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Oh Christmas tree... whether it’s a spectacular poinciana - known to all as the Christmas tree - a simply splendid display on a hibiscus, or a stunning modern take on the traditional like the one (right) created by Kath Graham of Island Flowers for The Havannah resort, nothing says ‘festive’ like a Christmas tree.


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Free Christmas ‘wheels’ for the disabled

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Society for the Disabled as to provide measurements for construction according to what is needed by the disabled. He said he is willing to help all these unfortunate people but he could not built everyone a wheelchair at the moment as there is a shortage of some parts such as tyres, steel and wheels.

FREE wheelchairs made by Vila Custom Fabrication’s owner Dan Bragg will be distributed to some fortunate disabled people in rural areas before Christmas. Mr Bragg has donated one wheelchair he made to the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) last week and is currently working on four wheelchairs to give to the disabled in some rural areas as Christmas gifts.

“I have collected some old wheels from hospital beds that were used before, and received a few donations from some of my good friends who agreed on this idea of constructing wheelchairs for the disabled,” he said.

His father Morgan Bragg said his son is doing this because he feels sorry for those disabled people.

“Last week a lady who heard about what I was doing gave me VT2000 on the road and told me to pay for the parts I needed which I did, and at times I allowed disabled people into my workshop to give their ideas as to how I should built the wheelchairs.

“My son really has a heart, a heart for the disabled people,’’ he said. “He pities those disabled people because their lives are not like his that is why he wanted to help build wheelchairs for them using his skill. “His recent trip to Tanna led him to do that. He saw some of the disabled there struggling without wheelchairs so he called me and said he felt sorry for these people and that he wanted to do something to help. Dan Bragg said it is good to help by constructing wheelchairs and donating them to the Vanuatu Society for the Disabled to distribute them to the disabled, as they could not build them. He said he is making unique wheelchairs that are suitable to be used in rural areas.

Dan Bragg with his ever first wheelchair he made and was used by a disabled competitor during the Piste Bleu. “The wheelchairs at VCH are good but can only be used on smooth roads and pavements, so I decided to make ones that can function in the bush and are light and stronger, ” said Mr Bragg. He said the first wheelchair he built was used in this year’s fun race La Piste Bleu by a boy with one leg. Mr Bragg is consulting with the Vanuatu

He said anybody who wanted to help can bring in any unused parts or donations they have to the Vila Custom Fabrications opposite PVIS, so that he can built as many wheelchairs as possible. He said when people donate money or parts he cannot sell the wheelchairs but donate them to the needy “Hopefully in 2013 there should be 100 or 200 wheelchairs distributed to the disabled around Vanuatu with donations promised by some of my good friends in China and USA,’’ he said.

Wife denies stabbing husband to death

by Richard Michael A TANNA mother pleaded not guilty this week to stabbing her husband to death on October 17 – with her trial due next year. A four-day trial was requested by the state counsel Ken Massing, commencing on April 10, 2013. He said the state will call eight witnesses to testify during the trial. Meriam Sailas was charged with intentional assault causing death to Sailas Daniel contrary to section 107 (d) of the Penal Code Act Cap 135. Court documents brought before Justice Robert Spears have shown that

the couple had an argument and Meriam grabbed a knife from the floor and allegedly stabbed her husband on his right leg above the kneecap. “Meriam then ran to her next door neighbours and told them that she got into an argument with her husband,” the document said. “He assaulted her (Sailas) and she picked up a knife and stabbed Daniel on his right thigh. “The neighbour rushed into their house and it was a bit dark but he could make out that Daniel was sitting on the floor with his

Tanna chief: police must enforce law

THE outspoken Tanna chief of Fresh Water, Chief Kalanga Sauwia, says police should enforce the law to deal with issues affecting local communities in Port Vila.

Chief Sauwia said the police should enforce the laws to teach people how to respect each other and their properties. He said that alcohol is one of the key problems in the communities. He made these comments as the police in the capital are yet to assist Tanna and Tongoa communities to resolve a conflict between them. A week ago a group of drunken Tannese youths allegedly insulted the Tongoa community at the Agathis area with an angry verbal exchange. This led to a fatal car accident and an old man died in Vila Central hospital on Monday morning. Acting police chief of staff, Senior Inspector Ron Tamtam said that the police have tried to arrange a meeting of both communities but he claimed that the Tanna community at Ohlen refused the offer. Chief Sauwia said that ‘sit and talk’ is part of Vanuatu culture, and one of the best ways to resolve a conflicting issue. He said recently he was part of a reconciliation meeting at Fresh Water following a conflict between Imaki and south Tanna communities. He said that at the

end of that meeting both communities have reconciled. “Chiefs at the meeting have ask both sides to exchange gifts as a symbol of ‘saying sorry’ and it was not a fine imposed to them,” he said. That clash ended with a young couple seriously injured. The youth, who is the son of a prominent leader in Vanuatu, is still recovering at Vila Central Hospital. It is understood that the fight broke out with drunken youths at Fresh Water. Chief Sauwia said that he could remember 15 years ago, there was an incident in Vila involving some people from Tanna. He said the Tannese chiefs resolved to send the instigators of the problem back to Tanna and ban them from returning to Port Vila. “Those people refused and are still residing in Port Vila – after they went through Malvatumauri and the police to say sorry.” he said. “Chiefs, pastors, community leaders, should collaborate together with the police so that conflicting issues among or between local communities are properly handled so that law, peace and order are always maintained,” he said. He said that young people are involving themselves into unexpected circumstances because of lack of respect in the communities.

back against the wall and was in a pool of blood.” The document said that when the neighbour reached the house Daniel was already dead so he then ran to the nakamal and told others. It said that they then called for a transport and rushed Daniel to Vila Central Hospital and he was pronounced dead upon arrival. In background information on the couple, the Public Prosecutor’s office stated that the two had a significant history of arguments and the chiefs at Teouma Bush had tried to stop the arguments and get the couple to be supportive to each other. It emerged that one of the main reasons behind these arguments was because Meriam disagreed with Daniel over his consumption of kava because he was a church elder. Court documents revealed that in another earlier incident, Meriam assaulted Daniel with a piece of wood which resulted in the victim being unconscious and she to had to get water to wash the defendant to revive him. A medical report forwarded to the court revealed that there was a deep stab wound that tore the flesh right down to the bone on the right thigh of Daniel. It said the death occurred following severe hemorrhaging from the stab wound. Meriam Sailas remains in custody waiting to appear for trial next year.

Quote for the Season

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.

- Dale Evans

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012


Tourist numbers set to top 300,000 mark by Tony Wilson

“The overnight stays have proved to be very successful and they will be a regular feature in 2013, particularly with the Pacific Dawn,” he said.

TOURISTS coming by sea and air to Vanuatu are set to break through the 300,000 total this year for the first time in history, according to government statistics.

“The Carnival Spirit - which is 20 to 30 per cent bigger than the P&O cruise ships we were seeing, both taller and longer and it carries about 800 more passengers, was very popular.

The pleasing figures showed that Vanuatu is enjoying a 15 per cent increase in tourists by air and 52 per cent by sea so far for 2012 to the end of October compared to the same period last year. The figures compiled by the Vanuatu National Statistics office showed that the country is remarkably buoyant in its tourism levels over many years – and it continues to be a major plank in the nation’s economy. Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts Association (VHRA) vice president Bryan Death said that the strong growth by air and sea reflects well on the long term marketing objectives of the Vanuatu Tourism Office. He said that the October figures just released saw 9922 total arrivals for the month – which was up by 1300 on October last year. He said the projected tourist figures for 2012 should see a total of about 190,000 cruise ship passengers and around 110,000 tourists arriving by air. “But those figures are conservative and we should see stronger numbers across

“It will become a regular next year and it is a 3.5 star ship.

The five star Oosterdam, which will visit Vanuatu for the first time in January. the board, with November and December expected to be up by at least 10 per cent as well,” he said. “Indications are that we are heading for an amazing number of tourists in the next few years. “And we are well on track to better 2009, which was our most successful year ever in terms of tourist numbers.” Mr Death said that it was an interesting exercise to compare this years’ tourist figures with those of a decade ago. “In 2002, the total number of tourists by sea and air failed to reach 100,000, so the growth in those past 10 years is just

phenomenal,” he said. Adventures in Paradise managing director Adrian Mooney said there will have been 97 major cruise ship visits to Port Vila for 2012. “There were some cancellations and also a number of smaller cruise vessels visited as well,” he said.

“It will be joined for the first time in January by the Oosterdam, which is nearly as big and is a five star luxury ship.” At 290m long, with 11 tourist decks, it is only a few metres shorter than Carnival Spirit and one deck lower, but it carries only 1848 passengers compared to Spirit’s 2700. This is due to the luxury tag which ensures premium conditions and service for a price.

“Naturally, we are now breaking records every year and our ships are all 95 to 100 per cent full.”

Tourist experts said the cruise ship industry is now second only to the hotel industry in Vanuatu in terms of revenue and importance.

He said apart from record numbers, the P&O year for Vanuatu was notable for two reasons - the return of overnight stays by cruise ships and the arrival of the Carnival Spirit.

And they bemoaned the fact that the Vanuatu government was not spending anything significant on infrastructure despite reaping major financial rewards every time a cruise ship docked.

Traditional medicine man sentenced over sex offences by Richard Michael A MALEKULA man who claimed to be a traditional medicine doctor will serve six years behind bars after he had sex with his patients. This week Obed Hosea, 50, was sent to jail by Judge Robert Spears after he entered an early guilty plea on September 1. He was charged with sexual intercourse without consent contrary to section 90 (a). Mr Spears told the court that Hosea was claiming that he could make a woman who couldn’t bear children get pregnant with his custom medicine. He said that Hosea also told his victims that he had visions. He said there were two victims in this case

and the cases were dealt with separately by the Supreme Court, with a combined sentence handed down this week. Mr Spears said the starting point of his sentence was 12 years imprisonment, including the aggravating factor that he repeated the sexual assault with one of the victims after being charged with offences involving the other one. He said Hosea entered an early guilty plea and which entitled him to one-third reduction to his sentence. Mr Spears told Hosea he had breached the trust between him and the two young women who were part of the same Erakor Bridge community. He said there is 30 years difference between Hosea who is 50 and both girls who are 20 years old.

Pacific countries owe millions to ACP IT HAS been revealed that five countries in the Pacific owe millions of dollars in membership fees to the ACP Secretariat. The issue was raised at this week’s ACP Ministerial meeting in Malabo. Vanuatu’s Ambassador to Brussels Roy Mickey Joy said that the Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Republic of Marshall Islands, Palau and Niue owe outstanding fees to the ACP Secretariat for the last 10 years. He said it’s a contractual obligation under the Cotonou Agreement that these countries must clear their dues. “It does not look good for the Pacific ACP Group as a region and it also does not look well for Pacific delegation coming to these kinds of meetings. One of the important issues that has been discussed by the Ministers is the issue of budget for 2012 – 2014.

“2013 – 2015 is an important period because prior to 2015 ACP should be able to complete our third revision of the Cotonou Agreement. The ACP Secretariat is struggling to balance its resources and programming in terms of the budget,” he said. Ambassador Joy said the ACP Secretary General Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas, when he attended the Pacific Islands Forum Meeting in Cook Islands this year, in New Zealand last year and in 2010 in Vanuatu, the message he took to the Leaders of the Pacific was very clear. “The Pacific countries that have not paid have been asked to do so. It is an obligatory commitment under the Cotonou Agreement and as signatories of the Cotonou these countries must pay up their dues. If this issue is not resolved, it could be one of the contributing factors that will force the ACP to dispense the Pacific from participating in the ACP Group.”

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

He said Hosea was accused of having sexual intercourse with the victims’ consent but it was obtained by false representation contrary to section 90, (b) (iv), to which he pleaded not guilty. Mr Spears said a trial date were set but the defence counsel said they would plead guilty if the charge was amended. The charge was amended to sexual intercourse without consent – which is a lesser charge - and Hosea pleaded guilty on September 1. “You claimed that you are a psychiatrist and you can see a vision and you lied to one of the victims that her boyfriend had put a spell on her and she had only three days to live,” he said. He said Hosea claimed he was the only one with his local medicine that could prevent the man’s ability to control his girlfriend. “You told the first victim to enter the house and ordered her parents not to come in and you told the victim that no one would enter the house,” he said. “You instructed the victim to get all her clothes off and lay down on the mat.” He said Hosea then had sex with her. He said the victim was warned earlier by Hosea that she had only three days left to live so she complied with everything she was told. He said after Hosea had sex with the complainant, she got dressed and came outside the house and Hosea followed her and gave her a big hug and told her ‘you are healed’. Mr Spears said the next victim was living in a de facto relationship for about three years with her boyfriend and, during that period,

they had no baby as she could not have children. A court document presented before the Supreme Court showed that the young woman was tipped off by one of her friends that Hosea was very good with his custom medical treatments and she went and spent the night in Hosea’s home. The document said Hosea advised her to remove her clothes and lie down on the bed. It said Hosea at that time had some leaves in one hand and a bottle of custom medicine in the other hand. “According to her statement, she was not afraid because she knew that the Hosea’s wife was inside a nearby room,” the document said. “He treated her as he treated the first victim. “He also told the defendant that next time he would have sex with her,” the document said. It said the next time the second victim went for further custom treatment, he took her in his bedroom and had sex with her. The court document said it had been almost a year since that young woman took traditional treatments from Hosea but she did not get pregnant and did not feel any changes to her body. “I agree that you cooperated well with the police and have shown remorse, you’ve got five children to look after, you are a strong community member and you had no previous convictions,” he said. “Your final sentence is six years and nine months, effective from September 1,” he said. Hosea has 14 days to appeal the court decision.

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Lawyer claims VT 100mil damages over Phocea by Hilaire Bule PORT Vila lawyer Less John Napuati has launched a Supreme Court action against mega yacht Phocea seeking compensation of VT100 million, as his name was on forged documents. Mr Napuati, a former Vanuatu Maritime Authority (VMA) administrator and commisioner, has taken an Admiralty action ‘in rem’ against Phocea which is a common action against a vessel to satisfy debts. In his sworn statement, Mr Napuati said the Permanent Certificate of Registry which was disclosed to the Vanuatu authorities by the ship Phocea on her arrival in Port Vila was a forged document. He said a ship using forged documents in the name of the Republic of Vanuatu shall be forfeited to the government under the Vanuatu Maritime Act.

He said Vanuatu Maritime Law stipulates that ‘if any owner, agent or attorney commits the offence of forgery to obtain documentation of a vessel or commits an offence in relation to any vessel, her tackle, apparel and furniture shall be forfeited, or the value thereof recovered from such person’. Under the law, any person who is guilty of an offence under the Maritime Act shall be liable to a fine of up to SUS100,000 or up to 10 years imprisonment or both. “Any person who will in the case of any declaration wilfully make or assists in making or procures to be made any false statement or utters, produces or makes use of any declaration or document to contain a false statement shall be guilty of an offence,’’ said the law. Mr Napuati said the Phocea, a megapleasure yacht currently anchored at

Paray Bay in Port Vila, is within Vanuatu’s jurisdiction. He said there is evidence that Saken Ahn Quan, the alleged owner of the ship Phocea, has a close relationship with officials of the government of Vanuatu but nobody seems to be aware of the permanent residency of this person who is definitively not within the jurisdiction of Vanuatu. In his sworn statement, Mr Napuati said that his reputation is seriously affected by the existence of the forged documents and, as a consequence, he is seeking compensation for his suffering. He said that in the absence of the person who may be responsible for the forgery, he has no other solution than to engage this action ‘in rem’ against the ship Phocea. Phocea is currently represented in Vanuatu by the law firm, Ridgway Blake.

Former accountant gets 18 months jail for theft by Richard Michael

the wish of Carpenter Motors management.

A FORMER Carpenter Motors accountant who stole more than VT four million from her employer over a two year period has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Mr Lunabeck rejected a defence application to allow Simon to repay VT30,000 per month and he considered a jail sentence would be appropriate for the crime.

Fiona Simon used company money for her personal use – taking cash, withdrawing from the company bank account while making false figures in the computer to cover her theft.

He said that despite strong mitigating factors, he had no choice.

Simon had agreed to a compensation package to refund the company’s money but the company refused.

“The court has tried to help the situation and agreed with a compensation report but the Carpenter Motors management refused to have that amount refunded,” Mr Lunabeck told Simon.

Chief Justice Vincent Lunabeck imposed 18 months behind bars without any consideration of suspending the sentence, sending a strong message that had been

Simon was charged with one count of theft contrary to section 125 (a) and one count of misappropriation contrary to section 125 (b) of the Penal Code Act CAP 135.

The thefts came to light after Simon left the company claiming family problems when she heard that the company had chartered a private company to run an audit. The audit had found ‘a litany of mistakes’ in the accounts and the receipt books. She was arrested and interviewed early this year. She made full admissions but was shocked when she was told the total amount she had stolen. Outside the court, her defense counsel Andrew Bal said he tried to argue but the court would do nothing because the company Simon had worked for refused any compensation. Mr Bal said he felt remorse for her as she had a family, including a nine-yearold daughter who will miss her Mum this Christmas.

Vanuatu in pictures

Mr Napuati claims compensation in the sum of VT 100 million. He also seeks an order of the court to prohibit Phocea from leaving Vanuatu’s jurisdiction until the Supreme Court of Port Vila delivers its decision about his claims. Two weeks ago, the late Minister of Public Utilities, Harry Iauko agreed that Phocea could leave Port Vila immediately following an agreement of deed of release of VT one million and the advice of the Attorney General’s Office. Phocea arrived in Vanuatu on July 14 this year and Mr Napuati claimed that its official documentation, discovered on board by the relevant authorities of Vanuatu, are forged documents. The documents that were found on board were: Permanent Certificate of Registry No. P/CR05/045 dated 17 April 2005, Certificate of Competence dated December 14, 2011 and other documents. Mr Napuati said in his statement that the documents mention his name with forged signatures and the stamp of the Commissioner of the Maritime Affairs of Vanuatu. He was the Commissioner of Vanuatu Maritime Affairs employed by Vanuatu Maritime Authorities from April 2003 up to December 31, 2007 when the VMA was closed permanently. He said that forged documents were made public while they were published in The Independent on August 25, 2012. Mr Napuatu claimed that such publication has generated suspicion which is affecting his reputation as registered solicitor of the Vanuatu bar. He claimed that he filed a complaint to the police but the matter was neither investigated nor prosecuted. He said that the matter was declared ‘tabu’ by officials including members of the government of the Vanuatu. The vessel Phocea is no longer under the detention and may sail at any time. Its captain Richard Malaise, who did use forged documents allegedly signed by Mr Napuati as VMA Commissioner, was allowed to leave the country despite being the agent of the shipowner. The name of the ship owner mentioned on the forged registration certificate of S/Y Phocea is said to be Saken Ahn Quan residing in Port Vila.

Search goes on for missing fisherman by Richard Michael A SEARCH is under way for a Tanna fisherman who went missing on Thursday morning. It is believed that 40-year-old Meto Konali was swept away in his boat at the Rentapao river mouth while fishing by himself. His son Sadrick Konali and another youth went searching in another boat early on Friday but found no sign of him. Mr Konali's wife said that he had a mobile phone with him but attempts to call him failed. She said her husband had used an Yamaha engine belonging to his cousin which had not been used for several months. MAKING A SPLASH... This fab photo of a group of friends cooling off was sent in by Rolanka Sandy, who said it reminded him of happy holidays at Teouma dark bush. Looks like a great spot on a hot and humid December day! The Independent wants to see YOUR photos of life throughout Vanuatu - any topic you like. Send pictures (preferably in jpg or tiff format, 500kb or more) to: and we will publish the best each week.

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She said he always went fishing by himself and always returned before 6pm every day. The search is continuing.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012


Torba demands ministerial portfolio by Hilaire Bule THE Prime Minister needs to show some respect to the people of Torba province, by giving them a ministerial portfolio, says an outspoken Anglican minister. Reverend Alfred Patterson Worek said in his opinion, it was ‘outrageously, extreme negligence’ to the people of TORBA Province by the present government. He said that he feels that while others are willing to remain silent and accept the status quo, he does not. He said many people call Torba the ‘first place in Vanuatu map’ but the current coalition government of Mr Kilman has made their province become last place in the distribution of ministerial portfolio. Reverend Worek said that recent reshuffling of Torba MP, Dunstan Hilton as Minister of Agriculture reflected the oblivious attitude of the Government to the people of Torba Province. He reminded Mr Kilman that Torba has two MPs who are helping make up the numbers for the Government in Parliament and they are mandated to represent the people of Torba in Parliament.

is not recognising the contribution of the people of that province. “It also disregards the services, representation and citizenship of the people of Torba and I has reason to believe that it was our two Torba MP who kept the previous Government from toppling and it is supposedly doing so again,’’ he said. Reverend Worek said Mr Hilton is reported to have sacrificed ministerial position for the sake of stability. “What scheme of stability. Is this stability in the interests of the majority people or for a few,’’ he said. “I would like to ask Mr Kilman whether he realised what he was doing which is to once again sell his Province. Did he realise what he was doing”, said Reverend Worek. . He said that it is also surprised him that the President of Vanuatu National Party, Christophe Emelee is not given a portfolio. He said MP Emelee represents all VNP voters from Torba to Tafea Province which is more voters than some of those who hold portfolios now and he was also a key player in stabilizing the previously Kilman led coalition government.

Reverend Worek said that In comparison, when we compare the portfolios shared, some Provinces are over represented and which is unfair and provinces and islands are not democratically represented in the current formation of the Kilman’s coalition coalition government.

He ask the people of Torba Province to question the decision of Mr Kilman in leaving Torba Province out of the Council of Ministers and also asked the two MPs to get together and to put the people of Torba first as it is Vanuatu’s geographical position Reverend Worek said that one of the Torba MPs must be given a ministerial portfolio or leave this government and join the opposition and forget ‘the tawian business.’ The call by Reverend Worek followed the recent reshuffling with Luganville MP, Kalvau Moli replacing Mr Hilton as Minister of Agriculture. Mr Moli joined the government with another independent, Tanna MP Richard Namel.

He said that the Torba MPs and people have been known to stabilise the government many times already and to be overlooked by the present government

Mr Kalvau’s move and Kilman’s decision has led up to defeat the motion of no confidence in parliament last week by 27 against 23 from the opposition.

He said that in the current formation of the government their voice has been neglected for the sake of ‘egocentric political power’ which has left them with no voice in the Council of Ministers. He said that with the reshuffling, their two MPs became ordinary parliamentarians.

Two coconut facilities planned for Pacific THE Pacific is expected to see two coconut facilities established in the region by 2013.

commissioned. All that is needed now is strong political will from us,”

That’s the word of Vanuatu’s Ambassador to Brussels, Roy Mickey Joy who is one of the instigators of the coconut project for the Pacific.

Ambassador Roy said the two regional coconut plants will be based in Samoa and Vanuatu.

“We have met twice with European Commission and ACP,’’ he said. “We have agreed to send a technical mission to Samoa and Vanuatu as early as January to put together a finance model that can attract seed financing. “The biggest reason why the project has been delayed is that for the first time we are proposing a project that would require seed financing from the EU. There will be nothing from the government, nothing from banks or from the private sector. “We are proposing a €40 million facility, which is quite a substantial amount of money. A research into the study has been

“So the project would see two regional plants, one in Samoa to look after Polynesia and one in Vanuatu to cover, Fiji Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG covering the MSG. “My understanding is that funding will be sourced from two different financing frameworks. First will come from existing projects that are unspent in Brussels beginning in 2013 and the rest of the funding will come from EDF 11,” Ambassador Roy explained. “It’s never done before so it’s historical. That project when it comes to play can change entirely the lifespan of coconut farmers in the region. The project will be purchasing each coconut at FD25C a coconut,” he said.

Send your news tips to The Independent email: Get the facts... get The Independent The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012


in Brief

Former head of state appointed Ombudsman

THE head of state President Iolu Abbil has appointed this week his predecessor, Kalkot Mataskelekele, a lawyer by profession, as Vanuatu’s Ombudsman. Mr Mataskelekele is well known in Vanuatu for his past commitment to its previous governments, where he served as minister for several years under the Lini led government just after the country’s independence in 1980. He is one of the co-founders of the Vanua’aku Pati VP. Mataskelekele served as the President of the Republic of Vanuatu between 2004 and 2009. He now replaces the former Ombudsman Pasa Tosusu from Santo who died early this year at the age of 54. He is the fifth Vanuatu Ombudsman since the erection of the Ombudsman’s legislation in 1990. Marie Noelle Ferrieux Patterson was appointed first Ombudsman and also first female to the Ombudsman’s post. At the end of her five years contract, Hannington Alatoa was appointed to the post. The third Ombudsman was Peter Taurakoto, and the fourth Ombudsman, Pasa Tosusu.

CTA to fund MSG Green economy initiative

THE Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EC (CTA) has announced it will fund the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Secretariat Green Economy initiative. This was confirmed by Vanuatu’s Ambassador to Brussels, Roy Mickey Joy at the 7th Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government, under way in Equatorial Guinea’s capital Malabo. CTA is one of the few major instruments of cooperation clearly defined within the Cotonou Agreement that governs development programme in ACP states. “CTA has now agreed to provide a grant of €150, 000 to support the green economy work for the MSG in the next few years. “I understand discussions are being held between Brussels and the MSG Secretariat in Port Vila so when the MSG Summit convened in March in New Caledonia, the CTA will be invited to announce the programme. The assistance will help MSG to increase its own visibility and support in terms of budget assistance to the work of MSG Secretariat in sub regional Melanesia,” Ambassador Roy said.

Construction work on Convention Centre soon

THE Convention Centre near Parliament complex in Port Vila, costed at VT 1.3 billion funded by the Chinese Government, will kick start shortly. Following an agreement signed recently, the formal commencement of the construction will start in early 2013 and construction period will be around 18-20 months to complete the work. The Vanuatu National Convention Centre comprises a main auditorium with a capacity of 1000 persons, a large meeting room with a capacity for up to 200 persons, small meeting rooms, secretariat and organizers office, translation booth, delegate’s office, kitchen facilities and a parking area. Upon completion, the VNCC would be the largest multi-functional meeting facility equipped with the advanced technologies in the South Pacific Region which can accommodate large scale international conferences, important political or diplomatic activities and festival ceremonies. The second largest conference centre, the Farea Pacific at Warwick Le Lagon, was opened early this year. It can accommodate between 600 to 800 people.

Vanuatu Police Women Conference

VANUATU women police officers have gathered together this week for a two-day meeting at the Police College in Vila, for their eighth conference over the Vanuatu Police Women Advisory Network. Topics debated during the conference covered issues including communication and leadership. Participants heard frrom various speakers that women police officers have important roles to play in making change at the place or work. At the end the conference has to elect a president of the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Women Advisory Network. An organisation that Vanuatu will host its conference next year 2013.

New Caledonia government faces no confidence motion THE Caledonia Together Party has lodged a motion of no-confidence in the first such move since the 1998 Noumea Accord set up a collegial government for the French territory. Its leader, Philippe Gomes, says the coalition government has accomplished nothing. Mr Gomes has taken the unusual decision against the coalition led by Harold Martin despite having only a small minority of Congress members behind him. He has accused the coalition of failing to respect the system of collegial government by giving his Caledonia Party only parts of sliced up portfolios. Furthermore, he says, no measure has been taken to fight the high cost of living, fiscal reforms have been buried and education issues are at a standstill.” Last year, Caledonia Together brought down the administration three times within a month until Paris urgently changed the electoral law to stop the serial resignations by giving any new government an 18-month grace period.

