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The end of the day at Baconsthorpe Castle

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Mobile Library Every third Thursday Matlaske Plumstead

11:20 am Old Post Office 12 noon Church Street 12:25 pm Council Houses Baconsthorpe 12:45 pm Old Post Office 14:25 pm Council Bungalows 15:45 pm The Street Hempstead 15:00 pm Hare and Hounds 15:20 pm Telephone kiosk See

Editor: Ian Summers, 14 The Knoll, Hempstead, Holt NR25 6TJ 01263 710702 Village Correspondents Baconsthorpe: Ro Hardingham 577262 Barningham: Sara Buxton 577207 Hempstead: Betty Hart 712726 Matlaske: Florence Hunt 577363 Plumstead: Thomas Wormald 577239

Postal Subscriptions

Post Office Baconsthorpe Village Hall Tuesdays 1 pm to 5 pm Fridays 9 am to 1 pm

£7.50 per year - Corinne Youngs 577263

For a full range of services offered at this branch and all other enquiries call 712139

Advertising Annual rates/page: quarter page £40; half £60; full £80; one-third £50; two-thirds £70 Contact: Mrs D Spalton 711117

Photocopying service Available for now by appointment 577263. Black 6p; Colour 20p per A4 page (no A3). Discounts of up to 50% to local organisations. Proceeds to Newsletter.

One-off or special requirement: Payment by the copy date once you have approved your advertisement Contact: The editor

Dog Warden

For Sale & Wants: £1 per 20 words Contact: The editor

Norfolk Constabulary

516085 (out of hours 513811) For all villages: 0845 456 4567

Village Diary Web Site

Holt Safer Neighbourhood Team e-mail:

Where you see these little mNau boxes then you can either find out more details about the item on the web site and/or (for some items) add comments to share your own ideas or views. Just find a friend with internet connection and enter the code into the Address Bar preceded by Note that the codes are case-sensitive so capital letters and lower-case letters should be observed.

Police Community Support Officers: PCSO Rachel Howard (Hempstead) PCSO Guy Slade (The other villages)

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the newsletter. The newsletter apologises if contributed material is not published due to space constraints. All facts are believed to be correct at time of publication. The editor reserves the right to amend material.


Thank you Jayne Jayne edited our newsletter for some years, and worked on it even when beset by accident and very poor health. She is now unable to continue, and the editorship has been taken on by Ian Summers. Thank you Jayne for all the work that you have put in, all the hours spent at the telephone, keyboard, printer and stapler, not to mention the delivery of the finished newsletter to the villages. We doubt that anyone who has not done it themselves really appreciates the enormous amount of work involved. Our thoughts are with you, and we hope for a steady recovery to better health.

Welcome to my first newsletter. My intentions are to streamline its production with the help of as many people as possible that are willing to take part. We have already split the editing and copy preparation from the printing, stapling and folding. I say ‘we’ because there is now a steering committee. I built the web site last year and have integrated it with the newsletter by putting short-cut codes where ever there is an associated item. As explained on page 2, just enter followed by the code into a web browser and you’ll be taken directly to the item. For some items you are even invited to leave a comment which has been done for . I shall be inviting regular correspondents to send their submissions to the web site (if you can send e-mails then you can do this). The content of the newsletter is extracted fairly automatically from the web site. Now that I have produced the first issue I anticipate that I will be able to designate the day after copy date for preparation of artwork for the newsletter. So, in a few month’s time there will little scope for late copy. Early copy is most welcome. As you will see from this issue, I’ve separated the village news from the events which are now all together in chronological order under the heading Community Diary in the centre-page spread. This makes anyone looking for an event a lot easier and may encourage people to participate in events outside their own village. After the Community Diary is a section on events Further Afield. We will publish items from adjacent villages with reciprocal arrangements. [3]


Home Improvements


PVC-u and Timber Plain & Simple, Sash, Bays & Bows Repairs to Sealed Units Handles & Hinges



Kitchens & Bathrooms

Complete Fitting Service Plumbing Tiling Painting & Decorating Worktop Replacement

Insurance-backed Guarantee Contact Martin & Carolyn on 01263 577731 Free Quotations

Family-run business since 1989

Church Matters Church Services 6 Feb Epiphany 5

9 am 10:45 am 13 Feb Epiphany 6 9 am 10:45 am 20 Feb Epiphany 7 9 am 10:45 am 27 Feb Epiphany 8 9 am 10:45 am

Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins Eucharist Mattins

Barningham Winter Church Hempstead Church Matlaske Church Plumstead Church Baconsthorpe Church Barningham Winter Church Hempstead Church Matlaske Church

Weekday Holy Eucharist You are most welcome to join us every Wednesday morning at 10 am in Matlaske Church for Holy Eucharist. Community Lunch Please note that this will take place a week earlier than usual this month on Wednesday, 16 February 2011.

