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Please read this if you ever have goods delivered direct to your home (especially if you live in Gundleton). For some years we have been concerned about large lorries causing problems on our very narrow, twisty lanes. (I’m not talking about farm lorries – they are a necessary part of country life.) After warnings to the companies, the problems died down somewhat. Now it seems to be happening again, but with deliveries to private houses. This could be the result of the increase in on-line purchasing, with lorry sizes expanding to meet the demand, trying to make delivery schedules as economical as possible. We live on the corner at Gundleton and recently, part of our fence, along with the Parish noticeboard and fencing opposite, was destroyed by a reversing lorry with trailer trying to make the impossible turn from Northside Lane left into Bighton Lane. Luckily there were witnesses and the company’s insurance paid up. A week or so before Christmas I rushed out to the corner to see another artic, far too big for the lane, stationary in Northside Lane at the crossroads in Gundleton. He couldn’t make the right turn into Goscombe Lane, so he left the lorry blocking the junction, walked down the lane to the delivery address (a house) found no-one in, and walked back. I know these are not particularly busy lanes, but if you come up to that sort of traffic jam,

there’s nowhere to go. I took a photograph of the lorry (driver’s comment “I hope you got my best side!”) and explained that I was tracking lorries that came up the lane ignoring the blue warning sign at the bottom saying “Not suitable for heavy lorries”. The driver’s response was “It’s only an advisory, not a no-entry sign”. He was obliged to continue on to Bighton, and presumably from there to Alresford to get back to the main roads, since he could not turn round where he was. I blame satnav, of course, but the fact remains that if the company had been warned, maybe the driver could have used an alternative route, or even (we may dream!) a smaller lorry. Now that delivery lorries are getting bigger and bigger, and more people are ordering goods via the internet, can we make a plea to residents to remember to alert these companies that large lorries will have difficulties in these narrow lanes. Some websites actually have a “Delivery instructions” box you can complete with any special advice. I must be honest, we’re starting to get panic attacks every time we hear that familiar ‘Beep, beep, beep’ of a reversing lorry on the corner! Jill Buss

PARISH EDUCATION TRUST The Parish Education Trust is available to help with the cost of books, material and other educational requirements for anyone in the parish of any age. If you would like to apply for assistance with educational expenses, please put your request in writing to the Churchwarden, Lady Wakeham at Pinglestone House, Old Alresford, SO24 9TBL. 1

Gordon Giltrap Saturday, 3rd March 2012 at 8pm Bighton Village Hall One of the most innovative acoustic guitarists in the UK today, Gordon has developed his own unique style, much copied, but never bettered. It is impossible not to be awestruck as he coaxes incredible melodies from his instruments; you almost suspect a second pair of hands. With over 40 years in the business, Gordon will satisfy fans with his most well-loved hits, as well as explaining the history of his many different guitars. Be prepared for beautiful compositions that cross all musical genres, wit, charm and unbelievable talent. Well-known for his collaborations with other artists and his work for both the BBC and commercial television. “Heartsong” is instantly recognisable as the theme for the holiday programme. Gordon continues to delight his audiences and to compose and record new material with his Album “Shining Moon” released in 2010 to critical acclaim. “Gordon Giltrap is one of an elite few who truly have become legendary in their field in their own lifetime. I am proud to call him my friend.” Brian May (Queen)

Admission by pre-booked reservations only Adults £7.50 each (Concessions £5.00). Make your reservations by contacting Geoff Buss on 01962 734853. Licensed bar will be available 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Doors open at 7.30pm. A Hog the Limelight event supported by Hampshire County Council. 2

BIGHTON NEWS Village Hall Monthly Draw winners

1st Sunday 9.30am Holy Communion (said) 2nd Sunday 9.30am Parish Communion 3rd Sunday 9.30am Parish Communion 4th Sunday 9.30am Parish Communion

November: £40: Clive Parret £25: Roy Hurn £20: Margaret Salliss £15: Barbara Jeffs


December: £40: Jonathan & Ali Booth £25: Andrew Skirton £20: Johnnie Scott £15: Deborah Parret

1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday


Holy Communion

11am 11am 11am 11am

Family Service Parish Communion Matins Holy Communion

Bighton Parish Council meeting on March 15th Guest speaker will be Robin Atkins, a member of the Alresford Town Trust.

