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paintings, jewelry, folk art, textiles, soft-sculpture, heirloom toys, pottery art dolls, vintage items, luxury goods, books, paperies, fashion and more

         September 12–14 • “Country Living Fairâ€? • Ohio October 25–27 • “Country Living Fairâ€? • Georgia November 8 & 9 • Remnants of the Past • California


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VINTAGE ISSUE EVER! ON THE COVER • Best flea markets: Top U.S. spots for romantic treasures....68–79 • Biggest vintage issue ever…..40, 52, 64, 68, 80 • Experts’ picks: Hot collectibles….22, 34, 80 • Classic-inspired DIY décor projects…..12, 18, 86 • Photography by © Mark Scott/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication


64 Style from the Heart

Serve up summer in style with a

This farmhouse is full of love and all the

shell-studded tray.

sweet things that make a house a home.



10 Sweet Celebrate summer with these yummy

68 Best Flea Markets: Top U.S. Spots for Romantic Treasures

British-style Jammie Dodgers cookies.

Check out our ultimate guide to the best


collectibles and vintage décor from coast to coast.

40 A Coat of White Discover how a new coat of paint can completely transform your home.


52 Pastel Delight Light colors and vintage treasures pair beautifully in this family’s romantic home.


80 Editors’ Top Collectibles The editors of Romantic Homes share their favorite collectibles.

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BRING IT HOME 18 Make It Create a doily table runner as unique as the snowflakes it depicts.


22 My Home Readers share amazing stories about their homes.

22 Love This! The perfect clutch for a very special evening.

24 Say Ahh Enjoy these pretty and practical outdoorentertaining ideas.




86 Fun & Easy Summertime


DIY Projects



Make a sturdy patio tablecloth and a beautiful repurposed bunting. By KElly McCanTs

92 Strawberry Party Create a lovely summer gathering around the most beloved berry.


98 Stitching Together

the Unexpected

Create surprise and romance in your home using unconventional quilts and unexpected patterns.


102 Romantic Musings Be inspired by this book of sumptuous images, romantic poems, encouraging devotionals and lovely thoughts.


SHOPPING 34 Browsing Take a look at these beautiful vintage


pieces that endure.


110 Shopping Guide Where to find the products featured in this issue.

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xo Letters to the Editors TaDa Coming Next Month Favorites

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XO AUGUST 2014 • Vol. 27, Issue 8


the slow movement:

Finding charm in vintage Board games, wooden salad bowls and macaroni art all have their place in a summer home, despite their kitsch. Summer places are like Christmas; you want the traditional experience even if it comes with tinsel and reindeer sweaters that don’t fit with your current style. In the fleeting days spent in a summer home we don’t mind dining on sampler boxes of cereal for breakfast. The ship wheel’s second life as wall art sets perfectly against a wall inspired by Tang, the orange drink. Even the slightly musty sea-air scent adds personality. Authentic summer homes give staining the outdoor bench priority over remodeling the kitchen. Why use a stove when the grill is always on dinner duty? This simple approach is why we adore the home in the same fashion as Great Aunt Betty’s chair that has superlative charm despite a few springs you have to learn to navigate. There is no desire to want what is shiny and new when what you have works so well. xo,

Creative Director/Editor: Jacqueline deMontravel Editorial Director: Jickie Torres Executive Editor: Meryl Schoenbaum Managing Editor: Anne Brink Assistant Editor: Sarah Jane O’Keefe Art Supervisor: Elena Oh Art Director: Marisela Avalos Contributing Editor: Malena Jaime Contributing Photographers: Bret Gum, Mark Tanner

CONTRIBUTORS Jo-Anne Coletti, Melinda Graham, Elyse Major, Diane Sedo, Amanda Heer

ADVERTISING Gabe Frimmel - Ad Sales Director (714) 200-1930 Donna Silva Norris - Senior Account Executive (714) 200-1933 Shanda Ogas - Account Executive (714) 200-1959 Desiree Newman - Account Executive (714) 200-1957 Eric Gomez - Ad Traffic Coordinator John Cabral - Creative Graphic Designer

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EDITORIAL, PRODUCTION & SALES OFFICE 22840 Savi Ranch Parkway, Suite 200 Yorba Linda, CA 92887 (714) 939-9991 Fax (800) 249-7761 ROMANTIC HOMES (ISSN 1086-4083) Volume 27, Number 8 is published monthly, 12 times a year by Beckett Media, LLC, 22840 Savi Ranch Pkwy., Suite 200, Yorba Linda, CA 92887. Periodical postage paid at Anaheim, CA, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: send address changes to Romantic Homes c/o Beckett Media, 4635 McEwen Road, Dallas, TX 75244. © 2014 by Beckett Media, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any material from this issue in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. GST #855050365RT001 Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement #40612608 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: PITNEY BOWES, INC. P.O. Box 25542. London, ON N6C 6B2.

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Jacqueline deMontravel Editor

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letters | to the editors

FOR TEN YEARS WE HELD TEA PARTIES WITH THE SAME GROUP OF FRIENDS and it was wonderful to watch our daughters grow. As those years flew quickly by, our little garden cottage started to rot and had to be torn down. My teenaged daughter was no longer interested in tea parties, so a garden shed was to be built in its place. We hired Angelo, who had worked on our home in the past. As he worked on the shed each day and I saw it change and grow, I kept saying to myself, “This looks too nice to be a shed filled with oily tools.” We designed the windows and the door openings together, but it wasn't until Angelo told me we had room for a porch that I knew this was not going to be an ordinary shed. Once the porch was built, I had a vision for a garden house. How was I going to break the news to my husband that his tool shed was now being transformed into a little garden house for me? It took some convincing, but I promised to buy him a small shed that could fit at the back of the garden house, so he gave in. I cannot tell you the love, joy and passion I had over the next twelve months in creating the perfect place to escape, sleep and dream. The walls were plain plywood, so all the holes and crevices had to be filled with putty. Once this was dry and sanded, I was able to prime and paint. Each wall took two coats with a small roller brush, and for me this was the most challenging part of the job. The most challenging part for Angelo was the bunk; it was not easy given the space we had. My husband, Steve, painted and laid down the pine floors. The rest was left for me, and I couldn't wait to get started. Believe it or not, I already had most of the items for the garden house. It’s amazing what you can find once you start looking through your house. The sofa was in an upstairs room and was the perfect size. I sewed a cover for it and put it in place. The seat cushions I found in a shop in the countryside. Their linen and ruffles on all four sides are the perfect look. I also already had the bed canopy, and the lace along the sides is from a pair of old Laura Ashley curtains.

Share with us! Romantic Homes loves to hear from you. Please write and tell us how we’ve inspired you or what you’ve done to decorate your home using our ideas. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have. Romantic Homes reserves the right to edit all letters. Send letters or queries to Romantic Homes, Beckett Media 22840 Savi Ranch Pkwy., Suite 200, Yorba Linda, CA 92887 or

My absolute favorite find, which I purchased especially for the little house, is the fireplace. It’s the smallest fireplace I have ever seen, solid oak and beautiful. It was one of those things that was just meant to be. Now I use my little house on a daily basis in the spring, summer and autumn months. It was a labor of love and one of the most rewarding projects I have done. It’s a place to call my own. Christine Murphy Via email

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CHALKY FINISH ultra-matte paint

Romance your home... By adding a casual, yet elegant, touch to your furniture pieces with Americana ® Decor™ Chalky Finish paints. Achieve vintage, distressed looks that fit seamlessly into your home décor whether it is country cottage, vintage French or rustic bohemian. Repurpose flea market finds or update existing décor effortlessly without hours of priming and sanding. For more information and complete product information visit Available at The Home Depot ®, Michaels®, Beverly Fabrics, Pat Catan’s®, Flower Factory ®, Craft Warehouse® and other fine craft stores and retailers.

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we love | sweet

Celebrate summer with these simple cookies that are the perfect treat for a summer afternoon.




• 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened • 3 cups caster (fine) granulated sugar • 2 cups plus 2 tablespoons plain


Cream together the butter and sugar in a large bowl until light and fluffy.


Sift over the flours and salt and mix together with the pure vanilla extract until just combined. Do not overwork the dough or the cookies will be tough.

• • • •

all-purpose flour 4 cups rice flour A pinch of salt 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 8 ounces seedless raspberry jam or jelly


• 2 baking sheets, lined with baking

3. Chill the dough for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. Then, roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to ¼-inch thick and cut out 30 cookies with the round cutter.



• 2-inch round, crinkle cookie cutter • 1-inch heart-shaped cookie cutter Yield: 15 cookies

Using the heart-shaped cutter, cut out a heart-shaped hole in the center of half of the cookies and then put all the cookies on the prepared baking sheets.

5. Chill them for 1 hour in the fridge. 6. Preheat the oven to 325°F. Remove the cookies from the fridge and bake for 15–20 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool completely.


To assemble, place a rounded teaspoon of jam on each whole cookie and press a cookie with a heart-shaped cut-out on top.

These perfectly sweet cookies are the ideal treat to

Deliciously Vintage by Victoria Glass. © 2014 Ryland Peters & Small,



share with friends.

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RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:50 PM Page 12

we love | simply




Serve up summertime style with a shell-encrusted tray.

RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:50 PM Page 13

DO FLEA MARKETS CALL TO YOU? Are you at your best with a glue gun or scissors in hand? Do you long for sand between your toes? Here’s how to combine your passions for flea market shopping, crafting and beachcombing: Make a seashell tray. This is a stylish way to repurpose, recycle and reuse items you may already have stashed away from visits to flea markets and past beach vacations. Give an old wooden frame or mirror new life with a collection of those seashells toted home from beach vacations.


• Old, wooden flat frame • Mirror • Shells • Handles, wood screws • Felt • Foam core/board • Wood glue • Wood putty • Finishing nails • Spray paint • E6000 adhesive • Saw • Utility knife • Sandpaper • Measuring tape • Drill

Begin with an old, preferably flat, wooden frame. Remove all textured surfaces and nails and wipe clean.

Seashells are treasures from the sea. No two are ever alike and their beauty is undeniable. Don’t discard imperfect shells, their flaws add character!



RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:51 PM Page 14

we love | simply

1 TIP: If you do not have access to a saw, take the tray base to your local lumberyard or home improvement store. Most provide cutting services for a reasonable fee.

1. Lay the frame on a piece of plywood, tracing the outline to create a base for the tray. Then cut out the pattern using a saw. 2. Sand all of the rough edges using medium-grit sandpaper before applying a thin layer of wood glue around the perimeter of the base piece. Lay the frame (back side facing down) onto the glue and make sure all of the edges are aligned. 3. Gently hammer finishing nails through the frame and into the wood base to keep the frame from moving.



4. Use clamps to tightly hold the frame to the wooden base. Wipe excess glue from the edges and allow the frame to dry according to the instructions on the packaging, typically overnight. 5. Wood putty can be applied to fill any gaps between the frame and the wooden base. Allow the putty to dry completely, sand gently with a finegrit sand paper, and then wipe the entire surface clean to remove all dust and debris.



6. Apply a coat of white matte spray paint to the top and sides of the tray and allow to dry. This may require multiple coats with appropriate dry time in between. Do not remove the clamps until the glue has dried completely.




