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A letter from Karen Welte Gore, daughter of Dolores Welte. Well, mom (and we) is settling into our new home at Heritage Center. Let me take a few minutes to reflect on her last year and a half at the Village. Never once in her time there did I ever observe mom being treated with anything but the utmost care and respect. Let me reflect — in random order — on just some of what I observed. I will never be able to thank everyone, so anyone who isn’t specifically thanked or recognized, consider this your special thank you. Here it goes: First, let me give a special thanks to Resident Care. The patience, care, and concern these caregivers gave mom was exceptional. Never once did I hear a single person complain. Most of them grew to love mom as a friend or grandchild might. They tucked her in, talked to her, cooked for her, etc. We are forever grateful and they are probably the core of everything that happens at the Village. The Activities staff is fantastic. What a superb list of engaging activities with such variety. They always went to the extra effort to make sure mom knew she was not just invited but welcome. The Dining Room staff was particularly attentive. They always tried to make sure mom had what she needed — plenty of lemonade and breadstick crackers. If you don’t know what I mean, ask them. I will say that the Housekeeping staff was particularly helpful and supportive to me especially in mom’s last few weeks there. I do not know the housekeeper’s name, but she was so encouraging to me. The Front Desk staff and all the office staff were kind, pleasant, and helpful. I would be remiss to not mention the other residents. The way they care for each other is inspirational. I have told several personally that I have learned much about how to age with grace from them. The overall atmosphere is one that encourages positivity, care, and thankfulness. Please let every resident and staff member know that we are forever grateful to them for their care of mom. We will miss them terribly and are sad that our day-to-day lives likely won’t cross again. However, we were each on our path assigned by God, and we were blessed to have crossed paths with you. Now, go on to care for the next resident whose one highlight of their day might just be the minutes they spend with you. You are making a big difference.

Village Life Al Koester worked for the U.S. Postal Service. He enjoys playing computer games, making trips to the casino, and watching old movies. He also enjoyed playing golf. Welcome to the Village, Al! Just a Reminder: There is someone at the Front Desk seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If there are any problems in your apartment or anywhere else in the building, please do not wait until Monday to report them. We are here to help—no matter what day of the week!

Happy Anniversary to Jim & Ruby Morgan! October 22 will make it 69 years. Newspapers that are to be donated should not be left outside apartments. Please help keep the Village looking like home by disposing trash in the designated bins in the hallways. We appreciate your cooperation!

I hate goodbyes, so instead I will say, “Thanks for the memories!” It is bittersweet that I am leaving. I am looking forward to what is to come, but I will greatly miss the staff and residents here at the Village. You have all become like family to me, and I’ve greatly enjoyed my time here. I will not say goodbye because I will take all the best parts of you with me. I’d like to send a special thanks to Mr. Hester and Karen Kemper in everything they have done for me and allowing me to be a part of the Village family. I know the Activity Department will be in good hands with our new Activity Director, Dawn.

Welcome, Dawn Earley! As Activity Director, Dawn is delighted to join the Village team! She was born and raised in Southern California and is excited to start her life in the Midwest. Dawn is looking forward to helping our residents thrive in activities and can’t imagine a world without HOPE: Helping Other People Evolve. She has 20 years of experience in healthcare, including 2 years of leading activities. She considers it a privilege to be doing what she loves!

We all have to be on the lookout nowadays for phone scams. Scammers specifically target older individuals as they assume these will be the most vulnerable. Hang up if the following scenarios occur: Tips: Never judge a person’s integrity by how they sound. Be alert if a company calls you and wants personal financial information.

Helen Straeffer had her neck brace removed! We are all glad to see Helen getting back to the swing of things! Menu Reminder & Clarification: Residents must complete their own menus on the days menus are released, which are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Residents can do so at the Front Desk if they plan to miss dinner any of these days. If the menu is not completed the same day of absence, it will be Chef’s Choice for all courses those days on the menu.

Thank you! Always stop by or call the Front Desk if you plan on being gone. They will notify the right staff members. If you mention it to another staff member while they are completing other tasks, information may be forgotten.

Residents’ knowledge of 1950s celebrities was put to the test, and Nell Ernspiger (left) placed first while Helen Straeffer (right) placed second. Congratulations, winners!

This month Holiday Village recognizes the Kitchen staff for everything they do to provide an excellent dining experience for our residents!

On August 26, Rita and Jarell Effinger celebrated their anniversary! Their family surprised them by having a party here at the Village. Another year, another great reason to celebrate! Congratulations!

In September, a few residents shared with us their treasured memories and why they mean so much to them! Doris brought her photo album full of family photos, important documents, and other sentimental items. She showed us the beauty of scrapbooking and how it helps us reconnect with our memories.

Dody brought a statue from one of her many foreign travels! This statue depicts a god from an ancient religion. Bob shared with us novels, which have been published in multiple countries in different languages, that have a strong personal connection to him.

Wilma shared with us a few sentimental photos including photos of her family and some from her wedding day. Flo brought history to life with a family heirloom. During the Civil War, her ancestors buried beautiful silverware in their yard for safekeeping, and she brought those same spoons to share with us.

Pauline brought her dog, Gracie! The residents adored Gracie, and she loved all the attention!

“The Chest” Tribute to my mother, Connie Norlin By: Barbara Norlin Hart Locked inside an old chest are memories that are as precious as pure gold. My mom bought it decades ago when she was young and looking forward to whatever life would bring her. Over the years it has been repainted and moved from home to home, bedroom to bedroom, but it has held its secrets safe inside. It’s a cedar chest and through the years the cedar scent has faded, but all I have to do is open up the lid, and my heart is filled with feelings and memories that come flooding back. It holds bits and pieces of her life and odds and ends placed there for safe keeping by her precious hands. The photos are faded and crumbling now, but they tell her story—her life with my dad and raising two children— 95 years of a life well lived. On rainy days when we were bored and lacked for things to do, she would take my brother and me to the chest, open it up, and we would take a trip back in time with her. Inside the cedar chest we got a glimpse of her, who she was before becoming a wife and mother. She was a beautiful young girl who grew into a confident and capable woman, and was loved by everyone who ever met her. The moments of her life, captured in faded black and white, told her story. Now I have the cedar chest, given to me by her for safe keeping, and every once in awhile, I open it and breathe in the cedar. And the memories come flooding back. She’s aging now, and her memories are not as clear, but she’s left us her legacy in that old cedar chest, and it fills my heart to overflowing.

Employee Anniversaries

Holiday Village Staff CEO & President: Derek Dunigan Executive Director: Karen Kemper

Health Service Director: Abby Powell Food Service Director: Karen Morris

Rick Tramill Christy Logsdon Tim Bretz Janie Groeninger Bruce Sadler

Welcome, new employees!

Business Coordinator: Riannon Mabrey Housekeeping Director: Brenda Jeffries Activity Director: Abbie Pietrowski Maintenance: Curtis Fest Painter: Tim Bretz

Ambria Bradburn Server

Holiday Village Billing: Rhonda Tate Village Council Members: Vivian L. Ruth O. Juanita B. Urban W. Helen S. Call the Front Desk if you have any concerns or questions at 812—429—0701

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Madison Dischinger Resident Care

October Birthdays at the Village!

Sam Powers October 1st

Gretchen Coronato October 6th

LeeAnn Finch October 7th

Wanda Robinson October 23rd

Amber Newman October 6th

Ellie Nolen October 6th

Dorothy Rueger Kristyn Hills October 8th October 14th

Mary Weiss October 25th

Brenda Jeffries October 28th

Aline Chowning October 30th

October 2018 Newsletter  
October 2018 Newsletter