Mobile Library Service Gundleton opposite Hill Farm 2.55 - 3.25pm

Bighton Three Horseshoes 3.30 - 4.00pm Every four weeks on Tuesdays as listed below:

January February March April May June

31st 28th 27th 24th 22nd 26th

Bighton - Friday Bus New pick-up times for passengers who use the minibus from Old Alresford, Gundleton and Bishops Sutton. To be sure of catching the bus on the outward journey, we suggest that you arrive at the stop with at least 10 minutes to spare. The Brook 9.30am. Gundleton crossroads 9.40am. Bishops Sutton 9.45am. Arrive at the Alresford Community Centre 9.55am. Return trip starts at

11.30am. 3

Old Alresford Mothers’ Union for the Arle Valley Benefice

There will be two Lunches in aid of


Winchester Basics Bank


February Shrove Tuesday

Soup & Pancake lunch in John Pearson Hall, New Alresford Please book so that we have enough to feed all who come. Carol Beetham 732997 Thelma Wield 732696 Cost for soup, bread and two pancakes: £5. All profits to Mothers’ Union Holiday for families & the window for Mary Sumner in St. Mary’s

YOUNG FARMERS’ CLUB Interested in farming and the countryside, enjoy meeting like-minded young people, aged between 10 and 26 years? Then why not come along to a meeting of Alresford Young Farmers’ Club. We meet in the Christy Hall, Old Alresford, on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm-9pm. To find out more about Young Farmers and the many varied activities, including competitions, stockjudging, farm visits, 4x4 driving, county shows, social events and much more, please contact: Tim Stevens, Chairman, on 07762 612820 or Emma Bowden, Secretary, on 07979 808927 or by post at: Grove Cottage, Moundsmere, Basingstoke, or at website address: 4

St. Mary’s, Old Alresford LENT LUNCHES

Wednesday, 29th February Mrs. P. Vey, 732532 Godsfield Friday, 16th March Mrs. P. Jackson, 732892 New Alresford Please book with the hostess. Donations of tins, dried food and money welcomed.

Royal Air Forces Association The Alresford and District branch of the R.A.F.A. meet at the Swan Hotel, Alresford on the first Thursday of each month, at 8pm. New members are always welcome. Contact Derek Sweetenham (Chairman) on 733559, or Brian Gabriel (Secretary) on 734482 for details.


Representatives of The Watercress Company are coming to the January Parish Council meeting. We don’t know the purpose. Parishioners will be kept up to date.

Mollie Paul


We were sorry to hear of the death on 8th January of Mollie Paul, widow of Air Commodore Christopher Paul. Mollie lived for many years in Old Alresford before moving to Sun Lane, Alresford. R.I.P.

All three street lights along the path by Old Alresford Place have been vandalised (probably by an air rifle). The Parish Council and the police would welcome any assistance in discovering the vandals.

Old Alresford Parish Council Phone box Now that we own the phone box on the Village Green we need to decide what use to put it to. BT have removed the apparatus inside. Parishioners are invited to suggest possible uses. Around the country such phone boxes have been adapted for various purposes. Whatever is eventually decided it is important to remember that there is always the danger of vandalism, theft, etc.

Refuse bins in Hall car park and next to bus stop Parishioners may have noticed that around Christmas these three bins were not only full to overflowing but had rubbish left next to them. Those using the bottle banks are asked to take their containers home with them if the green bin is full. Biffa are not as helpful as Serco were when asked to empty overfull bins between rounds. Cardboard should be recycled. At New Year Biffa refused to take cardboard next to the green bin as they claim it is recyclable.

OAPC meeting dates 1 March; 26 April (Annual Assembly); 24 May; 19 July.


PETER PAN THE TOADS PANTO A stunning, imaginative set created an atmospheric background to the TOADS panto, Peter Pan. Freely adapted from the original story by the creative talents of members of TOADS, Peter Pan was a magical escapade to Neverland with references traditional and modern – and local, of course. From the moment Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flew in through the window of the Darlings’ house the audience was taken on a wonderful journey, encountering, along with the Darling children, the dastardly Captain Hook and his pirates, the waif-like Lost Boys, the marvellous, hilarious mermaids, and the squabbling Indians. Wendy was a kind yet firm mother to the Lost Boys and the Crocodile crossed the stage in a suitably threatening manner, casting fear into the heart of the cowardly Captain. Mrs Smee was a loud and buxom Dame while the pirates roared and aar-ed along with 5

Winchester Citizens Advice Bureau is back at the Alresford GP Surgery IF YOU NEED HELP Contact CAB on 01962 848000 or drop in to the surgery on Mondays between 1- 3pm (not bank holidays) IF YOU WANT TO HELP Please donate to CAB on line at Or send donations to CAB – Alresford, 68 St George’s Street, Winchester, SO23 8AH

Winchester Bereavement Support WBS: Helping people to come to terms with grief and loss and to move forward with their lives. Tel: 01962 863626 A confidential free service 6

the best of them. The story rattled along at a great pace and the lively songs, corny jokes and clever choreography kept us engaged and entertained.

