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Maintain Your Computer with These Tips There are gigantic parts in a computer, more than a couple of hundred. And no less in the number of works we daily try to do through it. But in this we hardly realize that computer like our body needs proper nourishing and cleansing for better functioning and faster performance. The mother board which is more like the mind of the humans gets corrupted and malfunctions if it is not cleaned on regular bases which could sometime lend you in a fix where you’ll be left with no option but simply have to get your motherboard repair. Hence cleaning it and removing unwanted and burdened files helps to keep your system fast and in good shape. Always remember taking backup of data is as important as breathing air these days. Because you never know, when malware and corrupted files would attack your system and it fall prey to them resulting in a crash which would take away all your important data with it. It has been generally observed dust is the most dangerous factor for computer components especially for mother boards because mother board repair is as expensive as buying a new one. This article discusses how you could prevent your system from crashing due to dust and other factors and so, here’s our simple guide to keep you on right track. Keep It Cool The most common cause of a computer failure is Overheating. This sometimes burn motherboard and leave it beyond repair. Hence the dust and other debris must be regularly cleaned especially from the interior components such as interior fans and mother board. The interior fans (SMPS and the one which is on the top of the processor) are the cooling system of a computer; hence it is advised proper cleansing of the interior in every 2 months. For cleaning the interior of PC, you need to remove the side panel from the Tower Desktop simply with the help of screw driver (the guide you got with your PC would be really helpful in understanding what’s next to do), likely after removing the panel you will see dust all around in all the corners and you’ll be able to see the dust around the components. Now, remove the dust with the help of a cloth and cotton swabs, but be sure not to touch the wires and remove any large dust balls with the help of tweezers. And also do not touch motherboard repair with water. When you are done cleaning the interiors, simply replace the side panel. Doing this process would hardly take 1015 minutes, which is a small amount to pay for keeping your PC up and running.

Run Regular Maintenance Now once you are done with interiors and they are completely clean from inside, now it’s time to make sure that your computer runs smoothly; to keep your PC in a smooth condition practice regular maintenance and cleansing. If you are a Windows 7/Vista or Mac OS X guy, you don’t have to do anything. They take care of defragmentation on their own. But if you are running some earlier version of windows (Win XP or 98), you have to run the Check Disk (chkdsk) utility manually and if you want to run disk repair on Mac manually, all you have to do is, Go into your Applications, after that open Utility folder and click Disk Utility the whole thing might make your hardware run a bit slow but for the time being after than you will see incredible functioning. Another alternative of doing things manually for a computer is using a cleaning tool.

Maintain Your Computer with These Tips  
Maintain Your Computer with These Tips  

There are gigantic parts in a computer, more than a couple of hundred. And no less in the number of works we daily try to do through it. But...