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December 12, 2012

Dear Panther  Families: The  end  of  the  calendar  year  is  almost  upon  us.    As  we  bring  2012  to  a  close  we  would  like  to  take  this  time   to  say  thank  you  for  attending  our  parent  conferences.    Thank  you  for  sending  your  child  to  school  in  their   uniform  and  on  time.    Thank  you  for  checking  to  make  sure  your  child  is  completing  their  homework  and  a   special  thank  you  to  those  of  you  who  give  up  your  time  to  volunteer  in  our  school.    We  stand  higher   because  we  are  standing  on  the  shoulders  of  our  wonderful  parents  and  community  members. As  we  move  through  the  month  of  December,  we  will  be  hosting  several  exciting  events  on  campus.    A   special  event,  our  annual  Winter  Wonderland  celebration,  highlights  our  students’  talents  in  the  arts.  Come     join  us  for  a  raving  good  time.    You  can  also  get  involved  and  support  our  child’s  education  by  becoming  a   school  volunteer.  Please  check  with  your  child’s  teacher  for  volunteer  opportunities  or  stop  by  the  main   ofIice.     In  the  coming  year,  2013,  we  will  continue  our  pursuit  of  providing  a  21st  Century  education  to  all  of  our   students.    Through  the  integration  technology  and  high  yield  strategies  students  will  know  and  be  able  to   perform  skills  and  concepts  outlined  in  the  Common  Core  State  Standards.    The  goal  of  the  Common  Core   State  Standards  is  to  prepare  you  child  for  life  after  high  school,  to  ensure  they  have  the  skills  and   behaviors  to  enter  college  or  the  workforce  after  graduation.     As  our  motto  states,  “It  Takes  An  Entire  Village  to  Raise  a  Child.”    To  this  end,  we  encourage  each  member   of  our  village  to  continue  his  or  help  support  and  efforts  to  ensure  that  every  student  maximizes  his  or  her   potential.    We  look  forward  to  seeing  you  in  the  New  Year.    Enjoy  the  winter  break  and  celebrate  the   holidays  with  friends  and  family  members. If  you  have  any  questions  or  want  to  get  involved  please  feel  free  to  give  me  a  call  at  754-­‐322-­‐8750. Respectfully  yours,

Deborah A. Peeples Deborah A.  Peeples                        Principal 1



December 12, 2012


December 13, 2012

Holiday Concert

December 19, 2012

Winter Celebrations Grades Pre-K - 2

December 20, 2012

Winter Celebrations Grades 3 - 5

December 24, 2012 -January 4, 2013

Winter Break No School


School volunteers  are  extra-­‐special  people.    As  a  volunteer   you  will  work  doing  activities  that  match  your  skills,  or   even  learn  new  skills  while  helping  students.  Any   contribution  will  make  a  difference.

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department ESE Advisory  Council  Meetings  are  held  at   Piper  High  School  in  the  Small  Auditorium   is  held  monthly  on  Wednesdays.  The   upcoming  Advisory  Council  Meeting  will  be   held  on   December  19,  2012  6:00  PM  –  9:00  PM Holiday  Celebration   Please  feel  free  to  visit  the  ESE  Advisory  Council   Website  at For  questions  or  concerns  you  may  contact   754-­‐321-­‐2252  or  email:

Whether you  are  a  student  seeking  community  service   opportunities,  a  parent  or  grandparent  seeking  to  become   more  involved  in  the  education  of  your  children  or   grandchildren,  a  retired  or  senior  citizen  seeking  an  outlet   for  your  talents,  experiences,  and  skills,  or  a  corporation   wishing  to  give  your  employees  greater  opportunity  to  be   involved  in  their  community,  the  Village  Elementary   School  Volunteer  Program  has  the  answer  to  your  needs.   To  register  please  visit Some  volunteer  opportunities  available  this  year  are: • Reading  Aloud  to  Students • Field  Trip  Chaperone • Computer  Monitor/Assistant • Special  Projects  Helper • Bulletin  Board  Helper • Clerical  Duties  Helper • Classroom  Assistant/Helper • Making  Learning  Aides/Laminating


Guidance One Really  Cool  Assembly  is  coming  to  us  in  December.    A  motivational  assembly,  The  NED  Show  is   coming!    Their  motto  is  that  there’s  a  champion  in  every  kid.    This  assembly  has  been  performed  in   all  50  states,  Canada,  the  UK,  Australia  and  even  special  events  at  the  White  House.    It  is  a  privilege   to  have  the  message  of  NED  shared  with  our  students: Never  Give  up    *    Encourage  Others  *  Do  your  best The  NED  Show  has  a  unique  way  of  bringing  this  message  by  using  humor,  storytelling,  and  yo-­‐yo.     That’s  right,  yo-­‐yo,  where  kids  have  a  tangible  way  of  remembering  the  true  value  of  demonstrating   character. Become  part  of  the  NED  family  this  December.