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News & Views VINEDU has heard that two former government ministers of Vanuatu are likely to face criminal charges. One may face sexual violence and the other one is likely to face homicide charges. Vinedu has heard that the police are investigating the sexual offence case but the homicide case is now completed. Vinedu has heard that the only difficulty with the homicide case is the witness. The eye witness who is a man from Erakor but has French nationality is based in New Caledonia. He is the only eye witness and negotiations with New Caledonia are under way for him to come over to give evidence.

solve the problem, in order to have a good time in Aussie and forgetem ol elekta blong hem afta we hemi lusum mosen agensem gavman.

vinedu VINEDU has heard that an MP has no problem to get an Australian visa. He went to the airport, but had problem with his visa. An eye witness said that the problem with his visa was solved through a mobile phone call. The easiest way to

VINEDU has heard that the audit of Vanuatu Kaltsorol Senta is now completed and ready to be published. The private accountant company has carried out the audit and Vinedu has heard that the audit covers nine years that VKS has never been audited. The report seems very interesting. VINEDU has heard that MPs are already solem daon sped for the vacant ministerial portfolio of public utilities. Vinedu has heard that some MPs

in the Opposition are forming a bloc to join the government to get the vacant ministry. VINEDU has heard that there is a new criteria to become ombudsman. To get one of the top country’s constitutional post. the candidate must be a former head of state. Hard position to get??? VINEDU has heard that VBTC has put out new rules for its reporters. For only 100 metres of distance, you have to provide transport for the journos and the cameraman. The other rule is for the interviewees to wait for the VBTC news staff.

Artists prepare for MSG 25th anniversary 2013

Artists taking part in the ‘art in residence’ project at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre work on carvings which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the MSG. RENOWNED carvers from the MSG member countries of Kanaky-New Caledonia, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are currently attending a two-week ‘art in residence’ at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre in Port Vila. This is part of preparations for the official launching ceremony of the Melanesian Spearhead Group 25th anniversary in early 2013. Jean Pierre Nirua, the officer in charge at the MSG Secretariat in Port Vila confirmed that the special event is being hosted by the Vanuatu Cultural Centre. He said the ‘artists in residence’ week is an initiative of the MSG Secretariat to bring together carvers from Vanuatu and other

countries of Melanesia to interact and exchange further their art and techniques in carving and work together in preparing for the coming special anniversary of the MSG to be held in Port Vila, Vanuatu. He said carvers such as Jean Philippe Tjibaou, Joseph Sihaze and Edmond Hace representing Kanaky were able to share their knowledge and techniques in woodcarvings with other colleague carvers like Norman Haikiu from the Solomons Islands, Paul Ligairi from Fiji and Philemon Jimmy from Vanuatu. Mr Nirua said that a Papua New Guinea carver will join the residence next week. He said the artists are carving three metretall sculptures that will represent the five

Melanesian countries. The sculptures, once completed, will be erected at the MSG Secretariat Headquarters in Port Vila and will be officially unveiled at the launching of the 25th anniversary of the Melanesian Spearhead Group in Port Vila.

The MSG ‘arts in residence’ week initiative is an implementation of the Memorandum of Agreement on Cultural Cooperation within MSG signed by MSG Ministers of Culture last July during the Pacific Arts Festival in Honiara.

‘Moral obligation’ towards global peace and security VANUATU’S foreign policy must promote the rights of global citizens to international peace and security, says the Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade.

“Vanuatu’s participation at this meeting for the first time stems from its fundamental value for peace and security for all citizens,’’ he said.

The Hon Alfred Carlot made this statement during the fourth meeting of the Friends of the Syrian people held in Marrakech, Morocco on December 12, in an attempt to find ways to address the plight of the people of Syria.

“It is also an indication to the international community that as a Small Island State, we are willing to unite with the international community to voice our concerns against unwarranted violence and disproportionate use of force by governments, including the threat of the potential deployment for the use of chemical and biological weapons by any regime against its very own people who are seeking better standards of life through effective government.

Mr Carlot delivered the only statement from the Pacific region raising concerns over the plight of the Syrian people who for the past 21 months of civil unrest have had to endure the most debilitating level of violence as the war between Government forces and opposition intensifies. Page 6

“Vanuatu and other Small Island States must now rise to defend the rights of all

global citizens suffering from government betrayal, persecution, injustice and disrespect. It is our moral responsibility to ensure that all our diplomatic efforts enhance the prospects to put an end to casualties and civilian suffering in Syria. The dream of the Syrian people for a lasting peace in a democratic and flourishing state must be realised. “While we note the difficulties of attaining consensus at the UN Security Council, Vanuatu believes that our respective bilateral interests should not interfere with the demands for the Syrian people to establish their own democratic Government in the future. “There is a fear that diverse political

interests by different members of the international community may weaken the opportunities to seek immediate solutions and results in more suffering. “Vanuatu believes that sanctions against the Assad regime may be necessary, only if they do not make the lives of the ordinary citizens of Syria more difficult than they should be. We must also be careful that diplomatic approaches we take do not undermine the national independence and sovereignty through excessive foreign intervention in Syria.” Mr Carlot expressed Vanuatu’s solidarity with the Syrian people, many of whom now are living underground, under buildings and away from their homes.

The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

THE ridiculous imbalance involving the Melanesian Spearhead Group’s (MSG) free trade agreement had already raised the ire of WW in a column a few weeks ago. But to now learn that the omnipotent Coca Cola is duty free into this country because it is bottled/canned in Fiji is just rubbing salt into the wounds. Local soft drinks haven’t really a chance with odds stacked against them like that. WW also feels that local stores should push the local product more prominently. WW feels that Vanuatu Beverage should be strongly supported in all quarters, but some digging discovered that the main reason their Splashe line of soft drinks is that there 20-year-old bottling machine, which was leaking like a sieve, finally gave up the ghost.

A STAUNCH reader has recounted to WW an unpleasant and largely avoidable incident with the Westpac Bank this week. Our reader went to the bank at 8.30am one day earlier this week and used the ATM to withdraw cash. In every ATM users’ nightmare, the machine swallowed his card. Panicking and imagining his card was being disabled, leading to a festive season potentially devoid of funds, our reader looked around for a solution. A Westpac security person on hand suggested he go inside the unopened bank to seek assistance. He did so and was harangued by a management person, saying he should not be in the bank before opening time. Our reader admitted he lost it at this point and became abusive.



was taken outside the bank and spoken to by a senior officer before being reunited with his card. Our reader is not so much concerned about the machinations of a card devouring machine as to the human response and attitude towards customers, which he felt was sub standard. Following hot on the heels of our front page story last edition about ANZ’s dismissive treatment of Vanwods women recently, WW believes our major banks need to go back to basics in regards to customer relations and remember the simple mantra that the customer is always right.

WW has been really critical of the massive tree felling on the round island road for the UNELCO power line extension, feeling a lot of it is unnecessary and has still not had a satisfactory answer as to why the power is not being put underground the entire way. But some friends have pointed out that there are two positives to the significant felling – it has made the road much safer, with greater vision on many of the bends and corners, and in some places has really enhanced the views of Havannah Harbour. Fair call.

He was told to return after 9am and when he did so, he joined a throng of fellow card swallowing sufferers. On this return visit, he

Opinion DON and Donna at the War Horse Saloon continue to impress WW – this time with their amazingly generous Xmas spirit evident with their latest deals. Their Yuletide special is available when you dine at the War Horse. If you order a barbeque platter for two you get to take home, free, a 24 bottle carton of one of their beers. (The beer cannot be consumed on the premises). And if you order a Mexican War Horse plate, then all your draft beer is on them for the night (the free beer is only for the one person consuming the combination plate). A mighty generous deal. WW feels that a range of their micro brewery beers now being available at Libation shows that class will out and it means the Xmas shopping for your holiday liquid requirements can now be pretty much a one stop affair.

WW never ceases to be amazed by how ignorant people can be in a range of circumstances. In this instance, WW is referring to the problems the management of one of the finest resorts in the country are having with day trippers treating their facilities like it was a municipal swimming pool complex. On one occasion a group of Asians used the restaurant briefly then took to the beach. After swimming, the group dripped their way through the five-star bar and restaurant area and disappeared into the toilets. Disturbed guests quickly complained to staff about naked bodies in both toilets. Quite rightly too, as they are not change rooms but toilets, designed to be used by restaurant and bar patrons. On another occasion a group of Aussie males also briefly used the restaurant before heading for the beach and engaging in a vigorous game of rugby

with a proper football. Resident guests at top class resorts are paying big bucks per night for the ambience, quality and peace that they crave. The last thing they want is to be confronted by dripping naked bodies or boorish yobbos playing footy and hogging the beach. And the management are forced into a situation where they have to refuse people admittance and service. It could all be avoided if people just knew how to behave correctly.

WW was sad to hear that the Indian@ Seaside is closing its doors. WW and ‘she who must be obeyed’ were big fans of the restaurant, its cuisine and style. Sadly it is apparent that Port Vila is not yet ready for what Wasim and Neelu were valiantly delivering. WW wishes them well on their return to NZ and urges anyone who has not tried their Indian cuisine to do so before February. And furthermore, to do so without the peasant’s approach to dining - placing price before all else. Those who let the palate rule will be pleasantly satisfied. And finally as this is the last edition of The Independent for 2012, we would like to wish all our readers and advertisers a very merry Christmas and a happy and exciting New Year. We pray it is a safe and joyous holiday period and we look forward to informing and entertaining you again in 2013 from our first exciting edition on January 12.

AND that’s Wilson’s Word for 2012.

Economic growth, yet a cash flow problem... by Evelyne Toa FOR two years in a row, Vanuatu has had difficulty with cash flow. The country at least had proper use of its budgeted money, as required in 2010 and previous years, but was not able to do that in 2011 and it was even worse in 2012. Now the outlook for 2013 appears much bleaker than the two previous years. What has gone wrong to this beautiful friendliest place on earth that had a real opportunity to do better economically, and has more money given by outside countries per person than most other developing countries? In 2011 only half of the money expected by departments was released for them to carry out the activities expected in that year. Most of the developmental activities that were carried out, at least in the past two years, were done so with aid money and it has conditions that both the government and aid donors signed up to. If this was not the case only God knows what could have happened to the money. The services to the rural areas are worse than ever before and yet ministers and their cabinet members travel more to their islands and provinces than before. The misuse of government vehicles has escalated to the extent that there is no shame any more in misusing these. Ministers take vehicles to their own islands or other islands, breaking normal procedures that have to be followed. G trucks are used to take passengers ‘for acrobatic sessions’ at the expense of the people and even family members and some wives of ministers or government officials drive some of these vehicles. Political members of parties are seen driving G trucks when they do not occupy any positions in the government.

Behind the news The country has seen in the past few years parliamentarians continuing to increase their pay cheques and benefits, while the people that voted to put them there are eating the crumbs that fall from the table. Ministers make decisions that commit the government to spend more money on issues that do not necessarily progress the country. Some make stupid decisions, as well as some civil servants, that led to the government spending the scarce money it has and yet these individuals are allowed to occupy their positions to bring the government to its knees. Of course these people will be allowed to stay on without being disciplined all in the name of stability. You can do whatever you want to except cause instability. This is madness, because keeping the government together and allowing people to rid the country of its resources for no development to the country is suicide. The country has now got its Director Generals on contracts, so how about putting the ministers and MPs on contracts and sign up to appropriate behavior contracts that they will automatically lose any positions they occupy if these are violated. It seems that what is available now is not working. They occupy the highest positions and the responsibility should be higher, as well as the accountability. It is clear that the accountability part has gone missing from the equation and unless this is recognised, the country will continue to dive to the lowest pit. Now a new ministry is formed, and of

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

course it will incur more expenses. Some ministries have too many political advisors doing nothing much except collecting money every two weeks and, of course, contributing to misuse of government property such as vehicles. All of these I am sure are part of the stability argument, even though it’s costing the country a lot for gaining nothing much in return and putting this country in a dire economical pit. Why can’t the government wake up and do something substantial in ensuring that the cash flow is back to normal? Doing everything to keep the government intact at the expense of bankruptcy is futile. It is truly shameful for the government to continue to request outsiders to bail us out and continue to allow attitudes and practices that channel the money away from needed development is absurd. Nauru is recovering from its economical disaster by taking on very stringent measures. The leaders scarified their salaries and measures were put in place to ensure that there is economic recovery. They resorted back to a disciplined way of life. Can our leaders do something similar? Of course not - their pay and benefits can only go up, not down. Vanuatu can do much better, if only there is effective leadership firstly from the highest level. This is the lacking ingredient and if it is not put back in place immediately it will not be enough to save this country. The country is witnessing businesses

growing bigger, shops and buildings rising up and yet the government is facing cash flow difficulties. There are more tourist ships visiting our country and more flights bringing in tourists yet there is no money for the government to spend. It seems that the policies and processes that are in place are OK, but to have negative outputs can only mean our performances are lacking. If the country has dug itself a deep hole economically because of the unwise decisions, how can it get out of it, if all the money it makes is just enough to keep its workforce but none to work with? The leaders got this country into this economic difficulty, and must get it out without further depriving the public. It is common sense that unwise decisions made by the leaders will cause the ordinary person to be worse of but if our leaders are accountable they will sacrifice themselves first for the good of the people. Is this possible here in Vanuatu? Well it looks like donors have lost some confidence in us for up to now none has opted to bail this country out from the VT 700 million shortfall of recent years. If the government does not implement some tough measures of control, this gap can only widen. The irony will continue if we see positive activities as in a building boom and increase of businesses and tourists, and yet the government faces cash flow difficulties. As this is the final edition of ‘Behind the News’ for this year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, faithful readers of this column, a very blessed Christmas and a joyful and prosperous New Year in 2013. Page 7

Nouvelles régionales


Brèves du Pacifique La place de la femme en politique Si les femmes locales ne peuvent pas réussir en politique, il y a toujours des moyens pour franchir le pas et décider à la place des hommes. Il suffit d’être une belle femme, fidèle au foyer conjugal et avoir de bons contacts avec des hommes politiques. C’est avec ces qualités qu’une femme a réussi à obtenir la faveur de son époux de député après que celui-ci ait décidé de s’écarter de la coalition gouvernementale pour des raisons liées à des intérêts personnels. Il avait passé quelques jours seulement dans l’opposition, sans avoir manifesté son soutien à Natapei au Parlement, puisque quelques heures seulement avant la session parlementaire, il a réaffirmé son soutien à Kilman. Le retour du député dans les rangs de la coalition aurait été facilité par son épouse et on parle d’une coquette somme d’argent qui lui aurait été remise pour pouvoir réussir sa mission. Le député en question ne voulait plus retourner où il venait de quitter et refusait tout contact avec les partenaires de la coalition jusqu’au jour où on a chargé son épouse de négocier à leur place. Ce serait ainsi que le député a repris sa place dans les rangs de la coalition.

D’autres prêts à suivre la queue Alors que certains députés alliés attendent toujours d’être servis par la coalition gouvernementale, il a été signalé que deux autres députés de l’opposition seraient prêts à se mettre dans la queue en projetant de former un petit bloc avec un nouveau venu, directement devenu titulaire d’un portefeuille ministériel. Si l’histoire est vraie, peut-être qu’ils sont dans le même besoin que les autres qui sont déjà dans la coalition : mieux manger. Ils sont peut-être tentés par leurs militants qui veulent occuper chacun un poste politique pour pouvoir jouir de quelques privilèges, dont le plus facile est d’abuser des voitures de l’État. Ce sont toujours les mêmes intérêts qui sont en jeu et cela laisse à penser que l’espoir d’apporter un vrai changement à la société dans les quatre années de mandat est très mince. Chez le nouveau titulaire de portefeuille ministériel, on signale qu’une ancienne ministre d’État est au plus haut poste politique et les militants derrière. Cette ancienne ministre s’était présentée à Port-Vila dernièrement et n’a pas remporté plus de cent voix.

Australie: réduction de l’aide à l’étranger Le gouvernement fédéral australien s’apprête à détourner des centaines de millions de dollars de ses programmes d’aide à l’étranger. L’objectif est de financer les coûts associés à l’accueil et au traitement des dossiers des demandeurs d’asile. Bob Carr, le ministre des Affaires étrangères, a précisé que 375 millions de dollars du budget de l’aide à l’étranger serviront à payer l’hébergement, la nourriture et autres coûts relatifs aux demandeurs d’asile. Et M. Carr de préciser que l’argent de l’aide du gouvernement australien est actuellement utilisé dans des camps de réfugiés en Afrique et qu’il ne voyait pas pourquoi cette aide ne pourrait pas être utilisée “dans les camps de détention des demandeurs d’asile en Australie”. Évaluation préliminaire des dégâts au Samoa Une semaine après la catastrophe, la facture du cyclone Evan est estimée à 300 millions de dollars.L’État d’urgence a maintenant remplacé l’état de catastrophe nationale qui avait été déclaré quand le cyclone s’est abattu le 13 décembre sur la capitale Apia et sur l’île principale d’Upolu. L’électricité a maintenant été restaurée dans la zone commerciale de la capitale. Une très bonne chose pour Taulealeausumai Laavasa Malua, le ministre des Ressources naturelles et de l’Environnement : « C’est crucial d’avoir l’électricité dans le quartier des affaires de la ville d’Apia car c’est là que se trouvent tous les bâtiments administratifs et c’est là que se trouvent aussi toutes les missions diplomatiques. Les liaisons entre le Samoa et d’autres pays de la région sont donc possibles. Il y a aussi la plupart des grossistes et les gens peuvent acheter ce qui leur manque et on peut donc répondre aux besoins du public».L’électricité n’a pas encore été entièrement rétablie dans d’autres secteurs de l’île d’Upolu et sur l’île de Savai’i. Une première évaluation a été conduite et le Premier ministre a annoncé une facture de 300 millions de dollars. C’est-à-dire, une facture beaucoup plus élevée que celle laissée par le terrible tsunami de 2009.

Le programme anti-corruption déplaît un ministre Des menaces de mort auraient été entendues au téléphone par un animateur d’un programme radiodiffusé. Celui-ci aurait reconnu la voix d’un ministre d’État. Le programme intéresserait un grand public qui échange chaque jour des idées sur la lutte contre la corruption. À la fin du programme, l’animateur aurait reçu un appel et en répondant, il a entendu dire : “Tu ne sais qu’en parlant à ton micro, tu es en train de parler au bout du fusil”. Celui-ci qui aurait été au bout du fil serait comme l’acteur principal dans la bande dessinée télévisée “Shrek” mais version noire.

Les efforts de reconstruction se mettent en place au Samoa. [Seti Afoa] (Credit: Audience Submitted)

La pornographie “Made in Aelan” On peut voir des images pornographiques prises en ville mais c’est la première fois sur l’île la plus réputée du sud de l’archipel qu’elles débarquent sur plusieurs téléphones portables. Elles auraient été certainement prises au téléphone portable par un individu qui, avec ses copains, auraient monté un plan pour jouir de cette aventure et pour voir les images produites sur place sans passer par l’internet. Alors que ces images sont leur propriété privée, le public en a actuellement libre accès. Il s’agit d’un groupe de jeunes (ou peut-être que certains sont déjà mariés) aligné sous un grand arbre, on dirait quelque part en pleine brousse. On entend crier en langage du centre-brousse “Sois prêt pour ton tour !” et on voit celui qui était devant se préparer et on peut le voir en érection alors qu’au tronc de l’arbre agit un autre homme sur une jeune fille qui devait être entre 16 et 18 ans. La mère de celle-ci serait du coin mais son père serait d’un autre village. Elle aurait été abordée par ce groupe pour s’exhiber devant la caméra d’un téléphone portable et à la fin de la séance, on peut les entendre crier comme s’ils venaient d’accomplir une mission importante.

Un ministère gouvernemental à Santo Un membre de l’exécutif national envisagerait d’implanter un ministère à Luganville avec toute l’équipe administrative et politique et ne laisser que le directeur général à Port-Vila. Ce projet ferait partie des initiatives de la nouvelle coalition liées à la réduction des efforts pour mettre fin aux dépenses publiques inutiles et excessives. Mestem !

Et encore des abus de pouvoir À peine, la nouvelle coalition gouvernementale formée, un conseiller politique muté au bureau du Premier ministre a répondu aux accusations dans un réseau social que le nouveau gouvernement place parmi ses priorités tous les problèmes qui, aux yeux du public, gênent l’État, notamment l’usage abusif des voitures immatriculées G. Ces priorités seraient toujours en étude puisqu’en ville, un ancien ministre est toujours au volant d’une voiture de luxe du gouvernement et un nouveau député a été repéré au volant d’une autre. Plus les jours passent, plus de députés se mettent à jouir inutilement des privilèges alors que la situation financière de l’État est très critique. Ce sont des dépenses supplémentaires qui attendent de grosses sommes alors que des problèmes sociaux s’accumulent de jours en jours et que l’État n’a pas les moyens financiers pour les résoudre. Page 8

Des Fidjiens sous surveillance policière 80 personnes selon le blog anti-gouvernemental Coup Four Point Five. Des dirigeants de partis politiques, des syndicalistes, des personnalités locales et des responsables d’organisations non-gouvernementales seraient au nombre de ces citoyens fidjiens surveillés par les Services de renseignements des forces de police. Shamima Ali, la fondatrice et directrice du Centre de crise pour femmes, est inscrite sur cette liste. Cette militante loin d’avoir la langue dans sa poche a toujours critiqué l’administration militaire fidjienne depuis le coup d’État de 2006, notamment le système de surveillance voire de harcèlement des autorités. Le gouvernement fidjien a refusé toute interview, mais Shamima Ali estime que le document publié par Coup Four Point Five n’est pas un faux : “Il semble authentique et plusieurs d’entre nous savons que nous sommes sous surveillance et à l’intérieur même des forces de sécurité, ils nous disent que nous sommes sous surveillance. Je dirais donc que le document est authentique». Disons que le document est authentique. Est-ce que Shamima Ali est surprise par l’ampleur du dispositif de surveillance ? «Absolument. Je suis surprise par le large éventail des gens surveillés et parmi eux il y a un faible pourcentage de personnes qui ont commis des délits ou qui ont été poursuivies en justice par le régime. Mais tout le reste regroupe des personnes honnêtes qui continuent leur vie et qui poussent une colère de temps à autre», répond-elle. Autre aspect à présent : la décision de ce blog anti-gouvernemental, Coup Four Point Five, de publier un présumé rapport des services de renseignements des forces de police est-elle judicieuse? Un rapport qui contient des informations très personnelles et privées des personnes qui sont sur la liste. «Je ne le pense pas. Et cela a attiré beaucoup de personnes qui voulaient lire les infos sur ce blog étant donné qu’il y a tellement de censure ici. Tellement qu’ils ont conclu que tout ce que dit le blog est vrai. Mais publier des informations personnelles est totalement inapproprié”, souligne Ali. Shamima Ali a maintenant l’intention de soulever cette question de surveillance avec le Garde des sceaux et le chef des forces de police. Une chose est certaine, Shamima Ali est aussi en colère contre Coup Four Point Five qui aurait dû faire preuve de retenue et ne pas publier l’intégralité du document. - P.R

L’Indépendant - Samedi le 22 Decembre, 2012

Un ancien président nommé médiateur de la République Le président de la République, Iolu Abbil, a nommé mardi son prédécesseur direct, Kalkot Mataskelekele, avocat de formation, au poste à hauts risque de médiateur de la République. Kalkot Mataskelekele, qui fut longtemps ministre au sein de gouvernement successifs postindépendance, dirigés par le pasteur anglican Walter Lini à partir de 1980, est aussi l’un des membres fondateurs du parti historique de l’archipel, le Vanua Aku Pati. Juriste de formation, il a été président de la République de 2004 à 2009. Le poste de médiateur avait été laissé vacant après le décès de Pasa Tosusu, originaire de l’île d’Espiritu Santo (Nord) et mort le 18 juin 2012 à son domicile à l’âge de 54 ans. Pasa Tosusu dans de récents rapports en avril 2012, avait notamment dénoncé l’octroi abusif de passeports et de nationalité à des citoyens étrangers, au mépris des conditions stipulées dans la Constitution de l’archipel (qui prévoit que la nationalité ne peut être obtenue qu’après dix années ininterrompues de résidence). Le médiateur de l’époque avait alors recommandé à la fois des amendements afin de consolider la législation relative à la citoyenneté et des sanctions (allant jusqu’au limogeage) à l’encontre de plusieurs membres de la Commission de la Citoyenneté, chargée d’examiner les demandes et de statuer. M. Tosusu, dans son rapport publié mi-avril 2012, citait le cas d’un ressortissant de Lettonie originaire du Kazakhstan, Juris Gulbis «Saken», qui avait obtenu la citoyenneté vanuataise en faisant valoir le fait qu’il avait été «adopté coutumièrement» par le mouvement traditionaliste «Nagriamel» (basé sur l’île de Santo et également constitué en parti politique représenté au Parlement).

Le grand chef Tari Buluk de Fanafo (village considéré comme le siège du Nagriamel, fondé à la fin des années 1970 par le charismatique Jimmy Stevens), avait alors vivement démenti cette notion d’adoption, affirmant ne rien connaître de ce letton, qui se prévaut aussi du titre d’ambassadeur d’Abkhazie pour la région Asie-Pacifique. Arrivé au Vanuatu en 2008, il avait obtenu la citoyenneté fin 2010. Début juin 2012, Joe Melsen Arnabat, président de la Commission de la Citoyenneté, était arrêté dans le cadre d’une enquête sur des cas de fraude et de vente de passeports. Le Vanuatu ne reconnaît pas la double citoyenneté. Dans le cadre de la même enquête portant sur l’octroi de la citoyenneté vanuatuane, dans certains cas à des personnes n’étant arrivées que très récemment dans cet État, une dizaine d’autres individus, dont deux Néozélandais et d’autres Chinois, ont aussi été interpellés.Ils doivent depuis répondre de chefs d’accusation allant de faux et usage de faux, de fausses déclarations et de corruption sur des fonctionnaires locaux. Le poste de médiateur du Vanuatu, prévu dans la Constitution depuis l’indépendance de l’archipel, en 1980, a été finalement pourvu au milieu des années 1990. Nommée par un gouvernement alors dirigé par le francophone Maxime Carlot, ce fut une femme qui inaugura la fonction, Marie-Noëlle Ferrieux-Patterson, française naturalisée. Elle eut alors à cœur de multiplier les enquêtes, autosaisines et rapports concernant les malversations des dirigeants de l’époque, s’attirant l’ire du pouvoir en place. Elle ne fut pas reconduite dans es fonctions et a depuis poursuivi son combat en prenant la tête de la branche locale de l’ONG Transparency International, pour promouvoir la bonne gouvernance. pad

Starfish Christmas Menu This menu will be served on Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day for both Lunch & Dinner VT5000 per head On Arrival Glass of Bubbles, wine, beer or fruit punch Starter A selection of canapés Plated Main Course - your choice of 2 meats Glazed leg of Ham Vanuatu finest Roast Rump of Beef Roast Pork and Apple Sauce Pan fried Poulet Basted Seasoned Turkey Served with traditional Christmas vegetables Potatoes in butter and parsley, Green peas, Roasted carrot and Pumpkin Or Crisp Fresh Salad & Condiments Dessert Your choice from the dessert board Passion Fruit Pavola with cream Wicked Chocolate Cake with Cream Tropical Fruits with Ice cream or Cream

PO Box 1424 Tel: +678 24661, Fax: +678 23552 Champagne Estate, Port Vila The Independent/L’indépendant - Samedi le 22 Decembre, 2012

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Des problèmes qui confirment l’incapacité policière Des actes de violence qui résultent de conflits ethniques et l’échec des autorités à les éradiquer prouvent que la police nationale est loin de disposer de la capacité humaine et technique qui soit requise.