RH_1408_15 6/4/14 12:25 AM Page 15

RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:52 PM Page 16

we love | simply 7. Begin to lay out the shells and determine the placement you want before gluing them into place. Be sure that the shells do not overlap the inside edge of the frame—otherwise the mirror will not fit.


7 TIP: Work in small sections at a time, and proceed all the way around the frame.

8. Apply a small amount of E6000 adhesive to each shell and place it on the frame in its predetermined spot. Continue until the entire flat surface of the frame is encrusted with shells. 9. Cut a piece of foam core to fit into the frame and carefully lay the mirror on the foam core.

Trays are as functional as they are stylish. Your tray will be an elegant, one-of-akind piece of art that will be the center of attention at your next party.

TIP: It is a good idea to glue a piece of felt to the back of the tray so as to protect tabletops and other surfaces.

8 To add handles, measure the two shortest sides of the tray and mark the center. Center your handles here and mark for the screws. If you predrill a small hole, the wood will be less likely to split. Attach and enjoy your tray!



RH_1408_17 6/2/14 1:34 AM Page 17

RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:52 PM Page 18

we love | make it Fashion a table runner as unique as the snowflakes it mirrors. WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY PAULETTE ADAMS

REPURPOSE IT! When it’s not being used on the dining-room table, place your doily runner in the center of a solid-colored bedspread for added interest .



RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:52 PM Page 19

YOU PROBABLY HAVE MORE THAN A FEW DOILIES you’ve inherited and collected over the years. If not, you can usually find them easily at a flea market for only a dollar or two. Here’s a fresh idea for displaying them: Simply stitch them together for a sweet and unique vintage-inspired table runner!

What you’ll need: • A collection of doilies in various sizes • A solid-colored tablecloth • Thread to match color of doilies • Sewing needle (optional) • Scissors

Instructions: 1. Dress your table with a freshly ironed tablecloth. 2. Beginning in the center and working your way out to each end of the table, arrange your doilies so their edges are just touching, much like working on a jigsaw puzzle. For this look, you want it to be long and narrow.


3. When you have them arranged to your satisfaction, tie them together with a simple double knot using a needle and thread. This keeps them from moving about.

To see more ideas from the creative mind of designer/artist Paulette Adams using vintage doilies and many other media, visit her blog at summerlandcottagestudio.

3 AUGUST 2014


RH_1408_20 6/2/14 1:36 AM Page 20

RH_1408_21 6/2/14 1:36 AM Page 21

RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:52 PM Page 22

we love |


from a baby shower to kitchens a little something extra. Personalized designs give everything

I DESIGNED AND HAND PAINTED the centerpieces for my daughter’s baby shower. Her theme was a baby in a bathtub, and it was very vintage. I also have designed several pictures for friends’ baby showers. I hand paint everything! I have an at-home business where I paint trashcans. I recently hand painted my kitchen and designed the backsplash using vintage china! PAMELA STANLEY SUBMITTED BY EMAIL

we love | love this!

Down Sizing GIVE YOUR BAG A NIGHT OFF! When going out only requires a cell phone and lipstick, a slim clutch is all you need. This understated and simple design, with a ribbon tie that makes accessorizing fun, is perfect for a promising event that may include cork popping and a night well past your bedtime. Alexis clutch in silk, $38 each. Visit



RH_1408_23 6/2/14 1:37 AM Page 23

RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:52 PM Page 24

we love | say ahh

Enjoy the season’s offerings with these easy outdoor entertaining ideas.




RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:53 PM Page 25

WHEN THE TEMPERATURE WARMS and dining moves outdoors, turn your backyard into a functional living area that’s as inviting as the rest of your home. Outdoor living areas don’t require anything elaborate: Just a dining area, comfortable chairs for lingering and shade from the sun. You can leave everyday life behind and extend your living space with these simple ideas for the perfect outdoor spot. If you live in a climate with warm weather year round, set up an outdoor seasonal kitchen with a small fridge, a sink for washing dishes and a weatherproof cupboard for storing outdoor-friendly dinnerware, napkins and utensils. It’s the perfect solution to those unwanted trips indoors for forgotten items. Create a sense of occasion by choosing vibrant pops of color; glassware and plates appear festive with bold summer shades of hot pink, lime green and turquoise. You can reflect an appreciation for nature in delicious seasonal dishes. Fresh vegetables and colorful berries, homemade pink lemonade served in mason jars and garnished with lemons, and yummy baked treats mirror the feeling of a lovely sidewalk café on your own patio. Dress the table as you would a traditional indoor table with a tablecloth, placemats and stemware. Accompany the setting with a spectacular centerpiece of fresh, seasonal blooms for vibrant color. Divide your outdoor space into small intimate rooms and choose a focal point. Arrange seating around a mantel or fireplace. An antique mantel, decorated with candles, vines and flowers, adds sophistication and a homey feel to an otherwise bare corner. Outdoor-friendly furniture is not only practical but also essential for a no-fuss look. Plastic today is not the plastic of our AUGUST 2014


RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:53 PM Page 26

we love | say ahh



RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:53 PM Page 27

Summer is the time for fun colors, cheerful celebrations and

outdoor living.

Create a sense of occasion by choosing vibrant pops of color; glassware and plates appear festive with bold summer shades of hot pink, lime green and turquoise.

Fill baskets and vases with fresh cut flowers from your own backyard— hydrangeas and roses engage in a romantic duo and make for an enchanting summertime display.



RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:54 PM Page 28

we love | say ahh grandmothers’ day. PE wicker furniture— all-weather wicker—looks like natural wicker but is made from a synthetic material. This durable alternative comes in a variety of styles and colors. Seeking a vintage look? Breathe new life into a vintage iron table or old Adirondack chairs with a fresh coat of paint. For protection, add a coat of clear wax. Invite your guests to rest in your vintage seating by helping them beat the heat with a shady oasis. An umbrella, canopy or gazebo will create intimate seating areas while pergolas draped with climbing plants offer both shade and visual beauty. For evening dining, string twinkle lights along garden walls, hang colorful lanterns from tree branches and add votive candles to cast a glow. If you have room to spare, add a fire pit for a toasty evening by the fire. For a bit of whimsy and a flicker of light, let the kids catch fireflies at dusk and temporarily house them in ventilated mason jars, releasing them before you end the evening’s festivities. Fill baskets and vases with fresh cut flowers from your own backyard—hydrangeas and roses engage in a romantic duo and make for an enchanting summertime display.



RH_1408_29 6/2/14 1:42 AM Page 29

RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:54 PM Page 30

we love | ta da

Collecting BY DIANE SEDO





Beautiful glassware from the Depression Era can be used to create a stunning table brimming with vintage flair.

RH-1408-FOB_all.qxp 6/2/14 11:54 PM Page 31

Complete dinner sets were produced of Georgian Lovebirds, a mold-etched pattern. Ornamental cartouches framing pairs of lovebirds, alternating with baskets, were etched onto a mold that was then filled with glass and pressed. 



RH-1408-FOB_all.CX 6/6/14 2:19 AM Page 32

we love | ta da

ORIGINALLY DISTRIBUTED FOR FREE or at a modest cost, Depression glass was made to be affordable during the Depression era. Like a prize in a Cracker Jack box, cereal boxes containing glassware were eagerly opened to see what surprises they held. Even movie theaters used the glassware as incentives to get people into the theater.

The green dinner plates are a perfect fit with this two-tier English cake stand.

THE COLLECTION Depression glass has been collectible since the 1960s. The glass was massproduced mostly in the 1920s to 1930s in the Central and Midwestern states, where the raw materials for production were inexpensive. Often, the glass had flaws and was not meant to last a long time, but it was colorful and uplifting. Choosing your own pattern and color out of the over 100 patterns produced by glass companies was, and is, part of the fun.

You can purchase an entire set on eBay, but you will lose out on the fun of the search. This collection was gathered at garage sales, flea markets, estate sales and antiques shops over a 40-year period. Some of my most precious Depression glass was collected by my mother and grandmother and handed down to me. I love to recall the image of my mother excitedly returning home from a movie with a new piece of glass.



RH-1408-FOB_all.CX 6/6/14 2:19 AM Page 33

THE TABLE SETTING When people entertained, the tablecloth set the tone for the dishes selected. The green Depression glass is set off beautifully by the green in this cotton floral-print tablecloth from the 1940s, cloth. Add some flowers to your table and a cheerful, summery mood is set. For a more formal setting, use an elegant damask cloth to set off your intricately patterned china. Depression glass coordinates well with many fine china patterns, especially floral ones. This Bernardaud Limoges Artois china has been mixed with green, pink and yellow glass. Each combination creates a unique look, allowing for personalized settings. SEE SHOPPING GUIDE, PAGE 110.

DIANE’S COLLECTION Combining patterns let Diane integrate her own collection with that of her family. GEORGIAN LOVEBIRDS Producer: The Federal Glass Company Collector: Diane FLORENTINE Producer: Hazel Atlas Company Collector: Diane’s mother CHERRY BLOSSOM Producer: Jeanette Glass Company Collector: Diane’s mother DOGWOOD Producer: MacBeth-Evans Collector: Diane

Contributing editor Diane Sedo is the co-author of Taking Tea with Alice (1997 Warner Books, 2007 Benjamin Press) and is a certified instructor of Dorothea Johnson’s Tea & Etiquette program (Elmwood Inn Fine Teas).



RH-1408-34-38 Browsing.qxp 6/3/14 12:16 AM Page 34





Grocery scale clock, $58. Visit



Vintage pieces are enduring. They can be reused or simply appreciated for their beauty. Pieces like an apothecary jar or a milk bottle from the days of fresh-from-the-farm deliveries recall a simpler time that placed a high value on quality, like these modern versions of classics.

RH-1408-34-38 Browsing.qxp 6/3/14 12:16 AM Page 35

1. Apothecary soy wax candle, $19. (615) 630-7100 or 2. Organic bath salt, $24.50. (650) 726-5883 or


1 2

3. Taza junior natural market basket, $10.99. (877) 753-2401 or 4. Aloe and green tea lotions, $9.99. Hand soap, $4.99. (800) 243-9423 or








RH-1408-34-38 Browsing.qxp 6/3/14 12:16 AM Page 36






5. Distressed oversized pocket watch, $29.50. Visit




6. Vintage scissors, $32.95 each. (800) 721-0109 or 7. Royal Empire quilt, $125. (866) 313-4914 or

9. Milk bottles, set of 6, $35. Straws, set of 24, $6. (707) 9396933 or




8. Metal basket in red, green and yellow. Small, $13. Medium, $18. Large, $24. (888) 419-2399 or



RH_1408_37 6/2/14 1:44 AM Page 37

RH-1408-34-38 Browsing.qxp 6/3/14 12:17 AM Page 38


, 10

10. Donut apron, $37. (800) 4456001 or 11. Antique style plates, price varies. Visit to find a retailer.

13. Iittala Kastehelmi footed bowl, $25 or $65, price varies by color. (877) 404-6763 or





12. Tout tote, Vielle, $58. (877) 762-4499 or





RH_1408_39 6/3/14 10:36 AM Page 39

RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 40



How a can of paint can transform your home and its contents.


RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 41


andy Palmer,

a decorative painter specialising in shabby whites, owns and runs a business in Queensland, Australia, called Paint Me White. Paint Me White sells furniture sourced and painted by Sandy, offers a custom furniture painting service and is the Queensland stockist for Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. With a passion for upcycling old furniture, Sandy describes herself as a treasure hunter who sees “the beauty in what pieces can be rather than what they currently are.” Sandy has been painting furniture for her business and for herself for 15 years. When Sandy and husband Tim bought their home on the Gold Coast in Queensland, where they live with their children, Paige and Jordan, it wasn’t just their furniture that received a coat of white paint. Everything from the floors and walls to the kitchen cupboards and benchtops became testament to Sandy’s mantra, “Why replace when you can repaint?” The result? A gorgeously crisp, clean look that still feels homey, thanks to Sandy’s vintage furniture finds. With an original palette of chocolate brown internal walls teamed with bright blue benchtops and carpets, Sandy went

Left: The deep pink velvet ottoman was bought years ago and has been left as is. Top Right: Simple accents, like glass knobs, paper wreaths and antique mirrors, give the home personality.

Right: Roses freshly picked from the garden adorn the all-white kitchen, once bright blue. AUGUST



RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 42



RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 43

Sandy uses subtle details to accent her crisp, bright and inviting home.




RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new 6/3/14 3:35 AM Page 44

Above Like this wreath? Roll old book pages into a cone shape and tape. Then hot glue them to a wreath form in rows.To finish, attach a circle of paper to the tips in the center.

Right A roadside find, this cupboard is perfect for Sandy’s vintage quilt collection.



RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.CX 6/6/14 2:23 AM Page 45

to work with white paint to transform her home into a bright blank canvas for her upcycled furniture. “Luckily we had access before settlement, so before we even moved in, we came over and repainted almost all of the walls white.” After the walls, the laminate kitchen cupboards were next to be painted white. “Because there are no windows in the kitchen, the kitchen and dining room were particularly dark—so we took to the kitchen cupboards with white paint as well.” The laminate on the kitchen cupboards, though only eight years old, was peeling off, so Sandy removed it to reveal bare plywood and then painted it Vivid White by Dulux. “I also took the old handles off, filled in the holes and then popped on new ones from Ikea.” Sandy found a company to spray paint the bright-blue kitchen benchtops white, costing about half as much as new benchtops. “The smell was quite strong, but we were going away for a few days anyway, so it was good by the time we got back.” The long-term plan for the flooring was to replace the bright-blue carpet with alternative flooring, but after a few weeks of living in the house, they decided the carpets had to go. “One night I said to Tim, ‘I can’t stand this blue carpet anymore; let’s rip it up.’ So we did. The next morning I went to the paint shop and by the time Tim came home that afternoon, the floor was white.” Fortunately, the concrete floor was in good condition, so there was little preparation for Sandy to do before she started painting. Although the floors were intended as a temporary solution, Sandy and Tim fell in love with the bare painted concrete. “Everyone said we’d hate it, it’d be too

Above A collection of miniature perfume bottles, bought by Sandy at auction.

RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 46

cold underfoot—but we used Berger Jet Dry satin and we love it—it actually feels quite nice and warm. It’s a really practical floor to have in Queensland and easy to keep clean, which is good with kids and a dog. I just steam it once a week.” Sandy bought new shutters for the internal wall between the office and dining room. She was resourceful though, finding shutters on eBay that were only slightly too big for the space—a problem easily solved by Tim, who shaved down the shutters for a perfect fit. Proving that a modern home doesn’t have to be filled with contemporary furnishings, almost all of the furniture and furnishings in Sandy’s house are vintage finds and most of the wood furniture Sandy has repainted white. The dining room table has seen a number of variations on the Paint Me White theme during the years Sandy has owned it. “At one stage it was all white, but I took to the top with a belt sander.” Sandy also found the vintage dining room chairs at a local market and painted them white. The sheer Rachel Ashwell curtains were bought for a previous house, but Sandy sewed them together to fit the windows in this house. Rachel Ashwell fabric was also used to cover a standard lamp in the dining area. In the living area, Sandy has re-covered a lampshade with a coffee sack from a local coffee shop. The colors and textures of the coffee-sack lampshade sit perfectly beside a hanging wreath made using pages of an old vintage paperback. The color variation of the pages with edges beginning to yellow creates a beautiful look. The chandeliers in the living room are of course vintage as well. “I was

Left Rachel Ashwell’s “Rose Blossom” fabric has been used to re-cover standard lamps.



RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.CX2 6/9/14 1:58 AM Page 47

Proving that a modern home doesn’t have to be filled with contemporary furnishings, almost all of the furniture and furnishings in Sandy’s house are vintage finds.

RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 48

The floors in this room, originally a bright-blue carpet, are now white-painted concrete, as in the living room. The soft gray walls are a beautiful contrast to the white throughout the living areas.



RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 49




RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.qxp 6/3/14 12:32 AM Page 50

Paige’s antique wrought-iron bed was sourced locally and repainted white by a company that specializes in powder coating. Sandy made the paper pom-poms and floral cushions.



RH-1408-40-51-Palmer_new.CX 6/6/14 2:25 AM Page 51

working in real estate and a lady bought this big, old house but didn’t want the chandeliers, so I purchased the lot.” One of the only new pieces of furniture in the house is an Ikea slipcovered sofa. “Slipcovers are easy to clean—and don’t be scared to use white, it can be bleached!” Sandy had slipcovers made for the vintage wingback chairs, which make them look effortlessly in tune with the new Ikea sofa. The bedrooms follow suit, boasting mostly vintage furniture restored by Sandy. Jordan’s room makes a departure from pastel pinks and greens, instead using bright red and blue as the featured colors. However, an ornate lamp and mirror and other vintage finds tie this room in with the rest of the house. Sandy’s home showcases her unique style, which incorporates a medley of shabby white, French, rustic and beachy styles in a recipe that has transformed an otherwise ordinary space into a beautiful place to live and entertain. The primarily white space is kept fresh and interesting by introducing pops of color—touches of green, blue and turquoise to complement the pretty pinks. From the inside it is hard to remember that this is a fairly standard four-bedroom brickveneer home.

Opposite When Sandy discovered the beauty of Chalk Paint, she couldn’t wait to bring it to Australia. Chalk Paint™ can be used on anything with no priming or sanding and offers a very fast turnaround time. So called because of its beautiful velvety matte finish, Chalk Paint™ can be purchased online through Sandy’s shop.

For more information on Sandy Palmer, visit




RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:45 AM Page 52



Light hues and vintage treasures pair well in this sweet family home. BY JONNA KIVILAHTI AND SARAH JANE O’KEEFE P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y K R I S TA K E LTA N E N

Homeowners Anne and Jyrki Mättölä combine paint, wallpaper and old furniture to create an atmosphere of lived-in comfort for their family. Anne, the mother of three young children, has found a way to combine her personal style with function and vintage flair. Modern furnishings have been gradually replaced with old wooden pieces that are often upcycled and given new life in the home. This recycling concept is an important part of Anne’s design approach, as she updates her home often.



RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:45 AM Page 53

Anne’s large cabinets almost reach the ceiling. Displayed behind the glass doors is a collection of beautiful kitchen items featuring rose patterns and polka dots in pastel hues.




RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:46 AM Page 54

“When we first moved into the house, I decorated with a white, rustic style. As the years have gone by, colors have been added and the white has become the background,” Anne says. Since they bought the home in 2008, the color scheme has changed from all-over white to a more cheerful mix of pastels.

Inspired by crafting The hues in her home design come straight from Anne’s fabric stash, where a mix of dreamy pastel shades are ready whenever sewing inspiration strikes. In her sewing space, Anne spontaneously creates beautiful items for her home. “I love interior design and sewing. Everything to do with home is important to me. I stay at home with the children during the week, and we do a lot of fun, crafty things together,”



Anne says. “My favorite project is making patchwork quilts. I make them for myself as well as for friends.” Anne is also a prolific pillow maker, creating her own design using Bungalow tea towels. After a recent interior-design trip to Copenhagen, Anne brought back a suitcase full of Bungalow tablecloths and towels for crafting pillows and throws. These do-it-yourself projects are a perfect example of Anne’s budget-savvy ways of updating her home whenever inspiration strikes.

Inspired by design Another source of design inspiration for Anne is her annual interiordesign trip to Copenhagen, which she makes with a group of friends. Her agenda focuses on shopping for her favorite Danish home designer brands. The stores of Illum, Retrovilla,

Anne and her girls bake weekly; their favorite is strawberry cheesecake. The rustic dining table and benches, which Anne painted mint green, she found at a secondhand shop.

RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.CX 6/11/14 4:58 AM Page 55

“I redesign my home continuously. Again and again.

I love interior design.�




RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:46 AM Page 56

The living room shares floor space with the dining area. Anne’s homemade pillow covers add color and charm to a duo of Ikea couches, while a flea-market lamp displays her love of vintage treasures.



RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:47 AM Page 57

Gronlykke, Fannymia, Bungalow and Noa Noa are must-see stops on every trip. “I redesign my home continuously. Again and again. I love interior design,” she says.

Living outdoors Anne’s most recent project was outdoors. The large deck attached to the house was rarely used until she transformed the area by adding a canopy. Adorned with lace curtains and paper lanterns, the shaded summer room provides cover for the outside dining table and offers added space for the family to enjoy together.

Prefabricated to personal “When we were looking for a larger home, a house was the wish of my husband, who works in the building industry.




RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:48 AM Page 58

Fluffly pom-poms and colorful bunting in the entryway invites friends and guests with immediate cheer.

We lived in an apartment in at the time, and when our daughter Julia was born, we bought a building plot. We started building our house immediately, and Emma was born into our new home,” Anne recalls. Prefabricated houses are a popular building solution in Finland. Anne and Jyrki settled on a model manufactured by Kannustalo. They picked a fourbedroom house large enough for a growing family. Anne and Jyrki moved into the house with Julia and, within a few years, Emma and Vilma completed the family. Purchasing their first home came with a learning curve. “At the time I had no experience in planning the details of a house layout, and now after five years of living here, I would have probably made a few decisions differently,” Anne says. With three young daughters, she says that having more space in the kitchen and a separate dining area would have worked better for the family. “My husband dreams of building another house, and if this dream ever comes true, I now know how to make the best use of the space.” A large, rustic dining table helps make the dining area multifunctional. The surface is often used for baking, especially Anne’s favorite: strawberry cheesecake. By using benches instead of chairs, the family gains space and the children have extra room to wiggle. Anne painted the dining set mint green for a refreshing infusion of color. “I paint, dress up and renovate our home; it is constantly changing.” Anne’s love of design keeps her home fresh, up to date and meeting the needs of her family.

RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:48 AM Page 59

Flea-market and vintage finds dot the house. From pendant lights and floor lamps to bedframes and blankets, Anne incorporates aged treasures into every room.

The pastel color palette continues upstairs, including the master bedroom. Soft-blue walls and a tiered chandelier accentuate the paneled ceiling.

RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:48 AM Page 60

Updated Vintage Dress up a wardrobe with recessed paneling—new or old—using this simple DIY project. MATERIALS: • Wardrobe with recessed paneling • Sandpaper (grit based on condition of wardrobe) • Paint (brush or roller, tray, stirring stick and dropcloth) • Wallpaper • Vintage or vintage-styled hardware (optional) STEP 1: PREP. Begin by cleaning your wardrobe and removing any doors, drawers and hardware. If it has already been stained or painted, carefully sand. STEP 2: PAINT. Select a shade that will coordinate with your wallpaper selection. Follow the directions on your paint can for the best coverage. STEP 3: DISTRESS. After the paint is completely dry, gently sand some of the edges of your wardrobe to expose the wood tone. Only sand enough to give a delicately worn effect. STEP4: ADORN. Following the instructions for your particular wallpaper selection, trim pieces to fit within the recessed panels. Carefully apply the wallpaper, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles. To complete the look, add vintage or vintage-styled hardware. STEP 5: ENJOY! Replace your doors and drawers, and set up your wardrobe. Let it take center stage by limiting the other furnishings nearby.

RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:48 AM Page 61

An antique sewing machine table has been repurposed as a simple vanity. This small space is the perfect spot for putting on jewelry and preparing for the day.

RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:49 AM Page 62

Bunting and various party-like hanging decorations set a continuously cheerful theme in the house. Lovely homemade decorations are mixed with products from Maileg and Miss Etoile.


RH-1407-52-63-Mattola.qxp 6/3/14 12:50 AM Page 63

Anne’s Favorite PASTELS

In a home where white serves as a background, vintage-inspired pastels provide cheerful accents and highlight the family’s casual personality. LILAC—linens and fresh lavender bring subtle doses of this soothing hue. SOFT BLUE—refresh your bath with a crisp coat of paint or a new set of towels. TURQUOISE—small accents and throw pillows don this fun and natural shade very well. POWDER PINK—use patterns and blooms to add little pops of this delicate and feminine color.

For more about Anne, visit

RH-1408-62-65-VintageScout.qxp 6/3/14 1:44 AM Page 64




Built nearly 200 years ago, this house located south of Atlanta, Georgia, is full of all the sweet things that make a house a home.


RH-1408-62-65-VintageScout.qxp 6/3/14 1:44 AM Page 65



Meredith Wilson. Forty-five acres of land surround her at Three Hearts Farm, where she has lived for the past 31 years. “The house represents the hearts that are still very connected to it today: my son’s, my daughter’s and mine,” Meredith says. The original house was built in the mid- to late-1800s and was restored in the 1970s. Since purchasing the home and land in 1982, Meredith has been using her artistic eye to create a beautifully peaceful home. With a background in illustration that included working as a partner in the American Illustrators Gallery in Atlanta, Meredith is no stranger to art. She has placed her stamp on the home by incorporating works from some of her favorite artists. She owns several works by Mark English, her favorite illustrator, but the piece she loves the most is the one in the dining room by J.C. Lyendecker. Meredith describes her design as eclectic, with an emphasis on primitive detailing. “It’s a wonderful house. I feel it is essentially complete—better than I imagined,” she says. The contractor who did most of the work on the farm designed the playhouse in the backyard for Meredith’s daughter. Freshly updated, the pink paint makes the playhouse a fun focal point in the garden. “The playhouse is a joy to own, and it continues to welcome visiting children.” Having put so much work into the home makes having a favorite project or room difficult. However, the kitchen holds a special place in Meredith’s heart thanks to the fond memories associated with it. “Lots of biscuits, coffee and lingered-over breakfasts make the kitchen a favorite.” As much as she loves the space, her work is not yet done; she recently had the woodwork painted green. AUGUST



RH-1408-62-65-VintageScout.qxp 6/3/14 1:44 AM Page 66

A DREAMY ESCAPE Turn your bedroom into a restful retreat. Meredith’s bedroom is stunning with layers of white and plenty of soft fabrics. Get the look by incorporating these essential elements. Clean canvas. This bedroom works because the walls, window and flooring offer a clean canvas. Use wallpaper with a subtle and delicate print for a hint of color without overwhelming the space. Fresh fabrics. Curtains around the window and bed offer a fresh and airy feel, while soft linens on the bed and cozy upholstery on the chairs invite you. Use the texture of your fabrics to create a comforting and luxurious feeling. Creamy colors. From the bedding, to the chairs, to the nightstand, creamy colors are everywhere. Meredith has incorporated artwork and hints of natural wood tones to add warmth. Focal feature. Make your bed the true focal point by arranging furniture and hanging curtains as a frame. Positioning the bed under a window will foster an airy, retreat-like ambiance.

RH-1408-62-65-VintageScout.qxp 6/3/14 1:44 AM Page 67

“I love my all-white bedroom and the master bathroom with the window that opens onto the magnolia tree,” Meredith says. The white bedroom is a soothing blend of fabrics, vintage treasures and natural light. Sheer-white curtains hang over the windows, allowing sunshine to filter in over the bed. A seating area at the foot of the bed creates the perfect spot for bedtime reading while offering subtle color and character. “I do a good deal of writing so I spend a lot of time in the library. The bookshelves contain many mementos, and there’s a story to go with each one,” Meredith says. This feeling from the heart is what has turned the house into a home. Meredith has created a place for her memories, her loved ones, and loved ones to come.

VINTAGE TREASURES Meredith’s home is full of antiques she has collected from flea markets as well as treasures passed down from family members. Living room chair This chair came from her grandfather’s law office. Horse statue “This [statue] was purchased from an auction house in Atlanta many years ago. I understand it’s unique in that it is all carved from wood,” Meredith says. For more information on Debbie Basnett and Vintage Scout Interiors vistit

Bedframe From the early 1900s, this piece once belonged to Meredith’s mother.




RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:02 AM Page 68

Best Flea Markets: top U.S. spots for


This is the ultimate guide to finding the best vintage

RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:04 AM Page 69

Treasures dĂŠcor and collectibles from coast to coast.

RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:04 AM Page 70



Goat Hill Fair 2061 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville

Sweet Salvage

Three Speckled Hens

4648 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix

2198 Riverside Avenue, Paso Robles

On the third Thursday through Sunday of every month, Sweet Salvage creates a four-day-long themed vintage market. They offer one-of-a-kind statement pieces, architectural elements, industrial graphics, garden elements and more. General manager Stephanie Williams says they offer all you need to furnish anything from a farmhouse to a city loft. This includes artisan and vintage furniture as well as plenty of inspiration.

If you’re on the hunt for unique, upcycled items like a wooden factory cart turned into a coffee table or a tripod turned into a lamp, true antiques or vintage dinnerware, look no further than the biannual show put on by the women behind Three Speckled Hens. Next Event: October 4–5

What started on a hill on a goat farm under the care of Cyndi Garofalo has grown to require a larger venue, namely the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. Approximately 90 sellers gather for an event filled with curated displays of vintage wares as well as repurposed and upcycled goods and handmade arts. From chipped and shabby vintage furniture to artisan soaps, this market has it all in a quaint setting.

Next Event: November 14–15

Next Event: July 17–20

Whimzy’s Glitterfest 960 South Anaheim Way, Anaheim

Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market 16601 North Pima Road, Scottsdale

Described as being filled with all things chippy, rusty, vintage and handmade, this show is a hot spot for unique finds. With over 100 vendors selling repurposed furniture, industrial pieces, farmhouse décor and handmade items, something is sure to fit your design style.

A biannual event, this show is truly a glitter fest. Vendors sell altered art, handmade holiday decorations, unique jewelry and more. The event held in March features spring décor and merchandise, while the October event focuses on vintage-themed décor for Halloween and Christmas. Next Event: October 11

COLORADO A Paris Street Market 7301 South Santa Fe Drive, Littleton

In their 14th year of business, A Paris Street Market has long been offering up beautiful vintage wares. On the first Sunday of the month, 120 vendors set up shop with vintage and antique furniture (both for the home and the garden), repurposed vintage accessories, clothing, jewelry and artisan wares.

Next Event: September 20

Next Event: Saturday, August 2



RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:04 AM Page 71




The West The Original Medford Giant Flea Market

Ruffles and Rust Vintage Market

1701 South Pacific Highway,

9010 Marsh Road, Snohomish


RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:05 AM Page 72


Held at least one Sunday a month, The Original Medford Giant Flea Market has been home to a wide variety of collectibles for the past 43 years. From antique clocks and glassware to vintage furniture and jewelry, this show strives to have something for everyone, no matter what they collect.

A $5 admission gains you access to the Thomas Family Farm, where a barn becomes host to gorgeous home and garden décor. This annual event draws customers in search of repurposed handmade goods, vintage finds and a wide variety of unique treasures. Next Event: August 16

Next Event: August 24

Funky Junk Sisters


Washington State Fair, 110 9th

Fremont Sunday Market

With two full shows in Washington, a smaller version at the state fair, one in Portland, Oregon, and a recent project for the Stagecoach Music Festival, the women behind Funky Junk Sisters know all about vintage flair and are busy bringing their customers the best in home décor and more. Vintage channel letters, repurposed industrial lighting, old cameras and clocks are among the most popular items from their many vendors.

3401 Evanston Avenue North, Seattle

This year-round flea market hosts up to 250 vendors with diverse antiques, collectibles, décor and more in vintage and retro styles alongside wares from around the world, artisan products and one-of-a-kind craftsman creations. Their rain-or-shine policy has vendors ready at 10 a.m. every Sunday.

Next Event: June 20–21

Next Event: Held every Sunday




Avenue SW, Puyallup





RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:06 AM Page 73


RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:06 AM Page 74

midwest ILLINOIS



Grayslake Antique Market

Sparks Kansas Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market

Springfield Antiques Show and Flea Market

1060 E Peterson Road, Grayslake

North K-7 Highway and 240th

As the largest antiques market in the Chicago area, Grayslake Antique Market offers up plenty of treasures from days past. On the second Sunday and preceding Saturday of every month, shoppers head to the Lake County Fairgrounds for a treasure trove of antique toys, furniture and collectibles as well as jewelry and handmade quilts.

Road, Sparks

Next Event: July 12–13 and August 9–10

Next Event: August 28–31

Twice a year quaint Sparks, Kansas turns into a bustling antiques town with more than 500 dealers. Since 1982, sellers have set up shop along the highway and drawn visitors in with all things vintage, including trunks, rugs, furniture, collectibles and more.

4401 South Charleston Pike, Springfield

At this huge antiques show and flea market, said to be one of the largest, you can find furniture made in the U.S. from locally grown wood. They also feature retro treasures, folk and fine art, as well as other unique wares from up to 2,000 dealers. Next Event: August 16–17



A Gathering of Friends

Shipshewana Flea Market



Located in the heart of Amish country, the Shipshewana Flea Market features over 900 vendors across a 100-acre area, to make it the Midwest’s largest flea market. From locally grown fruits and vegetables to handmade soap, furniture and blankets, you won’t find antiques and handiwork like this anywhere else.

Since 2003, sellers have gathered twice a year to bring shoppers the best of cottage décor. These spring and fall shows feature interior and garden accents perfect for anyone who loves chipped paint and antiques. Next Event: October 2–5

Elkhorn Antique Flea Market 411 E. Court Street, Elkhorn

After 33 years in business, the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market is returning for yet another season of indoor and outdoor shopping at the Walworth County Fairgrounds. Visitors will find everything from Fiesta ware to furniture, cookbooks to plants, quilts to silverware. The $5 entrance fee is a great investment in quality treasures.