Character Education

We encourage  you  to  monitor  your  child’s  progress.    Each  month  the  Guidance  Department  sponsors  the   Kids  of  Character  Recogni=on  Program.    Each  teacher  selects  a  student  who  has  demonstrated  the   month’s  character  trait.    The  student  is  recognized  and  celebrated  for  demonstra=ng  a  strong  sense  of   character  especially  for  that  month’s  character  trait. This  month’s  character  trait  it  kindness.  Someone  who  demonstrates  kindness  is  courteous  and  does   not  hurt  others.


Character Trait







Congratulations to  the  Nominees  for  the  month  of  November!   The  following  students  display  Responsibility  throughout  the  school.   Nalivette  H. Sofia  D. Bry’Ann  P. Jaylen  F. Kailla  J. Damarie  T. Naika  L. Norbertude  N. Jada-­‐Ann  D.

Darry J. Tiyanna  F. Pinkie  J. Anastasia  S. Markia  H. Madison  W. Emily  M. Valdo  L. Shania  H. Makayla  N. 3

Spotlight on This year  in  second  grade  our  expected  outcomes  for  the  school  year  is  for  each  student  to  master   the  newly  aligned  common  core  state  standards.    Under  these  national  standards,  we  are  going  away   from  FCAT  to  a  national  test.  In  2014,  students  in  most  states  will  be  held  to  the  same  learning   outcomes.   The  common  core  state  standards  define  the  knowledge  and  skills  that  the  students  should  have.   Students  in  second  grade  will  gain  more  skills  in  reading,  writing,  speaking  and  listening.    Writing   will  become  an  exciting  way  for  your  child  to  use  newly  learned  words  and  phrases  to  express  ideas.     As  they  write  and  speak,  second  graders  will  be  more  attentive  to  the  formal  and  informal  uses  of   English.    In  Math,  your  child  will  build  upon  last  year’s  work  and  gain  important  new  skills.   We  have  gone  on  our  first  field  trip  to  Parker  Playhouse  to  see  the  play  Stone  Soup.    The  students   were  given  the  opportunity  to  experience  the  performing  arts  through  a  professional  performance.   It  was  a  very  exciting  and  enjoyable  experience  for  the  children  and  it  gave  them  the  chance  to   compare  and  contrast  the  actual  story  of  Stone  Soup  with  an  authentic  performance. Please  keep  in  mind  that  learning  does  not  end  in  the  classroom.    Children  need  help  and  support  at   home  to  succeed  in  their  studies.    The  2nd  grade  teachers  value  and  appreciate  your  support  and  look   forward  to  working  with  you  this  year.    In  you  have  any  questions  or  concerns,  please  don’t  hesitate   to  contact  us.

S.T.A.M.P. Program The  S.T.A.M.P.  Program  is  on  their  way  to  achieving  its  goals.    Students  are  learning  to  give  back  to   community  in  their  own  special  way.    They  visited  the  Navy  Operational  Service  Center  located  in  Hialeah   to  perform  community  service.    Students  sorted  donated  toys  for  needy  children  this  holiday  season.    They   got  a  chance  to  interact  with  service  men  and  women  and  learn  about  their  careers.    Students  enjoyed   participating  in  this  service  project  and  at  the  end  of  the  day  they  all  received  a  present  for  their   assistance.  


Box Tops For Education

Thank you  so  much  for  your  support  of  Box  Tops  for  Education!    We  have  a  great  contest  already!    As  of   November  28,  the  top  three  classes  were  Ms.  Wadsworth  with  1,059  box  tops,  Ms.  Ryder  with  613  box   tops  and  Ms.  Proffer  with  569  box  tops.   If  you  have  any  Box  Tops  at  home,  please  bring  them  to  school.    We  will  receive  a  check  for  that   submission  in  December.    The  class  contest  will  continue  through  the  end  of  May.    Please  continue  to   submit  Box  Tops  to  our  school.  

