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Application Booklet for

MC OGX CEEDer in AIESEC in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012-2013

Table of contents: 1. Application guidelines 2. Selection process 3. Application form 4. Job Description

1. Guideline for application: 1. The questionnaire consists of a general section (1. Personal; 2. AIESEC Experience; 3. AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina) and an OGX-related section. Please complete both sections in full. 2. Please delete the introduction and guidelines sections of the form when submitting it. 3. Feel free to personalise the application form. 4. The Application Package should have the following NAME_SURNAME


5. Send your application package before 8pm (GMT) Sunday 15th July 2012 to Nina Markovic ( and Amila Kurtovic (! Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted!

CEEDership will take place in Sarajevo and it should last from September 2012 till February 2013. 2. Selection Process: During the selection process we will measure different competencies at each stage, please take note of the process and ensure you are available on the relevant dates.


If you have any questions or if you need help in your preparation, feel free to approach the MC! Good luck with your application!

Regards, AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina MC team 2012– 2013

Application form

I. General 1. Section: Personal Details Name

Insert a recent picture of yourself

Country + home LC Nationality Place and date of birth Permanent Address Phone number E-mail address

Language proficiency List languages and levels (native/excellent/good/basic) Speaking






2. Section: Your AIESEC Experience In this section we would like to find out about your past AIESEC experience and personal development.

1. At first, list all relevant positions you have held in AIESEC so far:



How will this help you in this CEED position?

2. Please list 4 most important AIESEC conferences you attended, also mentioning your role and the main learning point or outcome of the conference. Date



Learning point/outcome

3. According to your past team experiences, what are your strengths and weaknesses within a team environment?

3. Section: AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina In the AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina section we are curious about your attitude, motivation and the personal characteristics that you would bring to AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. Why have you decided to apply for a CEED in AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina?


2. Please outline what you understand by the phrase – the power of exchange

II. OGX-related 1. How would you explain the concept of AIESEC Exchange to a Bosnian and Herzegovinian student who has never heard of AIESEC before?

2. Explain the three most important factors for AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina in creating high quality exchange experiences for Bosnian and Herzegovinian students

3. Please describe an idea communication plan for a GCDP OGX recruitment and a GIP OGX recruitment

4. Describe your experience in matching – how was it done in your entity, which techniques do you consider as most efficient?

5. What will be your strategy to efficiently match EPs from AIESEC BiH with other LCs and MCs around the world? How do you want to manage this process?

6. How many EPs did you raise, match and realize during your term and how much growth was it competing to the term before?


4. Job Description of MC OGX CEED

AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012/2013 Role title: MC OGX CEEDer General summary Duration of the CEED: September 2012 – February 2013 

Responsible for assisting MC VPOGX in all physical and online OGX promotions conducted by AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina

Responsible for on-campus marketing, presentations and sales

Responsible for EP pipeline management including Applications, Raising and Matching during period between August 2012 and February 2013

The CEED is provided with accomodation

Full-time role

The CEED is a 6 months role

The National Holiday is November 25th

Some weekend work is required during busy periods

This is an unpaid CEED with accomodation provided.



Structural integration

Main tasks and responsibilities 

Participation in on-campus OGX recruitment activities – recruitment stands, career fairs etc.

Selling AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina Exchange opportunities to students

Providing GCPs from own country to develop the OGX processes of AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tracking the work of VP OGXes of two LCs and two OEs of AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina

Being present on all exchange-related events in AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina

Constant communication with MC VP OGX regarding all the matters and tasks

EP pipeline management including:

Tracking of applications

Maintenance of EP tracking spreadsheets

Matching activities including: 

Negotiation of MC-to-MC and MC-to-LC matching partnerships where appropriate

Tracking of matching within the LCs and OEs

Skills and Competencies required


 Excellent communication skills

 Excellent sales skills  Time management  Confidence and self-reliance  Ability to work in an intercultural team  Perseverance  Flexible and adaptable working style

Other requirements  Understanding of global EP and TN pipelines  Understanding of AIESEC 2015 Programme models  Good knowledge of

Competencies and skills to be developed 

Knowledge of other working cultures

Sales and marketing experience

Understanding of AIESEC Expansions

Working in intercultural teams

Measure of success  Number of applications to AIESEC BiH Global Community Development Programme  Number of applications to AIESEC BiH Global Internship Programme  Number of GCDP EPs Raised  Number of GCDP EPs Matched  Number of GIP EPs Raised  Number of GIP EPs Matched The application must be recieved by AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina no later than 20:00 (GMT) Sunday July 15th. Late applications will not be considered. Applications must be sent in the following format: The application must be in zip format with the documents in pdf Please name the zip file BiH_CEED_FIRST NAME_SURNAME example BiH_CEED_Nina_Dumrukcic


The email subject must be AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina OGX CEED 2012-2013

The document must be sent to and

Please contact for more information MCVP OGX


Skype: amila.kurtovic

The Deadline for Applying is July 15th 2012

– Good Luck


Amila Kurtovic

MC OGX CEED AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina  
MC OGX CEED AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina  

Application booklet for MC OGX CEED in AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina