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March 30 - April 5, 2013

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Meat prices risk rise from cattle shortage

by Tony Wilson

been consumed and there was no thought or planning for stock replenishment,’’ he said.

VANUATU needs more cattle as the demand is outstripping the supply, says a major farmer.

“You could ship more cattle into Tanna, but the same thing would just happen again.’’

Leading cattle farmer David Russet said the real issue is that there is not enough land available at present to graze the prized Vanuatu cattle.

He said many of the cattle farms in Santo were being poorly run at present. “They are using poor techniques and many of them are really farming fields of weed,’’ he said.

“The government has to get its act together and facilitate the acquiring of land that can be converted into cattle farming land,’’ he said.

“For example the Milai property was well run by Mark O’Brien and his father and they had about 11,500 head of cattle.

“There is basically no land left in Efate for cattle farming and not a great amount in Santo either. “If more land doesn’t become available then the shortages of beef will increase and the prices will increase as well.’’ Mr Russet said the untouched land in central Efate is too hilly and unsuitable for cattle farming. “You need undulating land and areas that can easily be converted into grass paddocks,’’ he said. He said a number of factors had led to the cattle shortage in Vanuatu.


“Then it was sold to a Korean company about six years ago and now it is not well run and has only about 6000 head of cattle. Vanuatu beef is among the best in the world, but a major producer warns land is scarce. “Firstly, the population has increased and also the Melanesian diet has changed and now they eat a lot more meat than previously,’’ he said. “The other factor is that the rest of the world has discovered how good Vanuatu beef is and the word about our quality has spread, and with it the demand for our meat from overseas.’’

Police warn drivers over Easter break uu 3

“Our beef is simply the best in the South Pacific and among the best in the world.’’

“We cannot afford to have farms like that we need them to be efficient to help meet the demand.’’

Mr Russet, who is the third or fourth largest cattle producer in Vanuatu, said some of the cattle farming techniques and standards were not adequate and this was adding significantly to the problems.

Mr Russet said he is currently in the process of buying the Milai property and plans to restore it to its past levels of cattle. He is also looking at sites in Erromango and South Malekula as possible cattle properties.

“There is no beef cattle left inTanna, it has all

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Pacific nations urged to call for global shift to renewable energy A POWERFUL challenge was made to the Small Island Developing States this week at the Pacific Energy Summit in Auckland, New Zealand.

the world like the SIDS that are more vulnerable to the present increase of global emissions,” said Figueres at the meeting.

Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change called upon the Pacific Island Small Island Developing States to use their voice to call for a faster transfer to renewable energy use across the globe.

Pacific island countries have banded together under the Pacific Islands Greenhouse Gas Abatement through Renewable Energy project (PIGGAREP) to collectively to reduce Pacific greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2015 through helping 11 Pacific island countries to overcome barriers to renewable energy.

“Traditionally the Small Island Developing States have used their voice to flesh out all the details of adaptation and loss and damage at the climate negotiations. Do not let up on this. In addition use your voice to bring a transformation to renewable energy”.

Implemented by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP), this project is funded by the Global Environment Facility and cofinancing partners. The UNDP Multicountry Office in Samoa is the Principal Project Representative.

The two day summit in New Zealand has brought together Pacific island countries and territories with donors and partners to help foster faster renewable energy investments in the Pacific. 79 projects and activities with an indicative project value of NZD 1.6 billion have been identified by Pacific island countries; half of these projects with a value close to NZD 800 million are not yet fully funded. The Pacific Energy Summit hopes to close this funding gap.

Vanuatu could face beef shortage From page 1 “But to do all of this, we farmers need government support for an industry that is very important to Vanuatu,’’ he said. “We badly need a rural development bank for our farming sector and generally, apart from increased government support, we just need to be better organised as a business sector.’’ A local meat expert said many cattle arrive at the abbatoir in a parlous state because of poor farming practices. “Also when we hear talk of a meat shortage, people must understand that the abbatoir is privately owned and the meat is simply sold to the highest bidder, which means much of it goes offshore and that just makes good business sense for the owner,’’ he said.

Christiana Figueres Pacific Islands spend, on average, 10 per cent of their gross domestic product importing petroleum products. While the increase of renewable energy will help address the economic issues in the Pacific, it also helps to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. “Small Island Developing States alone cannot bend the curve of global emissions. It is in other regions that major transformation to renewable energy needs to take place. “There is hardly a group of countries in

“What I have learned from all of you is there is no magical solution, no quick fix, no one size fits all,” said Figueres. “The national differences between one island and the other demand national specific solutions. This can be done with vision, leadership, and commitment, smart and strategic partnerships. “Do not let the process kill the outcome, let it finalise today with concrete results and projects to move forward.”

Tutugoro next MSG Chairman AT its annual meeting last week, the spokesperson for the Front de Libération Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS), Victor Tututgoro was unanimously elected to be the next chairman of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) from June this year to 2015. The FLNKS is hosting the MSG Leaders Summit in Noumea in June this year. FLNKS is a pro-independence movement made up of four political parties - the Union Calédonienne (UC), Union Progressiste Mélanésienne (UPM), Parti de Libération Kanak (PALIKA) and Rassemblement Démocratique Océanien (RDO).

Roch Wamytan, who previously held the post from 2001-2003.

Radio Djiido reports the independence movement has had no President since 2002. Tutugoro was the spokesperson for the party.

Wamytan and Paul Neaoutyine, the President of the Northern Province, will be nominees for the MSG Eminent Persons Group.

The other candidate for the MSG chair was

Tutugoro thanked supporters for their confidence in his leadership.


Victor Tutugoro

"Taking over this chairmanship will ensure our regional relations. It is to advance the Kanak cause and continue our process of decolonization,” Tutugoro said.

FROM the urban to the rural areas, there appears to be a general mood of acceptance of the Carcasses government and a rich vein of belief that change was needed in Vanuatu. There is a long held tradition in Western democracies by the media that each new government is given a ‘honeymoon period’ – a time to establish their policies, plans and style of governing without undue criticism from that nation’s media. We would like to see that period given to the Carcasses Government. The time frame of that period is variable, but a media rule of thumb in Australia, New Zealand and the UK leans towards three months. Some untrained media members are already peddling rumours about the new government on air and in print that there was some reported disquiet as early as 12 hours after the new government was sworn in. The Independent needs to remind fellow media in this country that rumours have no place in our media reports. We must deal in facts and facts alone. This newspaper will tackle the issues as it has been doing and if, in time, the Carcasses Government makes mistakes, we will highlight them. But for now we will give them a chance to show what they are made of, and their 100 day plan list is certainly a positive start.

Tutugoro is the President of the UPM party. He signed the Noumea Accord on behalf of the FLNKS in 1998.

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Most people are in a factory from nine till five. Their job may be to turn out 263 little circles. At the end of the week they’re three short and somebody has a go at them. On Saturday afternoons they deserve something to go and shout about. 

~ Rodney Marsh, 1969

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


Police warn drivers to take care over Easter break by Richard Michael POLICE in Port Vila have warned the driving public to take extra care on the roads during their Easter holiday break.

A passenger was seriously hurt when a jetski and trailer hit this commuter bus this week - Police are warning drivers to take extra care over Easter.

Sergeant Edward Kalura from the traffic section said there had been road deaths and serious accidents recorded during previous Easter holiday periods, with excessive speed a main cause of incidents around the camping sites and coastal sites around Efate. He urged people not to board any vehicle when its driver is drunk or if they are aware that the vehicle was not working properly because it might lead to a tragic accident. Sgt Kalura said that people need to know and trust the driver first before boarding his vehicle. He reminded drivers that it is illegal to drink and drive and those drivers are risking their own lives as well as all others on the road. He said drivers breaking the road rules will face heavy penalties.

Sgt Kalura said three years ago during the Easter holiday, three people lost their lives in a crash when the driver failed to control his truck rolling down the road at Lelepa Landing. He said the deceased were a mother and her son along with another youth.

He said it was one of the most horrific fatals he had been called to in the past decade. “The travellers should double check on their loadings for safety for other road users before travelling because anything may fly out of your vehicle and cause problems to other road users,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, he said there was an accident this week involving an expat who was pulling a jetski on a trailer when the trailer came off and careered across the road and hit a bus coming in the opposite direction. Sgt Kalura said the accident occurred between USP and Colardeau French school at the dark corner. He said one of the passengers was seriously injured and nearly lost his life when the jetski and the trailer hit the service bus. He said both drivers ended up in the police station and filed their statements and the matter will be heard in court. “It’s a timely reminder with Easter holidays coming up that crashes can occur anywhere, any time,” said Sgt Kalura. “And that’s why you need to be alert and well rested before driving.”

Lini heads new Opposition bloc Taxis Act must be amended: Police THE new leader of the Opposition is Ham Lini, the former deputy prime minister in the Kilman government. Mr Lini was chosen this week by the opposition bloc which comprises his National United Party, Reunification of the Movements and the Na-Griamel Movement. The deputy leader of the opposition is Mr Kilman and the position of opposition VIP has been allocated to the former minister of finance, Charlot Salwai. It is not the first time that Mr Lini has held the position of the leader of the Opposition. Last Saturday during the election of new prime minister, Moana Carcasses Kalosil,

the opposition has the support of 18 MPs.

by Richard Michael

Thirty-four MPs including the speaker of parliament, Georges Wells and the second deputy speaker, Arnold Prassad have elected Mr Carcasses to become new prime minister following the sudden resignation of Mr Kilman to avoid facing the motion.

POLICE have called for an urgent amendment to Taxis Act which is unchanged since the colonial government era.

Mr Wells who was elected during the last general election under People Progressive Party for Mr Kilman is now facing a motion from the government side next week.

Traffic officer in charge, Sergeant Edward Kalura said the act was originally adopted before 1980 and only applied to the taxis servicing Port Vila and Luganville municipalities.

It is likely he will be replaced by the Vanuaku Party MP for Maewo constituency, Philip Boedoro.

Vietnamese jailed in Solomon Islands THE High Court in Solomon Islands has sentenced a Vietnamese national to four and a half years in prison for unlawful wounding of a crew member of a fishing vessel.

Nguyen and the victims were celebrating the Chinese New Year when an argument broke out which resulted in the death of one crew member.

Van Thang Nguyen who is currently serving a life sentence for murder will serve the four and a half years concurrently with his first sentence.

Nguyen stabbed one of the victims in the eye and the other on his shoulder. The one he stabbed in the eye died shortly after the incident.

Nguyen is charged withe the death of a crew member in February last year. He also stabbed another victim on the shoulder.

It is understood there is no arrangement for Nguyen to serve his sentence in his country.

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Under that act, it is technically illegal for taxis to operate outside of Port Vila and Luganville municipal areas.

He said today in Port Vila, there are hundreds of taxis and the service provided by the taxis is no longer in line with the Act. He made the comment as there is a growing taxi service emerging in rural Efate. He said the Taxi Act 49 should be amended to Public Vehicle Act CAP 49. He also stated that the act should be placed

According to research carried out by Sgt Kalura, today the taxis are only eligible to operate in the municipal areas and the ones working in the rural areas have no right to come inside the municipal areas. He said it is very hard to make any arrests or control the vehicles until the Act is amended. Sgt Kalura said with the increasing tourism activities in the country, taxis are conducting round island tours but are only paying fees to operate in the municipal council area. “With a new Act, I think both the municipality and the province will benefit,” he said. He said if the Act is amended, then the taxis will have full rights to operate to the rural areas as they are doing today.

Last ADF troops leave East Timor THE final group of Australian Defence Force (ADF) members who'd been stationed in East Timor have returned to Australia. The withdrawal marks the end of a 14-year involvement. The ADF says the Australian-led International Stabilisation Force restored public order and stability to the country, and built relationships with the East Timor people. At its peak the force was made up of more than a thousand soldiers. Some equipment and vehicles have been given to the East Timor government. - PACNEWS

Initial Consultation Free Dane W Thornburgh LLB, Dip Jus, Grad Dip LP Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Vanuatu, Queensland, Australia Capital Territory & Barrister of the High Court of Australia Extensive Vanuatu Legal experience

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

under the provincial act to let them control their own traffic system in those areas.

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First TLAC meeting focuses on employment bill by Evelyne Toa THE tripartite Labour Advosory Council (TLAC) has held its first ever meeting at the Grand Hotel in Port Vila. One of the major issues discussed was to decide on to progressing the Employment Relations Bill (ERB). The Labour Commissioner Lionel Kaluat said that since its establishment, TLAC had been working to finalise the ERB with technical inputs from the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

“The bill is intended to improve consistency with the ILO’s eight core standards including the better implementation of gender equity in labour legislation,” he said. “A future challenge will be ensuring that when the ERB is passed into law that the Department of Labour, workers and employers are well equipped to effectively carry out their new rights and responsibilities. “This includes inspection practices, collective bargaining practices, new provisions relating to discrimination, and

dispute resolution,” said Mr Kaluat. He said the ILO has also been providing technical assistance to support Vanuatu in bringing its existing law relating to the employment of children in line with the Minimum Age of Employment. Other issues debated were the validation of country context under the Decent Work Country Program (DWCP), development of training resources and pilot training to strengthen tripartism and the call for proposal on Ending Violence Against Women.

Massive cyber attack hits anti-spam group THE world’s biggest cyber attack is under way, with collateral damage spilling over to home users as major powers such as Google step in. Internet spam filter Spamhaus, which ‘black-lists’ service providers suspected of offering refuge for spammers, is the target of the unprecedented attack. One expert warns that the side-effects of the electronic onslaught - ‘the biggest attack in history’ - was now affecting others across the internet. If the Spamhaus service was to collapse, email users could expect an influx of email adverts in their inboxes for fake Viagra and bogus weight-loss pills. The BBC reports major companies, such as Netflix, have been affected by the attack and that key players such as Google have now stepped in to help keep Spamhaus online. Patrick Gilmore of Akamai Technologies said the attack was so large that online bystanders had been hit as well. Home users could experience slower internet or be subjected to unwanted emails. In an interview, Spamhaus’ Vincent Hanna

said his site had been hit by a crushing wave of denial-of-service attacks and that it was ‘a small miracle that we’re still online’. Denial-of-service attacks are where attackers target a particular website server with an overwhelming amount of traffic - like hundreds of letters being jammed through a mail slot at the same time. However, there is often a spill-over effect where other key internet servers get ‘clogged up’. The attack’s perpetrators had taken advantage of weaknesses in the Internet’s infrastructure to trick thousands of servers into routing a torrent of junk traffic to Spamhaus every second. This attack has involved traffic of up to 300 billion bits per second (300Gps). The previous largest attack was recorded at 100Gps, according to San Franciscobased CloudFlare Inc., which Spamhaus has enlisted to help it weather the attack. “It was likely quite a bit more, but at some point measurement systems can’t keep up,’’ CloudFlare chief executive Matthew Prince wrote in an email. Steve Linford, chief executive for Spamhaus, said the attack was large

enough to take down government internet infrastructure. “If you aimed this at Downing Street they would be down instantly,” he said. “They would be completely off the internet.” Mr Hanna said his group had been weathering such attacks since mid-March. Five different cyber-police-forces from around the world are responding to the attack. A Dutch web host recently blacklisted by Spamhaus is being investigated, as are Russian spam servers. A man who identified himself as Sven Olaf Kamphuis said he was in touch with the attackers and described them as mainly consisting of disgruntled Russian Internet service providers who had found themselves on Spamhaus’ blacklists. There was no immediate way to verify his claim. He accused the watchdog of arbitrarily blocking content that it did not like. Spamhaus has widely used and constantly updated blacklists of sites that send spam. “They abuse their position not to stop spam but to exercise censorship without a court order,” Kamphuis said.

Vanuatu in pictures

Commissioner Kaluat stressed that the Employment Act, 1983 (CAP160) is the principle law governing the terms and conditions of employment. And other laws that include Health and Safety at Work Act, Labour Work Permits Act, Minimum Wage and Minimum Wages Board Act, Public Service Act, Teaching Service Act, Trade Dispute Act, Trade Union Act and the Vanuatu National Provident Fund Act. Kaluat reiterated that Vanuatu became a member of the ILO in 2003 and it has ratified seven of the eight Fundamental Conventions in 2006.

New Finance Minister keen to review budget NEW Finance Minister Willie Jimmy says he wants to review the recently approved national budget. He said he will seek assurances from heads of all public departments that they can achieve their budget targets. Mr Jimmy said he is not comfortable with the explanation of the budget by the previous government which recently tabled a 2013 budget of US$260 million - fifty percent higher than last year. “So I would like to have my own assurances from the main state revenue collection, major government departments like the Customs, VAT office, Vanuatu Services Commission, and then there are some contradicting economic comments that I’m not satisfied with between the Reserve Bank, the IMF and the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority,” he said. Mr Jimmy said statements by the former government forecasting growth in Vanuatu’s economy contradict the Authority’s reports about four consecutive years of declining investment in the country.

Solomons reiterates support for Taiwan THE Solomon Islands Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Clay Forau Soalaoi has vowed to continue to knock on the doors of the United Nations until they are open for Taiwan’s membership at the world body. Minister Forau made the commitment to the visiting Taiwanese deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Ting Joseph Shih in Honiara. The two leaders were celebrating 30 years of friendship between Honiara and Taipei. “Solomon Islands will continue to maintain its stern position in supporting the endeavors of Taiwan for recognition of the rights of its 23 million peace loving people by the global community and to be members of the UN,” Forau said.

HOLES IN THE SKY... these two striking pictures capture ‘windows to heaven’ seen in the skies above Vanuatu. The one at left was sent in by Ellen Whitby of North Efate, and the other (above), by Captain Bob Wyllie, who snapped it from his cockpit. The Independent wants to see YOUR photos of life throughout Vanuatu - any topic you like. Send pictures (preferably in jpg or tiff format, 500kb or more) to: and we will publish the best each week.

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He said the Pacific Island nation will lobby the corridors of the UN General Assembly ‘until the door is open for your membership’. “The path may be long, but Solomon Islands will remain firm and steadfast for its support towards Taiwan in fulfilling its international roles and obligations,” Minister Forau added. He described Minister Shih’s visit to Honiara as a gesture and manifestation of the strong bond between the two countries.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


New administration to focus On ‘core’ policies

A SPECIALIST in Vanuatu land and governance issues, Siobhan McDonnell of the Australian National University, says the former government’s lack of transparency had an impact on service delivery.
She said that in a departure for local politics, the new government has formed around some core policies.

Regenvanu will try again to reform the way the Lands Ministry manages custom land after he made an earlier attempt in a brief previous stint in the role.

“So one of them is about changing the position on West Papua which is incredibly important to a lot of Ni-Vanuatu,’’ she said.

“There are a lot of investor interests that are heavily involved in politics in Vanuatu. They can be quite powerful and quite assertive. But I think the thing is that Ralph has built quite a momentum for change around this issue. There’s a big popular momentum and I think politicians are going to need to respond to that.”

“The second one is about transparency - so this coalition has formed in opposition to what the previous government was doing; and then the third one is better service delivery. “So part of the implications of spending a budget in all kinds of inappropriate ways is that you can no longer provide services like health and education.”
Kierry Manassah of the Port Vila-based Pacific Institute of Public Policy said Sato Kilman’s move to forge closer ties with Indonesia was deeply unpopular with a public which has long supported West Papuan self-determination. He said that as opposition leader until the removal of Kilman, Edward Natapei signaled these closer ties would be cut if his Vanua’aku Pati formed government.

 Ms McDonnell said prospects for reform in the area of land management have improved with the change of government. She said the new Lands Minister Ralph

“He put a probation on leases in that time and that was responded to very badly by members of his own government,’’ she said.

A former senior Vanuatu bureaucrat and now PhD student in the role of customary practices in modern Vanuatu government, Greg Nimbtik said it will be hard to implement reform.
 “Well going back to Sato’s government, he spent all his time managing his political numbers,’’ he said. “I don’t think there would be a lot of difference with the current government given the fact that there are a lot of independent members who move to the government blocs and they come with a lot of demands. I don’t think the government will be able to meet them, everyone.” Mr Nimbtik said it is very difficult to stabilise Vanuatu politics while it is driven by leaders who are focused on self-interest.

Farmers to join Vanuatu Chamber of Agriculture ABOUT 5000 farmers throughout the country have registered with the new Vanuatu Chamber of Agriculture which is in the process of being established. It is the result of the work undertaken by members of the Interim Board of the chamber who have been out in some of the agriculturally-strong islands during the past two weeks registering both small and large holder farmers. Technical Consultant engaged by the Ministry of Agriculture to set up the Vanuatu Chamber of Agriculture (VCA), Georgie Calo, said so far they have registered 1000 farmers on Malekula, nearly 1000 farmers on Santo, 200 on Gaua, and approaching 1000 farmers each on Ambrym and Tanna. He said this number does not include those farmers on other strong farming islands such

as Efate, Pentecost, Epi, Malo, and Ambae. Small holder farmers are paying VT1000 each when they complete and lodge their registration forms and the larger holder farmers are paying VT5000. Members of the Interim Board include four big name farmers in the country, Dinh Van Than, Robert Monvoisin, David Russet and Andrew Leon. They have been chosen for their extensive input to farming in the country so that they can assist with setting up the chamber. Former Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kalvao Moli tasked the Interim Board early this month to help establish the Vanuatu Chamber of Agriculture. His reason being that after 32 years of independence the country needed such an entity to help farmers get produce to the markets.

MP to pursue legal case against ex-PM

FINANCE Minister Willie Jimmy has vowed to continue his legal challenge against Sato Kilman, who resigned as Prime Minister last week. Mr Kilman resigned on Thursday just before the no-confidence motion was due to be debated in Parliament, but Mr Jimmy argued Mr Kilman should not have been allowed to contest last year’s general election because of the alleged VT 13 million he owed the government. Mr Jimmy’s petition was dismissed by the Supreme Court last month. But the finance minister said he has not withdrawn the case, and ‘the hearing will take place.’ Mr Jimmy said the case was registered to go before the Court of Appeal even before Mr Kilman resigned from office on Thursday. He said the legal action against Mr Kilman is

based on his ineligibility as a candidate, and not as prime minister. “All along I have been saying that my challenge was against the Electoral Commission and Mr Sato Kilman as a proposed candidate who contested the election in 2012,’’ eh said. “I separate the issue. The prime ministership status is not the matter for the court.” Mr Jimmy said it was right for Mr Killman to stand down ahead of a no-confidence motion against him. “I think that was the most honourable thing for him to do because in politics there had already been a shift in numbers, “ he said. “The shift of power is already imminent for the people of Vanuatu, so the most honourable thing for him to do is resign. I think if I was in the same position I would do the same.”

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


in Brief

Govt signals terminations of diplomatic appointments THE new Minister of Foreign Affairs has indicated that most diplomatic appointments made by the previous government will be withdrawn. The revelation comes after Edward Natapei terminated the role of Thi Tham Goiset as roving ambassador to Russia and Eastern countries, citing irregularities in her appointment. After the resignation of Sato Kilman as Prime Minister last week, the new government moved quickly to review Vanuatu’s diplomatic passport holders. Mr Natapei, who is also deputy Prime Minister, said he directed the Director-General of Foreign Affairs to go through the list of diplomatic appointments and withdraw any made outside the proper channels. “The outgoing government appointed around 99 ambassadors, special envoys, representatives of Vanuatu in international bodies and ambassadors to other countries,’’ he said. “So of the 99 I think that we will be terminating or withdrawing about 70 in total.’’

Carlot terminates Yao – Natapei terminates Goiset MINUTES before Prime Minister Sato Kilman tendered his resignation at 2 pm on March 21, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Alfred Carlot revoked the appointment of Yao Ruihua as Minister Counselor for Vanuatu’s Embassy in Beijing, China. In his letter, Carlot informed Mr Yao that his appointment that was made early this year has now been revoked and he had to surrender his Vanuatu diplomatic passport immediately to the office of Foreign Affairs. All the privileges and benefits awarded to him as a Vanuatu diplomat are to be ceased. However, the then government PRO Jeff Patunvanu claimed in a press statement that Mr Yao was terminated because of his alleged involvement into the Vanuatu’s internal politics, to help the Opposition in the toppling of Kilman coalition government. The with the new government in situ, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Natapei revoked the appointment of Thi Tham Goiset, Vanuatu’s Roving Ambassador to Russia and eastern countries. Mr Natapei urged Goiset to return the Vanuatu diplomatic passport she has in her possession and all other benefits and privileges. She also has to return the official government car.

New Lands Minister keen to reform land management NEW Lands Minister Ralph Regenvanu says he’s determined to reform the way the country manages land after an earlier attempt in a brief previous stint in the role. Two years ago, Mr Regenvanu halted all registration of land leases in an attempt to overhaul the system, before being sidelined as Minister less than a month into the job. However ongoing land issues in the Ministry, including the sale of public land at a discount rate to department staff have magnified the need for reform. Mr Regenvanu said heading the lands ministry presents a big challenge. “But at least I’ve been preparing for it for a while, to get into this Ministry,’’ he said. “We’ve done a lot of work, when I was formerly in Lands and especially in Justice, to look at what is required legislatively and policy-wise. “There’s going to need to be a lot of looking at human resource issues within the Ministry and departments. I think eighty percent of my time will be taken up with cleaning up the mess that’s been left.”

