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Village Elementary School Deborah Peeples, Principal Ruby Rachels, Assistant Principal 754-322-8750

Quarterly Newsletter   November 10, 2011

We are now embarking on the second quarter of school, and the staff and I are amazed at the level of progress our students have already made. We must continue to forge ahead in our journey to success and the achievement of an “A” school. I would like to thank you for your tremendous level of support that you have contributed to Village Elementary and encourage your continued support. Parents, your participation and involvement has been key to our success. In the classrooms, teachers are differentiating instruction and stressing critical thinking skills with all of our students. Our focus here at Village is to ensure that all students receive instruction that is relevant, rigorous and focused on individual needs, this way all students are motivated to excel. At Village, students are given opportunities to participate in various extracurricular activities. Some of our activities include Safety Patrols, Step Team, Student Council, Chorus, Band and the Glee Club. Last quarter students participated in many events throughout our school and community. Students participated in the National Nutrition Month Poster Contest by creating posters that shows healthy school lunches. They also participated in the “City of Sunrise Fire Prevention Week”. Students in grades K-2 participated in a poster contest, and students in grades 3-5 participated in an essay writing contest. Our students also attended a school wide assembly on Fire Safety, presented by the City of Sunrise Fire Fighters. In October we recognized Red Ribbon Week. During this week, students participated in many activities such a poster contest, an essay contest, a door decorating contest and a pledge to live drug free. These activities taught them the importance of living a drug free life. We look forward to participating in more activities as we did this past quarter. At Village, we encourage a strong home school connection and look forward to parents becoming active participants in their child’s education. I urge you to become a member of our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Advisory Council (SAC) and School Advisory Forum (SAF). Looking forward to another exciting quarter! Respectfully yours, Deborah A. Peeples Deborah A. Peeples

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STEP, STEP, STEP Ms. Creary is the 2011-2012 sponsor of the Village Step Team. She completed tryouts in the month of October and the team has been selected. Congratulations to the following students:

2nd Grade   Davia  Clouson   Tiyanna  Flagg   Shyloh  Lawrence     3rd  Grade   Kamoya  Thompson   Chelsea  Prospere     4th  Grade   Chloe  Allen   Kayle  Mathis   Nakeithia  Morris   Samantha  Morris   Jeffreyson  Souffrant  

5th Grade   Chnelley  Dumay   Shania  Foster   Neila  Naissance   Kimberly  Nolan   Kaitlyn  Mohammed   Bailey  Parrish   Michanne  Reddick   Eldune  Saintlock   Urlande  Tanelus

GLEE CLUB Ms. Elliott is the 2011-2012 sponsor of Village Glee Club. She completed tryouts and the team has been selected. Congratulations to the following students: JOHNATHAN LEWIS (5th) ASIA JOHNSON (5th) JASMINE SPENCE (5th) NERLIE DORELUS (5th) JOYCELYN SIDON (5th) JOEL ZUNIGA (5th) LAMEKIA DRAYTON (5th) ALEXIE ANDERSON (5th) WILNIEKA EXILHOMME (5th) CELINE BULLOCK (5th)


Student Council Student Council has a full year of activities and events planned. We are currently campaigning to elect this year's officers. The following students are running for office: President Ariana Goyco Melissa Gelin Dianne Sherman

Vice President Shamanni Lawrence Alexia Anderson Chyna Wallace Precious Hicks

Secretary Ariyah Bray Neila Naissance Sofia Collins Nerlie Dorelus

Treasurer Kervin Charles Robbie Bramelus Jenichia Glover Darline Philus Bryna Prospere

Voting will take place on November 09, 2011 to November 10, 2011 in the Media Center. Students will have a chance to cast their vote for their favorite candidate. Student council will be supporting the following events. On November 14, 2011, to December 16, 2011, we will be having Krispy Kreme Donuts on sale for only $7.00. We are accepting preorders and the donuts will be ready for pick up on Fridays. Please support us. Also our Holiday Store will be opened for our students to bypass the Holiday Shopping Rush!!! The Holiday store will have a variety of gifts for purchase beginning at $1.00. Stay tune for more details.


Parents p lease be mindful that teachers cannot accept phone calls during class sessions. If it is a true emergency, please contact the office at 754-322-8750, and they will make the initial contact with the teacher. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Parents, it is important to conference with your child's teacher. A conference can keep you informed of your child's progress and identify any areas that may need any assistance. Please feel free to contact Ms. Tribin at 754-322-8750 to schedule a conference.

