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ville niemi drawings, and too many faces


so many faces

When you’re walking amongst a mass of people you might pay attention to what people look like. A specific feature in their appearance might catch your eye: clothing, their stance, hairstyle... To me it every so often is expressions and their possible moods. What do they have in their minds - what sort of burdens are they carrying or what is making them happy at the moment?

Inasmuch as personal communication and direct interaction with people unknown to us rarely happens, we are often left with an uninitiated mind.

so few names

So many faces, so few names Niin monia naamoja, niin vähän nimiä Every face belongs to someone... they are faces of humans as human as you are. Behind of th

Jokaset kasvot on jonkun. Ihmisten, jotka on yhtä ihmisiä kun me ite. Niiden takaan on y

hem lie as many secrets and thoughts as does yours - not to forget about feelings

yht채 paljon salaisuuksia ja ajatuksia kuten sulla... tunteista puhumattakaan.

Two Remakes: Analog vs Digital (10/2011) Left: Pen & Paper drawing Top right: Wacom + Photoshop illustration Bottom right: Original photograph by Juuso Salakka These two drawings of my very face were a research to working methods - comparing digital and analog. The original photograph was chosen because of a personal interest to work on images of myself. It sounds self-centered and egoistic (at least for the society in which I have learn to live in), but I do like to bring a bit of strangeness into every situation. Being the odd amongst the evens has become more like a habit than an accident. Lord help me.

drawings, and too many faces  

this is a preview of an on-going project, a collage or gallery of doodles and sketches.