From the Rectory The Rectory, Matlaske NR11 7AQ 577455

My dear friends The three Ws: Welcome - Witness - Worship Welcome This is so important in the life of the Church. Visitors need to feel ‘at home’ when they come into our Churches. A smile, a handshake and a helping hand with books all help to put people at ease. It was the great Archbishop Temple who said ‘The Church is the only society which doesn’t exists for its members.’ Outreach is our way forward and welcome is a key word for growth. Witness By what we do and what we say, each of us is (like it or not) an advertisement for the Christian faith. This is quite a responsibility. Living a Christian life is not just a Sunday-morning thing - it is full-time and life-long. Worship This is the time we set aside for God and that includes daily prayer as well as corporate worship. It is the way we top up our spiritual batteries. The spoken word, our prayers and our music should be the very best we can offer to God. By word and Sacrament we are strengthened for His service and we are not alone. We have Christ’s promise ‘I am with you always.’ God bless you all and Remember those Ws. Your Parish Priest and friend. [5]

From the Web Site

This page is to address the fact that not everyone has, or is inclined to have, access to the internet. Each month some of the information that is on will be published. But there is much more that could be up there. Please contact the editor if you are willing to add information or, indeed, comment on what is already there.

Regular Events Section: Baconsthorpe Textile Group

spcp The group meets on the last Thursday of every month (except December) at Baconsthorpe Village Hall from 10 am until 3 pm. Members work on their own projects - sewing, knitting, etc. We bring a picnic lunch. Tea and coffee are provided. Occasionally we invite a tutor to take a workshop and organise outings. New members are always welcome and if you only want to come for part of a session then that is fine. The cost of the hire of the Village Hall is shared between us. Contact: Corinne Youngs 577263

Info Section: Hempstead Buses


Tuesdays (Sanders number 16 - approx 5 minutes): To Holt 10:38 am from bus shelter; From Holt 12:15 pm from bus shelter Third Wednesday of month (Aldborough Community Bus NS2 approx 70 mins): Passengers must book at least 12 hours before travelling (Nita Good 761580) To Norwich 9:15 am from opposite Church Yard; From Norwich 1:30 pm

Thursdays (Sanders number 17 - approx 40 minutes): To Sheringham 9:20 am bus shelter; From Sheringham 11:40 am Station Approach

Fridays (Sanders number 16 - approx 5 minutes): To Holt 10:38 am from bus shelter; From Holt 12:15 pm from bus shelter

Saturdays (Sanders number 17 - approx 40 minutes): To Sheringham 9 am bus shelter; From Sheringham 11:40 am Station Approach

Sundays and Mondays: None Aldborough Community Bus 761580 Sanders Coaches 712800 [7]


* House sitting. * Dog walking. Caring for domestic tame pets. * Cleaning services available. * Watering plants. Running errands. * Regular checks and monitoring while you are away. * Garden and lawns also cared for. * From 3 hours to 6 months or longer. We offer a diligent, discreet, honest, competent, intelligent service. Non-Agency with full public liability insurance. CRB checked. Testimonials available from satisfied clients.

Juniper Lodge, Hempstead, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6TW Tel: Holt 713374

Tel: 01263 715614 or 07717401111


Solicitors Legal Advice ? Make us your first call Telephone Holt 01263 712835


* * * * * * *


Ode for one, feeling sorry for oneself ! Oh, how I hate this ageing process! Inevitable, of course, but nevertheless It hurts to see what was once firm and young Give up the struggle, and become undone; And I wonder where it all will end, To what depths of despair can one’s body descend. As my wattle enlarges from under my chin And my internal organs cry ‘Help’ from within; As my posterior migrates from my rear to my tummy. Amusing to some, but to me ‘Just not funny.’ I fear for my future, as it can only get worse. Is there nothing to be done to halt this embarrassing reverse? Now my teeth are perfect, but I only have eight; The rest are artificial, held in by a plate. Even wearing my new glasses my future looks bleak; And I won’t mention the anatomical bits of me that leak. Also, recalling past events has become difficult to me; And my powers of concentration are not what they used to be; And another thing... it has just occurred to me: My powers of concentration are not what they used to be! I suppose a ‘philosophy’ is called for, an acceptance of one’s fate; A concentration on the good times, not dwelling on the ‘late.’ A renewed confidence in the future, for more good times ahead. Though I’m suddenly feeling a little bit giddy, so (if you’ll excuse me) I’m going back to bed! T