Ce sont des agitations qui datent depuis des années et qui méritent réflexion aux côtés des hommes de décision afin d’assurer la paix et la sécurité de la ville de Port-Vila, chef-lieu du Vanuatu, où résident plus de quatre milles personnes toutes origines et coutumes confondues, par la mise en place d’une politique d’intégration. L’intervention à temps avant l’ampleur de la situation d’un conflit reste le grand problème de la police nationale vu ses effectifs par rapport à la population que la capitale compte en nombre. Il s’agit des problèmes sur des bases différentes. En mai 2008, alors que les villages d’Érakor, Pango, Ifira et Mélé protestaient contre la fermeture du siège de la société chargée des terres de Port-Vila, les effectifs que comptait alors la police nationale étaient loin d’assurer la sécurité de la ville quand cette manifestation a tourné en émeute en affectant la majorité des maisons commerciales, toutes propriétés d’investisseurs étrangers. En janvier 1998, quand la tension chez les membres de la Caisse nationale de prévoyange (CNP) a laissé une partie des sociétés enregistrées localement en ruine, la capacité humaine, technique et le matériel de la police nationale n’étaient pas du tout compatibles avec la gravité de la situation. Le calme était revenu grâce aux efforts des chefs représentant les îles à Port-Vila. En mars 2007, quand le conflit entre une partie de la communauté de Tanna et la communauté d’Ambrym a explosé par des incendies et des massacres chez les Ambrymiens, la police nationale n’avait pas suffisamment de moyens pour intervenir à temps afin de ne pas voir la situation empirer. Le calme était revenu seul sans l’intervention des autorités compétentes et la police n’était apparue que tard en

pas de suite au niveau de la justice si aucune enquête n’est ouverte pour tenter d’identifier les auteurs de l’incendie à Freshwota et Lénakel. À la fin de la semaine dernière, c’est le même cas pour la destruction par des Tannéens des biens à Saratokora d’un homme âgé après que celui-ci ait été percuté par un bus; un accident qui lui a coûté la vie quatre jours après les faits. Il s’agit là encore de l’échec de la police incapable d’intervenir à temps. Un appel avait été donné à la police signalant l’ampleur du conflit mais aucun effort n’a été fait pour déployer des hommes de l’ordre sur place. Samedi, après que les supposés destructeurs des biens privés aient quitté les lieux, la police est arrivée et a interrogé des personnes du côté de la partie civile au lieu de se rendre chez eux. La police n’a pas été vaincue dans cette tentative d’organiser une manifestation devant la CNP : les Tannéens n’étaient pas nombreux. imposant un état d’urgence. Les actes de émeute, les membres de la CNP s’étaient violence qui avaient été perpétrés ce jour- vus, quan- à eux, dans l’obligation d’obéir là restent toujours dans la mémoire de ceux aux ordres des chefs regroupés dans le qui avaient vu les troubles de leurs propres conseil des chefs de Port-Vila et avaient yeux mais semblent être une affaire compris que cette manifestation avait un classée pour les autorités. Aucune suite fond plutôt politique que social concernant n’a été entreprise pour aider à arrêter les la totalité des membres de la caisse et qu’il suspects soupçonnés d’avoir mis le feu aux fallait la laisser tomber. maisons de la commaunauté de Sessivi et de la communauté d’Ambrym sur le terrain Très récemment, alors que deux baptisé Fatima à Anabrou. communautés de Tanna à Port-Vila se déchiraient à cause de l’agression d’un Cette année, quand des membres jeune homme originaire du sud de l’île à commençaient à s’entasser devant le Freshwota, la police n’a pas fait non plus siège de la CNP réclamant leur argent et un effort pour intervenir à temps avant que le licenciement de la directrice, accusée le problème ne se propage dans l’île où des d’avoir effectué des recrutements sur fond maisons ont été incendiées à Lénakel. La de népotisme, la police a fini par disperser police est intervenue après que le calme la petite foule. Heureusement. Alors que soit presque revenu à Tanna avec l’aide des les autorités pensaient qu’elles avaient chefs représentant les deux communautés fait échouer cette tentative de nouvelle En termes judiciaires, le problème n’aura

Le Vanuatu, refuge potentiel pour anciens criminels de guerre, selon Amnesty International L’organisation non gouvernementale de défense des droits humains, Amnesty International, estime, dans un rapport, que l’archipel du Vanuatu est un refuge potentiel pour anciens criminels de guerre désireux de se faire oublier. Dans un rapport publié mardi 18 décembre 2012, et qui concerne aussi deux autres pays (Sierra Leone et Ghana), l’ONG consacre un chapitre entier à cet archipel du Pacifique Sud, en évoquant notamment les «failles» de l’arsenal législatif, et en premier lieu l’absence de toute législation concernant ce genre de criminels étrangers, comme ceux s’étant rendus coupables de

crimes contre l’humanité, de crimes de guerre, ou encore de génocides.

de Rome instituant à la Cour Pénale Internationale.

«Aucun de ces trois pays ne possède de législation permettant aux autorités de se prévaloir des conventions et de la justice internationales pour enquêter et poursuivre des personnes soupçonnées d’avoir commis des crimes au regard du droit international (…) Ces carences doivent être urgemment comblées», estime Amnesty, qui ne cite toutefois pas de cas connu de ce type dans l’archipel.

«Mais il est préoccupant que ce pays n’ait pas encore donné au Statut de Rome ses pleins effets au plan de la législation nationale, y compris en reconnaissant les notions universelles de génocide, de crimes contre l’humanité et de crime de guerre. La législation nationale du Vanuatu reconnait actuellement le caractère universel des juridictions concernant les crimes de guerre, dans des circonstances limitées et une forme probablement restreinte de la notion de crime contre l’humanité », déplore Amnesty. - pad

L’ONG reconnait toutefois et salue en tant qu’ «étape positive» la ratification par le Vanuatu, le 2 décembre 2011, du Statut

Vol par effraction à l’immigration La porte du bureau de l'immigration en ville était restée ouverte lundi matin, alors que les employés arrivaient au travail, ce qui signalait que quelque chose d'étrange venait de s'y produire. En effet, durant la fin de la semaine, soit dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi, un ou des individus y sont entrés par effraction et auraient ciblé le lieu ou était en permanence l'employé chargé de la comptabilité, puisque qu'ils n'ont pas laissé de trace dans les autres coins du bureau de l'immigration. A été signalé par les employés, la disparition d'une somme d'argent qui se trouvait dans la caisse, soient les dernières recettes de la fin de la semaine. La police a ouvert une enquête pour tenter de mettre la main sur les auteurs de ce vol. Celui-ci a eu lieu à quatre-vingt mètres du commissariat central de la police !!! Page 10

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Il s’avère qu’il y a une distinction quand il s’agit d’intervenir. Si les auteurs des actes de violence sont d’une autre île que Tanna, la police n’hésite pas à agir à temps mais quand il s’agit d’un problème où des Tannéens sont massivement impliqués, aucune intervention policière n’est entreprise à temps ou durant des agitations. Pour les derniers actes de violence, la police a peur d’assumer la suite en interpellant les présumés auteurs de la destruction des biens à Agathis de peur de créer d’autres problèmes. La police a même signalé avoir reçu des menaces comme quoi le problème s’aggraverait si elle procédait aux interpellations. Selon un officier de grade, de côté des présumés auteurs de cette destruction il a été signalé à la police que des maisons seraient incendiées dans la capitale si la police continue suivant la loi la suite de cette affaire. Suite à ces derniers incidents et vu le taux trop élevé des actes de violence, un homme originaire de Tongoa signale que cette situation est très préoccupante et que les autorités compétentes devraient trouver “des moyens propres pour satisfaire toute la communauté de Port-Vila qui réclame la sécurité, la paix et l’unité”. “Je fais partie de ceux qui tentaient de rassembler la foule devant le siège de la CNP cette année. J’ai vu une voiture de la police passer, peut-être pour voir de quelle île exactement étaient les gens présents. Deux autres voitures sont arrivées par la suite et des policiers en sont descendus et nous ont chassé des lieux. L’un d’entre eux a même déchiré une banderole que tenait l’un de nous. Je suis sûr que si les Tannéens étaient nombreux devant le siège de la CNP ce matin-là, ce policier n’agirait pas de la sorte”, s’inquiète ce Tongoalais sous le couvert de l’anonymat. Dans les rues de Port-Vila, la majorité des personnes qui ont donné cette semaine leur point de vue sur l’incapacité policière pour faire face à des épreuves de haut niveau ont accusé le gouvernement d’ignorance à l’égard des problèmes sociaux qui affectent la ville de Port-Vila depuis presque trois décennies. Beaucoup estiment qu’il est temps de mettre en place de nouvelles directives politiques qui puissent se mettre en parallèle avec la croissance démographique et les problèmes sociaux qui affectent la société. GM

The Independent/L’indépendant - Samedi 22 Decembre, 2012

Nouvelles régionales

La Noël et toutes ses couleurs À Rome

Noël est une fête chrétienne célébrant chaque année la naissance de Jésus de Nazareth, appelée Nativité, fixée au 25 décembre dans les calendriers grégorien et julien. À l’origine, il existait à cette date des festivités païennes marquant le solstice d’hiver, symbole de la renaissance du soleil. Au XXIe siècle, Noël revêt un aspect largement commercial et profane et dans certains pays, ce jour est férié. Noël devient une fête familiale caractérisée par un regroupement des cellules familiales autour d’un repas et d’un échange de cadeaux. Le mot «Noël» (dont la première attestation écrite date de 1112) serait issu par évolution phonétique (nael) et modification vocalique du latin natalis («relatif à la naissance, natal»). Le o, remplaçant le a de l’ancien français nael, vient de la dissimilation des deux a de natalis tandis que le tréma (1718) note la diérèse. «Noël» apparaît ainsi associé à la «naissance», comme semblent en témoigner certaines de ses traductions en diverses langues. Les Églises célèbrent Noël le 25 décembre, qui est une date différente selon le calendrier qu’elles utilisent. Les Églises orthodoxes célèbrent cette fête le 25 décembre de leur ancien calendrier liturgique, le calendrier julien (ce qui correspond au 7 janvier grégorien et civil). L’Église catholique romaine et les Églises protestantes célèbrent Noël le 25 décembre du calendrier grégorien et civil. Le jour de la sainte Emmanuelle a été fixé tardivement dans l’empire romain d’Occident, vers le milieu du IVème siècle. C’est à partir du IIIème siècle que certaines communautés chrétiennes cherchent à situer dans l’année la date de naissance de Jésus. Avant de la placer à la date d’une célébration solaire liée au solstice d’hiver, de nombreuses dates furent proposées : 6 janvier (correspondant à l’Épiphanie, date choisie par les Basilidiens vers la fin du IIème siècle et reprise par les communautés chrétiennes d’Orient), 28 mars (mention dans De Pascha Computus, un calendrier des fêtes datant de 243), 18 novembre (date proposée par Clément d’Alexandrie... Le 25 décembre marquait depuis Aurélien (v.270) l’anniversaire du Sol Invictus. Pour des raisons symboliques, et dans un souci de christianiser les anciennes fêtes païennes, cette date fut progressivement étendue à tout l’Occident latin. Les Églises orthodoxes, qui ont conservé le calendrier julien, célèbrent Noël le 25 décembre de ce calendrier, ce qui correspond au 7 janvier du calendrier grégorien et au solstice d’hiver du calendrier égyptien. Seule L’Église apostolique arménienne a conservé la date précise du 6 janvier comme jour de la fête de Noël.

Constituant avec Pâques une des grandes fêtes chrétiennes, Noël s’est progressivement chargé de traditions locales, mélanges d’innovations et de maintien de folklore ancien, au point de présenter l’aspect d’une fête profane populaire possédant de nombreuses variantes, dans le temps comme dans l’espace. L’association de la mémoire d’une naissance a facilité la place centrale prise par la famille dans le sens et le déroulement de cette fête. L’Église catholique romaine insiste par exemple sur cet aspect depuis l’instauration en 1893 de la fête de la «Sainte Famille», le dimanche suivant le 25 décembre. Les cadeaux, sous forme d’étrennes, semblent être une réminiscence des cadeaux effectués lors des fêtes romaines des Saturnales, en décembre (strenae). Le don est présent dans de nombreuses traditions, comme celle de servir un repas au premier pauvre croisé au jour de Noël, ou dans l’exceptionnelle générosité des aumônes accordées aux mendiants à la sortie de l’office célébré durant la nuit de Noël. «La période de Noël, qui est très

La crèche chargée cérémoniellement, possède une certaine intensité rituelle. Même si nous vivons fondamentalement dans une société marchande, il y a dans cet échange de cadeaux quelque chose qui est de l’ordre du don et qui est universel dans son principe : ils créent, maintiennent et consolident des liens; ils constituent en quelque sorte une matrice du social». La popularité de cette fête a fait que Noël est devenu un patronyme et un prénom. Aucun texte chrétien ne précise quel jour dans l’année est né Jésus-Christ. Noël ne fait pas partie des fêtes suivies par les premiers chrétiens, et ne figure pas dans les listes publiées par Irénée de Lyon et Tertullien. Au IVème siècle, la date du 25 décembre a été choisie comme date pour la fête de Noël, principalement dans le but de la substituer aux fêtes païennes qui étaient d’usage à l’époque, comme la fête de la renaissance du Soleil Invaincu (Sol Invictus), le solstice d’hiver et les Saturnales romaines qui avaient toutes lieu à la période du 25 décembre. Bien avant l’apparition du christianisme, l’époque du solstice d’hiver était déjà une période charnière de l’année, qui regroupait de nombreuses croyances païennes relatives à la fertilité, la maternité, la procréation et l’astronomie. Elle donnait donc lieu à de nombreuses manifestations. Ces traditions antiques ont de nombreux points de similitude avec la fête chrétienne.

Antiquité proche-orientale

Dans le culte mithraïque, la fête la plus importante - le Mithragan - se déroulait chaque année le jour du solstice d’hiver, jour célébrant la naissance de la divinité et la victoire de la lumière sur les ténèbres. Selon une tradition mithraïque née en Asie mineure, Mithra serait né «jaillissant du rocher» (petrogène) ou d’une grotte élément éminemment lié au culte de cette divinité - tandis que des bergers assistent à cette naissance miraculeuse dans un récit qui influencera ceux de la naissance de Jésus pour l’adapter aux thèmes païens. Il est possible qu’une tradition plus ancienne, d’origine mithraïque et mazdéenne, présentant la mère de Mithra - Anahita (ou Anahid) - comme vierge ait également influencé les premiers auteurs chrétiens. Dans les célébrations du culte mithraïque, fortement développé dans l’empire grécoromain aux IIIème et IVème siècles, le 25 décembre correspondait à la célébration du Natalis Invicti, la naissance du soleil invaincu qui reprend ses forces et fait regagner le jour sur la nuit. Dans le Judaïsme, la fête de Hanoucca, qui commémore la réinauguration du Temple de Jérusalem profané par les Grecs anciens, a été fixée au 25 du neuvième mois lunaire, nommé Kislev, (calendrier hébraïque) au voisinage du solstice d’hiver. Le premier Livre des Maccabées insiste sur l’importance de cette date et de cette célébration. Les traditionnelles représentations de la Vierge à l’Enfant puisent quant à elles leurs origines dans les représentations de la déesse égyptienne Isis allaitant Horus enfant.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Samedi le 22 Decembre, 2012

Dans la Rome antique, les citoyens fêtaient les Saturnales : d’abord du 17 au 21 décembre, puis plus tard du 17 au 24 décembre, les hommes et les femmes portaient des guirlandes autour du cou et s’offraient toutes sortes de cadeaux. Les gens sacrifiaient aussi symboliquement un mannequin représentant un jeune homme, pensant ainsi transmettre la vitalité du personnage à la nouvelle année. Il est à noter que la fixation à la date du 25 décembre du solstice d’hiver est due à une erreur commise par l’astronome Sosigène d’Alexandrie, lors de la réforme du calendrier à l’initiative de Jules César en 46 avant Jésus-Christ, qui fixa le début des saisons avec un retard de un ou deux jours par rapport à la réalité. La fête des sigillaires, «ancêtre» de la Saint Sylvestre, concluait les festivités à la fin du mois de décembre. Pendant ce temps de bascule vers l’an neuf, les gens s’offraient des menus-cadeaux de terre cuite, les esclaves devenaient les maîtres et inversement. À partir du règne d’Aurélien (270-275), les Romains fêtent officiellement le Sol Invictus (Soleil invaincu) au moment du solstice d’hiver qui commençait la nouvelle année, annoncée par le rallongement des jours. Ce culte, qui reprend des aspects de la mythologie d’Apollon et du culte de Mithra, s’est répandu aux IVème et IIIème siècles et se concluait par le sacrifice d’un taureau, le Sol Invictus correspondant à la naissance du jeune dieu solaire qui, reprenant les traditions mithraïques, était censé surgir d’un rocher ou d’une grotte sous la forme d’un enfant nouveau-né. Dans les sociétés occidentales, il existe plusieurs symboles et traditions de Noël. L’Avant est la période liturgique qui englobe les quatre dimanches qui précèdent Noël. Traditionnellement, les chrétiens allument une bougie le premier dimanche, puis une de plus chaque dimanche suivant, symboles de la lumière qui va renaitre le soir de Noël. Ces bougies sont souvent réunies sur un même support, le plus courant ayant une forme de couronne sur laquelle se répartissent les bougies. De cette période est née la tradition du calendrier de l’Avent : cela consiste, dans une grande planche en carton prédécoupée, à ouvrir des petites fenêtres, une par jour depuis le décembre jusqu’à Noël (24 jours). Chaque fenêtre contient une phrase de l’Évangile (version chrétienne), ou une petite confiserie (version profane). La messe de minuit, le 24 décembre au soir, célèbre la Nativité de Jésus. Traditionnellement elle commençait à minuit; aujourd’hui elle a lieu de plus en plus souvent en début de soirée. Dans le calendrier liturgique catholique, c’est un cycle de quatre messes qui est prévu pour Noël, les messes de Noël. La messe de minuit est la deuxième.

Crèche de Noël

C’est une mise en scène de la naissance de Jésus telle qu’elle est présentée dans le Nouveau Testmanet : sur une table, ou à même le sol, une étable miniature est bâtie

dans laquelle des personnages (en terre cuite souvent) sont disposés représentant les parents de Jésus et les bergers réunis autour du nouveau-né. La première crèche vivante aurait été réalisée par Françoise d’Assise en 1223 à Greccio, en Italie, c’est-à-dire incarnés par de vraies personnes. Depuis le XVIIIème siècle, la tradition de la crèche s’est perpétuée dans tout le monde catholique. En Provence, des personnages nouveaux ont été ajoutés, les santons qui figurent souvent les métiers traditionnels du XIXe siècle ou les scènes de la vie quotidienne de la région. Les rois mages Gaspard, Melchior et Balthazar, trois érudits de l’époque de Jésus, sont représentés en route vers cette même étable, mais leur arrivée n’est célébrée qu’à l’Épiphanie. Ils symbolisent l’universalité de l’événement qu’est la naissance de Jésus. La soirée du 24 décembre qui, pour les catholiques, est coupée par la messe de minuit, est dans la très grande majorité des cas, passée en famille. Au Japon, les couples fêtent généralement Noël sous la forme d’une soirée romantique au restaurant, ou à la maison en famille pour ceux qui ont de jeunes enfants HYPERLINK “ wiki/Noël” \l “cite_note-17”17. En France, Noël est désormais considérée comme une fête familiale ou commerciale. Le repas de Noël est le repas festif, constitué notamment de la dinde de Noël, de fruits de mer, de foie gras et qui se termine traditionnellement par la bûche de Noël, un dessert en forme de petite bûche; ce dernier est souvent un gâteau roulé recouvert de crème au chocolat, parfois il s’agit d’une glace. Cette bûche rappelle la tradition ancienne où l’on mettait au feu une grosse bûche en début de soirée. Cette bûche était choisie pour sa taille et sa qualité car elle devait brûler pendant toute la veillée.

Père Noël

Chargé d’apporter des cadeaux, il est représenté comme un vieil homme pourvu d’une longue barbe blanche et d’une houppelande rouge. Cette image est accompagnée de tout un folklore : traîneau volant tiré par des rennes, lettre de demande de cadeaux à son intention, son sac rempli de jouets, etc. Personnage d’invention anglo-saxonne et protestante au XIXème siècle, de Charles Dickens notamment avec ses cinq Livres de Noël, dont la publication du premier, Un chant de Noêl (A Christmas Carol, dans sa version originale), remonte à 1843. La première mention du «père Noël» en français est trouvée en 1855sous la plume de George Sand. Une de ses premières représentations date de 1868, dessinée par Thomas Nast pour Harper’s Weekly. À l’origine le personnage est habillé soit en vert soit en rouge, au gré de la fantaisie des illustrateurs. S’il est inspiré du Saint Nicolas chrétien, notamment par ses habits, il peut également être assimilé à Julenisse, un lutin scandinave qui avait la même fonction à la fête de la mi-hiver, jul, en norvégien (ou «Jol» ou «Midtvintersblot» correspond au solstice d’hiver) et aidait aux travaux de la ferme.

Apparence type du Père Noël

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The Independent/L’indÊpendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

The Indyview

Feature by Tony Wilson

Message from Papa Noel for the church leaders of Vanuatu. PN explained that their collective voice had not been heard around the country in recent years, apart from a squeak over the WTO membership.

THIS is my final Indyview for 2012 and the toughest yet to set up. I regularly deal with people around the nation who doubt they are worth being interviewed at all. Getting to see them is usually not the issue, however in this case it took months of work with both TVL and Digicel working diligently as a team to set up a video call with Papa Noel (PN) in his frozen northern climes.

“Their voices need to be heard loud and clear for Vanuatu to find its way again and once more become a contender for the happiest country on earth,’’ he said.

“I have to tell you that your phone mobs went to a lot of trouble to set this up, when I told them it was all for a message for their people and future,” said Papa Noel, just audible above the howling Arctic gale.

“My message this Christmas is for the people of Vanuatu to re-establish their real identity, and that is all about caring for one another, without any expectation of a reward.

“They were a bit concerned about how much this special call was going to cost and how they would split it, but worked it out in the end.

“The worst Western trait that you need to eradicate in Vanuatu is that everything revolves around money and profit – this vicious, mercenary lifestyle will be your undoing if it gains a hold in your beautiful country.

“Cost is an alien concept to me as I’ve never even held a coin, so money is not relevant in my big picture, and I thought an interview with you in your super publication would be a good way to get my message across in the Pacific.’’

“Progress cannot be stopped and the Western ways will continue to creep in and maybe overwhelm some of the Melanesian ways; that is inevitable.

PN said he had paid special attention to the Pacific since late December last year when Samoa and little Tokelau had pulled a swifty, cancelled an entire day off their calendars and made themselves more or less in line, time wise, with OZ and NZ.

“What cannot be allowed is that they smother and strangle the old ways like the ‘mile-a-minute’ vine does to the vegetation in North Efate. “That weed, also known as the devil’s tail, is a classic example of what is wrong in Vanuatu. It does not belong in your country, was introduced by Westerners and is out of control and seemingly unstoppable.’’

“Your part of the Pacific kicks off my presents patrol for the global run at Christmas, and I’ve had to re-jig it a bit to move Samoa around in the order,’’ he said. “With the changed times, the PT (Prancer’s Team) run has changed to fit in the new set up, but Vanuatu remains in the same place and I will always prefer dealing with a natangora roof than some other kinds.’’ PN said as he prepared for next Tuesday he now had some misgivings about gift giving in this country. “From way back into the old Condominium days until recently, my reindeer always pulled harder to arrive in your country because we had this wonderful image of a happy place filled with people truly satisfied with their world, lots of smiling and a great deal of brotherly and sisterly love,’’ he said, his eyes moistening at the memory. “Now the sleigh bells jingle more merrily over other countries and our ride over Efate and the other Vanuatu islands is bumpier than before. “Don’t get this wrong, there are still many deserving people and children in Vanuatu and we still rate it highly on the Santa Register (SR), but I have to be honest and tell you it’s dropped several places. “Yes, I can confirm it is still forty places ahead of Australia and twenty three better than New Zealand, but those two countries are sliding down the SR towards the fly over/drop off only zone for nations well out of favour on the Christmas run.’’

PN said the answer was to remove that prolific weed rather than condemn and try to remove all that is Western. PN said his Pacific-recruited elves were still working furiously to square away all the gifts for the good people of this nation to be on time for Tuesday’s critical fly-in. Then he took Indyview on an exclusive video tour of his cavernous North Pole warehouses, where the work was almost a blur, with the casual labour numbers swelling as the final hours ticked down to SR take off and global delivery. Zooming in on the Pacific region, we passed a huge pallet load of stickers proclaiming ‘there will be an election one day’ for Fiji, and an equally large consignment of special watches for Samoans as well as some ‘how to drive the Aussie way’ manuals. Then there was a significant consignment of decals stating ‘Auckland is not really New Zealand’ and ‘Vote One, Kevin Rudd’ gathering dust away from the Santa trail. “Aaah, look, we are back on track,’’ said PN

excitedly, pointing to a small parcel labelled ‘special delivery for a Port Vila MP – a nonspitable dummy (pacifier)’. This package was signed by politicians from both sides of the house. PN also spotted a special pressie for Prime Minister Sato Kilman - a set of expensive saucepans and frypans that are Teflon coated. Nearby were gift wrapped, classic CD compilations for several Opposition MPs – featuring ‘I’m Her Yesterday Man’ by Chris Andrews, ‘Yesterday’s Hero’ by John Paul Young and The Seekers’ ‘The Carnival Is Over’. PN said finding some of the country’s MPs was proving to be a real challenge. “They just don’t stay in one place for very long and some of them have made more moves than a chess player in the past few years,’’ he said. Also carefully wrapped in one corner was a microphone and speaker set earmarked

‘My message this Christmas is for the people of Vanuatu to re-establish their real identity... caring for one another without any expectation of a reward.’

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

“At the same time, you cannot hide behind your custom ways and use that to put down everything western that you may not understand – that is not the way forward either,’’ he said. “The children of Vanuatu used to be quite happy playing with a stick with two wheels attached, and many still are, but others will expect me to deliver PlayStations and the like this Christmas,’’ he said. “You need to find a way to embrace both and not be negative about either.’’ PN said there are still an overwhelming number of wonderful, caring people in Vanuatu to whom giving comes first. “These are truly wonderful people; they expect nothing from me and they just really love their fellow human being,’’ he said. “As long as we have people like that then Vanuatu will flourish and that love will spread again. “So make sure the children are well behaved for my visit – leave out a shell of kava and slice of paw paw or pineapple or something for me and I’ll see you all in a few nights.’’

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JOKER DRAW JACKPOT NOW 175,000 VT You could win - Ask how

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The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012


Climate change finance too late for some By Kamalesh Sharma, Commonwealth Secretary-General

does a country with a foreign ministry of eight staff cope with the demands of a climate change fund staffed by 80 or 800? In 2009, the Copenhagen Summit on climate change produced disappointing results in many respects. The standout success was agreement to a Fast Start Fund of US$10 billion – a Commonwealth initiative for small and vulnerable states affected by climate change. The funds are available and should be released as a priority for those countries already affected by climate change before it is too late.