Nation’s interest first: Carcasses THE Newly elected Prime Minister Moana Carcasses announced during his election that the interest of the nation comes first. He thanked MPs and political party leaders especially the VP and the UMP leaders for the confidence and the trust that each of them have given him. Prime Minister Carcasses has later elected Edward Natapei (president of Vanua’aku Pati, VP) as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Willie Jimmy, (president of Liberal Party) Finance Minister, Bob Loughman as Minister of Education, Ralph Regenvanu (President of Graon mo Jastis Party), Minister of Lands, Geology, Mines, Energy and Water resources, Esmon Sae, Minister for Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Patrick Crowby, Minister for Internal Affairs, David Tosul, Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, Marcellino Pipite, Minister for Tourism and Commerce, Serge Vohor, (President of UMP) Minister for Health, Maki Simelum, Minister of Justice and Social Welfare, Tony Wright, Minister for Youth Development and Thomas Laken, Minister for Planning and Climate Change Adaptation. The Ministry of Ni-Vanuatu Business Development and Ministry of Trade have been merged into a new Ministry of Tourism and Commerce. The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has been re-instated as the Ministry Civil Aviation created by the former Kilman government was removed. And a new Ministry of Planning and Climate Change was created.

New govermnent eyes expenditure cuts CUTTING expenditure as part of moves to improve Vanuatu’s vexed financial position is a priority for the new government led by Moana Carcasses. The Greens leader and his new-look cabinet faces an unprecedented budget deficit, something the new Lands Minister Ralph Regenvanu admits is a huge problem. “It’s going to be a huge challenge to find out where we can save or cut down on spending and that’ll be the main priority actually, cutting down on unnecessary spending and trying to tighten up the way the government operates so that it uses the available money much more efficiently,” he said. Meanwhile, the new Finance Minister WIllie Jimmy said he wants to review the recently approved national budget and he will seek assurances from heads of all public departments that they can achieve their budget targets. Page Page05 5

News & Views VINEDU has heard that a former minister has trying to get VT 15 million from China to topple the newly elected Prime Minister, Moana Carcasses Kalosil. Vinedu has heard monies will be used to buy numbers and also rent a car. VINEDU has heard that car rental companies are making monies again this week with allegations on a motion of no confidence. Red car and green car have been seen patrolling Port Vila street during late night. VINEDU has heard that the so called motion against Carcasses government does not have the numbers. Vinedu has

vinedu heard that there are already Judas Iscariots in Carcasses government.


‘Bold measures needed’ to reap benefits from mining PACIFIC Island ministers and development professionals have called for bold and strong measures to ensure that the extractive industries sector in the region reaps sustainable development results. An outcome drafted at the end of a threeday meeting calls for commitment by Pacific governments to respect the environment, human rights and transparent revenue distribution mechanisms. The Pacific Symposium on Managing Extractive Industries in Pacific Island States to Improve Human Development, which ended this week, was organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and attended by more than 60 participants from Cook Islands; Fiji; Papua New Guinea, including the Autonomous Region of Bougainville; Solomon Islands; Tonga; Vanuatu; Timor-Leste; Nauru and Indonesia. “As the global demand for natural resources like oil, gas and minerals increases, the demand for resource extraction in the Pacific will expand. The Pacific’s past experiences with natural resource extraction has been challenging and the region is now poised to benefit from the increase in demand. This is an opportune time to take bold measures to do things better and advance human development,” said UNDP Deputy Assistant Administrator and the Deputy Director for Asia Pacific, Nicholas Rosellini. “By getting together ministers, government officials, CSO representatives and development partners working in the area of extractive industries, through the Pacific Symposium, we were able to identify

In closing the weeklong meeting, Dr. Isiye Ndombi, United Nations Children’s Fund Representative said “high quality preschool education not only readies children for primary school learning but also [produces] significant long-term benefits. Children who attend quality pre-school are likely to succeed better in schools, to earn more, to be healthier, to have better selfesteem and have greater social stability over their lifetime.” The guidelines for the National Quality Frameworks for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECE) will provide ministries of education guidance on how to develop comprehensive ECE structures which Page 6

reasons of the circulating motion of no confidence against PM Carcasses is VT 36 million paid to one of his advisors.

VINEDU has heard that the government caucus has confirmed that PM Carcasses has the support of the majority of 52 MPs. Be lukaut long Judas. Ekspet blong parabol i talem finis se ino save kat smok taem we ino kat faea?

VINEDU has heard that there is talk of introducing the word ‘indigenous’ in the section of the constitution which provides for the election of a prime minister like the election of the president of the republic of Vanuatu.

VINEDU has heard that police are still receiving criminal defamation complaints against local media? VINEDU has heard that one of the main

Former Polic Commissioner Patrick Crowby i presentem ceremonial sword i ko long Joshua Bong long time blong appointmen blong hem olsem ComPol.

Some of the challenges discussed included the distribution of revenue generated by extractive industries to achieve human development; the impact of resource extraction on the environment and society; as well as governance issues. The outcome statement called for the effective management of the triangular relationship between governments, the private sector and communities. It noted that many of the issues in managing extractive industries were political rather than technical. The outcome statement also encouraged Pacific Island countries to design their own extractive industry revenue distribution mechanisms, learning from global experiences. It called for engaging with communities and building partnerships for long-term sustainable development. The outcome statement highlighted government and businesses responsibility with regards to human rights and called for the inclusion of women in decision making in the extractive industries sector. The Pacific Symposium was a follow up to an international meeting held in Mongolia in 2011 in which representatives from Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste participated. It featured some of the key issues that were discussed in Mongolia, such as, spending and investment policies; revenue management systems; conflict prevention; governance arrangements, environmental impacts; and managing the so-called Dutch Disease.

include the components of policy, curriculum, workforce performance, monitoring and assessment, and community engagement. It is an important step for the region as Pacific Ministries of Education will be able to look at early childhood in their countries systematically within the education framework and the guidelines will incorporate cultural elements that make it more Pacific specific. The Pacific ECE guidelines will be presented to the Forum Education Ministers in May 2014. Dr. Ndombi encouraged the participants to “spell out a process that will overcome identified bottlenecks and accelerate the process towards universal access to quality education.” UNICEF is the secretariat for the Pacific Regional Council for Early Childhood Care and Education (PRC4ECCE) network.

VINEDU has heard a political advisor has spent his time at the wharf before general elections with petrol to wipe out the name of community and put his name on donations given by business houses in Port Vila.


the key challenges facing the sector and outline the way forward.”

Early childhood education gets a boost EDUCATION specialists from across the Pacific, including Vanuatu, development agencies and donors converged in Nadi last week to agree on best practices for early childhood education.

VINEDU has heard that a so called diplomat has begged the new minister of foreign affairs not to be terminated.

Appointmen blong Polic Commissioner THANK you blong allowem mi space blong supportem letter blong Mr Tom Virekinamat long Newspaper Independent last weekend in regard long heading ia antap. Firstly, I tru that former government I plannem mo playem wan unfairness game of politics blong aotem Mr Joshua Bong long office last year mo oli no save givim aot ol reasons blong sacking blong hem kasem tede. Secondly, Government blong today, I mas re-appointem Mr Bong for another 2 years blong completem 5 years term blong hem se hem I servem 3 years finis, and also hem I mas traem provum hem wan blong completem Conspiracy Case of 2012 againsem acting Commissioner Caulton. Mi sure se sapos hem I ko insaed bambae hem I no save mekem olsem acting commissioner I bin mekem long ol youngfala innocent police officers we oli stap long suspension yet ova long five manis. In fact, hem bambae I re-strengthenem fasin blong respect mo fairness long system insaed long Police Force. Thirdly, Mi supportem Mr Tom long letter blong hem, from remarks long failure blong acting Commissioner blong police we hem I tru tumas and Government blong Hon, Carcasses K. I mas reviewem 5 years term of servis blong Acting Commissioner blong Police (mi understandem that term ia I expire finis long 2011) olsem law blong Police I statem. Police Force I corrupted from discipline I no biun enforced, for example hem I re-instatem wan officer we hem I guilty long court (murder) we I causem dead blong nara colleague officer blong hem long 2009. I no gud tumas ia... Forthly, through long gudfala leadership blong Mr Bong I bin helpem ol previous government blong day blong putum back law mo order insaed long samfala major crisis we country I bin facem. Long reason ia, ol past Government kasem 2011, I karem credit long hem international and regionally, olsem Vanuatu I named ‘The Happiest or peaceful place on earth’, So mi agree that hem I wan HERO for the nation for peace. Mi addem up long service history blong hem that:

Long 1996, Late Father Walter H.Lini I bin usim hem blong break through long VMF Camp blong arrestem ol ‘Stand Down group blong VMF officers we brother blong former PM I bin leadem long taem ia. Hem nao I main and front man blong putum bak law and order long Port Vila during long 1998 VNPF riot, 2002, hem I bin leadem wan group blong sam force members blong arrestem sam senior officers from similar case olsem hem ia I bin recently mekem last taem long 2012. Wan source blong AFP I confirm that development insaed long Police Force long first year term blong Bong long office I semak long 3 year term of service blong former commissioner blong police Lui Patu (Bong hem I man blong action). So mi stap supportem Mr Tom V blong askem sapos Government blong today I wantem gat wan gud mo secured nation blong tumoro then hem I mas re-appointem Mr Joshua Bong long contract blong 2 years blong cleanim force then bambae I save gat wan gud police force blong ol young generation blong tumoro. Yumi no mas forgettem that Mr Joshua Bong I still holem blessing blong office blong Commissioner of Police (SWORD BLONG HONOUR) that is why acting Commissioner I no save blessed long office tede. Mr Bong I mas go bak long office mo bambae hem nao I nominetem wan nara senior police officer blong take over long hem long good faith. So plis Government blong today, DON’T BURY YOUR THOUGHTS, FLEE FROM CORRUPTION, PUT YOUR VISION INTO REALITY... Fan blong Truth and Justice THE Independent welcomes letters to the editor and encourages readers to express their views in writing. However, it should be understood that not every letter submitted will be published and the decision whether or not to do so remains at the discretion of the editor. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. The views expressed by letter writers are not necessarily those of the management and staff of The Independent.

The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


Easter answer solution to corruption by Evelyne Toa THE world over, including Vanuatu, is riddled and rife with corruption through and through. It seems that it is getting worse the more there is an explosion of knowledge. The people of the world today are facing more challenges created by themselves, not only in disharmony but their lifestyles have exerted more unnecessary pressure on the world we live in. One just has to listen to the radio or turn on the television to witness the wars, strikes, escalating crimes, disunity in governments and so on and one is left with the impression that it seems that man is bent on self destruction. The same happens here in Vanuatu, with new governments being formed and dismantled as many times as one changes his or her clothes. Vanuatu’s constitution is one of the best because it has as its foundation our culture, Melanesian and Christian belief and values. There is no better foundation than this, but unfortunately people have been calling to change it simply because they have seen how they are not being served well by the governments due to selfishness that has being plaguing the country, leading to untold instability and no progress in better service to the people, though the ministers are travelling the world over supposedly trying to secure funds to assist the people but unfortunately seen more and more by the people as pleasure and self seeking trips. In the radio talk back shows, a lot of people are calling for a change in the constitution, but will changing the constitution make a difference? This same constitution was available since the start of 1980, but the government then for the first 10 years was stable. Will limiting the number of political parties make a difference when we all know that even with that one party ruling, there was disharmony within that party that led to the breakdown of that government and there are more parties today for comfort.


What was the problem that led from a one party rule to as many as 16 in today’s

Behind the news coalition government? To keep the coalition government ‘stable’ more jobs and even ministries were created to put money in leaders pocket, hopefully if heavy enough will make it difficult for them shift out and form another government. We all know that more money will lead to a demand for even more next time, if they are to join together. Of course the name of stability is used as best for the country when in reality it is stability so that their pockets, and those who work behind the scenes, can be filled more at the expense of the people, it seems. So where lies the problem that leads to more divisions throughout the Vanuatu community. This division is not only in the government, but in churches and higher institutions down to the very base of the society, the family unit. Simple common sense will tell us that when the family unit breaks apart, all else will follow because it is what holds a community together, and the unit that fits together to form a village area, provincial, country and global community. Since a family unit is made up of a father a mother and children, what is it that will hold them together or break them apart? As individuals within the family, they have certain responsibilities and accountability to live up to. These days we are watching families (should be in horror) breaking apart, with many unfaithful fathers and mothers jumping into bed with others for self gratification that is tearing the family apart. There is lack of respect, leading to domestic violence, and children that lack discipline because the father is not around to speak into their lives, and too many are so busy with other things such as chasing after kava rather than spending time with their children. Unfortunately too many parents are not providing a sense of direction for their children because they are hardly around them to do so. So busy trying to save the world and

cannot save their own children, the ultimate breakdown of a country. People are so full of knowledge but lack wisdom to realise that they are saving the world when they save their families. So what then is the problem that tears families and communities apart? Isn’t it the heart of the individual? One just cannot ultimately blame another but themselves because people are made up of their own decisions. There will be external pressures in life but a stable person within will choose what is right to do. The question as to what is right should be those things that are promoted by our cultural and Christian values as stipulated by our constitution. If you think that as an individual you have your own rights, fine, but you are not living by yourselves so when in Rome do as the Romans do so – and likewise in Vanuatu. Just in case you are too individualistic, and so full of yourself that you don’t need another - then Mathews and Hunters are ideal for you to migrate to where you can be totally be yourself and achieve something good for this country. If the heart is the problem there is no better solution to curing it than the message of Easter. Easter’s message is the culmination of God’s plan to save an individual by changing his heart and mindset. When an individual is changed from focusing on things around to God through Jesus Christ’s saving grace then one should be living to please Him rather than oneself. When one’s heart is changed to focus on God then one should do things to please God rather than self. When leaders follow the Bible teachings, serving others or living for God through serving others becomes paramount. The ultimate example is that of Jesus who sacrificed himself for the whole world, that

any who comes to him will not perish but have eternal life. If you think that there is no God and that you come from a monkey you actually have more faith because you believe in the impossible. Believing that you come from a pond a single celled organism to a multi-cell organism, evolved from water to land from god knows what to a monkey to an intelligent human being, actually requires more faith than believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who is well embedded in historical facts. Jesus came, was crucified, entombed and rose again from the dead is not a myth. Those who do not want to accept this do so not because of logic and facts but a choice not to believe that there is a God and because he made us all we are all accountable to him. Countries that stood in the foundations laid by God were the prosperous countries in the world. Examples of these include Germany, England and America plus others. China is now the second world economic power though it persecuted Christians, today many more are turning to Jesus the Son of the living God. Israel, a dot in the world map in spite of the pressures around it, is the most prosperous country not only in Asia, but the world. It has not that much resources but their people are if not the top but among the top brains in the world. With a little research one will realise that they own many of the top companies in the world and give more assistance in terms of know how to the rest of the world. Is this coincidence or there is a valuable lesson here for Vanuatu to learn? This is Easter week and the message is clear, that Jesus came that man can be set free from corruption and wrongdoings so that our country can prosper. A change needs to come from within before it comes to outside. When an individual is changed from within, it will cause changes outside as strengthening the families leads to a stronger and better community. The difference is living for Jesus. Make the message of Easter a reality first and for most a reality in one’s life. The best of Easter to you and family.


THE greedy grab for land is never more apparent in Port Vila than when you look at the appalling sight of the cliff being gouged out adjacent to the USP roundabout. Huge tree roots exposed and soil run off during heavy rains last week do not make for a good picture at all. WW has mentioned two other notable sites in Vila previously where heavy earth moving equipment has been used for months and months to cut cliff faces away and create usable building blocks. Issues about land slips, erosion, undermining of the properties above and just general damage to the environment would ensure these practices were stopped in most other countries. Here, it’s just open slather. The latest gouging is visually the worst of the three sites because this time the cliff face is mainly soil rather than rock, thus the erosion issues are far greater. WW believes work on this site should be banned immediately, but there is then the problem of how to put back what has already been removed and/or destroyed. It’s a bit like unscrambling an egg – but in this case worth a try. An enforceable law needs to be in place to stop this type of destruction in the future. These pictures show what we mean...

WW was given a history lesson during the drama surrounding the demise of Mr Kilman and rise of Mr Carcasses. Seems something similar to last week’s events happened in 2002 with the then Speaker closing Parliament, and in this case it was quite literal as he moved all the MPs out then turned off the lights and locked the doors of the high ceilinged Parliament building. Undeterred, some energetic MPs found an extension ladder, climbed up and in, then opened the doors to admit their colleagues to join them inside for a vital debate – minus the Speaker. WW is pleased to know there were some enterprising MPs a decade or more ago. And he hopes that today, there are some that will stick with the new government for a time even though they haven’t been offered a ministerial position.

ONE item on the Carcasses government’s list for its first 100 days in power that has caused consternation in the ranks of the Chinese authorities is that this new Vanuatu government is steadfast in its refusal of

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

a second, unwanted convention centre despite the ground already being broken for the plan. WW understands that the Chinese have been told respectfully that if the plan is not changed, there will be a large unwanted building on a prominent Port Vila site that will sit rotting from day one as a huge white elephant. They have also been reminded that as Opposition leader, Edward Natapei is most definitely on record as stating as policy that if his side gained government they would reject such a plan. WW understands that despite work being just underway on the site, it is not too late for plans to be altered to change the structure into a much needed central government office building. WW respects the Chinese Government for their continuing significant support of a multitude of projects in Vanuatu, especially their ongoing life-saving work from their multi-talented medical team at hospitals and clinics nationwide. In this case, WW is confident they will use their considerable talents to accommodate the desires of the new government and find a way to change the architectural plans and use their workers and equipment to give Vanuatu a new

government office building that will stand as a long term legacy of the important relationship between the two nations.

THERE has been enormous feedback to The Independent’s exclusive report of the new Carcasses Government’s 100 Day plan for their initial period in power. The list has received widespread approval and WW is confident that this government will make a good shot at getting the list completed. Completed in a100 days...well, let’s see. One item on that list that they are working on is the appointment of a new new police commissioner, which is likely to happen shortly after Easter. The new government had seriously considered appointing a foreign office to the post but in the end, they felt it would potentially be more divisive than beneficial.

AND that’s Wilson’s Word.

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Des diplômes non reconnus par des sociétés privées Un stage le plus coûteux pour les Vanuatais dans le pays est loin d’être le meilleur repère pour les jeunes désirant trouver un meilleur emploi. Une centaine de jeunes en bénéficieront la semaine prochaine à la chambre de commerce et d’industrie alors que dans la série de 2012, il y a la majorité qui cherche encore du travail. Un récipiendaire d’un diplôme en gestion financière a fait le tour de presque toutes les sociétés privées de la ville. Un directeur lui aurait carrément dit que le diplôme de la chambre de commerce et d’industrie n’est reconnue par sa société car il n’est pas à la hauteur d’être pour assurer le travail requis. Cela veut-il dire que le diplôme est reconnu à la hauteur du ministère de l’éducation mais malheureusment ne fait qu’accroître des connaissances supplémentaires tout en alourdissant le poids du chômage. De tels diplômes devraient avoir lieu s’il y a des besoins. Mais s’il n’y a pas de travail et qu’on crée plus de diplômes, à quoi ceux-ci peuvent-il servir ? Il faut donc créer plus d’emplois pour plus de diplômes.

“Alô PM’s office ministri” Lundi, soit le premier jour de travail pour le nouveau gouvernement, un appel au bureau du Premier ministre a permis de relever le premier problème. Alors qu’un journaliste y téléphonait, son interlocutrice se mettait à répondre à leur bout du fil : “Alô PM’s office ministri”. Le lendemain, personne n’était disponible au bureau du Premier ministre pour répondre à des renseignements alors que le nouveau Premier ministre n’a pas encore formé son équipe de collaborateurs avec qui il devrait travailler au jour le jour afin de réaliser les priorités que s’est fixé le nouveau gouvernement. Celui-ci a 100 jours pour accomplir sa première mission, donc il faut bouger les choses rapidement avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. La nouvelle opposition serait en train d’imaginer de nouvelles manoeuvres.

L’argent de Saken n’était pas au rendez-vous pour sauver Kilman Si l’on en croît bien les propos de Pascal Ahn Quan Saken, soi-disant propriétaire du yacht Le Phocéa, il avait envoyé des millions de vatus à Madame Goizet pour sauver le gouvernement de Sato Kilman contre des motions de censure, plus particulièrement en avril 2011. C’était à l’époque où Saken et Madame Goizet entretenaient toujours des liens d’amitié mais une fois que Le Phocéa a été retenu à Port-Vila et des informations secrètes mises à jour, ils ne s’entendaient plus. Quand le gouvernement de Sato Kilman était sur le point d’être mis sous le poids d’une motion de défiance, toutes les sources d’où provenaient l’argent ont été bouchées et c’était plus facile pour l’opposition de le détrôner. Cela laisse penser que l’argent cause beaucoup de remous politiques parce qu’il y a des députés qui coûtent chers dans des situations où le pouvoir est en jeu. Il faut que le nouveau gouvernement soit bien surveillé car certains de ses députés s’étaient déjà aventurés dans ces pratiques. Un village fête le changement du gouvernement Un village de Pentecôte avait suivi en direct à la FM107 le Parlement samedi dernier. Une fois Sato Kilman écarté du pouvoir et Moana Carcasses élu à sa place, ses habitants ont préparé un festin pour saluer ce changement gouvernemental. Ils n’étaient pas pour le président de la Confédération des Verts mais ils étaient contents parce qu’ils misaient beaucoup sur l’UPM et le GJP. Ils étaient aussi contents parce qu’un parti politique qu’ils détestaient beaucoup a été remporté dans la force du courant avec Sato Kilman. Ils ont l’espoir que la nouvelle coalition va mieux faire pour leur île parce qu’ils comptent sur un changement au niveau du développement. Espérons aussi que ce sera bien le cas !

Alors conseiller politique, il joue au voleur Des dons offerts par son ministre et destinés à sa communauté dans les îles ont été déviés à ses besoins personnels. Il ne fallait pas qu’il intègre un ministère dans le nouveau gouvernement parce qu’il a volé sa communauté. Quand il était conseiller politique dans les deux derniers gouvernements, il demandait régulièrement de l’assistance à son ministre au nom de sa communauté dans les îles. Une fois les dons fournis et le nom de la communauté écrit sur les marchandises pour expédition par bateau, il trouvait toujours les moyens d’effacer le nom du destinataire en le remplaçant par son nom. Il a été signalé que tout le monde sur son île natale est au courant de cette histoire.

La reine du Vanuatu démise de ses fonctions Celle que Saken a surnommée “la reine du Vanuatu” a été démise de ses fonctions de consul du Vanuatu en Russie, un poste que le pays d’accueil n’a jamais approuvé. Des choses bizarres auraient tourné autour de ses fonctions et la reine du Vanuatu a été mise en cause dans la motion de défiance qui a permis la formation du nouveau gouvernement. Une fois le nouveau chef de la diplomatie vanuataise installée, il n’a pas hésité à lui retirer ces fonctions officielles desquelles elle aurait beaucoup abusées. Le passeport diplomatique qu’elle avait en main depuis que Sato Kilman l’avait nommé au poste diplomatique lui devrait être retiré sous les instructions du nouveau ministre des affaires étrangères. Comme ça elle n’a plus droit aux privilèges que lui accordait l’État, ni à la voiture dont elle se trouvait toujours au volant comme si elle était ministre. Bien fait !