Next Event: Every Tuesday and Wednesday, May through October



6010 Lyndale Avenue South,

345 S. Van Buren Street,


Next Events: August 10 and September 28





RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:07 AM Page 75

RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:07 AM Page 76

The south FLORIDA


The Fancy Flea

Raleigh Flea Market

289 N. Ritter Road, Plant City

1025 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh

Full of romantic style, The Fancy Flea offers antiques, garden décor, cottage and farmhouse style treasures and more. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect home accent, a great piece of furniture or a new collectible, you’re sure to find it here. A smaller version of the show will take place on July 19 at Lake Mirror Center in Lakeland.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the Raleigh Flea Market turns the North Carolina State Fairgrounds into a treasure trove of unique finds and affordable antiques. With 600 dealers to visit, finding garden décor, mason jars, vintage housewares and furniture has never been easier. Next Events: Every Saturday and Sunday, except October

Next Event: October 31–November 1


Marburger Farm Antique Show

3064 Highway 80, East Pearl

2248 South Highway 237 Round Top

As the oldest and largest flea market in Mississippi, Trade Days fills seven acres with treasures from days past. Collectibles, jewelry, vintage finds, clothing, home décor and more await the shopper prepared to hunt for the next great find.

Dubbed as the show where trends begin, the Marburger Farm Antique Show boasts 350 vendors of home décor ranging from burlap and wine barrels to gold-framed and antique mirrors. Leftover merchandise is sold on high-end websites to make room for fresh finds at each show.

Next Event: Every Saturday

Next Event: September 30–October 4





RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:08 AM Page 77

RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:08 AM Page 78




shops with extended hours and lots of merchandise.

The Elephant’s Trunk

Stormville Airport Antique Show and Flea Market

Next Event: September 25–28

490 Danbury Road, New Milford

Depression glass, vintage tools, collectibles and furniture make The Elephant’s Trunk a must-see. While the market mostly hosts dealers with vintage household wares, from April through October the market also hosts dealers with plants and garden accents. A $2 admission fee is charged. Next Event: Every Sunday through November


428 Route 216, Stormville

Since 1970, the Stormville Airport Antique Show and Flea Market has been bringing collectors glassware, furniture, industrial items, décor, vintage memorabilia and more. With acres of merchandise, over 600 vendors and a tarmac location, this is a unique show. Their six annual shows begin with the Springtime in the Country event in April and end with the Christmas Shopping Show in November. Next Event: August 30–31

Brimfield Antique Show Along Route 20 in Brimfield

Brimming with antiques, this show has spread itself out along Route 20 since the 1950s. Over 5,000 vendors set up along approximately a half-mile stretch on each side of the highway in this small New England town. For six days visitors pour over antiques including furnishings and collectibles and experience what is described as a carnival-like environment. Next Events: July 8–13 and September 2–7

PENNSYLVANIA Antique Extravaganza Along seven miles of Route 272 in Northern Lancaster County

Adamstown, also known as “Antiques Capital, USA” boasts of having thousands of dealers all in one location. Three times a year the town holds its Antiques Extravaganza, where a 7-mile stretch of the highway plays host to outdoor markets, countless dealers and antiques



RHODE ISLAND The Providence Flea Provence River Greenway, across from 345 South Water Street, Providence

Every Sunday, rain or shine, The Providence Flea sets up with vintageselling vendors, local artisans, community nonprofits, food trucks and live music. Most shoppers take advantage of the creative community and hunt for vintage industrial finds, retro housewares and vintage clothing. In only its second summer, the market has already won awards such as “Best of Rhode Island Editors’ Pick for Vintage Market.” Next Event: Every Sunday, June through September 14

RH-1408-68-79-FleaMarkets.qxp 6/3/14 2:09 AM Page 79



RH-1408-80-85-EditorsCollectables.CX 6/6/14 2:31 AM Page 80

Our Favorite


The editors of Romantic Homes reveal their personal treasures.

, 1950s-60s Inspired Clothing EDITOR

There once was a time when an outing to the theater was an event worth dressing for: fitted dresses, shoes with a flirtatious heel and a bag just slim enough for a compact and cab fare. The clothing set the mood, cocktail attire shaped with a curve-loving bodice paired with a liberal a-line. It’s the time of martini lunches and elegant stewardesses who distributed hot towels. This is the fashion period I want to dress for. But rather than search in the present it is simpler to excavate from the past.

Tips: Update a vintage dress with a trendy shoe or accessory. Style your hair in a modern way so you don’t appear to be en route to a 1950s party.

Nautical The inventor of the anchor may not have realized he stumbled onto a design icon that has become a signature preppy style. The heavy metal has marked its space on more than on ocean floors but on clothing, bags, accents, and stationery—the list is endless. In fact all things maritime have moved from their place in the sea to the home. There are buoys in jellybean colors, tarnished lanterns and sailing pendants that evoke the sailing life without having to step on a boat. Perhaps it’s a yearning to be one with the sea. However, even those prone to seasickness cannot eschew the vibrancy of nautical colors and motifs.


Tips: To keep your home from looking like the lobby of a yacht club, mix other accessories into your style. White is the great balancer with bright colors.



RH-1408-80-85-EditorsCollectables.qxp 6/3/14 2:29 AM Page 81


Tips: Pull off tattered paper covers to showcase the gorgeous spine of vintage books. Stack with other editions to add scale on a bookshelf or table.


My first read of The Catcher in the Rye was from a book designed simply with a burgundy cover and title capitalized in yellow. It’s a cover for a reader who knows they are taking in a classic, no flashy illustrations required. At that age you reread Salinger the way we watch reruns of an HBO series. There is also the pleasure of losing an afternoon in a bookstore. After many scans of first pages you settle on a novel. There is the moment when the bookseller hands you a roped bag containing your evening’s plan. The discovery of a second-hand bookshop or flea market vendor selling old editions becomes a secret that is too difficult to conceal. The books are works of art, pages sewed in, the dust seems imported from a Parisian bookseller. Sometimes there are notes in the margin, as if you are sharing insights with a mysterious fellow reader. As long as there are flea markets old editions won’t be a quaint piece of nostalgia only relegated in period films.




I fell in love with chintzware from the moment I saw it in a magazine. A young mother was seated at her dining-room table, daughter on lap, with the cheery, floral-patterned place settings and serving pieces stretched out in front of them like an English country garden. I had never seen such charming dinnerware, and I knew I would start collecting it immediately. A table set with chintz china is like a garden of flowers you can enjoy all year long. And while my guests may not remember the dinner I served them, they will always remember the dishes! Tips: For a fresh, interesting place setting, mix two chintz patterns. If you have difficulty finding chintzware at your town’s antiques shops, search online auction sites like eBay using the words “chintz china”—but always know whether you are buying an original piece or a reproduction, as the costs vary widely.



RH-1408-80-85-EditorsCollectables.qxp 6/3/14 2:29 AM Page 82

editor s top collectibles

Vintage Telephones The thing I love most about being a collector is the way having a treasure from the past connects you with someone (perhaps a kindred spirit) from a previous generation. Vintage telephones with rotary faces are one of my favorite collectibles for that reason. They add an element of mid-century glamour to a table or desk, reminiscent of the classic movies in which elegantly dressed men and women discussed matters of grave importance. Vintage phones truly are “the next best thing to being there”. Tips: Vintage telephones are a wonderful addition to a vintage table vignette. Display one alongside a stack of classic novels and a framed black-and-white photograph.

, Glass Hens


A glass-hen collection adds a touch of whimsy to a shelf or kitchen countertop. I had seen them several times as I strolled through antiques shops without giving them a second thought, but the pivotal moment when I went from being a casual observer to an avid collector came when I was at a bed-and-breakfast on vacation and there was a sweet, colorful hen perched on my plate. When I took off the lid, a warm helping of butternut-squash soup was in the bowl. Now my dinner guests can enjoy the surprise of seeing what’s under the lid. Tips: Fill the hen bowl with small eggs for a whimsical display. In addition to using it for soup, you can serve a side dish in it.



RH-1408-80-85-EditorsCollectables.qxp 6/3/14 2:29 AM Page 83

Everyone needs a guardian angel or two, right? By collecting angel figurines and wall statuettes, I’ve tried to ensure my family and I will always be guided, protected, and watched over. Lately I’ve moved toward an “equal opportunity” focus, seeking angels that reflect ethnic and cultural diversity. I’m also trying to expand my collection to include more male angels, like the gold flea-market find pictured here.

Tips: Besides displaying angel figures in various combinations of standing groups, try hanging them on a wall or from furniture or other mountings. I arrange my angels in unique ways, thinking of each grouping as a heavenly chorus singing together a joyful song.

Coasters You know the pesky rings that somehow magically appear on wood surfaces under beverages. After creating several such stains on tables in my mother’s house as a child, I learned early on you can never have too many coasters. Mom had colorful coasters and neutral ones—of every material imaginable: cork, glass, plastic, ceramic, stone, lace … As an adult I began collecting them because I found so many unique and interesting coasters at flea markets and lots of places. Those pictured here include pastel coaster squares knitted by neighbors, hand-painted cross-sections of Minnesota pine boughs, yet others printed with Audubon bird paintings, and still more with leaves carved into maple discs. Many are amazing, like miniature artworks, and all serve the important function of preventing unsightly stains on wood.

“Treasure” Boxes





I’ve always loved little boxes. They’re perfect for holding rings, earrings, buttons, pins, paper clips— anything small that needs a container. The boxes themselves might be brightly colored or neutral; patterned or solid; with lift-off or hinged lids; made of wood, metal, pottery/china, plastic, fabric, papier mache— anything that catches my eye. Friends and family have learned the kinds of boxes I can’t resist. At flea markets, I look for boxes to complement the collection I already have: a new color, lid style, or construction material. And as with all flea-market shopping, I find that one person’s trash box is another person’s treasure box.

Tips: I combine my little boxes in various ways, sometimes stacking them or creating different sets, towers and groupings. Then I refresh the “landscape” from time to time—or frequently—depending on the look I want.


Tips: Mix coasters from different sets together in unique ways for an ever fresh and intriguing combination of coasters under your beverages. You can color-coordinate them or use similar—or interestingly contrasting—colors or materials together. Think of it as a coaster party: The more the merrier!



RH-1408-80-85-EditorsCollectables.qxp 6/3/14 2:29 AM Page 84

editor s top collectibles



Tips: Group! I set my cameras in small clusters on my bookshelf, giving them a little lift by setting them atop vintage books. For bonus points use photography books from the era of your cameras.


As a photographer who started on film, I adore vintage cameras. My goal is to collect the models my parents and grandparents used to capture the photos in our family albums. The Minolta is a model my dad used to own while the Nikon was an impulse buy that surprised me by being in working order. However, Brownies are my weakness. This blue find stole my heart from the bottom of a bargain box at just $5. Its sweet, compact style is irresistibly cute!

Telephone Pole Insulators The day my mom brought home one of these tealhued, American-made mysteries from a local antiques store I was hooked. After learning about their history and discovering that they are available in many shades of my favorite color as well as clear, I began hunting for them at just about every flea market and antiques shop I visited. From hefty and short to tall and slender, their shapes vary and always make me smile.


Tips: Put your collection to work as bookends for a colorful surprise. I even use one as a weight for scraps of crafting paper and fabric on my desk.