Village Elementary is a mandatory uniform school. The uniform policy is enforced Monday through Thursday every week. On Friday, students may participate in school spirit day, which is based on a different theme each week. A Village t-shirt can be purchased in our school colors of red, black, or white. The red Village t-shirt is required for all field trips. Effective immediately, the Mandatory School Uniform Policy will be strictly enforced. The dress code policy is addressed in the Code of Student Conduct Book. CONSEQUENCES for violation of the dress code are as follows and may include, but are not limited to: • Time out for student • Disciplinary action initiated by the teacher • Removal from class by the teacher • Referral to administrator • School/parent conference • Before school, after school or Saturday detention (parent responsible for transportation) • Intervention by school Social Worker/ Guidance Counselor • Internal/External suspension from classes and all school activities Please see the Code of Student Conduct Guidelines for proper dress code. *** Village Elementary School is a MANDATORY Uniform School *** Embroidered Emblem is NOT mandatory Polo Shirt Colors: White Red Black Pants or Shorts Colors: Khaki Black Skirts/Skorts Colors Khaki Red Black Shoes/Sneakers: Required/Closed toe and heel.  Shirts MUST be tucked in at all times  Belts MUST be worn Thank you in advance for your cooperation. “A Special Thank You” Thank you to “Rack Room Shoes”! “Rack Room Shoes” donated a $397.69 gift card! When you support shopping at “Rack Room Shoes”, the store gives back. So parents please support “Rack Room Shoes”.

Please join us in congratulating the winners: Teacher of the Year

Amrita Sookhansingh

Mrs. Sookhansingh has been teaching at Village Elementary for over six years. She currently teaches Art, Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Mrs. Sookhansingh works closely with her students to ensure their achievement in Art and their core subject areas. She promotes the Arts and works to help children develop their communication skills by leading our Closed Circuit Television group. Mrs. Sookhansingh’s hobby is photography. Employee of the Year

Dauynta Dickens

Ms. Dickens is our employee of the year. She has been working at Village for over seven years. Ms. Dickens is a valued member of the clerical staff. She always volunteers to assist our school in a variety of projects that promote students success. Ms. Dickens enjoys shopping during her free time.

RED RIBBON WEEK Red Ribbon Week took place October 24-28, 2011. Ms. Sookhansingh worked very hard to ensure that our students had a chance to participate in Red Ribbon Week and learned about the dangers of drugs. The students participated in essay and poster contests. They also had a chance to decorate their classroom door and show their commitment and ways to resist the use of drugs. Congratulations to the following Red Ribbon Week Activities Winners! Door Decorating Competition Winners 1st Ms. Coutain’s Class – Too Smart to Start (Living Drug Free) 2nd Ms. Prospere’s Class- Put a Cap on Drugs (Cause and Effects of Drugs) 3rd Ms. Rodriguez’s Class – We Rather Bugs than Drugs (Science Theme) Poster Competition Winners 1st Hira Ahmed 2nd Kayla Bramels 3rd Marissa Bolt Essay Contest Winner Damian Martin

“October 2011” Our Guidance Department is an integral part of the educational program and often serves as the important link between school and parents. Our purpose is to promote and enhance the learning process with an emphasis on academic, social, emotional, and career success for ALL students. We encourage you to monitor your child s progress. Each month the Guidance Department sponsors the Kids of Character Recognition Program. Each teacher selects a student who has demonstrated the month’s character trait. The student is recognized and celebrated for demonstrating a strong sense of character especially for that month’s character trait.

Jonathan Escobar

Hira Ahmed

Brianna Seepersad

Daesejanae Armstrong

Danielle Beckford

Laniya DuQuesnay

Dany Saint-Felix

Jay’Mari Davis

Tracy Tovar Tasia Small

Gianna Garrido

Meckilla Leacock

Densha Saint Vil

Aliyah Griffiths

Nasir Bey

Gabrielle Campbell

Kanoa Teixeira

Marissa Bolt

Gino Sylvestre

Veronica Gelin

Treyvon Fields

Chanel Seepersad

Charles Otinot

Isaiah Wilson

Xavier Lynch

Kevin Thompson

Monthly Character Traits November December January February

Citizenship Kindness Respect Honesty

Box Tops For Education

Thank you for bringing in Box Tops to your classrooms. Because of your contributions Village Elementary School will be receiving a check for over $200 in December. Please continue to bring in Box Tops, again your contributions are greatly appreciated. For the month of November the following classes have placed: 1st Place Ms. Morgan’s Class 466 Box Tops nd 2 Place Ms. Proffer’s Class 262 Box Tops 3rd Place Ms. Grandison’s Class 247 Box Tops

Holiday Concert What: When: Where: Time:

Village Elementary Holiday Concert December 8, 2011 Village Elementary School Cafeteria 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Why: The holidays are a special time of year to share laughter and love with family and friends. The students of Village Elementary School would like to start the season off with lots of laughter and love with our school and community family. Please join us for an evening of holiday celebration. If you would like to donate holiday decorations, please contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Symonette or Ms. Coronado at 754-322-8750.

Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year! In Art students immediately began the creative thinking process, as they have already entered several poster contests. The first contest we entered was the National School Lunch Week Poster Contest 2011 sponsored by the Food and Nutrition Services. Another contest was the Fire Safety Competition. The winners were announced during Fire Prevention Week. The following students attended an award recognition ceremony at the City Commission Chamber, at the Sunrise City Hall located at 10770 W. Oakland Park Boulevard. on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Our students are encouraged to think critically as they create artwork that they enjoy.

