael Chesterman, Parish Clerk, Plumstead PC

Plumstead Parish Council Members


We are pleased to announce that David Chilvers has been co-opted to the PC replacing Trilby Wye who did not seek re-election in May. We thank Trilby for all the time and effort which she has given to the village over the past six years.

Plumstead BBQ – 06 Aug 2011


The Plumstead BBQ was re-ignited this year after a lengthy break! The weather on the morning threatened to dampen proceedings but not spirits! However all was well in the end: sun-dried tablecloths laid end to end with a feast of home-grown, home-made food, the fruits (and veg!) of communal labours but mostly of Mary Lintott! The biggest ‘thank-you’ to Mary for amazing hospitality; endless supplies of garden produce; wonderfully imaginative food; hours of hard work; inspired leadership and unfailing good nature! No, really. There was a brilliant turnout and former Plumstead residents very wisely chose not to miss a jolly do. If the Conversation and Laughter Buzz-o-meter was anything to go by a good time was obviously had by all. A certain amount of magic was woven, it has to be said, by the very generous amount of complimentary beer and wine donated by a chap in a big sunhat! Doreen As with any idea there is always an inspiration. My thanks go to Eileen, Fred, Jill, David and Janine for sowing the seed. So many gave of their time, energy and produce! Nick gallantly organized the marquees. Sally, Mike, John, Thomas and others spent much time doing all the ‘donkey work’. Julie’s flowers and general support were invaluable and the support of the cooks (Doreen, Pauline, Irene and Anne) on the morning prevented me from going onto overload! The BBQers, Nick, Jonathan and David must not be forgotten. Finally the washer uppers particularly Emma were fantastic – my kitchen was back to normal by the end of the evening! Thank you one and all. Mary

Plumstead Welcome


Welcome to Percy and Emma Stilwell who have moved into Plumstead Hall together with Greta and Rex. We hope they will enjoy their time in the village. [ 19 ]

John Perry-Warnes

Your North Norfolk District Councillor Please contact me if I can be of Service concerning the following issues Housing Council Tax Waste Collection



Family Butcher Poulterer & Game Dealer Licenced to sell WINES & SPIRITS Also in-town Butchery at Larners of Holt Telephone 710000

Planning Matters

FRESH BREAD & CAKES From our own bakery

Tel: 01263 715577

WEEKLY DELIVERIES In our refrigerated vans

[08] Sep 2011 - Village Diary & Newsletter  

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