TO the visitor, countries like Kiribati and Nauru in the Pacific look like picture postcard islands in the sun fringed by coconut trees and pandanus palms. But the reality is far from the photoshopped images of a tropical paradise. The climate change-induced rising tide is a looming existential threat to Kiribati and other low-lying small island states of the Pacific region. As the sea claims the shores of these islands and encroaches on coastal lands, the islanders have to move further inland. But where a country’s land boundaries, from one shore to the other, are a short 100 metres or less, there is little place left to go. As the sea sweeps across the low-lying atolls, the inhabitable area shrinks while population density increases, causing overcrowding. This is the dilemma for Kiribati. Climate change is a clear and present danger – it has arrived. There is an evident distinction between the climate change ‘vulnerable’ and the ‘already affected’. President Anote Tong has predicted that in less than 50 years, Kiribati may be no more. It will only be known by those who survive its demise, swallowed by the ocean. Like a page in an old geography book, Kiribati could become a case study as a national climate change casualty – the loss of a country and the destruction of a culture. The loss of a homeland and one’s national and cultural identity would be a tragedy. A generation of climate change refugees seeking shelter and safety in foreign lands is a future that may await the citizens of vulnerable Pacific islands. The forced migration of peoples from the land of their birth and the land of their forebears is a sad prospect. Leaving home is not the favoured option. But in the event that migration should take place, the environmental refugees should not pose a burden to recipient countries and be a drain on social welfare. Skills upgrading and re-training of workers will enable them to find jobs in their adopted countries as they carve out a new life and livelihood with their skills, creating a boon through their resettlement within the Pacific community. But in relocating to foreign shores, how can you show your children and grandchildren their heritage - the customs,

There is a way to ease the burden and to unlock the funds. The solution is a climate change master key to open the war chests of all the available funds. This should take the form of an accreditation procedure: if a small state can demonstrate its vulnerability and need to a commonly agreed standard, then that should be adequate to achieve access to any of the sources of finance. Tropical beach in Kiribati. traditions, beliefs and rituals of island life? The languages of the islands will languish when oral traditions are lost as the language and culture of adopted lands is embraced. The loss of one’s cultural identity through integration and assimilation in new homelands is the price of building a new national identity. This is the outlook for the future through global warming. Small states, including Pacific island states, account for around one quarter of the world’s countries. Some are landlocked while most are sea-locked islands, vulnerable but also remarkably resilient to isolation, size and historical climate patterns. They account for little of the carbon footprint, but bear a disproportionate amount of the impact of greenhouse gas emissions brought about by industrialisation and globalisation.

In the meantime, planting mangroves and building sea walls to reduce coastal erosion and salination of water supplies and arable land are some of the short-term solutions being planned and implemented by small island states. But more sustainable solutions, including climate change financing mechanisms, are required to stem the rising tide. Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma visited Kiribati and Nauru to hold talks with leaders of both Pacific island states and to learn more about their concerns about the impact of climate change. One of the beach in Nauru.

Climate change financing can unlock opportunities for small island states to help stem the tide of destruction through adaptation and mitigation. The problem is not the availability of finance but the ability of small states to access that finance. There are about 20 leading global funds, each with its own criteria to meet and technical data to be provided. Most small states simply do not have the capacity to fill in the forms. How


The Constitution Building, Lini Highway, PMB 9012 Port Vila All general enquiries contact Tel: 678 24969 Fax: 678 24257 Email: Web:










The Department of Customs and Inland Revenue is advising all property owners, Agents, Companies, Trustees and person(s) receiving Rent Payments that Rent Tax for for second six monthly chargeable periods is due on 28 December 2012. Note that the second six monthly chargeable periods is from 1 June 2012 to 30 November 2012.

Dipatmen blong Kastom mo Inlan Revenu istap advisem ol property ownas, ol Agens, Kampanis, Trustees mo evriwan we oli stap risivim rent inkam se Rent Taks blong sekon siks manis period blong yia ia emi due long namba 28 Disemba 2012. Sekon siks manis period ia emi stat long namba 1 Jun 2012 mo ifinis long namba 30 Novemba 2012.

Under the Rent Tax Act all persons and companies receiving rental or lease income from land or properties in Vanuatu during the above period are required to lodge a Rent Tax Return and pay the assessed amount of Rent Tax on or before Friday 28 December 2012.

Anda long Loa blong Rent Taks, evri man o kampani we oli risivim mani olsem Rent blong haos or Lis blong graon long Vanuatu long bihaf long naraman, insaed long period we i stap antap, oli mas fulumap ripot blong Rent Taks mo pem stret amaon blong taks. Ded laen blong fulumap ripot ya mo pem Rent Taks hemi Fridei 28 Disemba 2012.

Separate legal entities that derive rental or lease income on behalf of any related person(s) or companies are also liable to pay Rent Tax. Any person failing to lodge a Return is accountable on conviction to a fine of up to VT 50,000 plus a further fine of VT 2,000 for each day on which the failure continues. Failure to make rent tax payments on or before 28 December 2012 will lead to an increase at a rate of 25% per annum on the tax in default. Rent Return forms are now available at the Rates and Taxes Office in Port Vila (Tel. 24969) and in Luganville Santo (Tel. 36383). Ben Leeshi Director of Customs and Inland Revenue Port Vila, 12 December 2012.

The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

Ol legal entiti we oli stap risivim mani blong rent or lis blong graon long Vanuatu long bihaf long nara man or kampanis olgeta too oli mas pem Ren Taks. Eni man we i no givim wan ripot long namba 28 Disemba 2012 i save pem wan faen we i save kasem VT50,000 mo bambae hemi gat nara VT2,000 baekeken blong pem antap long hem long wanwan dei we hemi no pem taks ia yet. Ol man, Kampanis o legal entit we oli no pem Ren Taks blong olgeta long or bifo 28 Disemba 2012 bambae i kasem wan penalty blong 25% long wan yia. Olgeta Rent ripot fom blong fulumap oli stap nao ia long ofis blong Reit mo Taks long Port Vila (Tel. 24969) mo Dipatmen blong Kastom mo Inlan Reveniu long Luganville (Tel. 36383). Ben Leeshi Daerekta blong Kastom mo Inland Revenu Port Vila, 12 Disemba 2012.

Par la présente, tous les propriétaires, agents, sociétés, fiduciaries et toutes les personnes percevant des loyers sont informés que la deuxième tranche de six mois imposable pour l’année 2012 a commence àcourir le 1 er Juin 2012 et arrive à échéance le 30 Novembre 2012. Selon la Loi relative à la taxe locative, toutes les personnes et sociétés bénéficiant d’un revenue provenant de la location de biens fanciers à Vanuatu au cours de la période susdite sont tenues de deposer une declaration pour la taxe locative sous la forme et de s’acquitter du montant de la taxe au plus tard le Vendredi 28 Décembre 2012. Le entités juridiques distinctes tyrant un revenue locative de personnes ou de sociétés apparentées sont également tenues de payer la taxe locative. Quiconque ne depose pas la declaration requise à l’échéance prevue, au 28 Décembre 2012, s’èxpose sur condemnation à une amende pouvant aller jusqu’à 50,000 vatu. Majorée d’une amende supplémentaire de 2,000 vatu pour chaque jour que persiste l’infraction. Toute taxe due mais non acquittée au 28 Décembre 2012 donne lieu à une pénalité légale equivalent à 25% d’inteérêt par an sur le montant de la taxe impayée. Les formulaires de declaration sont désormais à votre disposition au Bureau de Taxes et Contributions à Port Vila (Tel. 24969), ou encore au Bureau de la Douane et des Contributions indirectes à Luganville (Tel. 36383). Ben Leeshi Le Directeur de la Douane et Des Contributions indirectes. Port Vila, le 12 Décembre 2012.

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GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF VANUATU Ministry of Justice & Community Services Private Mail Bag 9084 Port Vila, Vanuatu Tel: (678) 26229 Fax: (678) 26467

GOUVERNMENT DE LA REPUBLIQUE DE VANUATU Ministère de la Justice et du Service Communautaire Sac Postal Confidentiel 9084 Port Vila, Vanuatu Tel: (678) 25816 Fax: (678) 26467

GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF VANUATU Ministry of Justice & Community Services Private Mail Bag 9084 Port Vila, Vanuatu Tel: (678) 26229 Fax: (678) 26467



The Department of Correctional Services under the Ministry of Justice and Community Services wishes to recruit qualified persons for the following positions: Manager Management Services, Post 738, Port Vila (F Ps 5.9 @ Vt 2,081,520/ annual Selection Criteria Diploma or Degree in Human Resource Management/Training including financial management and policy development Experience Minimum of 3 – 5 years in Humane Resource management position with all or some of the duties and responsibilities such as financial management/training and HRM or HRD; Planning/Business Management and Administration Manager Centre (Custodial Services), Post 701, Port Vila (F Ps 5.8 @ 2,046,240 Vt/annual Selection Criteria Degree/Diploma in Management &Social science or possess experience in relevant field Experience Minimum of 3 years in Management/Supervision most particularly in an operational/correctional context Senior Probation officer (South), Post 739, Port Vila Os 4.4 @ 1,552,320Vt/ annual Selection Criteria Diploma in social work or an appropriate qualification in relevant field Experience Supervisory experience in a human service organization involving counselling, social work or justice sector; client referral and case management is highly recommended Effective communication skills, including the ability to prepare reports and other documents using a computer Knowledge of or ability to implement policies Ability to think quickly and decisively with difficult situation and people 3 Probation Officers, Post 743 and 741, Port Vila and Post 747, Luganville Santo (I As 3.2 @ 1,128,960 Vt/annual Selection Criteria Certificate in Social Work or experience in relevant field Experience Demonstrated experience in a human service organisation involving supervision, counselling, client referral and case management is highly desirable. Knowledge of or ability to acquire and apply knowledge of relevant policies and legislation is highly desirable. Effective communication skills, including the ability to prepare reports and other documents using a computer is essential Ability to be flexible and adapt behaviour to deal positively with difficult situations and people 3 Senior Corrections Officer, Post 763, 784 and 785 Port Vila Cs 2.5 @882,000Vt/ annual Selection Criteria Must be year 13 leaver with maturity & possess an appropriate qualification in relevant area Experience Minimum of 3 years in supervision particularly in an operations context with an understanding of corrections legislation Open Minded; Practical Write Reports, Computer skills, Approachable, Oral skills Trustworthy, Respectful, Good behaviour Both Male and Female are encouraged to apply Information Packs which include a Job Description and the required application form (PSC Form 3-2) are available from the reception, department of Correctional Services. Applications should be forwarded to the Human Resource Officer, PMB, 3082, Port Vila, Vanuatu not later than the 18st of January 2013 @ 4: 30 pm Page 16

GOUVERNMENT DE LA REPUBLIQUE DE VANUATU Ministère de la Justice et du Service Communautaire Sac Postal Confidentiel 9084 Port Vila, Vanuatu Tel: (678) 25816 Fax: (678) 26467



Le ministère de la Justice et des Services communautaires recherche, pour les Services correctionnels, des personnes compétentes pour occuper les postes suivants : Directeur des services administratifs, Poste N°738, Port-Vila (FPs 5.9, soit 2.081.520 VUV par an). Critères de sélection Diplôme ou Licence en gestion/formation des ressources humaines, y compris la gestion financière et l’élaboration de politique. Expérience Au moins 3-5 ans dans toutes ou certaines des fonctions et responsabilités d’un poste de gestion des ressources humaines, telles que la gestion financière ou la formation sur les finances, la gestion des ressources humaines ou le DRH, la gestion et administration de la planification et des activités. Directeur de centre (Services de gardiennage), Poste N°701, Port-Vila (FPs 5.8, soit 2.046.240 VUV par an. Critères de sélection Licence/Diplôme en administration & science sociale ou une qualification dans un domaine pertinent. Expérience Au minimum 3 ans d’expérience dans l’administration/supervision, plus particulièrement dans les services correctionnels et des opérations. Agent supérieur de probation, Poste N°739, Port-Vila (Os 4.4, soit 1.552.320 VUV par an. Critères de sélection Diplôme en travail social ou une qualification adéquate dans un domaine pertinent. Expérience Fort souhaitable - Expérience en supervision dans une organisation de service social ayant trait à l’orientation, le travail social ou le secteur de la justice, le renvoi des clients et la gestion des cas. Excellentes compétences en communication, y compris la capacité à préparer des rapports et autres documents sur ordinateur. Connaissances et capacités à mettre en œuvre des politiques. Capable de réfléchir et prendre des décisions rapidement dans des situations difficiles et avec des personnes difficiles. 3 Agents de probation, Poste N°743 et 741 à Port-Vila, et Poste N°747 à Luganville, Santo (IAs 3.2, soit 1.128.960 VUV par an. Critères de sélection Certificat en travail social ou qualification dans un domaine pertinent. Expérience Fort souhaitable - Expérience manifeste dans une organisation de service social ayant trait à l’orientation, le travail social ou le secteur de la justice, le renvoi des clients et la gestion des cas. Fort souhaitable - Aptitudes et capacités à acquérir et mettre en application les politiques et dispositions de loi pertinentes. Essentiel - Excellentes compétences en communication, y compris la capacité à préparer des rapports et autres documents sur ordinateur. Capable d’être flexible et d’adapter son comportement afin de se charger, de manière positive, des situations et personnes difficiles. 3 Agents correctionnels supérieurs, Poste N°763, 784 et 785 à Port-Vila (Cs 2.5, soit 882 000 VUV par an. Critères de sélection Majeur(e) avec un certificat de l’Année 13 & une qualification adéquate dans un domaine pertinent. Expérience Au minimum 3 ans d’expérience dans des fonctions de supervision, en particulier dans les services des opérations, avec une compréhension des lois sur les services correctionnels. Esprit ouvert et pratique. Capable de rédiger des rapports, connaissances informatiques, accessible, compétences en communication orale. Fiable, respectueux (se), bonne réputation. Hommes et femmes sont encouragés à postuler. Des trousses d’information, y compris les descriptifs de poste et un formulaire de demande d’emploi (Formulaire CFP 3-2) sont disponibles à la réception des Services correctionnels. Toute candidature doit être envoyée à l’Agent des ressources humaines, SPR 3082, Port-Vila, Vanuatu, et y parvenir d’ici le 18 janvier 2013 à 16h30 au plus tard.

39 The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December,Page 2012

“EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST SOUGHT” Central School is calling for Expressions of Interest (“EOI’s) to manage and operate under licence of the school’s canteen. All EOI’s need to be in writing and received no later than 4.00pm on Friday the 11th of January 2013. These can be emailed to the School’s Accounts Manager on: or posted C/- Accounts Manager, PMB 9016, Port Vila. EOI’s should address:• Services to be offered • Facilities expected from the school • Proposed financial terms • Appropriate food products and retail price to be offered • Details of relevant experience All EOI’s will be considered but the School reserves the right in its absolute discretion to review the EIO’s as it deems fit with a view to proceeding to negotiate a contract with the preferred party. A basic proforma contract will be available to consider as part of the EOI process available on request from the School’s Accounts Manager via email on


P.O.Box 618 Port Vila VANUATU Telephone : (678 ) 27418 Fax : ( 678 ) 22599 Email :


RESTAURANT TO BE BUILT FOR SALE OR LEASE WANTED: An experienced restaurant operator for a brand new cafe/deli/restaurant/shop at Nasama Resort in Pango area. Located just 1 km past the Le Lagon Resort turnoff and 500m before Breakas Resort on a sealed road. Only 10 minutes to town. Operator will benefit from the Resort by offering breakfast, lunch and dinner to the guests and also by providing grocery items for the 28 self-contained apartments now in operation. The restaurant location is beside the main road and will attract tourists, expats and Ni-Vanuatu who live in the area. Currently, there are no coffee shops in the area the nearest is Au Peche Mignon all the way into town. Owners of the Resort will build the structure to your requirements - and a sales price or lease rent will be set accordingly. Build time estimate is 6 months All interested parties please call Paul at 7754545. RED KROS SOSAETI BLONG VANUATU

P.O.Box 618 Port Vila VANUATU Telephone : (678 ) 27418 Fax : ( 678 ) 22599 Email :




Climate change / mitigation program officer (national)

Mitigation Support officer (national)

The Vanuatu Red Cross Society, working jointly with the support of the French Red Cross, is seeking applications from dynamic and highly motivated persons to immediately fill up the following position as part of its VRCS management team.

The Vanuatu Red Cross Society, working jointly with the support of the French Red Cross, is seeking applications from dynamic and highly motivated persons to immediately fill up the following position as part of its VRCS management team.

Job location:

Job location:

VRCS headquarters in Port-Vila

Applicants are required to demonstrate the following: 1 to 3 years’ experience of program coordination/project management in the field of community based natural disaster risk reduction (CBDRR) and/or climate change adaptation (CCA) Excellent communication, drafting and presentation skills Team/Human Resource management, training and facilitation skills Excellent interpersonal skills, good records with the DRR and CCA key national institutions Interest in sharing professional skills as well as learning from others Demonstrate experience and competencies in at least two (2) of the following sectors: (i) Program coordination, particularly in humanitarian field; (ii) Disaster risk reduction activities/Climate Change; (iii) Environmental/Natural Resource Management; (iv) Community based program; (v)Capacity building/training; (vi) Monitoring and evaluation of project. University graduate in one of these sectors or field related will be an asset analytical and communication skills, including excellent oral and written communication, drafting and presentation skills Ability and flexibility to travel regularly, particularly in the Torba province, will be expected to spend several stays of few weeks in the islands. Excellent computer skills (Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) English and/or French required Driving license Required

Interested candidates are invited to pick up a more detailed Job description of this position at Vanuatu Red Cross Office (located at Vanuatu Red Cross Headquarters), or send request by mail to: th Interested ni-vanuatu candidates may submit their applications, with letter of interest and CV, no later than 7 January 2013 to: and/or to Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

The Independent/L’independent - Saturday 22 December, 2012 Page 32

VRCS headquarters in Port-Vila

Applicants are required to demonstrate the following: Minimum 1 year experience of team leader in the field of construction for building project and/or water supply installation 1 to 3 year of experience in the field required will be preferred Familiar with construction and rehabilitation issue Team management, training and facilitation skills Ability to work in a team and interest in sharing professional skills as well as learning from others Demonstrate experience and competencies in at least one (1) of the following sectors: (i) Team leader on construction project; (ii) Team leader on water supply construction project; (iii) Community based program on community infrastructure works project. Degree or certificate in technical construction or other relevant degree Ability and flexibility to travel regularly, particularly in the Torba province, will be expected to spend several stays of few weeks in the islands. Computer skills (Internet, Word, Excel) will be an asset Computer skills on construction software (Autocad; VectorWorks etc..) will be an asset Open-minded, dynamic and flexible English and/or French will be an asset

Interested candidates are invited to pick up a more detailed Job description of this position at Vanuatu Red Cross Office (located at Vanuatu Red Cross Headquarters), or send request by mail to: th Interested ni-vanuatu candidates may submit their applications, with letter of interest and CV, no later than 7 January 2013 to: and/or to Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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REQUEST FOR TENDER AUSAID VACANCY NOTICE AusAID, the Australian Agency for International Development manages AusAID’s Port Vila office looking forThe highly motivated and dedicated people to Australia’s overseas aidis program. fundamental purpose of Australian joinis to ourhelp team. Under the bilateral Partnership for Australia’s Development the aid people overcome poverty. This also serves national Governments of Australia and Vanuatu are committed to improving development interests by promoting stability and prosperity both in our region and beyond. outcomesisand the quality of life of toallundertake Ni-Vanuatuthe people. AusAID is seeking AusAID seeking a contractor following development applications a local position to support the delivery of Australian aid in program in for Vanuatu.



Program Manager – Office & Human Resource Management

Following on from VTSSP Phase 1,Manager AusAID– now wishes to commence Role: The role of the Program Office & Human Resource implementation of the VTSSP Phase 2. This will result in rural road Management is to undertake a range of administrative, HR and financial maintenance on the priority roads, short term job creation, and poverty functions to support the operations of the AusAID Port Vila office. reduction by continuing to support local contracting programs.

Criteria: Suitable candidates must have sound experience in an administrative AusAID is now seeking to procure services of an Implementation Service or office (ISP) management role, strong organizational Provider for thesupport VTSSP 2 program. The ISP and willplanning manageskills, the sound judgment and proven ability to use initiative and work with minimal infrastructure and associated capacity building work required to deliver supervision, VTSSP 2. strong computer skills, proven ability to handle complex and sensitive issues and confident interpersonal skills. It is also desirable that Itcandidates is anticipated the or program commence inin Business May 2013 and will be have that tertiary technicalwillqualifications Administration, implemented over a three (3) year period until June 2016. There the Human Resources or Finance, have staff management experience and caniswork possibility of an extension for one (1) additional year through to June 2017 non-routine hours. subject to contractor performance and financial approval.

Salary: VT 3,573,277 starting salary

Selection will be on a one step basis. The closing date for submission of Ni-Vanuatu isgraduates are stronglytime) encouraged to 28 apply and only Vanuatu proposals 2:00pm (Canberra Thursday February 2013.

residents need apply.

Tender documents are available on the AusTender website: https://www. This is a permanent position with a 3-month probation period. All job

Information (Job Description, Selection Criteria, Application details) can be

All enquiries should be addressed to: Tender email to: collected from the Australian High Commission, Port VilaManager or can be by downloaded from Applications must

include a cover letter addressing motivations for applying, a brief CV (no more than 3 pages) and a supporting statement addressing the selection criteria (no Position Vacant more than 2 pages). Applications must be submitted with all required The Summit, a tourist/manufacturing/agricultural operation near Port Vila, requires information to be considered. For further information contact Pamela Carlo at a skilled mechanic to manage the onsite workshop that maintains and repairs all or on 23341. company equipment and infrastructure. The successful candidate must possess the following skills.

Applications should be marked ‘Confidential’ and addressed to AusAID Recruitment, Australian of High Commission, P.O. Box diesel 111, Port Vila. Electronic • Good knowledge servicing and repair of both and petrol machinery applications can be sent to Only complete • Able towill readbeandconsidered write English understand vehicle/machine applications andandonly short-listed applicationsmanuals will be th November 2012. contacted. Applications close 4:30pm Friday 9 • People management skills •

Ability to record and report the use of all company fuel, lubricants, and other assets

A valid driver’s licence

Onsite accommodation with electricity could be supplied. Please post applications and references to PO Box 1401, or leave at Equity Group House Reception. Any queries please call Jim on 5573675.

LAND FOR SALE House block at Bellevue. Elevated position, cleared and ready to build. Desirable area, close to town, all services available. AUS $80,000 Call 7755226 Page 18

UNELCO VANUATU LIMITED recherche un candidat Ni-Vanuatu susceptible d’occuper le poste de :


Diplôme : • Diplôme universitaire

Expérience : • 10 ans d’expérience professionnelle dans un poste similaire (vente d’énergie) • Connaissance approfondies de la gestion clientèle et techniques de marketing métier. Qualités requises : • Bonne connaissance de ce secteur d’activité spécifique ; • Sens du relationnel ; • Imagination, créativité. Langues : • Bilingue Anglais / Français. MISSIONS  • Anime, organise, dynamisme l’activité et les équipes commerciales auxquelles il fixe des objectifs • Elaborer avec le Directeur Général délégué la politique commerciale et veiller à sa mise en œuvre. • Est en relation avec la clientèle, suit quelques grands comptes, prépare et participe aux visites nécessaires. • Conseille les Directions de Département et les Services de l’entreprise dans les domaines commerciaux. • Veiller au respect des législations, des règlements et du cahier des charges. • Veiller au respect des valeurs et de la charte d’éthique du Groupe. • Superviser la définition et veiller à l’application des procédures internes. Les candidatures devront être envoyées au Directeur Général Délégué au plus tard le 31 décembre 2012. UNELCO VANUATU LIMITED BP. 26 Port-Vila


SCHOLARSHIPS Academic Exchange between Europe and the ACP countries

MASTER PHD ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATION STAFF VANUATU INFORMATION SESSIONS: Wednesday 12 December, 2012 Thursday 13 December 2012 Time: From 12 pm Venue: USP Emalus Campus

Email: Phone: 679 32 32916

Erasmus Mundus

Funded with the support of the European Commission This publication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein

The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012



Tasty, and easy to grow if you pick the right spot... assorted citrus fruits and (right) carambola, also known as starfruit.

Trees in good taste by Cornelia Wyllie FRUIT trees provide tasty and healthy foods for many years. There are many different kind suited to small gardens. They provide shade and shelter and can be used to define boundaries in the home grounds. Once established, they need little care.

What Fruits are available? Are there different varieties? Citrus( Citrus sp.) pomelo, orange, lime, lemon Annona sp. Custard apple, sugar apple, soursop all originate from Central Amercia. Star Apple ( Chrysophyllum cainito) from Central Amercia, tropical Asia and Africa ( C alba, C magalizmontanum). There are many other suitable trees, for example mango, longan, coconut, Nangai ( Indian Almond). The best fruit is from good varieties grafted by a nursery. Star fruit and Annonna can easily be grown from seed. Sow seeds in bags or pots with drainage holes. Plant out when 15-30cm high. There are three projects currently running in Vanuatu that are developing protocols and collections of new improved fruit trees to Vanuatu. Vanuatu Quarantine Service has done considerable work to date in ensuring that only safe varieties are coming in. The list is increasing and I have been told that by the end of the year home gardeners may have a few more choices.

How long does it take to grow? When should it be planted and harvested? Plant at the end of the wet season when there is still plenty of natural rain and humidity but the temperatures are a bit cooler. Most of the trees listed above will fruit within three to seven years.

How big is it? How much space does it need? Citrus, annona and star apple grow 2 -6 m high. Plant at least 2 -3 m away from big trees or buildings. A good place is where water drains away. Use them for screens or shade. Most nut trees are also timber trees and these will need to be spaced 7m apart

How much will it produce? There record production off one Tahitian lime tree located at Rainbow Gardens was 40 kg of limes per week. The tree has been in production for 12 years. Depending on what is grown there can be as little as 10 kg of fruit, for example, soursop. Coconut can produce up to 50 years. Some of the older coconut plantations here are still producing a crop after 70 years.

How do we harvest it, clean it and store it?

How easy is it to grow here?

When fruit terns from green to yellow, softens or smells good, it is mature and ready to harvest. If the tree is easy to climb you may not see much fruit – children will be up there snaking on it!

Very easy to grow in the right place. Trolpical fruits grow well in a a warm sheltered from wind when they are young, with regular rain or watering. Most grow best in free-draining soil rich in organic matter. In heavy soil, plant into mounds for good drainage.

Tropical fruit trees are an investment in biodiversity, fruit, timber and property value. What is better than recreating some dimension to your next home landscaping project by including a fruit, nut or timber tree.

Ripe in the market and ready to be relished: star apple (chrysophyllum) and (right) soursop. The Independent/L’indÊpendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

Page 19

Dining Out

Pull out and keep

Christmas - New Year

WHETHER you are a visitor here on holidays, or a local who wants a break from cooking, we hope this guide to where to eat on Efate will come in handy. We haven’t been able to list every single eatery, but the following are spots we’ve enjoyed during the year and written about in our dining columns... ENJOY! - Tony & Elaine Wilson


Nambatu (opposite Au Bon Marche) Phone: 23343 Open: Monday-Saturday 10am 10pm, Sunday for lunch only on cruise ship days. Filipino and Asian restaurant with authentic Filipino cuisine, which is not hot and spicy, as many people think. Good fare to share. Licensed and BYO wine (corkage charged). Karaoke available for those who like the sound of their own voice!



