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Gift of Time

Time is the most precious gift one can give. We think the gift of the Whispering Warriors’ time spent with the seniors is the ultimate display of unconditional love. One of the big time blessings of ageing is having time to think. Senior citizens’ indulging in thought is one of the luxuries that have too many enemies. The valuable expertise that they can share with the next generation is next to none. At WhenAt60 our time philanthropy initiatives combines efforts and time to make a huge impact to positively change the lives of our senior citizens and also contribute to community learning.

Hygiene and Comfort

Various published study of Gerontology suggests that physical fitness and mental alertness starts declining for seniors with growing age. This often gives way to helplessness and an extreme need for a support structure around them. WhenAt60 has spearheaded several initiatives towards making the seniors more comfortable in their own location, while we take care of their needs related to chasing, follow-ups, and facilitation in their day to day life.

Medical and Insurance

Thanks to improved medical standards many seniors live active and healthy life. But there’s no getting around one thing, as the body ages, it brings in few associated changes like slowed reaction time, thinner skin leading to breakdowns and wounds that don’t heal quickly, weakened immune system and many more. It is important to know about these changes and manage the healthcare and related needs accordingly.

At WhenAt60 our various initiatives accord special attention to this need, to make the process of aging more comfortable and hassle free.

Finance and Portfolio

At WhenAt60 we recognise that seniors may be constrained with limited finance and there is a greater need for maximizing returns for them. Financial planning for seniors requires that extra care and the Midas touch coupled with smart planning to keep the portfolio healthy and wealthy. We acknowledge the need for personal financial planners and our seasoned and established professionals help spread financial literacy among seniors, to enable them make wise decisions in managing their personal finances.

Legal Support

This situation gets aggravated during litigation due to judicial delays and sometimes absence of genuine legal consultation. Our initiatives assist seniors and their care-givers to navigate through this longterm convoluted maze.

Leisure and Recreation

Age and mental health issues need not prevent seniors from engaging s in enjoyable activities that may enhance independence. Various studies have indicated that exercise can decrease symptoms of depression, and that regular physical activity can help prevent or delay the onset of certain disorders and conditions. Seniors may encounter barriers to engage in recreational and leisure activities. Some of the most common barriers are lack of money, transportation or age-appropriate activities.

We at WhenAt60 help create community buddies of like-minded people, identify what types of activities the community will enjoy most. We act as the facilitating agency to provide assistance that can reduce or eliminate some of these barriers.

Productive Aging

It is difficult to imagine this generation, with its talent, education, and experience idling away the last thirty years of life. Old age has been historically thought of as a period of frailty and dependence, yet studies have shown that current populations will live longer and remain healthier than previous generations, due to increased life expectancies. Traditional concepts of retirement need to be reconsidered on all levels – from government policy to business practices to individual life planning. We are confident that there are many jobs that could well use the skills, expertise and experience of this generation. WhenAt60 has initiated several initiatives towards re-engaging seniors by aggregating the opportunity seekers and providers together.

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