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beauty & wellness

healing algarve

Enjoy the “Spa Signature Journey” with typical products of the Algarve and experience the traditional Portuguese hospitality.

Natural Beauty Soothing facial that moisturizes your skin and provides a complete rest to your body and mind. The treatment makes your skin smooth on an absolutely natural base with the special products “terre e mer”, the biological line of Thalgo. Enjoy this treatment combined with a full body relaxation massage using lavender oil, which reduces the accumulated tension and muscular exhaustion.

130 minutes

€ 162,00

Vila Vita Parc healing algarve

Blissfull Pampering

Vital Maritim

With our ageless facial you will experience a treatment giving your skin ageless beauty and fresh radiance. A hands and feet bliss is an exfoliation with an enzymatic peeling, followed by a relaxing hand and feet massage. Finally you enjoy a natural algarvian orange juice with plenty of vitamines.

Our special treatment “Vital Maritim” takes you on a journey through natural essences of the Algarve. A sea & salt algae exfoliation guarantees the removal of dead and dry skin cells, and will refresh and stimulate your skin. A private bath experience with essences of marine micro algae, water lily extract and essential oils which will make you feel like in a blue lagoon that moisturizes, soothes and tones your skin. Enjoy the perfect harmony and relaxation during a full body massage with “pouchons”, made out of marine algae flowers, essential oils, and natural lavender oil.

120 minutes

€ 138,00

115 minutes

€ 145,00

kanebo facial treatments

Kanebo Juragi

Kanebo Sensai Beauty

A deeply moisturizing treatment to boost cell vitality for specific skin types. This early aging silk touch treatment features the “SENSAI SILK” introductory anti - aging line, which counters signs of early aging caused by environmental and lifestyle-related stress. Enhances skin firmness and improves resistance to external aggravation and stress build-up.

80 minutes

€ 105,00

This deluxe anti-aging facial treatment featuring Kanebo’s most potent and luxurious product series, “SENSAI PREMIER” is formulated with exclusive DNA repair support technologies to enable cells to perform at their peak for longer, thus taking women closer to their ideal of “timeless beauty”. 80 minutes

€ 155,00

Kanebo Ritsudo Intensive therapy to tone facial muscles to counter sagging around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and facial contours. This advanced anti-aging lifting facial treatment contributes to more defined facial contours and an uplifted, taut and youthful appearance. 80 minutes € 135,00

thalgo facial treatments

Deep Cleansing Thalgo Facial

Thalgo Moisture Face Flash

This balancing skin treatment for oily or difficult skin starts with a soft and skin-calming massage. Special oils, algae and extracts from plants help the deep cleansing, and regulate the healthy functions of your skin.

This intensive hydrating face treatment moisturizes and helps your skin find back its inner balance. The skin is immediately smooth and harmonised. This facial includes a cleansing and exfoliation mask. The hydration will be intensified even further by being massaged with the special Thalgo hydrating gel pads.

A soothing mask refreshes and moisturizes your skin, supplies it with minerals and calms irritated skin areas down.

70 minutes

After this treatment your skin will feel soft and even.

This anti-aging face treatment strongly regenerates your skin. After cleansing and exfoliating, a special anti-aging mask from bio-cellulose, enriched with N.H.H., will be applied. Your skin is instantly revitalised, uplifted and fine lines give way to increase firmness with a radiant glow.

50 minutes

â‚Ź 85,00

â‚Ź 115,00

Thalgo Anti-Aging Facial

80 minutes

â‚Ź 125,00

Vila Vita Parc biologic line

“terre e mer“ – facial treatments

Smooth Facial

Regenerating Facial

Smoothness, hydration and pure nature are the secrets of this treatment for a maximum relaxation of the skin. Envelopped by lavender and lime fragrances, this treatment touches all of your senses.

This anti-aging treatment, in addition to smoothing and hydrating, also helps to rebalance the skin’s natural functions. Natural essences and ethereal oils from olives, almonds, sunflowers, camomile and pine by the biological line “terre e mer” help to regenerate the skin and to balance it.

Experience the touch of Mediterranean roots, ingredients found in the products of the biological line “terre e mer” by Thalgo.