Sir William Osler - Physician (1849-1919) Think not of the amount to be accomplished, the difficulties to be overcome, or the end to be attained, but set earnestly at the little task at your elbow, letting that be sufficient for the day. [9]

For further details, those of you who have the internet can enter into the Address Bar of your Web Browser followed by the code in the grey boxes (see page 2)

1 Feb Tue @ 10 am

Hempstead Charcoal Drawing


1 Feb Tue @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls


4 Feb Fri @ 7 pm

Benefice Choir


At the Rectory; and every Friday thereafter unless otherwise notified. Contact: Michael Cartwright 577455. 7 Feb Mon @ 11 am

Hempstead Kneeler Group


This month we meet at Betty's Hart at The Beeches 712726 7 Feb Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing 7 Feb Mon


Hempstead Theatre-Going Group 1WWRD

Deadline for booking - see opposite for full details (19 Feb) 8 Feb Tue @ 10 am

Hempstead Charcoal Drawing


8 Feb Tue @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls


10 Feb Thu @ 11:20 am Mobile Library (see page 2 for times)


10 Feb Thu @ 11:30 am Hempstead Police Street Surgery


11 Feb Fri @ 7 pm


Baconsthorpe Quiz

£4.50 per person to include a Jacket-Potato Supper with various fillings and tea/coffee. Bring your own tipple. There will be a raffle. Teams of four persons - but please come even if you are on your own because others will be there to make up teams. 13 Feb Sun @ 1-7 pm

Exhibition: Proposed Wind Turbine 1WFM9

See Further Afield on page 13 14 Feb Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing


15 Feb Tue @ 10 am

Hempstead Charcoal Drawing


15 Feb Tue @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls


[ 10 ]

16 Feb Wed @ 12 noon Community Lunch


Change of date. Baconsthorpe Village Hall. Contact 577455 to book. 16 Feb Wed @ 7:30 pm Hempstead Film Club


Contact: Adrian Taylor 712460 19 Feb Sat @ 6:30 pm New

Hempstead Theatre-Going Group


A few of us are now regularly going to theatre performances in Norwich and in North Norfolk, and I wondered if any one else would like to join us? It would be a case of you putting your name on my list, and then me ringing/emailing round to offer a date and performance as and when plays come up. Transport by car-sharing. Open, of course, to anyone in our community! The next visit is to the Sewell Barn Theatre in Norwich on 19th February 2011 to see The Shakespeare Revue (show starts at 7:30). This is 'a totally unserious look at the world of Shakespeare, his plays and their actors, in a nostalgic revue format of songs and sketches'. Tickets are ÂŁ8 (full) and ÂŁ6 (concessions). Please let me know if you want me to book a ticket for you by Monday 7th Feb. I would appreciate receiving the money as soon as possible after that date. If you can't come to this one, but would like to be part of this group phone Su 710702, or email her: Thanks.

20 Feb Sun @ 10 pm

Village Diary & Newsletter Copy Date

21 Feb Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing


22 Feb

Hempstead Charcoal Drawing


22 Feb Tue @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe Indoor Bowls


24 Feb Thu @ 10 am

Baconsthorpe Textile Group


Not this week

Contact: Corinne Youngs 577263 24 Feb Thu @ 7 pm

Hempstead Play Reading


The Village Hall opens at 7 pm for tea/coffee/cake, and we start reading at 7.30 pm. This month's play is Shaw's Pygmalion. Looking forward to seeing you all again. I'll e-mail a reminder to all regular members nearer the date. New members are always welcome. Contact: Su Summers 710702 28 Feb Mon @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Line Dancing [ 11 ]



Electrical Repairs Rewires New Installations Household Appliances Showers & Storage Heaters supplied, fitted And repaired

Tel/Fax: 01263 713760

Telephone : HOLT 713113 LLOYD DURHAM Funeral Services MRS Z MITCHELL NAFD



Family Butcher Poulterer & Game Dealer Licenced to sell WINES & SPIRITS Also in-town Butchery at Larners of Holt Telephone 710000 FRESH BREAD & CAKES From our own bakery WEEKLY DELIVERIES In our refrigerated vans



Free & Confidential 24 hour Qualified Funeral Directors Office and Chapel of Rest 11a Avenue Road, High Kelling, Holt

