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Case Study: Health Monitoring Using iOS Devices Client Requirements

olution Design and Development S CitiusTech was responsible for the end-to-end design, development, testing and deployment of the solution.

Client is a leading provider of telehealth solutions, specializing in interactive health management and remote patient monitoring for populations with chronic conditions.

CitiusTech assembled a team with expertise in iOS platform, medical device communication (RS-232, ANT+, USB 2.0) development and relevant healthcare skills (understanding of health data, clinical measures).

With the growing adoption of iOS devices by consumers, the client saw an opportunity in using iOS Devices as a mobile health gateway using which biometric data could be uploaded from health monitoring devices into the client’s PHR system.

The team developed the solution which enabled the iOS devices to be used as a mobile health gateway for home health devices such as blood glucometer, blood pressure monitor, weighing scale etc.

CitiusTech was selected to build a mobile gateway to upload and manage biometric data using the iOS devices, send clinical alerts and enable physicians and care managers to view patient data

A rich interface was developed to let iOS Devices users view health data, including charting and trending of data.

Biometric Devices

ANT+ Medical Drivers

Serial Drivers

Communication Drivers

iPhone Native Application

iPhone User Interface REST / JSON


Network Communication

Web Services

PHR Database

Proprietary Infrastructure

iOS Device - PHR System Integration Schematic CitiusTech Solution

Value Delivered

Requirements Analysis The CitiusTech team of mobile health consultants did a detailed analysis of the client’s existing PHR system and understood the integration requirements to connect with the iOS platform.

In partnering with CitiusTech, the client was able to achieve the following: • Successfully support iOS devices as a mobile health gateway • Leverage existing functionality in the client’s technology stack by porting to the iOS devices • Rapidly comply with all relevant mobile hardware and software standards • Ensure consistency of data access and business logic across entire healthcare workflow

The team also identified a number of use cases to enable physicians and care givers effectively leverage patient biometric data that would be available to them through the PHR system.

CitiusTech is a specialist provider of healthcare technology services and solutions to healthcare IT vendors, providers, ACOs, and health plans. CitiusTech offers a wide range of healthcare technology services including healthcare software development, healthcare interoperability, Meaningful Use compliance, BI / analytics, care management and consumer health.






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