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==== ==== No Studio? No Skills? No Problem! DUBturbo is the Hot Beat Maker Software. YOUR FRIENDS WILL BE GREEN WITH ENVY AS YOU START IMPRESSING EVERYONE WITH YOUR BEAT MAKING TALENT AND MUSIC PRODUCTION SKILLS ==== ==== There are many different types of beat makers on the market in both hardware and software formats, the type of beat maker that is right for you will depend on a number of things. Most all beat makers have their own platform for programming them, but a lot of them are a lot easier to use than you think.  Anyone can learn to make  beats in a matter of minutes, with the right beat maker. If you choose, you can get a beat maker in a matter of minutes and be making beats very quickly. Of course certain beat makers or beat machines work better depending on: 1) your style of music 2) what type of environment you will be using it in 3) what type of work flow you like creating beats in. To make beats there is generally two main ways to do it with a beat program or drum machine beat maker. There is real time programming, and what is called Step Programming. Real time programming is when you just simply press record and hit the pads you want to sound. Every time you hit a pad the computer or whatever machine you may be using will record that hit and sound it off once the pattern loops back around. How long it takes to loop back around depends on the time signature, number of bars and tempo you have set. As the device loops back around you can continue to add as much as you like to what you have already done because the beat machine will remember every time and at what time you hit a pad. Real time  programming is much easier to do than it sounds. Another way to program is called Step mode programming. It is a bit more harder to grasp and depending on the device you are programming your beat on,it can be a bit challenging. We have found that devices that offer the grid type of step programming seem to work the best and be the easiest to grasp and program on. Sadly, most beat makers do not offer this type of setup, but we have noticed that lately a lot of companies have started using this type of platform for programming. Roland has been using it for a long time, for as long as I can remember, and that's a long time! Step Programming with a grid simply means you are not recording in real time, like I explained earlier, but it is done while the device is not even cycling, basically the beat machine is just sitting there while you insert what you want to play into a grid at certain points. Once you are finished inserting each instrument at the time point on the grid you choose, then you press play and you will hear what you have done. You can always go back and add to it, either with step mode or in real time, that's a good thing. But what you will be amazed with is how quickly and easy step mode becomes after using it for a little while, trust me, if you use it a bit, with in a week,

you could just look at the grid, (if your device offers grid programming), and already know what the beat will sound like before ever hitting play. Trust me, this is not hard to learn. The Mpc 2500 and 5000 offers grid mode recording and so does cubase based sequencers. Roland drum machines also offer this method, and there are a few more I am sure. Another term used for this type of recording is called step recording...which every program I have come across has, but it is implemented differently depending on the host program or type of beat making machine. I receive a lot of questions about using free beat making software. I would not advise any one to use free beat making software unless, you are just playing around and are not serious about making music beats. Reason being, every free program I have come across is very limited in what it will or will not let you do as far as making beats. Most of them also have very limited samples and /or will not let you save your project once you have finished. The few that I have run across that are free and do let you save your products, simply lack good sound quality and just don't have that big boy appeal. There are a ton of beat making drum machines and software beat making products that you could get for your computer. It's best to start with a program that works with your computer, if you have a computer and are low on cash. I personally prefer the hardware drum machines or beat makers by MPC, they in my opinion sound the best and come with more features that are geared toward making beats. They are pricey compared to the software programs you can get for your computer, but if you plan on doing this on a professional level, you will have spent enough money in the long run just getting your computer to sound like a MPC, before you realize it.  If you are just getting started, it is best to pick a program that is highly suggested by industry professionals, and start learning it. Although some programs start out more optimized for certain types of music, most of the well known software beat makers can be used for almost any style. Anyone who really wants to make beats can jump in and start making instrumentals in a matter of minutes. Bottom line is anyone can do this if you really want to. Its just a matter of jumping in and getting started. So get to it! I hope you find this information helpful cause you could be up and making beats in a matter of minutes just by choosing the right beat maker  Making music can be fun, and it all starts with what motivates you. Daryl Dman for Da'Flow Productions, If you want to get a beat maker today, or learn more about your options, please visit us at... Article Source:

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No Studio? No Skills? No Problem! DUBturbo is the Hot Beat Maker Software. YOUR FRIENDS WILL BE GREEN WITH ENVY AS YOU START IMPRESSING EVER...