City of Sunrise Fire Prevention Contest Winners Kindergarten -1st Grade First Place – Kevon Powell Second Place – Larya Tisdale Third Place – Taniya McGowan 2nd-3rd Grade First Place – Madison Wissler Second Place – Ashyanni Talabes Third Place – Marcel Loussaint

4th-5th Grade Essay Competition First Place – Brianna Seepersad Second Place – Danielle Chambers Third Place – Alexia Anderson

National School Lunch Week Poster Contest Winners The following are a list of winners from National School Lunch Week Poster Contest 2011; who were recognized during the National School Lunch Week, October 10-14th. Kindergarten First Place – Eric Tindall Second Place – Meckilla Leacock Third Place – Jahmarli Hall 1st Grade First Place – Tinaya McGowan Second Place – Jowinley Cimeus Third Place – Darey Joseph 2nd Grade First Place – Bernise Elma Second Place – Karyn Terry Third Place – Hira Ahmad

3rd Grade First Place – Khanajah McCall Second Place – Natasha Crook Third Place – Akellia Allen 4th Grade First Place – Jaelyn Upshur Second Place – Ervens Verminal Third Place – Cameron Gonzalez 5th Grade First Place – Bailey Parish Second Place – Brianna Seepersad Third Place – Kimberly Nolan

Congratulations students and we look forward to your continued participation!

From the Discipline Committee The Village Staff has written, voted on and implemented the Village Discipline Plan. We believe that students must follow school-wide and teachers’ classroom rules in order to maintain a safe environment for academic, physical and social-emotional achievement. A matrix has been developed by the Broward County School District, for certain misbehaviors, for example, causing bodily harm to a peer or staff member, bullying, bringing weapons on campus, which will be followed by the administrators. Other rule infractions will be dealt with by the classroom teacher or other staff members. Generally, when a student makes an inappropriate choice, the adult in charge will talk to the student about what he/she has done. If the student continues to break the same rule, the teacher/staff member will give the student a second verbal reprimand. If the student continues to exhibit inappropriate behavior, the student will be put in time-out, a family member will be called and a conference scheduled and the student will be given a detention. After all the above actions have been taken, and the student continues to make inappropriate choices, he/she will be referred to administration. The administrators will then determine the consequence for the student. If the student is referred to administration, the student will not be permitted to participate in any special on-campus activities or attend field trips during the quarter in which he/she was given a referral. The student will be able to earn the privilege of participating in the activities during the next quarter if he/she exhibits proper behavior. We appreciate your assistance in helping your child(ren) comply with the Village Discipline Plan.

School Spirit Students are to wear uniforms on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and but on Fridays, students can wear their Village Panther T-Shirts or their favorite outfit, as long as the District Dress Code is being followed (all shirts must have sleeves and no skin can be exposed; no “short-shorts”). Also they can dress according to the designated school spirit day. For example, one Friday was “Pink Day,” everyone wore pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Students are required to wear their red uniform shirts or red Panther Shirts for field trips. At all times, students must wear closed-toed shoes with rubber bottoms and covered heals—no sandals or flipflops.

Our Title 1 Family Night was held on October 4, 2011. The topics discussed were, the benefits of being a Title I School, Schools AYP, DA and SINI Status and Standards and Testing. Our ESE Specialist and Title One Liaison Ms. Henderson presented the NCLB Act Section 1118, Parent’s Rights, LEA Parent Involvement Plan (PIP), School Level PIP Plan and Parent School Compact. Ms. Camirand the Reading Coach and Ms. Nolan the Math Coach provided reading and math strategies for use at home. Team Leaders discussed grade level expectations and what parents can do to support their child’s learning at home. The training focused on many different reading sources and how to be a successful reader. Some of the reading tips and ideas that were provided included reading to your child, but switch it up and take turns reading a page at a time, always keep a book or something to read in the car, or read a book of your own while your child is reading his/her book.

We kicked off our Harvest Food Drive on October 10, 2011. Contributions will be collected until November 9, 2011. The premise of this drive is “children helping children.” Please bring in can foods to help families in need in our community. We appreciate your support!

Eighty-three year old Grandma Tulia Andino is a dedicated volunteer at Village Elementary. Grandma Tuila walks approximately two miles every morning to get to school eager to assist our Kindergarten boys and girls. Grandma Tuila has been volunteering here for over six years. The students describe Grandma Tulia as caring and loving. Teachers and staff say she has a genuine interest in children’s learning. Grandma Tulia assists the teachers in preparation of materials and works in small groups helping the students build their reading skills. She provides our Kindergartners with care and love that they need and offers them encouragement when necessary. We would like to thank Grandma Tulia for her dedication to Village Elementary School.

For up to date information, please visit the website at

The School Board of Broward County, Florida, prohibits any policy or procedure, which results in discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, marital status, race, religion or sexual orientation. Individuals who wish to file a discrimination and/or harassment complaint may call the Director of Equal Educational Opportunities at 754-321-2150 or Teletype Machine TTY 754-321-2158. Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) may call Equal Educational Opportunities (EEO) at 754-321-2150

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