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Infrastructure : Namaram demande l’assistance du gouvernement La communauté de Namaram, au centre de Pentecôte appelle le nouveau gouvernement à reconnaître son existence et sa contribution à l’État, en matière de produits alimentaires et de kava exploités sur le marché local et international, et demande la réhabilitation de la route qui relie le village à la route principale qui mène vers le nord de l’île. Selon un porte-parole de la communauté, l’acheminement de la plus grande quantité des produits alimentaires et du kava vers Namaram devient de plus en plus difficile vu l’état de la route trop catastrophique. Lésouroukaviane dont Namaram fait partie est l’une des principales régions productrices de kava à Pentecôte. Namaram est devenu le carrefour principal de cette région. La route qui relie cette mission catholique à celle qui mène au nord a été construite par une société d’abattage malaisienne il y a près de vingt ans. Une autre route a été tracée par la mission catholique avant l’indépendance, reliant Namaram à Sainte-Thérèse. La communauté de Namaram mise beaucoup sur l’initiative d’allonger la route jusqu’à Bwatnapni, soit la voie la plus courte sur une distance de deux kilomètres alors que pour venir dans l’autre village, une voiture doit faire douze kilomètres en passant par Tanebok et Éna. Pour la communauté, la construction de la route Namaram/Bwatnapni est une solution très attendue. La communauté compte sur le nouveau gouvernement pour que ce rêve devienne une réalité. “L’ancien ministre des travaux publics est originaire de Lésouroukaviance et on ne sait pas si sur les millions de vatus destinés à la réfection et à la construction de nouvelles routes, notre village est compris sur la liste des bénéficiaires”, se demande le porte-parole. “Nous faisons partie des oubliés du pays. Les politiciens viennent nous rendre visite tous les quatre ans lors de la campagne électorale mais à vrai dire on n’a jamais reçu une visite ou accroché un collier de fleurs au cou d’un député de Pentecôte ou d’un ministre d’État”, poursuit le porte-parole. Par ailleurs, la communauté est ravie qu’il y ait un changement au niveau de l’exécutif national et apporte toute sa confiance à la nouvelle équipe qu’elle considère être très solide et composée des décideurs mûrs. Elle compte sur les nouveaux dirigeants du gouvernement pour la mise en œuvre d’actions plus focalisées sur les besoins des communautés locales. L’aéroport de Lamen Bay affecté par la montée de la mer Les effets du réchauffement de la planète et du changement climatique apportent aussi l’inquiétude à la population d’Épi, surtout les villages situés sur la partie littorale. L’un des premiers effets à s’être manisfesté est l’éboulement de la partie nord-ouest de l’aéroport de Lamen Bay, causé par la montée de la mer. Ce phénomène risque de rendre impraticable cette deuxième piste d’atterrissage de l’île. Devant cette situation, la population locale s’organise déjà pour trouver un endroit où construire un nouvel aéroport. Entretemps, les villageois cherchent des moyens pour s’adapter par de nouvelles méthodes à vivre contre le changement climatique. Un atelier a récemment eu lieu à Lamen Bay en vue de sensibiliser la population à l’adaption au climat que va causer le réchauffement de la planète.

L’Indépendant - Samedi le 30 Mars, 2013

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RANGER 2013 International Year!

Why settle for anything less? The Independent/L’indépendant - Samedi le 30 March, 2013

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La nouvelle opposition veut un changement

Sato Kilman n’a pas digéré sa mise à l’écart. Lui et ses pairs tentent, depuis l’élection de son successeur, de mettre des bâtons dans les roues en essayant d’alourdir à nouveau le poids de leur camp alors que le nouvel exécutif s’est déjà mis au travail. Samedi dernier, alors que le Parlement venait d’élire le nouveau Premier ministre, le président du PPP, qui venait de démissionner trois jours plus tôt du plus haut poste de l’exécutif national, et son groupe se sont mis debout et ont quitté la séance. Tout se passait sous le regard du nouveau Premier ministre. À la sortie, des réactions émanant du public n’ont pas accepté pas cette attitude d’irrespect envers le Parlement du Vanuatu.

Mercredi après-midi, le caucus du gouvernement s’est réuni une nouvelle fois afin de permettre aux alliés d’être rassurés contre la nouvelle motion de défiance. Suite à cette réunion, le porte-parole de la nouvelle coalition, Ralph Regenvanu, ministre des Terres a affirmé aux journalistes avec qui il a donné rendez-vous au nakamal du Malvatumauri qu’avaient assisté à ce caucus trente-quatre députés dont la signature figure sur une convocation d’une session extraordinaire du Parlement. Cela laisse penser que c’est le nombre qui a soutenu la candidature de Moana Carcasses.

Ce geste confirmait déjà l’intention de la nouvelle opposition : jouer la revanche car, à une semaine du vendredi saint, Kilman et ses pairs restaient confiants qu’ils allaient être au pouvoir jusqu’à la fin de cette législature. Or, le destin l’a voulu autrement. En début de la semaine, la chasse aux députés a été lancée. Des contacts ont été renouvelés entre des élus qui étaient pour le nouveau Premier ministre (et le sont toujours d’ailleurs) mais dépourvus chacun d’un portefeuille ministériel. Un élu allié à la nouvelle coalition affirmait mardi dernier avoir été contacté par le groupe de Sato Kilman mais il a refusé de céder en disant qu’il comptait voir un changement pour le meilleur et si le pire se manifestait, il pourrait changer d’avis. La nouvelle équipe gouvernementale a mis en place des priorités à réaliser dans les cent jours qui suivent l’élection du nouveau Premier ministre. Dès lundi, les ministres s’étaient mis au travail pour s’assurer que ces priorités, qualifiées de promesses par l’opinion publique, soient réalisées à temps. Mardi, le nouveau ministre des Affaires étrangères, Edward Natapei, a

Une complicité qui varie entre toutes les circonstances politiques : Moana Carcasses, nouveau Premier ministre, et Edward Natapei, ministre des Affaires étrangères à Pékoa en 2004. Le président des Verts transitait à Pékoa après sa campagne électorale à Pentecôte.

fait part de sa décision d’annuler certaines nominations diplomatiques faites par le gouvernement Kilman depuis 2010. Parmi ces nominations qui ont déjà fait l’objet d’annulation : celle de Ti Tham Goiset au poste d’ambassadeur intérimaire du Vanuatu en Russie. Cette décision s’inscrit dans le cadre d’une mission qui consiste à remettre de l’ordre dans l’administration des affaires de l’État, la remise au propre de l’image et l’intégrité du gouvernement. Elle illustre déjà la détermination et la motivation de la nouvelle équipe gouvernementale qui n’est pas loin de réinstaurer la confiance dans le pays si elle maintient ce rythme.

Le fédération de judo vise loin Federesen blong Judo blong Vanuatu a organisé une soirée kavafundraising le vendredi 22 mars. Plus de 80 personnes y ont participé. Un bénéfice de près de 75 000 vatus a été généré. Les fonds récoltés serviront dans un premier temps à contribuer à la participation de Jo Mahit aux prochains Oceania de Cairns (mi-avril) et l'organisation d'un championnat national pour les enfants et les adultes (27 avril à l'ex-FOL). Bien évidemment, cette somme n'est pas suffisante. Aussi, les donations sont toujours les bienvenues. N'hésitez pas à contacter les membres du bureau de la Fédération si vous souhaitez participer. La fédération nationale tient donc à remercier tous les participants et surtout les sociétés qui ont parrainé cette initiative :

Au Bon Marché et la brasserie Nambawan. Des demandes de parrainage sont également effectuées auprès des sociétés privées. Sachez d'ailleurs qu'il est possible d'acheter un espace sur le site (50 000 vt pour un 12 mois). Une belle façon de parrainer tout en faisant sa publicité. Pour information, le VASANOC (comité olympique national) vient de reconnaitre Federesen blong Judo blong Vanuatu comme étant la seule fédération nationale officiellement habilitée à développer et représenter le judo. Pour toute information complémentaire, n'hésitez pas à contacter l’entraineur Florence Daoleuang (7776436 ou florence. ou Georges Cumbo (7746672 ou

Concert des Jambalaya, chanson française, rock et humour L'Alliance française invite le duo Jambalaya à Port-Vila.

Le duo Jambalaya est né il y a un an et a commencé à se produire sur les scènes calédoniennes début 2012. Il a rencontré un vif succès grâce a un répertoire varié et festif, mêlant rythmes, mélodies et humour. Le répertoire alterne des compositions originales et des reprises (Señor Holmes, San Severino, Pierre Vassiliu, Gainsbourg, Les Escrocs, Tom Jobim…). Franky Lewis et Eric Dudognon donneront un concert le vendredi 5 avril à 19h à l'Alliance française. Ils joueront également le lendemain en soirée à l'Houstalet. Alliance française: Membres: 300vt Public: 500 vt Billetterie déjà ouverte Houstalet: Concert gratuit durant le dîner (à la carte). Réservation au 22303 Page 10

Or, l’opposition ne semble pas prendre en compte cette détermination. La détermination de Sato Kilman et de ses pairs est de retourner au gouvernement dans l’immédiat sans compter les raisons justifiables qui expliqueraient son intention; Moana Carcasses venait à peine d’être conduit au poste de Premier ministre. Mercredi, Kalvao Moli, ministre sortant de l’Agriculture et député de Luganville, a été cité par la FM107 comme étant le porte-parole du camp de Sato Kilman, en référence à une information selon laquelle la nouvelle opposition regroupait déjà vingt-sept élus et qu’une motion de défiance allait être déposée au bureau du président du Parlement dans les heures qui suivaient. La veille, l’ancien ministre a décidé de s’allier aux trois élus du groupe Iauko, à savoir Tony Nari de Pentecôte, Hosea Nevu de Santo et John Amos de Tongoa. La cérémonie s’est déroulée en présence des deux élus du Nagriamel à Santo, John Lum et Samson Samsen. Ce dernier ayant été ministre de l’Aviation civile a fait partie des trente-quatre élus qui avaient soutenus la candidature de Moana Carcasses samedi dernier.

Cette session devrait siéger mercredi prochain. Au menu : motion pour révoquer le président du Parlement, Georges Wells, et élection du nouveau président, motion de révocation du premier vice-président du Parlement et élection d’un nouveau viceprésident, motion afin de créer les nouvelles fonctions du troisième vice-président du Parlement et son élection. Le troisième vice-président sera chargé des liens entre le Parlement du Vanuatu, l’Unesco, l’APF (Association des parlementaires francophones) et le Commonwealth. Trois autres motions figurent également à l’ordre du jour, consistant à renforcer le rôle du Parlement en rapport avec les institutions gouvernementales, ainsi que l’étique et l’intégrité des membres du Parlement. La dernière motion consiste à sanctionner le président du Parlement, Geoges Wells. Ralph Regenvanu a également fait part de la décision du caucus du gouvernement en ce qui concerne la publication du poste de porte-parole du gouvernement. Il s’agit là de nommer à ce poste une personne qualifiée dans le métier de l’information et des relations publiques. Ce poste a été depuis l’indépendance politisé suivant chaque changement de gouvernement. Mercredi vers 16h30, alors que nous mettions sous presse, aucune motion de défiance de l’opposition n’avait été déposée au bureau du Parlement.

Le vol de kava devient régulier à Port-Vila

Le vol de kava se multiplie à Port-Vila. Parmi ceux signalés ces dernières semaines, un sac a disparu dans un point de vente au quartier de Seven Star. C'était en début du mois. Le sac de kava devait rapporter plus de 20 000 vt.

- GM

que les voleurs ont réussi à arracher pour repartir avec un sac tout plein.

Dans la même nuit, un autre sac de kava a été emporté à Malapoa Estate par des individus qui rôdaient la nuit pendant que dormait toute la famille sur place. Le sac pesait 80 kg.

Le vol de kava est chose nouvelle dans la capitale. Il semble que les voleurs ont du mal à faire leur prise régulière dans leur lieu habituel la nuit dû à la sécurité des maisons de commerce et des résidences privées qui a été renforcée ces derniers mois avec la multiplication des agents de vigile. Ces voleurs, ne pouvant plus trouver l'endroit où voler pour manger, ciblent les bars à kava et les lieux de stockage de kava.

Dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche, un autre vol de kava a été signalé à Ohlen. La porte de la maison où le kava avait été stocké avait été fermée avec le cadenas dessus

Après avoir réussi leur larcin, ils revendent le kava à des particuliers à des prix moins élevés, juste pour avoir de l'argent pour manger.

Pour les nouvelles, contacter 22200 ou 77 44456 ou envoyez-les à l’adresse suivante : L’Indépendant, votre unique journal em trois langues The Independent/L’indépendant - Samedi 30 Mars, 2013

Le Contre-amiral se déclare candidat aux prochaines législatives Le Contre-amiral Franck Bainimarama, au pouvoir depuis son putsch du 5 décembre 2006, a annoncé vendredi pour la première fois qu’il serait candidat aux élections législatives qu’il annonce toujours pour septembre 2014. «Je me présenterai aux élections et je suis confiant de les remporter, sinon je ne présenterais pas. Je n’ai pas l’habitude de perdre», a-t-il déclaré à la presse locale, alors qu’il se trouvait sur les pistes du stade de la capitale pour y inspecter l’état d’avancement des rénovations de ces installations. Cultivant à fond la métaphore sportive et concurrentielle, en associant piste d’athlétisme et course, sportive ou politique, le Contre-amiral s’est présenté en short, baskets, casquette et veste de survêtement. Après avoir effectué quelques longueurs de piste en compagnie de jeunes Fidjiens, l’homme fort de Suva a fait sa déclaration et reconnu au passage qu’il devrait au préalable créer un parti. Mais il a déclaré ne pas avoir encore choisi ses futurs compagnons de route. «Je n’ai pas encore décidé de qui pourrait se

présenter avec moi (…) Je n’y ai pas encore réfléchi», a-t-il déclaré au site d’informations en ligne Fijilive Les spéculations quant aux velléités du Contre-amiral, qui a pris le pouvoir en invoquant son désir de débarrasser cet archipel de la corruption et de systèmes politiques discriminatoires et racistes, de rechercher un mandat populaire, alimentaient depuis longtemps les débats locaux. Mais jusqu’ici, l’intéressé, lorsqu’il était interrogé à ce sujet, se contentait de déclarer qu’il n’avait pas encore pris sa décision, mais en informerait le public «quand il se sentira prêt». M. Bainimarama se déclare aussi inquiet d’un retour des anciens partis au pouvoir qui, selon lui, en cas de retour aux affaires, «s’empresseraient de défaire tout ce que nous avons mis en place depuis décembre 2006». «J’ai jeté un coup d’œil sur les intentions affichées des partis politiques qui veulent se présenter aux élections et à mon sens, Fidji devrait se faire du souci», a-t-il déclaré. Sur la scène locale, toutefois, avant même de se déclarer, le Contre-amiral a multiplié les tournées aux quatre coins de l’archipel,

Fidji conserve son titre de champion de rugby à 7 La victoire du Sept fidjien en finale du tournoi de Hong Kong comptant pour le championnat du monde IRB de rugby à 7, dimanche soir à Hong Kong, par 26 à 19 contre le pays de Galles a provoqué dans la capitale fidjienne des scène de liesse, accompagnées de défilés spontanés et de feux d’artifices, le tout malgré une pluie battante. Le match de cette finale a été suivi, comme à l’accoutumée, par une large frange de la population, toutes ethnies confondues, alors que la sélection nationale était menée 19 à 0 à la mi-temps et a ensuite effectué un spectaculaire retour à la marque. Le tournoi de Hong Kong fait partie de la série IRB, pour laquelle six des neuf tournois ont été joués jusqu’ici. Aux points, toutefois, c’est toujours la Nouvelle-Zélande (que Fidji a battu 33-14 en demi-finale du tournoi de Hong Kong, dimanche) qui conserve la première place du classement avec 13 points. Fidji arrive second avec 88 points au tableau cumulatif, Samoa est troisième avec 84 points. Le prochain tournoi comptant pour cette série aura lieu à Tokyo (Japon) les 30 et 31 mars 2013. L’un des héros de ces tournois de rugby à sept, et capitaine des équipes fidjiennes à partir du début des années 1990, Waisale Serevi, qui se trouvait à Hong Kong pour assister au tournoi de la série IRB, a aussi été distingué, en marge de la compétition, par l’IRB. L’organisation mondiale, via son Président, le Français Bernard Lapasset, lui a samedi ouvert les portes de sa « galerie des célébrités (Hall of Fame) au cours d’une cérémonie, une première pour un rugbyman fidjien, ce qui lui a valu une « standing ovation

Nouvelles régionales

» de la part du public du stade So Kon Po de Hong Kong. «Quand il joue, Serevi peut se faire voir des aveugles, se faire entendre des sourds et même faire chanter les muets», avait en son temps déclaré l’entraîneur français Franck Boivert, installé de longue date à Fidji et occupant toujours un poste de responsabilités au sein de la fédération nationale fidjienne de rugby. Serevi a aussi longtemps joué dans des clubs britanniques, japonais et français (le plus longtemps pour Mont-de-Marsan). Eric Rush, un célèbre ex-All Black à sept, avait pour sa part avoué que « parfois, quand nous jouions contre Fidji, quand je voyais ce que Serevi arrivait à faire sur le terrain, j’avais envie de me retourner pour applaudir », rappelle l’IRB dans un communiqué. Au milieu des années 2000, Serevi, surnommé «Le Magicien», «Le Maestro» ou encore affectueusement «Small» en raison de sa petite taille, a ensuite cumulé les fonctions de jouer et d’entraîneur pour la sélection nationale de rugby à Sept, avant de démissionner en juillet 2007. Ce joueur fidjien, désormais âgé de 45 ans, est actuellement basé à Seattle (ÉtatsUnis), où il occupe encore des fonctions d’ambassadeur du rugby, en compagnie de son épouse et de ses trois enfants. Considéré dans son pays comme une véritable légende vivante, ce joueur de rugby a dominé la scène régionale et internationale de l’époque 1990-2005. Il a aussi mené par deux fois son équipe à la victoire de la coupe du monde de rugby à sept, en 1999 et en 2005, dans un pays où le rugby atteint au statut de seconde religion.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Samedi le 30 Mars, 2013

- pad

À vos marques..... C’est sur une piste d’athlétisme que le Contre-Amiral Bainimarama a annoncé qu’il se présenterait aux élections (Source photo : Fijilive) donnant l’image d’un homme en perpétuelle campagne. De fait, plusieurs sondages réalisés ces derniers mois lui attribuent un taux élevé de satisfaction dans des bases électorales variées, aussi bien chez les Fidjiens indigènes que chez les citoyens d’origine indienne, descendants des premiers planteurs de canne à sucre amenés à Fidji à la fin du dixneuvième siècle par le pouvoir britannique, alors que Fidji était l’un de ses colonies. La dernière étude publiée en date (février 2013), conduite en 2011 et en 2012 par un institut de recherches sociales dépendant d’un séminaire de théologie basé à Fidji, a tenté de brosser un portrait de l’opinion des personnes interrogées (environ 350) concernant l’état de la démocratie et de la gouvernance à Fidji. Cette étude a ainsi révélé qu’un nombre élevé d’opinions exprimées estimait que M. Bainimarama «aurait beaucoup à apprendre aux politiques», qu’il était «accessible», «réactif» et «l’homme de la situation». Selon le même sondage, à la question concernant le fait de savoir si le gouvernement post-putsch du Contre-amiral faisait ou non un bon travail, même s’il n’est pas élu, les réponses ont été majoritairement positives.

Lors d’un récent déplacement à Labasa (île de Vanua Levu, Nord de l’archipel), le 12 mars 2013, pour y inaugurer une nouveau centre de services gouvernementaux, le Contre-amiral a déclaré avoir été interpellé à plusieurs reprises par des citoyens lui demandant pourquoi il tenait tant à ce que des élections aient lieu en 2014. «Dans plusieurs régions de Fidji que j’ai visitées, les gens m’ont demandé pourquoi une élection l’an prochain. Nous sommes contents des choses telles qu’elles sont maintenant. Pour moi, c’est une reconnaissance du travail que ce gouvernement a fourni en matière de prestation de services publics», a-t-il lancé à l’occasion de cette inauguration à Labasa, tout en fustigeant l’immobilisme des précédents gouvernements démocratiquement élus, y compris le dernier, mené par Laisenia Qarase, qu’il a renversé le 5 décembre 2006. Une autre forme de sondage, mené ces dernières semaines par le Fiji Sun, le quotidien le plus ouvertement pro-Bainimarama de la place, affirme que la majorité des personnes interrogées ces dernières semaines à Suva et dans sa grande banlieue «veulent que (M. Bainimarama) continue à diriger Fidji après les élections». - pad

Vaste chasse au «Jésus Noir» en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée Les forces de l’ordre papoues ont lancé, depuis vendredi, une vaste chasse à l’homme en vue de remettre la main sur près d’une cinquantaine de fugitifs, en cavale depuis jeudi dernier après une évasion en masse du quartier de haute sécurité de la prison de Madang (Est de l’île principale). Parmi ces criminels, certains sont considérés comme particulièrement dangereux, avec en tête de liste un certain Stephen Tari, surnommé «Le Jésus Noir» et condamné en 2010 dans une affaire de culte ayant entraîné des viols et la mort de nombre de ses adeptes. Il était aussi accusé, à l’époque, de s’être livré à des actes de cannibalisme mystique sur les corps de ses victimes. Selon Richard Mandui, porte-parole des services pénitentiaires de la prison Beon de Madang, 49 prisonniers ont profité d’un flottement pendant un changement d’équipes de surveillants pour prendre le large en pratiquant une large ouverture dans la clôture de l’établissement, rapporte la radio nationale NBC. L’évasion n’aurait été constatée que quelques heures plus tard, vendredi aux aurores, aux alentours de trois heures du matin (GMT+10). Quatre des fugitifs auraient depuis été rattrapés alors qu’ils avaient trouvé refuge dans un village non loin du centre pénitentiaire. - pad

Commercial & Personal Effects Fr8 Logistics Page 11


Obama names female Secret Service chief US President Barack Obama has named Julia Pierson first female chief of the Secret Service, the elite protection branch sullied by a prostitution scandal last year. Pierson, currently Secret Service chief of staff, has worked for the agency, which protects the president and his family and investigates currency counterfeiting and fraud, for 30 years. “Julia has consistently exemplified the spirit and dedication the men and women of the service demonstrate every day,” Obama said in a statement.

More than two dozen Secret Service agents and military personnel, tasked with preparing security for Obama’s high-profile visit, were sent home as a result. Eight Secret Service agents left the agency over the incident. Secret Service director Mark Sullivan, who is retiring, apologised for the drama, which

A TEENAGER found dead after apparently being mauled by a pack of 'out of control' dogs in Britain is being remembered as a quiet, timid and brilliant girl. Jade Anderson, 14, was discovered dead at a property she was visiting at Atherton, near Wigan.

Jade Anderson was believed to have been alone at a friend's house when she was attacked by the family's dogs.

Four dogs at the scene - two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers - were shot by police marksmen and a fifth was contained.

"She (Jade) had a pie in her hand and has gone to bite it, she moved the pie and the dog's gone for her throat and then they have all gone for her," the girl said.

A 15-year-old girl who goes to the same school as the victim described her as ‘dead shy’.

A post mortem examination was expected soon and the dogs' remains would also be examined, police said.

$338 million lottery winner will buy car AFTER winning a $US338 million Powerball jackpot, Pedro Quezada said he does not know what he's going to do with the money.

“Julia is eminently qualified to lead the agency that not only safeguards Americans at major events and secures our financial system, but also protects our leaders and our first families, including my own.” The Secret Service last year scrambled to contain fallout from an affair which involved prostitutes and its agents in the Colombian city of Cartagena, where Obama attended the Summit of the Americas.

UK teen mauled to death by dogs

"I have to think about it. My mind is not clear yet,'' Quezada said through a translator at New Jersey Lottery headquarters. But he said he will help his family and have some fun. "I'm just going to have a little spin around." Julia Pierson has been appointed the first female director of the Secret Service. prompted the agency to change some of its rules. The goings-on in Cartagena and subsequent public outcry led to broader questions about the behaviour of Secret Service agents and the protection branch’s macho culture. - AAP

The 44-year-old, who has put in long hours at the family's bodega in Passaic, N.J., said he has also not decided whether to stay in New Jersey or move to his native the Dominican Republic, which he left at age 19.

Flanked by his wife, children and other family members, Quezada declined to answer reporters' questions about the difficulties he has faced as an immigrant and small business owner. "I don't want to speak about it because my life has changed,'' he said when asked about a 2009 fire in his bodega.

But Quezada said he has already decided to buy a new car.

He declined to say how much he made each year at his store.

What kind does he drive now? "My feet,'' he said.

"These millions of dollars have erased whatever I made before,'' he said.

Announcing the arrival of the ALL NEW

Come in and see the new era of pick up trucks with redefined toughness, styling, options & safety

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ELLUK ROAD NAMBA TRI, PORT VILA PHONE: (67802544, FAX: (678) 22531 Email:

SALES PERSON Thomas Xourel Mb 540-4782

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

The Indyview

Feature by Tony Wilson

Two feet on the ground

BEING an air traffic controller is regarded by many as being one of the most stressful professions going around. But veteran controller Alan Churchill has it all tied up in a simple package. “You have to get them up there and then you have to get them all down again,” was his summation of a job that he held for around 50 years in both the military and civilian worlds. When he finally switched off the microphone at Port Vila’s Bauerfield airport at the age of 73, Alan was believed to be the oldest air traffic controller in the world. Alan was born into a working class family in Weymouth in Dorset, in the south of England and has two sisters. He had a normal and pleasant childhood, with plenty of sport, and went to Weymouth Grammar until he was 16. “My family had a long history of being railway people but I broke the mould and I worked for the local council for four years, and during that time I delayed my National Service,” he said.

at Norwich airport, only a short distance from his RAF control tower, and began life as a civilian air traffic controller in February, 1980, earning three-thousand-pounds a year more than he had received in the air force.

