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==== ==== Get LEAN, STRONG & HEALTHY For Life with "Fat Burning Furnace". ==== ==== Fat Burning Furnace Review - The Good Pro: A program for losing weight that makes sense. Contrary to other programs The Fat Burning Furnace approaches the weight loss problem basing on an in-depth common sense. Poulos has included workouts and exercises for all the fitness levels. You will be able to start with the break-in exercise and proceed further to the more advanced routines as your shape will get better. And this ever if you haven't exercised in years! Scientific concepts are at the root of this program. To turn your body in a metabolic furnace (The Fat Burning Furnace) you will need just to work on your muscles. Gaining muscles and losing fat will in fact increase your RMR (resting metabolic rate) and that is because the tissues in the muscles will burn more calories than fat tissues. Pro: Effective and short workouts exercises. If you don't like the idea about working out for hours in order to get results then Fat Burning Furnace has a very attractive approach to this problem: you will just need to do some simple strength training for 20 minutes a day, for just 3 or 4 times a week. Additionally just one set for exercise is required, although the exercise need to be done at a very slow pace in order to give muscles a more effective workout. For every muscle group there is a specific workouts described in the product: using this system then you will be able to work your whole body. The boring and long cardio sessions are also missing from the Fat Burning Furnace System. The author in fact believes that an exercise routine based on short strength-training will give you a better result that spending an hour on the treadmill. Pro: Upgrades are purchasable separately Three different levels are included in The Fat Burning Furnace System: Deluxe, Utimate and Blowtorch. Among the three is the Ultimate level that seems to be the beast deal, although the Blowtorch upgrade includes videos for two hours where Poulos explains how to go through the various exercise routines. The Blowtorch level routines however are very advanced for beginners who should first need to go though the basic, intermediate and advanced exercises before attempting it. Fat Burning Furnace Review - The Bad Con: Not really focused on nutrition This product is mainly a collection of exercise programs. Contrary to other systems Poulos doesn't spend so much time in telling what you should eat, although he devoted a good amount of time in explaining the nutrition principles. While the exercise guides are exceptionally detailed a lot of choice is left to the reader regarding the nutrition program: this is something that could be good or bad depending on your habits regarding nutrition. So be ready to receive some guidelines about

nutrition, some sample meals and information about where to find recipes that you should be able to cook for yourself. Con: To much sales pressure at the beginning The last "con" we must report in this report is about first 24 pages of the book: in these pages Poulos spends a lot of time trying to convince you about his ideas and logic. This is not a so bad thing but he also tries to convince you on buying ProGrade food products. If this is not annoying you excessively then the rest of the program is great. Reviewing the "Fat Burning Furnace" - Conclusions A very good job has been done by Rob Poulos in this product, explaining in details how the exercise and the nutrition affect the body metabolism. The author doesn't really care about "fashion" diets, preferring to ignore many myths about nutrition while really focusing on what he thinks is important. This is an excellent program for those people that through the years have managed to damage their metabolism as a consequence of yo-yo dieting, no matter their actual level of fitness. We are currently building a new website collecting all the best tips about nutritions, diet and exercises program aimed to a relatively quick and healthy weigh loss. For more information about Fat Burning Furnace Review please visit Dieting Tips 4U Article Source:

==== ==== Get LEAN, STRONG & HEALTHY For Life with "Fat Burning Furnace". ==== ====

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"Fat Burning Furnace" reveals The REAL Reason You're Flabby, Out Of Shape, Or Just Plain Fat. Get LEAN, STRONG, & HEALTHY For Life. [ http:/...

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