Listening, support & information

For family carers

2 Mar Wed @ 2 pm

Church Wardens' Meeting


At Matlaske Rectory. 7 Mar Mon @ 2 pm

Baconsthorpe PCC Meeting


In St Mary's Church. 10 Mar Thu @ 7:30 pm Plumstead PC Meeting


At Walnut Farm. Please see notice board for agenda. Contact: Michael Chesterman 861109 14 Mar Mon @ 7:30 pm Matlaske PC Meeting


In St Peter’s Church. 17 Mar Thu @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Village Hall C’ttee


In the Village Hall - All welcome. Contact: John Cooper 711320 2 Apr Sat @ 10 am

Baconsthorpe Easter Fayre


In the Village Hall. 8 Apr Fri @ 7:30 pm

Baconsthorpe - Keith Loads


£6 per person including a Buffet Supper. 13 Apr Wed @ 7:30 pm Baconsthorpe Easter Prize Bingo


In The Village Hall. 12 May Thu @ 7:30 pm Plumstead PC Meeting


At Walnut Farm. Please see notice board for agenda. Contact: Michael Chesterman 861109

We will publish information about events outside our communities if space allows

Proposed Wind Turbine at Pond Farm

1WFM9 Public exhibition on the 12th and 13th of February 2011 at Bodham Village Hall between 1 pm and 7 pm. Visit or send a letter to Genatec Ltd Highland Farm, West Beckham, Holt NR25 6PL. [ 13 ]


General DIY Jobs, Tiling, Pressure Washing, Mowing, Hedging, Strimming, Guttering, Paths, Patios, Fences etc. Work carefully undertaken CONTACT ME ON 01263 577581

Painting Pylons


Seeing the photograph and article about the pylons at West Beckham (November Newsletter) brought the following memory to me... It was during the summer of 1953, I had returned home on compassionate leave from Egypt and was staying with my grandparents who lived in Dales Yard. After a few days of being home, I needed to do something to keep me active. Hearing that labourers were needed to paint the pylons, I went to the gate and the Guard Room to see the foreman. He asked if I had done ladder work before, bluffing my way, I said yes. He took me to the first pylon where we were joined by two more 'new' lads. He threw the safety belt to the ground and told me to climb to the first landing, about 80ft up. (No Health and Safety then). Half way to the top, the ladder swayed but I managed to hang on and reach the platform. He shouted up to me,"Come on down, you've got the job". The corporal on the main gate was a real swine and would take a mirror from the Guard Room and try to dazzle us with the sun glaring in our eyes. One afternoon I saw a white speck in the distance coming down the Bodham Long Road. This turned out to be Elsie Smith on her bicycle. She stopped as she drew level and waved up to me. This was my chance to settle a score with the corporal. By this time Elsie was safely on her way, but the corporal, mirror and Guard Room got a good coating of creosote, dropped from a great height. Shortly after this I returned to my posting in Egypt, but after my demob moved back to my grandparents who were now living in School Lane. One day we had a visit from a man who said a Water Tower was to be built nearby. They were looking for mixer drivers, steel fixers, etc. Was I interested? That started yet another 'interesting' job!... But that's another story. Gordon Lambert

Do you remember when Baconsthorpe got its Water Tower?


In the past many rural villages relied on wells or pumps for their daily water supply. Eventually mains water reached here around 1952 together with the water tower which has become a prominent feature of our landscape. Almost overnight those early methods of supply had been made redundant. Gone then were the times of cranking up several pails of water each day; of boys allowing the empty metal pail to return to the bottom unchecked with the iron handle spinning round at high speed only inches from their head; and also gone were the often-futile attempts to retrieve a lost pail from the well bottom with a set of 'creepers', a three-pronged device lowered into the well by a length of rope. Many residents considered that cool water from the well tasted much better that the sanitised offering now coming out of the tap. This comparison was born out later when it was revealed that the glass of tap water just drunk had probably already been consumed by five other people previously!