Sportsmans Hotel Opposite Parliament House, Port Vila Phone: 25550 / 7750041 Email: Open: Monday-Sunday, 24 hours Good food, good drinks, good prices... any time you like. One of the few places you can get a meal any time of day or night, and the fare is hearty, well cooked and reasonably priced. Don’t miss the barbecue-roasted chicken, the steaks or the whole poulet.

Mele Bay Phone: 5601132 or 5552604 Email: Open: 7 days, 10am until late A short drive from the centre of Vila, its style is relaxed and casual, located right on the beach, with beach and water activities for the whole family, pool table, big screen TV, movies, wireless internet. The menu ranges from snacks to burgers to hearty meals such as curries, and the wood fired pizzas are fantastic.



Erakor Island Resort & Spa, Erakor Lagoon, Efate Phone: 26983 Web: Open: Daily from 7am until late Special features: Romantic setting on tranquil Erakor Lagoon, friendly service and splendid fresh, tasty and enticing fare, plus regular special nights to add fun and variety. The menu features plenty of seafood, as well as top notch Vanuatu beef, poultry and vegetarian dishes, and the ever-changing daily specials add even more variety.

AQUANA BEACH RESORT Eratap, Efate Phone: 5900401 or 29670 Email:

Eratap road, Efate Phone: 5545007 Email: Open: After 11am for lunch and dinner A real getaway in an unspoilt slice of paradise, just 20 minutes from town, where the food is fabulous and the service is outstanding. Expect modern, creative cuisine with a distinctly international flavour, using the freshest ingredients. Seriously good vegetarian food, too.



The Office Pub, Port Vila Phone: 27716 Open: Lunch and dinner daily

Pango road, Port Vila Phone: 25844 Email:

Open: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily Family owned and run, family friendly resort and restaurant. Focussing on locally grown produce prepared, imaginatively prepared and served with European flair. Dine on the beach beside the lagoon if you wish. Well worth the drive out of town.

Open: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily Beautiful beachfront setting and excellent service in this lagoonside resort just out of town. Specialises in locally sourced seafood and home grown Vanuatu beef, and sources fruit and vegetables from neighbouring villages. All beautifully prepared and presented, and served in style.



Port Vila Phone: 27271 Email: Open: Monday-Friday 6am-6pm, Saturday 6am-2pm The name means ‘little sin’ and this cafe serves wickedly delicious cakes, pastries, tarts and more, and some of the best coffee in Vanuatu. It also offers hearty meals such as Vanuatu steak, great burgers and tasty salads – for the less wicked!


Cornwall St, Port Vila Phone: 23696 Email: Open: Daily for lunch and dinner Lively resort where there’s something happening just about every day, from trivia nights to Melanesian feasts to fire dancing. The poolside setting is very pleasant and offers tasty food at reasonable prices, cheerful and attentive service and extended happy hours.

Iririki Island Resort, Port Vila Phone: 23388 Email: Open: Daily from 9am until late Take a short boat ride across the harbour to Iririki island resort for lunch or dinner, either on the deck or in what we’d call the embodiment of a South Seas bar. Lovely views of Port Vila bay, charming décor, friendly and professional staff and tasty, well priced fare, including salads, pastas, sandwiches, pizzas and bar snacks.


Chinese Restaurant Melcofe Phone: 23668 / 7744688 / 5544688 Open: Lunch and dinner 7 days Long established restaurant with wide appeal based on good, fresh food at reasonable prices. Great view over Port Vila and Fatamaru bays, and efficient service. Great fare to share, including recent addition to the menu of yum cha dishes. And try the Peking duck, too – delicious and decadent.


Vila Mall, Port Vila Phone: 24916 Open: Monday-Saturday for lunch and dinner One of the longest established Thai eateries, albeit now in its third location, Ban Thai IS just off the main drag. It offers tasty and very well priced Thai food, a pleasant setting and a really handy location. The lunch special is outstanding value.


Lini Highway, Melkofee / Fatamaru Bay, Port Vila Phone: 26412 Mob:7793950 Email: Open: Lunch and Dinner Monday – Saturday Pretty bayside setting with a real ‘islandy’ feel. Bay Watch offers lovely tapas, great to share, and delicious mains. It also serves one of the best value lunches in town for just VT 1000, including a chilled lime juice. A popular meeting spot, there is live music on Friday evenings. Page 20

‘The best beer and steak in town... No bull’ is the promise at the Flaming Bull, and it’s a promise they stand behind. Dine is the garden courtyard, with tasty dishes like veal or chicken parmigiana, Thai chicken curry, nachos and fajitas, as well as a host of seafood dishes. And yes, the steaks are excellent – ‘soft as cheesecake’ as one visitor blogged.


Wharf Road, Palm Cove, Port Vila Phone: 25526 Email: Open: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 noon to 10pm and Sunday lunch. Lovely waterside setting in purpose built restaurant just past the cruise ship wharf. It has a beautiful fit out, a romantic atmosphere in the evenings, and an enticing menu inspired by the classics and featuring top local produce.


Lini Highway, central Port Vila Phone: 26907 Open: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Monday-Saturday Authentic Vietnamese cuisine, well presented and reasonably priced, at one of the most central locations in town. The extensive menu offers a host of delights, and a blackboard specials menu means even frequent diners can enjoy something different every time. Takeaways also available lunchtime until 9pm.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

holiday dining guide KESORN’S EXOTIC THAI KITCHEN

Nambatu Paray, next to Peter Pan school Phone: 29949 or 5660400 Open: Lunch Monday - Saturday 10.30am – 2.30pm, Dinner 7 nights 5.30 – 10pm Fully licensed and BYO wine (VT 500 corkage). Thai chef serves up authentic, delicious, exotic food – as the name suggests. A good variety of dishes, from soups to salads, curries to stir fries, spicy to non-spicy dishes. We’ve never had a bad dish at Exotic Thai, and the service is also excellent.

Dining Out


Phone: 22303 Open: Dinner 7 days A Port Vila institution famous for its steaks, seafood, wild pigeon and flying fox – yes, really. A fixture for more than 30 years, this restaurant is famous for its classic French cuisine, with delicious dishes like French onion soup, escargots and more – plus the famous coconut crab. Also popular for its pizzas.

Route de Teouma, Port Vila Phone: 22866 Email: Open: 7 days for lunch and dinner Beautiful ambience, with a lovely, secluded overwater setting on Erakor lagoon – very romantic in the evening, but equally pleasant for a relaxed lunch. Good service and excellent, creative food, specialising in fresh local seafood and Vanuatu’s renowned beef – plus a tempting vegetarian menu.





Restaurant, Grill and Pizzeria Parliament Rd, Nambatu, Port Vila Phone: 26969 Open: Daily for Lunch and Dinner Spacious surrounds, a tempting Mediterranean menu, attentive staff and an affable owner make for a pleasurable eating experience. The menu is Mediterranean and offers tastes of Italy, France and more, from pasta and pizzas to brasserie style mains, not to mention some wicked desserts.


Ocean Walk Complex, Port Vila Phone: 29661 Email: Open: Monday-Saturday 7am-11.55pm, Sunday 7am-3pm Arguably the best location in Port Vila, complemented by good service and well cooked, tasty local produce. Specialises in seafood, but there’s plenty of choice. Good value lunch specials for VT 1300, and keep an eye on the specials board, as there’s always something new to try.

Mangoes Resort, Rue De Wales, Port Vila Phone: 24923 Email: Open: 7 days a week from 7am until late Set amidst a verdant tropical garden, the restaurant welcomes visitors as well as resort guests, serving an enticing, creative menu full of beautiful fresh produce. Bookings are advisable for evening meals.


Narpow Point, south west Efate Phone: 23355 or 7758080 Open: Thursday-Sunday for Lunch and Dinner Truly laid back atmosphere, lovely ocean outlook and tantalizingly tasty food. Curries from different parts of the world form the core of the menu, but there are also other creative and tasty dishes for those whose tastes are less Asian. Well worth the drive out of town. Bookings are highly recommended.

Lini Highway, Port Vila Phone: 22428 Open: Monday-Friday 6.30am-8pm, Saturday 6.30am-2pm Also open cruise ship days and public holidays Great central spot for brekky, good coffee, snacks or a tasty meal. Check out the daily special which includes a fresh juice. ‘Lengthy’ happy hour six nights a week. Wireless internet free for customers.


Tropicana Lagoon Resort, Teouma Road, Second Lagoon, Port Vila Phone: 22202 or 7722202 Email: Open: Daily from 7.30am - 9pm Opened a few of months ago, this eatery has a tranquil setting on a deck over the lagoon, with outstanding service from attentive staff. It serves delicious food at very reasonable prices – the menu is well thought out, offering a good range of dishes with plenty of variety, including vegetarian choices.


Menu features fresh fish and seafood and locally grown seasonal vegetables. Around a half hour drive north of Port Vila, this is a top spot to enjoy spectacular sunsets, or come for the day and work up an appetite with a swim off the beach. Accommodation and fishing charters also available.


The Havannah Resort, Samoa Point, Havannah Harbour Phone: 551 8060 Email: Open: Lunch and Dinner daily Splendid surrounds with gorgeous gardens and water view and an elegant ambience. The restaurant offers excellent service and a superb menu of modern classics - wonderful local produce prepared with creative flair and a seasonal bent. More than just a meal: a memorable dining experience.


Mele Road, Mele Phone: 26670 Email: Open: Monday-Thursday 4pm-late, FridaySunday 11.30am-late Western themed family restaurant and brew pub just outside Port Vila. Menu offers scrumptious food, including Texan and authentic Mexican fare – the ribs are fabulous, and the meals are really satisfying. Don’t miss the house brewed beers and enjoy the eclectic decor – the kids will love it, too.





South East Efate Phone: 27279 Web: Open: Lunch and Dinner daily Romantic beachfront location, charming colonial style building and beautifully dressed tables, all of which perfectly complement the delicious menu of fresh, creative food and a tempting wine list. Watch out for special events like dinner cabaret shows and themed lunches.

Havannah Harbour, North Efate Phone: 7736232 Email: Open: Monday-Wednesday Thursday-Sunday 11am-7pm

Nambatu, Port Vila Phone: 7766373 Email: Open: Monday – Saturday Lunch 11am-2pm, Dinner 6pm-10.30pm Authentic Indian cuisine – (not the westernised versions usually seen in Oz and NZ), including a host of vegetarian curries. Wednesday night specials – duck curry and tandoori lobster. Lunchtime thali special offers excellent value and variety. Plus there are Fijian Indian takeaway dishes at very good prices.


Starfish Cove, Teouma Road, Emten Lagoon, Port Vila Phone: 25806 Email: Open: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily Attractive restaurant with an elegant ambience and lovely water views, just a few minutes’ drive out of town. The menu is sure to tempt, including local beef, poulet fish, wahoo, lasagne, roasts and more.


The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

The Summit, Devil’s Point Road, Efate Phone: 5660713 Email: Open: Daily for lunch Vast, beautiful gardens which are well worth exploring before sitting down to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch, or coffee and cake in the pretty cafe. Meal platters include three courses, with choices of meat, seafood or vegetarian. The adjacent gift shop is also worth exploring.

Lini Highway, Port Vila Phone: 23490 Email: Open: Daily for lunch and dinner Great waterside setting by the boat harbour, relaxed island atmosphere, top notch live music on a regular basis, yummy food and friendly staff – no surprise it’s something of a Port Vila institution. Good spot for fresh lobster, a speciality.


Lini Highway, Port Vila Phone: 28328 Open: Lunch and dinner 7 days Great central location with a cool deck overlooking the main drag. Home of the popular Nambawan beer and now also brewing cider, this bar and restaurant also offers top tucker at palatable prices. The pizzas are excellent, as is the house-made pasta, plus there are burgers, wraps, grills, seafood... and the platters to share are a treat.


Warwick Le Lagon Resort, Port Vila Phone: 22313 Email: Open: Daily for dinner, 6pm-10pm Beautiful modern setting, excellent service and an Asian fusion menu style you won’t find elsewhere. *****

Happy eating... look out for more restaurant write ups in your Indy in 2013. Page 19 21



The styling of the Holden Captiva 7 is on the conservative side, but many buyers prefer that.

Holden’s latest Captiva By MURRAY HUBBARD

THE flagship of the Captiva range with a price tag of $42,490 has been our test vehicle for the past week. On the whole we like it, but there are some features that really should be better. For a start, we have sat on park benches that have more comfort than the front seats of the Captiva. Fuel consumption is another concern. The Captiva LX comes with a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine borrowed from Commodore, but for an extra grand you can get the 2.2-litre turbo diesel. Holden claim 11.3 litres/100 km from the V6, but we found consumption closer to 13.3 litres/100 km. The diesel consumption is rated at a much better 8.1 litres/100 km, but we didn’t test it for proof of that figure.   Add to these gripes below average handling and an interior that is dominated by hard plastic. We did persevere. After the first day we thought we may have got out of the wrong side of the bed and were too quick to make a judgement. We went for a three-hour drive in the Captiva and as we dragged our body from the park bench it confirmed our initial suspicion.

Page 22

Holden’s Captiva is not a bad looker at all. The pointy end has some resemblance to Ford Territory, and that’s not a bad thing. The SUV stable is pretty much full of look-alikes and in that sense Holden has played it safe with the Captiva. Under the bonnet of the Captiva 7 LX is a 3.0-litre DOHC direct-injection ‘SIDI’ V6. It puts out 190 kW of power and 288 Nm of torque, but there are times we have to say it does not feel like it.   Our test car was hooked up to a sixspeed automatic transmission and it’s not a marriage made in heaven. In the lower gears the Captiva seemed unsure what gear it should be in and as a result drifts between gears unless you plant the right boot.   Series II Captiva gained side impact airbags to take the tally to six. On the crash avoidance front Captiva has the essential stability control, ABS brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution, brake assist, traction control, active rollover protection and active AWD system.

The latest Captiva also gained hill start assist along with hill descent control. Front and rear park assist is standard on fiveseat Captiva 5, while the Captiva 7 sevenseater CX gets rear park assist while our test car has rear park assist as well as standard rear-view camera.   Holden may have done little to soften the overwhelming grey plastic interior but, it is practical in layout and easy to use. We like the illuminated circle around the key hole which makes it easy to find at night.   The second and third rows of seats are easy to fold flat and this gives around 1.8 metres of storage length. While this is called the Captiva 7, you would not want to be third row passengers. We suspect even the billy lids may revolt at being sat back there with it’s minimal foot well and leg space. But, in a pinch it does take seven passengers, and would be handy for mum’s taxi to the junior footy match.   For a family SUV the Captiva’s suspension is quite harsh. Small bumps become big and large bumps become downright

uncomfortable. With the seat hardness and shiny leather and lateral movement of the car combined there is little lateral support for passengers. Cornering in the Captiva is smooth at high speeds on long sweeping bends, but a fair amount of body roll is apparent on slower, tighter bends.   Captiva LX 7 is well endowed with technology with Bluetooth phone and music availability. We used the sat/nav to find a particularly complicated address and we must say it’s as good as our own Garmin system, and just as easy to use.  The sat/nav screen doubles as the rear view camera screen and is bright and clear and works well at night. * Mister Cars is the fastest growing motoring website in the South Pacific. Visit: Road tests are conducted in Australia and although many of these vehicles are not available in Vanuatu, this column is designed to be enjoyed by motoring enthusiasts.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday, 22 December, 2012


TV reporter kidnapped in Syria escapes after firefight NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel has told how he and members of his network crew escaped unharmed after five days of captivity in Syria, where more than a dozen pro-regime gunmen dragged them from their car, killed one of their rebel escorts and subjected them to mock executions. Appearing on NBC’s Today show, an unshaven Engel said he and his team escaped during a firefight on Monday night between their captors and rebels at a checkpoint. They crossed into Turkey on Tuesday. Engel said he believes the kidnappers were a Shiite militia group loyal to the Syrian government, which has lost control over swaths of the country’s north and is increasingly on the defensive in a civil war that has killed 40,000 people since March 2011. ”They kept us blindfolded, bound,” said the 39-year-old Engel, who speaks and reads Arabic. “We weren’t physically beaten or tortured. A lot of psychological torture, threats of being killed. They made us choose which one of

us would be shot first and when we refused, there were mock shootings,” he added. “They were talking openly about their loyalty to the government,” Engel said. He said the captors were trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and allied with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militant group, but he did not elaborate. There was no mention of the kidnapping by Syria’s state-run news agency. Both Iran and Hezbollah are close allies of the embattled Syrian government of President Bashar Assad, who used military force to crush mostly peaceful protests against his regime. The crackdown on protests led many in Syria to take up arms against the government, and the conflict has become a civil war. Engel said he was told the kidnappers wanted to exchange him and his crew for four Iranian and two Lebanese prisoners being held by the rebels. “They captured us in order to carry out this exchange,” he said. Engel and his crew entered Syria on Thursday

and were driving through what they thought was rebel-controlled territory when “a group of gunmen just literally jumped out of the trees and bushes on the side of the road.” “There were probably 15 gunmen. They were wearing ski masks. They were heavily armed. They dragged us out of the car,” he said.

from the network to refrain from reporting on the issue out of concern it could make the dangers to the captives worse. News of the disappearance did begin to leak out in Turkish media and on some websites on Monday. Syria has become a danger zone for reporters since the conflict began.

He said the gunmen shot and killed at least one of their rebel escorts on the spot and took the hostages into a waiting truck nearby. Around 11 pm on Monday, Engel said he and the others were being moved to another location in northern Idlib province.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, Syria is by far the deadliest country for the press in 2012, with 28 journalists killed in combat or targeted for murder by government or opposition forces.

“And as we were moving along the road, the kidnappers came across a rebel checkpoint, something they hadn’t expected. We were in the back of what you would think of as a minivan,” he said. “The kidnappers saw this checkpoint and started a gunfight with it. Two of the kidnappers were killed. We climbed out of the vehicle and the rebels took us. We spent the night with them.” Engel and his crew crossed back into neighbouring Turkey on Tuesday. The network said there was no claim of responsibility, no contact with the captors and no request for ransom during the time the crew was missing. NBC sought to keep the disappearance of Engel and the crew secret for several days while it investigated what happened to them. Major media organisations, including The Associated Press, adhered to a request

Outrage ... protesters in Dublin calling for abortion rights last month carry pictures of Halappanavar.

Ireland legalises abortion to protect mothers IRELAND is to legalise abortions when the mother’s life is at risk, including when she is suicidal, following the death of a woman who was refused the procedure while undergoing a miscarriage. Ireland’s cabinet took the decision this week after a public outcry over the death of Savita Halappanavar, 31. She died after her repeated requests for an abortion were refused by doctors who reportedly told her: “This is a Catholic country.” The government has decided to repeal the legislation that criminalises abortion and to introduce regulations setting out when doctors can perform the procedure. This will be when a woman’s life is regarded as being at risk, including the threat of suicide. The Irish health minister, Dr James Reilly, said the government was aware of the controversy surrounding the issue, but the safety of pregnant women had to be “strengthened”. Advertisement “I know that most people have personal views on this matter. However, the government is committed to ensuring that the safety of pregnant women in Ireland is maintained and strengthened. We must fulfil our duty of care towards them,” he said. Ireland’s abortion laws are the strictest in Europe and the proposed legislation to decriminalise abortion will stoke furious debate in Ireland, which remains a staunchly Catholic country. Ronan Mullen, an independent Irish senator, accused the government of “doublethink” for condemning the deaths of children in the Sandy Hook shooting while “appearing to show no concern for unborn children”.

“I find it entirely appropriate that we would join in solidarity with the people, with the children who died in Connecticut,” he said. “And let’s not slip into a doublethink either, however, where we forget a whole category of children in our own country.” The Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, said draft legislation would be published in the new year with a view to having the legislation ready by Easter. To ensure the law is passed, the government whip would be applied to MPs in the ruling Fine Gael party, which is deeply divided over the proposals. “There will be no free vote on this,” Mr Kenny said. Under current Irish law, abortion is a criminal act unless it occurs as the result of a medical intervention performed to save the life of the mother. However, until now the government has not enacted legislation to give certainty to doctors as to when terminations can be carried out and under what circumstances. The new moves are intended to bring legal clarity to the issue. The legislation will be drafted to comply with a landmark ruling in the European Court of Human Rights two years ago and a 1992 Irish Supreme Court decision in the “X case”. This ruling overturned an injunction preventing a 14-year-old girl, who had been raped and was suicidal because she could not get a legal abortion, from travelling to Britain to have a her pregnancy terminated. - Telegraph, London

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

Among the journalists killed while covering Syria are award-winning French TV reporter Gilles Jacquier, photographer Remi Ochlik and Britain’s Sunday Times correspondent Marie Colvin. Also, Anthony Shadid, a correspondent for The New York Times, died after an apparent asthma attack while on assignment in Syria. The Syrian government has barred most foreign media coverage of the civil war in Syria. Those journalists whom the regime has allowed in are tightly controlled in their movements by Information Ministry minders. Many foreign journalists sneak into Syria illegally with the help of smugglers and travel with rebel escorts or drivers. Engel joined NBC in 2003 and was named chief foreign correspondent in 2008. He previously worked as a freelance journalist for ABC News, including during the US invasion of Iraq. He has lived in the Middle East since graduating from Stanford University in 1996. - AP



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Manual, 4 doors with seating for two in back, fully serviced, current mileage 71,869. Price VT650,000 ONO.  Contact Sandra to inspect, telephone 22091.



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HOUSE FOR RENT 1 Bedroom self contained House for rent. Shared access, Neat house that is fully furnished with TV lounge, cupboards, cutlery, pots, plates, fridge, etc. Well secured, fenced, shared driveway etc. Close to the water and close to town. Bottom of Malopoa facing town. Free wifi access. Prefer Expat on long term  contract at around 60’000 per month. Short term also available wiwo 18’000 per week.  Phone: 7776767

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Scottish Thistleware




Angelfish Cove Villas.

Land for Sale at Bladinieres Estate. Title No: 12/0631/412; Size: 2347 m2 (40m x 60m); Price: 3,5 million vatu. Contact: 7784983



Narpow Point Elevated block in Teouma Hillside Residential Subdivision. Power and water to boundary. 2,500,000vt. Tel 77 58079


A book about the History of Vanuatu before and after Vanuatu became a Republic is now on sale. It is very interesting with many true facts, information and knowledge. Please contact Jack on 7745914 at anytime


Fully self contained two bedroom cottage location at Evergreen Estate on Devils Point Road. Wire up for Telsat Pay TV and Wimax. Includes gardener. Quiet ,good views and close to beach. ONLY 90,000 vatu per month. Contact 7740104 or 5544054.


Want to buy 20 to 40kgs of fresh live lobster, we pay cash on sale. Contact 5577034 or 7751979

3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom on closest white sand beach from Vila in Valevale Beach – Pango, from mid-December. 4 years old, excellent kitchen, living areas and deck - great living literally 4 metres from the beach on a beautiful sheltered Bay. Fully furnished including everything down to cutlery and plates. Single lockable garage. Safe - good security, excellent swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. In hot demand – be quick, V.185,000 pm. Ph. 5571030, or 5524333.”


72-Piece Set of Family Crockery – Loved and used for 25 years Sturdy and Chip-Resistant Suitable for Baking, Storing Liquids, Using as Serving Dishes A Unique Christmas Gift Available in Vila for the exceptional price of VT60,000 Ring Mary during office hours on 23410 to view

Looking for Medium to long term accommodation on a great beach in a fully self contained environment? Onsite Management, Pool,use of Kayaks and great snorkeling. Then call us and ask about the opportunity to rent a 2 bedroom Villa at Angelfish Cove. From Vt200,000 per month plus utilities. Phone Bryan on 5577034.



Australia to Port Vila Fr8 Logistics House for Rent

Queen size mattress, almost brand new; 195 cm long, 183 cm wide and 20 cm deep; includes robust (home made) bed base 20 cm deep; Vt 20,000 for both; Phone Tom on 24106

The Oset Bike is an American made Electric Trials bike suitable for kids up to about 12 years old. Near new. Vt190,000 or best offer.


“Executive House For Rent - 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom, garage with internal access, large lounge/dining and kitchen, large deck with very good sea views over Erakor Island and beyond, fully fenced. Only 3 years old. Nice living on the end of The Golden Mile next to Amalfi Court in Eluk. Rent Bargain at V.165,000 pm and fully furnished. Ph. 5571030 or 5524333.”

House For Rent

Tastefully renovated 3 bedroom house with excellent indoor-outdoor flow, two bathrooms and office or playroom, situated in spacious garden setting overlooking Port Vila Bay. This property is secure and private and ideally suited to family on short or long term transfer. Available fully furnished if required. As the owners also live onsite swimming pool and garden maintenance is all taken care of. Tel 77 58079 for more details or to arrange for a time to view

SIL Vanuatu is recruiting a Bible Translation Advisor to facilitate the work of Bible translation and literacy, and to train Ni-Vanuatu Bible translators and literacy workers. The applicant must have university-level training in linguistics, translation theory and Biblical studies. This is a volunteer position. No salary is offered. Apply to: Director, SIL, PO Box 174, Port Vila.

For Rent

Kawenu & Malapoa Estate: 1 bedroom apartment 27,000vt per month; 2 bedroom apartment 40,000vt. Contact Lori 7775393 for details

FOR RENT Elluk Drive, recently renovated Townhouse, 3 bedroom / 3 bathrooms, Double Lock-up garage, fully furnished. Call 7743151 for further details.


Can the listed persons please contact us by phone, email or PO Box to help us with our enquiries : 1. Pascal Tasso 2. Anthony Olsen 3. Douglas Ngwele 4. Johnny Arnhambat 5. Tania Wus 6. Omawa Ioane Simon OR If anyone can provide us with contact addresses it will be appreciated.. Telephone Leonie on 5571030 or 5524333; email: vancreditservices@ or P.O Box 3304, Port Vila

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December 2012


Iron deficiency anemia and children



ANEMIA is one of the most common pediatric disorders. It is a condition in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells bring oxygen to body tissues.

DON’T FORGET YOUR PETS THIS FESTIVE SEASON It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn cheerily to Christmas and New Year festivities. For many, the end of the year also means plans for a well-deserved holiday away from the usual grind. But whether it be partying, a few days away at a favourite resort or camping place in Vanuatu or a trip overseas, unless our plans also take into consideration the well-being of our pets the festive season is likely to be not so happy for them and in turn for us when reality sets in come January. The festive season in Port Vila always involves organized fireworks displays at resorts and the seafront. Unfortunately there are also many instances of fireworks being let of randomly with no prior warning. Either way, the crackers are guaranteed to frighten most dogs and cats, some to the point where they panic and run trying to get away from the, to them, inexplicable bangs. Every year at theFOR Vet Clinic the list–ofPORT runaway, missing animals grows, as do the TIDE PREDICTIONS VANUATU VILA numbers of ‘lost’ ads in the newspapers and on notice boards. Sometimes pets – particularly those wearing collars with identification tags that include a phone number - and their owners DECEMBER – 2012 LOCAL STANDARD TIME are re-united, but much too often and unhappily for all concerned, they are not.

Tide gauge zero is 3.6037 metres below VAN1

So over the holidays, especially if you’re going out at night, make sure your pets are confined in a safe area. If they’re outside ensure your fences are secure (remembering that both dogs and cats can jump quite high when they’re panicked) and that they have a place where they SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY can ‘hide’. If your yard is not secure then keep them inside the house during party time.


