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Most people don't realize just how big of a company Acer Inc. Is. They are the second largest computer company in the world, and considering the number of companies out there that are making computers, this is a big deal. Acer has in it's collection, seven different series of Acer laptops. Each series caters to the specific needs of the user. Not only do they make excellent laptops, but they make one of the best netbooks on the market. The Acer series include the Acer Aspire series, the Tablet PC series, the Travel Mate series as well as the Aspire Timeline series and the Extensa series. The Travelmate series is mostly geared towards professionals and business people, especially those who do an extensive amount of traveling. These laptops are equipped with both a port for wired ethernet as well as a wireless adapter installed. They also have a PC card slot and multiple USB ports where you can utilize your external devices. The most recent models of Acer laptops have a dual core processor. This enables the user to have much more memory as well as a top of the line graphics card to help with presentations. The Tablet PC series is a laptop shaped computer that uses a stylus or finger to maneuver the touch screen aspect of the computer instead of a keyboard or mouse. This little tablet is a way to interact with your PC. The series Aspire are the most popular the company has produced to date. This series has contains seventy-five different laptop models. The Acer Aspire even makes the Netbook, the Acer Aspire One. This series of computers was designed with the individual casual user in mind or even the small business. These were first introduced to the market in'99. The Extensa series is another group of Acer laptops. The 9 different models of this series are comparable to the ones in the Travelmate series. They were made for business people and professionals. Acer has been in some lawsuits recently and has come out on top. First, the company suing Acer claimed they were copying patents including the power management in notebooks. Acer turned around and filed a counter claim against the company for patent infringements. The other company settled out of court with Acer. This meant that the Acer laptops would begin to dominate the market. Acer announced they will begin pushing the Linux program on its netbooks and laptops. Acer has already began to invade the professional market with the Linux program in its PC's and while they have already pushed the operating system on the netbook, the company will further push it on the Acer laptops. It is no surprise that with this kind of media attention, with the superior product that

Acer Inc. Offers and with the reasonable prices of their Acer laptops, that Acer has completely dominated the market in personal computers and laptops.

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==== ==== Acer is one of the best upcoming PCs available. Click here for more great reviews and information: ==== ====

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