WINCHESTER VILLAGES TRUST The income from this trust is available to provide assistance for those in need, where and when help is not available from public funds, or to help in emergencies. This may include: 1) Grants of money to relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity.

Peter Pan gave TOADS the opportunity of involving many of their junior members in the production and the seventeen children were fantastic on stage, not least Peter Pan who appeared in most of the scenes. A huge ‘well done!’ to every single one of them.

2) Payment of transport costs for people entering hospital or residential homes or for relatives visiting such persons. 3) Gifts in kind to help those in need such as furniture, bedding, clothing, food, fuel and heating appliances. 4) Provision of tools, books, fees for examinations or tuition or travelling expenses to help obtain employment. 5) Help for children and young persons to take part in extra curricular school activities where parents cannot afford these costs.

A particularly effective aspect of the show was the musicians playing in the ‘pit’ to music written and arranged by Dave Cox. Dave was a great friend to TOADS and had worked on many of their shows. His unexpected death mid-way through rehearsals came as a great shock. His wife, Diane showed great strength by continuing in her role as director and along with TOADS members created a fantastic show. The show was dedicated to Dave and was a fitting tribute to a much-loved and talented man.

To make an enquiry if you live in Bighton, contact: Gail Johnson, Chautara, Bighton, Hants SO24 9RB – 736556 or if you live in Old Alresford, contact: Sue Alexander, The Hyde, Old Alresford, Hants SO24 9DH – 732043 or you may contact the clerk direct, who is: Mr. A. Fincham, Pitter Barn Crawley, Hants SO 21 2 PR.

Theatre-goer 7

Bentley Homeclean


For free estimate and advice Tel: Mr Harding - 01420 86744 Mobile - 07876 020750


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Landlords Free initial consultation. Flexible letting and management packages. Multimedia property marketing. Accompanied viewings. Professional tenant referencing. Local, rural property specialists.

Call us now to discuss your requirements and to hear about our special introductory rates.

Telephone: 01256 389253 e-mail:

JACKIE’S COUNTY COLUMN Happy New Year! If one of your new year’s resolutions is to volunteer, there are lots of local opportunities, both for regular volunteering and one-off events. One opportunity is to be a School Governor! As County Councillor, it is my responsibility to fill three places on the Governing Body of each school in the division with co-optees for the Local Authority. We are encouraged to choose volunteers, who can provide new skills and interests into the Governing body. This group of Governors shouldn’t ideally be parents of children at that school, but grandparents are welcome! If you think this would be of interest to you, please let me know. The Localism Bill has been given royal assent. The bill includes the right for a community to have ‘first option’ on any public building in the area, and for communities to take over services if they feel they can do it better. These are two aspects of a Parish Plan - and many villages are currently starting out on their new Parish Plans. If you would like to know more about it for your parish, please contact me or your Parish Clerk. I am not going to mention Grit Bins after this month: but I would like to thank you for all requests to date, and hope that they are all in process, if not in place, by now. If the grit bin is still not in place, please contact me again.

February sees the digital switchover in this area. If you don’t have five channels on your TV, then you may not have a digital TV. If you are not sure, please call 0800 408 5900, for advice and help.

February As I write it is very windy, but no snow yet. If the weather turns bad, check my website for daily weather alert updates from the Director for Environment, Transport and Roads issued to County Councillors when snow is threatened. If you prefer, I can send these direct to you (send an email to me, headed SNOW.) Primary school places are at a premium at the moment. The reality is that residents moving into the area mid-year, have difficulty finding places at the same school for siblings. Families on the edge of a catchment area, for example, may not get their first choice. This is a real problem in rural areas where catchment areas are larger, and an obvious second choice of school is unclear. The County has received some money from Government (£7.8m) to cope with the increased demand but it isn’t enough to cover the places needed even in the Winchester district. As a rough guide, a new 2 form entry primary school costs £7m. There is a draft School Places Plan 2011 - 2015 out for consultation. Please take the opportunity to make a response to this consultation: a good, local school is what most parents seek for their children, and you can help to make that point in your response. The link is: schools/school-places. Please send comments to by 31 March 2012. 9



of Alresford

Mobile 07740 805353

PRIVATE HIRE Available for


01962 732111 MB 07734 699332


Roger Dewey TV, Video and Audio service & repair. Aerials installed & repaired. Sky and Freeview digital boxes installed & repaired. Don’t be embarrassed to call if you can’t set up that TV, DVD, Video or Digibox, for our normal call-out fee we will happily come round and make it work, even if we didn’t supply it.