0048 0.29



0121 0.30

0106 0.30

0720 1.31 0754 1.32 0741after 1.27 If you’re going away, even for only a couple of days, make sure you get someone to look 1245 0.75 1323 0.75 1300 0.77 your animals. Obviously, to 1831 1.40 1908 the 1.38 longer you intend being away, the more important it becomes 1846 1.37 make sure that your pets are not left without water, food and shelter. A live-in pet-sitter is most ideal for longer periods but if that isn’t possible get a neighbour or other reliable 1.5m person who 1.5m you can trust to look after them. 1.0m


We are, after all, each one of us, responsible for the safety and well being of our pets. They 0.5m 0.5m

depend on us for everything, including their security. A little, not so difficult, planning now will ensure that they survive the ‘silly season’ without harm and that the New Year will start happily 0 6 12 18 0 0 6 12 18 0 6 12 18 0 for them and their human family.


0140 0.32 0818 1.26


0215 0.36 0859 1.26


0253 0.41 0943 1.25



0335 0.46 1032 1.27

0423 0.52 1126 1.30



0519 0.57 1219 1.34

1.5m 1.0m 0.5m





0140 0724 1358 2040


1.14 0.64 1.46 0.48





0251 0826 1444 2132


1.19 0.66 1.52 0.35





0353 0923 1530 2221


1.26 0.66 1.57 0.23





0449 1018 1618 2310


1.33 0.66 1.61 0.14





0543 1111 1707 2358


1.38 0.66 1.62 0.08






0633 1.42 1203 0.67 1757 1.61



Growing children as well as adolescents, tend to go through an increase in red blood cell production. This rise in blood cell production increases the body’s requirement for iron. If one does not supplement the body with enough dietary iron, it can lead to hemoglobin deficiency. Lack of dietary iron is probably the main cause of deficiency in children. Symptoms and Indicators: Anemia can be characterised by fairly nondescript symptoms like tiredness, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, coldness in the hands or feet, or a desire to chew ice. Some patients with mild or moderate anemia may not experience any reportable symptoms.

0016 1.12 0621 0.61

1339 0.79 1423 0.81like to 1515 0.82all those 1619who 0.82 have 1730 0.78 1840 0.71 1310 1.40 Sam’s Animal Welfare would thank supported the Association during 1922 1.33 by donations 2001 1.29 and other 2046 1.24 2143 and 1.18 to wish 2253 everyone 1.13 1944 0.60 the past year assistance a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.


There are many types of anemia (low hemoglobin levels). The main cause of hemoglobin deficiency is lack of dietary iron. Iron deficiency anemia is a decrease in the number of red blood cells in the blood due to a lack of iron.



0045 0723 1257 1848


0.07 1.44 0.67 1.57


Presence of symptoms, or of the other possible indicators listed below, should warrant consideration of and possible screening for anemia. Initially, iron deficiency anemia can be so mild that it goes unnoticed. But as the body becomes more deficient in iron and anemia worsens, the signs and symptoms intensify.

• •

Irritability Inflammation or soreness of your tongue • Brittle nails • Fast heartbeat • Unusual cravings for non-nutritive substances, such as ice, dirt or starch. • Poor appetite, especially in infants and children with iron deficiency anemia. • An uncomfortable tingling or crawling feeling in your legs (restless legs syndrome) Adults and children can be tested for iron deficiency at the Vanuatu Medical Laboratory. Phone 777 4 111 for an appointment with the medical doctor.


Results: 15th December 2012 Sponsored by Law Partners Men: 36 Women: 12 Total: 48 NEAREST THE PINS DHL - 6th Hole

Jean-Marie Duffau

ANZ - 8th Hole

Frank King

Callard & Kaddour - 12th Hole

Adrian Sinclair

Vanuatu Agriculture - 17th Hole

Adrian Sinclair



The 0.5m

Vet Clinic, phone 25702 will be open as usual for routine animal health requirements on working days over the holidays. 7745702 0 6 12 18 0 6 On 12 the 18 public 0 6 holidays 12 18 0 call 6 12 18 0 for 6 emergencies. 12 18 0 6 12 18 0 6 12 18 0


0133 0813 1352 1940

0.10 1.44 0.69 1.50


0220 0902 1450 2032

0.17 1.42 0.70 1.41


0308 0953 1553 2130

0.28 1.40 0.71 1.31


0356 1046 1700 2233

0.39 1.37 0.71 1.21


0446 1141 1811 2348

0.52 1.36 0.68 1.13



0542 0.62 1235 1.35 1921 0.63

0112 0643 1327 2024

1.09 0.71 1.36 0.56


Tide Chart for Port Vila Harbour

1.0m 0.5m






0230 0746 1414 2115


1.10 0.76 1.37 0.49





0333 0845 1455 2159


1.13 0.78 1.38 0.43






0424 0933 1533 2237


1.17 0.78 1.39 0.37



WED 12


0504 1016 1610 2311


1.21 0.78 1.40 0.33





0541 1055 1645 2344


1.25 0.77 1.41 0.30







0615 1.27 1131 0.76 1720 1.42



SAT 12


0016 0647 1207 1756

Asco Motors - A Grade

Mitch Clement

Wilco - B Grade

Dr Peter Asuo

Vila Refrigeration & Air Conditioning - Ladies

Ata Mansale

PAF Jackpot – Hole 10

Adrian Sinclair, Frank King, Tony Ryan


Chris Lunnay, Adrian Sinclair, Ron Barbe, Raymond Vallette, Tim Merrick, Tony Ryan, Steve Bean


0.29 1.30 0.75 1.42



Jeannick Qualao - 14

Runner Up

Winnie Campbell – 16

Last Place

Kate Martin



B Grade – 16 Players

0.5m 0






Mark Trezise - 19

Disclaimer: These tide predictions are supplied in good faith and believed to be correct.

Runner Up

Peter Davies – 21 (countback)

Weather Forecast

Last Place

Peter Nash
























© Copyright: Commonwealth of Australia 2011, Bureau of Meteorology (ABN 92 637 533 532) Disclaimer: These tide predictions are supplied in good faith and believed to be correct. No warranty is given in respect to errors, omissions, or suitability for any purpose.

Forecast issued by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department Weather Forecasting Centre, Port Vila at 11:15am Thursday, December 20, 2012. General Situation: A surface trough over northern Vanuatu and another one near west of the southern islands. Both troughs slow moving. Port Vila


A Grade – 20 Players Winner

Chris Lunnay - 10

Runner Up

Benoit Herbert - 12

Last Place

Greg Wu

South Pacific Meat Supplies - meat tray

Peter Davies

Island Time – Fish and Chip Voucher

Winnie Campbell

Joker Draw

Dave Cromwell – joker not found

Card Draw

Jeannick Qualao

Next week’s competition is :Cross Country - sponsored by: Kate & Tony Martin

Saturday 22 Max 30 Min 22

Sunday 23 Max 29 Min 23

Monday 24 Max 29 Min 23

Tuesday 25 Max 29 Min 22

Wednesday 26 Max 29 Min 22

Thursday 27 Max 29 Min 22

Friday 28 Max 29 Min 22

A really hot Saturday greeted golfers last weekend with the humidity really kicking in and the grass growing at an unbelievable rate following some timely rains. A total of 48 players teed it up in the Hawkes Law sponsored Medal ford, It was actually quite easy to work out really and you did not even need an accounting degree or Vicky to audit your card. Chris Lunney has been sneaking under the radar a bit recently but I reckon the handicapper will have something to say about shooting 76 off the stick and returning a winning score of 10 when most thought 15 might be good. Well done Chris


Mark Trezise refilled his trophy cabinet with a sneaky win in the B Grade (19) and reckons he lost money on his side bets to boot so wants only to side bet with B graders from now on...You wish Mr. T. Jeannick Qualao continued on her winning way with a superb 14 overall Saturday 22 Max 31 Min 24

Sunday 23 Max 31 Min 24

Monday 24 Max 30 Min 25

Tuesday 25 Max 30 Min 25

Wednesday 26 Max 30 Min 25

Thursday 27 Max 30 Min 25

Friday 28 Max 30 Min 25

8 am to 8 am rainfall records over Vanuatu Meteorological Stations (millimeters) Date Bauerfield Luganville







13/12/12 8.8 Nil

14/12/12 Nil 2.2

15/12/12 Nil 33.0

16/12/12 2.6 4.2

17/12/12 2.6 Nil

18/12/12 19/12/12 31.1 0.0 Nil 0.0


“Whatever the weather – have a good week” The independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

The sponsored offered a number of encouragement awards to needy golfer namely Greg Wu, Peter Nash and Kate Martin As we approach Christmas week we have one more competition to play before Christmas day and that is the time honoured Cross Country, originally conceived and sponsored by our butcher Jeff O’Keefe from South Pacific Meats, and now taken over by Tony and Kate Martin. For Tony it should be easy to do a layout for this fun competition as he has been in most places on the course!!! We farewelled the very popular Dr Peter Asuo last week. Affectionately know as “The Crutch” Dr Pete has been working at Vila central Hospital as the Paediatrician. His skills will be sorely missed by the hundreds of local families who he assisted in the birth of their children. His wicked sense of humour and his appetite for a good time made in a most liked member of the club. We wish him well in his new posting at Nauru and trust one day he will return. As this will be last scribing before Christmas I wish all golfers and visitors to Vanuatu a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The course will be closed on Christmas day but open all other days for social competition rounds so if you are visiting Vanuatu for Christmas make sure you make time for a round of golf. The Club can provide motorised carts, Clubs and Buggy hire, caddies and of course the bar is open to revive at the end of your round Happy Christmas & a prosperous New Year to All, from the Caveman

Page 25


Loa mo oda i aot long han Taem yumi stap go from Krismas mo Niu Yia, i gud yumi lukluk bak long rod we yumi bin wokabaot long hem i kam kasem tede mo i gud yumi tingting bakegen se rod ia nao i gud long yumi o yumi folem wan narawan. Taem yumi stap go blong selebretem “birth” blong Jisas Kraes, emi taem tu blong rinium bilif long laef blong wan kristian olsem san we i kirap long moning wetem gudfala kala blong hem. Tingting ia nao i shud stap long hart blong evri kristian pipol blong Vanuatu we oli prea evri dei blong luk se kaontri blong olgeta i kam gud wetem gavman blong olgeta mo tu polis blong olgeta. Long evri ofis blong gavman, ol wokman oli prea evri moning taem evriwan i stap long wok mo sam oli prea long aftenun bifo oli go bak long haos. Be i luk olsem, ol prea ia oli tanem raon nomo long wol blong ol ofis mo ruf be oli no go kasem Heven, nomo from we moa yumi prea moa yumi tanem kaontri blong yumi i kam olsem wan toti, olsem we yumi no hangem “Long God Yumi Stanap” long hem. Emi wan “curse” sam ples mo i gud yumi faenemaot, sapos no moa yumi go moa yumi witnesem sam fasin we oli no stret nating from we oli kamaot long ol rabis hart: ating yumi prea plante be yumi

no rispektem nating ol prinsipol blong laef insaed long kristianiti long wol ia. Rispekt ia nao, yumi mas tingting long hem naoia taem yumi harem long ol dei we i go se plante trabol i stap hapen long Vila we i lukim loa mo oda i kamaot long han blong ol pipol we Stet i putum trast long olgeta se olgeta nao oli raet man blong handelem. Taem polis i prichim plante toktok ia se “Taem yu drong, yu no draev”, semtaem ol jif insaed long ol komuniti mo ol papa mo mama oli toktok moa long ol yangfala se “Taem yu drong, yu no mas toktok nogud long narafala man”. Emi tru se ol swea i no bin go long man ia we i bin draevem bas i go long rod long Saratokora long fraide naet namba 14 disemba, be taem swea i go long rod, emi blong eni man we i folem rod ia long stret taem ia we swea i go. Tede, tu komuniti oli no stap gud mo taem niu san i kirap long tusde namba 25 disemba, bae i gat yet ol nogud filing long hart blong ol pipol insaed long tufala komuniti ia, nomo from “failure” blong ol lida blong olgeta mo ol autoriti, we polis nao wan, blong bringim bak pis long hart blong olgeta long fasin blong ol tru kristian mo letem loa i mekem wok blong hem folem jastis we Vanuatu i stanap long hem. Nao, sapos tufala komuniti i disaed blong mekem pis be jastis ia i no mekem wok

blong hem, emi minim nomo se jastis blong Vanuatu emi blong sam man nomo, ating from sam risen. Long Vanuatu, taem wan man o wan woman i brokem loa, polis nao emi dil wetem hem i go kasem level blong Kot be i no stret we sam man nomo we oli brokem loa oli kam “subject” blong jastis be plante oli fri oltaem afta trabol we oli mekem, nomo from we polis i kam “subject blong threat” olsem keis we wan hae ranking ofisa i tokabaot long DP niuspepa long wik ia. Taem polis i fraet (be emi no save fraet long sam nara keis), emi minim se emi no fit mo emi wik, komperem wetem wanem situesen emi stap go tru long hem. Tede, nasonal polis i no wok wan mo emia emi wan long ol risen from wanem polis i wik. Tede, nasonal polis i no gat pawa, folem namba blong ol ofisa blong hem, blong handelem wan problem folem bigfala namba blong populesen olsem emia blong Port Vila we emi kasem foti taosen finis. Mo taem i gat bigfala wok i stap long fored blong polis i handelem, ol man blong politik tu oli pusum nus blong olgeta insaed long nasonal polis mo insaed long ol “diffrencies” we i stap insaed long nasonal polis blong mekem se tede, i gat wan pat blong polis fos i stap aotsaed long wok. Rimemba, insaed long smol pat ia, i gat sam polisman we oli fit long wok mo oli

no fraet blong stap long foret taem wan problem i hapen, from we emi diuti blong hem olsem wan man blong loa mo oda mo semtaem man blong provaedem sekuriti blong kaontri wetem ol pipol blong hem. Akting komisina blong polis mo minista we i lukaotem polis oli shud kam pablik blong talemaot wea ples loa mo oda wetem sekuriti oli stap long hem mo ol stret risen bihaen long bigfala wiknes we i stap insaed long fos. Tede, yumi no harem long maot blong gavman se wanem plan nao blong stopem ol problem we i stap spolem tumas kapitol blong Vanuatu mo aelan we i stap long hem. Be long saed blong ol pipol, i gat bigfala wari mo fraet from we loa mo oda wetem sekuriti oli aot long han finis. Yumi kam long wan taem we man i save katkatem narafala man long bigfala deilaet be bambae emi had blong emi go long kalabus from fraet mo wiknes blong polis. Nomata emia, mi wantem wishim ol gudfala kristian pipol blong Vanuatu wan gudfala Krismas mo wan gudfala Niu Yia 2013. Lukim yufala long namba 12 januari. Gratien Molsoul

Mataskelekele ikam niu ombudsman

Presiden blong Ripablik blong Vanutu, Iolu Johnson Abbil, hemi apoentem long wik niufala mo namba 5 ombudsman blong Vanuatu, Kalkot Mataskele. Mr Matakelekele, hemi tekem ples blong Late Pasa Tosusu we hemi hemi ded long yia. Niu Obudsman ia, hemi givim fes media tok tok blong hem long tasde long wik ia. Hemia nao, hemi stetman o toktok blong hem: 1. Migat gat humble mo respect we His Excellency Iolu Johnson Abbil, President blong Republic, hemi bin jusum mo appointem mi olsem namba 5 Ombudsman blong Vanuatu tru long pawa we hemi gat long Article 61(1) blong Constitution. Mi understand se mifala plante kandidet ibin apply from hae offis ya blong Republic, mo mi biliv se ol nara applicants tu oli save givim gud service long hae post ya sipos oli bin selected. Mi, bambae mi yusum best ability blong mi blong mi traem carry out duty mo responsibility we offis mo post blong Ombudsman blong Republic hemi demandem. Hemya hemi sem toktok we mi bin talem long response long toktok blong His Excellency, President blong Republic long appointment ceremony bifo yestede. Long plesya mi wandem givim 2. tribute igo long olgeta past Ombudsman blong Republic wetem foundation mo wok we olgeta oli putum istap folem requirement we Constitution mo law italem. Mi givim recognition long Mrs Marie-Noelle Patterson (1994-1999), Mr Hannington Alatoa (1999-2004), Mr Peter Taurakoto (2005-2010) olsem olgeta first 3 holders Page 26

blong hae offis ya. Mi givim recognition tu igo long olgeta staff we oli bin serve-em olgeta.

Mi givim spesel recognition igo long namba 4 Ombudsman blong yumi, late Elder Pasa Tosusu (2010-2012), we yumi lusum hem unexpectedly long medel blong tis yia, afta 2 yia nomo long post. Namba 4 Ombudsman hemi bin bringim wan long taem experience mo knowledge long offis ya, from hemi wan long olgeta first officers under long First Ombudsman, mo hemi serve through long first 3 Ombudsman kasem post blong Director until hemi appointed as namba 4 Ombudsman blong Republic. Neisen i lusum wan guiding star blong hem. Olgeta first 4 Ombudsman oli 3. bin mekem total blong 158 public report since appointment blong fas Ombudsman long 15 July 1994. Olgeta active cases we Offis wetem limited staff blong hem oli stap lukluk long hem naoya hemi 220: 171 hemi blong Vila Office mo 49 hemi blong Santo Office. Constitution mo Ombudsman Act italem se inquiry mo investigation blong cases hemi private mo confidential so bae mino save talemaut nem blong eni case or file until report ikam long public. But mi save talem nomo se only cases we oli bin prosecuted long Court hemi ol cases we oli happen bifo 1998. Inogat eni prosecution yet by Public Prosecution Office under Leadership Code Act 1998 start long 1998 ikasem tede. Current Public Prosecutor hemi risivim 6 Public Reports mo 5 reports oli stap yet long consideration blong hem. 4. Toktok blong mi ino long wan, mo bambae mi no ansarem eni verbal questions blong media . But mi wandem

Niu fala ombudsman, Kalkot Mataskelekele

talem sem toktok we mi bin talem long response toktok blong mi long appointment ceremony se, mi tekem olsem wan mission long term blong mi olsem Ombudsman blong Vanuatu blong folemap olgeta proposed review mo amendments long Law blong Omudsman mo Leadership Code blong mekem se Office ya isave performem function we hemi should mekem under long Constitution mo law.

Mr Mataskelekele ino wan niu lida blong Vanuatu. Hemi wan long olgeta fes man Vanuatu we hemi kasem wan gudfala save long skul mo hemi wan loea blong Vanuatu. Hemi bin wan memba blong palaman, hemi mekem wok tu olsem wan jaj blong Vanuatu bifo hemi presiden blong Ripablik blong Vanuatu. Mr Abbil nao, hemi tekem ples blong Mataskelekele. Mr Mataskelekele, hemi bin apoetem long wan Mr Abbil olsem akting ombudsman.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Sarere 22 Decemba 2012


Fiutsa MP blong Niu Kaledonia i visitim palaman Ova long 20 pikinini blong Iles des Pins long Niu Kaledonia, oli stap naoia long Vanuatu. Ol pikinini ia, oli kam wetem sam memba blong famili blong olgeta.

Long nekis yia, ol fren blong olgeta blong Iles des Pins, oli invaetem olgeta blong Vanuatu blong go long ples blong olgeta, Visit blong olgeta bae long franis teritri ia, bae hemi finis long aelan blong Ouvea.

Long taem we oli stap long kantri, oli visitim ol impoten ples olsem Vanuatu Kaltsorol Senta. Musium blong Father Rodet long Nambatu mo palaman blong Vanuatu.

Ino festaem we kaen ekjenj program ia, hemi tekem ples bitwin AVIP Vanuatu mo AVIP Iles des Pins. Ol mama we oli kam wetem ol pikinini ia, oli talem se visit ia, hemi helpem bigwan ol pikinini blong olgeta blong oli save fainemaut moa abaut Vanuatu.

Long palaman, oli bin lanem olsem wanem palaman, hemi wok mo wanem nao, hemi rol blong hem long wan indipenden kantri olsem Vanuatu.

Oli talem se oli lukim long TV nomo be hemi gud blong oli kam lukim ol melanesian fren blong olgeta.

Wan long olgeta interesting ples we ol pikinini ia, oli bin spendem longtaem long hem, hemi statu we hemi stap long ket blong palaman.

Ol mama ia, oli talem se wanem we ol pikinini ia, oli sapraes long hem, hemi smael mo gudfala hat blong pipol blong Vanuatu.

Mr Gaetan Ruru long palaman, hemi talem se long olgeta pikinini blong Niu Kaledonia ia se statu, hemi talem plande storian. Afta long palaman, ol pikinini, oli bin krosem rod blong go visitim VKS. Oli bin pasem wan impoten taem blong lukim Edgar hemi storian long olgeta tru long san drowing blong hem. Hemi talem se long olgeta pikinini ia se san drowing, hemi tu plande storian long hem. Ikat ol san drowing blong ded mo blong ‘love’. Hemi talem se long bifo, ino kat radio mo telefon be pipol I pasem tok tok tru long san drowing.

Ol pikinini blong lles des Pins long Niu Kaledonia. Edgar, hemi soem olgeta tu long lokol instrumen blong musik blong Vanuatu. Hemi iven ple nasional antem blong Vanuatu mo hemia blong Franis long olgeta pikinini blong Iles des Pins ia wetem wan sing sing blong Christmas blong wisim olgeta wan Meri Christmas taem we oli stap long Vanuatu. Ol pikinini blong Iles des Pins ia, oli no kam nomo blong visitim ol impoten ples blong

Vanuatu be oli kam tu blong serem kristian biliv blong olgeta long ol fren blong olgeta long Port Vila. Long sam de mo naet, oli kat ol relijes aktiviti wetem ol famili long Port Vila. Ol pikinini ia oli kam anda long ekjenj we hemi stap bitwin ol katolik komuniti long Port Vila mo ol fren blong olgeta long Iles des Pins we oli kolem AVIP we hemi minim Association Vanuatu Iles des Pins.

Oli talem se oli stap harem nomo se Vanuatu, hemi wan indipenden kantri be hemi gud tu blong oli kam lukim wanem nao, hemi indipendens. Ol mama I talem se wanem we ol pikinini sapraes long long hem, hemi ol man ples we oli stap holem wok long ol ofis blong gavman mo ol gavman institusen olsem palaman. Oli talem se taem bae oli go bak long Iles des Pins, bae oli no save fogetem wanem we oli luk long Vanuatu.

Foti tausen pipol blong Port Vila istap long oposisen... Afta long fomesen blong niu gavman long namba 19 novemba, sam konstituensi, oli stap kik iet blong oli save kat wan minista insaed long koalisen gavman blong praem minista Sato Kilman.

long taem blong eleksen, ol man istap folem ol kandidet blong fes ting ting blong elektem kandidet ia olsem memba blong palaman mo nambatu ting ting, hemi blong oli go wok long gavman.

Sam konstituensi, oli bin ple raet kad blong olgeta long raet taem blong hem olsem Torba, Sanma, Penama, Malampa, Shefa mo Tafea blong oli save kat minista insaed long gavman. Hemia long level blong ol konstituensi be sam negosiesen, hemi tekem ples blong pati o aelan mo hemi mekem se oli save stap insaed long gavman long tede. Tufala main konstituensi we tufala ino kat minista insaed long gavman long namba 19 novemba, hemi Luganville mo Port Vila.

Rialiti we pipol i talemaut long eleksen long namba 30 oktoba se politikol karen bae ino save givim wok mo kakae long evri politikol sapota we oli bin stap folem ol memba blong palaman we oli stap tede long gavman mo iven olgeta we oli stap long oposisen sapos oli go long gavman. Ol 17 politikol pati we oli winim ol MP we istap tede, hemi mekem se bae hemi no posibol blong ol pati we oli stap long gavman mo oposisen, oli givim wok long ol man blong olgeta.

Luganville, hemi winim blong ple kad blong hem long raet taem, taem we indipenden MP, Kalvau Moli, hemi disaed blong hemi lego oposisen wetem nara indipenden blong Tanna, Richard Namel blong hemi go minista blong agrikaltsa.

Hemia, hemi long level blong ol politikol sapota nomo be long level blong ol MP tu i semak. Ol pati we oli stap long gavman tede, ol MP blong olgeta ino save kam minista tu mo bae semak situesen ia, bae hemi happen sapos ol pati we oli stap long oposisen, oli wandem go long gavman. Bae oli no save fitim evri MP mo ol politikol sapota blong olgeta.

Mr Moli, hemi bin stap kat difrens finis wetem deputi lida blong oposisen long tede, Serge Vohor. Mr Moli, hemi holem posisen festaem olsem nasional tresora blong Union blong Moderet Pati be Mr Vohor, hemi sakem hem sam wik nomo bifo eleksen, mekem se hemi muv aut long UMP wetem rijinol komiti blong Luganville mo hemi kontestem eleksen long indipenden tiket. Ol klos sos klosap long Minista Moli i talem se difrensis ia i strong istap iet. Torba MP, Dunstan Hilton, hemi sacrifaem posisen blong hem mo givim long Mr Moli long nem blong stabiliti blong gavman. Kuesten blong stabili ia, hemi bin antap taem we 4 gavman bakbenja, oli ronwe long gavman mo go sapotem fes mosen blong no gat tras agensem Mr Kilman. Ol 4 MP ia, oli saenem mosen from difren risen. Sam oli saenem mosen from we oli talem se ol politikol man blong olgeta ino wok long gavman. Hemi bikam wan tradisen blong Vanuatu se

Nomata long rialiti we istap blong gavman ino save mekem ewvri politikol man oli hapi, ikat kuesten istap se fasin blong seraut ol ministri ino stret. Kuesten blong fea sering ia, ol pipol blong Torba provins nao, oli serem. Farther Alfred Patterson Worek i talem se praem minista Kilman i sapos blong respektem provins ia olsem pat blong Vanuatu mo hemi givim bak wan ministri long olgeta. Farther Worek i talem se ino festaem we Torba provins i sakrifaesem hem long nem blong stabiliti blong gavman be hemi gud blong Mr Kilman, hemi luk luk long sakrifaes bagegen from we hemi talem se oli luk se ino nomo from interes blong pipol blong Torba mo pipol blong Vanuatu be hemi bikam wan wan famili bisnis. Anglikan priest ia i talem se MP Christophe Emelee, hemi bin kontribiut long stabiliti las gavmman mo bagegen long gavman blong tede. Hemi talem se Mr Emelee, hemi

The independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 Decemba, 2012

disevem blong hemi kam wan long olgeta minista blong gavman tede from we hemi wan presiden blong wan politikol pati komperem long wan wan man pati mo hemi sapotem gavman olsem wan MP be ino olsem long las gavman we hemi mekem helpem gavman olsem wan ordineri sitizen. Long konstituensi blong Port Vila ino kuesten blong fea sering blong ol ministri be hemi long level blong ol politikol pati. Ol politikol pati we oli winim eleksen long namba 30 novemba, ol presiden blong olgeta, oli ol memba blong palaman blong Port Vila mo oli stap long oposisen. Ol politikol pati, ikat Vanuaku Pati blong lida blong oposisen, Edward Natapei, Graon mo Jastis Pati blong Ralph Regenvanu mo Vanuatu Liberal Democratic Pati blong Willie Jimmy Tapangararua. Union blong Moderet Pati blong Serge Vohor, presiden blong hem ikamaut long konstituensi blong Santo. Port Vila, hemi kat wan totol blong 6 tsea mo ol 6 MP ia, oli stap evriwan long oposisen. Ol politikol observa i talem se politikol situesen we hemi stap, hemi lukim tufala mama blong indipendens, VP mo UMP, tuflala tugeta istap long oposisen. Oli talem se hemi stap nao blong tufala politikol pati ia i mas wok hat blong tufala i save go long gavman. Oli traem las taem finis wetem wan mosen blong no gat tras agensem Mr Kilman be oli no save winim. Ol politikol observa ia, oli talem se naoia we istap, taem man luk luk gud, hemi kompetisen bitwin ol olfala lida mo ol niu politikol lida blong tede. Oli talem se ol niu politikol lida ia, oli bin stap long ol olfala pati we tede oli stap long oposisen mo sapos, oli stap narasaed, hemi from we oli mas kat wan gudfala risen. Risen ia, bae hemi mekem o hat blong ol niu lida ia, oli save wok wetem ol niu lida. Oli ikat insaed long tufala mama pati, ol niu MP mo sapos, oposisen ino winim blong go long gavman, bae ol niu MP ia, bae oli stap fo yia long oposisen. Oli talem se maet Mr Moli, hemi luk save ples ia tastawe, hemi tekem okesen blong mosen last taem ia blong hemi ronwe igo long gavman.