[ 15 ]

HAMLYN PEST CONTROL RODENT, RABBIT, MOLE, WASP and INSECT control by a professional, friendly service specialising in farm, domestic and retail premises NPLA member Professionally trained Technicians Reliable and discreet 01263 860112 OR 01263 861587

QUALITY CURTAINS A First Class, Hand Sewn, Made to Measure Service RING ANN 01263 588242


DO YOU NEED HELP AT HOME? Honest and reliable carer with over 20 years experience, NVQ2 trained, CRB checked, fully insured, references available, can offer you personal care including bathing and showering, laundry, shopping, light housework, all to suit your individual needs when your need it Also available for giving carers a well earned break. One-off visits also available. For further information call Sue 01263 577487 or 07766414804

Most wells were filled in. Any left working had their day again in times of drought such as the summer of 1976. They then provided much-needed water to garden vegetables during prolonged hosepipe ban. Arthur Pentney

Barningham Village News


Thank you to all those very kind people that gave toys so generously to the Salvation Army at The Toy Service which was held at St Mary's Church in November. These have now been distributed to needy children. An amazing £420 was raised for St Mary's Church at the coffee morning which was hosted by Mrs Trot Youngs on the 12th December. On a very, very cold morning lots of people gathered to enjoy coffee and lots of chatting!! Big thanks to both Mr and Mrs Youngs and to all the helpers. A bit late but a very happy New Year to you all. Christmas Cards

Sara 1WFTj

Thank you so much to Maurice de Bunsen who took the photo of St Mary's Church, Barningham last year on a lovely sunny, snowy Sunday and then had it made into Christmas cards which he then gave to be sold in aid of the church. £80 was made from the sale of the cards.

Hempstead Churches Cycle Ride - 12 Sept 2010


We know it was a long time ago but we had intended this to be in the December issue. Su and Ann, Churchwardens, would like to thank Yvette for all her hard work in organising both riders and sponsors. She also rides the furthest and is the cyclist to whom we all aspire! All Saints Church benefits substantially from this event and we are most grateful to her. We are also grateful to Rose who is an area representative and delivers all the paperwork not only to our churches but those in the rest of the Deanery. And to all the cyclists and the church sitters without whom the event would not happen, what stars! Thank you all! [ 17 ]


EXPERIENCED CARER Over 25 years experience Excellent references Fully insured

SERVICE AND REPAIR JON COOPER Stonefield Bungalow, New Road, Baconsthorpe, Holt, Norfolk NR25 6LW Tel: 01263 577527 Mob: 07767 494369

All types of personal care undertaken Please call Maggie on Tel: 01263 577527 Mob: 07889 547 552

PC Problems? No problem! A reliable, friendly, efficient service in the comfort of your own home

Silver Surfers Computer Services Andrew Benn 01263 761133 Installation Free Advice

Troubleshooting Tuition Upgrades

Are you looking to sell in 2010? If so please call us for a free valuation

1a, Market Place, Holt NR25 6BE Telephone: 01263 711167 Fax: 01263 713367 Website: e-mail:

Churches Cycle Ride - 12 Sep 2010


This was scheduled for publication in December. So here it is now. A big thank you to fellow cyclists Sandra and Sophie Colley, Pat Gee, Marianne and Katie Scarfe and Su Summers; together we raised £820 thanks to our ever-generous sponsors. Your support is much appreciated. Thanks also to those who gave up their time to sit in the church to sign in visiting cyclists. Yvette Hempstead Christmas Party - 11 Dec 2010


The Village Hall was full and was a most enjoyable occasion as usual. I think that the refreshments were better than ever, and a big vote of thanks should go to the Catering Committee. When we were all replete, we were entertained to a modern rendering of Cinderella which was quite hilarious and much appreciated by all. Special thanks should go to the pianist and the hardworking producer. I am sure everyone will agree that the whole evening was a great success. Thank you. Hempstead 200 Club


December's winners are: £25 N Sanders; £10 B Wright, G Matthews; £5 K Stone, P Tomlinson, I Tyabji, R Piccolli. January's winners are: £25 K Hurrell; £10 K Hill; £5 K Stone, V Collier, N Sanders

Matlaske Village News


Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal: Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the house-to-house collection which raised £78.29. Our Christmas morning service for the benefice was well attended with around ninety people including many children. Sincere thanks to all. Thanks also to those who provided the festive decorations and to everyone for their generous contributions to the collection. D E W

Plumstead PC Minutes - 15 Dec 2010 Minutes for meeting are available for download from the web site. [ 19 ]


Diary of Events This is now on the centre-page spread

Our Advertisers Please support our advertisers because they make this newsletter possible

Michael Cottrell Furniture Designers and makers of High Quality Bespoke Furniture & Purpose Made Joinery * Hand Made Bespoke Kitchens * Fitted Or Free-standing * Natural Hardwood Or Paint Finishes * Bathrooms, Staircases, Doors * Sash/Casement Windows, Conservatories

Tel: 01263 712345 Mob: 07766 565668

[01] Feb 2011 - Village Diary & Newsletter  

Barningham Group Newsletter for Baconsthorpe, Barningham, Hempstead, Matlaske and Plumstead in North Norfolk

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