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Fashion design courses are principally offered at art schools and universities through certification & associates, bachelor's or master's degree programs in fashion design, merchandising & other related fields. Due to the variety of fashion design, enrolled students are typically expected to complete a number of hands-on projects dealing with the start-to-finish method of garment creation. Fashion design students are also generally required to produce an original portfolio that showcases their craft. Some courses may also provide students with the chance to gain additional fashion design experiences by participating in runway shows.

Here is a frame of common concepts taught in fashion design programs: •

Creative design

Fashion and art

Fashion illustration • •


Pattern drafting

Construction Basics Course A construction basics course in Fashion Designing Colleges In Chennai will typically offer an intro to how clothing is assembled. Students study how fabric, cut, seams and other aspects of construction appear together to produce a piece of clothing. Students can obtain hands-on experience in altering patterns & study how small alterations in patterns can design unique garments.

Textiles Course The textiles course is usually taken beginning in a fashion design program as an introduction to the diverse fabrics and other textiles applied in the creation of fashion items. Students of Fashion Designing Courses In Chennai learn about the diversity in natural and man-made fabrics, as well as how the fabric is produced. The course also educates students about other textiles, such as silk, wool or cotton.

Patternmaking Course The patternmaking course is normally a first-year course that gives a firm foundation for creating patterns used in creating clothing. Students from Fashion Design courses in Chennai learn how to create master models that can be used to make an extended variety of garments & in some programs, sew clothing from the patterns they have devised.

Tailoring Course Tailoring is the process of furnishing a garment so that it drapes properly. In this course, which builds on basic fashion design coursework, students learn how patterns control fit and how they can be altered. Industry standards & use of industrial sewing machines may be emphasized in remarkable programs.

Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) Course The computer-assisted drawing (CAD) course concentrates on the computer programs commonly used in the fashion design industry, as well as how to apply CAD to create fabrics, patterns, and other designs, so some interior designing students of Interior Designing Colleges In Chennai also favor to study this course. Students learn about technical design specs, terminology & the basics of using CAD. This course is normally offered in the second year of a program.

Portfolio Development Course Fashion designers must have documents that show off their work, skills & abilities. Creating a portfolio involves knowing how to design & put together a collection, as well as staging photographs. Students may also manage with runway productions & learn about fitting models, choosing show music & other aspects of creating a fashion show. At the conclusion of the course, students may create a final portfolio or create a runway show.

Fashion design programs cover the gamut of the fundamental construction of textiles, clothing, patternmaking, tailoring, & computer-assisted drawing as well a portfolio development so that prospective architects have a fighting chance in a competitive world.

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Interior Designing Colleges In Chennai  

If you want to learn how to do interior design, you may need to join in Interior Designing Colleges In Chennai in order to build your skill...