The Independent i kasem nuis long rod se ikat sam MP we oli stap long oposisen naoia, oli stap redi blong joenem gavman long niu yia, hemia nekis manis. Folem ded blong minista blong pablik utiliti last taem ia, Late Harry Iauko, ikat wan empti ministri istap. Folem lo, bae-eleksen i mas tekem ples bitwin 30 tu 60 de. Bae eleksen ino stap bifo 30 de mo afta 60 taem we ikat wan tsea, hemi empti istap long palaman. Ikat ripot se pipol blong Tanna, oli stap tok tok long hu nao, bae hemi save kam olsem kandidet blong olgeta blong tekem ples blong Late Iauko. Naoia we istap, bae Mr Kilman bae hemi save ple long empti ministri we istap blong hemi mekem gavman blong hem ikat moa namba o blong mekem gavman blong hem, hemi moa steibol ova long kleim blong fea distrbution. Long senario, blong mekem mekem gavman ikat mo namba blong MP, Mr Kilman, hemi save salem empti ministri we istap long wan oposisen be sapos, hemi wandem ansarem tok tok blong ol pipol blong Torba, hemi save apoentem wan long ol memba blong palaman we oli stap long gavman finis. Long ol storian we istap go raon we Port Vila, hemi kat posibliti blong hemi ple kad blong hem stret blong ova foti tausen ppipol blong hem, oli save tekem pat long nasional desisen making bodi. Ikat ripot se hemi festaem long histri we hemi lukim, Port Vila ino karem wan ministeriel potfolio. The Independent i kasem nius se ikat wan grup blong ol man blong politikol blong oposisen we oli stap long Port Vila, oli stap negosiet blong mekem se sam long olgeta MP blong olgeta bae oli joenem gavman long nekis yia. Ino kat yet se bae oli joenem wan bloc long gavman mo wanem nao, hemi kondisen blong olgeta.

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The Independent/L’indÊpendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

Life style

Life Style

Healthy tips

Diminish Bloating and Ignite Fat Burning

Want to flatten your tummy, lose fat, diminish bloating and water retention in just ten days to two weeks? Add one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. With this mixture, take two 100 mg. capsules of kyolic (odorless) garlic oil capsules and drink before each meal. You will drop a dress size in just one month. This combination helps: •

cleanse the liver so it can metabolize fat more efficiently,

prevent the fat in your blood stream from entering the fat cells,

prevent blood sugar levels from spiking and prevents food cravings,

helps prevent and clear acne and blemish breakouts.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. About 64 oz. a day helps flush fat from your system and will keep your liver working at full capacity. If you don’t drink enough water daily, your liver will slow down burning fat and you wont be able to lose weight very quickly. Choose high fiber foods that keep you full and help elimination. Leafy green salads, green beans, pinto beans and other legumes, asparagus, Swiss chard, artichokes, peas, broccoli, apples, pears, and low-glycemic fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are suggested. Avoid bread containing wheat gluten. Many types of bread contain wheat gluten which is extremely difficult for most women to digest. Gluten can cause bloating, weight gain, yeast problems, and may even be the reason you can not seem to lose weight. Choose to eat healthy fats and oils such as flax seeds, avocados, olives, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, salmon, and almond butter. Selenium found in Brazil nuts can help reduce plaque in the arteries. Take two Brazil nuts a day.

A healthy and delicious salad dressing: Extra virgin olive oil with apple cider vinegar, a hint of fresh lemon juice, a little Dijon mustard, crushed garlic or garlic powder, salt and pepper Eat 6 oz. of protein three meals a day. Protein helps you maintain lean muscle mass. Choose low-fat proteins and dairy foods. If you are still hungry after dinner or late at night before bed, make a protein drink with a scoop of whey protein, ice and water. Do not eat fats or carbs before bed only protein.

8 BBQ Safety Tips Every summer there are incidents involving gas BBQ’s but these can be easily avoided with a few simple safety measures. 1. Position: Ensure the barbecue is at least one metre away from objects, including the house and any shrubs or bushes.

Cinnamon is a natural fat-burner and antioxidant that can benefit those experiencing excess abdominal fat, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or those with an increased the risk of type II diabetes.

2. Cylinders and hoses: Barbecues are often exposed to harsh weather conditions when out of use which means hoses can split and connections can be damaged. Check the hose to make sure it has not perished and make sure the gas connections are tight and leak free before using the barbecue, especially if the barbecue has been left idle for some time.

Simply add cinnamon to your daily foods and beverages: Add about ½ to 1 tsp. of powdered cinnamon on cereal or mix into oatmeal or yogurt. Add ¼ tsp. powdered cinnamon to tea or coffee three times a day.

3. Leaks: Never use a match or naked flame to check for leaks. Follow the appliance or cylinder manufacturer’s instructions regarding leak checking procedures.

Taking green tea extract and supplements can aid fat metabolism. Consider taking green tea extract twice to three times daily with meals. Green tea extract is loaded with catechins (also known as polyphenols/antioxidants) that are known to help protect from disease and provide fat-burning properties. The added bonus of green tea is that this is also an antioxidant that can help stimulate collagen production to keep skin looking firm and has many more anti aging benefits. Thermo Green Tea natural Fat Burner capsules are the first clinically proven, ephedra-free thermogenic diet capsules containing 750 mg. of green tea extract of per serving. This gentle fat oxidizing formula is enhanced with 90 mg EGCG (polyphenols) and does not cause nervousness, dizziness or unwanted side effects.

5 ways to cure the hiccups Hiccups always seem to come at the most inconvenient time. Here’s five easy ways to rid yourself of those annoying hiccups.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

4. Gas: Check the gas cylinder. A gas cylinder must not be refilled if it has not been tested for over 10 years or if the cylinder has been damaged. Never use a barbecue on the wrong gas and don’t use Autogas, as it differs from LP and natural gas. 5. Children: Designate the barbecue area a ‘no play zone’, keeping children and pets away until the grill and barbecue tools are completely cool. 6. Ventilation: Never bring a barbecue indoors or into an unventilated place. This is a fire and carbon monoxide poisoning hazard. 7. Action: If a leak is detected or if you smell gas, immediately turn off the supply of gas from the cylinder. 8. Prevention: Always have a suitable fire extinguisher close and handy to your barbecue or outdoor gas appliance. (Check with your retailer for the correct fire extinguisher for your needs)

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promedıcal news News

promedıcal news

ProMedical staff and the board members of VEMSA would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Safe and Happy New Year. News A very busy start to the festive season by staff at ProMedical, various cases have kept staff on the road responding to

people in need. We have responded to cases from Eton on one side of town to Havannah Harbour and Lelepa Island on the other side as well as multiple cases within the town centre.

with the patient until the arrival of the ambulance, gave a good history of what had occurred and didn’t move the victim until the arrival of ProMedical.

It is unfortunate that the ‘silly season’ can sometimes bring out the worst in people as we see the amount of assaults rising in line with the amount of Christmas spirit consumed.

On arrival at the scene a quick but thorough assessment of his injuries and his baseline observations showed a stable patient with a nasty dislocated left knee, multiple lacerations to both knees and a possible fractured arm. Intravenous medication was given for pain relief and possible nausea. Fluid was also given to counter the effects of the pain relief medication dropping the patients’ blood pressure and he was transported to VCH. He was handed over to doctors and nursing staff.

Our cases this month have consisted of two cardiac arrests, multiple chest pains and shortness of breath, vehicle and motor cycle accidents, trips, slips and falls causing a range of injuries from simple cuts and abrasions to fractures if wrists, arms and ankles, multiple cases of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and the humid and hot weather is causing many cases of dehydration.

Bystanders who were quickly on the scene called ProMedical and gave clear directions as to where the incident was, stayed

Emergency Number

25566 / 115 Emergency Number     


25566 / 115

To Anil Jha, the superintendent of the Sungma Tea Estate, all this would be extremely good for business, except that much of the tea sold globally as ‘’Darjeeling’’ is not grown there. Foreign wholesalers often put the name on a blend of the real stuff and lesser teas.

Local tea growers had already fought to save their product from the vagaries of Cold War politics. As India drew politically closer to the Soviet Union, a deal to sell tea to Moscow ushered in a dark period for Darjeeling.

‘’People have tried to replicate it, but have failed,’’ he said. The mountainous terrain also limits production.


The Soviets ordered in bulk and mixed Darjeeling with pedestrian teas from Soviet satellite countries so it could be marketed more widely. Growers saturated their tea gardens with chemicals and pesticides to maximise output. But when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, so did the export deal, leaving Darjeeling with a crop it had trouble selling in Europe, where many customers, especially in Germany, were aghast at the chemical usage. ‘’It took a long time to revive the image of Darjeeling,’’ Mr Jha said. The key was quality. Growers began discarding chemicals and shifted to organic farming. ‘’Here, we are not doing anything,’’ he said. ‘’It is all God-gifted.’’




UK judge Mum on brain tumour operation her son           for       

A JUDGE has ruled that a seven-year-old British boy with cancer should undergo more surgery despite his mother’s opposition, which had led her to run away with her son earlier this month. High Court judge David Bodey ruled that Neon Roberts, who has already had surgery on a brain tumour, should have another operation after hearing from doctors that he would very likely die soon without treatment. The boy’s mother Sally Roberts, 37, had refused to give her consent, telling the court: “I feel I need more expert opinion on it before proceeding.” But a doctor treating Neon said a scan showed more surgery needed to be carried out “urgently”, saying there was a residual tumour left behind from the first operation. He said a second doctor agreed with his analysis.The judge had been due to decide whether Neon should undergo radiotherapy treatment following surgery, which his mother had also opposed, but that issue was put on hold pending a ruling on the operation. Sally Roberts has been locked in a legal dispute with her estranged husband Ben over the boy’s condition and treatment, and earlier this month she went on the run with Neon in what she later said was a panicked move to protect him.The New Zealander says she fears radiotherapy would cause her son long-term harm. The pair were found safe after a judge ordered a search and Ms Roberts apologised for her actions. - AFP

Red Cross

- The New York Times

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Protect your family


‘’That flavour, that uniqueness that comes from here - it is nowhere else,’’ Mr Jha said as he stood among manicured tea bushes 1500 metres above sea level, near the border with Nepal.


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India produces almost 908 million kilograms of tea a year, more than any other country, but Darjeeling accounts for only about 1 per cent of that output. The district has 87 certified tea gardens, as they are locally known, and the potential for expansion is almost nil.

In a decision this year, the European Union agreed to phase out the use of ‘’Darjeeling’’ on blended teas.


Protect your family

AMONG connoisseurs, few teas surpass a good Darjeeling. The smooth and mellow taste commands a premium price and the name itself evokes a bygone era when the British first introduced Chinese tea plants in the Indian foothills of the Himalayas.

So Mr Jha and Darjeeling growers have followed the example of Scottish whisky distillers and French wineries, winning legal protection for the Darjeeling label under laws limiting the use of geographic names to products that come from that place.

Be safe and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Darjeeling takes leaf out of France’s book


ProMedical can provide you with a gift for your family or friends that has the potential to be the greatest gift ever. Consider giving a ProMedical subscription to your family or friends this year - come in and see us at the station for a gift voucher that could save a life from as little as 4500VT/Yr for an entire family. What better way to say you care?

The case of note this month was a motorcyclist who had been struck by a vehicle, causing the rider to be thrown to the roadway injuring his knee and arm. This is a great example of what should happen when an accident like this occurs.


The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012


Safer Sex (we hope) We encourage young people to talk with their parents and healthcare providers about safer sex and abstinence before becoming sexually active. The methods of disease prevention described are not guaranteed to work. You may practice safer sex and still acquire an STD. for the couples using condoms inconsistently and 15 percent for couples not using condoms. In short, nothing guards against STDs like a latex condom and other safer sex practices. Spermicidal foams and jellies, diaphragms, implants and other devices do not block body fluids and may not kill all of the harmful bacteria and viruses in your partner’s secretions. The female condom fits inside the vagina like the diaphragm and also covers the vulva. It is a pouch with flexible rings that is inserted into the vagina. It has the advantage of not requiring a man to maintain an erection during use. Although it is not as effective as the male condom, the female condom is an option for women who want some protection against viral hepatitis, STDs and unintended pregnancies. Anyone can become infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). CDC estimates that 19 million (USA) new infections occur each year, almost half of them among young people ages 15 to 24. Many people are unaware they have an infection. Some diseases that can be transmitted sexually may also be transmitted during the birthing process, or through a blood transfusion. You may be living with hepatitis B or herpes or human papilloma virus (HPV) and not know it.

The birth control pill, IUDs, vasectomies, tubal sterilizations and other methods of birth control offer great protection against pregnancy, but no protection against STDs. Many people use latex condoms along with these birth control methods for the best protection against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Even Oral Sex Requires a Condom

For maximum prevention, teens and adults should either abstain from sex or always practice “safer sex,” although abstinence is the more sure method of STD prevention.

Oral sex may not get one pregnant, but it can still transmit disease. It is safer to put a condom on the penis before beginning oral sex to guard against secretions that may carry infection. It is important not to get secretions or semen in the mouth. A sore throat or small cuts on the gums may serve as entryways for viruses.

With safer sex, no body fluids enter a vagina, anus or mouth (during vaginal, anal or oral intercourse) or come into contact with mucous membranes, such as around the eyes, gums, or nostrils. The best way to prevent body fluids from reaching someone during intercourse is to use a condom. A condom is a sheath that fits over the penis. It can be made of latex (the safest condom available), plastic or animal tissue. It is also called a rubber, safe or jimmy. Today, nearly as many women as men buy and carry condoms. It catches a man’s semen before, during and after he ejaculates. Some condoms have a nipple-shaped tip to hold the semen so it does not spill out. Experts consistently recommend latex because some animal tissue, such as lambskin, has pores small enough for sexually transmitted viruses or bacteria to pass through. Polyurethane condoms break more often than latex. A study cited by Planned Parenthood observed heterosexual couples where one partner was HIV-infected and the other was not for an average of 20 months. It found:

Vaginal secretions can also carry viruses, especially if a woman is having her period. Latex condoms can be cut with a scissors up the middle for oral sex on the vulva or anus. Latex dams or squares, which are thicker than plastic wrap and more likely to resist tearing, may be used. Latex gloves also provide STD protection.

Proper Use of Condoms A condom just might save a life, and should be treated like the valuable tool it is. Store condoms in a cool, dry place. Long exposure to air, heat or light makes them more breakable. Do not store them continually in a back pocket, wallet, purse or glove compartment. Check the expiration date to make sure the condom is fresh and safe. Throw away condoms that have expired, been exposed to heat, carried around in a wallet, or washed in the washer or dried in

None of the uninfected partners among the 124 couples who used condoms consistently and correctly for vaginal or anal intercourse became infected with HIV.

About 10 percent of the uninfected partners (12 of 121) became infected when condoms were used inconsistently for vaginal or anal intercourse.

Condoms usually come rolled into a ring shape. They are individually sealed in aluminum foil or plastic. When opening the condom package, do it carefully to avoid tearing the condom.

Of the 121 couples that used condoms inconsistently, 61 used condoms for at least half of their sexual contacts and 60 rarely or never used condoms. The rate of infection was 10.3 percent

To minimize mistakes, both partners should know how to put on and use a condom. Planned Parenthood Federation recommends learning in a safe place free of pressure or frustration. Practice on one’s own penis or on a penis-shaped

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday, 22 December, 2012 Page 28

To ensure maximum protection, never use a condom twice and always put a new condom on an erect penis before there’s any genital, anal or oral contact. If intercourse has already begun, pulling out and putting on a condom right before ejaculation may be too late for protection against STDs and pregnancy. The male should put on a condom as early as possible at the very beginning of sex play rather than waiting until his partner is ready for penetration. It’s also a good idea to have extra, new condoms around in case a condom is put on too soon or if he loses his erection. A condom is like a sock, with a right and wrong side. First, unroll it about half an inch to see in which direction it is unrolling. Then put it on. If a male has not been circumcised, pull the foreskin back first. It should unroll easily down the penis. If it starts off on the wrong side, try again with a new condom. Don’t be afraid to practice ahead of time. Hold the tip of the condom gently between the fingers as it rolls down. This keeps out air bubbles or pockets that can increase the chance of a condom breaking. It also leaves space at the end for the semen. Roll the condom down as far as it will go. Anal intercourse increases the chance of STDs tremendously, because there can be small tears or bruises in the anus during sex, which makes one tremendously vulnerable to bloodborne infections like viral hepatitis and HIV.

What Is Safer Sex?

Safer sex means taking action to make sure no one gets their partner’s blood, semen or vaginal fluids in their body. Similarly, safer sex means you make sure your own body fluids don’t enter your partner.

object like a ketchup bottle, banana or cucumber.

the dryer. If they appear dry, stiff or sticky, toss them. If there are any doubts about a condom, buy a new one.

For anal intercourse, lots of lubrication is helpful. Using a water-based lubricant is also helpful for vaginal intercourse. The lubricant goes on after the condom is put on, not before, or else it could allow the condom to slip off easily. Add more lubrication often. Dry condoms break more easily than properly-lubricated ones. Using lubricant will make things go smoother and give added protection. Lubrication is especially helpful for women when they have intercourse for the first time, or if there is a tendency for soreness. Always use a water-based lubricant (such as KY Jelly, Astroglide, Aqua Lube, Wet, Foreplay, or Probe) because oil breaks latex. Don’t use vaseline, hand creams or lotions as a lubricant. Also, treatments for yeast infections may contain oil and may break latex. After ejaculation, hold the condom at the bottom of the penis so it doesn’t slip off. Try to pull out while still erect or hard. The condom comes off only after the penis is completely out of the partner. Use a condom only once. Never use the same condom for vaginal and anal intercourse.

Talk Contraception Before the Heat of the Moment

It may be embarrassing to talk to a partner about contraception and condoms, but it’s essential, and should be done before a sexual situation begins. Don’t wait until the heat of passion takes over. It can overwhelm good intentions. Be honest about feelings and needs. Silence is not a virtue in this situation. Talking about condoms will make it easier for both partners. It can help create a relaxed mood and make sex even more enjoyable and safe. Embarrassment should not become a health risk and increase chances of infection. It’s important for partners to be open and share health concerns and sexual health history.

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Calvin & Hobbes Ha 15

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For Better or for worse Shoe

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The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012 Page 27


Africa’s ‘city of the future’ THE people of Equatorial Guinea ought to be among the world’s wealthiest - but somehow the country’s income from oil and timber doesn’t reach them. Eight years after a failed coup, putting cash in people’s pockets is not the president’s priority. Deep in the rainforest, a giant dome of steel and glass is the centrepiece of one of the most grandiose and expensive construction projects in all of Africa. The library of the new International University of Central Africa has the look of a spaceship docked in a jungle clearing. Around the dome, a sprawling campus is taking shape. Earth movers, cranes and international construction crews from as far afield as Brazil, Poland and North Korea are turning the dreams of President Teodoro Obiang Equatorial Guinea’s self-styled Guarantor of Peace and Propeller of Development - into logic-defying reality. The university is but one small part of the president’s ambition to build Africa’s city of the future. Oyala will be the country’s new capital, a multi-billion-dollar plaything for Africa’s longest-serving dictator. Down a newly-laid six-lane highway, dubbed the Avenue of Justice, Oyala’s first luxury

hotel is taking shape. It boasts 450 rooms, a spa, theatre and convention centre. A championship golf course has already been carved out of the virgin forest. “For me it’s a dream park,” says Vicente Cabrera, chief engineer at the new university, and my guide round Oyala. “I’m from Spain. Back home infrastructure and construction is dead. Here there are no limits.” But there are frustrations. The president himself is a frequent visitor. A university building recently had to be moved because he didn’t like the view. Not surprisingly, the project is running late. Every nail, brick and tile is imported. Equatorial Guinea is rich in oil, gas and timber but it manufactures nothing. Even the food consumed by the construction crews is trucked into the jungle from Cameroon. Within a decade, Oyala will house the president, the government and - according to the master plan - up to 200,000 people. Where the inhabitants will come from is anyone’s guess. The population of the entire country could fit into the city of Leeds, and the vast majority live far away, close to the coast. It’s the remoteness of Oyala that makes

Swathes of Equatorial Guinea’s rainforest are being sold to China. it so appealing to President Obiang. In a rare interview he described how rebels had recently plotted a seaborne assault on his palace in the current capital, Malabo. “We need a secure place for my government and for future governments. That’s why we have created Oyala, to guarantee the government of Equatorial Guinea,” he says. The president’s obsession with security is rooted in his past. He came to power by way of a coup against his own uncle some 33 years ago - he’s been suspicious of all political opposition ever since. Internal critics and human rights activists who become troublesome are invited to reflect on their disloyalty in Equatorial Guinea’s notorious Black Beach prison. Many opponents have been accused of conspiring with foreign powers to bring down the government.

The WHO says if netting provisions fall, malaria could ‘bounce back’.

Malaria progress threatened by funding, says WHO RECENT gains in the fight against malaria could be reversed because funding has stalled, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said. Its latest World Malaria Report says 1.1 million lives were saved in the past decade but that the expansion in funding from 2004-09 halted in 2010-12. Less than half of the $5.1bn (£3.1bn) needed was spent last year. The WHO’s latest figures - for 2010 - show some 219 million people were infected, with 660,000 people dying. The WHO said in a statement that the plateau in funds meant “that millions of people living in highly endemic areas continue to lack access to effective malaria prevention, diagnostic testing, and treatment”. Its report said the supply of “life-saving commodities” - such as long-lasting insecticidal nets and indoor spraying programmes - had slowed. The report said 50 countries were on track to meet targets for cutting malaria cases but that these countries only represented 3 per cent of malaria cases. Fourteen nations account for an estimated 80 per cent of malaria deaths and Robert Newman, director of the WHO Global Malaria Programme in Geneva, said these high-burden countries were “in a precarious situation and most of them need urgent financial assistance”.

The 2004 failed coup attempt led by the British mercenary Simon Mann (allegedly funded in part by Mark Thatcher, son of Margaret Thatcher, the former UK Prime Minister), served to fuel President Obiang’s paranoia. Today the president remains convinced that the so-called Wonga Coup had foreign government backing. “That coup attempt was organised by certain powers, we know all about it,” the president tells me. “Margaret Thatcher’s son was involved. Also other well-known personalities. It is not possible that it was organised in Spain, London, South Africa and in the United States without the knowledge of the security services in those countries.” Simon Mann was pardoned and released from Black Beach prison three years ago, but relations between President Obiang and Western governments remain complicated. They want access to his oil wealth without appearing to endorse his regime. For his part, the president is particularly vexed by the legal actions being taken against his eldest son - and likely successor - Teodorin, in France and the US.

Lead report author Richard Cibulskis said: “We need to make sure that we continue the investments in the control measures that we have.

A six-storey Paris mansion, and a fleet of 12 luxury cars belonging to Teodorin have been seized by French investigators. American officials are similarly seeking to confiscate a home in Malibu, a private jet and $2m of Michael Jackson memorabilia

“If we don’t do that, malaria will bounce back. As soon as you take bed nets away, malaria will come back. If you stop indoor residual spraying, it will come back, and with a vengeance.” - BBC

The US Department of Justice says Teodorin, a 40-year-old playboy who was recently appointed vice-president, diverted tens of

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

millions of dollars of state revenues into personal accounts. “The process in Paris is a farce, a political setup,” the president says. “They are accusing my son of having illegally acquired these things but they have not sent a commission to this country to make inquiries. “No-one steals here... On the contrary, what my government has done to this country is to increase the living standards of the people and provide better infrastructure.” But five minutes’ drive from the presidential palace there is ample evidence that the country’s vast oil riches are not trickling down to most of the people. Briefly escaping the attentions of my government minder I meet a baker in a ramshackle neighbourhood of wood-framed, tin-roofed shacks. “We don’t have clean water, and we don’t have any sanitation,” he tells me. He gestures to the dirt track beyond his house. “It’s OK now, but when it rains its impassable.’” Equatorial Guinea is the third biggest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of per capita national income it is - on paper one of the world’s richest countries. But most of the population lives on little more than $1 a day. Average life expectancy barely reaches 55. A youth in his twenties - another who must remain nameless - allows his anger to overcome his caution. “The president and his family are nothing but thieves,” he says. “Yes, people are frightened, but one day there will be an explosion here.” For now, President Obiang, his family and his ruling party appear to be in complete control. In the last presidential election he won 97% of the vote. There’s no reason to expect a different outcome when he faces re-election in 2016. “It’s a police state, just like North Korea,” says the sole opposition MP, Placido Mico. “They use the oil money as a weapon against democracy.” I ask the 70-year-old president - the longestserving non-royal head of state in the world - if he intends to remain in office to oversee the transfer of government to the new jungle capital, Oyala? “It depends on the will of the people,” he says. “When the people want something, we should not disappoint them.” - BBC

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Libra -Friends and family may appreciate you getting in touch over this festive week. 23 Sept. 22 Oct.

The focus is on communication, and it seems you have a lot to say, most of which is positive, upbeat, and often amusing. Being willing to send out invitations and get everyone together will kick-start the celebrations.

Scorpio - Unless you overindulge or jeopardize your health, this should be a fairly



23 Oct. 22 Nov.

23 Nov. 21 Dec.


to spend some time alone reflecting on your priorities may win out. You might also approach this holiday week with a desire to help others make their lives easier and more fun. Rather than attending parties, you might want to get involved in charitable efforts and spend your time making

Aquarius 19 Jan. 19 Feb.


Sagittarius -You might want to guard against all forms of excess this week. It might be too easy to go over the top in just about everything, especially promises. Despite this, you seem to be the life and soul of the party and the one everyone wants to be around. Your relationship outlook is very positive. Success is assured concerning efforts to further ties with loved Capricorn - Although there’s an emphasis on your social life, a desire

22 Dec. 18 Jan.


smooth-sailing week. A focus on your money zone suggests you’re in a very generous mood and might decide to splurge on friends and family. Your warm-hearted gesture will be repaid many times over. You may need to kick-start your social life, perhaps by inviting friends over for a get-together or party. It’s important that you get out .