Alan finally decided to do his National Service and he joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1960 but instead of just two years of service he signed on for a five year stint that was eventually to become 20 years of his life. “I liked the aviation side of things and I liked what was involved with air traffic control, so I went on a training course and was initially based in Lincolnshire,” he said.

“Norwich was a busy regional airport only five miles from the base, so we still had the same circle of friends, but initially I found it a little difficult because in the military you knew the pecking order of everyone. I also initially found that civil air traffic controlling was more regimented and that, perhaps surprisingly for most people, the job had been more flexible in the military.

As well as joining the RAF Alan also married Nan, a Weymouth lass, in 1960 and she became used to the life of a military man, moving from base to base and living in military accommodation.

“At the time Norwich airport was run by the local authority and they wanted me to join the union, but after so long in the military I just told then I was having none of that,” he said.

After Lincolnshire, Alan was posted to Wiltshire, a busy bomber base. “There I often had to deal with 20 aircraft at the one time and of course it can be a stressful job, but I used to relieve it by having a strange sense of humour.” Along the way the Churchills had two lovely daughters, Beverley and Clare, which kept Alan busy during his off duty time, but he also managed to be able to play football and cricket. “It was all a good life – I don’t regret any of it – and each base I was posted to had different professional challenges so life was never boring in the control tower.” Apart from postings around the UK, Alan also served with the RAF in Bahrain and Oman. At one stage while based at West Drayton, which is alongside Heathrow, Alan was able to get a training flight on the Queen’s De Havilland Comet 4. “It was all kitted out for her and during the flight I was able to use her toilet and I even jumped on her bed, but of course she wasn’t on board or I would have been beheaded!”

Alan Churchill ‘in the tower’ and (top right) as a dashing RAF officer, with the lovely Nan. Around the same time Alan left the ‘ranks’ and was promoted to Flight Lieutenant, and went off to do his officer training course in North Yorkshire.

“It was really isolated but the camaraderie on the base was wonderful because of that, and Nan and I just loved the three years we had there.

Back in his beloved control tower, he was to face one of his greatest professional challenges when a RAF pilot flying a Jaguar fighter hit a large flock of birds.

“They had four types of aircraft at that base but there were also all sorts of visiting aircraft, and we also received visits from Naval vessels like the huge US carrier Nimitz.

“It was a massive bird strike and his windscreen was completely covered with blood and gore and mess, and he couldn’t see at all to land the plane,” Alan explained. “I was able to talk him down onto the ground safely and then I went out to look at the plane, which was a hell of a mess, and meet the pilot, who was badly shaken up, but uninjured. “It was very satisfying to be able to do that and for once I had to set aside the rule book and just apply common sense. “That pilot and I became great friends and we still communicate today.” Of all his UK postings, Alan’s favourite was at Lossiemouth in the remote end of northern Scotland.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

“It was here I started to play golf and I also became a member of the auxiliary Coast Guard, which was also busy as there were a lot of refurbishment ships going to and from the oil rigs.”

Alan enjoyed the work at Norwich airport but as he looked at the surrounding areas from his control tower aerie, he realised that there were housing estates going up all around the airport. “I felt the airport didn’t have a great future so I started looking for ads in the newspapers, particularly for any overseas positions, and I spotted one for Vanuatu, which I knew nothing about at all, but I did a bit of research and found it was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

After Lossiemouth Alan decided a change was needed in his life.

“I applied, but being the Foreign Office, they took a year before they offered me the position as an air traffic controller in Port Vila. Before we left Nan and I had to go to a briefing session to learn about Vanuatu, which of course was independent by then, but the airport was basically funded by the British Government.

“I turned 40 in 1978 and I could see that the British military forces were diminishing, so I decided to leave the RAF and study for my civil air traffic controller’s licence.”

“We travelled to the Pacific via Honolulu and Fiji, which was very pleasant, courtesy of the British Government, and we finally arrived in Port Vila on October 2, 1981.

He spent his last time in the air force at Coltishall, a Jaguar fighter air base near Norwich.

“It was a perfect, sunny day and it lasted like that for two months, and we thought we had gone to heaven.”

After gaining his civil licence he got a job

Continued next week...

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JOKER DRAW JACKPOT NOW 50,000 VT You could win - Ask how

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The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Adver tisement



Date – Tuesday 16th April 2013 Location – CHANTILLY’S ON THE BAY 5:30 pm for light refreshments and finger food prior to commencement of formal meeting at 6:15 pm All welcome.

The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Page 15 31 Page





SCHOOL BASED MANAGEMENT UNIT Private Mail Bag 028 Port Vila - Vanuatu Tel : (678) 22309 - Fax : 23289

SECTION DE GESTION DES ECOLES Sac Postal Réservé 028 Port Vila - Vanuatu Tel :(678) 22309 - Fax : 23289


PRIMARY SCHOOLS LACK ADEQUATE FACILITIES DESPITE AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS Despite the availability of school grants since 2010, government and government-assisted primary schools on the island of Epi visited by School Based Management (SBM) officers still lack basic equipment. Chairs, desks, black boards, etc. are in need of repair, replacement, or in some cases, non-existent. A good number of students sit and do their work on the floor due to lack of these essential equipment. Feedback from head masters/ headmistresses and school committee and community members who attended various trainings conducted by SBM officers throughout the island of Epi over the last week indicate that many of those in authority are still unsure of how to utilise the grant. Schools that have not had access to such financial resources previously see this as an opportunity to save rather than use these funds as intended. In addition to equipment shortages, many of the primary schools in Epi lack adequate number of teaching staff – it is common to find 1 registered teacher responsible for around 60 children in some schools, while many have resorted to utilising volunteers and untrained teachers to help carry the load. The following are some areas of concern identified that everyone involved will continue to address: more awareness on government grants and intended areas of usage; a number of teachers and School Committee members lack basic knowledge of planning, budgeting and financial management; number of primary school children in some schools have had significant changes due mainly to the separation of year 7 & 8 to secondary schools, and movement of parents to other areas including urban centres. The introduction of school grants in general has not necessarily seen an increase in number of children entering primary schools on Epi island, and; information sharing between the School Committee and Head Master and ownership of primary schools by the community will remain a challenge. A team of 21 officers including 11 School Based Management Schools Improvement Officers (SIO), 5 finance officers from the Ministry of Education, 3 SBM Development & Support Advisers, and 1 officer from the Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation (VBTC) conducted a 5-day workshops on 5 locations around Epi island based on a Cluster Model, including Sikembo, Mafilau, Nikaura, Akama & Bonkovio. Over 100 participants attended the workshops which covered areas intended to build the capacity of primary school heads, school committees and communities to manage their schools effectively. Topics covered inlcuded Roles & responsibilities of School Committees and School Committee Associations; School Committee Administrative Procedures; School committee and school finances; Leadership; Characteristic of a Quality School; Vanuatu Minimum Quality Standards of Primary Schools; School Improvement Plan; School Self Assessment Plan, and; School Planning and Budgeting. The process of self assessment, priority setting, School Improvement Plans (SIP) & budgeting facilitated by SBM officers in respective schools allowed those in authority greater understanding of the school development process and respective roles and responsibilities. Self assessment and priority setting also allowed primary school head masters and school committee members to agree on equipment & essential material to be purchased to upgrade the environment in primary schools that is conducive to learning. Other areas such as Safe drinking water, toilet facilities, School Hygiene, and School Safety, Healthy Foods are also target areas in this training. Figure 1: Clusters of primary schools and locations of the 5 training venues on Epi Island.






Below are pictures taken in some of the primary schools around Epi island showing condition of furniture and children using the floor for work.

Page 16

Page 39 The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013





SCHOOL BASED MANAGEMENT UNIT Private Mail Bag 028 Port Vila - Vanuatu Tel : (678) 22309 - Fax : 23289

SECTION DE GESTION DES ECOLES Sac Postal Réservé 028 Port Vila - Vanuatu Tel :(678) 22309 - Fax : 23289


LES ECOLES PRIMAIRES MANQUENT D’INFRASTRUCTURES ADEQUATES MALGRE LA MISE A DISPOSITION DE FONDS Malgré la disponibilité depuis 2010 des subventions scolaires, les écoles primaires gouvernementales et celles assistées par le gouvernement sur l’île d’Epi qui ont été visitées par les agents du Programme de Gestion des Ecoles (SBM/PGE) manquent encore d’équipement de base. Les chaises, les bureaux, les tableaux noirs, etc. ont besoin d’être réparés, d’être remplacés, ou dans certains cas, sont inexistants. Un bon nombre d’élèves s›assoit et fait son travail à même le sol en raison de l›absence de ces équipements essentiels. Les commentaires des responsables des écoles, des comités d’écoles et des membres des communautés qui ont participé à différents stages de formation menés par des agents du PGE sur l’ensemble de l›île d›Epi la semaine dernière, indiquent que bon nombre de personnes en situation d›autorité sont toujours incertaines quant à la façon d›utiliser la subvention. Les écoles qui n›ont pas eu accès à ces ressources financières précédemment voient cela comme une occasion de constituer des réserves plutôt que d›utiliser ces fonds comme prévu. En plus du manque d’équipement, beaucoup d›écoles primaires d’Epi n›ont pas un nombre suffisant de personnel enseignant et il est fréquent de trouver 1 enseignant inscrit responsable pour environ 60 enfants dans certaines écoles, alors que beaucoup ont recours aux bénévoles et aux enseignants non-qualifiés pour aider à assumer les responsabilités. Voici quelques préoccupations identifiées que toutes les parties concernées continueront à adresser : plus de sensibilisation sur les subventions publiques et les domaines d›utilisation ; un certain nombre d›enseignants et de membres du comité de l›école n›ont pas les connaissances de base de la planification, de la budgétisation et de la gestion financière ; un certain nombre d›enfants de l›école primaire dans certaines écoles ont eu des changements significatifs due principalement à la séparation de l›année 7 & 8 vers les écoles secondaires et le mouvement des parents vers d’autres endroits, y compris les centres urbains. La mise en place de subventions scolaires en général n’a pas nécessairement entrainé une augmentation dans le nombre d›enfants qui entrent dans les écoles primaires sur l›île d›Epi, et l’échange d›informations entre le comité de l’école, le directeur de l’école et les communautés propriétaires des écoles primaires reste un défi. Une équipe de 21 membres dont 11 agents d’amélioration des écoles basés dans les écoles (AAE), 5 agents des finances du Ministère de l›Education, 3 conseillers de soutien au développement du PGE et 1 agent de la Société de Radio et de Télévision de Vanuatu (SRTV) ont effectué un atelier de 5 jours sur 5 sites de l›île d›Epi basé sur un modèle d’échantillonnage, comprenant Sikembo, Mafilau, Nikaura, Akama & Bonkovio. Plus de 100 participants ont participé aux ateliers qui couvraient les thèmes destinés à renforcer les capacités des directeurs des écoles primaires, des comités scolaires et des communautés pour gérer leurs écoles. Les sujets couvraient les rôles & les responsabilités des comités scolaires et des associations des comités de l›école; les procédures administratives du comité scolaire ; le comité d›école et les finances de l›école ; le leadership ; les caractéristiques d›une école de qualité ; les normes minimales de qualité des écoles primaires du Vanuatu; le plan d›amélioration de l›école ; le plan d’auto-évaluation de l›école et la planification et la budgétisation de l’école. Le processus d›auto-évaluation, l’établissement des priorités, le plan d›amélioration scolaire (PAS) et la budgétisation ont été facilité par des agents du PGE dans les écoles respectives et a permis aux personnes détenant une autorité de pouvoir mieux comprendre le processus de développement de l›école et les rôles et les responsabilités de chacun . L’auto-évaluation et l’établissement des priorités ont également permis aux directeurs/directrices des écoles primaires et aux membres du comité scolaire de s›entendre sur les équipements et les matériels essentiels à acheter pour mettre à niveau l›environnement dans les écoles primaires qui est propice à l›apprentissage. D’autres domaines tels que l›eau potable, les installations sanitaires, l’hygiène et la sécurité dans les écoles, les aliments sains sont également des thèmes ciblés dans cette formation. Figure 1: échantillon des écoles primaires et localisations des 5 lieux de formation sur l’île d’Epi.

Les photographies suivantes prises dans les écoles primaires d’Epi montrent l’état des fournitures et les enfants travaillant au sol

PageIndependent/L’independent 32 The - Saturday, 30 March, 2013

Page 17


No same-sex marriage: PM SAME-sex marriage will not be part of Fiji’s new constitution, says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama. “Same sex marriage is an issue which is not even up for discussion,” Commodore Bainimarama told a caller when asked about it. He was a guest on a talk back show on one of the national broadcaster’s radio show, Aaina. “It will not be allowed because it is against religious beliefs,” he added. A prominent feature of submissions to the Professor Yash Ghai-led Constitution Commission was the oppositition to same-sex marriage.

During the show, Commodore Bainimarama reaffirmed his intention to resign from the post of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) commander in order to contest the 2014 elections. “I have proved to the people of Fiji that we stand for the good governance and will continue to do so and I will contest the 2014 elections to continue doing that,” he said. On the Bill of Rights, Commodore Bainimarama said the socio-economic rights embedded in the draft constitution were essential. He said these rights were obviously essential for all Fijians judging by the many callers who raised concerns on the access to water, land, services, employment and income.

Commodore Bainimarama said that the Bill of Rights had been included in the constitution to secure the future for all Fijians, particularly children. The Prime Minister also highlighted provisions in the draft constitution that would ensure Fiji remained a secular state. He said such a state would provide equal opportunities for everyone to practice their own faith and religion and rid the nation of any racial discrimination. Two clauses in the draft say, “(c) the State and all persons holding a public office must not prefer or advance, by any means, any particular religion, religious denomination,

religious belief, or religious practice over another, or over any non-religious belief; and (d) no person shall assert any religious belief as a legal reason to disregard this Constitution or any other law. On education, the government was also assisting students with the provisions of students loans for tertiary education. Commodore Bainimarama said access to these loans would be merit-based and all students could repay their loans after the completion of the studies. He is expected to appear on FBC TV today to answer questions on the draft constitution.

New-look climate change department: What’s ahead? AFTER last week’s spill that never happened and in a week described by the Prime Minister as ‘appalling’, it was on the cards that those who stuck by Julia Gillard would be rewarded. But with the new ministries unveiled and extra portfolios being taken on by some, you have to ask, are they being rewarded or overloaded? Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has been a staunch supporter of the Prime Minister and that has now translated to a number of extra titles and a huge portfolio. ABC News is launching an interactive online application called Vote Compass to help voters engage on important policy issues during the coming election campaign. The tool will allow ABC audiences to compare their views in policy areas with the platforms of political parties. As Fairfax’s Tony Wright put it, imagine the letterhead on that one; the “Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education”.

Position Vacant Advertising Sales Manager Photogenic is looking for an experienced advertising sales manager to represent several publications in Vanuatu and the South Pacific. The successful candidate will have a minimum five years advertising sales experience, be an expert in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, have a driving license and be willing and able to travel throughout the South Pacific on a regular basis. The applicant must be fluent in English; French and Bislama an advantage. Email a two page maximum CV with at least two references to tcarroll@

Page 18

It is a mouthful by any standards. And what does this mean for what was the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency? It is now being squeezed under the umbrella of the Industry Department, while the Energy Efficiency component is being shifted to the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. The Climate Change Department’s staff once numbered above 1,000. It is now down to “approximately 620 with 50 contract staff” and, according to Senate Estimates from October last year, “employee staff numbers are steadily declining”.

secretary and the executive, the spokesman noted “these sort of decisions will be determined by the secretary of the merged department in the coming period as the merger is implemented”.

Leigh Ewbank, from the group Yes 2 Renewables, stated that Climate and Energy Efficiency is a more natural fit, given the urgent need to decarbonise the economy.

The Clean Energy Regulator will remain independent with the newly-merged Climate Change Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education portfolio.

And what happened to Climate Change Adaptation? Has that once commonly used title now gone altogether?

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is an independent agency within Treasury. That too won’t change. ARENA is independent within the Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio. That too continues as is.

The ABC did a story last month about the future of the body charged with preparing the nation to meet the challenge of global warming, the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.

But can Climate Change and Industry work together? The Climate Institute thinks so.

It saw the writing on the wall. The Federal Government did not recommit any future funds and the facility is worried about its future.

A spokesman from Combet’s office says there will now be “one secretary in the merged department, Don Russell”.

“It’s not illogical to have Climate Change, Industry and Innovation under one umbrella,” chief executive John Connor said.

So the Government has five-and-a-half months to make this new Industry and Climate Change partnership work.

So with no more Climate Change Department, there will no longer be a Climate Change secretary.

Connor says what matters is that climate change is taken seriously across all of government and across all portfolios.

As for the future of the department’s deputy

Will it work? Not everyone is convinced it is a partnership that will work.

For now, the 600-plus staff at the formerly known Department of Climate Change can continue enjoying their six green star accommodation at the Nishi building at a cost of $10 million a year.

Around 300 staff moved to the Clean Energy Regulator in 2012. Departmental secretary Blair Comley moved to the Resources Department last month.

Pacific urged to look to renewables NEW Zealand’s Foreign Minister says Pacific nations should be able to halve their reliance on non-renewable energy within the next four years. Murray McCully has hailed this week’s Pacific Energy Summit in Auckland as a significant success. He says concessional loans worth $AU300 million have either been signed or pledged for renewable energy projects, and $200 million is being offered in grants. McCully says the money should enable Pacific nations to meet half of their energy needs through sustainable resources within four years. “I’d be disappointed if we couldn’t look around the neighbourhood and see us 50 per cent renewable in that period,” he said. “There aren’t too many excuses actually apart from a lack of political will.” The money amounts to 80 percent of the target Mr McCully set at the beginning of the summit. The governments of Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and the European Union are among those who’ve committed extra funds for renewable energy.

When it comes to the movement of Energy Efficiency to Resources, some industry insiders had thought that energy and emission reduction policies best fit with the Climate Change Department. To quote one: “how can the minister overseeing the big mining companies turn around and manage renewable energy?”

But that residence may be short-lived. Come September, the Coalition says if elected it will reassess the building contract and its expense. It has got another marriage in mind. It has vowed to reunite Climate Change and the Environment in a relationship it believes makes more sense.

Vanuatu Credit Services (VCS) Credit and Debt Advisors

Can the below listed please contact us by phone, email or PO Box to help us with our enquiries on behalf of our clients. 1. CONG DUC NQYUEN 2. ANTHONY OLSEN 3. DOUGLAS NGWELE 4. JOHNNY ARNHAMBAT 5. PHILIP BOEDORO 6. JEFF TOKATAAKE 7. HEALTH PRODUCTS LTD - GEOFF ELVY & DR. TIMOTHY VOCOR 8. SPORTZ POWER – LOPEZ ADAMS


If anyone can provide us with contact addresses for the above listed people it will be appreciated. Thank you. If you require debts collected or credit advise please contact Leonie on 5571030 or 5524333, email: or P.O Box 3304, Port Vila

Get the facts... get The Independent The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


Cultural Garden Quiz

by Cornelia Wyllie

LET’S play weed out – not the political game but one that can test your knowledge of plants in Vanuatu. Not sure about the answers or really need to know more, book a tour with Serah at Rainbow Botanic Gardens. This wonderful Ni Vanuatu APTC graduate has started her own business of providing cultural tours through the gardens where even us old timers can learn a thing a two. Natangora is a magnificent, fast growing palm found throughout the archipelago. Visitors and residents find the thatching used as a replacement for corrugated iron may deteriorate in five years if not treated correctly. Find out how to treat it organically to get a longer life from Serah and along the way you will also discover that the red new fronds are used as decoration, the ribs as a grater and the brown frond bases as a repair patch. I have it also on good authority – the tourist taxi driver demonstrated how - the new green fronds could be wrapped around to make a tubular food parcel and slipped inside a bamboo segment to cook in a fire. The aromatics and ease of slipping the roll of edibles out afterwards is worthy of a new dining fashion. Fern fronds in Fiji are a delectable wild harvest. A short walk down a shaded path at the Botanic Gardens and you have the Vanuatu version grown and eaten originally on the island of Malekula. On the subject of ferns, the largest fern in cultivation is both an edible, ornamental and medicinal plant. The black palm is in fact a fern. The trunk section is commonly carved as a long lasting garden ornament, drilled

The trunk of the ‘black palm’ , which is actually a fern, is used for growing orchids, while the tender young fronds (above) can be eaten. out for its central hard core or used as an orchid post.

Weed out the wrong answers...

The edible portion is taken from the growing crown and would destroy the plant once harvested. However the regeneration from the millions of spores shed by the gracefully arching branches ensures that there are hundreds of little black ferns ready to replace the one lost.

To test your knowledge –

The magnificent, fast growing natangora palm is found thropughout Vanuatu, and its fronds are used to weave thatching for roofs. Learn how to treat it for a longer life from APTC graduate Serah at Rainbow Botanical Gardens.

3. A cycad is: a. a palm b. a tree c. none of the above

1. Some tomatoes are true vines that don’t stop growing – are they: a. determinate b. indeterminate 2. Frangipani is a small tropical tree known for its: a. flowers and perfume b. growth habit c. all of the above

4. Coconut is used throughout Vanuatu and contributes a vast amount of foreign exchange through selling what part? a. timber b. coconut c. copra 5. Kava has been classified as a legal drug. Some varieties if consumed too early are poisonous. What part of the plant is most used? a. stems b. roots c. leaves For the gardeners with all the correct answers, may you enjoy a little sunshine and a weed-free garden.

Answers: 1a, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5b

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

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Travel Feature

Notre Dame celebrates 850th anniversary A LEADING spiritual centre and the most popular historic monument in France, Notre-Dame de Paris celebrates its 850th anniversary in 2013. The cathedral is one of the most famous buildings in the world, attracting 14 million visitors every year. Located on the Ile de la Cité, close to the banks of the Seine and just a stone’s throw from the SainteChapelle and the Conciergerie, it is one of the symbols of the French capital and an integral part of national and international heritage. Numerous festivities, cultural events, ceremonies, special occasions and large-scale projects offer an opportunity to discover the cathedral in a brand new light.

Priests gather to celebrate the catheral’s 850th year.

Every year, Notre-Dame de Paris attracts numerous visitors and believers from all over the world to admire the three monumental doors and the legendary references to the devil in their sculpture and ironwork, the Gallery of Kings and the relics, including the true Crown of Thorns. Immortalised by Victor Hugo in his famous novel, NotreDame de Paris (The Hunchback of NotreDame), the cathedral was restored in the mid-19th century by Viollet-le-Duc, whose famous gargoyles and fabulous sculptures you can still admire today, provided you are willing to climb the 387 steps up to the top of the towers. The history of the cathedral dates back to 1163, when Pope Alexander III laid the first stone in the presence of King Louis VII. The bulk of the work was carried out under the supervision of Bishop Maurice de Sully and his successor, Odon de Sully. The cathedral was built in a century and quickly became one of the most admired monuments in France, symbolising both the Church and the City of Paris. At the end of the 12th century and throughout the first part of the 13th century it was also seen as the greatest Christian edifice in the western world. 2013 therefore marks the 850th anniversary of the start of building this jewel in the crown of Gothic architecture. The events planned to celebrate the anniversary have been placed under the patronage of the French President and the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, but also the Ministry of Culture and Communications and Paris City Hall. The budget for the 850th anniversary of NotreDame de Paris is €6.5 million, excluding works covered by the French government. The cathedral has treated itself to a face lift to mark its anniversary, with some exceptional work carried out aimed not only at maintaining but also glorifying this architectural masterpiece. The new bells in the North Tower and the Marie tenor bell in the South Tower are one of the main projects. Nine giant bells (representing six tonnes of copper and tin) made in the Cornille Havard foundry in Villedieu-lesPoêles (Manche) and the Royal Eijbouts foundry in Asten (Netherlands) will ring for the first time on 23 March 2013, the day before Palm Sunday. This ambitious project, which has cost €2 million funded entirely by donations, means that the cathedral bells will ring out in just the same way they did at the end of the 18th century. The square in front of Notre-Dame de Paris has also been transformed: the Jubilee Path will invite visitors to take part in a real pilgrimage until 24 November 2013. The 1,200 m2 space will be filled with four huge temporary installations. The 20 million people who walk through the square every year will be able to climb the belfry (an impressive, 13-metre-high tower) where they will discover the stained-glass windows Page 20

The facade of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

One of the spectacular stained glass windows.

Notre Dame Cathedral is on the Ile de le Cite in the Seine.

A gargoyle on the roof keeps watch over Paris.

