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Striking the Azure Beaches with Kenya Safari Kenya safari offers an alluring experience to the travelers who are into a constant hobby of exploring nature's beauty and enjoying its myriad forms. Read this article to gain an in-depth knowledge about the blue beaches of Kenya. Kenya safari is the right term for exploring Kenya with the sense of excitement. Kenya is a rare beauty and most sought after destination for the tourists who are crazy for travel. Your experience of exploring the different destinations can be overwhelming with Kenya safari. Kenya beaches are a perfect blend of beauty and adventure. The total area of 480 kilometers where the warm azure sea water of Indian ocean rushes to embrace the sandy beaches of Kenya. The entire tropical paradise with the amazing coral reefs attracts more and more tourists to this place. The coral reefs act as shelter to several marine animals. The warm and soothing sun rays falling at the beaches can offer an excellent sun basking experience for the tourists. No matter whether you want serenity and relaxation or any vibrant and lively experience, Kenya safari with the top three beaches remain ever shining for the tourists. 1. Malindi & Watamu: Malindi and Watamu are small palm fringed towns. The twin national parks of Malindi and Watamu offer a wonderful sight of the underwater variety to the visitors. You can have a breathtaking experience between the kaleidoscopic jungle of coral gardens of Northern Reefs and Barracuda and aqua animals. Moving further you can get a hilarious overview of the Tewa Caves associated with the massive populations of giant grouper. 2. Mombasa: Mombasa is the nation's ancient coastal town which is highly populated. This land mass was actually an island but presently it is connected with the mainland through the causeway. Mombasa's Old Town is the right spot of attraction for the Kenya safari who want to stimulate excitement of their journey. The labyrinthine streets of this place fill your heart with captivity. The Dhow Harbor will take you to the Portuguese architecture of Fort Jesus (16th century), the Portuguese were the ancient invaders of this place. 3. Lamu Island: This landmass is a bunch of six small islands that belongs to the northern coast of Kenya. It presents itself as a perfect holiday beach destination to the travelers. The culture of Old Town of Lamu which is the biggest island speaks of Portuguese, Arab and Turkish influences. The basking mangoes and the hanging coconuts set the background of a perfect island life. The land can be further explored on beautiful Dhow sailing trips, rambling peacefully through this historic spot in the Indian Ocean. If you are hunting for blissful serenity and relaxation then Lamu is the ideal environment. Every moment spent at the splendid beach beauties should be captured and stored in the memory because such a remarkable experience is unforgettable. Therefore always carry a high resolution camera with you while you are out for a Kenya safari.

Striking the Azure Beaches with Kenya Safari