I’ve been known to beeline it for vendors with stacks of dishes. From vintage Fiesta to milk glass there is something special about setting dessert on a vintage treasure. My personal favorite is this Federal Glass Company cake plate. It perfectly combines my love of daisies, dessert and dainty dinnerware. Tips: Go for what you love and make it a feature. Use a glass-front cabinet to show off a stack of colorful, mismatched dishes and have fun picking out a new selection of plates each day.



RH-1408-80-85-EditorsCollectables.qxp 6/3/14 2:29 AM Page 85


Blendo Glass


There’s something about this midcentury-era tableware that just makes it delicious to collect. From the candycolored hues, to the inky tints that fade ethereally into clear glass to the matte texture that just begs to be held and appreciated. Blendo at once captures the essence of a convivial era and graceful beauty of simple design. Tips: Mix the rich colors of Blendo sets with earthy geometric prints to create a chic boho vibe.


Vintage Avon

There are those who collect old items for value and there are those who collect for memories. My collection of old Avon vessels stems from a love affair with nostalgia. My grandmother sold Avon for many years and as a child I loved rifling through her boxes of old product. From milk glass vases silk-screened with colorful flowers to slag glass decanters holding bubble bath, each items seemed so feminine, luxurious and special.

Tips: Use vintage Avon vessels as vases for a vintage-inspired table setting. Or decorate your modern vanity combining retro containers with silver or Lucite trays giving a trendy twist to an old classic.


Vintage Fabric

There is something about the colors and patterns of old fabric that captures the essence of vintage style like no other. There are so many types of fabric you can collect making this a fun and budget-friendly passion, too. From old hankies and tea towels, to tablecloths or quilts, these items add wonderful texture and dimension to any room.

Tips: You can get damaged or stained vintage linens for just a few dollars and use them as materials to create a host of other items such as table runners, napkins, aprons or pillows.



RH-1408-86-90 DIY-new.qxp 6/3/14 11:21 PM Page 86

Create a sturdy patio tablecloth and a beautiful repurposed bunting. B Y K E L LY M C C A N T S


TIP: Another great fabric for this type of tablecloth is outdoor fabric. Look for waterproof fabric with a UV protectant. Oilcloth isn’t treated for fading, so, if using it, avoid long exposures to full sun.



RH-1408-86-90 DIY-new.qxp 6/3/14 11:22 PM Page 87

Finished size: 54 inches × 76 inches (customizable), to fit an umbrella pole 1½ inches to 1¾ inches in diameter.

WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER. You want to set the patio table with a nice tablecloth and dine alfresco, but that pesky umbrella pole is in the way. This low-maintenance tablecloth is made with oilcloth and tricked out with hook-and-loop tape so you can close it around the umbrella pole. Oilcloth is waterproof and doesn’t stain easily.

Materials and Supplies (Yardage depends on table size.)

• Oil cloth • 1-inch-wide hook-and-loop tape • 1½-inch-wide purchased double-fold bias tape Measuring It: 1. Measure the width and length of your patio table. Add 16 inches to both of these measurements to allow for an 8-inch drop on all four sides of the table. 2. To determine the amount of fabric you need, take the length measurement from Step 1, multiply by 2, and then divide by 36 to get the yardage needed. My yardage: 76 inches (the finished length) x 2 = 152 inches ÷ 36 = 4¼ yards.

4. Your tablecloth will have a seam running along the length—on one side of the umbrella it will be sewn shut, and the other side can be opened and closed with hook-and-loop tape. The length of the hook-andloop tape needs to be half of the finished length of the tablecloth. Example: 76 inches ÷ 2 = 38 inches, so I bought 11/8 yards.

Cutting It Out: 1. Copy the pattern onto sturdy paper and cut it out. 2. Cut one piece of oilcloth to the finished length × the width of the material. Mark the midpoint along a long edge with a pin.

Umbrella opening pattern

3. Most oilcloth comes in bold prints, so be sure to buy more than you need to match up your prints. A fabric vendor can help you figure out the size of the repeat. My material has a 9-inch repeat, so I needed an extra ½ yard to match the print. I simply added the ½ yard to my 4¼ yards, so I bought 4¾ yards.

5. To determine how much binding you need, add the finished length to the finished width and double it. Add a few extra inches for seams. Example: Finished tablecloth is 54 inches x 76 inches; 54 inches + 76 inches = 130 inches x 2 = 260 inches, or 7¼ yards.

3. Using the pinned midpoint, match the pattern at the pinned edge to the remaining longer piece of oilcloth. Mexican oilcloth is pretty busy, so matching it up perfectly is not always possible. When you are happy with the placement, use another pin to mark the center of the second piece. AUGUST 2014


RH-1408-86-90 DIY-new.qxp 6/3/14 11:22 PM Page 88

4. Trim the longer piece from both edges to the finished length of your tablecloth.

6. Flip the folded panel over and draw a line from the center pin 1½ inches in from the selvage edge, running the length of the panel, to mark the cutting line for the closed end of the tablecloth. 7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 with the other cut panel so that the halves of the tablecloth are mirror images. 8. To determine how much excess width you need to cut from the long sides of the tablecloth, first divide the finished width in half, and then add ½ inch for the seam allowance. Keep the fabric folded, measure that distance across the panel from the 1½-inch cutting line, and cut any excess width from the opposite side through both layers. Any extra fabric can be used to make pillows for the deck! The width of my finished tablecloth needed to be 54 inches, so I divided 54 inches by 2, added ½ inch and came up with 27½ inches.

Folded across width

Trace opening pattern here. Placement line for hook-and-loop tape 1˝

Length of tablecloth

Umbrella opening traced on other side Cutting line 1½˝

Center pin


9. Making sure that you’ve positioned the openings correctly as shown, use a pair of small snips to carefully cut the umbrella opening—take your time cutting out the curve. It will become the hole for the umbrella pole, and you don’t want it to get too large. Fold

Cut out for umbrella opening.

3. Make sure that the right-hand panel is overlapping the left. On the overlapping panel, align the loop side of the tape to the right of the stitching guideline (the 1-inch fold line from the previous step). Place a single pin at the top of the tape. Pinning into hookand-loop tape is hard enough; add oilcloth to that, and it’s really hard on your hands. So use only a single pin; it will be plenty to keep you on track.

Overlapping side

10. Unfold each piece and cut along the 1½-inch line from Step 6. Now you’re ready to sew it up!

1. Using a ½-inch seam allowance, sew the panels’ right sides together along the side trimmed in Step 10. ROMANTIC HOMES •

2. Lay the tablecloth face up on the work surface. The open sides of the tablecloth will naturally fold over each other. Use the 1-inch line drawn in “Cutting It Out,” Step 5, to fold both edges over toward the right side of the oilcloth to create a stitching guide for the hook-and-loop tape.


Sewing It Up:


Fold the seam allowance to the side. Using a Super H foot and a 1/8-inch seam allowance, topstitch the seam flat through all three layers.

Center pin


Folded across width

5. Fold a tablecloth panel in half at the center pin, right sides together, through the width of the material. With the center pin at the side closest to you, draw a line 1 inch away from the selvage edge closest to you, to mark the hook-and-loop tape placement. At the center pin, use your pattern to draw what looks like half of an archway, as shown, on the tablecloth panel, for the umbrella opening.

Length of tablecloth

Stitch down right-hand edge of tape. Loop side of tape

4. Stitch the hook tape in place along the right-hand edge only—this is another great time to use that Super H foot.

RH-1408-86-90 DIY-new.qxp 6/3/14 11:22 PM Page 89

Edging It: Fold tape under.

Stitch other side of loop tape down through both layers of oilcloth.

Starting in the middle of a side of the tablecloth, sandwich the edges within the bias tape, leaving a 5-inch tail of bias unsewn at the beginning, and then edgestitch it into place. Finish the cotton bias tape to connect the ends of the bias trim.

5. Fold the oilcloth back to the wrong side at the stitched side of the tape, flip the tablecloth over and stitch the opposite edge of the tape through both layers of oilcloth.

Underlapping (left) side of tablecloth Hook side up

6. On the left-hand panel of the tablecloth, place the hook side of the tape to the left of the stitching guideline (the 1-inch fold line from Step 2), pin and edgestitch in place along both sides.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Oilcloth is amazing. Just wipe it down, and you’re ready for your next meal. It can weather the rain, but the sun can be very hard on your pretty tablecloth. To avoid deep creases when you store your oilcloth tablecloth between uses, keep it rolled instead of folded.

Finished size: 2 buntings, each 94 inches long with 9 flags BUNTINGS ARE ALL THE RAGE; you can’t have a party without one. Make this pretty bunting trimmed in rickrack using vintage sheets, like mine, or use the quilting cotton of your choice. Hunt for vintage sheets at your favorite thrift shop or buy them on

Materials and Supplies • 3 coordinating fat quarters (18 inches × 21 inches) vintage sheet material (approximately 3 pillowcases) for flags

• 3 fat quarters or 1 yard quilting cotton for back side of flags • 1¾ yards of lightweight fusible interfacing, 20 inches wide • 2 packages premade ½ inch-wide double-fold bias tape (or at least 5½ yards) AUGUST 2014


RH-1408-86-90 DIY-new.qxp 6/3/14 11:22 PM Page 90

Preparing It:

Trimming It Up:

Pattern: Copy or trace the flag pattern onto card stock and cut it out. Fold your pattern in half lengthwise to make sure it is symmetrical. If it isn’t, start over.

1. Use the Super H presser foot on your sewing machine, and set your stitch length a bit shorter than normal, so your stitches won’t pull out at the edges. With the presser foot in the up position, place a sheeting fat quarter, right side up, so that the stitching line closest to the point is centered under the foot. Place the baby rickrack on top of the first flag on the stitching line. Following the line, slowly and carefully sew through the center of the rickrack all the way across the fat quarter, stitching over all 3 flags in the row at once.

Repurposed Bunting flag pattern Cut 18 of vintage sheet fat quarters Cut 18 of quilting cotton Repurposed Bunting flag pattern

Cut 18 of vintage sheet fat quarters. Cut 18 of quilting cotton.

Fabric: Following the manufacturer’s instructions, iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the 3 fat quarters of sheeting to give it a firmer hand. I recommend using a pressing cloth. 1. Trace the flag pattern as shown 6 times onto the right side of the interfaced fat quarter of sheeting. Repeat with the remaining 2 fat quarters. Do not cut the pieces out yet. Right side of vintage sheet

2. When you get to the end of the line, line up a second fat quarter under the rickrack and chain stitch. Repeat with the third fat quarter, and trim the rickrack at the end of the last fat quarter. 3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you have all 3 rickrack lines stitched on all 18 flag fronts (6 rows of rickrack on each fat quarter).

Cutting It Out:

2. Use a clear, wide ruler (such as a rotary-cutting ruler) and a disappearingink pen to draw 3 lines on the flag pieces. The first line starts 2 inches in from the point of each bunting piece; draw the second and third lines each ½ inch further away from the point. Because you haven’t cut the flags out yet, you can draw a line across 3 pieces at a time. Repeat this step to mark the remaining 2 fat quarters.

1. Lay out each of the fat quarters, right side up, on top of the quilting cotton, wrong side up; pin them together and cut the flags out through both layers of fabric, using scissors or a rotary cutter and mat. As you cut the flags apart, you will also cut the rickrack. Note: It may be easier to cut the quilting cotton into fat quarters before pinning.