The beautiful interior of the cathedral attracts millions of visitors.

of Geneviève and Marcel, the guardians of the city, a work by master glassmaker Jacques Le Chevallier. Once they reach the panoramic viewpoint, visitors will be able to contemplate the cathedral from an unusual angle, 5.50 metres up. Another of the projects completed to mark the cathedral’s 850th anniversary is the renovation of the internal lighting. Among other things, the new lighting will offer a clearer view of the internal decorations and

Notre Dame is a religious icon.

the new museography of the collections in the Treasury of Notre-Dame, which preserves liturgical items used in the Catholic Church. The celebrations have also provided an opportunity to complete other projects, such as the renovation of the great organ, which began in 2012 and has involved cleaning 12,000 pipes, some of which date from the Middle Ages. “The lectures, exhibitions, concerts and son et lumière running throughout the year

are some of the exceptional cultural events that will show the cathedral in an entirely new light,” according to a senior member of the Notre-Dame de Paris 2013 Association, which is in charge of the festivities. World Organ Day, a unique event planned for 6 May 2013, will be marked by 850 concerts in cathedrals, churches, places of worship of all denominations and concert halls all over the world.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

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GAS Does it

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March,

gas does it! Page 19 21



Skoda’s roomy Roomster


‘ROOMSTER’ sounds more like some character from a teen TV show than an innovative compact runabout. The twee title does not do justice to this well thought out Skoda. However, on closer scrutiny, the name is pretty much on the mark, for the car ‘makes room’; room for almost anything anyone could want from a vehicle of this size. With one of the most flexible interiors in the segment, Roomster offers as much interior space as a conventional multipurpose vehicle, all within the space of a mere 214 mm more than a Skoda Fabia hatch. The Roomster first hit Aussie shores in 2007 and has been extensively upgraded with a new, more economical engine and the option of a DSG automatic transmission, a modern new look on the outside and top quality interior trim. The Roomster’s cabin has come in for material and equipment upgrades with more soft-touch plastics and higher specification entertainment systems, while maintaining its passenger and load carrying versatility through clever seating.   Again the Roomster has the innovative Varioflex rear seating arrangement. Revisiting the Varioflex rear seating system, it’s easy to see the appeal of such versatility. The theatre-style rear seating, positioned higher than the front seats for a better allround view, takes three occupants with the centre seat raised. Folded down it becomes an armrest, a drink holder or for storage.

The Skoda Roomster makes a bold statement both on the road and in its load carrying versatility.

This middle section, which weighs just 11 kilograms, can be easily removed giving more shoulder space for the two remaining occupants. Alternatively, they can cosy up by shifting both seats inboard. Leg room is impressive thanks to seat rails offering 150 mm of movement forward and back and an adjustable seat back that reclines by 13.5 degrees. Cargo gets its own characteristic storage features. With five passengers on board, the load area allows up 450 litres of space. Fold the rear seats down and volume increases to 1555 litres on a surface of up to 1022 millimetres.   In addition to the removable centre seat, the two outer chairs, each weighing a middleweight 16 kg, can also be removed

completely by pulling on the clearlymarked levers. The Roomster thus becomes a two-seater van with a volume of 1780 litres. The almost vertical side walls and low loading edge make it easy to take goods, even up to the roofline. Tie-down points on the floor can secure large and heavy items.   All this is packaged in a vehicle measuring only 4214 mm long, yet with a wheelbase of 2608 mm - small car, big help. The extra millimetres also help to give the vehicle a stable ride. By having a slightly wider track at the rear, corners can be taken with confidence, while a low kerb weight also enhances handling.   On the outside, the Roomster has taken on a more assertive road presence. With

* Mister Cars is one of the most visited motoring websites in the South Pacific. Go to: Road tests are conducted in Australia and although many of these vehicles are not available in Vanuatu, this column is designed to be enjoyed by motoring enthusiasts.

Page 22

a new, wider radiator grille and headlamp design, plus the wraparound windscreen, the vehicle looks wider and lower than the previous model. Large windows open up the rear of the cabin, while hidden rear door handles emphasise the vehicle’s clean, uncluttered profile which leads to a rear featuring high positioned slim tail lights incorporating Skoda’s typical C-shape when lit.   The new Roomster enjoys the benefit of a new 1.2-litre 77 kW turbocharged petrol engine producing 175 Nm, 22 Nm more torque than the outgoing 1.6-litre engine. It showcases a 1.1 litre per 100 kilometre improvement in combined fuel consumption and a 34 grams/km reduction in CO2 emissions.   The motor can be mated with a five-speed manual gearbox or seven-speed DSG double-clutch automatic transmission, the latter operating in two modes – fully automatic or manual Tiptronic.   The Roomster has gained a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, having threepoint seat belts on all seats, including the centre rear, and height-adjustable belts in front fitted with pre-tensioners. Additionally, there are six airbags – driver and passenger, side and curtain.   Standard equipment includes an auxiliary socket allowing MP3 connection, a 12V socket in the boot, black roof rails, fourspoke multi-function leather steering wheel and Bluetooth phone connectivity.   Extremely quiet at idle, the engine of the test Roomster made itself known only when accelerating with urgency.   With only 77 kW on tap maximum revs needed to be maintained to shift the fivespeed manual smoothly through the gears. Anything less had the motor gasping for air. Expect to get fuel consumption of 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres on the combined urban / highway cycle, while putting out 138g of carbon dioxide every kilometre.   The Roomster comes on to the market at $22,490, plus on-roads, for the five-speed manual, while the seven-speed DSG auto costs $24,790. The test vehicle, a fivespeed manual with pearl effect paint and contrasting roof, sells for $23,370.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday, 30 March, 2013


Are western models a panacea?

By Prof M. D. Malapat* EACH human being is different from any other, having a mix of strengths and weaknesses that are unique. In the same way, societies differ from each other, having evolved out of different historical circumstances. For example, in the 19th century, the British Empire was a source of pride in the United Kingdom, being a small island that took control of more than half the planet and converted its resources to its advantage. India’s view on the same empire is different, for it saw its share in the global economy fall from 24 percent to less than 1 percent from 1820, when the British began to establish themselves in India, to 1947, the year they left. Similarly, the Opium Wars were a source of immense profit for UK merchants, helping huge conglomerates dominate business in Asia and elsewhere. However, for the Chinese people, the Opium Wars were a source of immense pain and the cause of social disintegration that was only reversed in 1949, when the Communist Party of China founded New China. The reality is that the European experience of colonialism has almost always been a zerosum game, in which the other side lost heavily in order to ensure gains for the colonising power. Which is why it is not reasonable for the West to demand that the rest of the world accept its version of history and economic and political doctrines. The circumstances in each non-Western country are very different from those in the West, which is why imposing a Western model would result in a less than optimal outcome. If China has made such great progress,

especially since the 1980s, it is because the CPC rejected copying Western commercial institutions, creating instead a model that had a natural fit with Chinese experience and needs. Strangely, while admitting that the Chinese economic model has worked in China, where a purely Western version may have failed, some Western powers constantly criticize China for not adopting a fully Western model of democracy. Western powers ensured their dominance in the two previous centuries by control of territory. These days, they seek the same outcome by seeking to make other societies believe that following the advice given by them is the best course. In South America in the 1970s, much misery was caused precisely because governments there strictly followed the orders of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, both of which were, and still are, dominated by the West, with only a United States or an European Union national heading these socalled international organizations. Indeed, to the West, international means the West. The so-called international relations programs taught in the West, which are unfortunately so popular with affluent students in China and India, teach subjects solely through the prism of Western interests. Those passing out of such programs subconsciously begin to act and think in ways that promote Western interests, rather than that of their own countries. This is hardly surprising. When the West refers to the international community, it refers only to itself. The views of people in China, India and other large nonWestern countries are regarded as not having any worth. In the same way, “international media” refers only to the Western media and

to their West-centric viewpoint, ignoring the views of the rest of the world. Even globalization is taken to mean easier access to Western products, services and people in other markets rather than a genuinely international free flow across borders. The European Union in particular has made entry into its own markets as difficult as possible for companies based in Asia, while constantly putting pressure on this continent to open up markets to the EU. Rather than a Western zero- sum approach, what the world needs is an Asian win-win approach, which is why the rest of the world needs to avoid falling into the trap of judging their own interests solely in the terms set for them by the West.

India provides an example of a country whose leadership uncritically accepted Western systems when more local solutions were required. Although a democracy, the legal and administrative system in India is largely what it was during British rule. The Indian Penal Code and the Indian Police Act, for example, have not changed for more than a century.

Democracy implies diversity, not the total adherence to the concepts and models that Western countries promote as universal, but which are really to their advantage. Each country has not only the right but the duty to ensure that diversity is protected and that models suited to their own people and their own history get adopted.

Democracy is good for making decisions taking different groups’ interests into consideration, but India has developed at a slow pace. In 1949, the Indian economy was twice as big as China’s. Today, it is less than a third the size.

Confidence in one’s own people is essential to make the sort of immense progress that China has achieved over the past three decades. Such confidence cannot be transplanted from the outside. It has to develop from within a country and its unique people.

It costs millions of dollars to fight a parliamentary election in India and in the US, thereby ensuring that only those with access to money will be elected, the poor are effectively excluded.

* The author is vice-chair of Manipal Advanced Research Group and UNESCO peace chair, and professor of geopolitics at Manipal University, India.

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MELBOURNE-born former Mossad agent Ben Zygier was outfoxed trying to turn a Hezbollah man into a double agent, unwittingly becoming one himself. According to media reports, Zygier - known popularly as Prisoner X - handed over the names of two valuable informants in Lebanon as a way to curry favour with Israel’s archenemy Hezbollah. That is the reason why he became a topsecret inmate in an Israeli jail where he took his own life. Media reports said Zygier, recruited in 2004, was disconsolate that his career as an agent with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had become bogged down at a desk job and he took it upon himself to turn the Hezbollah link into a double agent. But in an effort to prove he was a Mossad agent, he handed over the names of two informants in Lebanon who were subsequently arrested

and given hefty jail sentences. Reportedly unable to bear the shame of his downfall, and facing a minimum 10-year jail sentence with no prospect of a return to the Mossad, Zygier apparently took his own life on December 15, 2010. He learned that an east European man was known to be close to the militant Lebanese Shi’ite movement Hezbollah, and set up a meeting towards the end of 2008 with the intention of turning him into a double agent. But the reverse happened, and Mr Zygier became the conduit for information flowing from Tel Aviv to Hezbollah. In an effort to prove his Mossad bona fides he gave up the names of Israel’s two top Lebanese informants, Ziad al-Homsi and Mustafa Ali Awadeh.

During the 1997 financial crisis in Asia, which was caused by Western currency speculators, India and China both escaped as both refused to adopt the measures that Western governments were urging them to do. In contrast, countries such as Thailand, which faithfully implemented Western prescriptions, suffered badly. Western prescriptions are good - but only for the West. Non-Western countries should take care to ensure that their national policies do not get framed in a way that helps outside powers at the expense of their national interests.


Prisoner X was ‘duped into becoming a double agent’

A one-size-fits-all approach makes no sense, except for the West, because if other countries slavishly follow the Western model they will be handicapped from competing with the West.

Each country has the right to its own perspective and the right to craft its own path to progress.


Zygier was reportedly fed up with his desk job at Mossad and took it upon himself to turn a Hezbollah link into a double agent.

While Western-style democracy may suit Western countries, other countries need to ensure that systems are created that meet local needs.



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Both men were subsequently arrested in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years jail with hard labour.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

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The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


Italian court overturns Knox acquittal, orders retrial ITALY’S highest court of appeal has overturned the acquittal of US student Amanda Knox and ordered a retrial over the murder of her British housemate in what prosecutors said was a drug-fuelled sex attack. Ms Knox and her Italian former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito - originally sentenced to 26 and 25 years in prison for killing and sexually assaulting Meredith Kercher in 2007 - were acquitted on appeal in 2011 after four years in prison. Both now face a retrial in a Florence court after judges upheld a 2012 prosecution appeal against their acquittals. Ms Knox, 25, said the news was ‘painful’ and insisted ‘the prosecution’s theory of my involvement in Meredith’s murder has been repeatedly revealed to be completely unfounded and unfair’.

Amanda Knox in court, and Knox’s lawyer Luciano Ghirga talks to journalists as he leaves Italy’s Court of Cassation, in Rome.

“No matter what happens, my family and I will face this continuing legal battle as we always have, confident in the truth and with our heads held high in the face of wrongful accusations and unreasonable adversity,’’ she said in a statement.

Prosecutors had alleged that she was killed in a drug-fuelled sex attack, claiming Ms Knox delivered the final blows while Mr Sollecito and a third defendant held the victim down.

Ms Knox’s lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova told journalists outside the Rome courthouse that the Seattle student was upset but ‘willing to fight’. Ms Knox has not yet decided whether she will turn up for the trial, she said. Kercher, 21, was found half-naked with her throat slashed in a pool of blood in her bedroom in the house in the university town of Perugia that she shared with Ms Knox in November 2007.

Investigators insist that 47 knife wounds on Kercher and the apparent use of two different knives in the attack meant that more than one killer had been involved.

“It’s not been easy from the start. We have had to climb a mountain, but we draw great strength both from being innocent and from the fact the court’s ruling today is not a guilty verdict,” Mr Sollecito’s lawyer Giulia Bongiorno said.

Ms Knox returned to the US immediately after her release in 2011 and, should she not return to Italy, will likely be tried in absentia.

“The retrial means the court has decided some details need to be reviewed. The battle continues,” she said.

If convicted again, Italy may seek her extradition but the US does not normally hand over its citizens for legal action.

Prosecutors told the court Monday they were convinced the former lovers were guilty of murdering Kercher.

Mr Sollecito, who turned 29 on Tuesday, continued to protest his innocence.

Calling for the judges to ‘make sure the final curtain does not drop on this shocking and dire crime’, they said the acquittal, which was based mainly on the admissibility of DNA evidence, contained ‘omissions and many mistakes’.


Tide Chart for Port Vila Harbour APRIL ––2013 MARCH 2013

“I am disappointed. But I am innocent and can go on with my head held high,’’ lawyer Luca Maori quoted him as saying.


Tidegauge gauge zero zero is is 3.6037 3.6037 metres Tide metres below below VAN1 VAN1



0156 0803 1441 2107



0.60 1.44 0.31 1.25


0245 0851 1537 2216



0.68 1.38 0.34 1.20


0349 0949 1643 2341


0.76 1.32 0.39 1.18


0514 0.80 1102 1.26 1759 0.41

0103 0645 1223 1914













0256 0343 0915 0950 1554 1543 2212 2159


00 0.63 1.37 1.41 0.55 0.48 1.32 1.17 0.41



















0136 0.46 0214 0.54 1.25 0300 1.31 0754 1.47 6 20900 0831 1.44 5 1 0209 0800 0.72 0.64 1410 0.47 1458 0.46 1339 1.26 1445 1.29

1.20 0.78 1.24 0.42





2013 1.32 2018 0.41

2106 1.25 2113 0.40

0 0 6 6 121218 18 0 0 6 612 1218 180


01151.44 1.15 0.72 0501 1.43 0.80 02301.43 1.21 0327 1.28 0413 1.35 0420 1.41 0455 0.56 0102 0.62 0600 48 0348 1010 1.36 tide 1118 0.40 1.32 0636 0.83 08010.33 0907 0.7213 90700 1000 0.64 1034 These 0.47 95predictions 1115 106 0528 1155 0.35 1232 12 8 0029 0630 1.40 1.36 Disclaimer: are supplied in good faith11 and7believed to0.79 be correct. 1701 0.49 1821 1.35 0.48 12361.34 1.32 13501.31 1.35 1454 1.39 1550 1.43 1634 1.34 1721 1804 1845 1308 0.33 1344 0.34

Weather Forecast 2340 1.13 2240 0.43

1.5m 1.5m

19390.51 0.44 2354

2317 0.46

2045 0.38

2139 0.33 1926 1.27

2225 0.30 2007 1.22

1.0m 1.0m

Forecast issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department 0.5m 0.5m Weather Forecasting Centre, Port Vila at 10.21 am Wednesday, March 27, 2013. 00


12 12 18 18 00 0453 0136 1.41 0.68 1047 0732 0.57 1.31 1641 1420 1.46 0.38 2307 2050 0.30 1.17


12 18 0 0 0530 1.45 0213 0.73 1131 0.50 0806 1.25 1730 1.47 1500 0.42 2346 0.33 2140 1.12


12 18 18 00 12 0605 0.78 1.47 0257 1214 1.19 0.45 0846 1815 0.47 1.44 1545 2241 1.09

12 18 18 0 0 66 12 00230.83 0.38 0353 06391.14 1.47 0936 12540.52 0.43 1642 18581.09 1.40 2354

6 6 1212 1818 0 0 6 6 121218 18 0 0 6 612 1218 180 0 00590.84 0.45 0132 0.54 0206 0.62 0101 1.12 0511 0154 1.17 07111.09 1.45 0742 1.40 0814 1.35 1042 0636 0.82 0744 0.76 13330.54 0.43 1413 0.45 1454 0.48 1750 1201 1.08 1316 1.10 1940 1.33 2023 1.26 2110 1.18 1859 0.54 1957 0.53

10 11 12 trough to17 13northeast18of 14 Vanuatu, 14 Situation: 15 A surface 16 1915slow moving. 2016 General Meanwhile, a high pressure over New Zealand maintains moderate to fresh 1.5m 1.5m trades over central and southern islands. 1.0m 1.0m Port Vila 0.5m 0.5m 00


17 21

12 12 18 18 00 0243 0235 0.71 1.24 0848 0836 1.29 0.68 1539 1420 0.52 1.14 2206 1.11 2045 0.51

1.5m 1.5m

Saturday 30

1.0m 1.0m Max 30

Min 22

0.5m 0.5m


18 22

Sunday 31 Max 30 Min 22

Luganville 00 66 12 12 18 18

24 28

0400 0055 0951 0656 1543 1338 2213 2009

12 18 0 0 0325 0.78 0311 1.31 0930 1.23 0920 0.58 1633 0.56 1515 1.19 2319 1.06 2127 0.49

00 1.29 0.58 0.66 1.48 1.28 0.15 0.43 1.31


25 29


19 23

12 18 18 00 12 0422 1.37 0.84 0345 1025 0.47 1.17 1001 1744 1.24 0.59 1604 2206 0.48

Monday 1 Max 30 Min 22

12 18 0 0 0431 1.35 0145 0.64 1030 0.58 0744 1.43 1626 1.33 1428 0.17 2247 0.42 2107 1.27


26 30

12 18 18 0 0 66 12 00451.43 1.06 0418 05440.37 0.87 1042 11381.29 1.14 1651 1901 0.58 2245 0.48

The third accused, Ivory Coast-born drifter Rudy Guede, who has also denied the murder, is the only person still in prison for the crime. Kercher family lawyer Francesco Maresca punched the air in victory at the court decision. “This decision serves to review the definitive and final truth of Meredith’s murder. Guede was not alone, the judges will tell us who was there with him,’’ he said.

The key to the appeal was an independent analysis of two pieces of evidence that had helped convict Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito - a kitchen knife and Kercher’s bra clasp. An appeals judge quashed the 2009 convictions of Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito in 2011 after the review cast serious doubt on the original analysis, with experts and video evidence pointing to sloppy practice among the police at the crime scene and possible contamination of evidence. “The court of appeal in Florence will very likely look at all the evidence again, from scratch, possibly calling in new external DNA experts,’’ said criminology professor Ernesto Savona. Ms Knox has been repeatedly painted by her accusers as a seductive ‘she-devil’ who had an unhealthy obsession with sex, while her defence has insisted she is simply a naive girlnext-door, a yoga lover whose nickname ‘Foxy Knoxy’ referred to her childhood soccer skills. In her first interrogation following the murder -without a lawyer or an interpreter present Ms Knox said that she was in the house at the time, and falsely identified the owner of a bar where she worked as a waitress as the killer. She later said she was with Mr Sollecito at his house all night and blamed her initial comments on exhaustion and police coercion.

Kercher’s older sister Stephanie said her family welcomed the ruling.

Overnight, she expressed sympathy for Kercher’s family, saying ‘our hearts go out to them’.

“There are still questions that are unanswered

- Sky News


0247 1.16 0327 1.22 01571.48 1.10 0009 0.53 1.51 07140.27 0.86 26 22 0530 0820 0.8127230612 0910 0.74 2521 0453 1123 1206 0.20 1.51 12561.32 1.15 1402 1.18 1456 1.23 1738 1826 1.34 1250 0.15

20 24

Tuesday 2 Max 30 Min 22

12 18 18 00 12 0502 0.69 1.41 0243 1107 1.36 0.50 0836 1708 0.23 1.36 1523 2321 1.24 0.41 2213

6 6 1212 1818 0 0 6 6 121218 18 0 0 6 612 1218 180

Prosecutor general Luigi Riello had described it as ‘a rare mix of violation of the law and illogicality’.

and we are all looking to find out the truth,’’ she told Sky News.

20060.50 0.55 2327

Thursday 4 Max 30 Min 22

Wednesday 3 Max 30 Min 22

12 18 18 0 0 66 12 0534 1.46 1145 0.42 1751 1.38 2357 0.43


2056 0.51

2136 0.47 1915 1.33

Friday 5 Max 30 Min 22

6 6 1212 1818 0 0 6 6 121218 18 0 0 6 612 1218 180 0 0033 0.47 0113 0.53 0607 1.49 1226 0.35 0643 1.50 0721 1.48 1834 1.38 1307 0.31 1352 0.29 1920 1.36 2011 1.31




1.5m 1.5m 1.0m 1.0m

Saturday 3o Max 31 Min 24

0.5m 0.5m



Sunday 31 Max 31 Min 24

12 12 18 18





Monday 1 Max 31 Min 23 0 0


12 18 18 12

Tuesday 2 Max 31 Min 23 00




Wednesday 3 Max 31 Min 23 0




Thursday 4 Max 30 Min 23 0 6 12 18


Friday 5 Max 30 Min 23 6 12 18


Copyright: 2012, Bureau Bureauof ofMeteorology Meteorology(ABN (ABN9292637 637 533 532) Copyright:Commonwealth Commonwealth of Australia Australia 2012, 533 532) Disclaimer: are supplied supplied in ingood goodfaith faithand andbelieved believedtotobebecorrect. correct. Disclaimer:These These tide tide predictions predictions are No respect to to errors, errors,omissions, omissions,ororsuitability suitabilityfor for any purpose. No warranty warranty is given in respect any purpose.

8 am to 8 am rainfall records over Vanuatu Meteorological Stations (millimeters) Date Bauerfield Luganville





19/03/13 24.3

20/03/13 7.4

21/03/13 9.4

22/03/13 2.4

23/03/13 Nil









24/03/13 25/03/13 0.1 Nil 41.6


“Whatever the weather – have a good week” The independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Knox cries following the verdict that overturned her conviction and acquits her of murdering her British roomate Meredith Kercher, at the Perugia court on October 3, 2011. Page 25


Yumi harem niu Praem minista i talemaot se i gat ol polisi we tim blong hem i tekem olsem ol praeoriti we bae oli lukluk, wok long hem mo stretem long 100 dei stat long dei 1 blong niufala gavman. Ol praeoriti ia oli kam olsem blong klinim gud gavman bifo niufala tim i tingting long ol nekis wok blong mekem. Fes misen blong gavman blong Moana Carcasses, olsem we oli talem long wik ia, “emi blong stretem ol problem we gavman blong Sato Kilman i no bin save solvem”. Emi wan bigfala wok we i nidim taem mo hop blong “change” i stap kambak sloslo long tingting blong ol pipol taem ministri blong foren afea emi fes wan blong kamaot pablik blong talem se emi stat “brum” finis. Blong mekem bigfala wok ia, i nidim ol raet man long ol raet ples, stat long hed i kam kasem ol han. Yumi mas welkamem tingting blong niufala gavman blong advataesem post

Gud wok, raet man

blong spokesman blong gavman. Niufala tim emi wantem se i mas gat wan raet man o raet woman long wok ia we emi stap long ofis blong Praem minista. Long taem ia, ol rong man nomo evriwan oli bin stap long wok ia. Oli bin go nomo blong tingbaot poket blong olgeta. Sori blong talem olsem be emia emi lukluk blong pablik. Taem niu gavman i tingting blong putum raet man long raet ples, tingting ia i shud aplae long evri politikol post insaed long wanwan ministri.