80 minutes

€ 105,00

80 minutes

€ 110,00

kanebo body treatments

Senritsu Anti-Cellulite Double action course to counter sagging and improve resilience, featuring Kanebo’s “Cellular Performance” body care products and a special firming massage oil. The treatment promotes the flow of energy, blood and water, leaving your body feeling toned and supple, and your mind relaxed. 80 minutes

€ 125,00

Kumikyoku Anti-Stress A deeply moisturizing and balancing therapy for specific skin types, featuring “BODY CARE” products and a special moisturizing massage oil scented with Kanebo’s original bamboo fragrance. This treatment is effective in regulating energy, blood and water circulation, and dissolving tension. 80 minutes

€ 115,00

Vila Vita Parc thalgo body treatments

Slim & Sculpt Expert This treatment is the effective and personalized solution to combat localized fat, cellulite and sagging skin. Its purpose is to restore the silhouette, to tighten the skin, and to achieve a harmonized and even skin structure.

Thalgomince LC 24 This specific treatment against cellulite cells uses caffeine and special extracts from plants. The cellulite is reduced, the metabolism is activated, the storage of new fat cells will be inhibited, resulting in a radiant and smooth skin. 80 minutes

The double effect results of active muscle work during a special fitness massage and ingredients like seaweed, grain and caffeine being applied on your skin.

80 minutes

â‚Ź 140,00

â‚Ź 130,00

Hydration Body Flash Helps dry and sensitive skin. This treatment deeply rehydrates. Starting with a sugar & salt exfoliation, you can relax while being massaged. With the ensuing silky mask your skin calms down and is deeply moisturized. During this mask you will enjoy a wonderful head massage. 80 minutes

â‚Ź 125,00

beauty specials


Beautiful Eyes Eyebrow tinting Eyelash tinting Eyebrow shaping

€ 10,00 € 10,00 € 10,00

Manicure Spa manicure With a peeling Deluxe paraffin and peeling

€ 40,00 € 50,00 € 65,00

Pedicure Spa pedicure Deluxe with peeling and paraffin Medical pedicure

€ 60,00 € 75,00 € 75,00

French nail varnish Hands or feet

€ 15,00

The 40 ° C bath is an oriental version of a Turkish bath used in combination with a variety of mud applications. 50 minutes 50 minutes

1 person € 50,00 2 persons € 80,00

Dream Baths (25 min.) € 35,00 Choose your favorite flavour. Combine your bath with one of our beauty and wellness treatments. Depilation Upper lip Half leg wax Full leg wax Bikini zone/armpit

€ 10,00 € 40,00 € 60,00 € 20,00

massages & spa rituals

Thai Massage 50 minutes 80 minutes Aroma Oil Massage 50 minutes 80 minutes

€ 80,00 € 120,00 € 80,00 € 120,00 € 80,00 € 80,00

Hot Stone Massage 45 minutes

Couples can choose between Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aroma oil massage or anti-stress massage side by side. 50 minutes 80 minutes

€ 145,00 € 210,00

Learn How to Give Massages

Shiatsu – Japanese Massage 50 minutes

€ 80,00

Spa for 2 – „two-gether“

Anti-Stress Massage 50 minutes

Relaxing Massage with Bio Oil 50 minutes

€ 80,00

This exclusive lesson teaches you simple massage techniques for back & shoulders or feet & legs. Includes a bottle of massage oil to take home. 25 minutes € 95,00

Vila Vita Parc massages & therapies

Craniosacral Therapy

Swedish Massage 25 minutes 50 minutes 80 minutes

€ 45,00 € 80,00 € 120,00

Lymphatic Drainage 25 minutes 50 minutes

€ 45,00 € 80,00

Intensive Body Massage 50 minutes

50 minutes

€ 90,00

Physiotherapy / Manual Therapy € 85,00

The classic combination of different massage techniques, breathing therapy, stretching, mobilisation and active movements will be tailoured to your special needs and requests.

€ 70,00

50 minutes

Reflexology 45 minutes

A method of evaluating and improving the functions of the craniosacral system, comprised of the membranes and the cerebrospinal fluid which protects and surrounds the spinal cord and the brain. This treatment is beneficial for stress, sleeping and concentration problems.

€ 90,00

massages & therapies

Golfers Massage Designed to ease tension and increase your mobility for your next game. The therapist personalizes your treatment to your specific needs, concentrating on the shoulders, upper back, chest and hips as well as forearms and wrists. 50 minutes â‚Ź 80,00 Osteopathy Osteopathy is a medical discipline based on a verbal anamnesis, manual diagnosis and treatment of impaired movement within the human body. It sees the body in a holistic way and treats the reason for a problem, not only its symptoms. The treatment works with gentle manual techniques designed to restore mobility, improve functioning of the different body systems and its connections. 50 minutes

â‚Ź 95,00

men´s world

„ThalgoMEN” Ocean Care Facial

Sports Massage Enjoy this massage before physical activity to increase flexibility, or afterwards to help the speedy recovery of strained muscles. The intensive treatment is specifically for releasing pain and tension in tight, stressed and aching muscles. 50 minutes

€ 80,00

Pure Relaxation

50 minutes

This massage will dissolve away stress and tension, concentrating on your back, neck and shoulder area. Combined with a foot massage, this treatment will create a feeling of well-being and total relaxation. 50 minutes

Based on the “ALGUE BLEU VITAL” by Thalgo, this facial treatment activates tired and stressed skin by using the energy of algae products, the skin gets rejuvenated, rehydrated and balanced. The cleansing is followed by a short face massage, a mask with refreshing bamboo extracts, and maritime face - caring products, that deeply nourish and repair your skin.