Footways (i.e. paths alongside roads, or metalled paths between areas) are most likely to be the responsibility of Hampshire County Council. With the ‘Operation Restore’ for Roads programme, the footways have not taken priority for several years now, and a number are in poor condition. Please report any faults on or report on the website – on the front page under ‘report a road problem’ or call 0845 603 5633. Finally, HCC and the New Forest and South Downs National Park authorities are putting out a joint pre application Bid Document for Sustainable Public Transport. It describes the way forward for a public bus service to serve tourists and residents alike. This is extremely interesting because it mirrors my proposal to the SDNPA in autumn 2011 when we were trying to

improve village bus services. If you receive your magazine before the month begins, there is just time to respond to the Draft Plan by 27th Jan 2012. The link is: If you have the internet at home, for quick access to this month’s consultation documents, please click the links on my website. If you do not, and wish to know more, please call me and I will ensure that a paper copy reaches you. Councillor Jackie Porter e-mail: Phone: 01962 791054 Text: 07973 696 085 or write to me at: The Down House, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hants SO21 1AX

Snowdrop Sunday on Sunday, 19th February at The Down House, Itchen Abbas SO21 1AX in aid of the National Gardens Scheme: raising money for Cancer care and research, arthritis and other deserving causes.

Snowdrops, winter borders and country walks features.

Open for the afternoon. Teas available. All welcome! 11

READ THIS Kit and I have one thing in common – we love books, although we come at them from very different directions: she loves fantasy, comic books and ‘feel-good’ works whereas I like the classics and anything that reflects real life. I hope my summary doesn’t give the wrong impression: what we both demand above all else is excellent writing. When Kit came home for Christmas she was raving about a new author she’d found, Suzanne Collins, who had written a series of three books called, collectively, ‘The Hunger Games’. The story concerns a futuristic America where the totalitarian Government, to punish the descendants of rebels, requires each district to provide two participants for The Hunger Games, a staged fight-to-the-death survival experience over several weeks (a little bit like ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’, only they have to kill each other). Kit’s description reminded me of a story called ‘The Long Walk’ by Stephen King, (writing under the name of Richard Bachman) about a competition for fit young men to complete a marathon walk or die in the attempt. Although I read it 20 years ago, I have never forgotten it and often recommend it. I pressured her into reading it while she was home. My Christmas present from Kit turned out to be ‘The Hunger Games’ – also the name of the first book of the series. No pressure 12

there, then. I found it gripping. We read avidly over the next few days. Kit had to take time off occasionally because although she was enjoying it, she found Stephen King quite dark, albeit not as scary as she was expecting from his reputation. I, on the other hand, raced through my book, and rushed out when the shops re-opened to get the other two in the series. I believe there is to be a film shortly. Although it’s really aimed at teens, and it’s a long while since I was a teenager, I loved the story. If it doesn’t appeal to you, give ‘The Long Walk’ a go. Stephen may surprise you. Jill Buss The Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins Published by Scholastic UK The Long Walk By Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman (Various editions)

GOING UP! An Amish boy and his father were paying their first visit to a shopping mall. They were amazed by almost everything

they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again. The boy asked, “What is this, Father?” The father, never having seen a lift before, responded, “Son, I have never seen anything like this in my life, I don’t know what it is.” While the boy and his father were watching in amazement, a grey-haired old lady hobbled up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened and the lady walked between them into a small room. The walls closed and they watched the small circular numbers above the walls light up one after the other. They continued to watch until it reached the last number, and soon afterwards the numbers began to light in reverse order. Finally, the walls opened again and a shapely young blonde woman stepped out. The father said quietly to his son, “Go get your mother.” Supplied by Freda Cook via Ian Johnson

15 SECONDS OF (ANONYMOUS) FAME On the morning of 5th December 2010 the radio alarm clock woke me to the sound of Radio 4’s “Sunday” programme. It’s the Sunday morning programme on religious and moral topics. As consciousness took hold I was aware that the presenter, Edward Stourton, and the poet / broadcaster Ian MacMillan were inviting listeners to send

in limericks on themes relevant to the show. A selection of the poems sent in would be broadcast on the first Sunday of the New Year. “You could do that” said Carol. And I thought perhaps I could. Indeed an idea came almost immediately into my head, and by the time I had showered and dressed it seemed that I had got it worked out. On to the PC and sent it by e-mail to the Radio 4 “Sunday” office, as requested. Needless to say there was no reply or acknowledgment. Came the morning of 2nd January and we turned on Radio 4. Yes, at some point during the programme they were going to read out their selection of the limericks submitted. There were three contributors in the studio with Edward Stourton and Ian MacMillan and when the time came each of them chose two limericks. The first read his choice and gave the names of the authors. The second read his choice, but without naming the sources. And there… there was my limerick, but with no attribution of authorship. Fame at last on National Radio - but only as “Anon”. So here for Village Voice is my contribution to the 2010 Religious Limerick selection: Two professors named Dawkins and Hawking Said to God, as He was out walking “We don’t recognise you”. God said “If you but knew It’s my Spirit that keeps you two talking” Geoffrey Beetham Old Alresford 13