Olsem we GJP i bin statem finis taem we presiden blong hem i bin kam minista blong Ni-Vanuatu Bisnis. Taem emi bin nidim yet nambatu politikol advaesa blong hem, emi bin wanem we wan man we i skul gud i go holem wok ia, tastawe emi bin mekem i open blong eni man o woman i aplae. Yumi harem long wik ia se niufala lida blong gavman emi wantem mekem sem samting from we ofis blong Praem minista emi no wan ples blong pleple mo wet long salari, espeseli taem niufala tim i soem finis se

emi wantem wok folem interes blong ol pipol blong Vanuatu. Nao, weswe sapos evri ministri i mekem olsem ? Longtaem i kam, eni Tom, Dick and Harry nomo i go wok taem niu gavman i setap. Sapos wan man o wan woman i folem tumas wan MP mo emi kam strong sapota blong pati, hem mo MP blong hem oli ting se frenship blong tufala nao long politik i kam fes praeoriti taem pati blong tufala i go long gavman. Risalt blong ol kaen wok ia we emi stret “nepotism mo favoritism”: wok i no go kwik long fored folem tingting blong ol pipol. Taem gavman i putum toktok se evri taem pablik sevis komisen i lukluk bak long “performance” blong ol daerekta jenerol, emi no stret nating we ol man we oli bin tekem desisen ia oli stap pulum yet ol rong pipol oli go wok wetem olgeta taem oli kam minista. Emi oraet sapos oli mekem olsem be oli mas lukluk tu long “performance” blong

ol politikol advaesa blong olgeta. Wan tingting nomo: long six manis, sapos wan politikol advaesa i no “perform” gud long wok blong hem, emi stret nomo se emi mas aot long wok blong hem, i nogud ol pipol blong kaontri ia oli stap pem hem from nating. Fasin blong rekriutim ol pipol we i no folem merit be folem nomo sapot blong hem long pati emi kam wan “attitude problem” we yumi no nidim wan man aotsaed blong kam stret o yumi no nidim mani blong Australia, China o Franis blong kam stopem “attitude problem” ia. Taem niufala gavman i tingbaot strong interes blong ol pipol blong nesen ia, yumi hop se emi save kilim i ded “attitude problem” ia we i kakae mani mo taem: “instead” blong sevem pipol, sam man oli ting se gavman emi ples blong wok blong pati blong olgeta mo emi ples blong kam fatfat long hem. Gratien Molsoul

Wan moa rejistresen blong Phocea Seling bout, Phocea, hemi kasem long wik ia, wan nara rejistresen dokumen blong hem we hemi kamaut long New York long Amerika wan taem. Rejistresen ia, hemi kamaut afta we foma minista blong pablik utiliti, leit Harry Iauko, hemi wandem rilisim long wan milien vatu mo foma praem minista, Sato Kilman, hemi wandem mekem Christmas presin long Pascal Anh Quan Vuan Saken. Leit Iauko mo Mr Kilman, tufala i wandem rilisim Phocea long taem ia afta we tufala i talem se tufala i kasem advaes long ofis blong Attorney General. Long taem ia tu, tufala ino prodiusim wan rejistresen pepa blong Phocea, hemi save isum blong hemi save lego Port Vila. Lo blong sip i ron long solwota, hemi semak nomo long trak we hemi ron long rod. Wan trak i mas kat pepa blong hemi save ron long rod mo wan sip, hemi mas kat pepa tu blong hemi save rod long solwota. Long bifo las manis, deputi komisina blong maritim afea, Guy Benard, hemi givim wan pepa blong rejistresen blong Phocea, hemi save lego kantri be minista blong fainens long taem ia, Charlot Salwai i talem se pepa blong Mr Benard, hemi no stret mo talem se Mr Benard inomo deputi komisina afta we hemi saspendem TAC. TAC, hemi Technical Advisori Committee mo minista blong fainens long 2007, we hemi bin Willie Jimmy, hem nao, hemi bin setemap TAC afta we palaman, hemi bin karemaut lo blong Vanuatu Maritime Authority mekem se ino nomo kat VMA. Nomata long desisen blong Mr Salwai, Mr Benard i talem se hemi deputi komisina iet mo hemi go long kot mo kot, hemi karemaut oda we laesensing ofisa blong Port mo Harba, Henry Worek, hemi bin putum agensem Phocea taem we hemi kasem Vanuatu long manis Julae long las Page 26

yia. Taem we polis, kastom mo imigresen, oli bin go long Phocea long taem ia, oli bin fainem se rejistresen dokumen we sip, hemi kat long taem ia, hemi wan kiaman wan. Taem ia nao Mr Worek, hemi ditenem o hemi holem taet Phocea blong hemi no lego Vanuatu. Mr Benard, hemi jalenjem Mr Worek long kot mo kot hemi karemaut oda ia mo talem se Phocea, hemi save livim kantri long eni taem we hemi wandem. Long las wik, Phocea, hemi bin lego ples we hemi bin anka istap long hem insaed long Port Vila haba mo hemi muv igo long bigfala wof blong oli save putum moa long 30 tausen lita blong fuel blong hemi save livim kantri wetem wan rejistresen setifikeit we Mr Benard, hemi mekem jenis long hem afta we Mr Salwai i talem se fes wan we hemi mekem, hemi no stret. Sip, hemi go long wof mo Mr Saken, hemi pem ova long 4 milien vatu igo long kampani blong fuel blong oli save fulumap Phocea. Taem we fuel kampani, hemi stap redi blong putum mazut igo long sip, hemi kasem wan pepa ikam long boda kontrol insaed long dipatmen blong kastom blong talem se bae oli fulumap 10 tausen lita nomo mo bae oli no save mekem kliarens iet blong Phocea, hmi lego kantri. Sapos, ol ting i bin go gud, Phocea, hemi sapos blong livim kantri finis long las wik. Ikat tok tok i bin kamaut se i tru ikat oda blong kot be ikat proses istap blong folem. Oli talem se Mr Benard ino save mekem setifiket blong rejistresen blong Phocea from Port Vila, hemi no wan forein entri port blong hem. Long las wik i bin kat wan nara sitifiket blong rejistresen bagegen we Mr Benard mo memba blong palaman blong Epi mo semtaem CEO blong Vanuatu Shiping Registry, Robert Bon, tufala i saenem be hemi bin fas fas bagegen from tok tok ia se Port Vila ino wan foren entri port blong tufala. Tok tok ia, hemi mekem

se wan deputi komisina blong maritime afea we hemi stap long New York long Amerika, hemi putumaut wan nara rejistresen seitifiket blong Phocea. Naoia we istap, ino klia iet wanem taem nao, bae sip, hemi save livim Port Vila o bae ikat wan nara tok tok bagegen se hemi no save go iet. Phocea ino bin kasem Port Vila wetem wan kiaman rejistresen setifiket we Vanuatu ino save iet kam kasem tede se hu nao, hemi mekem kiaman setifiket ia. Ikat tu ol man ples we oli kasem disiplin folem isiu blong Phocea mo oli no go bak long wok blong olgeta iet. Ol man ples ia, oli kam viktim blong raf wok blong sam pipol we oli iusim olgeta from personel intres blong olgeta. Long narasaed ikat Mr Saken tu we wandem karem bak bigfala mani blong hem we hemi bin givim long sam praevet pipol blong Vanuatu. Mr Saken i givim mani blong helpem sam ambasi blong Vanuatu folem posisen blong hem olsem wan long olgeta diplomat blong Vanuatu. Hemi holem posisen olsem tred komisina mo hemi honori konsul blong Vanuatu long sam kantri olsem long Asia. Foma minista blong foren afea, Alfred

Carlot, hem nao, hemi bin apoentem Mr Saken long olgeta posisen ia. Ikat ripot se sam praevet pipol we oli karem mani long Mr Saken, sam oli kivim bak kaon blong olgeta finis mo sam oli stap long proses blong mekem. Ol tok tok long rod i talem se wan main risen blong Mr Saken, hemi kam long Vanuatu long las yia, hemi bin blong aftarem kaon blong hem we sam pipol blong Vanuatu, oli kat long hem. Hemi bin lego kantri afta we hemi bin kasem nius se polis bae hemi mekem wan operesen long Phocea mo oli save arestem hem. Ikat luk luk istap se hemi bin wan plan blong sam pipol blong mekem se Phocea, hemi kam long Vanuatu wetem wan kiaman rejistresen we oli talem kapten, hemi tes kasem long Port Vila se pepa we hemi bin stap travel wetem, hemi wan kiaman wan. Ikat luk luk istap se sam pipol i mekem plan blong polis igo antap long Phocea mo olgeta iet, oli bin talemaut long Mr Saken blong hemi mas livim kantri sapos no bae polis i save arestem hem. Oli bin fraet se sapos polis i arestem hem, bae hemi go long kot o bae hemi stap long Vanuatu mo bae hemi save aftarem ol kaon blong hem we istap.

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The Independent/L’indépendant - Sarere 30 Maj 2013


Mosen agensem PM Carcasses mo spika Wells Wan popula man blong parabol blong Vanuatu mo wan long olgeta foma presiden blong ripablik blong Vanuatu, Jean Marie Leye Lenalgau i talem se ino save kat smok blong faea sapos ino kat faea. Afta we palaman, hemi bin elektem MP blong Port Vila mo presiden blong Grin Pati olsem niu praem minista long las sarere, Moana Carcasses Kalosil, oli talem se ol memba blong oposisen, oli stat blong saenem mosen blong no gat tras agensem Mr Carcasses. Ikat mosen istap go raon iet long be oli no dipositim iet long palaman from we oposisen, hemi no kat namba. Foma minista blongb agrikaltsa, Kalvau Moli i talemaut long Radio New Zealand International se oposisen, hemi kat 23 memba blong palaman mo hemi nidim nara 4 MP iet long gavman saed blong hemi save putum long palaman notis blong rikuestem wan esktra-ordineri sesen mo notis blong no gat tras agensem Mr Carcasses. MP blong Port Vila mo presiden blong Jastis mo Graon Pati, Ralph Regenvanu i talem se ino kat mosen agensem Mr Carcasses mo ino kat wn mosen agensem praem minista tu long palaman. Mr Regenvanu i talem se naoia we istap gavman, hemi kat sapot blong 34 memba blong palaman. Folem priperesen blong mosen agensem Mr Carcasses, ino klia iet from wanem risen, oposisen, hemi wandem autem bagegen niu gavman ia afta we hemi tes bon nomo long las satede. Folem tok tok blong mosen ia, gavman tu, hemi stap holem miting blong hem blong konfomem sapot blong namba blong ol MP igo long praem minista Carcasses. Niu gavman we hemi tes bon long las wiken, hemi stat finis blong mekem wok blong hem olsem klinap insaed long ol diplomat blong Vanuatu. Long saed blong wokman blong gavman olsem ol politisien blong kam politikol advaesa, sam long olgeta ministri, oli stat

Mr Boedoro behaed long MP blong Amabe Richard Mera

blong rikrutim finis ol sapota blong olgeta blong wok. Long taem blong eleksen blong hem long las satede, Mr Carcasses i talem se bae hemi mekem iet wan stetmen o wan tok tok blong talemaut ol praeoriti o wanem nao gavman blong hem bae hemi mekem. Wan long olgeta, Mr Carcasses i talem se bae hemi givim ol wok long ol minista blong hem blong oli pruvum olgeta insed long wan period blong 100 de se oli save mekem. Long saed blong oposisen, hemi no priperem mosen nomo agensem Mr Carcasses be

Natapei i autem Goiset

Niu minista blong forein afea, Mr Edward Natapei, hemi no tekem taem blong klinap long diplomatik misen blong Vanuatu blong Vanuatu we ikat saspek long rikod blong olgeta.

Mr Natapei, hemi statem klinap blong hem long wik ia blong talem se Ti Tam Goiset, hemi nomo wanem oli kolem ruving ambasada blong Vanuatu long Rasia mo ol nara long Ist. Mr Natapei i eksplenem se Misis Goiset i fes wan aut long 99 diplomat blong Vanuatu we hemi bin luk luk long keis blong olgeta. Hemi talem se aut long 99 diplomat ia, bae oli autem abaut 70 long olgeta afta we oli no mitim wanem we oli sapos blong kat blong oli kam diplomat blong Vanuatu. Hemi talem se Misis Goiset, Mr Alfred Carlot nao, hemi bin apoentem hem long las yia be kam kasem long taem we hemi teminetem hem ia, ino kat long rikod se gavman blong Rasia, hemi bin akseptem hem olsem wan diplomat blong Vanuatu long graon blong hem. Mr Natapei i talem se hemi odarem tu long

hemi setemap ofis blong hem tu. Ol MP blong oposisen, oli bin mit long wik ia mo oli agri se presiden blong National United Pati mo memba blong palaman blong Pentecost, Ham Lini, hemi kam niu lida blong oposisen. Foma praem minista Sato Kilman, hemi kam deputi lida blong oposisen. Oposisen VIP, hemi foma minista blong fainens, Mr Charlot Salwai. Long saed blong mosen iet, gavman, hemi dipositim finis wan mosen blong autem Mr Georges Wells long tsea blong hem olsem spika blong palaman. Gavman i mas autem Mr Wells blong mitim kondisen blong MOU

we ol difren politikol pati, oli agri mo saenem blong oli save fomem niu gavman ia long las wiken. Anda long MOU ia, posisen blong spika blong palaman, hemi go long Vanuaku Pati blong deputi praem minista, Edward Natapei. Ikat tok tok istap go raon se man we bae hemi kam niu spika, hemi VP MP blong Maewo konstituensi, Philip Boedoro. Palaman bae hemi mit long nekis wik blong tokbaut mosen agensem Mr Boedoro. Long narasaed tu long oposisen, ol man blong politik we oli wok anda long Mr Kilman, oli stap askem severens blong olgeta.

semtaem we hemi autem blong dipatmen blong foren afea, oli karemaut diplomatik passport mo karemaut blak G trak we Misis Goiset, hemi bin stap ron long hem. Stat we Misis Goiset, hemi kasem apoentmen blong hem long las yia, hemi neva mekem wan visit igo long Rasia. Mr Natapei, hemi talem se saking blong Misis Goiset, hemi folem mosen we oposisen, hemi bin dipositim long palaman mo 16 memba blong palaman, oli saenem blong autem Mr Sato Kilman olsem praem minista blong Vanuatu. Ples we mosen blong no gat tras long praem minista Kilman, hemi wan long olgeta 8 poen blong mosen. Poen ia, hemi akiusim Mr Kilman long rilesen we hemi kat wetem Misis Goiset mo ol komisen we Misis Goiset i kasem long bisnis dil we hemi mekem wetem ol kantri we hemi diplomat long hem. Mosen ia, palaman ino bin save tokbaut afta we Mr Kilman i risaen long las tasde aftenun long posisen blong hem olsem praem minista blong Vanuatu

Mr Natapei

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Starring: Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst and Frank Langella Director: Andrew Jarecki A young man was suspected but never tried for killing his wife who disappeared in 1982, but the truth is eventually revealed in this love story and murder mystery based on the most notorious unsolved murder case in New York history. The original screenplay uses newly discovered facts, court records and speculation as the foundation for a story of family, obsession, love and loss.


Starring: Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger and Ed Harris Directed by: Jon Turteltaub When a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces, Ben’s greatgreat grandfather is suddenly implicated as a key conspirator in Abraham Lincoln’s death. Determined to prove his ancestor’s innocence, Ben follows an international chain of clues that takes him on a chase from Paris to London and ultimately back to America. This journey leads Ben and his crew not only to surprising revelations – but to the trail of the world’s most treasured secrets.


T V g u i d e


Starring: Mike Myers, Nancy Travis and Anthony LaPaglia Director: Thomas Schlamme Mike Myers stars as Charlie Mackenzie, a San Francisco coffeehouse poet whose poems always seem to be about his failed relationships. But then he meets Harriet, who owns her own butcher shop and may be the woman of Charlie’s dreams. Despite his best intentions not to find fault with his new love, he begins to suspect that Harriet may be the very killer he’s been reading about in the tabloids, a woman who marries, then minces, her husbands.


Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy Directed by: McG Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.


Starring: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo Directed by: Shawn Levy A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech, “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washedup fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

Starring: Rachel Weisz, Monica Bellucci and Vanessa Redgrave Directed by: Larysa Kondracki Kathryn Bolkovac is a Nebraska cop who is thrust into the gravelly snake pit of UN regulated Bosnia. She works as part of a private corporate army, training Bosnian police to restore order to the war-torn country.As she begins to get the lay of the land in her new environment, she starts to see signs of a terrible underground industry whose patrons are not only from within the corporation but from within the United Nations as well. After finding a woman who has escaped from a human trafficker selling sex slaves to hidden brothels in the area, Kathryn begins to see how expansive an industry it has become in the years following the war. As she gathers more and more evidence to bring to light she discovers the last thing she ever expected, that there is no way for the corporate army and UN officers to be held accountable for their actions.



Starring: Kristin Scott Thomas, Mélusine Mayance and Niels Arestrup Directed by: Gilles Paquet-Brenner In modern-day Paris, a journalist finds her life becoming entwined with a young girl whose family was torn apart during the notorious Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup in 1942.

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Starring: Sydney Penny, Cameron Mathison and Cynthia Preston Director: Curtis Crawford Bryant spends most of his time taking care of his daughter after his divorce and works as an executive at an ad agency. But when he comes across the online profile of a woman in Los Angeles, he becomes intrigued. She’s beautiful, fun, quirky, and successful. They strike up a long-distance relationship traveling back and forth for several months before Bryant decides that she is the perfect woman for him. He proposes, she moves across the country, and within two more months, the couple is married. But this union is a far cry from newlywed bliss… The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Life style

Life Style Your body on a detox

Body on Detox & what alcohol do to our body What you know After a few beers your drinking buddies are hilarious. And you love them very, very much. What you don’t There’s a link between drinking and depression, and it’s especially pronounced in women. A recent US study published in General Hospital Psychiatry revealed that women who drank heavily at age 24 were twice as likely to be depressed at 30. Drinking doesn’t cause depression, but depressed people often drink more. It’s a vicious cycle; people drink because they feel low, but alcohol depresses the central nervous system, making them feel even lower, so they drink to feel better. Key lesson: a shitty day is actually the worst reason to have a drink. Although alcohol works as a relaxation catalyst in the short-term – it depresses the central nervous system, slowing the heart rate, deepening breathing and quieting mental chatter – this stress-relieving aspect has a downside once you pass the two-drink mark.

Planning to do a fruit-juice cleanse this Year? Read this first After the first sip ▶ Your brain’s hunger signals are answered with a hit of pure fruit-juice sugar. And don’t get any ideas – vegie-based cleanses aren’t any healthier. ▶ The sweet stuff prompts the pancreas to squirt out insulin, which moves sugar – now in your blood in the form of glucose – into your cells.

After 30 minutes ▶ As your cells suck up the glucose, your blood sugar level can start to plummet and you may feel dizzy. ▶ Meanwhile, lacking enough kilojoules, your body is operating off its supply of glycogen, a form of short-term energy stored in the liver and muscles.

After two days ▶ With each shot of juice, your insulin levels skyrocket… then crash. Your glycogen stores are pretty much gone, leaving your tank empty – and you feeling weak and listless. ▶ Since you’re getting only about half the kilojoules you need, your body draws on two long-term power sources: triglycerides, a type of energy stored in fat cells (woo-hoo!), and protein, taken straight from your muscles (oops). You begin to lose muscle mass, even if you’re still exercising every day.

After three days ▶ Your brain is not happy. It enters into semi-starvation mode and gobbles ketones – fuel that comes from the breakdown of fat. Ketones work, but they’re like low-grade petrol; as a result, you may feel unfocused or irritable. (Any “mental clarity” is more likely due to a strong placebo effect.) ▶ Without a fresh protein infusion, your brain’s also lacking amino acids, the raw materials neurotransmitters need to maintain your mood. If you’re prone to depression, you may start feeling down. ▶ The proteins in your shrinking muscles break down into ammonia and uric acid, unwelcome chemicals that invade your bloodstream. Now your kidneys are busy detoxing your detox. ▶ Stay close to a bathroom: the juice’s high carbohydrate load causes a flood of water to enter the intestines. That extra H2O in your gut means you may get diarrhoea.

After four days ▶ With no food to digest, your small intestine feels ignored. Its villi – the rows of tiny fibres that move food elements into the blood – start to waste away. Your diarrhoea may get worse, leading to dehydration... and there goes your rosy glow.

On the eighth day ▶ Solid food! But uh-oh – you’ve lost muscle. Even if you go back to normal eating habits, you have less muscle mass to burn those kilojoules; instead, the kilojoules are more likely to be turned into fat. One reason yo-yo dieting makes it harder to lose weight: a reduced muscle-to-fat ratio messes up your metabolism, making kilojoules harder to work off. Which is lose-lose really.

What drinking does to your body

Alcohol can cause more damage than just a hangover.

The first sip of crisp sav blanc signifies the end of a tough day. The second glass makes things slightly hazy. By the third, your problems are forgotten, karaoke’s looking like a Very Good Idea and you really need a wee. But there’s more to take into account than the embarrassment factor. We look at how alcohol affects your health and life (it’s not all bad, we promise), and how to navigate party season with panache, not Panadol.

Alcohol and your emotions The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Alcohol raises levels of cortisol and adrenaline, the hormones that are released when you’re stressed. In other words, even though a nice cold beer may seem like a one-way ticket to land of Ahhs, it’s a temporary trip. When the buzz wears off, the heightened cortisol and adrenaline make you feel more overwhelmed than before. And that’s not taking the hangover into account.

Alcohol and your heart

What you know Red wine is good for your heart. What you don’t Actually, it’s not just wine that’s beneficial. It’s the alcohol itself rather than the antioxidants in red wine that’s believed to reduce heart disease. .But we’re not talking vats of shiraz. Moderate drinking can reduce coronary heart disease by between 30 and 50 per cent according to the American Heart Association – but only in menopausal women and men over 45. One drink a day is enough to gain the health benefits. It’s still a good idea to have alcohol-free days, otherwise the risks outweigh the cardio-protective aspects.

Alcohol and your sex life

What you know You’re more likely to end up in bed with a Pete Doherty look-alike after a big night. What you don’t That champagne-fuelled confidence could be purely psychological. It’s the ‘Think-Drink’ effect. Studies prove when people are falsely convinced they’re drunk, they behave as though they are; if you believe necking bubbly makes you spontaneous under the sheets, then it probably will. One thing alcohol definitely influences: condom use. Women are more likely to have unprotected sex after moderate alcohol consumption, according to research from the University of Washington, US. Drinking causes ‘alcohol myopia’, meaning it’s difficult to process information from your surrounding environment. As a result you focus on prominent ‘go’ cues which, in a sexual environment means feeling good, rather than ‘stop’ cues such as STIs. Prevent liaisons from turning dangerous by increasing your “stop” cues. Before you start drinking, decide how far you’re willing to go and ensure you’re carrying protection.

Alcohol and your cancer risk

What you know Heavy drinking can increase your breast cancer risk. What you don’t The World Health Organisation classifies alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen – the same level as tobacco. But don’t panic, studies show one drink a day increases women’s risk of breast cancer by between 11 and 22 per cent. In other words, one in 10 women who never drink will get breast cancer, while one in nine who have one drink a day will. More than two drinks a day and the risk becomes higher. Each extra drink ups the risk by 10 to 12 per cent. Two drinks a day also boosts your risk of liver cancer by 17 per cent, stomach cancer by seven per cent and oesophageal cancer by 50 per cent. The guidelines recommend no more than two drinks a day. But as with all areas of your life, you decide what risk-level you’re comfortable with. While some people won’t cross the road for fear of being run over, others are happy to run in front of traffic. Get informed about the statistics, then make your choice about how much you want to drink.

Alcohol and addiction

What you know You’re only an alcoholic if you can’t hold down a job or look after your kids. Right? What you don’t More professional women than ever are becoming alcohol-dependent. According to University of Western Sydney research, 20 per cent of female managers drink at dangerous levels, six per cent of Australian women drink every day and the number of alcohol dependent middle-aged women rose from eight to 16 per cent between 1996 and 2005. Many women are alcohol dependent yet still live a relatively normal life. They believe they use alcohol to cope with stress rather than actually relying on it. So what’s the difference between enjoying a drink and using it as a crutch? Drinking every day means you can develop a physical dependency. Your body adjusts to the alcohol and you only feel normal when you’ve had a drink.

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“This project was fully implemented and coordinated by the VRCS with the support from the Australian Red Cross (ARC) until it was finally handed over to the health communities, village volunteers and the people themselves who will take up the roles and responsibilities for looking after the water and toilets maintenance,’’ she said. Mrs Lee said the project will be a major benefit to the people of Horhor area in Ambrym since these people usually experienced a shortage of water, especially when there is drought, as well as a lack of better access to safe water for drinking and cooking. “Meanwhile it serves and contributes a lot to the wellbeing of the people in terms of health and hygiene,’’ she said. “It also helps to address the problem of walking long distances to fetch water from the creeks, which is approximately five to eight kilometres from where they live.”

by Charlie Sikal THE Vanuatu Red Cross Society (VRCS) has witnessed a handing over ceremony of a P2HK project (Umi Everiwan I Participate blo Helti mo Hapi Komuniti), at Horhor area, on March 20. Red Cross Health Coordinator, Ellis Lee, explained that P2HK is a project that started its operation in 2011 until March 20 this year and it has been focusing mainly on five different communities at Horhor area,West Ambrym. “In health, the communities received training in First Aid and Phast Training, thus we’ve managed to trained 100 participants and 10 Train the Trainer recipients which is one of our milestone achievements so far,’’ she said. She said the handing over featured different representatives from the Vanuatu Red Cross Society, locally and internationally. She said the handing over to the people of Horhor area involved 119 VIP latrines, first aid kits and 22 water tanks.

