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The major industries available in Chhattisgarh are:Power sector - Chhattisgarh is the most powerful and effective in electricity generation state. It has various epic industries like CSEB, NTPC, Sipat thermal Plant, Korba super thermal power plant, Jindal power plant, etc. Steel sector - Chhattisgarh has the biggest Steel industry SAIL, with a capacity of 5.4 million tonnes per year, is regarded as a significant growth indicator of the state.

CHHATTISGARH INDUSTRIES Aluminium Sector - As Chhattisgarh is rich in mineral deposit , it is the only tin producing state of India. Bharat Aluminum Company Limited is a well established aluminium industry in Chhattisgarh. Coal sector- Chhattisgarh rank first in the coal production, SECL, NMDC etc.


Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) is India's sole maker of rails and mega steel plates and real maker of basic. The plant is the sole supplier of the nation's longest rail tracks of 260 meters.


The Raigarh plant, with up to 3 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) steel production capacity, is the world’s largest coal-based sponge iron manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art machinery.

Korba Super Thermal Power Station

Chhattisgarh has vast coal Resources and Korba in Chhattisgarh is the Power Capital of the country. NTPC has Super Thermal Power Plant in Korba and is working at 90% Plant Load Factor.

Mohan Jute Mill

Previously known as Raigarh Jute Mill, it was taken over by the Mohan Jute Ltd.Group as the premier unit in the year 1989 and incorporated under the name of Mohan Jute Ltd. at Raigarh in the State of Chhattisgarh.


The Chirimiri coal mines are a 2 million ton-per-annum (MTPA) network of mines on the Chirimiri coalfield in Chhattisgarh state, India.


Bailadila-14 mine is the first large scale open cast mechanised iron ore mine in India for which DPR was prepared by NMDC. The mine has the distinction of having unique down-the-hill conveyor system passing through a tunnel to transport iron ore.

Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. (BALCO)

Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd. (BALCO) was incorporated in the year 1965 as a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) and since then the Company has been closely associated with the Indian Aluminium Industry, in a pivotal role.

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