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==== ==== The “Hair Again!� program is designed to re-grow your hair quickly, safely and naturally without chemicals, drugs, supplements or painful hair transplants ==== ==== 1. HAIR LOSS COMES FROM YOUR MOTHER'S SIDE OF THE FAMILY Although there is a genetic basis for certain common types of hair loss, it's not only the genes inherited from the mother which can play a role in determining whether or not we go bald. People can also be predisposed towards baldness due to genes inherited from the father (or a combination of the two). There's another common myth which states that a father's genes are always responsible for female hair loss - again, not true, inherited hair loss in women is also likely the result of a combination of inherited genes from both the mother and father. 2. WEARING A HAT (ESPECIALLY ONE THAT'S TOO TIGHT OR WORN FOR TOO LONG) CAUSES HAIR LOSS A complete myth, wearing a hat has nothing to do with hair loss. However, a lot of people who go bald often wear a hat to hide the fact, something which may account for the origins of this myth. 3. IT'S BETTER TO BRUSH YOUR HAIR THAN USE A COMB Actually, most experts believe a comb is the better option for hair care as it's less likely to lead to split ends but as far as hair loss is concerned, normal use of a either a brush or a comb is not going to cause you to go bald. 4. HAIR LOSS CAN BE REVERSED BY STANDING ON YOUR HEAD Guess what? This isn't true. Surprised? I thought not. The "theory" was that standing upside down would stimulate hair growth by sending more blood to the head. While that may sound like a nice idea, there's no truth in it whatsoever. 5. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR HAIR THICKER BY CUTTING IT No, you can't. You can make your hair appear thicker by cutting it but that's just because hair is thicker near the base than it is at the tip. By the time the hair has grown out again it will be just as thick (or thin) as it was before. 6. USING A BLOW DRYER CAUSES HAIR LOSS There is no evidence to show that normal use of a hair dryer causes hair loss. Although it is possible to damage hair by exposing it to very high temperatures, everyday use of a blow dryer as recommended by the manufacturer is perfectly safe. 7. WASHING YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH CAUSES HAIR LOSS

Not true. Although we should always be careful about what chemicals we use on our hair, everyday shampoo is certainly not a cause of hair loss. This myth may have arisen due to the fact that after washing our hair it is common to notice a few hairs in the bath or shower. This is perfectly normal and does not indicate a link between normal hair washing and permanent hair loss. 8. HAIR LOSS IS CAUSED BY STRESS Under very rare circumstances there are occasions where certain types of stress can cause sudden hair loss but what this myth is really referring to is the prolonged kind of stress which most of us suffer from having to meet deadlines, get the kids to school on time, pay the mortgage etc. This type of stress is not related to the onset of, for example, male pattern baldness (MPB) although the reverse is usually true! 9. VIGOROUSLY TOWEL DRYING YOUR HAIR CAN CAUSE HAIR LOSS If your hair is damaged for some reason then OK, rubbing it too hard with a towel might cause it to break off and fall out but it probably would have done so anyway (and then grown back). What towel drying certainly does not cause is widespread irreversible hair loss. It's the same kind of deal as with blow drying or using a brush as discussed above, none of these activities is responsible for MPB or similar types of serious hair loss. 10. HAIR LOSS CANNOT BE TREATED Thankfully, this isn't necessarily true. While it's true that there is currently no single, simple, affordable "cure" for all types of hair loss there are various ways of slowing down or otherwise dealing with the onset of baldness which many people find effective. Examples might be certain drugs, hair transplants or properly fitted wigs. On the horizon, though, are even more exciting technologies such as hair multiplication where a hair is taken from the donor, "multiplied" thousands of times by being grown in a special medium and then injected into the bald area. The most optimistic estimates suggest that this type of procedure is at least three years away from being available to the general public, however. Mac Morris is the founder of Hair Loss Heaven - - a web site providing information and support for anyone concerned about hair loss. Article Source:

==== ==== The “Hair Again!� program is designed to re-grow your hair quickly, safely and naturally without chemicals, drugs, supplements or painful hair transplants ==== ====

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The “Hair Again!” program is designed to re-grow your hair quickly, safely and naturally without chemicals, drugs, supplements or painful ha...