Speeches were presented by the Vanuatu Red Cross Society (CEO) Jacqueline de Gaillande, Pacific program coordinator representative (PPC) Brett Kezia, health practioner representative, Chief of the Horhor area and Vanuatu Red Cross health coordinator Ellis Lee.

Award being presented to Meltungon and lautili for best clean village as part of the project.

In her remarks, Mrs Lee has emphasised three key points that people must consider after the handing over. She said that it is time now for everyone to move forward in order to maintain the sustainability of the P2HK and the continuity of using the skills and knowledge achieved. She said people have to respect their Chiefs, health committees and volunteers, for they are the ones who will remain and continue to carry out the work that has been assigned to them. She said the VRCS will be available at all times to provide any assistance and technical support, in terms of advice, because the development of a community is everyone’s business. With all these, Mrs Lee acknowledged the Australian Red Cross (ARC) which acted as a major donor to the project with the partnership of the VRCS, for all the good work and their contribution towards the development of not only Ambrym, but Vanuatu as a whole.

Inauguration made by the CEO of the Vanuatu Red Cross.

promedıcal news Nuis blong Promedical By Operations Manager Michael Benjamin

long allergies, wetem anaphylactic shock. Differents long tufala sick hemi, allergy hemi affectem wan local area nomo olsem, wan itchy rash(urticarial), mo anaphylactic hemi affectem ol system blong yumi olsem skin, respiratory, abdominal, mo cardiac. Anaphylactic hemi builtem resistance oatsaed long antigen,wea body i gat resistance long hem bifo, also hemi gud blong preparem bifo wan big reaction i happen mo i save includem face i swolap mo throat, shortness long umi pulum wind, wheezing, abdominal pain, nausea mo diarrhea, itchy rash(urticarial) mo drop long blood pressure, mo i save kosem loss blong consciousness, sam taem i save fatal sapos eno save treatem.

ANZ i suppotem Promedical wetem wan cheque.

Nuis Ofa long las pas manes ol staff blong Promedical oli reli bisi long ol cases wea i happen insaed mo around long Port Vila, mo ol medivacs long cruise ship oli luk mifala olsem ol juggling long ol resources wea mifala i demandem. I gat sam namba blong ol pipol long town ia wea oli stap suffer

Emergency Number

25566 / 115     

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ProMedical staff oli ko long wan local resisdence long Seaside community, wea i luk wan Ni-Vanuatu olfala woman wea i bin born long fire mo emi gat epileptic seizure, hemi bin fol doan i ko long fire mo causem first dikri burn long back, buttocks, leg mo right hand blong hem. Oli bin sendem straight first aid i ko long olgeta family mo friend blong woman ia blong oli coolim doan hem wetem wota bifo Promedical staff oli kam. Paramedics oli treatem woman ia blong mekem pain blong hem i ko doan, mo fluid administration mo burns dressing bifo oli transportem hem i ko long VCH blong mo treatment.

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Ron Pattenden i givem wan cheque i ko long Operation Manager Michael Benjamin.






The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


Could It Be an Enlarged Prostate? If you always have to pee, you might have benign prostatic hyperplasia An enlarged prostate isn’t cancerous, nor does it increase your chances of developing prostate cancer, but it’s certainly inconvenient and annoying -- and frequent urination is just the beginning. Here are other signs of an enlarged prostate:

• •

Strong, sudden, and frequent urge to urinate Straining to urinate

Frequent nighttime urination Weak or intermittent urinary stream, with dribbling at the end • Feeling like your bladder doesn’t completely empty when you urinate Sooner or later nearly all guys have to deal with an enlarged prostate. Why is it so common? The only known risk factor for benign prostatic hyperplasia is having normally functioning testicles. According to the National Institutes of Health, some men start having signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia as early as 40 and more than 90% of all men over the age of 80 have an enlarged prostate.

• •

Your doctor will diagnose an enlarged prostate after evaluating your symptoms and doing a direct rectal exam to determine if your prostate is enlarged. Your doc will also check your urine for blood or signs of infection. If you’ve had an enlarged prostate for a long time, you may also get a blood test to measure creatinine to check for kidney damage.

When symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia are bothersome, you have treatment options.

lifestyle measures and medication aren’t enough, there are

your PSA level. Also, ask about “percent free” PSA, a type that

surgical treatment options. Minimally invasive procedures

floats around in your blood, unattached to other molecules.

include the following:

The less you have, the higher your prostate cancer risk. 5.

Use of an electrical current to vaporize tissue

(transurethral electrovaporization of the prostate, or TUVP)

Heating tissue directly with needles (transurethral

needle ablation of the prostate, or TUNA)

Heating tissue indirectly with microwave energy

(transurethral microwave therapy, or TUMT)

If you get a scary PSA test result, get a second

and maybe a third opinion. Up to 40% of guys with early prostate cancer can opt for “active surveillance,” also called “watchful waiting,” which monitors the cancer with regular PSA tests, prostate exams, and biopsies. If trouble arises, treatment starts. We love this approach because it lets you make healthy changes that are proven to keep PSA levels lower even after

Using a laser or focused ultrasound to destroy tissue

a prostate cancer diagnosis. The changes: more fruit and

Using a stent to keep the urethra open

veggies, more exercise, more meditation; and no red meat,

Traditional surgical techniques include cutting away prostate

added sugars, or syrups. Follow these -- especially the “no’s”

tissue, making incisions in the bladder neck to relieve pressure

-- as if your life depended on them. It may.

in the gland, or completely removing the tissue (open surgery).

How Are Prostate and Diet Linked?

Drug and surgical treatments for enlarged prostate come with potential side effects, including a small risk for erectile dysfunction. Be sure to discuss possible side effects with your doctor as you weigh the benefits of different BPH treatments.

Should You Get Prostate Cancer Screening?

Why men shouldn’t delete “Get PSA Test” from their planners

Eating more vegetables and less red meat may help prevent prostate cancer and enlarged prostate You know that a healthy diet can help prevent heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other health woes. Turns out, what you eat affects your prostate, too. Diet, along with exercise and not smoking, is one of the most crucial modifiable risk factors for preventing prostate cancer and enlarged prostate.

Lose Weight A recent report said healthy guys can stop getting prostate-

Carrying too many pounds? Make it priority to lose weight.

specific antigen (PSA) tests, the gold standard of prostate

The most consistent finding is that body size influences your

cancer screening. Should you take that advice?

prostate cancer risk. Men who are overweight or obese have a greater risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer and

Well, we’re pretty healthy guys and here’s our take: Don’t

of dying from the disease.

delete “Get PSA test” from your planner. Here’s why: Before You may find the symptoms of an enlarged prostate --

PSA testing, 80% of prostate cancer was discovered after

If men overeat, in theory, they’re increasing their risk of

frequent urination is among the most common -- unpleasant,

it had fatally spread. Today, the combo of the PSA test and

developing aggressive prostate cancer

but does it require treatment? It depends on the severity

better prostate cancer treatments saves 9,000 lives a year.

of your symptoms. Up to one-third of mild benign prostatic

That’s not peanuts. Plus new genetic follow-up tests are

hyperplasia (BPH) cases clear up on their own, according to

Eat Less Meat and Dairy

coming soon that will be able to sort out aggressive prostate

Guys who eat a lot of meat (especially red meat), drink lots of

the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney

cancer (10% -- the kind that needs treatment, pronto) from

milk, or gobble dairy-based foods tend to have a higher risk

Diseases (NIDDK).

slow, “indolent” types (90% -- the kind that’s unlikely to be a

of prostate cancer, Platz says. Beef, processed meat (e.g.,


bacon, hotdogs, and deli meat), poultry with the skin, and full-

If your enlarged prostate symptoms are more severe, or they

fat dairy appear to be the prostate’s biggest foes, Chan adds.

cause frequent urinary tract infections or other complications,

Meanwhile, here are the PSA test questions you’re likely to

work with an urologist for relief. These are some of your

face and what we think your answers should be. Discuss them

That goes not just for cancer, but for an enlarged prostate as

options to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia:

with your doc; it will do your peace of mind good.

well. Men who eat red meat are three times more likely to have an enlarged prostate, and those who eat dairy are twice as

Make a few lifestyle changes. Avoid drinking any beverages


at least an hour before bedtime to lessen the chance of

annual PSA tests early. Begin at 45 if you’re African-

nighttime bathroom visits. Also go easy on caffeine and

American (your risk is 60% higher) or if your father or a brother

alcohol. Both can aggravate your need to urinate.

Eat More Veggies

has had prostate cancer, especially before 50; that doubles

To keep your prostate happy, bulk up on vegetables. Eating

Are you at high risk for prostate cancer? Start

likely to develop an enlarged prostate.

your risk. Smoking and excess pounds also increase your risk

three or more servings of veggies a day can cut your risk of

Check your meds. If you take a diuretic for high blood pressure

of prostate cancer.

prostate cancer in half. The cruciferous kind (e.g., broccoli,

or kidney disease, ask your doctor if you can take a lower


kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts) may have

dose, since the diuretic can also cause frequent urination.

PSA tests at 50. Keep them up until your physical age -- your

an especially potent effect -- especially if you eat three or

Over-the-counter decongestants and antihistamines can

body’s RealAge, not its calendar age -- is 65. The younger

more servings a week, which can lower your prostate cancer

also contribute to enlarged prostate symptoms.

and healthier you are, the longer you should be screened for

risk by an extra 41%. Some studies suggest that lycopene,

prostate cancer.

a chemical found mainly in tomatoes, can also slow prostate

Ask about prescription drugs to treat an enlarged


cancer growth.

prostate. Alpha-blocker drugs relax prostate muscles,

Sure, it’s the punch line of a million jokes but a yearly rubber-

making it easier to urinate, and enzyme inhibitors help shrink

glove exam of your prostate, plus a digital rectal exam (DRE),

What’s good for the prostate is what’s good for your overall

the size of the prostate gland. According to the NIDDK, using

can catch the 25% of problems a PSA test misses. If something

health. Instead of looking for one or two magic ingredients,

a combination of the two types of drugs may work better than

unusual turns up, get a PSA test.

focus on what your plate looks like day in and day out. Aim

either drug independently to halt the progression of benign


What if your PSA levels are high? Take a breath.

for a Mediterranean-type diet with more whole grains and

prostatic hyperplasia.

Only 18% to 30% of high PSA test results actually mean

vegetables, minimal intake of sugar and sweets, and less

prostate cancer. First, get a retest. An infection or even a roll

protein from meat. If you’re eating animal sources, choose fish

in the hay shortly beforehand could have temporarily boosted

or skinless poultry.

Consider surgery to treat an enlarged prostate. When The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday, 30 March, 2013 Page 28

Are you at average risk for prostate cancer? Start

Do you need an annual, manual check? Yep.

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The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013 Page 27


North Korea training an army of computer hackers to launch cyber attacks The online world allows for anonymity because it is easy to fabricate IP addresses and destroy the evidence leading back to the hackers, according to C. Matthew Curtin, founder of Interhack Corp.

INVESTIGATORS have yet to pinpoint the culprit behind a synchronized cyberattack in South Korea last week. But in Seoul, the focus remains fixed on North Korea, where South Korean security experts say Pyongyang has been training a team of computer-savvy “cyber warriors’’ as cyberspace becomes a fertile battleground in the standoff between the two Koreas.

Thurman said cyberattacks are ``ideal’’ for North Korea because they can take place relatively anonymously. He said cyberattacks have been waged against military, governmental, educational and commercial institutions.

Malware shut down 32,000 computers and servers at three major South Korean TV networks and three banks last Wednesday, disrupting communications and banking businesses, officials said. The investigation into who planted the malware could take weeks or even months. South Korean investigators have produced no proof yet that North Korea was behind the cyberattack, and on Friday said the malware was traced to a Seoul computer. But South Korea has pointed the finger at Pyongyang in six cyberattacks since 2009, even creating a cyber security command centre in Seoul to protect the Internetdependent country from hackers from the North. It may seem unlikely that impoverished North Korea, with one of the most restrictive Internet policies in the world, would have the ability to threaten affluent South Korea, a country considered a global leader in telecommunications. The average yearly income in North Korea was just $1190 per person in 2011 - just a fraction of the average yearly income of $22,200 for South Koreans that same year, according to the Bank of Korea in Seoul. But over the past several years, North Korea has poured money and resources into science and technology. In December, scientists succeeded in launching a satellite into space aboard a long-range rocket from its own soil. And in February, North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test, its third.

North Korean students surf the Internet at a computer terminal inside a computer lab at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang. North Korea is training an army of ‘cyber warriors’ to hack systems in South Korea and the US, say experts. ‘IT’ has become a buzzword in North Korea, which has developed its own operating system called Red Star. The regime also encouraged a passion for gadgets among its elite, introducing a Chinese-made tablet computer for the North Korean market. Teams of developers came up with software for everything from composing music to learning how to cook. But South Korea and the U.S. believe North Korea also has thousands of hackers trained by the state to carry its warfare into cyberspace, and that their cyber offensive skills are as good as or better than their counterparts in China and South Korea. “The newest addition to the North Korean asymmetric arsenal is a growing cyber warfare capability,’’ James Thurman, commander of the U.S. forces in South Korea, told US legislators in March 2012. “North Korea employs sophisticated computer hackers trained to launch cyberinfiltration and cyber-attacks’’ against South Korea and the US. In 2010, Won Sei-hoon, then chief of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, put the number of professional hackers in North Korea’s cyber warfare unit at 1000. North Korean students are recruited to the

Early Elvis record a hit at auction THE original recording of Elvis Presley’s first radio hit has sold for $A81,000 at a Dublin auction. Rock and roll museums around the world, including the Graceland estate where the King lived, were expected to bid for the acetate that kick-started his career almost six decades ago. It went to an internet bidder, the auctioneer said. Lot 62, a 1954 recording of That’s All Right (Mama), was the highlight of the pop and rock memorabilia sale. Ian Whyte, of Whyte & Sons Auctioneers, said: “I am delighted, the sale went extremely well. There was huge interest. It is the first ever pop and rock sale in Ireland and I hope it won’t be the last.”

copy of his first commercial recording and is considered to be one of the most important foundation stones of rock and roll. He sang a fast version of That’s All Right (Mama) by Arthur Crudup which Philips recorded on an acetate record and sent to a local radio station disc jockey, who agreed to play it. Whyte said it was the first time Presley had hit the airwaves and the station was inundated with phone calls and reportedly had to play it over 14 times during the course of the show. The original track was played in the RDS sales room as the auction was broadcast live on the internet for international bids for the unique recording.

The 78rpm was recorded on July 5, 1954, by a young and unknown Presley, who had walked into the offices of Sun Records and the Memphis Recording Service in Memphis, Tennessee, owned by Sam Phillips.

Other highlights in the sale included a watch given by Elvis to his manager, one of his famous Taking Care of Business pendants and autographs from The Beatles on an Aer Lingus menu, signed as they flew from their only appearance in Dublin.

It is the only known surviving promotional


The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

nation’s top science schools to become “cyber warriors,’’ said Kim Heung-kwang, who said he trained future hackers at a university in the industrial North Korean city of Hamhung for two decades before defecting in 2003. He said future hackers also are sent to study abroad in China and Russia. In 2009, then-leader Kim Jong Il ordered Pyongyang’s “cyber command’’ expanded to 3000 hackers, he said, citing a North Korean government document that he said he obtained that year. The veracity of the document could not be independently confirmed. Kim Heung-kwang, who has lived in Seoul since 2004, speculated that more have been recruited since then, and said some are based in China to infiltrate networks abroad. What is clear is that “`North Korea has a capacity to send malware to personal computers, servers or networks and to launch DDOS-type attacks,’’ he said. “Their targets are the United States and South Korea.’’ Expanding its warfare into cyberspace by developing malicious computer codes is cheaper and faster for North Korean than building nuclear devices or other weapons of mass destructions.

North Korean officials have not acknowledged allegations that computer experts are trained as hackers, and have refuted many of the cyberattack accusations. Pyongyang has not commented on the most recent widespread attack in South Korea. In June 2012, a seven-month investigation into a hacking incident that disabled news production system at the South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo led to North Korea’s government telecommunications center, South Korean officials said. In South Korea, the economy, commerce and every aspect of daily life is deeply dependent on the Internet, making it ripe grounds for a disruptive cyberattack. In North Korea, in contrast, is just now getting online. Businesses are starting to use online banking services and debit cards have grown in popularity. But only a sliver of the population has access to the global Internet, meaning an Internet outage last week - which Pyongyang blamed on hackers from Seoul and Washington - had little bearing on most North Koreans. “North Korea has nothing to lose in a cyber battle,’’ said Kim Seeongjoo, a professor at Seoul-based Korea University’s Department of Cyber Defense. “Even if North Korea turns out to be the attacker behind the broadcasters’ hacking, there is no target for South Korean retaliation.’’ - AP

Japanese teen killed, chopped up mother A TEENAGER who allegedly killed and chopped up his mother has told police he did not like her, and wanted to know more about dissection. The 19-year-old from Japan allegedly dismembered his mother’s body in the bathroom, cutting her into at least 15 pieces using kitchen knives, the Sankei daily said on Saturday, citing unnamed police sources. The teenager, who lived with his mother in a small apartment near Tokyo, then kept the body parts in the bathtub, which he filled with water, before starting to dump it piece by piece in plastic bags, the report said.

He told police he ‘didn’t like her’ and she was an ‘ordinary person’, the Sankei reported, quoting an unnamed investigator. He also said he was interested in the dissection of a human body, the Yomiuri and Mainichi newspapers reported. The suspect, who has not been named as he is still a minor under Japanese law, was arrested on March 14 after a relative visited the apartment and found some of the body parts. The murder is believed to have been committed about two weeks previously. - AFP

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23 Sept. 22 Oct.

23 Oct. 22 Nov.

23 Nov. 21 Dec.

even stronger over the next few weeks. Your key planet, Venus, is traveling through your 7th House of Partnerships, inviting you to smooth over whatever problems you may have with others in your life. Let your love light shine brightly.

Scorpio - You are usually attracted to experiences that enrich and deepen your life. Now, however, flirty Venus is encouraging you to act on your impulsive desires. Your spontaneity can precipitate conflicting situations and might even put you in a position where you need to quickly work out the details of an unfolding relationship. Focus on the needs of others today, but make certain to also pay attention to your own physical Sagittarius - It is said that you Archers are always ready for a good time, but sometimes this isn’t true. For example, you are now moving into a phase when you might get so caught up in your own intense thinking that you lose sight of having fun. You can learn a lot about yourself from self-analysis but don’t hold on to this overly critical frame of mind longer than necessary. Fortunately, your creative self-expression Capricorn -

22 Dec. 18 Jan.

It’s difficult to escape your sense of duty and even your need for love is often tied to certain practical considerations. Ironically, over the next few weeks, you might want one thing but find yourself doing something completely different. However, your obligations are more important than your desires today. Be patient; there will be plenty of time to follow your heart in the days ahead.

19 Jan. 19 Feb.

Aquarius - You may be caught between your need to be responsible today and your desire to cut loose and do something exciting. In an ideal world, you would figure out how to do both, especially since your mind is buzzing with wild ideas. Nevertheless, your patience is wearing thin and you want immediate fulfillment. Don’t fight with yourself. Let common sense prevail; thankfully, you can find pleasure now no matter

Pisces - Rather than dreaming about various possibilities, your senses are more in tune today, attracting you to something very specific. The time for action is now, but you may also be concerned with financial matters that take quite a bit of your energy. 20 Feb. Money matters can either be quite excellent or quite complicated; it’s one extreme or 20 March the other. Either way, budget some resources to have fun, to pull it off. Aries -

Your love antennae are particularly receptive now that sweet Venus is back in your sign until mid-April. Nevertheless, you may grow anxious today about all the things that could go wrong in a relationship. Fortunately, you can reenergize interactions with others by adopting a beginner’s mind approach. Imagine that you don’t have all the 22 March answers and that you must start from scratch. Going back to the first step adds a dose 20 April of excitement to your life.

Taurus - Your key planet, Venus, is dressed up in a new outfit now for her thrilling 21 April 20 May

trip through impetuous Aries. You know what you want and are ready to go for it. But you steady Bulls might not want to show all your stuff right away and tend to keep your desires under wraps. Even if you feel a sense of urgency, open the window of opportunity slowly as you let your needs see the light of day. You may be pleasantly

Gemini 21 May 21 June

P P 22 June 22 July

Your big ideas can get you into trouble of a pleasant sort today as you tell someone what you want. However, it may not be a smart idea to over-personalize everything you say. Keep your conversations on the lighter side; otherwise, you might become agitated about others misunderstanding what you need. It’s not that you are being unclear now; it’s just that your enthusiasm gets in the way of your message. Toning it down just a notch gives others a chance to connect with you.

Cancer - Your life may be running smoother these days, even if you have a lot on your mind. Things can change for the better as people within your family and community are seeing you in a different light. However, your new extroverted behavior might make you secretly feel uncomfortable because you usually like to remain safely. Leo -

E E 23 July 23 Aug.



Libra - You’re a natural people-pleaser, but your expression of love and affection is

24 Aug. 22 Sept.

Love is a grand journey for you Lions now that romantic Venus is skipping through your 9th House of Travel. You may be drawn toward new adventures and might even get to take that trip you’re dreaming about. Thankfully, your common sense is working on overdrive. Talk as if you are ready to hop on a plane today, but take care of practical matters first before you actually go anywhere. Believe it or not, you actually have enough time to plan that magical rendezvous without running away

Virgo - You may think that you deserve to have your needs met, yet your rationalization might not be as innocent as it appears. If you’re seeking love, you want it now. But, as always, look beyond appearances for something genuine. Or, if you are already in a relationship, seek ways to take it to the next level. As the Moon returns to your sign today, do your best to fulfill your desires in the moment, even if you aren’t sure just yet of your ultimate goal.

SUDOKU ROCKU Last Solution 473


12. S S S S 13. Require 21. Actress Lupino 25. 56 in Roman numerals 26. Greek letter 27. Pace 28. End ___ 29. Stunt flying 30. Bicker 31. Partiality 33. Blockage 34. Absent Without Leave 35. Former Italian currency 36. Remain 38. Impermeable 41. Type of hat 42. Portentous 44. Married 45. Winged 46. Finger or toe 47. Automaton 48. Dirty air 50. Pout 51. A magician 52. Sexual assault 53. District 54. Armored vehicle 55. Countercurrent

1. Challenges 6. Lass 10. Baking appliance 14. Marble 15. Pearly-shelled mussel 16. Headquarters 17. Take exception to 18. Computer symbol 19. If not 20. Acculturate 22. Accomplishment 23. Eccentric 24. Narrow fissures 26. Large lizard 30. Not below 32. Fertile areas 33. Felons 37. Layer 38. Seaweed 39. Blockhead 40. Dreadful 42. Plant life 43. Flatboat 44. Ambush 45. Adjust 47. Obtain 48. Narrow opening 49. Intemperate 56. Wise men 57. Objective 58. Unit of capacitance 59. Ear-related 60. Large 61. Flip over 62. Obtains 63. Abound 64. Not watertight

Last solution - 473


The grid of 81 squares consists of nine blocks each containing nine cellls. Solve the puzzle using logic and a process of elimination. Fill in the blank cells using the numbers from 1 to 9. Each number must appear just once in each row, column and block. Solution next edition.

Page 32 4

1. Early 20th-century art movement 2. How old we are 3. Adult male sheep 4. Decorative case 5. Preachings 6. Association of craftsmen 7. Ancient Peruvian 8. Violent disturbance 9. Wanting company 10. In a dutifully compliant manner 11. Hotel employee The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Children’s Page

Make plastic Milk

Animal Find and circle all of the animals that are hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell the name of an additional animal.

1. Ask your friendly adult to heat up the milk until it is hot, but not boiling 2. Now ask the adult to carefully pour the milk into the bowl 3. Add the vinegar to the milk and stir it up with a spoon for about a minute

One cup of milk

4 teaspoons of white vinegar

A bowl

A strainer

Adult help

Plastic? In milk? Well, sort of. You made a substance called CASEIN. It’s from the latin word meaning “cheese.” CasEin occurs when the protien in the milk meets the acid in the vinegar. The casein in milk does not mix with the acid and so it forms blobs. True plastics, called poymers, are a little different.

4. Now the fun part, pour the milk through the strainer into the sink - careful it may be hot! 5. Left behind in the strainer is a mass of lumpy blobs. 6. When it is cool enough, you can rinse the blobs off in water while you press them together . 7. Now just mold it into a shape and it will harden in a few days. - Cool!