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FROM STEVE BRINE MP This year promises to be full of challenges for us all but I hope it's not going to be all doom and gloom. 2012 will be the year Britain sees the world and the world sees us. As well as the London Olympics - where Winchester will host part of the historic Torch Relay - we also come together to celebrate the hugely exciting Diamond Jubilee.

Locally, I continue to hold my weekly surgery in Winchester but will more and more take it out and about through 'street surgeries' in Broad Street and as part of my Summer Tour, which will definitely return to Alresford this August. If you would like to contact me on any issue you feel strongly about or need my help, please don't hesitate to get in touch via There is also a huge amount of information about my work locally and in Westminster at

The eyes of the world will be upon us and this gives us an extraordinary opportunity to showcase our country and make the most of the business as well as social opportunities. Personally, I am under no illusions that there are significant worries for very many people. We have so much to be thankful for living in this part of the world but unemployment and rising prices touch us all so the priority for me must be to relentlessly pursue growth and keep inflation under control. Those of us with mortgages to meet each month will be only too aware what even a half-percent rise in interest rates will do to monthly bills. As your MP I am working really hard in Westminster, questioning Ministers, speaking in the House more than ever and getting stuck into my new role as a member of the influential Justice Select Committee. I also host hundreds of constituents and school children each year for tours of the fabulous Palace of Westminster. If you would like to do that, please get in touch.

Steve Brine MP for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford 01962 791110 (constituency) 0207 219 7189 (House of Commons) Email: Website: Steve Brine TV: Sign up to receive Steve’s email newsletter -


MEMORIES OF MY EARLY CAREER Last time we left John studying manipulative medicine and practising his ‘million dollar roll’ on his surgery couch‌ My next Clinical Assistant foray was into back pain. This had come about partly after my interest in manipulation, and I went to work for a marvellous Consultant Rheumatologist in Guildford, Dr. Yardley McKenzie. He was interested and good at manipulation, but his particular s k i l l s were in two r e l a t i v e l y unknown procedures. The first was to treat chronic ligament type low back pain by injecting the entheses (the white streaky bit where the muscle joins the bone) over the sacroiliac joint with a sugar solution commonly used for injecting and sclerosing, varicose veins. The theory behind this was that, rather like treating tennis elbow by increasing the area of muscle attachment to the underlying bone, you could lessen the pull per square inch and thus decrease the chronic inflammation over the area, by sclerosing the affected area. It had a certain logic to it, since, if you had a patient with chronic ligamentous back pain, and you injected over the sacroiliac area with local anaesthetic mixed with normal saline, the back pain could be relieved for a matter of hours. We did a lot of these procedures, and later when I came to work for Nigel Cox in Winchester I did them in his clinic. 16

The second procedure was called a caudal epidural. Epidurals are common now, particularly in childbirth, and involve the intricate placement of local anaesthetic epidurally, i.e. round the dura that surrounds the spinal cord. A caudal epidural was technically much easier, since, by a quirk of nature, the lower limit of the dura is well above the bottom of the sacrum, the sacral hiatus, and it is therefore possible to infiltrate the space extradurally. Just occasionally there are patients with a dura that extends to the bottom of the coccyx, and on one such terrifying occasion, I was demonstrating the technique to a number of physiotherapists when the patient cheerfully commented that his toes felt a bit woolly. I fortunately realised what had happened, and as a precaution we took him up to the intensive care unit at Guildford General, where that evening he became progressively paralysed to his waist. By 9.00 pm he had regained most of the sensation in his lower limbs, and by the next morning to all our amazement, he was completely free of back pain. I went to see him after my terrible sleepless night, and as he walked out to the car with his wife, he turned round and asked me if I could just give him one more just to finish the job! I declined. I then went to run a back pain clinic for Francis Moynihan, the Orthopaedic Surgeon who had been my and Philly's boss, and then for Nigel Cox in the Rheumatology Department. Nigel was a highly competent physician and a very good teacher in equal measure and had a wonderfully thorough approach to the treatment of back pain which started with

the genuine belief that none of the treatments then currently available were any good, and that we should therefore start with the cheapest (a belt) and move on upwards to the most expensive and complicated (an epidural or an operation). We were allowed an hour for each patient, which involved a full blood picture and full x-rays, and then a very comprehensive history and examination. I don't know how much good I did for the back pain of Winchester, but I did have undoubtedly the best moment of my medical career, if not of outside family life, by a complete stroke of luck.

