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Buying a German car – BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen or Mini Cooper

Buying a used German auto is certainly more affordable than buying a brand new one. However, there are some things to consider. 1. Leasing your German auto can significantly lower your monthly payment, because of the lower interest rate. For example, I saved over $350 by leasing for 36 months instead of purchasing. I still have the option to purchase the auto at the end of the lease, but in the mean time I am saving a good amount of money. 2. Leased autos come with a warranty, most used autos don’t. Even if you get a warranty, it may not cover much. You need to ask questions to make sure that major issues will be fixed. 3. The lease amount may be close to the amount that you would be spending on a used auto purchase, depending on how old the auto is you purchase. So, in some cases, it is cheaper and smarter to lease a auto instead of buying a “good deal” off of someone on the street or from a used auto dealer. 4. Make sure you can afford the repairs and maintenance. German auto repair isn’t cheap. Parts for BMW repair, Mercedes-benz repair, Audi repair, Mini Cooper repair, Porsche repair and Volkswagen repair are quite expensive. Labor cost more too, because repairing a German auto takes a lot more time, effort and skill than domestic or Asian auto repairs. 5. Always ask for a pre-purchase inspection from a mechanic that knows about German autos. You never know when you will be buying a lemon! Research maintenance costs before you buy. Maintenance services are more costly than domestic or Asian autos. You have to keep up on the maintenance, otherwise you will face even more expensive repairs later. We get a lot of customers who buy a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi and didn’t do an inspection before buying the auto. Often people sell their autos because they don’t have the money to repair the issues. Find out why the seller is selling the auto and have the auto inspected. Be prepared to walk away if the auto has issues that are too expensive to fix, unless you are fully aware and are willing to pay the repairs. Look up reviews for the auto you are planning on buying. Do your research. Listen to the facts not to your hear. Yes, German autos are good looking, but make sure you make a smart purchase, so you can enjoy your ride!

by Powerhouse German Automotive

Buying a German car - BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen or Mini Cooper  

Important things to think about before purchasing a used (or new) German car.