Business Partners

Title One

Partners In  Education  is  a  school-­‐business   partnership  program.    Your  participation  as  a   partner  will  influence  students  and  the  future   leaders  of  our  community.    For  partners,  the   rewards  are  both  immediate  and  long-­‐term  because   an  effective  education  system  provides  a  strong   foundation  for  economic  success  in  our  schools.     Village  Elementary  School  invites  you  to  become  a   Partner  In  Education.  

Title I  Annual  Parent  Seminar  2013   January  19th  2013 Signature  Grand   6900  State  Road  84  Davie  FL 7:30  a.m-­‐  3:00  p.m. •Continental  Breakfast •General  Session  Speaker •Door  Prizes •Lunch •Concurrent  Sessions •Student  Entertainment

Thank you  to  the  following  business  partners  for   your  contribution  to  our  education.

Sponsored by  Consolidated  Programs Next  Parent  Training  Academy  will  be  held   on  December  13,  2013  at  Boulevard  Heights   Elementary  School.


Title One Parents

Center For Parent Involvement 701 Northwest 31 Avenue • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 •754.321.1425 MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Free Free Free Computer Training and Parent Training (Mega Skills)

Educational materials available for your use: •Books •Puzzles •Audio Books •Flash Cards •Equipment •Videos •Educational Games

Broward County Council Uniform Clothing Drive Please donate your gently used uniforms to help stock the BCCPTA Ann Murray Clothing Bank!!! December 14, 2012 The BCCPTA Ann Murray Clothing Bank

will be collecting gently used uniforms to distribute to Broward County Students. For more information please contact Linda Nestor at 754-422-2018 or 6

School Uniform Policy & School Spirit

Students must  wear  uniforms  on  Mondays,  Tuesdays,  Wednesdays  and  Thursdays,  but  on  Fridays,   students  can  wear  their  Village  Panther  T-­‐Shirts  or  their  favorite  outfit,  as  long  as  the  District  Dress  Code   is  being  followed  (all  shirts  must  have  sleeves  and  no  skin  can  be  exposed;  no  “short-­‐shorts”).    Also  they   can  dress  according  to  the  designated  school  spirit  day.    For  example,  one  Friday  was  “Pink  Day,”   everyone  wore  pink  for  Breast  Cancer  Awareness  Month.  Students  are  required  to  wear  their  red   uniform  shirts  or  red  Panther  Shirts  for  field  trips.    At  all  times,  students  must  wear  closed-­‐toed  shoes   with  rubber  bottoms  and  covered  heals—no  sandals  or  flip-­‐flops.    Remember  our  school  uniform  colors   are  red,  white,  black  and  khaki.  Only  these  colors  will  be  considered  in  accordance  with  the  uniform   policy. Students  in  the  S.T.A.M.P.    Program  will  follow  their  uniform  schedule.    S.T.A.M.P.  uniforms  are  to  be   worn  on  Mondays,  Tuesdays,  and  Wednesdays,  on  Thursdays  school  uniform  must  be  worn  and  on   Fridays  Physical  Education  uniforms  must  we  worn.  

Parent Teacher Communication Communication

Parents, please  be  mindful  that  teachers  cannot  accept  phone  calls  during  class  sessions.     If  it  is  a  true  emergency,  please  contact  the  office  at  754-­‐322-­‐8750,  and  they  will  make  the  initial   contact  with  the  teacher.  Thank  you  for  your  cooperation  in  this  matter.

Parent Conferences

Parents, it  is  important  to  conference  with  your  child's  teacher.    A  conference  can  keep  you informed  of  your  child's  progress  and  identify  any  areas  that  may  need  any  assistance.    Please  feel   free  to  contact  Ms.  Dickens  at  754-­‐322-­‐8750  to  schedule  a  conference.

The School Board of Broward County, Florida, prohibits any policy or procedure, which results in discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identify, gender expression, national origin, marital status, race, religion sex or sexual orientation. Individuals who wish to file a discrimination and/or harassment complaint may call the Executive Director, Benefits & EEO Compliance at 754-3212150 or Teletype Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158. Individuals with disabilities requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008, (ADAAA) may call Equal Educational Opportunities (EEO) at 754-321-2150 or Teletype Machine (TTY) 754-321-2158.


December 2012  


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