The project above is a DEMONSTRATION. To make it a true experiment, you can try to answer these questions: 1. Will more vinegar make more casein? 2. Will you get the same results with low-fat milk, soy milk? 3. Do all types of vinegar work? 4. Will other acids, such as lemon juice and orange juice work?

Maze Aliens The Alien needs to find its way to the UFO. Draw the path through this number maze starting at 4 and counting by 4s up to 400. 4
























Homemade rice puff bars Rice puff bars are very popular with kids of all ages. Now you can make your own with this easy recipe that includes Rice Bubbles, marshmallows and 100s and 1000s.

Serving Size: 196




















Makes 16 bars

Ingredients: •





























































½ cup 100s and 1000s

1 pkt (250g) marshmallows

125g unsalted butter, melted



Grease a 16cm x 26cm slice tray and set aside.

Chop 1 cup marshmallows and combine in a bowl with Rice Bubbles and 100s and 1000s. Melt remaining marshmallows in a heat-proof bowl in the microwave (on high for 15-20 seconds). Add melted marshmallows and melted butter to the Rice Bubble mixture. Stir well to combine.

6 cups Rice Bubbles

Variations include using Coco Pops for chocolatey twist and drizzling with white or milk chocolate for an extra sugar hit. I prefer to keep these bars in the fridge as they are a bit crumbly at room temperature.

Transfer mixture into tray and press down with the back of a metal spoon. Refrigerate until set, then cut into 16 bars. Store in an air-tight container in the fridge.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

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Weird and Wacky news Minnie Mouse gets Paris makeover FOREVER-young Minnie Mouse is growing up and moving on from her old red and white polka dots.

“It’s definitely more mature. It looks a bit mother of the bride,” said spectator Matthew Gallagher. “I preferred the polka dots.”

Lanvin has designed the loveable Disney rodent a new dress - a more mature frock in royal blue and long sleeves that she can wear at special Paris events.

Traditionalists will be pleased to know that Disney says Minnie will be allowed to keep her red and white look for normal events. Minnie has also kept her full hourglass figure. Last October, images destined for Barneys New York shop window were criticised after Minnie became a long, lean high-fashion model.

It was unveiled at a catwalk show in Disneyland Paris at the weekend. Gone was the oversized hair bow that has been the signature of the character since she was created in 1928. In its place, the catwalk presentation showcased a smaller-sized red tiara alongside a thick, bejewelled hourglass gown with padded shoulders. “Walt Disney was the one that actually designed Minnie. It’s the first time an actual designer has come into the picture and designed a dress for her,” Lanvin’s designer Alber Elbaz said following the show.

Minnie Mouse has decided it’s time to grow up and move on from her old red and white polka dots, with a new dress designed by Lanvin.

“It was a great challenge and responsibility to do. I just wanted her to shine... I wanted to give her a crown in red, and the dress in blue, (a signature) for Lanvin.” The dress got applause from the celebrity-filled

front row including actress Virginie Ledoyen and model Natalia Vodianova. But the more mature look - which also did away with her famed white bloomers - didn’t impress everyone.

Dubbed ‘skinny Minnie’ the short film featured the mouse-fatale in a hot-pink, ruffle covered Lanvin dress - with longer legs, leaner arms and daintier gloved hands. “We’re not here to transform people,” said Elbaz. “We love her the way she is.” - AP

Meet Australia’s slowest racehorse SO, why the long face? Meet Benji Bullet, the horse who continues to humiliate his superstar NRL owners by getting flogged every time he goes to the racetrack. While the likes of thoroughbred royalty Black Caviar, More Joyous and Pierro all contest Group1 races this weekend at Moonee Valley and Rosehill, Benji Bullet will be up in his Sunshine Coast stable, wondering what it would be like to finish first. The ultimate insult came last Thursday when Benji Bullet lined up on the Sunshine Coast and was thrashed by 32 lengths.

David Ranta leaves Brooklyn Supreme court last week after he was freed after 23 years in jail.

Wests Tigers superstar Benji Marshall is officially listed as an owner. So is his skipper Robbie Farah, teammates Chris Lawrence and Blake Ayshford, assistant coach Royce Simmons and Holden Cup coach Todd Payten.

Wrongly jailed man has heart attack on release A WRONGFULLY convicted New Yorker who served more than two decades behind bars had a heart attack the day after he was released. David Ranta was sentenced to 37 years in prison after being convicted in 1991 of killing an Orthodox Jewish rabbi during a botched robbery. He always maintained his innocence and was freed last week after 23 years. CNN quoted Mr Ranta’s lawyer Pierre Sussman as saying that Mr Ranta suffered a heart attack 24 hours after his release.

stabilised and is being treated in cardiac intensive care at a metropolitan hospital,” Mr Sussman said in a statement. Mr Sussman could not immediately be reached for comment. Mr Ranta was released after the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office announced an internal probe had found evidence unavailable during the trial that cleared him. Upon being declared free by a judge, Mr Ranta told reporters he was overwhelmed.

“My office is happy to report that he’s been


Seal pup discovered 6km inland A SEAL pup has been found in a forest in eastern Sweden nearly six kilometres from the closest body of open water.

Police said the seal had probably crawled three kilometres over sea ice and three kilometres into the woods.

“A somewhat confused person called and said he was out walking in the woods where he had found a seal pup. I thought he was joking at first,” Uppsala police inspector Henrik Pederson told news agency TT.

“He must have gotten separated from his mother and gotten lost and gone in the wrong direction,” Sandefors told public broadcaster Swedish Radio.

Hunter Robert Sandefors, who was asked by police to take care of the pup, said the seal had probably made its way into the woods on its own, based on tracks visible in the snow. Page 36

The seal was taken to the nearby Dalaelven river, where it was released and swam away. - AFP

There’s also larrikin Cronulla prop Bryce Gibbs, and Penrith head trainer Alan Mair, whose brother Mick Mair is the horse’s trainer. Marshall cringed and shook his head in disgust when The Daily Telegraph mentioned Benji Bullet to him at training this week. Marshall and his teammates were only listed as owners when Benji Bullet started racing. They haven’t paid any training fees or collected any winnings. They were given an option to purchase a share of the horse if he started to show promise. Naturally, there have been no takers. As one Tigers player said: “Even if I had a share, I would have sold it a long time ago.” Farah and Lawrence said they had higher hopes for an unraced two-year-old they named Koroibete, in reference to Tigers’ Fijian flyer Marika Koroibete, who will be trained by Gerald Ryan. Simmons, who won a premiership in 1991 with

Trainer Mick Mair with Benji Bullet at Corbould Park Race course, Caloundra.

Penrith, said: “It’s hopeless. Even I’d beat him in a foot race over 25m. I was glad I went to England for two years (to coach St Helens) because I was sick of doing my money.” Mick Mair, who has trained horses for 30 years and won the Group 1 Oakleigh Plate with Swiss Ace in 2009, wasn’t sure if Benji Bullet would ever break his maiden status. “He can gallop, he just doesn’t like to do it on race day,” Mair said. “It’s a bit like the football star who trains well all week, then plays no good on the weekend. He’s got a good sidestep like Benji, he’s just not very quick going forward. “The boys have never come up to watch him, but that’s only because he’s never given them a reason to.” Benji Bullet, who races in the Tigers’ black and orange colours, will be given a few weeks to have a long, hard think about his efforts before he is unleashed again. His 32 starts have featured zero wins and 10 placings. He’s won $18,900 in prizemoney, which is not even the equivalent of a Marshall match payment. - Daily Telegraph

New Zealand to Port Vila Fr8, 1 Wharf Road, Port Vila The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013


Vanuatu’s bid for U-20 World Cup place ended by Richard Michael

playing sometime goes off when the other team scores against them.

A SOLID Vanuatu team had its dream of a place in Turkey’s U-20 World Cup tournament shattered after losses to Fiji and New Zealand this week.

Some football commentators said a key factor in the loss of the Vanuatu team in the U-20 Oceania qualifying round for the World Cup was that some of the team members were forced to play with large boils on their knees and legs.

The Vanuatu U-20 team, which included Seloni Iaruel, Jason Botleng, Jese Malserani, Jean Kaltak and Bill Nichols played hard for their country without any luck.

Seloni Iaruel, Jason Botleng and Jese Malserani all struggled to get their football boots on with the boils.

Oceania Football Federation (OFC) media officer Harry Atisson said Vanuatu had a very strong and good team, so their early departure was hard to believe.

Iaruel commented about the food and the weather that were likely the factors in getting the boils plus the mat on the football field they were using for training.

He said the crowd who watched home games were very impressed at the performance despite the results. He said the Vanuatu U-20 boys had some strong chances of winning during the games but mistakes cost them their wish.

Vanuatu then hunted for a win when they met PNG in their third game of the tournament, winning 6-1. The Vanuatu under 20 team played hard for their country but luck was against them, and (below), Seloni Iaurel tries his heart out in the goal.

He said even some of the officials who have been appointed to officiate the matches saluted the Vanuatu team with respect and the loss came simply from stronger opposition.

Damalip has four goals to his name and is ahead of Fijian’s Rusiate Matarerega and New Zealand’s Louis Fenton, both of whom who have scored three goals each.

Mr Atisson said there will be a lot to be discussed with the team when they arrive back in the country.

Vanuatu head coach Moise Poida was happy with the result saying his boys put up a strong display after two losses.

The opening match of the tournament against Fiji saw Vanuatu two goals ahead during the first half.

“I am happy that Damilip scored three goals today,” Poida said.

“Vanuatu quickly opened the scoring in the first half when Dalong Damalip controlled a long ball before firing it home from inside the box in the fifth minute to give his side a 1-0 lead,” he said.

“If he continues to play smart and score in the last match then he could win the golden boot award. “After our two losses, our main objective was to play smart and win the game.

“That advantage was soon extended when Zica Manuhi got his foot to a cross and poked the ball past Fiji goalkeeper Tevita Koroi at 23 minutes.

“The boys played according to our game plan and now we want to finish the tournament on a high note by winning our final game.”

“Vanuatu continued to dominate first-half proceedings with Fiji struggling to find the finishing touch they needed to get themselves back in the game.”

PNG’s Hekari FC has shown interest in him, but he was too young.

He said an inspiring speech in the changing shed at half-time combined with the arrival of the Fiji’s junior footballer of the year Rusiate Matarerega off the bench roused the home side, which came out firing in the second spell. He said the loss became a ‘look out’ for Vanuatu against the ‘All Whites’ two days later. But again it didn’t happen although they tried very hard to score against the defending champions after they started with and early goal and maintained defence against the Vanuatu team. Mr Atisson said the Vanuatu boys have played their best against New Zealand to maintain perspective and the morale of the supporters in the deciding match. He said New Zealand, who beat Papua New Guinea five goals to nil earlier, had faced a different combination of Vanuatu styled football and struggled very hard to defend their goal at Churchill Park Stadium, in Lautoka, Fiji. He said New Zealand was very strong and played determinedly to defend their crown after a goal marked by Van Elia in the 23 minutes into the first half and had to dig deep to keep out Vanautu, who threw everything they had at the Kiwis in the second period.

The three goals scored by Vanuatu’s young striker Dalong Damilip were enough to push him to the top of goal scorer’s list for the tournament.

Team captain Jean Kaltak. Mr Atisson said the team had many golden opportunities but they failed to send them into the net. The captain of the team Jean Kaltak, who scored the only goal for Vanuatu against Solomon Islands at Riviere Salee, Noumea, New Caledonia in their South Pacific Games clash, played his best with numerous Kiwi players marking him while Damelip, Nichols, Ratu and Botleng failed to change the score sheet despite many chances. Mr Atisson said Kaltak also equalised against the Solomon Island U-20 team in the OFC U-20 championship in New Zealand last year and helped Vanuatu’s qualification to the second round through his goal average.

“They have played very good football, applying all methods taught during their two months training but they only needed someone to hit the net with the ball,” Mr Atisson said.

Vanuatu drew level in 20th minute through Dalong Damalip.

Back in Vanuatu, buses, taxis, private cars blew their horns around Port Vila when Vanuatu took the lead over Fiji but that joyous moment only lasted for the first 45 minutes when the Carlos Buzzetti boys came in with another play format in the second half and upset fans at home who were following the game on radio.

Kevin Shem scored Vanuatu’s third goal in the 48th minute while Damalip completed his hat-trick 10 minutes later.

Seloni Iaruel, the vice captain and saviour of the Vanuatu national team against the American Samoa when he saved a penalty shot, was was caught by surprise with the high balls by the Fijians who headed them in the net. The 18-year-old goal keeper spent time on trial in the youth system of English Premier League club Stoke City last year and has his heart set on a career in the professional game.

They beat Fiji in the semi finals two goals to nil with him scoring the second goal.

He diverted some strong balls coming to his goal mouth but his safe hands were not enough to guide Vanuatu to success this week at Lautoka.

The young striker has showed plenty of talent in the past international and local games and

Mr Atisson said the boys shouldn’t have lost the two first games but their intensity of

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Papua New Guinea shocked the Vanuatu Smile Team scoring the opener through Patrick Aisa in the first minute.

He scored his second goal in the 44th minute to edge Vanuatu in front 2-1 before the break.

Jackson Tasso slotted in a penalty kick in the 66th minute to make it 5-1 in the boys’ favour. Substitute Philippe Tabilip scored Vanuatu’s final goal two minutes before the final whistle. On the other hand, Papua New Guinea coach Wesly Waiwai was a disappointed man after the match after his team never won a game until mid-week. Remarkably, Vanuatu’s international skipper, who is also an U-20 player, missed out on the game. Brian Kaltak wished to remain with his Solomon Warriors club preparing for the upcoming Oceania Champion’s League with Nemani Roquara. They had been heavily critisised by the public for not responding to Vanuatu Football Federation after his appointment in the Smile Team.

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MixedRecipes Pineapple & Ham Bread Soufflé

Cinnamon nut toffees

A bread pudding-soufflé hybrid, this dish gets its inspiration from a rich, pineapple soufflé traditionally served as an accompaniment to baked ham. We turned it into a main dish, putting the ham straight into the soufflé. Then, we improved the nutritional profile by omitting heavy cream and butter and choosing whole-wheat bread over white. For the best texture and flavor, look for soft whole-wheat sandwich bread without any added malt or molasses. Be sure to use canned, not fresh pineapple—fresh pineapple makes the soufflé too wet.

Ingredients: • • • • • • •

50g almonds 50g raw cashews 500g caster sugar 125ml water 1 tsp ground cinnamon 25g pepitas 100g glacé cherries, halved


Method 1.

Preheat oven to 180°C. Put almonds and cashews on an oven tray and bake for 7 minutes or until lightly toasted. Set aside to cool. Line a 24-hole mini-muffin tin with paper cases.


Put caster sugar and water in a medium heavy-based saucepan over a low heat. Cook, stirring, until sugar dissolves. Stir in ground cinnamon. Brush sides of pan with a wet pastry brush to remove any sugar crystals. Increase heat to high and bring to the boil. Cook, without stirring, for 20 minutes or until syrup caramelises. To test, drop a small amount of syrup into a glass of cold water. The syrup is cooked if it sets hard and cracks.


Transfer hot syrup to a heatproof jug. Carefully pour into prepared tin. Working quickly, top each toffee with almond, 1 cashew, a few pepitas and ½ a glacé cherry. Set aside to cool completely. Serve or gift-wrap.

Vanilla and passionfruit milk ices

There is nothing better on a hot day than being able to pull homemade ice cream out of the freezer for a delicious and refreshing snack. This recipe makes a lovely vanilla milk ice and with the addition of passionfruit pulp to the mixture, a zingy passionfruit version too.

Ingredients • • • • •

4 cups full cream milk 1 cup caster sugar 6 egg yolks 1 vanilla pod or 1 tsp of vanilla bean paste Pulp of two passionfruit, optional

• • • • • • • • •

½ kg soft whole-wheat sandwich bread, crusts removed 6 large eggs, separated 3/4 cup low-fat milk 3 8-ounce cans crushed pineapple, very well drained If using fresh pineapple drain extremely well 1 1/2 cups finely diced ham steak 3 tablespoons butter, melted 2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt

Method 1.

Preheat oven to 375°F. Coat a 2 1/2-quart soufflé or casserole dish with cooking spray.


Process bread in a food processor in three batches, until coarse crumbs form (about 5 cups).


Whisk 2 egg yolks (discard the remaining yolks or reserve for another use), milk, pineapple and ham in a large bowl. Stir in the breadcrumbs and butter.


Beat 6 egg whites, sugar and salt in a medium bowl with an electric mixer on mediumhigh speed until soft peaks form. Gently fold the whites into the bread mixture in two batches. Transfer to the prepared dish.


Bake the soufflé until puffed, golden and an instant-read thermometer inserted into the center registers at least 160°F, 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Vegetarian eggplant rolls with tomato basil sauce Believe or not, this vegetarian bake recipe is not only kid friendly - it’s diet friendly! Soft baked eggplant is stuffed with garlic flavored low fat ricotta and zucchini, then slathered in a rich tomato and basil sauce. Plus it’s easy on the diet! A great (healthy) tasty family dinner option!

Ingredients • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 small fresh eggplants, trimmed, sliced lengthwise into 4 1 tsp olive oil 3 individual fresh garlic, sliced 800 g Tomato, canned in tomato juice, whole, chopped 2 tbsp fresh basil, torn 1 small zucchini, finely diced 150 g Ricotta cheese, 1/2 cup Parsley, fresh, chopped 2 tbsp fresh basil, chopped 3 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese, chopped 1 medium egg, lightly beaten 1/2 small onion, finely chopped

Method Method 1.

If using a vanilla bean, scrape vanilla from pod. In a saucepan, combine milk and caster sugar, vanilla and vanilla pod, simmer until lightly bubbling.


Separate the eggs and whisk egg yolks until smooth.


Add one cup of the hot milk mixture to the eggs and whisk until well combined.


Put egg and milk mixture back into the pan and continue to simmer for about 5-6 minutes or until it becomes custardy.


Place the mixture into a bowl and cover with clingfilm directly onto mixture – this will stop it from developing a skin.


Chill completely, preferably overnight.


Put the mixture into an ice cream maker and churn following the manufacturer instructions.


If you want to make a passionfruit ice, add the passionfruit pulp as the mixture starts to thicken in the ice cream maker and continue churning.


Tip into an airtight container and freeze for 3-4 hours.


Preheat oven to 230C. Spray a baking tray with oil and set aside.


Lay eggplant in a single layer on prepared baking tray and spray with oil. Bake for 20 minutes, turning once or until golden brown. Remove from oven and set aside.


To make filling, spray a large non-stick frying pan with oil and place over medium-high heat. Add onion and zucchini and cook for 5 minutes, or until onion starts to soften. Add a third of the sliced garlic and cook for a further minute. Transfer to a small bowl and set aside to cool.


Meanwhile combine ricotta, parsley, basil and 2 tablespoons Parmesan in a separate bowl. Stir to combine. Add cooled onion mixture to ricotta mixture then add egg and season well with salt and pepper.


To make sauce, place the oil in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Add remaining garlic and sauté for 2 minutes, or until light brown. Add crushed tomatoes and stir to combine then reduce heat to low. Add basil and season well with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes then remove from heat and set aside.


To make eggplant rolls, reduce oven temperature to 210C. Spoon 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce into the base of a 20cm square ceramic baking dish. On a clean chopping board place a slice of eggplant. Spoon 2 tablespoons of ricotta filling at narrow end and roll up. Place in prepared baking dish, seam side down. Repeat with remaining eggplant slices. Arrange rolls in a single layer in dish. Spoon over remaining tomato sauce and sprinkle with remaining Parmesan cheese.


Bake for 20 minutes or until the sauce is bubbling and cheese has melted.

Note Note •

Page 38

The egg whites can be frozen in a zip lock bag for the next time you want to make meringues.

These can be made a day ahead of time and stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

They are best reheated in a moderate oven for 15-20 minutes, however if you are short on time, the microwave is fine.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

Dining Out

Love to be by the sea

TAMANU on the Beach has long held the reputation of one of the premier boutique resorts in – or at least just out of – Port Vila. It’s not easy to maintain such a position, but owners Yianni and Diane Demetre, who took over the property in 2010, were determined to do so and immediately set about refurbishing the guest cottages and restaurant facilities.

There was no need to change the ‘bones’ and the style of the place, as it has always had a real charm to it, but it now looks as good as new and that charm comes through even more. It’s one of our favourite restaurant settings, being literally just steps from the beach and looking out on the waves that roll continuously on the south-east of the island. The surf makes a pleasant change from the tranquil waters of the harbour at Vila and other parts where fringing reefs protect the lagoons and it’s quite soothing to watch the rhythmic movement. Indeed, if you wish you can spend the day on the beach at Tamanu, breaking for lunch in the restaurant, and maybe stay on for dinner afterwards! Resort Manager Virginia Shore and the staff will no doubt make you most welcome, and the restaurant is rather romantic at night, with soft, warm lighting and the sound of the surf ever present. While the menu at Tamanu was once very traditional French, in the past couple of years some younger Aussie chefs have transformed it into an edgier fusion of South Pacific and French cuisine to complement the popular classics. We visited for lunch last week and it took a fair bit of deliberation to choose from a very tempting list of dishes. There are seven entrees to choose from on the regular menu, with specials on a blackboard featuring whatever is available or in season at the time. Seafood is a star, with dishes like pan seared calamari, scallops and prosciutto on a salad of slow roasted tomatoes, or seafood chowder with succulent poulet fish, Teouma prawns, mussels and squid in traditional chowder cream. Vegetarians are also well catered for with treats such as roasted pumpkin, basil and fetta tossed through homemade pappardelle pasta. But we stuck with seafood, one of us choosing the coconut Teouma prawns (VT 1750) – half a dozen really plump and flavoursome prawns in a lovely, crispy coconut coating, served with little mounds of zesty green pawpaw salad, and dressed with a rich musketeer aioli. From the specials board, we also opted for a fresh popinet and smoked salmon Caesar salad (VT 1850), an attractive looking creation and full of robust flavours, with lettuce leaves, slivers of salmon and bite sized pieces of popinet or slipper cray, crisp bacon, large croutons and a softpoached egg sitting on top, all scattered with parmesan and finished with a creamy Caesar dressing. There is a choice of eight main courses, plus whatever is on special, and again there is an emphasis on seafood, but also something to please both meat eaters and vegetarians, from Vanuatu beef fillet perched above steamed local vegetable rounds, served

Great location, good service and tasty fare - especially the seafood - at Tamanu. with a choice of sauces, to a homemade tart shell filled with layered eggplant, pine nuts, tomato and goat’s cheese drizzled with basil infused butter. A friend who had dined at Tamanu recently raved about the seafood lasagne, however, and we felt we really should try it. It is described on the menu as fresh homemade pasta sheets layered into a succulent local ocean bounty (seasonal) served with a Napoli and white wine cream sauce (VT 2900), and that is no exaggeration. A really hearty dish, it featured a generous fillet of poulet, juicy prawns and mussels and plump, tasty scallops along with roasted tomatoes and fresh pasta, and the aforementioned sauces, making for a rich and most satisfying meal. We thought a variation away from seafood would be a nice contrast, and opted also for the pillars of slow roasted pork belly with apple salsa and honey cider vinegar glaze (VT 3250). It looked impressive served on a large, white plate, with four good sized pieces of soft, succulent pork belly accompanied by a colourful and crunchy salsa of apple, red onion and herbs, and a sweet, almost toffee-like glaze to set off the sweet pork. We were only sorry that the skin on the pork had not crackled properly, as really crisp crackling would have really set off the dish. We shared a simple side salad, but other sides include buttered green beans, caramelised carrots infused with ginger and garlic and rosemary sautéed potatoes. Desserts include Grand Marnier soufflé and crepes Suzette, and on the blackboard, Baileys mousse or Irish Mist liqueur and white chocolate pannacotta, but unfortunately we’d left no room!

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 30 March, 2013

One thing it will be worth leaving room for – in your diary – is Greek Easter, which will be celebrated on May 5 with a traditional Greek Easter feast, something Yianni and Dianne tried last year and it was a great success. Speaking of which, Happy Easter to our readers – and good dining. - Tony & Elaine Wilson

Tamanu on the Beach

South East Efate Phone: 27279 Web: Open: Lunch and Dinner daily Special features: Lovely beachfront setting in an attractive colonial style building, charming staff and a tempting menu featuring plenty of fresh seafood, as befits the seaside location.

Wine of the week TRINITY HILL Pinot Noir 2011, from Hawkes Bay in New Zealand has key aromas of raspberry, strawberry, plum and cherries. This lovely pinot shows soft, velvety tannins, with all the flavours of red fruits and it will develop lovely earthy characters with bottle age. Superb with salmon, poultry or game dishes. Normally it retails at VT2400 but it is on special on special at Libation during April for VT2150. - TW

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