½˝ ½˝



3. Clip the corners and points; then turn each flag right side out. Use a point turner or a chopstick to make sure that the corners and points are nice and neat. Press each flag flat, working from the back or with a pressing cloth. 4.. Baste the top of each flag closed. 5. Open up an end of the 95-inch-long piece of bias tape. Fold ½ inch of this end in toward the wrong side, refold and pin closed. Repeat on the other end. 6. Place a pin 18 inches from each end of the bias tape. (This pin indicates where the bunting pieces start and end, thus creating 2 ties each 18 inches long for the finished bunting.) Insert 9 completed flags inside the fold of the bias tape, between the pins, spacing them an equal distance apart. Pin in place. 7. With the Super H foot, edgestitch the bias tape closed from end to end, using a 1/8-inch seam allowance, securing the flags in place. 8. Repeat Steps 5–7 to assemble the second bunting. Now it’s party time!

2. Cut 2 pieces of purchased doublefold bias tape each 95 inches long.

Sewing It Up: ½˝ ½˝

2. Pin each flag front to a flag back, right sides together; then sew them together along the sides and bottom only, using a ¼-inch seam allowance. Leave the top open for turning.

1. Separate the flag fronts (sheeting) and flag backs (quilting cotton) into two separate piles. Press each trimmed flag front from the wrong side.

At Home with Modern June by Kelly McCants, ©2014 by C&T Publishing; For more information on Kelly McCants, visit modernjune.

RH_1408_91 6/4/14 8:52 AM Page 91

RH-1408-92-96-Entertaining.qxp 6/3/14 2:46 AM Page 92


Strawberries PICK

Create a celebration around this delicious—and stunning—fruit.




RH-1408-92-96-Entertaining.CX 6/6/14 2:33 AM Page 93

Celebrate the sweetness of summer with the ever-popular strawberry accompanied by its flavorful comrades, the raspberry and the currant.


here is little controversy about strawberries. Everyone loves them, they are not as expensive or as high-maintenance as other berries and they are very versatile. Strawberries are great in preserves, cakes or on their own. In fact, the strawberry is so appealing there are festivals to celebrate the fruit. Create a summer gathering around what is arguably the most loved berry. Genuine fruits plucked from nature’s vine are deceivingly small and may have a few irregularities. But don’t be seduced by the oh-so shiny supermarket version because whenever artificial fillers or plumpers are used, deception is at play. The wild variety offers rustic charm and sweet flavor. AUGUST



RH-1408-92-96-Entertaining.CX 6/6/14 2:34 AM Page 94


The appeal of a real berry is its authenticity. The unadulterated fruit is more in tune with nature’s original design, which you will note especially when you take a bite that produces a carnival of tastes in your mouth. You can create an entire event around the natural strawberry. The plant is as pretty as it tastes, and it blends well with the romantic rose pattern that is seen in our favorite pottery, tablecloths and textiles. An outdoor venue is the most appropriate for a celebration centered around this hearty berry; just let nature lead the way.



RH-1408-92-96-Entertaining.CX 6/6/14 2:34 AM Page 95

Loreta’s STRAWBERRY Table Setting • Begin by selecting a party location in your garden, ideally under the shade of a tree. • Cover your table with a printed cloth that has romantic appeal, such as polka dots or tiny flowers in tender pastel tones. An uncovered table or several attractive tea towels are beautiful alternatives. • Country-style dinnerware works best. As with your tablecloth, choose classic romantic patterns. Glasses with vintage appeal or wine goblets stand out. • Mix new with old, like a new set of dishes with a handed-down candy bowl. • Put a branch of wild strawberries in a small pitcher with water instead of flowers. A currant or cherry branch also works well in a larger pitcher. • For a decorative presentation, use small pretty boxes to hold the berries. • Accompany your strawberry table with a bowl of petite raspberries or red currants, which are also in season. They will add unique texture as well as carry on the red theme.




RH-1408-92-96-Entertaining.qxp 6/3/14 2:47 AM Page 96


For more information on Loreta Jasiukeniene, visit



RH_1408_97 6/2/14 1:52 AM Page 97

Photography courtesy of KIMBERLY McCOLE

july 19•9am-4pm lake mirror center


121 south lake ave. • lakeland, fl VOTED ONE OF THE TOP 10 VINTAGE MARKETS IN THE COUNTRY

featuring ✓shabby chic ✓garden décor ✓hand-made jewelry ✓antiques ✓fabulous furniture ✓vintage fashions ✓delicious food ✓mid-century ✓cottage glam ✓farmhouse décor

RH-1408-98-101-PAGES_Quilts.qxp 6/3/14 2:57 AM Page 98



Create surprise and romance in your home using unconventional quilts with unexpected patterns.

Most quilters and quilt collectors appreciate the traditional quilt patterns and the meaning they had when they were created. However, quilt enthusiasts and collectors of eclectic home décor alike should expect the unexpected with Roderick Kiracofe’s book titled Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar 1950–2000. With over 100 pages of photographs of quirky and extraordinary quilts from Kiracofe’s personal collection, the book gives readers the opportunity to enter a world undiscovered by many and enjoy patterns that break the traditional boundaries—all while demonstrating their contribution to American contemporary art. This densely rich book includes full-page images that highlight both sides of each quilt. There are also essays from a variety of experts including historians, curators, artists and quilt makers sprinkled throughout. These essays describe what patterns and designs can contribute to a home as a form of art and expression. Traditionally patterned as well as more “piecedtogether” quilts can add a pop of color to a room and be great conversation starters. In addition, certain shades and tones can



A variety of floral, plaid and checkered fabrics are brought together in this quilt that breaks all traditional boundaries. With its eye-catching, contemporary patterns, this quilt can be considered a work of art.

“… there is a vernacular to a community, a family and a home that cultivates a style or skill or instinct and that can be seen when a quilter creates,” writes contributor Natalie Chanin.”

RH-1408-98-101-PAGES_Quilts.CX 6/6/14 2:36 AM Page 99

5 TIPS FOR ORGANIZING YOUR SEWING ROOM Keep supplies handy when you’re working and attractively stored when you’re not.

1. Stash your fabrics and quilting supplies in an armoire. Storage can be functional with a vintage feel.

2. Place your baskets of fabric or storage containers underneath your sewing table, and cover them with a table skirt to hide the containers while adding some flair to the room. 3.Hang a piece of pegboard on a closet door and add pegs to store ribbon and other craft supplies. When you want your supplies hidden from view, simply close the closet door— inconspicuous and space saving! 4. Create a “catch-all cupboard” by adding a hutch or shallow hanging cupboard to keep all your quilting necessities, whether they are in jars, in small baskets or loose. 5. Having a handy pull-out shelf in the lower compartment of a cabinet can make your supplies accessible but out of sight when need be. It can also be a great way to free up counter space.

Top Left: “Strip,” sewn together circa 1950–1975, is made entirely of cotton and was found in Cordova, Alabama. The combination of stripes, polka dots, floral and pastel colors and patterns gives a light and airy feel, perfect for display in a bedroom or any sunny room.

Left: Titled the “Double Wedding Ring,” this cotton quilt was found in Pennsylvania and is believed to have been created as a way to demonstrate the traditional patterns of its time.




RH-1408-98-101-PAGES_Quilts.qxp 6/3/14 2:57 AM Page 100


Originally found in Georgia, this quilt titled “Original Design,” incorporates geometric shapes, lighter colors and floral designs to create a nostalgic feel reminiscent of childhood.

suggest spatial relationships for a room. Cutouts from polka-dot cotton party dresses and vibrant fabrics can complement a room with striped wallpaper and make the space feel open and inviting, while dark velvets and unfinished patterns might create a feeling of warmth or mystery. Looking for a unique way to romanticize a living space? Colorful and abstract patterns carefully sewn together



can express the quilters’ dreams and passions, and bring these same romantic elements into the home where the quilt is displayed. Every home and its owner have a story to tell. Whether you’re looking to use a unique quilt as a piece of art or to drape it over your favorite chair, this book is full of stories and ideas to make your décor pop with historical value and romantic vibrancy.

Unconventional & Unexpected: American Quilts Below the Radar by Roderick Kiracofe, STC Craft, A Melanie Falick Book, ©2014;

RH_1408_101 6/2/14 1:55 AM Page 101


)("'#&' %("'#&' !'""% (&'$  &'"






RH-1408-102-104-PAGES-QuietHour.qxp 6/3/14 3:04 AM Page 102




From artist and Romantic Homes contributor Jo-Anne Coletti comes a book for the romantic at heart.


N THE STYLE OF VINTAGE GIFT BOOKS, Jo-Anne Coletti has compiled inspiring imagery and words ideal for relaxing bedside reading. “The Quiet Hour is a collection of sumptuous photography drawn from my collection of beautiful roses, flowers and other pretty things, along with romantic poems, encouraging devotionals and lovely thoughts,” Jo-Anne says. As a collector of antique gift books for a number of years, Jo-Anne has long appreciated lovely poems accompanied by beautiful floral illustrations. “They are little pieces of art. I feel with the high-tech world we live in nowadays, reading poetry and beautiful writings has become a thing of the past.” Jo-Anne wanted to create a book that was both beautiful and capable of contributing to the wellness of the soul. This desire, paired with her love for vintage gift books, led to the creation of The Quiet Hour. She selected quotes and poems that respond to the needs of a romantic heart living in the modern day. These inspiring words are combined with Jo-Anne’s talents and artistry. To make The Quiet Hour a soothing part of your daily routine, Jo-Anne suggests reading from the book before bed or just as the day begins. She describes her work as a bedside book “that is as lovely to look at as the charming script inside and will give you a feeling of pureness, innocence and hope.”



Jo-Anne wanted to create a book that was both beautiful and capable of contributing to the wellness of the soul.

RH-1408-102-104-PAGES-QuietHour.qxp 6/3/14 3:04 AM Page 103

“[The Quiet Hour is] a perfect companion to rest on your night table to calm, delight and lull you to sleep.”

When working with a bulky pot, choose delicate flowers to lighten the heavy look.




RH-1408-102-104-PAGES-QuietHour.qxp 6/3/14 3:04 AM Page 104


For more information on Jo-Anne Coletti and to order your copy of The Quiet Hour, visit

The included quotations and poems come from a variety of sources and authors, including the Romantic novelist Jane Austen. These carefully selected quotes are responsible for the book’s air of bygone simplicity and grace, encouraging quiet moments of reflection. “The days of leisurely sitting under an oak tree reading poetry may be a thing of the past, but I hope my book brings a sense of quiet, beauty and tranquility to the romantic reader,” says Jo-Anne.



RH_1408_105 6/4/14 1:22 AM Page 105

TWO is better than One Subscribe Now and SAVE BIG



to subscribe

Take advantage of this special offer and get a 1-year subscription to Romantic Homes (12 issues) with a 1-year subscription to Flea Market DĂŠcor (4 issues) and SAVE UP TO 71% off the cover price!

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This giclee-on-canvas print was painted by renowned roses artist Christie Repasy. 18� T x 18� W. $110 plus shipping and handling*

COUNTRY-STORE DISPLAY BIN Keep small treasures organized with this vintagestyle display bin. 19½� H x 5½� D x 12½� L.