She got pregnant with the first cycle of I.V.F. I was asked to be the baby's Godfather, and I gave her away in Romsey Abbey just after her 23rd birthday, a few months ago. She and her new husband already had a lovely baby, and as they went up to the high altar to be blessed, someone took the child up to them, and they walked back, newly married and blessed, hand in hand, with the child in her father's arms as I and the bride's parents gazed on in wonder and awe. Pretty special.

One Friday afternoon, the last patient, a charming six foot young woman from Eastleigh who worked at the check-out desk at Asda came to see me, with intractable back pain. She had normal bloods, a normal x-ray, but was clearly in considerable distress, despite being of a very uncomplaining nature. Having examined her and talked to her, I decided that we would try some physiotherapy, but as she got up to go, I just noticed a look in her face that told me I was missing the point. On a whim, I asked her to sit down, cheerfully telling her that as the hospital was closed and I had nothing else to do we could sit and talk all evening, and out came a story of being unable to have children, despite trying for eight years. Again on a whim, I rang my chum Tony Letchworth, the Obstetrician, who told me there was no I.V.F. available in Hampshire, and we arranged to send her and her husband up to the London Hospital for private I.V.F. paid for from a Trust.

Dr John Sargent

Hampshire County Council is offering free cavity wall / loft insulation to householders – for details contact HCC before 15th March. Apply on-line at or call the scheme Hotline on 0800 952 0037, to register an interest or visit for more information.

If your waste bins have been missed and you’ve had no response after phoning the 0300 number, contact one of your city councillors, who will take up the matter for you. 17

And check your Smoke Alarms. Positioning/Siting: ü You can buy smoke alarms for as little as £5 in any DIY store ü The minimum recommended number of smoke alarms in the home is one per floor protecting your escape routes i.e. landings & hallways. ü Smoke alarms shouldn’t be situated in or near bathrooms and kitchens as the steam and cooking fumes sets them off. ü Where possible, they should always be mounted on the ceiling not the walls as they don’t work so effectively on the walls. ü Smoke alarms should be fitted at least 12inches from walls, corners or light fittings. Testing and Maintenance: ü You should test your alarm once a week by pressing and holding the test button until the alarm beeps for approx 2-3 seconds. ü Once every six months, when vacuuming, use the nozzle to clean in and around the detector to remove dust and insects. ü If the smoke alarm beeps intermittently, this means that there is either as fault or the battery needs replacing (Refer to manufacturers manual). ü You should change the battery every year. Pick a date that’s easy to remember, i.e. an anniversary, birthday or New Year and as the battery will probably still have at least 80% life left (Depending how many time you burn the toast in a year!) you can put it in a non-safety critical item like the TV remote or one of the kids toys. You can download a copy of our home fire safety leaflet at:

Useful contact points and further information: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service homepage: Community Fire Safety Department: 02380 626809 Email: 18

IN THE KITCHEN Braised Red Deer Stew with Chocolate and Cinnamon by Stefan KÜlsch at Donald Russell We found this recipe on the Donald Russell website, and cooked it at home. It is rich and tasty with more than a hint of dark chocolate. We publish the recipe with their permission. Preparation time: 15 minutes. Cooking time: 1½ hours. Ingredients 2 Packs Diced Red Deer (approx 800g) 2-3 tbsp Olive Oil 2 Onions (chopped) 1 Garlic Clove (chopped) 250g Carrots (sliced) 50ml Balsamic Vinegar 500ml Beef stock 50g Bittersweet Chocolate (roughly chopped) 2 cloves 1 Cinnamon stick (approx 5cm) 4 stalks Parsley Salt & Pepper Preparation method Bring the meat to room temperature and pat dry with kitchen paper. Heat the oil in a large braising pan (one with a lid). Sear the meat in 3 batches until lightly browned, remove and set aside.

pan with balsamic vinegar. Return the meat and any of the meat juices to the pan and reduce until nearly all liquid has evaporated. Add the stock, cloves and cinnamon. Bring to the boil, then cover with a lid and reduce the heat. Simmer on the hob for 60-70 minutes. Remove the lid and reduce the sauce until slightly thickened. Sprinkle with chocolate and wait 2-3 minutes so that the chocolate melts. Stir gently, season with a little salt and pepper, serve the stew on a preheated plate and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with herb dumplings or pumpkin potato mash. Note: If ordering from Donald Russell, meat comes frozen and should be defrosted overnight. Donald Russell Limited, Units 4-7, Harlow Business Centre, Inverurie AB51 4FR Phone: 01467 629666 Website:

FOR SALE Samsung CLP-610ND Colour Laser printer. Regularly maintained and in very good working condition. Recently serviced and image transfer belt and fuser unit both replaced. Used for printing Village Voice magazine.