20 Feb. 20 March

Socially, you seem to be having the time of your life over this holiday week. There are opportunities to attend plenty of parties, get-togethers, and other celebrations at this time of year. A romantic relationship may blossom this week. You and your latest love interest could go out together a lot more and discover how much you enjoy each other’s company. At the same time, you may be eager to reflect

Pisces - Your career seems to be going great guns this week, with plenty of opportunities to get ahead. You may be offered a special deal, perhaps a promotion or an opportunity to renew a valuable contract. It’s also a good time to invite colleagues and professional friends back this week.

Aries - It will be hard to pin you down this week. Your many interests could keep you busy. Your independence is very important to you, and with it comes a desire for adventure and a chance to go to places you’ve never been. Others seem attracted by your high spirits and fun approach to life. Your career zone moves into focus later in the 22 March week, so you might be busy hatching a few plans or working out a strategy to achieve 20 April an important goal. Taurus -


21 April 20 May

Gemini 21 May 21 June

22 June 22 July

E E 23 July 23 Aug.


Rework a financial plan and focus on one important area where you want to make progress. You might be willing to take a risk or gamble. There’s even a chance of a small windfall or an opportunity to close a lucrative deal. Listen to your intuition for the best results. Conflicts could cause trouble in romance. Do your best to deal with difficult or restless personalities. An upbeat outlook helps you keep your cool and come

Perhaps you can be of help at a time when a friend’s plight, money concerns, or work issues bring anxiety. Schedule a chat, dinner, or party for a chance to talk things over and cheer up your pal. Relationships seem to be positive and upbeat with plenty of opportunities for fun events and good times this week. The focus later shifts to shared resources. The cosmos may be encouraging you to pay off credit cards and sort out debts.

Cancer - A health issue might require attention. Because of the positive energy around your health sector, you should be able to sort this out in no time. Listen to the advice of your health professional and read about alternative ideas and other possible treatments. Being proactive about your health is a positive move this week. Leo - If you feel generous, treat someone special to a good lunch. You’ll both be on the same page and enjoy each other’s company immensely. Romance is in the air. Over this holiday week you seem set to enjoy a lighthearted relationship - or perhaps more than one. You could be involved in organizing events, office parties, and get-togethers, Virgo - You’ll enjoy the positive, upbeat focus on your home zone over this holiday

24 Aug. 22 Sept.

week, especially as you’re guaranteed to have plenty of fun. Your place seems to be a social center for friends and family to drop by for a drink and chat. You may even decide to host your work party at your place or invite colleagues over to relax and chill. There’s also a focus on your romance zone, with the potential for one relationship.

SUDOKU ROCKU Last Solution 461

ACROSS 1. Flat floating vessels 6. Level 10. Close 14. Panache 15. Spindle 16. River of Spain 17. Dishonor 18. Give as an example 19. Nematode 20. Enticement 22. Smack 23. Female sib 24. Collection of maps 26. Panic 30. Motherless calf 32. Sea 33. Farm animal 37. Bogus 38. Striped feline 39. Part of a comparison 40. Hair from a mane 42. A river through Paris 43. It pumps blood 44. Sullen 45. Will 47. Faucet 48. Coalition 49. Leather shorts 56. A building for skating 57. Computer symbol 58. Foreword 59. False god 60. Desire 61. Descendant 62. No more than 63. Be compelled 64. Brusque

12. Tapestry 13. Cavort 21. What we breathe 25. “___ the season to be jolly” 26. Nonsense (British) 27. Reflected sound 28. Back 29. Dilapidated 30. Finger or toe 31. Not under 33. Teller of untruths 34. Buckeye State 35. Tins 36. Leg joint 38. A soft grey metal 41. Snake-like fish 42. An ancient Greek philosopher 44. Blemish 45. Skid 46. Show respect towards 47. Basic belief 48. The top edge of a vessel 50. Beige 51. Canines 52. A single time 53. Blend 54. God of love 55. Not a single one

Last solution - 461


The grid of 81 squares consists of nine blocks each containing nine cellls. Solve the puzzle using logic and a process of elimination. Fill in the blank cells using the numbers from 1 to 9. Each number must appear just once in each row, column and block. Solution next edition.

Page 32 4

1. A musical pause 2. Dull pain 3. Deception 4. Pack down 5. Type of hat 6. Truths 7. 62 in Roman numerals 8. Countertenor 9. Adolescent 10. An open letter 11. African virus The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

Children’s Page

Easy costume: butterfly mask

Santas Maze Make Santa's Christmas merry and bright By helping him through this maze of lights!

Making masks is a wonderful way for children to get creative with art and then engage in some play with their new craft. Cut out the free printable below to make a pretty butterfly mask. Just add imagination.

What you need: •

1 x butterfly mask


coloured pencils or textas


1 x wooden chopstick

masking tape

Optional extras: •

glitter glue, feathers, ribbons, anything you want!

Activity: Print out the butterfly mask template and use this to cut out onto stronger paper. Draw shapes and patterns, colour it in or decorate it with sequins or glitter glue if you have them. Glue the butterfly onto cardboard (a cereal box is perfect) and then cut it out again Attach the wooden chopstick to one side of the mask (on the blank side of the mask) with the masking tape. Your child can now hold it in front of her face (masquerade-ball style) and be a butterfly whenever the mood takes her.

Butterfly mask

© FamilyFun

F or more great holiday ideas, visit

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Myth. Myth who? Myth you, too! Knock Knock! Who’s there? Dewey. Dewey who? Dewey have to go to school today? Knock Knock! Who’s there? Ken. Ken who? Ken you open the door, please? Knock Knock! Who’s there? Kent. Kent who? Kent you tell? Knock Knock. Who’s there? Tank! Tank who? You’re welcome! Knock Knock

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

Who’s there? Witches! Witches who? Witches the way to go home? Knock knock! Who’s there? Hugo. Hugo who? Hugo-ing to let me in, or what?

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Weird and Wacky news Rioters in Belfast petrol bomb cops evidence to indicate that Pierce’s actions were racially motivated, but rather they were politically motivated”.

A US firefighter has been sacked for putting toilet paper imprinted with President Barack Obama’s face in a fire station bathroom

But black activists in the city saw it differently, appearing in force this week at the City Commission meeting to express dismay at what they saw as Pierce’s disrespectful, offensive and racist actions, and to call for his dismissal.

It was the third time Clint Pierce had posted political paraphernalia on city property and a violation of a direct order to cease and desist from such behaviour, according to city records. He had until 5pm to turn in his badge.

“If you don’t know what it means, I’m going to break it down to you very gently and very nice,” Carlene Duncan said.

“It was clearly a case of insubordination,” said Sandra King, a spokeswoman for the city of Pompano Beach.

“It means ‘we will wipe our butt with your face,’ and that’s not very nice. That’s very disrespectful to our president.

“He had a similar situation of posting political messages on city property, and he was given a free pass at that time and told to cease and desist, and he did it again and really exacerbated the situation.”

“(Pierce) needs to be fired, and that is just the bottom line.”

Pierce, 50, had been with the department since November 1993. He could not be reached for comment on Friday. The incident exhibited “tasteless and disrespectful treatment” of the President, “caused significant divisiveness within the

The incident exhibited “tasteless and disrespectful treatment” of the US President, the man’s boss said. department and community”, and led to “a community outcry” and “negative national news coverage”, fire chief Harry Small wrote in a November 29 order calling for Pierce’s termination. After investigating the toilet paper stunt, Small “found no

The toilet paper appeared in a Pompano Beach Fire Station restroom on October 19 and Pierce admitted putting it there as a “gag”, city records show. He had earlier placed a bumper sticker that “did not cast the President in a positive light” on his locker and had a coffee mug with a picture of the President portrayed as a clown. - AAP

Iron-stein: So smart he steampressed his face TOMASZ Paczkowski has just ruined it for every man trying to prove he can successfully multitask. Mr Paczkowski found out the hard way that you can’t concentrate too hard on something else while you’re trying to iron a shirt. No, Mr Paczkowski, the boxing isn’t so engrossing that you forget to iron your shirt safely and, instead, iron your FACE.

A bottle of Johnnie Walker black label saved a New Zealand man’s sight.

Man blinded by vodka A BOTTLE of whisky has saved the sight of a New Zealand man who went blind after a couple of vodkas. Denis Duthie, 65, suddenly went blind when vodka he had been drinking reacted with his diabetes medication. Mr Duthie, a catering tutor at New Plymouth’s Western Institute of Technology, had been celebrating his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in June by having a few vodkas from a bottle his students had given him as a present,The New Zealand Herald reports. When he walked into a bedroom in his home everything suddenly went black. “I thought it had got dark and I’d missed out on a bit of time but it was only about half-pastthree in the afternoon. I was fumbling around

the bedroom for the light switch but ... I’d just gone completely blind,” he told the paper. Mr Duthie was rushed to Taranaki Base Hospital, where doctors thought he might have formaldehyde poisoning, which is associated with ingesting methanol and can be treated by administering ethanol - the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. There wasn’t enough medical ethanol available in the hospital, so the registrar nipped down to the local bottle shop and picked up a bottle of whisky. “Johnnie Walker Black Label. It was good whisky, yeah,” Mr Duthie said. They dripped the whisky into his stomach through a tube, and hoped for the best. “I woke up five days later and I could see as soon as I could open my eyes,” Mr Duthie said.

Commercial & Personal Effects Fr8 Logistics Ph 27744

Here’s the best part: Yes, he was drinking at the time, but that’s not it. He mistook the iron for a telephone.

So when the phone rang, he picked up the hot iron and put it to his ear. Mr Paczkowski, from Elbag, Poland, just.... no. “Trouble was, I then got so involved in the boxing that I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing,” he said. “So when the phone rang I picked up the iron by mistake and pressed it to my ear. “I really don’t know how I could make such a silly mistake. But I guess it proves men are not able to multitask as well as many women can.” And he’s 32 years old.

Three deer interrupt race meeting PUNTERS who came to watch horses at one US racetrack got a surprise when three deer got on to the course first and beat the horses to racing. According to KDKA-TV, a race was about to begin last Wednesday night at the Meadows Racetrack in Washington County, Pennsylvania, when the deer jumped onto the track. Race announcer Roger Huston didn’t miss a beat. He began calling the race as it unfolded, saying things like: “As they race down the track, Bambi has the lead. Here comes Rudolph from the outside.” The deer ran fast but kept changing directions. At one point, they appeared headed to the paddock, where the horses were being held. Several minutes into the show, the deer decided to leave the track to the horses. Huston says Bambi won the race. - AP

Police sold a dummy - almost THIEVES who raided an expensive clothes shop in Rome stood still and pretended to be mannequins when the police arrived - and they nearly got away with it. The three raiders, aged 78, 70 and 55, broke into the fashion store at 4am and were busy throwing designer brands and leather handbags into sacks when the police arrived. As officers fanned out, the raiders, dubbed the “grandpa thieves”, stood among a group of storefront dummies and remained immobile. The were not seen at first and police thought they had fled from the store, in Via Piave in the Sallustiano area of the capital.Only a small movement by one gave the game away. The three, who were carrying lock-picking devices and were known to the police, were charged with aggravated theft and carrying tools for breaking and entering. - The Telegraph, London

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The Independent/L’Indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012


L’ACPV nous avait promis un grand rallye et ce fut le cas ! Le temps était idéal pendant les deux jours de compétition, les organisateurs et le public étaient ravis. Tous les compétiteurs se sont amusés et ont vraiment donné le meilleur d’eux même.  

et Kristian Russet (le lion). Nicolas Dufus (le marlin), notre 5ème moto, a dû s’arrêter samedi soir suite à une chute au prologue. Dimanche, alors que notre chat de course rattrapait progressivement son retard, lancé à très grande vitesse, il a malheureusement chuté et n’a pas pu retomber sur ses pattes. Une grosse frayeur ! Mais l’équipe de Tassiriki Health Centre et l’ambulance de Promédical était là pour rassurer tout le monde.  

Jusqu’à la dernière minute, impossible de savoir qui allait être Premier au classement général 2012 du Vanuatu… Le samedi matin, le public était au rendezvous autour du terrain du parlement.  

C’est alors Stéphane Sarginson qui a terminé à la première place du podium, suivi de Kristian Russet et de Laurent Dufus.                                                                                                                             Classement Buggy… Aucune surprise… Claude Bremaud (le dauphin), le seul inscrit dans sa catégorie a remporté la première place du classement !  

Dès la première spéciale, Pierre-Henri Brunet s’est imposé en faisant un temps record et a mis la pression aux leaders du rallye! De retour à la pointe du diable, Arnaud Russet, notre Buluk national, a repris la tête du classement, suivi de Julien Lenglet, le serpent, et de Pierre-Henri Brunet, l’ours. Philippe Blanche, le coq, notre compétiteur de Nouvelle Calédonie arrivait alors à la 4ème place, mais les temps étaient serrés!   Le samedi soir, Julien Lenglet a clairement dominé les spéciales de nuit.   Le Dimanche matin, Julien reprenait la tête du classement, suivi de près par Arnaud Russet et de Pierre-Henri Brunet, Philippe Blanche restait en 4ème position. Les 4 hommes se suivaient de près et la moindre erreur de pilotage allait faire la différence…  A la pointe du diable, il y avait deux différents parcours : la super-spéciale avec deux voitures au départ, mais aussi la « spéciale des cocotiers » avec une seule voiture au départ.   Cette dernière était assez difficile car nos compétiteurs ont du slalomer entre

Bénévoles Rallye donner un bravo! les vaches, les cochons sauvages et les moutons… C’est ça aussi le Vanuatu!   4 spéciales avant la fin du rallye, Julien Lenglet a cassé son support de roue arrière, il a tout de même réussi à terminer la course, mais le temps de réparation lui a fait prendre du retard. Durant cette même spéciale, Arnaud Russet a cassé sa boite de vitesse. Malgré leurs problèmes mécaniques, nos deux compétiteurs ont terminé toutes les courses et ont effectué des temps impressionnants ! Le doute régnait sur le nom du premier …  Le soir, au Tennis club, personne, à part la direction de course, ne savait qui allait être à la première place, le suspense était

à son comble ! Après décompte des temps effectués pendant le week end,  Pierre-Henri Brunet est monté sur la plus haute marche du podium, suivi par Arnaud Russet, à 7 secondes près. Philippe Blanche est alors monté à la troisième place.   Notre compétiteur de Nouvelle Calédonie est reparti en promettant de revenir en 2013 ! Il a été ravi de l’accueil et félicite le public passionné ni-vanuatu !   Pour le classement moto : Stéphane Dinh (le chat) était le plus rapide et a mené la course jusqu’à ce qu’un souci mécanique le retarde. Il était suivi de près par son ami Stéphane Sarginson (le bulldog), puis par le plus jeune de la compétition : Laurent Dufus (le requin)

La tombola a été tirée à la fin de l’événement, des enfants sont repartis avec des beaux cadeaux et des grands sourires. Le spectacle était superbe ! En plus de l’adrénaline provoquée par la vitesse des bolides, nous pouvions voir le samedi  Vanuatu hélicoptère qui survolait l’événement, nous avons eu le droit à une démonstration de jongleur de feu le samedi soir, à de magnifiques danses tahitiennes du groupe Hokulani le dimanche, et à de bons petits plats du Péché Mignon etc.   L’association ACPV peut se féliciter de l’organisation de ce rallye, car celui-ci était à la hauteur des rallyes internationaux professionnels, grâce aux sponsors, mais aussi et surtout grâce aux différents volontaires qui ont tout fait pour rendre cet événement inoubliable pour le public et pour les compétiteurs. Un grand BRAVO à toute l’équipe de bénévoles de l’ACPV.  Hâte d’assister au prochain rallye 2013! Pas vous? ;) - Lili Chong

ACPV promised us a great rally - and so it was! The weather was ideal during the two days of competition, the organizers and the audience were delighted. All competitors had fun and really gave the best of themselves. Until the last minute, no one could know who would be first overall in 2012 in Vanuatu ... On Saturday morning, the audience was there around the grounds of parliament. Right from the first stage, Pierre-Henri Brunet put pressure on the leaders of the rally by making a record time from the start!  Back to Devil’s Point, Arnaud Russet, our national buluk, took over the lead, followed closely by Julien Lenglet, the snake, and Pierre-Henri Brunet, the bear. Philippe Blanche, the rooster, our New Caledonian competitor, was then in fourth place, but times were tight!  On Saturday evening, Julien Lenglet clearly dominated the night stages. On Sunday morning, he took over the lead, followed closely by Arnaud Russet and Pierre-Henri Brunet, while Philippe Blanche remained in fourth position. The four men were all very close and any driver error would make a difference.  At Devil’s Point, there were two different tracks: the SuperStage with two cars at the start, and the 'coconut stage' with one car at a time racing.  This track was quite difficult to run because our competitors had to slalom between cows, wild pigs and sheep... that's also rallying in Vanuatu!  Four stages before the end of the rally, Julien Lenglet broke his wheel hub. He still managed to finish his race, but the repair

A big crowd turned out at Devil’s Point on Sunday morning, enjoying the beautiful weather and exciting action. Rally cars under starter’s orders at the SuperStage. time delayed him. During this stage Arnaud Russet broke his gearbox. Despite their mechanical problems, our two competitors finished all the races and made impressive time. Suspense remained on the name of the first competitor. In the evening presentation at the tennis club, nobody except the rally committee knew who would be in first position, so the suspense was at its peak! After counting the times done over the weekend, Pierre-Henri Brunet got on the top step of the podium, followed by Arnaud Russet close by seven seconds. Philippe Blanche then got to the third place.  Our New Caledonian competitor left, promising to return in 2013. He was delighted by the Vanuatu welcome and he congratulates the passionate Vanuatu public.  In the motorbike competition, Stéphane Dinh (the cat) was the fastest and he was leading the race until he got a mechanical problem

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

that delayed him. He was followed closely by his friend Stéphane Sarginson (the bulldog), then by Laurent Dufus (the shark), who is also the youngest competitor, and Kristian Russet (the lion). Nicolas Dufus (the marlin), our fifth motorbike, had to stop Saturday night after he fell during the prologue. On Sunday, while our cat was gradually catching up with his delay, launched at a very high speed, he unfortunately fell over, and was not able to land back on his legs. What a big fright! But the Tassiriki Health Centre and the ProMedical ambulance were there to act when necessary and keep everyone safe. It was then Stéphane Sarginson who finished at the first place, followed by Kristian Russet and Laurent Dufus. In the Buggy category... No surprise ... Claude Bremaud (the dolphin) - the only competitor registered in his category - won the first place!

The raffle was drawn at the end of the event, and the children left with beautiful gifts and big smiles. The show was great! In addition to the adrenaline caused by the speeding cars, we could see on Saturday the Vanuatu helicopter flying over the event. We were also lucky to watch a demonstration of fire dancing on Saturday evening, beautiful Tahitian dances from Hokulani group on Sunday, and we had very good food from au Péché Mignon etc… The association ACPV can be proud of the organization of this rally, as it was at the height of professional international rallies, thanks to sponsors, but also thanks to various volunteers who did everything they could to make this event unforgettable for the audience and the competitors. A big “THANK YOU” to all the team.  Looking forward to attend the next rally in grade 2013! How about A you? ;) winner Jose. - Lili Chong

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Christmas Recipes Christmas trifle recipe Method

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • •

1. Prepare jelly as per packet instructions and refrigerate.

1pkt strawberry flavoured jelly 1 pkt lime jelly 6 cups milk 6 tbsp custard powder 6 tbsp sugar 600ml cream, whipped 1 punnet strawberries 1 tin (825g) sliced peaches 1 tin (425g) mango slices 1 swiss roll 1/2 cup or sherry or orange juice

• This recipe takes a bit of preparation but it’s worth it in the end. • You can make this the day before you need to serve it. I think it’s actually better 24 hours later. • You can exchange the sherry for orange juice for a child-friendly option.

• • • • • • • • • • • rv




4 eggs 100g caster sugar 1/2 cup (75g) self-raising flour 25g cocoa 3 1/2 tbs (75ml) milk 1 tbs Kahlua 1 tbs honey Filling: 5 tbs (100ml) thin cream 110g good-quality dark chocolate 225g white chocolate 600ml thickened cream Icing: 350g good-quality dark chocolate 5 tbs (100ml) thickened cream

1. Preheat the oven (not fan-forced) to 170°C. Grease a 23cm springform cake pan and line the base. 2. Place eggs and sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on high for 5 minutes or until thick and pale. Sift flour and cocoa together, then fold into egg mixture. Spoon into the pan and bake for 30 minutes or until a skewer inserted into centre comes out clean. Remove and cool in pan for 5 minutes, then turn out on a wire rack to cool completely. 3. To make syrup, place milk, Kahlua and honey in a saucepan and heat over low heat until combined. Clean cake pan, lightly grease again, and line with plastic wrap ensuring some overhang. Using a sharp knife, slice cake sideways through the centre to create 2 halves. Place one half in the cake pan and brush with half of the syrup. Set aside both cake halves. To make the filling, divide thin cream between two separate bowls (50ml 4. each). Add dark chocolate to one bowl, and white chocolate to the other. Place each bowl over a pan of gently simmering water and stir until chocolate has melted, making sure the bowl does not touch water. Set aside to cool. Whip thickened cream and carefully add half to each of the chocolate mixtures. Spread half the white chocolate over cake base, followed by all the dark chocolate, and then the remaining white chocolate. Place other cake half on top and brush with remaining syrup. Cover with overhanging plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. 5. To make the icing, place the dark chocolate and cream in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, making sure the bowl does not touch water. Stir until chocolate has melted, then set aside to cool. Remove the cake from the pan by releasing the sides. Discard the plastic wrap. Place on a serving platter and swirl the chocolate icing over the top.

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Whip cream and refrigerate.


When ready to assemble, drain the peaches and mango.


Lay ingredients in the following order: Green jelly, half of the custard, peaches, red jelly, custard, mango and then cream.


Smooth the cream out and decorate the top with the hulled and halved strawberries.



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Vanilla & cream cheese pound cakes

Triple-layer chocolate cake


Prepare custard as per instructions using the custard powder, sugar and milk. Refrigerate.

Slice the swiss roll and lay in the bottom of 5. the bowl. Sprinkle over the sherry or orange juice.


loves trifle and it just screams Christmas to me. It’s a special occasion dish that requires a bit of preparation but it’s always worth it!



Melted butter, to grease 100g unsalted butter, at room temperature 215g (1 cup) caster sugar 2 tsp vanilla essence 250g cream cheese, at room temperature 3 eggs 190g (1 1/4 cups) plain flour se rv 1/2 tsp baking powder es 40g unsalted butter, 6 extra, at room temperature 230g (1 1/2 cups) icing sugar mixture Silver cachous & fresh edible flowers, to decorate (see note)

Method 1. Preheat oven to 160°C. Lightly brush twelve 80ml (1/3-cup) capacity muffin pans with melted butter to grease. 2. Use an electric beater to beat the butter, sugar, vanilla and half the cream cheese in a bowl until pale and creamy. Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Sift over the flour and baking powder and use a large metal spoon to stir until combined.

3. Divide the mixture among the prepared pans and smooth the surfaces. Bake for 25 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centres comes out clean. Set aside in the pans for 10 minutes to cool slightly before turning onto a wire rack to cool completely. 4. Use an electric beater to beat the remaining cream cheese and extra butter in a bowl until combined. Gradually add the icing sugar, beating constantly, until the mixture is smooth. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 2 hours to chill, or until the icing is firm. 5. Spread the cakes with the icing and decorate with cachous and edible flowers to serve.


• Flowers sold in bunches are not edible. For safety, only use home-grown organic roses, violets or borage flowers, freshly picked, washed, or use sugar flowers.

Champagne Cocktail Ingredients • • •

6 large passion fruits , juice only 1 tbsp of brandy , per glass 1 bottle of Champagne

Method 1. Juice 6 large passion fruit. Place a sugar cube in the bottom of each of 6 Champagne glasses, pour over 1 tbsp brandy each and add some passion fruit juice. Allow the sugar cube to absorb the brandy and fruit juice, then top up with Champagne. Sprinkle over edible gold leaf (optional) and serve immediately.

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

Celebration Recipes ... from local chefs


Readers enjoyed last week’s recipes with a Vanuatu flavour, so The Indy asked a couple more popular local restaurants to share with readers their favourite celebratory dishes, so you can serve up Christmas dinner or any special meal with flair. Here’s a couple of easy but delicious desserts...

Pumpkin pie From Donna Macquoid at the War Horse Saloon and Restaurant When I think of the holidays I think of family gatherings and good food. In the USA the holiday season starts on the third Thursday of November as a celebration called Thanksgiving.  Traditional foods are roast turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie. Whilst most would never consider using this vegetable, better known for soup, as a dessert, the result will surprise you!

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • •

3 eggs 500 grams pumpkin that has been cooked and cooled. (If I am in a hurry I will simply cook the pumpkin in the microwave) ½ cup brown sugar ½ cup white sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground ginger ¼ teaspoon nutmeg 1/8 teaspoon cloves ½ teaspoon salt ¾ cup whole milk ½ cup cream Unbaked pie shell



Don and Donna Macquoid of the War Horse Saloon & Restaurant.

Preheat oven to 180C. In a large bowl beat eggs slightly.  Add pumpkin, sugars, spices and salt and beat until well blended.  Slowly add milk and cream.  Pour into unbaked pie shell and bake for 60 to 70 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.


Allow pie to cool. Serve with whipped cream.   Makes 8 servings

Frozen Christmas pudding From Elan Restaurant and Bar Preparation approx 30 Minutes + Freezing time Serves 8 Note: If you wish, you can add 50ml of your favourite liquor to the cherry ice cream mixture in step 1.  The ice cream may take a little longer to set. Also, frozen strawberries can be used if fresh not available.

Ingredients: • • • • • • • •

3 x 1.25 litre cartons vanilla ice cream 200g glace cherries chopped 2 x 80g packets pistachios, roughly chopped 125g strawberries, hulled, roughly chopped 150g frozen raspberries, partially thawed ¼ cup icing sugar Extra strawberries, quartered lengthways to serve Icing sugar, extra, to serve

The team at Elan get into the Christmas spirit.



Lightly grease and line a 10-cup capacity glass bowl with plastic wrap. Remove 2 cartons of ice cream from the freezer and stand at room temperature until softened (Do not melt completely).  Spoon into a large bowl.  Add glace cherries and pistachios and stir until well combined.  Transfer to prepared bowl, spreading the mixture over the entire surface and leaving the centre empty.


Lightly brush the outside of a 4 cup capacity bowl with oil. Place in the centre of the larger ice cream bowl.  Freeze for about 1.5 hours or until very firm.  Remove inner bowl and return large bowl to freezer.


Remove the remaining carton of ice cream from freezer and stand until softened. Place strawberries, raspberries and icing sugar in a food processor and process to puree.  Transfer softened ice cream to a large bowl.  Add pureed fruit and stir well to combine.  Spoon into the cavity formed by the smaller bowl.  Return to the freezer until solid.


To serve, remove from freezer and place bowl upside down on a serving platter. Rub a warm wet cloth over the outside of the bowl to loosen.  Gently ease pudding from bowl.  Remove plastic wrap.  Decorate with extra strawberries and dust with extra icing sugar.

Wine of the week LAKE CHALICE CRACKLIN’ SAVIE Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, from Marlborough, NZ, is a savvy summer and celebration wine with some small bubbles and a little sparkle. It has classic passionfruit and blackcurrant aromas on the nose and more of the same classic flavours on the palate with a little gooseberry as well. A lovely crisp finish adds up to a good fresh summer tipple at only VT1700 for Christmas at Libation. - TW

The Independent/L’indépendant - Saturday 22 December, 2012

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