$89 plus shipping and handling*


This shabby-romantic tabletop mirror has DGLVWUHVVHGLYRU\¿QLVKHPEHOOLVKHGZLWK PHWDOÀRZHUV´+[´: $26 plus shipping and handling*

RH_1408_106-109 6/2/14 2:02 AM Page 107

SHABBY COTTAGE SCALLOPED SIDE TABLE Add cottage charm to any room with this painted side table. 24.8” H x 16.53” W.

$69 plus shipping and handling*

LUCY APRON Its sweet design gives this apron vintage charm. Tie closure in back. 100% cotton. Machine washable.

$36.80 plus shipping and handling*

TEA AND ROSES JEWELRY STAND Roses and gold details stack up in this two-tier jewelry stand created from a vintage cup and saucer in Royal Albert’s “American Beauty” pattern.

$60 plus shipping & handling*

QUAINT APPETIZER PLATES These ceramic plates are perfect for a tea party or luncheon. 8.3” diameter.

$24.95 plus shipping and handling*

*For international destinations, please email us at or call us toll free at |800| 764.6278

RH_1408_106-109 6/2/14 2:03 AM Page 108



BISTRO RED CUTLERY SET Dine at a Paris cafe in the comfort of your home with this charming bistro cutlery. Set of 16.

$38 plus shipping and handling*

SARI CLUTCH Make a bold statement with this unique, vibrant clutch made from patches of silk saris. 7” x 10-1/2”.

$42 plus shipping & handling*

*For international destinations, please email us at or call us toll free at |800| 764.6278


$15 plus shipping and handling*

RH_1408_106-109 6/2/14 2:03 AM Page 109

ROCOCO VANITY TRAY This vanity tray is an elegant way to keep coins, jewelry and trinkets handy. Measures 5” x 4½” x 1”.

$19 plus shipping and handling*

TWO-TIER PEWTER HEART TRAY Use this unusual heart-shaped pewter tray to hold cupcakes, cookies, candies and more. 8” x 8” W x 14” H.

$21 plus shipping and handling*

WHITE FRENCH COUNTRY MIRROR This French-styled mirror would make a great addition to any entryway, living room or bedroom. 23.8” L x 1.5” W x 3.4” H.

$274.95, including shipping and handling*

COCO WALL LIGHT- SMALL This artful wall light is hand-wrapped in silver. 9.84” diameter x 4.72” deep.

$695 plus shipping and handling*

RH-1408-110-Shoppinguide-CNM.CX 6/6/14 2:38 AM Page 110

shopping guide Simply Pages 12–15

Sofa, dining chairs, kitchen cabinets:

Elmer’s wood glue, wood putty, handles and


spray paint: Visit

Miscellaneous toys and bunting: Visit

E6000 adhesive, felt and foam core: Visit

Bunting: Visit

White seashells: Surroundings by Melinda

Pick Strawberries

(239) 579-0409.

Pages 92–96

Ta Da

Dishes: Visit

Pages 30–33

Depression glass: Tea Leaf Cottage, 141 N. Glassell Street, Old Towne Orange, CA 92866. Call (714) 771-7752.

Paint Me Light Pages 40–51

Paint: Antique White USA by Dulux, visit Fabric: Rose Blossom fabric by Rachel Ashwell, visit

Pastel Delight


Pages 52–63


Prefabricated home: Visit Kitchen towels: Visit


coming next month


Fun patterns, whitewashed walls and light-hued textiles combine beautifully in the home of Paula Makipelto. The result is a cozy environment perfect for a young family.



Welcome friends into your home in style with these chic and sweet luncheon ideas that feature intricate details and undeniably feminine styling.

RH-1408-111-adindex 6/5/14 8:30 AM Page 111

ad index 3 French Hens Country Market 112 Cynthia Joy Ceramics ........29 Antique Cottage & ....112 Antique Farm ................5 Antoinette French Design ........39 Chic Vintage Decor Coach Cottage ............................17 Country Roads Antiques DecoArt ..................................9 ............................7 Do It Yourself Chic ....................39

Vintage Rose

Earth Angels Studios, 112 Efex Decorative Appliques & Moldings ............................91

At Richwood

Elizabeth's Embellishments ....91 Family Heirloom Weavers ........29

6 Day Shopping Event

1st Monday-Saturday each month Oct 6-11 2014 May 5-10 2014 Nov 3-8 2014 Jun 2-7 2014 Dec 1-6 2014 July 7-12 2014 Jan 5-10 2015 Aug 4-9 2014 Mar 2-7 2015 Sept 1-6 2014

5009 Hwy 288B Richwood TX 77531

Farmhouse Wares Flights of ..........97 French Charmed ......................29 Harbor Freight Tools ........................113 King Richard's Antique Center ............39 Meadow ......................17 Michigan Antique Collectible Festivals


Miss Rose Sister Violet ..............97 My Sister Sings ........111 Paris in a Cup Plaster Paint Company ..................37 Replacements, Ltd. ........................112 Scarlett ..............112 Secret Garden ............17 Silver Spoon ................37 So Shabby ........................17 The Fancy Flea ................................97 The Nest ........................111 The Vintage Nest ......................17 Traditions Trash Toppers ..........................111 Twine Room Design ........................101 Vintage Doors LLC ........................101 Vintage Market & Design Vintage Rose Vintage Rose Collection ............101 Wesley Allen Beds Winsome ....................101 The Advertiser’s Index is provided as a service to Romantic Homes readers. Romantic Homes is not responsible for omissions or typographical errors on names, page numbers or contact information.



RH_1408_112 6/2/14 1:56 AM Page 112








$ 99





LIMIT 1 - Cannot be used with other discount coupon. Coupon good at our retail stores only. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable.    Original coupon must be presented.   Valid through 11/8/14.   Limit one FREE GIFT coupon per customer per day.


R ! PE ON SU UP O • 1000 lb. Capacity C



105 PIECE TOOL KIT LOT NO. 4030 69323/69380/61591 4 Drawer Tool • E SAV ed

LOT NO. 93888/60497 61899

$ 99

SAVE $125


LOT NO. 60600/68001 Item 60600 shown

17499 REG. PRICE $299.99

LIMIT 4 - Good at our stores or or by calling 800-423-2567. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 11/8/14. Limit one coupon per customer per day.


$3599 $



REG. PRICE $89.99


SAVE $40

Chest Includ

Item 4030 shown

REG. PRICE $14.99




LIMIT 1 - Save 20% on any one item purchased at our stores or or by calling 800-423-2567. *Cannot be used with other discount, coupon, gift cards, Inside Track Club membership, extended service plans or on any of the following: compressors, generators, tool storage or carts, welders, floor jacks, Towable Ride-On Trencher (Item 65162), open box items, in-store event or parking lot sale items. Not valid on prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase date with original receipt. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 11/8/14. Limit one coupon per customer per day.


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Item 47877 shown

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Item 93888 shown

ITEM 47877/67405 60274/60430/36872

Item 69080 shown


SAVE 46%

• Stainless Steel Blades

ITEM 69080 69030/69031/47737

ITEM 65020 69052/69111









170 Item 47712 shown


LOT NO. 94538






REG. PRICE $399.99

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"The Price is Irresistible"

– Family Handyman Magazine

SAVE NO. 70% LOT68861

LOT NO. 68528/69676/69729 LOT NO. 69675/69728 CALIFORNIA ONLY

• 70 dB Noise Level Item 68528 shown


29999 REG. PRICE $499.99

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MULTIFUNCTION POWER TOOL Item 68861 or by calling prior our stores or HarborF LIMIT 4 - Good at be used with other discount or coupon orreceipt. e with original 800-423-2567. Cannot from original purchas be Original coupon must purchases after 30 days day. s last. Non-transferable. Offer good while supplie 11/8/14. Limit one coupon per customer per presented. Valid through



68303 60428 62279 62302


shown 8 Functions: Sanding, Remove Grout, Cut Metal, Cut Flooring, Cut Plastic, Plunge Cut, Scrape Concrete, Scrape Flooring

1499 REG. PRICE $49.99

LIMIT 4 - Good at our stores or or by calling 800-423-2567. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 11/8/14. Limit one coupon per customer per day.

• 350 lb. Capacity

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2299 REG. PRICE $34.99

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Over 25 Million Satisfied Customers • No Hassle Return Policy • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 500 Stores Nationwide • Lifetime Warranty On All Hand Tools

RH_1407-96-Event_Mkt Center 6/2/14 10:51 PM Page 113

market center For more information on advertising in Romantic Homes, call Mary Ann Jaca (866) 866-5146 Please ask for “Market Center Service Department�or call: 800-332-3330 22840 Savi Ranch Parkway, Suite 200, Yorba Linda, CA 92887

Paris In A Cup Tea Salon & CafĂŠ Serving Lunch, Tea & Desserts Gift Shop featuring: French Imports, Souvenirs de France, Teas & Unique Gifts 119 S. Glassell Street Old Towne Orange, CA 92866


Events Please Call Donna Norris at


Romantic Homes readers are seeking your events!          “Country Living Fairsâ€? September 12–14 • Ohio October 25–27 • Georgia “Remnants of the Pastâ€? November 8 & 9 • California          

Draw more visitors, enhance your visibility and increase product sales. Let our established brand attract more attendees and vendors to help make your marketing efforts a success. JANUARY 2011


RH-1408-114-Favorites.qxp 6/3/14 3:11 AM Page 114


O’ CONNOR Folk art dealer Jen O’Connor loves art, adores the handmade and treasures the vintage. She founded Earth Angels Studios to sell the goods she celebrates in her home and with her personal style: folk art, accessories, décor and handmade and vintage loot. She also brings art and shopping on the road, hosting pop-up galleries from coast to coast. Here are some of her favorite things. 1





1. DARK CHOCOLATE: I indulge in the dark stuff only; my favorite is Ghirardelli’s 70% cacao. I bake with it every chance I can because a cake on the counter is like a good black dress in the closet: you’re ready for a party. 2. BLING: I am smitten with texture and anything that sparkles, so wear festive bling everyday. I love to load my arms up with bangles or wear a brooch and swingy baubles. 3. WEST COAST OF IRELAND: This is simply the most peaceful and hauntingly beautiful place on the planet. I am totally inspired when I walk along the edge of the sea; the lush green enchants me. 4. VANILLA: The aroma of vanilla brings me right back to my Grandma’s kitchen, so I’ve tried many candles. The best is “Butterfield Bakery” from The Blackberry Briar. I adore these candles so much, I now sell them in my store, 5. RED SHOES: Putting my feet in red shoes is just plain fun. They add a bit of sass and kick to any outfit. Besides, when I click my heels, I know there’s no place like home. 114


6. ADVENTURES: I see life as a series of adventures. I love to pile my three kids in the car and see where a day trip might lead us. I can’t resist having vintage wheels, and I see how we get there as part of the journey. 7. WALL ART: I am addicted to wall art. I’ve been buying and selling folk art for almost 20 years, but it still thrills me to hang a new piece of art and take in how it impacts a room. My current favorites are winsomely simple landscapes, like this one by painter Laurie Meseroll. 8. THE OUTDOORS: There are piles of rocks, birds’ nests and shells around my home. I love the outdoors and can’t help but save mementos from walks on the beach and hikes in the woods.





RH_1408_C3 6/2/14 1:57 AM Page C3

RH_1408_C4 6/2/14 1:58 AM Page C4


Wesley Allen


I ro n Furn it ure




Please Visit Our Website For A Dealer Near You IN THE