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Add the onions, garlic, and carrots to the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes. Deglaze the

Please call (09162) 734853 Demo of working condition provided on request.




College student, experienced; St John Ambulance trained; references available. Old Alresford and nearby. Please ring Cecily Mattock 01962 734044. I am a reliable, sensible, 15 year-old girl who lives locally and would love to do some babysitting. I have experience of working with small children through Alresford Brownies. I am available most evenings and weekends. Please give me a call. Jessica Rothwell 01962 773248. Reliable and mature 14 year-old. Both parents are CRB checked if required. Please contact: Katie Brookes 01962 735315.

Lewis’ Lawns – Local college student to mow lawns, can provide own mower, happy to provide one-off or regular service, reasonable rates. Call 07923 360357. Manure for sale: £2 per bag or £5 for three bags. For more information: Call 01962 733969. Ironing – Too busy or just hate ironing, then let me help. If you need regular bookings or just need help to catch up, give me a ring. I can come and collect. Tracy, 01420 562740 (Old Alresford)

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BRIGHTON BELLE What is it with me and football crowds? The last thing you expect on a weekend break to Brighton is to get mixed up with a bunch of drunken football supporters – and it had all started so well. Our girl was acting in an amateur production of The Winter’s Tale (W. Shakespeare) and given that she had travelled regularly from Cambridgeshire to Haywards Heath for rehearsals and then to Brighton for the performances, we felt the least we could do was get down there and support her. She joined us at our B&B for the weekend and we walked her up to the Nightingale Theatre each night. Now I don’t know how well you know Brighton, but the Nightingale is a tiny theatre in the upstairs of a pub opposite Brighton Station. Can you see where this is leading? Our walk on Saturday evening, around 6pm, took us past several pubs overflowing with sports fans straight from the game. Don’t ask me which teams they supported – I assume one was Brighton and Hove Albion, but I’m not up on those stripey scarves, so I couldn’t tell you who the other team were. Suffice to say that they spilled onto the pavement and were quite loud. Rounding the corner at the top of the hill, there were yellow jackets as far as the eye could see – the police were out in force. We pushed through a group of three or four to get in the pub door. The staff told us that the theatre door wouldn’t open until

7.15, so out we went again. (My Personal Handyman didn’t want to drink in the bar after his experience there the night before: he had walked in to collect our daughter at 10pm; the barmaid had taken one look at his woolly hat, fleece and bodywarmer, decided he was homeless and before he could open his mouth, shook her head at him.) So…“Let’s find a café and get a snack to kill time for an hour” said PH. He strode off down the hill. I had on my most uncomfortable boots and was already sore-footed from the walk up from the seafront. I spotted two PCSOs coming towards us. “Excuse me,” I said to one of them, “We’re in from the country and wondered where we can go for an hour that won’t be full of football fans.” They directed us further down the street, where we found a lovely French patisserie (Madame even served us in French – a good chance to practise the French we had recently gained on our trip to the Pyrenees). Recharged with hot chocolate, pain au raisin and tarte citron we walked back to the theatre past a mini-riot erupting from the pub next door, police and football supporters sprawling all over the pavement. It was almost as exciting as the play, although we didn’t see anyone exit pursued by a bear! By the way, the play was excellent. Belle Walker


NOTICEBOARD FEBRUARY 19th Snowdrop Sunday (afternoon only) The Down House, Itchen Abbas SO21 1AX. In aid of The National Gardens Scheme. Teas available. 21st Shrove Tuesday Mothers’ Union Soup & Pancake Lunch John Pearson Hall, New Alresford. Please book with either Carol Beetham 732997 or Thelma Wield 732696. 29th St Mary’s Lent Lunch Please book with hostess Mrs. P. Vey, 732532 at Godsfield. Donations of tins, dried food and money welcomed.

MARCH 1st Old Alresford Parish Council meeting Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm. 3rd Hog the Limelight: Gordon Giltrap Bighton Village Hall: 8pm. Doors and licensed bar open at 7.30pm. Admission by pre-booked reservations only Tickets: Adults £7.50 (Concessions £5.00). Make your reservations by contacting Geoff Buss on (01962) 734853. 15th Bighton Parish Council meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm.

16th St Mary’s Lent Lunch Please book with the hostess: Mrs. P. Jackson, (01962) 732892 in New Alresford. Donations of tins, dried food and money welcomed.

