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Important Tips to cope XII boards and JEE mains  Prepare a topic wise plan which includes syllabus from both class 11 and 12 (class 11 also carries about 40 - 45% weightage) -Don't miss relevant topics. -Questions in JEE main are often information based so candidate might just have to memorise few important areas. -Lab manuals can be helpful regarding Jee main exam as most of the questions are practical based -NCERT books are very important fo both the examination as most of the topics are covered from these, and they provide a good in-depth understanding of the topic. -Candidates should focus more on solving the mock Test as they will help you in understanding and assess your preparation in a far better way. -Previous year papers should also be solved as they are repeated in most of the times especially in board exams -Do not over stress yourself. Late night study must be avoided.

Important tips to cope xii boards and jee mains