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Case Study: Dynamic Configuration Management for HIEs Client Requirements

shared across the participating systems. CitiusTech also analyzed several existing technologies to identify the mechanism that would be used to share the configuration information.

Client is a leading Health Information Exchange (HIE) application vendor providing interoperability solutions to share clinical data over distributed networks. CitiusTech was selected to develop a module for real-time configuration of systems to facilitate information exchange using the XCA and XDS IHE profiles.

Development The CitiusTech team designed the overall solution with the following features: • Created a centralized repository for maintaining configuration information • Identified specific transactional information which was required for IHE profiles supported by the system • Used XML based messages and web services as the underlying technologies to provide access to the configuration information • Created a web-based UI which provided real time access to the configuration information with a secure login • Ensured that the configuration data was accessed and shared securely to prevent unauthorized access

Some of the key requirements for the real-time configuration module were: • To be platform independent in order to build a solution which uses open standards like XML and web services (HTTP) • To be usable on older systems • Adaptable to newer technologies, while maintaining backward compatibility with the existing systems • Support distribution of configuration information to enable participating systems to access the information through an automated mechanism Initiating Community

Responding Community

Document Consumer Registry Stored Query [ITI-18]

Responding Gateway

Real-time Configuration Manager

Retrieve Document Set [ITI-43]

Cross Gateway Query [ITI-38] Responding Gateway

Initiating Gateway Cross Gateway Retrieve [ITI-39] Retrieve Document Set [ITI-43]

Registry Stored Query [ITI-18]

XDS Repository

XDS Registry

Responding Gateway

Modified XCA Workflow

CitiusTech Solution

Value Delivered

CitiusTech established a comprehensive approach for the design and development of the configuration management system. CitiusTech deployed a strong team comprising of development and domain specialists with an extensive background in IHE profile deployment and implementation.

The CitiusTech team successfully completed the development of the product and provided the following benefits to the client: • Significantly reduced the setup time for new systems. • Enabled effective participation of mobile devices (phones, tablets) through dynamic configuration • Reduced the number of interoperability issues faced in cross-enterprise communication • Leveraged CitiusTech’s expertise in interoperability and HIE networks to design a robust and scalable solution

Design CitiusTech understood client requirements and identified the primary configuration information that needed to be

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CitiusTech’s BI-Clinical platform is a market leader in healthcare BI/analytics. CitiusTech brings strong healthcare expertise across technologies, applications and standards. Our ability to provide this expertise, together with world-class service quality and a global resource base, enables us to deliver best-in-class solutions and an unmatched cost advantage to clients worldwide.

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