APRIL 26th Old Alresford Parish Council meeting Annual Parish Assembly Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm.

MAY 17th Bighton Parish Council meeting and Annual Parish meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm. 24th Old Alresford Parish Council meeting Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm.

JULY 19th Old Alresford Parish Council meeting Christy Hall, Old Alresford: 7.30pm. Bighton Parish Council meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm.

SEPTEMBER 20th Bighton Parish Council meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm.

NOVEMBER 22nd Bighton Parish Council meeting Bighton Village Hall: 7.30pm.


CLUBS PAGE If you would like your club’s details to appear on this page, please contact one of the editorial team. ALRESFORD HISTORICAL & LITERARY SOCIETY Meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Methodist Hall, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford. Visitors welcome. Enquiries: Robert Fowler [01962] 734125; Glenn Gilbertson [01962] 732726 ART Mondays, 10.00 - 12.00, Christy Hall. BIGHTON POTTERY CLUB Meets on Thursday evenings from April. Individual tuition also available. Contact Roy or Christine Hurn on 772330. BINGO, BIGHTON Second Monday of each month, 7.30pm, Bighton Village Hall. OLD ALRESFORD CRICKET CLUB For further details ring J Stanbrook on 733612. THE OLD ALRESFORD DRAMA SOCIETY (T.O.A.D.S.) For details contact Helen Gard on 735228 or Jo Stokes on 732060.

R.A.F.A. (Alresford and District) First Thursday of each month, 8pm. The Swan Hotel, Alresford. Contact Brian Gabriel on 734482. SHORT MAT BOWLING Tuesdays 6 - 8pm and Thursday afternoons 2 - 4pm in the Itchen Abbas & Avington Village Hall. For further information contact Peter Bell [01962] 779285 or David Cherrett [01962] 732952 TICHBORNE PARK CRICKET CLUB We field three men’s teams and currently three Colts’ teams. The Colts are respectively: Under 11s, Under 13s and Under 15s. For further details contact Garry Allam on 735608. YOUNG FARMERS Wednesdays, 7.30pm, Christy Hall. For details contact the Chairman, Tim Stevens on 07762 612820, or the Secretary, Emma Bowden on 07979 808927.

OLD ALRESFORD MIXED CLUB Meet in the Christy Hall every Tuesday from 7.30 to 9.30pm, and play snooker, billiards, darts, table tennis and table skittles.

YOUTH CLUB, OLD ALRESFORD For the younger crowd! Friday evenings, 7.30 - 9.30pm, in the Christy Hall.

OLD ALRESFORD MOTHERS’ UNION FOR THE ARLE VALLEY BENEFICE Meet at Old Alresford Place. For details please contact the Branch Chairman, Carol Beetham on 732997.

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The Alresford Surgery Newsletter Station Road, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9JL Telephone No. 01962 732345 Fax: 01962 736034

Web site – For general advice or reassurance NHS Direct 0845 46 47

OUT OF HOURS 0300 300 2012 We would again like to thank patients for their understanding as we get to grips with our new computer system. We have experienced a few hiccups and we would like to apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced.

GP changes Dr Claire Walsh left us at the end of December. Claire was employed here for 5 years and was a popular member of our team. She was successful in applying for a partnership at Stockbridge Surgery. We would like to offer her every success in her future career on behalf of patients and staff of the surgery. We are pleased to announce that Dr Katie D’Arcy has joined us covering Wednesday mornings and all day Fridays. Katie undertook a year’s work for us in 2009/10 and we are delighted that she has returned. Dr Jane Stebbing is increasing her hours to work all of Monday and Thursday.

Survey We recently conducted a small survey on the subject of appointments. Thank you to everyone who took part - your responses and comments are very useful to us and have prompted discussions about how we can better meet the needs of our patients. They have also been discussed at the Patient Participation Group meeting in January; actions will be published on our website and in the surgery. Over the course of the next year we will be 24

conducting several other surveys on different aspects of the surgery. Please look out for these on our website and when you visit the surgery.

Website the surgery website is a mine of useful information:

· a Who's Who of our staff including

· · · · ·


details of which doctors work on which days details of the services and clinics available here a facility for requesting your repeat medication online (free) subscription to this newsletter direct to your email inbox information about the Alresford Surgery Patient Forum and how to have your say help and advice on dealing with minor illnesses and long term medical conditions useful contact telephone numbers for local services


Merger – Winchester, Andover and Basingstoke

These hospitals have now merged to form the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The merger allows the formation of Foundation Trust which gives them greater freedom over their budgets and management. Patients should not see many changes in the short to medium term although there may be some concentration of certain specialist services at one or other of the sites.

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