€ 80,00

€ 85,00

Manicure / Pedicure Get a professional manicure and pedicure for men for beautiful hands and feet SPA manicure € 40,00 SPA pedicure € 60,00

energym - personal training

Technogym TGS Key® Programming

Assisted Stretching

If you wish to continue your current training routine, or access specific training programmes for visualization of your performance and results, the Technogym Wellness System Key ® can be programmed by our personal trainers. The wellness system helps users follow and view their personal goals.

It is a one-to-one session and entirely dedicated to stretching and relaxation. Includes stretching the major body muscle groups through a combination of techniques. This session helps to eliminate body tension and improves your overall flexibility.

30 minutes

45 minutes

€ 25,00

€ 40,00

Personal Training A professional Personal Trainer will personalize a training program adapted to your needs and goals. The coaching helps you optimize your performance, maximizing your time in the gym. This session ends with passive stretching and cervical traction. 60 minutes

€ 70,00

Vila Vita Parc energym

– personal training

Core Training

Body Forming for Women

This session includes 5 minutes of warm-up, followed by exercises to the pelvis and lower back stabilization. Then it continues with “CORE” training. All the exercises are performed in isometric contraction. You will feel the benefit of these exercises already after the first training session.

Tone-up the upper body, lower body, the abdominal area and buttocks. This session begins with a cardio-respiratory activation, followed by strength exercises (dynamics muscle contraction with Technogym ® equipment) and ends with passive stretching and cervical traction.

45 minutes

45 minutes

€ 45,00

Body Stabilization 5 minutes warm-up, followed by stabilization exercises to the shoulder zone, pelvic zone and lower back, continues with full body strength and “CORE” training. The exercises are performed in dynamic and isometric contraction, through the use of Swiss Ball and BOSU. It ends with a passive stretching and cervical traction. 60 minutes € 70,00

€ 50,00

Vila Vita Parc energym

– personal training



Swimming is a pleasure for the body, strengthens the heart and lungs, tones-up all the muscles and helps to relax. This one-toone session is taught by an expert instructor to advise and help you improve your swimming technique, learn a new one and optimise your swimming training.

Stabilization and strengthening of the center of the body. Good posture with abs and strong back. Prevents back problems and increases flexibility.

60 minutes

60 minutes

€ 40,00

Yoga This class takes up positions of strength, flexibility and meditation, always in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

60 minutes

€ 80,00

€ 80,00


– group classes

Water Gymnastics

Yoga and Wellness

This class includes exercise, music and fun. Watergymnastics improves your aerobic capacity, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and general well-being while burning many calories.

This class takes up positions of strength, flexibility and meditation, always in perfect harmony with the surroundings, creating a body and mind connection to act and deal with our thoughts and emotions more clearly.

45 minutes

45 minutes

€ 15,00

Vital Jogging

€ 15,00

Stretching Class

Low-intensity aerobic work through the magnificent gardens and paths of our resort. Starts with a short session of stretching, followed by aerobic work and ends with abdominal and stretching work.

It’s an active stretching class, working mostly on the large muscle groups of the upper body, lower body and trunk. It ends with a light relaxation session (Jacobson relaxation technique).

40 minutes

45 minutes

€ 15,00

€ 15,00

Vila Vita Parc energym

– group classes

Pilates Stabilization and strengthening of the center of the body. Good posture with abs and strong back. Prevents back problems and increases flexibility. 40 minutes

€ 15,00

Beach Walk Walk along the cliffs through the cliffs to the Armação de Pêra beach, to the Restaurant Arte Náutica. Return to resort VILA VITA Parc by shuttle. 60 minutes

free of charge (Subject to modifications and amendments, November 2010)


Alporchinhos, 8400 - 450 Porches, Portugal . Telephone: +351/282 320 351 . Fax: +351/282 320 339 . eMail: .

VILA VITA VITAL Spa Brochure (2010/2011)  

Discover the services available at VILA VITA Parc's VITAL Spa.

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