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Chhattisgarh is generally considered as a tribal dominated state as it has a significantly high proportion of tribal population. Tribes of Chhattisgarh account for around one third of the total population of the state. The tribal population of Chhattisgarh is known for their unique lifestyle, rituals, traditional beliefs and superstitions. Tribes of Chhattisgarh inhabit several districts of the state. In Chhattisgarh, Bastar District is considered as the largest tribal district. Bastar District has over 70 percent tribal population. Around 26.76 percent of the total tribal population of the state resides in this district.

Some of the major tribes of Chhattisgarh include Gond Tribe, Baiga Tribe, Abhuj Maria Tribe, Bison Horn Maria Tribe, Muria Tribe, Halba Tribe and Dhurvaa Tribe. The tribes of Chhattisgarh differ from each other in their customs, traditions, costume and eating habits. Each tribal group of Chhattisgarh has its own unique culture. They have their distinctive traditional living styles. Majority of the tribes of Chhattisgarh depend upon forestry, hunting, fisheries and some local cottage industries for their livelihood.

Gond GondTribe Tribe

Living mainly in dense forests of Bastar district, Gonds are primarily hunters and agriculturists. The tribal women of this region adorn themselves with lots of ornaments that are made of beads, shells, mixed metals, cowries, bones, feathers, copper and bronze.

Bison Bison Horn Horn Maria MariaTribe Tribe

Mainly getting their name from their traditional head gear they wear during their rituals and dances, this tribe is settled on the south of Indrawati River in the state. The tribe worships earth as a deity and so resort to produce they can get from forests and agriculture for their survival.

Dhurvaa DhurvaaTribe Tribe

Also situated in the Bastar district, this tribe is highly caste conscious and follows social code of conduct with the communities of equal status. The women love to adorn themselves with beads and handmade jewelry.

Muria MuriaTribe Tribe

The Murias are one of one of the innumerable tribes that inhabit Chhattisgarh. They are a prominent sub caste of the Gonds.

Halba Halba Tribe Tribe

The Halba tribe is a popular tribe who have happily settled in the bucolic lands of Chhattisgarh. The Halba Tribals are widely dispersed all over Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.

Abhuj Abhuj Maria Maria Tribe Tribe

This happens to be one of the oldest tribes in Chhattisgarh which still abides by its rules and traditions and is cut-off from the modernistic adaptations other tribes have witnessed over the years.

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