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PORTFOLIO Viktor Nilsson

Contact: (+46)702478687

Photos with objects from the Watchmaker exhibition at Max Wigram gallery in London by FOS.

The lamp “SHAYK” design by Amanda Betz for Artecnica.

Renovation of an old “fishermen´s cottage”, Sweden

Outdoor shower design in a garden, Sweden

Bachelor Portfolio from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Architecture

Drawing a project on a site in Sarajevo, Bosnia based on the term “a shrine” beeing critical and inventive over the idea of what a program is. It should be habitable and relate to an everyday life activity such as drinking coffee or playing a game..

CHESS vs SQUASH A combined chess club and squash court on a slope in central Sarajevo, Bosnia. The project is based on the contrast between squash, the physical sport, and chess, the mental game. Both are dueling on a square although it differs in scale and of them one is horizontal, the other vertical. The building explores the gridsystem of the chessboard and how it can be used for transforming the squashquart’s light and hanging boxstructure into a 3D chess world and merging into the terrain, forming a large outdoor chessgame. While playing, squashplayers and chessplayers are facing eachother only separated by a transparent wall, giving the chessplayers a long framed view of the cityroofs and the squashplayers a view through the chess club, catching a glimpse of the garden and the outdoor chess.

Everyday life-study of a chessplayer I met in Sarajevo and a diagram of one of his games on a big outdoor chessgame in the citycentre.

Drawing of the chess pieces and their rules of movement

The different views from the chessclub / squashcourt

Sketch showing the meeting between the squashcourt, the visitor, the large chessgame and the terrain.

Construction drawings

Drawing Analysis

VILLA ROTUNDA ( Villa Almerico Capra detta la Rotonda ) by Andrea Palladio completed in 1591.

Facade, Section, Plan and Axonometric drawings

Designing a restaurant school in the old center of Valletta, (Malta) for 130 students. The complex should include three different functions; the school, a public meeting place and a studenthousing to be built in a neighborhood with a lot of old apartment buildings in poor condition.

THE RESTAURANT STREET The concept is to transform the old housingblocks on the site, located along a dead-end street, into a long passage of different restaurants and bars, all connected to the school and open certain hours to the public. There are three small restaurants with focus on different kitchens and products, using the old maltese shelters, water-cisterns and cellarsystems excavated in the sandstone under the city for eating, logistics, and the storing of food. These rooms are designed to create experiences connected to the still unexplored underground history of the town.

Studies of the old city wall with hidden tunnels and excavations.

Axonometric showing different height-levels on the site.

Section collage showing tunnels, cisterns and food-storing depth based on temperature.

Plan, placing the different kitchens and facilites using a menu.

Underground plan/sections showing cisterns and the basement .

A small fill-in site in the middle of an apartment block in central Copenhagen next to the “lakes”, gives room for three apartments built for people with a certain profession or hobby. A part of the space should belong to the practise of this occupation and contribute to a suitable program and design.

A BOAT-BUILDER’S HOME The project started with the idea of a stranded ship on the very dark and narrow site and ended as three apartments of different size combined with their own wooden boat-construction area. The streetlevel is left open as a large workshop, making the transportation easy, and it is equipped with large steelcranes to lift the boats, the same cranes are also supporting the apartments above. Each apartment has a large atrium in the middle providing for daylight on the dark site all the way down to the workarea. This also connect the residents with their building-project visually, observing the “missing piece” of their home slowly beeing screwed together below...

The idea of a big ship stucked in the site.

Diagrams of hull-forms filling the site

Experimental models

Sketch of atrium crane construction and boats vs apartments

Apartment Plan


Bachelor Project: New 3000m2 facilities for the Master of Disaster Management Education (training students in working at international disaster situations), on a large site at the old hospital “Kommunehospitalet” in central Copenhagen. The education requires different classrooms, researchcenters, large indoor and outdoor simulators, student housing and public meeting / exhibition areas. There should be focused on how the new building relates to the old hospital complex and to the rest of the city.

FROM SILENCE TO DISASTER The design idea came from initial experiments with the “sonic crystal tecnology” where poles of a certain diameter standing in a pattern with each pole placed within a certain distance from the others block out different frequencies of noise. As the site is located in the corner of the old hospital-complex facing the lakes, but with the busy Øster Sø-street in between, replacing the existing high fence with a “forest of poles” would reduce the traffic noice, create a fascinating cityroom for the public, and at the same time open it up as an entrance to the school. The pole-theme continues through the rest of the program where they change a lot in diameter and material in order to contain different rooms or qualities. Reaching the old existing building they form their negative prints in the volume, like holes, “eating the fasade” and open up for new passages. A mass-invasion of poles merging with the old structure.

Study of the old facade and different “disastrous” ways to open it up.

Pole formation diagrams.

Sketch models and poles with different functions, size, and materiality.

Plan - Street Level

Plan - Second Floor

Double Cross-Section Model

Model and sections

Viktorharald portfolio  
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